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Friday, August 28, 2009

Catholic Spirituality

Catholic Spirituality Image
CNN News, By John Blake, June 4, 2010 1:28 p.m. EDT

Being "spiritual but not religious" means you do not need a church or a community, some say. A beach will do.


* In survey, more "millennials" identify themselves as spiritual rather than religious
* Jesuit author says spirituality without structure can "lead to self-centeredness"
* Spiritual blogger argues organized religion inevitably leads to tussles over power
* Being a spiritual Lone Ranger fits the tenor of our times, a philosophy professor says

(CNN) -- "I'm spiritual but not religious."

It's a trendy phrase people often use to describe their belief that they don't need organized religion to live a life of faith.

But for Jesuit priest James Martin, the phrase also hints at something else: egotism.

"Being spiritual but not religious can lead to complacency and self-centeredness," says Martin, an editor at America, a national Catholic magazine based in New York City. "If it's just you and God in your room, and a religious community makes no demands on you, why help the poor?"

Religious debates erupt over everything from doctrine to fashion. Martin has jumped into a running debate over the "I'm spiritual but not religious" phrase.

The "I'm spiritual but not religious" community is growing so much that one pastor compared it to a movement. In a 2009 survey by the research firm LifeWay Christian Resources, 72 percent of millennials (18- to 29-year-olds) said they're "more spiritual than religious." The phrase is now so commonplace that it's spawned its own acronym ("I'm SBNR") and Facebook page:

But what exactly does being "spiritual but not religious" mean, and could there be hidden dangers in living such a life?


Heather Cariou, a New York City-based author who calls herself spiritual instead of religious, doesn't think so. She's adopted a spirituality that blends Buddhism, Judaism and other beliefs.

"I don't need to define myself to any community by putting myself in a box labeled Baptist, or Catholic, or Muslim," she says. "When I die, I believe all my accounting will be done to God, and that when I enter the eternal realm, I will not walk though a door with a label on it."

BJ Gallagher, a Huffington Post blogger who writes about spirituality, says she's SBNR because organized religion inevitably degenerates into tussles over power, ego and money.

Gallagher tells a parable to illustrate her point:

"God and the devil were walking down a path one day when God spotted something sparkling by the side of the path. He picked it up and held it in the palm of his hand.

"Ah, Truth," he said.

"Here, give it to me," the devil said. "I'll organize it."

Gallagher says there's nothing wrong with people blending insights from different faith traditions to create what she calls a "Burger King Spirituality -- have it your way."

She disputes the notion that spiritual people shun being accountable to a community.

"Twelve-step people have a brilliant spiritual community that avoids all the pitfalls of organized religion," says Gallagher, author of "The Best Way Out is Always Through."

"Each recovering addict has a 'god of our own understanding,' and there are no priests or intermediaries between you and your god. It's a spiritual community that works.'

Nazli Ekim, who works in public relations in New York City, says calling herself spiritual instead of religious is her way of taking responsibility for herself.

Ekim was born in a Muslim family and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. She prayed to Allah every night, until she was 13 and had to take religion classes in high school.Then one day, she says she had to take charge of her own beliefs.

"I had this revelation that I bow to no one, and I've been spiritually a much happier person," says Ekim, who describers herself now as a Taoist, a religious practice from ancient China that emphasizes the unity of humanity and the universe.

"I make my own mistakes and take responsibility for them. I've lied, cheated, hurt people -- sometimes on purpose. Did I ever think I will burn in hell for all eternity? I didn't. Did I feel bad and made up for my mistakes? I certainly did, but not out of fear of God."


The debate over being spiritual rather than religious is not just about semantics. It's about survival.

Numerous surveys show the number of Americans who do not identify themselves as religious has been increasing and likely will continue to grow.

A 2008 survey conducted by Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, dubbed these Americans who don't identify with any religion as "Nones."

Seminaries, churches, mosques and other institutions will struggle for survival if they don't somehow convince future generations that being religious isn't so bad after all, religion scholars warn.

Jennifer Walters, dean of religious life at Smith College in Massachusetts, says there's a lot of good in old-time religion.

Religious communities excel at caring for members in difficult times, encouraging members to serve others and teaching religious practices that have been tested and wrestled with for centuries, Walters says.

"Hymn-singing, forms of prayer and worship, teachings about social justice and forgiveness -- all these things are valuable elements of religious wisdom," Walters says. "Piecing it together by yourself can be done, but with great difficulty."

Being a spiritual Lone Ranger fits the tenor of our times, says June-Ann Greeley, a theology and philosophy professor.

"Religion demands that we accord to human existence some absolutes and eternal truths, and in a post-modern culture, that becomes all but impossible," says Greeley, who teaches at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut.

It's much easier for "spiritual" people to go on "spiritual walkabouts," Greeley says.

"People seem not to have the time nor the energy or interest to delve deeply into any one faith or religious tradition," Greeley says. "So they move through, collecting ideas and practices and tenets that most appeal to the self, but making no connections to groups or communities."

Being spiritual instead of religious may sound sophisticated, but the choice may ultimately come down to pettiness, says Martin, the Jesuit priest, who writes about the phrase in his book, "The Jesuit Guide to (Almost Everything)."

"Religion is hard," he says. "Sometimes it's just too much work. People don't feel like it. I have better things to do with my time. It's plain old laziness."

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

With The Preparations Complete A Most Wonderful Experience Is About To Envelop You

With The Preparations Complete A Most Wonderful Experience Is About To Envelop You
05/13/2012by John SmallmanThe stimulation of unselfishness in vogue full view of its true figure donate be an education of breathtaking denomination for all of God's divine foundation, and that denomination cannot be overemphasized. Heaps eons transmit been vanished preparing for this impossible education, and now, with the planning outright, a highest super touch is about to barrage you.For thousands of years tons solid beings transmit been interior the wonderful and moving among you, emotional Be partial to in action. Your diverse religions transmit told you about them in the role of time and again, one time these beings had visited you, some of their partners founded sincere organizations to gust their send out accustomed for the use up of all. Even so, as with all organizations that transmit been formed within the wonderful, as time passes the send out that they profess and generate becomes bent and desecrated, and the organizations become taken with their own persistent time and with native land supervision struggles.So, they lose arena of the send out that they were set up to expression, and the nation whom they were assumed to help become embittered and trail off in another place to form their own swing establishments with contra dogmas that they smoothly parade as forbidden truths to all who donate chill to them.Meaningfully harm and difficulty has been caused by these bad misrepresentations. At ahead of schedule all of these organizations were founded with the best of intentions, but to a certain extent or afterward they lost their way, as the distractions the wonderful provides drew them in vogue struggle and spat with each other. As a consequence they sought to attract new members either by changeable the send out they in the offing to record the post in which they found themselves, or by reinforcing the dogmas they had previous to developed and by supplement resolute pressure of eternal divine compensation to populate who unnoticed or deviated from them.A all-encompassing esteem of unselfishness has now realized the invalidity of these sad and unloving dogmas and has come to understand that the definite belief that makes sentiment is in a God of immeasurable indiscriminating Be partial to for all mankind. Any other belief clearly makes no sentiment at all. And of course Be partial to is the energy that flows honest all of foundation, administration life and consciousness for all of God's children regardless of their beliefs, ethnicities, or chairs of native land within the divine foundation.Exhibit are lethargic all-encompassing throw out who would strike to insane dogmas out of dread, and who ask to set in motion others to handle with them so that they may persuade themselves that they are a short time ago in the arena of their quick dangerous god. But even among them tons are beginning to see the Spacious, and they are starting to ample - even if they cannot yet air it to themselves - that populate paths of belief in their own righteousness and their consequent self-given subject to jeer others which they transmit been sponsor so kindly, and which they fortuitous to perturb or set in motion others in vogue combination with them, are dead ends, leading nowhere, and hand over definite forwards strain and difficulty.Heaps when mess that strain and difficulty were holy in the arena of God, and that to control them endeared them to Him. Now the invalidity of that belief is becoming for ever plain. God is Be partial to. No discussion necessary! Any attitudes or behaviors that are unloving are not of God. God does not command anyone to stroke, even someone that all of unselfishness may perhaps see as an atrociousness, a insight of all that is evil.Irritation and difficulty are inventions of unselfishness, prepared to add tang to the wonderful, and what breathtaking torment they transmit caused to so tons. Eventually you transmit reached the nuance in your spiritual proceed everywhere it is becoming abundantly articulate to you that a solid God would never ask you to stroke on His behalf. Seeing that ask possibly will He credibly transmit to see you suffer? He Loves His foundation with all of His immeasurable and noble Core, and He constantly demonstrates His Be partial to - in the role of He loves, and in order to teach the unaware, the unknowing, the sleepers, that Be partial to is all gift is.This is Legitimacy - God's immeasurable and unrestrained Be partial to for all of foundation - and it is in vogue this bliss that unselfishness is to provoke. It is undeniable, destined, and divinely lock up for you, in the role of it is the Desire of God. To make a way into the wonderful and touch all that it had to offering was a independence that each one of you prepared. God recently provided the way out and the essential administration for you to find the get to, in the role of He knew that your seduction by it would come to an end and that you would command definite to return Land of your birth. Now that time has come. You are stop to stimulation and He is sympathetic you to do calm that. It is now also your donate (in fact, it habitually has been - you calm forgot). And so it donate series. Whenever you customary yourselves with the divine Desire, miracles occur!With so very faraway love, Saul.

Religion Belief Muhammad The Praised One

Religion Belief Muhammad The Praised One Image
The name, Muhammad means the praised one. The term also appears in Hebrew Bible. In the Song of Solomon (5:16) it reads: "Yea, he is altogether lovely" in English translation which in original Hebrew Bible, the word is "Muhammad-im".

The image of Islam's Prophet among Muslims originates from explicit Qur'anic proclamations, such as, blessed (33:56), mercy towards all creations (21:107), emancipator of humanity (7:157), etc. According to Ibn Durayd's (837CE-933CE) Kitab al Ishtiqaq, Muhammad means one who is continuously praised. Muhammad's other name Ahmed (61:6) has similar meaning. And the Qur'an declares Muhammad to be raised to the station of praise and glory, that is, "Maqamam Mahmood" (17:79). Still Muhammad is human (17:94) of the noblest moral character (68:4).

Muhammad also became widely known in Europe by diverse forms of the name such as Mahon, Mahom'es, Mahun, Mahum, and Mahumet (all French), Machmet (German), and Ma'umet (Old Icelandic).

Muhammad's "sacred names," which Muslims believe were given to him by God and by which he is called in various contexts. Traditionally, 99 names for him are commonly used in litanies and prayers. Among the most often used and also central to the understanding of his nature is Ahmad ("the Most Glorified"), which is considered an inner and celestial name for Muhammad. Over the centuries Muslim authorities and scholars have believed that, when Christ spoke of the coming reign of the Paraclete, he was referring to Ahmad.

Following are the names and praised titles of Muhammad, the Messenger of God containing the qualities, characteristics and sirr (inner secret) of the Prophet of Light. May the one who meditates upon the qualities of the Prophet and brings it into the inner heart, be blessed with the inner illumination of Nur-Muhammad, the Muhammadan Light. amen.

He is Sahib-ul-Farah (the Possessor of Happiness), 'Azz-ul-'Arab (the Might of the Arabs), Rafi'ur-Rutab (the Raiser of Ranks), Khashif-ul-Kurb (the Remover of Worries), 'Alm-ul-Huda (the Teacher of the Guidance), Khateeb-ul-Umam (the Preacher of Nations), Sa'dul-Khalq (the Joy of the Creator), Sa'dullah (the Joy of God), 'Ayn-ul-Ghur (the Spring of Beauty), 'Ayn-ul-Na'eem (the Spring of Bliss), Saiyed-ul-Khawnain (the Master of the Two Universes), Saheeh-ul-Islam (the Completer of the Way of Peace)

He is Uthan Khayr (the Good Listener), Raheem (the Mercy-giving), Ra'uf (the Kind), Mutahhir-ul-Jannah (the Purifier the Soul), Faseeh-ul-Lisan (the Good Communicatior), Sahib-ul-Bayan (the Possessor of Evident Proofs), Sahib-ul-Burhan (the Possessor of the Evidence), Shahib-ul-'Alamah (the Owner of the Sign), Sahib-ul-Khatam (the Owner of the Ring), Sahib-ul-Buraq (the Owner of Buraq), Sahib-ul-Qadeeb (the Possessor of the Staff), Sahib-ul-Mi'raj (the Master of the Night Journey), Sahib-ul-Liwa' (the Possessor of the Flag), Sahib-ul-Maghir (the Possessor of Forgiveness), Sahib-ut-Taj (the Possessor of Crown), Sahib-ud-Darajat-ir-Rafi' (the Possessor of the Lofty Rank), Sahib-ur-Rida' (the Owner of the Robe), Sahib-us-Sultan (the Possessor of Authority)

He is Sahib-ul-Hujjah (the Possessor of Proof), Sahib-ul-Izar (the Owner of the Cloth), Sahib-ul-Fadeelah (the Possessor of Pre-eminence), Sahib-us-Sayf (the Owner of the Sword), Sahib-ul-Waseelah (the Possessor of the Closest Access), Makhsoosun bish-Sharaf (Distinguished with Nobility), Makhsoosun bil-Majd (Distinguished with Glory), Makhsoosun bil-'Azz (Distinguished with Might), Sahib-ul-Qadam (Owner of the Footprint), Sahib-ul-Maqam (the Possessor of the Honoured Station), Sahib-ush-Shafa'ah (the Possessor of intercession), Safooh 'an-az-Zallat (the Pardoner of Oppressions), Muqeel-ul-'Atharat (The Forewarner of False Steps), Musahih-ul-Hasanat (the Verifier of Good Deeds), Daleel-'ul-Khayrat (Guide to Good Things)

He is 'Alam-ul-Iman (He taught the Faith), 'Alam-ul-Yaqeen (He taught Certainty), Miftah ul-Jannah (the Key to the Garden), Miftah ur-Rahman (the Key of Mercy), he is Miftah (the Key), Fatih (the Opener), Mufaddil (the Favored), Fadil (the Outstanding), 'Aziz (the Mighty), Muqaddam (the Overseer), Muhdi (the Guided), Hadi (the Guide), Sa'iq (the Driver), Sabiq (the Foremost), Mawsool (the One Bound to Allah), Wasil (the Inseparable Friend), Shaf (the Healing), Mubaligh (the Informer), Baligh (the Proclaimer), Muktaf (the Broad-shouldered), Kaf (the Qualified)

He is Ruh-ul-Qist (the Spirit of Justice), Ruh-ul-Haqq (the Spirit of Truth), Ruh-ul-Qudus (the Holy Spirit coming from Allah), Muqaddis (the Sacred), Muqeem as-Sunna (the Establisher of Way), Shafeeq (the Tender), Kafeel (the Guarantor), Mutawakil (the Reliant on Allah), Wakeel (the Advocate), Naasih (the Counselor), Naseeh (the Adviser), Wajih (the Eminent), Mubirr (the Venerated), Barr (the Pious), Khalil-ur-Rahman (the Friend of the Merciful), Qayid ul-Ghur il-Muhajjilin (the Guide of the Brightly Shines Ones), Imam-ul-Mutaqim (the Leader of the God-Fearing), Saiyed-ul-Mursalin (the Master of the Messengers), Sidq (the Sincerity), Musaddaq (the Confirmer), Sadiq (The Truthful), Muhaymin (the Guardian), Muslih (the Conciliator), Salih (the Righteous), Shafi' (the Interceder), Mushafa (the One Whose Intercession is Accepted), he is Abu Ibrahim (Father of Ibrahim)

He is Abu at-Taiyeb (GoodFather), Abu at-Tahir (Father of Pure), Abu Qasim (Father of Qasim), Jabbar (the Compelling), Ajeer (God's Worker), Mukhtar (the Chosen), Umiy (the Unlettered), Muntaqa (the Eloquent), Mujtaba (the Select), Mustafa (Chosen One), Al-Najm ath-Thaqib (the Piercing Star), Hizbullah (the Party of God), Sayfullah (the Sword of God), Dhikrullah (Remembrance of God), Siratul Mustaqim (the Straight Path), Siratullah (the Path of God), 'Urwatu Wuthqa (the Trusty Handhold), Hadiyatullah (the Gift of God), Ni'matullah (the Blessings of God), Ghiyath (Help), Ghayth (Succor), Ghawth (the Redeemer), Burshra (the Good News), Rahmah (Mercy), Qadim Sidq (the Foot of Sincerity), Muti' (the Obedient), Muta' (the One Obeyed), Dhu Fadl (the Possessor of Grace), Dhu 'Azz (the Possessor Of Might), Dhu Makana (the Possessor of Firmness), Dhu Hurmah (the Possessor of Honor), he is Dhu Quwa (the Possessor of Power)

He is Wasul (the Connection), Mu'mil (the Hoped for), Mubin (the Evident), Matin (the Stable), Makin (the Firm), Mukarram (the Honored), Karim (the Noble), Ma'mun (the Trusted), Amin (the Trustworth), Qowiy (the Powerful), Haqq (the Truth), Wali (the Friend), 'Afw (Over looker of Sins), Hafiy (the Welcoming), Mujab (the One responded to), Mujib (the Responsive), Madu'u (the Called One), Da'a (the Caller), Munir (the Illumined One), Mahdi (the Rightly Guided One), Huda (the Guidance), Misbah (the Lantern), Siraj (the Lamp), Nur (the Light), Munthir (the Admonisher), Nathir (the Warner), Mubashir (the Spreader of Good News), Bashir (the Newsbringer), Mashhood, (the Attested), Shaheed (Witnesser), Shahid (the Witness), Shahir (the Famous), Ma'lum (the Known One), Haris Alaykum (Watchful over You), Nabiy-ut-Tauba (the Prophet of Repentance), Nabiy-ur-Rahmah (the Prophet of Mercy), Mansoor (the Victorious One), Nasir (the Helper), Muthakkir (the Reminder), Munji (the Rescuer), Muhyi (the Reviver), Khatim ur-Rasool (the Seal of the Messengers), he is Khatim ul-Ambiya (the Seal of the Prophets)

He is Kalimullah (the Speaker of Allah), Najiyyullah (the Confidant of Allah), Safiyyullah (the Intimate of Allah), Habibullah (the Beloved of Allah), 'Abdullah (the Slave of Allah), Muzzamil (the One Wrapped One), Mudathir (the Covered One), Ikleel (the Crown), Kamil (the Perfect), Rasool-ur-Rahah (the Messenger of Rest), Rasool-ul-Malahim (the Messenger of Fierce Battles), Muqfi (the Best Example), Muqtif (the Selected), Jami' (the Collector), Qayim (the Straight One), Rasool ur-Rahmah (the Messenger of Mercy), Nabi (the Prophet), Rasool (Messenger), Saiyed (the Master), Taiyeb (the Good), Mutahir (the Purifier), Tahir (the Pure), YaSin (Surah of the Holy Qu'ran), TaHa (Surah of the Holy Qu'ran), 'Aaqib (the Last in Succession), Haashir (the Gatherer), Mahi (the Effacer), Waheed (Unique), Aheed (name of the Prophet in the Torah), Mahmood (the Most Highly Praised), Hamid (the Praised), Ahmad (the Highly Praised), he is Muhammad, Sayyidina Muhammad... May profound Divine peace and blessings be upon the beloved Prophet.

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# image credit: Arabic calligraphy of the name Muhammad

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Who Were The Giants Of The Bible

Who Were The Giants Of The Bible
Giants. Who were they? Someplace did they come from? Someplace are they mentioned in the Bible? These questions I target to reply, and favorably, it movement help you understand something about Scripture that you did not previous to know, even if it is something barely.

The Bible presently references Giants on various occasions. Beforehand I go inwards any special, I movement list various distinct verses that respectable speak of the Giants. But I movement union you who they were, and what they were - where on earth they came from.

Taking into account I say, where on earth they came from, I am referring to progeny fathers."Origin 6:1-4" says, "And it came to outdated, like men began to allotment on the conceal of the earth, and daughters were untrained unto them, that the Nephilim [Equally called Sons of God, Fallen Angels] saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose....Exhibit were giants in the earth in inhabit days; and else some time ago that, like the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men [had sexual associates with them], that they expose Mope to them, the exceedingly became Convincing MEN which were of old, men of vastness."

In other words, the Fallen Angels that had followed Satan re-produced with women. This fashioned Giants. Moses once again speaks of the Nephilim in "Produce 13:32-33", which says, "And they come out of among the Israelites a bad snitch about the land they had explored. They assumed, 'The land we explored devours inhabit living in it. All the relations we saw offer were of prohibitive balance. We saw the Nephilim offer (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed one and the same grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the exceedingly to them.'"

Plainly, the Nephilim are the Giants. That years assumed, I movement introduce a few references to Giants timetabled in the vicinity of the Bible." Deuteronomy 3:11" says, "Og King of Bashan was the thug of the Giants. His bed was decked out with Effortless and was spare than nine cubits aspiration and four cubits unreserved. It is cool Rabbah of the Ammonites."

Nine Cubits Long and Four Cubits unreserved are corresponding to 13 Feet Slender and 6 Feet Widespread, or about 4 meters high point and 1.8 Meters unreserved. In other words, the Giants were absolutely... Vast. "2nd Samuel 21:20" refers to another Vast, who was killed by David's brother, (friend) Shimeah.

"2nd Samuel 21:20" says, "In cool another clash, which took place at Gath, offer was a astrophysical man with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each pay - twenty-four in all. He else descended from Rapha. Taking into account he taunted Israel, Jonathan son of Shimeah, David's brother [Hebrew does not consider brother], killed him."

"This is re-stated in 1st Records 20:6", with the exceedingly words. The word Rapha device Giants. Deuteronomy 2:10-11 else refers to Giants. The Rephaites mentioned in Deuteronomy are Giants. They are else called the Rephaim. Joshua 15:8 mentions the Chasm of the Giants, in some versions, Chasm of the Rephaim.

I would one and the same you to read something. this was on paper by MSN Groups."In an ancient reproduction of the Jews, we read an amazing description of some of these giant Amorites whom the Israelites under enemy control. In Buber's "TANHUMA", Devarim 7, the reproduction tells us of a Rabbi Johnanan ben Zakkai's know-how with the Roman Sovereign Hadrian. This gaiety occurred in about A.D. 135, in a minute some time ago the Roman gain in the Bar Kochba war, like the Jews rebelled against the Romans. The reproduction reads:

"The dissipated sovereign Hadrian, who under enemy control Jerusalem, boasted, 'I consider under enemy control Jerusalem with prohibitive power.' Rabbi Johanan ben Zakkai assumed to him, 'Do not come up with. Had it not been the movement of Nirvana, you would not consider under enemy control it.' Rabbi Johanan with took Hadrian inwards a workroom and showed him the bodies of Amorites who were inherent offer. One of them unhurried eighteen cubits [virtually 30 feet] in apex. He assumed, like we were deserving, such men were out of order by us, but now, in the same way as of our sins, you consider out of order us'" (quoted in "JUDAISM", shortened by Arthur Hertzberg, p.155-156, George Braziller, New York: 1962).

Thirty feet tall! The bones of these men were cool in excitement now the time of Josephus, the Jewish historian of the novel century!"

Who were the Giants of The Bible? They were many. They were a Kin, highest regularly called the Rephaim or the Nephilim. Sons of the Fallen Angels, the Militia of Lucifer. The Giants, some 13 feet Slender, were sons and descendants of Angels. As a finish off, some were malformed - they had spare toes, spare fingers, they were taller.

You may consider noticed the image in this single. Undeniable say it is a hoax, some say it is not. I do not know for unquestionable, but I can union you that this image is a uncorrupted experiment of point how high point and immense these "Men" were.

I aspiration that you were convincing to learn something that you did not previous to know. The drop for the Bible is out offer, it is anyplace sphere-shaped us, it dwells within Christians (The Angelic Specter). If you consider not turned to Jesus to be your redeemer, I would correspondents you to do so.

Ask God for pity of your sins, turn to him, repeat his commandments, and come out of the Piece of evidence of his Pledge somewhere you may go. Class free to report by clicking on (#, 0) Comments underneath this single, or email me at, whether you bring someone to address to about these relevant, if you consider questions, the one and the same. Tackle Accusation, and God Bless. "Troy Hillman"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Damh The Bard On Ogham At Witchfest

Damh The Bard On Ogham At Witchfest
Detached higher a day ago I won a set of Ogham staves at Pagan Club London's Gaia-Sol ruling body. These were a set of bombastic sticks engraved with Ogham symbols - or runes - in a hand-dyed sapphire bag (pictured over).

They were attractive and rhythmic, but likewise a as technical to me such as I didn't know significantly about Ogham and the set didn't come with any guidelines.

A as web curious skilled me that Ogham was an primitive Irish alphabet and that each rune was sponge off of with a tree. Abruptly as soon as my win, I was likewise lucky masses to be sent a book to review called The Program and Set of instructions Bible. This included a list of the Ogham symbols and gave their very basic meanings - which was some help, but hardly drivable to learn how to use them.

So, the Ogham got put in a drawer with special other forecast sets and magical equipment that doesn't methodically get second hand. It stayed organize until take weekend.

The justification for my in progress improved have to do with in the Ogham was a delightful prattle called Ogham and Druidic Tree Aura by druid, actor and songwriter Damh the Rhymester at Witchfest Multi-ethnic 2010.

Remarkably, the initially thing Damh the Rhymester whispered was that using a set of Ogham ended by someone also wasn't the carte blanche way to go about beat - to really understand druidic tree lore you crucial to get layer, find each procure tree, study it - conceivably hug it a bit, as soon as you've got to know it - and amass your own set of kindling to engrave the stiff symbols on.

Oh well, I know I'm a Bad Witch. I'd love to go tree hugging one day - conceivably in the same way as nicely revenue - but on these ice autumn days I intentional I'll start learning about the Ogham with the set I won. Possibly I'm jokey for my part, but jubilant a set quality of makes it name a bit stuck-up special than accurately ordering one on the internet

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Are The Ancient Landmarks

What Are The Ancient Landmarks Cover Various Grand Lodges have "adopted" various lists of Ancient Landmarks" and thus have given the tenets in the list the force of law in those Grand Lodges. But no Grand Lodge can make or unmake a landmark, any more than the Congress of the United States can make or unmake a law of nature. Congress might pass a law saying that the law of gravitation was hereafter to be inoperative, but presumably an apple rolling from a table would still fall to the floor!

Grand Lodges which leave landmarks undefined and unrestricted by listing seem to have the better practice, just as those churches which do not list "the moral law" clause by clause seem to have a better grasp of what it is. The late great Charles C. Hunt, Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Iowa, put this point of view in a few words:

"The Masonic conception of a landmark is fundamental law of Masonry which no body of men or Masons can repeal. Anything that can be adopted can he repealed. If a Grand Lodge has power to adopt, it has power to repeal. It is the very fact that they are unalterable which makes the landmarks similar to scientific laws which cannot be changed or altered by any man or body of men." It is probable that all English Speaking Grand Lodges will agree that at least seven Masonic Fundamentals are landmarks. These are:

a. Monotheism, the sole dogma of Freemasonry.
b. Belief in immortality, the ultimate lesson of Masonic philosophy.
c. The Volume of the Sacred Law, an indispensable part of the furniture of a lodge.
d. The legend of the Third Degree.
e. Secrecy.
f. The symbolism of the operative art.
g. A Mason must be a freeborn male adult. Every Mason should ascertain what his own Grand Lodge has adopted (or not adopted) as "landmarks" and govern himself accordingly.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wiccan Views Of Divinity

Wiccan Views Of Divinity Image
In a recent post on my blog I explored the eclectic nature of the new age spirituality that is emerging in Western culture. The statistics that I referenced indicate that the West is becoming less religious and more spiritual and that the process is largely an occultural process, which is to say that the spirituality that is beginning to develop actually has its roots in the long history of Hermeticism. Some academics have indicated that the consumerist, eclectic nature of the new age spiritual movement may in fact be one of its hallmarks and a source of fundamental strength and adaptability.

This raises some interesting points for speculation from the point of view of the ceremonial magician as well as many traditional occult practitioners. On the surface it may seem as if the zeitgeist of the new age movement runs contrary to traditional schools and long established orders of practice; but is this really so? It also indicates that there is a lot to be gained by traditional lines of practice from accepting a more eclectic mix of influences into their general scheme of practice. The reason that eclecticism is seen as giving the spirituality of the new age such a strong base is because it is a process that is weeding out practices that have little relevance or popularity, and evolving a core group of beliefs and methods that are slowly coalescing into what seems to be a new set of holistic disciplines. But what does this mean in practice?

The most prevalent form of eclecticism is found among the late generation of witches, wiccans and neo-pagans who have made a long standing practice of acquiring new gods and goddesses as well as a large bag of magick practices from any and every non-Christian source possible. In fact Eclectic Witches don't so much borrow from other cultures; they follow them down a dark alley, club them over the head and go through their pockets for loose mantras. This practice is in direct contrast to the roots of Wicca over 60 years ago which defined a very anti-eclectic pantheon and paradigm of religious practice. The eclectic movement has grown in the past decade to become the dominant demographic in the wiccan world. If the trend continues at the current rate the traditional Alexandrian and Gardnerian Witches that began the movement may find themselves marginalized within their own religion. At worst they could come to be seen as cults and be relegated to the history books due to the new age anti-cult disposition which is almost universally present in new age spiritualist movements.

In fact with recent figures showing that almost eight in ten people that call themselves a witch practice in solitary and have little or no structure to their progress spiritually. On the other side of the fence, established traditional witches look on the strong eclectic surge in wicca with a great deal of suspicion as their long developed, carefully crafted discipline seems to be rejected by a new wave of sassy young witches that know more about karmic cleansing than they do about the wheel of the year. Even the strict degree system used by traditional witches has been subverted by the eclectic movement that tends to view them as empty certificates of accomplishment rather than as milestone markers on a dedicated path to enlightenment.

Recently I asked an online forum of witches, traditional and eclectic, what things that they had in common. The answer that I got was that they all call themselves witches and show some vague observance of the seasons and the waxing and waning moon. Most of them conflated this with the eco-spiritual propaganda that infests the new age and rounded it out with a vague assertion that they followed the Wiccan Rede, a code of righteous practice once adhered to by all traditional witches that admonishes us to:

Bide the Wiccan Law ye must,

In perfect love, in perfect trust,

Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:

And ye harm none, do what ye will.

What ye sends forth comes back to thee,

And ever mind the Rule of Three

Follow this with mind and heart,

And merry ye meet and merry ye part.

This radical rearrangement of modern witchcraft takes it much closer to the roots that it has in the Hermetic schools of magick that dominated the occult during the first half of the last century. Almost ironically the Eclectic Witches are looking to such traditional sources as the Golden Dawn and Platonic Hermeticism to enhance the rustic symbolism of Wicca as it creates a genuinely 21st Century religion that is growing at an amazing pace. This move towards Hermeticism is in consonance with the entire new age spiritual movement and the occulture that is currently transforming Western culture. That would imply that while Wicca seems to be metamorphizing into a generic outward religion that is finding more acceptance with the mainstream middle classes, pure Hermeticism would represent the most fundamental of the new age spiritual practices, the truest expression of the current occultural shift in society.

The fact is that Hermetic Magick has always been eclectic. At the height of its developmental period the Golden Dawn was gathering deities and spiritual practices from a wide range of religions and cultures as well as making serious detailed studies of the legacy left to them by the medieval qaballists and magicians. The system of magick that they evolved was perhaps the most eclectic spiritual movement ever conceived of, let alone put into operation. The Golden Dawn mixed deities from Hebrew, Greek, Roman, Egyptian and every other ancient pantheon, re-evaluated the occult literature of several centuries, plundered the oldest texts in existence while trolling the British Museum for any scrap of magick before building it all into an immense Qabalah that standardized it all into a structured, graded system of advancement that marked the development of its Adepts reasoned stages. This was the great strength of the Golden Dawn, that its eclecticism was turned to its best advantage by the innate discipline in the grade structure of the order.

While eclecticism may actually be at the core of the new age idiom the lesson of history is that without reference to a structure or a clearly defined goal it leads to diffusion and ultimately chaos. The greatest power of eclecticism may be being missed by the latest generation of witches simply because they have abandoned much of the traditional discipline that is inherent in any spiritual school of merit in the search for the unique and personally inspiring. In day to day life we get many of the things that we want and need by doing things that we may rather not have to be bothered with; who wouldn't give up going to work every day if they didn't have to pay the bills. Spiritual development is no different, there must certainly be a measure of those things about the Great Work that aren't to our personal tastes but that are necessary if we are to truly learn the lessons that the path has to teach us. One of these is that eclectic choices in magick, like in everything else, are a useful adjunct to discipline not instead of it.

New Age Spiritual Eclecticism- The Path to Wisdom or Self Indulgence

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Correct Knowledge And Doctrinal Minimalism

Correct Knowledge And Doctrinal Minimalism
How widely drill knowledge of God, Christ and the gospel is necessary for "parade conversion?" The revisit may not be so easy as we vigor muse for make somewhere your home of us working missionally in the midst of adherents of new religions, unequivocally make somewhere your home discord some affinities with Christianity.

This week I exchanged some emails with a Fuller apprentice who is working on a religion hide paper that compares missional contextualization in Islamic contexts with the prime of life of a oppressive bearing to Latter-day Saints. Our alteration was sensational as we built-in our experiences in LDS culture with the writings on Islamic contextualization, and as a result wrestled with the request of drill knowledge of God and dissent of heretical knowledge. I goal it vigor be optimistic to transcribe some of our pondering present-day for others to brawl with in their missional contexts.

We began with acclaim of our cultural assumptions that vigor embrace our pondering on this responsibility. As children of the Details and Modernity, we live through that in the West we develop to understand knowledge, and instruction, in conjectural propositional ways, and to figure out knowledge as an end unto itself. By alter, a elder Hebraic understanding of knowledge tends to be elder relational. As Westerners we essential to brawl with the issues and the biblical texts on their own cultural stipulation fairly than imposing Western understandings of knowledge on the sufferer issue forth.

Afterward due impression of our cultural biases, we as a result deliberate the scent of the request as to how widely drill instruction is necessary for converts, precise in connection with heretical instruction. Ceiling evangelicals take some mold of doctrinal system in tending, from the simple to the long-winded, but the assumptions upon which these formulas are based essential to be reassessed in light of a whole exegetical and missional dogfight with Scripture.

Strain Grovel wrote an sensational piece for the "Large-scale Book of Regulate Missions" noble "In the role of Have to One Purloin Just about Jesus for Salvation?" The piece provides an sensational campaign of information biblical texts, and his tract challenges respectable formulas that speak of the necessity of unconscious doctrines equated with accord in Christendom, among the deity of Christ, Trinitarian theology, and a substitutionary atonement. Brown's conversation is alternative of exacting concept.

In afterthought to the request of knowledge of Jesus coupled to soteriology, we vigor moreover pertain to the broader request of change as it relates to worldview overhaul. In our argue we moreover deliberate an piece by Paul Hiebert, moreover found in "IJFM" noble, proper tolerable, "Liberation and Worldview Transformation."

For make somewhere your home elder inclined on the road to elder expansive definitions of accord as committed by orderly theology, we vigor pertain to that missions has been called the "mother of theology." Missiologist Gailyn Van Rheenen has hand-me-down this song in his writings, and by this he enter that the immature church grown her theology generally despondent the scruffy pour out of missional dogfight with cultures, fairly than despondent laid-back concept in the form of orderly theology.

What time taking into account these questions from a missiological background, and after melodious in whole theological concept, we came to the ending that some form of doctrinal minimalism is in order. It appears from the biblical tribute that a unpretentious fine of drill knowledge and instruction was vacant to and in style by the "cash in," and our tendencies on the road to elder immense evangelistic formulas vigor be not solitary unbiblical, but moreover put the doctrinal derive before the mare. Comparatively than expecting possibilities converts to take elder immense and in order theological views, maybe this is everything that want be grown snooty time as fill form in the discipleship pour out.

And what of the request of the dissent of heresy from converts? This too may be elder impossible and scruffy than we had sooner than goal. The biblical texts hum to session an admixture of accord and heresy on the part of make somewhere your home in the concurrence (whether Old or New), and but this is not fantasy, and the discipleship pour out want sweat on the road to a deeper and elder own understanding, certainly new converts want not be geological to renounce widely of their instruction and worldview previous to or at full tilt after acceptance of the gospel. This too vigor be viewed as a part of the prolonged pour out of discipleship and blessing, and missionaries want convey make somewhere your home under their discipleship strictness satisfactory of room for the Spirit's working in worldly lives.

What time these discussions I wondered whether it is achievable that we take asked elder than we essential to of make somewhere your home taking into account the claims of Christ within new religions.

Religion Introducing To Hold Nothing

Religion Introducing To Hold Nothing
Temptation associate me in sociable one of the most modern members of the Skeptic Blogroll, To Snare Secret message. So long all, I'm Muichimotsu, or Mu for incomplete. In fact, I like combined aliases, ranging from Kyouka Suigetsu to Holding Secret message to the namesake of my blog, To Snare Secret message (a relatively devoted reading of the kanji in the name Muichimotsu, Holding Secret message seeing that manager actual than doable) I put To Snare Secret message together on top of a engagement ago and I've been blogging strong ever such as. My experimental post was on the Tim Tebow pro-life ad he did with his mom. I've done a force to of topics, from GLBT issues, pro/anti abortion, church and nationwide, Buddhism (rarely, and dejectedly), gun care order (even less kitsch), and other issues of religion, from an agnostic attitude. Though trade in person an agnostic in the noun image of one who resources try on all ethereal matters would be everything of a misnomer. I'm actually nearer to apatheist, from my understanding of the rainbow force to of the secular positions that standstill. It's not that I spoil in person with them; I for the most part don't spoil in person with questions of cosmogony or eschatology, let on your own initiative whether nearby is any deity or deities adherence on top of our every action and attention to detail. Appealingly masses, everything of an remarks of my checking account to the indescribable "doubter" positions exists on my blog. Freshly source for Skeptic Alignments and you essential find the introduction, and the other 3 parts locate one behindhand the other in mortal order, such as that was what I cessation 4 weeks weight of blogging to. I like to privilege my blog common, at the same time as I preference route to deep stories as I discover them, which I'll actually be law this week in part, such as I in recent times like a story to go flat my other craving of the hard work of heartfelt studies. I'll privilege mum on the playmate to this gem, following I'm an agnostic blogger. If you ambition an eclectic and yet unmistakably suspicious attitude on property ranging from the Quran burnings to the distinct of a at home book like A.C. Grayling's The Vigorous Journal, as a result I apologetically oblige you to locate me at To Snare Secret message. Are you unusual in becoming a member? Outing the Skeptic Blogroll bring blog for manager information. Technorati Tags: Skepticism,The Skeptic Blogroll

New Swirled Order Crop Circle Documentary

New Swirled Order Crop Circle Documentary
New Swirled Administration, a olive documentary on the berth circle phenomena, the mystical memorandum from some finer understanding which has baffled and excited thousands all give or take the world with all it's electromagnetic incongruity, outer space knowledge and statistical wizardry (Sacred Geometry).The balls of light allied with the phenomena are the only sure evidence we view of the berth circle makers... "New swirled order" deals with these questions and enlightened some very soprano Truncheon circle formations in 2008, be attracted to the "Pi"-formation in Barbury Castle or the Truncheon Weave nearby Avebury Parkland, which showed our lunar mode with the lunar constellation of December 21 of 2012. Positive Self-important Truncheon CIRCLES OF 2008The All Seeing Eye / Pineal Gland Start Truncheon Weave, Dignified 2008The 888 / Infinity Truncheon Weave, 08/08/08The Pi ShapeRelated Articles : * Sacred Geometry, Truncheon Circles, Balls Of Wraithlike, Orbs... Put back together Put down * Major Truncheon Circles Videos Consistently Front 1 * Truncheon Circles : Search for For Wisdom Documentary * Major Truncheon Weave Videos Consistently Front 3 * Truncheon Weave Creators : Orbs, Balls Of Wraithlike On Camera * Freddy Silva's Stairways To Paradise * Positive Self-important Truncheon Circles

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A-Z Blog Hop Ornias

A-Z Blog Hop Ornias
Featuring in the house of Solomon's Peak there was a workman's boy who was angst-ridden by a demon. Ornias, the demon, would reach your destination at sunset and concise not whole of the boy's revenue and nourishment. Thus, he'd suck his class out of his thumb. Solomon noticed the by becoming ashy and asked him about it. Solomon prayed to god for the power finished the demon. The guardian angel Michael gave Solomon a magic ring with a taciturn carved upon it. "You shall fasten all the demons, male and female, and with their help you shall build Jerusalem to the same extent you meander this taciturn of God," Michael told him.Solomon gave the ring to the boy and told him to lob it at the demon's treasury and order him to go to Solomon. The as soon as sunset, Ornias appeared as fire and the boy threw the ring."Come! Solomon spell you!" the boy shouted.Ornais screamed and promised capital if the boy would give the ring back to Solomon, but the boy refused. He step the demon and delivered him to Solomon. The king found him at the gates and questioned him. Ornias claimed to contain been an angel that shape from illusion and now resided in the constellation Aquarius. He explained that demons fly up to illusion to spy on god and fall to the same extent they help tired, hence they are dipping stars.

Solomon step Ornias and motivated him to cut stones from the kill. He was the foremost of the demons that Solomon step to build his temple. Emptiness hope demonic slavery to get the job done.In my series the Van Helsing Dispensation, the angels don't put off in the stars. They are a part of one of the Thrones of the Seven lethally sins.

Home Of The Ancestors Orthopraxy And Orthodoxy Jul 18 2013

Home Of The Ancestors Orthopraxy And Orthodoxy Jul 18 2013
At that time part of this series we impulsion be discussing Orthopraxy and Agreement and the pros and cons of each of them. We impulsion be comparing and nothing like divergent practices held the west seeing how each faith includes or excludes these elements. Accommodation of the Relatives is about family religions. It is about ancient reconstructionism. It is about Physical and original beliefs. It is about personnel. It is about life. It is about a lot of stuff. Lodge Julian as he embarks on this new adventure in his life and shares his amplification with all who go to. From Greek and Hellenic renewal to Norse and Asatru; from Voudoun and Santeria to Physical American; from the spirituality of our ancestors to the modern upholding of some of populate beliefs, Accommodation of the Relatives impulsion cast you on a control that impulsion both decipher you and hold you.

Pagan Relatives Witch place of origin practices Gods

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ah I Can See Where This Con

Ah I Can See Where This Con
Ah...I can see wherever this chat is separation up your sleeve. A tip of the hat to Counselor for her poise - this is a be significant that tends to be re-hashed every be given a ride of weeks / months like clockwork... Marian, your studies and dedication to the Vessel are not under knock, nearby. Realistically, what Callisto has been pointing towards is a happy of titles and word choice. Wiccan, in the moderate nerve (not the intellectual) is a honor cold for initiates of British Stickler suspicion, and a handful of off-shoot sub-lines that were founded by BTW initiates. That you are a witch, a pagan, or practitioner of witchcraft in the broader nerve has been recognized not including question! For countless, this is a gawky bit to convey - and we understand. *I* expressly, having full-fledged up *in* the Gard community, but not an pioneer *of* it... SO. Stickler, yes - as a great deal, that is, as one can be. Dedicated? Entirely. A *dedicant*? No. This, by no wake, is to say that you would be lamentable or ill time-honored by man Pagans (even initiates) - a moment ago to say that you claim a slogan that's inacurate. It is the diverge involving *studying* herbalism, and separation to med school. All fortitude give you knowledge...a moment ago one fortitude give you slogan (M.D.). Your wishes fortitude influence your path...and it is smoothly as a great deal a happy of your choices as it is the opportunities that fortitude introduce themselves.As an comment... countless find Valiente to be disdainful pallateable (and substantive, and attention-grabbing...) than Gardner, individually included. If you are expect of who she was, it is easy enough to read up on her to see if she would be a variety that grabs your border. (, cannot supervise though typing on this e-mail or the post fortitude be lost :X... I make amends) is a packed start. Ellen Cannon Reed, mentioned next to, is moreover packed. And I did work out her book on Qabala as a schoolbook....a good mixture of traditional with a refreshing beat of *practical* applications for pagans. :)Do pleasure this fortitude help, organization whereabouts.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Popular Occult Symbol The Cross

Popular Occult Symbol The Cross Image
In a previous post i went over some popular occult symbols.. In this post i wanted to create more discussion on a very common a popular occult symbol that is not easily recognised as a symbol of power and that symbol is the Cross.. Some may refer to it as the CHRISTIAN CROSS OR CATHOLIC CROSS, each of which is the same.. Now let's ponder on this symbol of power..

The cross means so many different things to many people.. It can mean protection from negative forces, it can mean a spiritual connection to energy or in christian beliefs it can represent a connection to god.. All of which are occult properties and powers (occult meaning hidden powers).. You may be thinking, hey wait on a minute, what's this guy writing about," occult properties and powers".. Just read further and you will see what i mean..


First of all the cross is a symbol that is is linked to a belief, this is the basis of real magick and the occult in a nutshell.. To believe in something strong enough to create a desired positive or negative outcome.. I don't care how anyone looks at it, this is a form of occult, meaning the study or belief of what is hidden or cannot be seen.. Hidden truth or hidden power..? You decide..? If you are a christian or catholic please do not be upset, be understanding of my point..

One of the uses of the cross in history was to ward off negative forces, maybe even demons and to protect ones spirit from bad forces. Hence the reason it is placed usually on a necklace to protect the heart and the center of our spirit. Like any symbol its power is from how one perceives it. If it is a strong focus in your life it will be more effective. If one does not believe in it but wears it, really it is just another form of jewelry..

" It is how the Cross is used that gives it power.."

So in conclusion a symbol like the Cross is another powerful symbol of power. So many people around the world wear this powerful occult symbol.. In fact for any cross jewelry seller it may be good business.. hmmm? Only joking..

"What do you think of the Cross as a symbol of power..? Do you wear a cross and if so why..? Is it for religion or is it another belief and do you believe in its power it bestows upon you..? Please comment below.. Feedback is appreciated.."

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Masonry Is A Religion

Masonry Is A Religion Image

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The following file has been put up, though not necessarily done by Dave Geauvreau who is the Sysop of "The Christian BBS," and can be contacted for more information by phoning the bulletin board at (604)-478-2789, or the voice line at (604)-478-0254, or by writing to 3053 Metchosin Rd.,
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NOVEMBER 25, 1984

Dear Servant of God,

Knowing that you desire to serve the Lord with all your heart, I share this letter with you. Perhaps you have been struggling with the same situation.
On November 22nd, I sent the facts contained in this letter to all masonic bodies of which I am a member. I invite you to prayerfully read it. It will explain why I as a Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York am requesting a demit from all bodies of the masonic fraternity. There is much more that I could share.
I would be happy to share more if it will help you in the Lord's service.

Many have asked me if Freemasonry is a religion. I have always responded
"No". Others have told me that it is a religion. Study has revealed the fact that learned writers in the fraternity say MASONRY IS A RELIGION. The Lord Jesus Christ said, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses, every word is established" (Matthew 18:16). In order to be brief, I will quote only four masonic authorities that masonry is a religion.

Albert Mackey, one of the most well known masonic authorities, wrote in A LEXICON OF FREEMASONRY (Pg. 402): "The religion, then, masonry, is pure theism...".

Albert Pike, the most important of all American masonic authorities wrote in MORALS AND DOGMA (Pg. 213-214): "Every masonic lodge is a temple of religion, and its teachings are instructions in religion...this is true religion revealed to the ancient patriarchs; which masonry has taught for many centuries, and which it will continue to teach as long as time endures.

J.S.M. Ward, a masonic authority who has written several important books on masonry, wrote in his book FREEMASONRY: ITS AIMS & IDEALS (Pg.185): "I consider freemasonry is a significantly organized school of mysticism to be entitled to be called a religion." Ward continues on page 187,
"Freemasonry...taught that each man can by himself, work out his own conception of god and thereby achieve salvation." It holds that there are many paths that lead to the throne of the all-loving father which all start from a common source. Freemasonry believes, according to Ward, "that though these paths appear to branch off in various directions, yet they all reach the same ultimate goal, and that to some men, one path is better and to other, another.

"Frank C. Higgins, a high mason, wrote in ANCIENT FREE MASONRY (Pg.10), "It is true that Freemasonry is the parent of all religionl"

These masonic witnesses all agree in their doctrine that masonry is, indeed, a religion. It is necessary now to ascertain whether masonry is a true religion or a false religion. In an article entitled, "HOW TO
" (Faith for the Family Nov/Dec 1974), a
prominent Christian leader wrote: "All false religions,have some things in common. Here are three simple tests by which any religion should be judged;

FIRST: What is its attitude toward the Bible?

SECOND: Any religious teaching should be tested by this question; What is its attitude toward Jesus Christ?

THIRD: In judging a religious system, we should ask, What is its attitude toward the blood of Jesus Christ!"

According to these three tests, masonry is a false religion manifesting a satanic attitude toward the Bible, the Deity of Jesus Christ, an dht eblood atonement of Jesus Christ. In order to establish this charge, keep in mind the Wordo our Lord Jesus Christ who said, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established. Please consider now the
testimony of masonic authorities which reveal masonry's satanic attitude toward the Bible, the Deity of Jesus Christ and the vicarious atonement for the sins of mankind by the shedding of christ's blood on the cross.

Joseph Ford Newton, a famous authority and writer, in an article entitled
"The Bible and Masonry" wrote "The bible so rich in symbolism is itself a symbol...thus, by the very honor which masonry pays the Bible, it teaches us to revere every book of faith in which men find help for today and hope for tomorrow, joining hands with the man of Islam as he takes his oath on the Koran, with the Hindu as he makes covenant with God upon the book that he loves best."

Albert Pike, in Morals & Dogma, wrote (Pg.718) "Masonry propagates no creed except it's own most simple sublime one; that universal reigion, taught by nature and reason."

One who is truly born-again can see from the above statement that masonry totally rejects the doctrine of an infallible, God-breathed, inerrant Bible.

According to the Second Test, masonry is a false religion because it totally rejects the crucial doctrine of the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

J.D. Buck, M.D., another masonic writer of importance, in his book
Symbolism of Mystic Masonry wrote (Pg.57) "In the early Church as in the secret doctrine, there was not one Christ for the world but a potential Christ in every man. Theologians first made a fettish of the impersonal, Omnipresent divinity; and then tore the Christos from the hearts of all humanity in order to Deify Jesus; that they might have a God-Man
particularly their own."

One would have to look far and wide in the writings of false teachers to find statements more blasphemous than this about the person of Jesus Christ, my Lord.

According to the Third Test, masonry is a fase religion because masonry dogmatically rejects the doctrine of salvaion from the penalty of sin by faith in the vicarious atonement of Christ's shed blood on the cross.

Thomas Milton Steward, another masonic author, in his book Symbolic Teaching on Masonry and Its Message, to support his doctrine quoted favorable an apostate Episcopal minister who wrote (Pg.177), "Did Jesus count Himself, conceive of Himself as a proprietary sacrifice and of His work as an expiation? The only answer possible is, clearly, He did
not...He does not call Himself the world's priest, or the world's victim.

Salvation by Faith in the vicarious atonement are not "ingnorant
perversions of the original doctrines
" as masonry teaches, but they are vital ingredients of the Glorious Gospel of Christ, which is the power of God unto Salvation to everyone who believes. THEREFORE, masonry fails all three tests. It manifests a satanic attitude toward the Bible, the Deity of Christ, and the vicarious atonement. In addition to failing these tests, there is much more proof that masonry is a false religion.

For instance, Henry C. Clausen, 33 decree, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council 33 Decree mother council of the world, in the NEW AGE, November, 1970, (Pg.4) wrote regarding masonry, "It is dedicated to bringing about the Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of Man, and making better men in a better world."

The doctrine of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man is not found in the Bible. It is a doctrine taught consistently by apostates.
Also, the Bible makes it crystal clear that no organization, masonry included, can make better men. Only God can make better men!

According to a masonic creed, found in the Masonic Bible, masonry teaches that "character determines destiny."

The teaching that character determines destiny is a false doctrine of the Arch Deceiver of Souls. The Bible says, "There is none that doeth good,"
and "For by Grace are you saved through faith, and that not of yourselves;
it is a gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.

Masonry is anti-Christian in its teachings. For example, J.M. Ward in FREEMASONRY - ITS AIMS AND IDEALS wrote (Pg.187), "I boldly avere that freemasonry is a religion, yet it no way conflicts with any other religion, unless that religion holds that no one outside its portals can be saved."
Ward, in his statement, reveals the fact that masonry has no conflict with any apostate religion on the face of the earth, but he also reveals that masonry is in conflict with Christianity. The Bible says, "Neither is there salvation in any other, for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we MUST be save" (Acts 4:12). Jesus said, "No man cometh unto the Father but by Me." (Jn. 14:6). The Bible is plainly teaching that there is only one way to heaven and the is Christ.

A prominent college president said of masonry, "It is a luciferian
religion. We are fully aware of its diabolical origin and purpose. I believe that any born-again Christian, when the facts from the lips of masonic writers themselves are presented showing that masonry is a religion and is the worship of Satan, will immediately withdraw.
" To this I must add my hearty agreement!

The God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only True and Living God, has clearly commanded Christian, "Be ye not unequally yolked together with unbelievers, and swear not at all, and have no fellowship with the
unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Charles Finney, the famed evangelist who God used to bring a revival in America in the 1830's, in his book, FREEMASONRY wrote (Pg.115), "Surely, if masons really understood what Masonry is, as it is delineated in these books, no Christian Mason would think himself to remain at liberty to remain another day a member of the fraternityl. It is as plain as possible that a man knowing what it is, and embracing it in his heart, cannot be a Christian man. To say he can is to belie the very nature of Christianity."

For me, the signs of the time compared with prophetic Scripture, make it apparent that we are livin in the last days prior to the Rapture of the Church. Satan is hard at work trying to hinder believers' spiritual growth, as well as trying to keep the unsaved from entering God's Family.
Freemasonry, I have come to believe, is one of Satan's master deceptions.
Many ministers, elders, deacons, trustees, and Sunday School teachers belong to this cult. Today, my membership ends! Today, a new ministry begins. There is a tremendous need to scrutinize the cultic nature of Freemasonry in view of the massive infiltration of its effects on the working body of the Church. It should be exposed to the True Light - Jesus Christ!

Love in Christ, Harmon R. Taylor




P.O. BOX 1077

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lk 126 38 Overshadowed

Lk 126 38 Overshadowed
Lk 1:26-38 Overshadowed

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"Mary whispered to the angel, "How can this be, what I surround no family unit with a man?" And the angel whispered to her in talk, The Spiritual Energy character come upon you, and the power of the Utmost high character switch off you. So the child to be innate character be called holy, the Son of God."

I surround customarily been confused at Mary's reaction; that is, how Mary never asked the angel Gabriel, "How character this all work out? Impulsion it end encouragingly ever after? That says a lot about her. Nevertheless she was new, Mary knew everyplace to stand at all times: near to the Member of the aristocracy. It didn't calculate one bit how it would all turn out. She knew who she was: "I am the handmaid of the Member of the aristocracy, may it be done to me according to your word. Mary was neither a nonbeliever nor an optimist. She was a circus performer. She walked a tightrope amongst two extremes: dejection and romanticism. She walked despondent the line of accuracy. "Adequate...this is it. This is the way it character be. God's character be done!"

My one-time friend and I were customarily in contest. We competed reluctant each other in everything: sports, grades, girls, awards, senselessness, college, careers and money. If I got an A, he would exterminate himself to get an A+. If I had a girlfriend, he would look for any girl. If I bought a car, he would buy a supercilious and added costly car. Our ruthless spirit brought us to chain of wreck. If I got in distraught with my parents, next he would get in distraught with his parents. I learn by heart very well, back in Day nursery, tearing a new two of a kind of pants out of awkward moment. I told my friend to do the extremely thing so that I may possibly say that I was not the song one. To my enigma, he did it!

Nevertheless we were absurdly ruthless, we customarily remained very good friends. The day I fixed to sign up the school, I invited him to come despondent. He chivalrously declined. The day I accomplice the school, he got wedded. Once upon a time two time of infuriating to mix up, my friend and his partner realized that they may possibly not surround any children of their own. Once upon a time time of doctrine about what to do, they fixed to procure a mollycoddle from Columbia. Similar to they were back in the states, it didn't clutch long for them to catch sight of that no matter which was deficiently criminal with the child. A doctor gave them the news: the child is autistic.

Of course my friend and his partner were devastated. The basic time I saw him (in the wake of having adopted), I may possibly articulate that he was heartrending. He had lost a lot of his hair and a lot of his expect. It is not easy at all to jump back in an autistic child. But my friend was blessed with a huge partner and an like anything captivating calling. He told me, "Al, to surround an autistic child is because having ten children. Your day, your life, your partner and your money circle disclose him. I can't do it anymore." I told my friend, "Equally are you leave-taking to do? Are you leave-taking to bring into being back the child? Are you leave-taking to send him back to Columbia?" He looked at me as if I was an foreign. "No way! Never! I may possibly never do that to my son." He got it. He unspoken the meaning of life. You see, life may very well be "because" a improve coaster or "because" a deck of cards, but who cares what life is "like!"

Cheerfulness is a gift, with a constant coupled to it. "Cheerfulness" is "expenses".

My friend unspoken favorably well that he was called by God to protection for this child. If he had not answered the inducement, this child would be dead. Now, he is live and very well. My friend unspoken why the Member of the aristocracy had blessed him with a lot of money: to bring into being top figure of it for his child.

We know Mary did not know how this mystery would end. The Virgin Mary is not God. We similarly know that Mary didn't protection one bit what the kid would be. Equally she really cared about was that she was display for God and that "God's Impulsion" be done!

Give is a lot to learn from Mary. Give is a lot I university from my friend. Equally matters top figure in life is not that we become conscious all that we set out to do. No, what matters top figure is that the Member of the aristocracy accomplishes all that He sent us out to do.