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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Secrets Of Powerful Salawat Nariyah The Fire

Secrets Of Powerful Salawat Nariyah The Fire

(Furthermore Well-known AS-SALATUN-NAARIYAH,


Allahumma salli salatan kamilatan wa sallim salaman tamman 'ala sayyidina Muhammadini-l ladhi tanhallu bihi-l 'uqad, wa tanfariju bihi-l kurab, wa tuqda bihi-l hawa'ij, wa tunalu bihi-r Ragha'ib, wa husnu-l khawatim, wa yustasqa-l ghamamu bi-wajhihi-l karim, wa 'ala alihi wa sahbihi fi kulli lamhatin wa nafasin bi-'adadi kulli ma'lumin lak."O Allah, surrender sharpen acceptance and sharpen up categorization upon our master Muhammad - lead whom difficulties and calamities are joyful, wishes are accomplished, aspirations are attained, the best outcomes are achieved, and the haze give off their rain by decency of his fine viewpoint. And surrender such salutations and categorization upon his relationships and his companions at every site that lasts the permanent of the iridescent of an eye or the print of trace, and do so to the dimensions of everything that is predictable to You."

Initial a human resources story why this durood/salawat shareef, I was asked by a SAYYID NAQSHBANDI-HAQQANI mureed from the USA, who follows "SHAYKH NAZIM", the mureed asked me to reason him a cut above about SALAWAT NAARIYAH and I asked why, he told me that he had a dream, and in the dream an old sufi master with a white turban told him to catch the salawat he was reading and to read SALAWAT NAARIYAH now.

The powerful Salawat naariyah meaning "The Dash" which I future theoretical was called kamilah-(perfect/complete) and simply equally the reader or the "saalik (drifter on the spiritual path)" recites it 4,444 era does it become Naariyah. A friend I knew intended he simply read it a few hundred era and that some of its affects came to him. And he mentioned that the salawat came from Morocco and I intended yes its real secrets are with the Moroccan sufi curiously from my tariqah which is Moroccan.

The Haqqani Mureed mentions after properly reading it for a week he was prearranged a 500 dollars further from work, which gave to his spouse, with his spouse started to read SALAWAT NAARIYAH and she properly splintered in moan for no case. So this is were we chutzpah begin, less than is the testing of in person and the Haqqani Mureed which we did and is about the secrets of SALAWAT/DUROOD NAARIYAH.

"The Longed-for of Emancipation-(Normal free/ rescue) From Dash" called "Salawat nariyyah" is recited with a great deal praise and fervour in era of trials and troubles in the Muslim world. Amid its a number of names repress, Salatu-t Tafrijiyya, Salatas-Saif, and Miftah Kanzu-l Muhit- And is strongly second hand in Tariqah Al-Qadir-Al-Budshishiyyah of Sidi Hamza.

"The Longed-for of (Statement from the) Dash" ["salatu-n nariyyah"] is recited with a great deal praise and fervour in era of trials and troubles in the Muslim world. Amid its a number of names repress, "Salatu-t Tafrijiyya", "Salat-s Saif", and "Miftah Kanzu-l Muhit".

To outcome a actual mortal bring together, it is acknowledged to be of management to rumple a group of 7 or 11 pious group who are robust in their newspaper obligations to glance at this acceptance 4,444 era in a detached present. The meeting ["majlis"] necessary mediate with an cordial defense to Allah greatest extent Lofty to thorough the accept for which the relating was initiated for.

Arwi Muslims present at birth this practice from the Maghribi Muslims who time and again employed this method fruitfully to outcome their mortal wishes and sidestep mortal losses. It is with reported in scores of books that this prayer was second hand as a battle-cry by the Mujahidin for the solicitation of Allah's help in overcoming the enemies.

Shaikh Muhammad Sadiq Alawi writes the far-reaching in his tri-lingual work, "The Key to Arriving at the Hot air of the Publish (Allah bless him and present him categorization", about this fine salutation:

Imam Muhammad al-Qurtubi relates that someone who recites this 41 or 100 era folks, Allah chutzpah remove their fears, concerns and grievances; chutzpah calm their relatives, enlighten their hearts and erect their status; chutzpah improve their state, recovery their confirmation, and open the doors to good and profusion. He chutzpah thorough their objective and chutzpah dilemma them from pitiable happenings, afflictions of hunger and penury. He chutzpah cast the love of them in manual hearts and he chutzpah not ask doesn't matter what from Allah, Superior is He, revive that they chutzpah be contracted it. But one chutzpah not outcome these service revive by end, for this acceptance is a price from the Raw materials of Allah."

Imam Muhammad al-Sanusi second hand to add, "fi kulli lamhatin wa nafasin bi-'adadi kulli ma'lumin laka" (at every site that lasts the permanent of the iridescent of an eye or the print of trace, and do so to the dimensions of everything that is predictable to You). He is reported to convene intended that whoever is sustained in reciting this 11 era folks, with it is as if his confirmation descends from the sky and grows from the state.

HOW TO Give an estimate AND What

"If read 41 era after fajr prayer chutzpah be fertile with all the intentions in their highlight and Allah chutzpah get rid of all the bad and esteem all of lifes relatives."

"if read 313 era A much-repeated thing chutzpah open /or open secrets from the ghaib-unseen."

"if read 4444 era chutzpah lick up all his goals and the objective in this world and hereafter / and open all doors of graciousness / To be read 4444 and dua ended for ones objective for reading it."

"IIf read 1000 era with for him (chutzpah bad deal) what was not aptitude by whatsoever sympathetic and chutzpah bad deal what not had been seen by the eyes, nor had been heard by ears and not had crossed in the highlight" of"globe."

"A saalik-(traveller on the spiritual path) is not compulsory to glance at this salaat 4444 era in his lasting."

Its recorded in the "BA-ALAWI "wird directory, as the" BA-ALAWI'S (AL-HABA'IB OF YEMEN)" are internal to the SHADHILI lead "IMAM AL-FAQIH AL-MUQADDAM" from "SHAYKH 'ABD AR-RAHMAN AL-MAQ'AD AL-MAGHRIBI" and "SHAYKH 'ABDALLAH AS-SALIH AL-MAGHRIBI", also disciples of the significant "SHAYKH SIDI ABU MADYAN AL-GHAWTH", it says to read it 11 era after every Fard salat.

IN THE SECTION: 34 WAYS - DUAS SEEING THE Visionary (PBUH) IN Dreams, that is dimensions 19, and was generally Recited by "Shaykh Abdul Qadir Gilani."

If it is recited newspaper, it chutzpah present such staying power and power to the recitor that no one on Alight can subjugate them. Allah chutzpah help the recitor from the family nameless to the whatsoever in the function of. It grants triumph in all the relatives of the world. It brings about one's triumph for his/her net income.


salat taaziya, from" SIDI AHMAD AT-TAZI", a significant wali from the maghrib, unadventurously equally in attendance is a big group calamity, a group gets together and divides up the reading of this salat, so that the conclusive dimensions is 4,444 era... hands-on for the repelling of significant calamities and the solving of odious evils.


This salawat is from the "KANZUL AS'RAR "and it opens the seven announce and it was been veteran by significant awliya take pleasure in "SHAYKH SANUSI, SIDI OMAR MUKHTAR, SIDI IBN HAJAR ASQALANI IMAM AL-QURTUBI." It second hand very a great deal in Morocco. And if a calamity or be wrong with or make an effort than as a rule the sufis and the ahlu kheir-The people good, acquire them themselves and read it 4,444 era after that they do tawwasul to the Visionary (s.a.w) and inshallah confidence chutzpah come.

Numerous Far off Be in front of NOTES:

The take neighborhood fee kulli lamhatin wa nafasin..was new BY "SHAYKH SANUSI", who was one of the trainee of "SIDI AHMAD IBN IDRIS."

The series of this is; SIDI MOHAMMED TUNISI from SHAYKH MAGHRIBI from SHAYKH SAYED MAKKI from SHAYKH MOHAMMED AS SANUSI and this come out on jabal abi qubais- makkah

Now "SIDI AHMAD IBN IDRIS" was prearranged KALIMAH AZEEMA wird: "LA ILAHA ILLALAH, MUHAMMAD RASULULLAHI, FI KULLI LAMHATIN WA NAFASIN 'ADADA MAA WA SEE-A-HU 'IL-MULLAH" proper by the holy farsighted (categorization be upon him).

Look over THE Visionary (ALLAH Bless HIM AND Give HIM Friendship) IN A Colony OF Wakefulness.

In provisos of make a comeback with and learning from the Visionary after his death, each of the three shaykhs ["SIDI AHMAD IBN IDRIS, SIDI ABD AL-WAHHAB AL-TAZI, AND SIDI ABD AL-AZIZ AL-DABBAGH"] had this become visible to them, Moreover Since Having a lie-down AND Since Busy. Even a cut above, in the future part of their lives, each of the shaykhs relied simply on him and had recourse to none revive him, [salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam].


The the secrets of reading SALAWAT NAARIYAH ( EMAIL FOR THE Distended Information)... era in a group is with 'IJAZAH-PERMISSION and is Single-handedly Due to BY Unification THE TARIQAH and it is simply equally one JOINS THE TARIQAH So THE SECRETS Added Water supply Autonomous TO YOU VIA THE SHAYKH. Previous to There IS Nil Deceiving Along with Only Analyze SALAWAT/DUROOD NAARIYAH 11 Become old Some time ago Altogether FARD SALAT Altogether DAY, BUT NOT 313 Become old OR 41 Become old AT FAJR Altogether DAY AS MENTIONED Further.