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Monday, March 13, 2006

Why Are Square And Compasses More Important Than Other Working Tools

Why Are Square And Compasses More Important Than Other Working Tools Cover Without compasses no accurate square can be made: without a square no building can be erected. Square and compasses are universally the symbol of a Master Mason; of Freemasonry. Symbolists have read many meanings into both these tools of a Mason. Both symbols are much older than Freemasonry; Chinese manuscripts give them a Masonic significance (although there was no Freemasonry in that country) two thousand years ago. No symbols in Freemasonry offer so many possible interpretations. But many symbols mean different things to different men; each interprets according to his best light.

In modern Masonic rituals, the compasses are "dedicated to the Craft" and are emblematic of the restraint of violent passions. Here "passions" refers to any over-emotional lack of control. It is passions in the larger sense; intemperance, temper, unjust judgment, intolerance, selfishness, that the spiritual compasses circumscribe. The positions of the square and compasses in the three degrees are universally symbols of light, further light, more light. (Compasses becomes compass in six United States Grand Lodges.)

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