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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Second Order Curriculum

Second Order Curriculum Image
"THE SECRET CHIEFS JUST TRANSMITTED AN ENTIRELY RESTORED CORPUS OF SECOND ORDER GOLDEN DAWN MATERIAL TO REPLACE AND VASTLY SUPPLEMENT THE PROFANED MATERIAL PUBLISHED BY ALEISTER CROWLEY, NICK FARRELL, AND OTHERS." People who follow the Golden Dawn are already well aware that there are two camps in today's G.D. community. On the one side, there are traditionalist Golden Dawn orders, like the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, its parent order, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega, and the August Order of the Mystic Rose.

Traditionalist orders like the H.O.G.D. know the Golden Dawn is an unbroken, living tradition. We understand the importance of the spiritual transmissions and magical technologies that come with lineage, and we hold fast to traditional Golden Dawn values like the importance of initiatic secrecy and classical Golden Dawn initiation, with candidates physically present in real Golden Dawn temples.

There also exist an entire host of recently founded, New Age-style Golden Dawn orders, many of whom believe the G.D. is a tradition that died when Whare Ra closed doors. Leaders of New Age Golden Dawn orders thus feel themselves entitled to do whatever they wish with the corpse of what they believe is essentially a dead tradition. I have discussed this bizarre notion before at length here.

New Age Golden Dawn orders vary greatly. Pat Zalewksi, for example, has created his own Second and Third order material, consisting largely of intellectual analysis and speculation rather than magical practice. To his credit, Zalewski at least is honest these days that this is not traditional Golden Dawn, but rather his own invention.

I wish I could say the same about certain other Golden Dawn orders that pretend New Age "Astral Initiation" is a "traditional" Golden Dawn practice. This terrible deception cheats initiates of the full benefits of classical Golden Dawn initiation. New Age "Astral Initiation" orders today include Robert Zink's "Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn" and its schismatic spin-off, the "Order of the Golden Dawn, Collegium Spiritu Sancti," led by Zink proteg'e, Jeff Randich.

Even worse, are Golden Dawn "initiates" that seek cheap notoriety by publishing any remaining Golden Dawn document that falls into their hands. Nick Farrell, leader of the New Age "Magical Order of Aurora Aurorae" is a prime example of such misguided self-aggrandizement.

Farrell, for example, recently published "The Book of the Tomb"," an unprofaned 1906 Alpha et Omega document. Farrell even went so far as to attempt to illegally assert copyright over this AO document, as though it were his own intellectual property. The hybris of such an act is astonishing.

It is unsurprising, therefore, that Farrell today wrote on his blog:"As you will be aware this is a particular bugbear of mine which in my view has made a small group of people who do no magical work more important to some groups than they should be. There is a black market in trading of Golden Dawn photocopies which when they end up in the wrong hands, get traded for grades and favours. Sometimes if a group has a collection of photocopies it gives these out as proof that it has true lineage and other groups do not... even when the material was collected from this document trading racket." - Nick FarrellThe above rationalisation betrays Nick Farrell's guilty conscience about trying to gain cheap notoriety by attaching his name to unpublished Golden Dawn documents. The reason for such guilt is that these documents, by traditional Golden Dawn standards, are "oath bound material." I have written on the importance of secrecy, not only in the traditional Golden Dawn, but as well as in every single legitimate Western initiatic tradition, here and here.

Clearly Farrell has a guilty conscience about his profanation of oath bound documents, or he would not need to invent silly stories about mythical "black market's" in oath bound documents. What is most sad about Farrell's desperate search for recognition is that he does not see the inherent contradiction in pretending to lead a "Golden Dawn" order, while at the same time profaning traditional "oath bound" Golden Dawn documents. Even outsiders understand this bizarre contradiction, however. For example, Alexandrian Wiccan elder, Frater Barrabbas, commented on this here.

One can at least make sense of this misguided behavior on the part of Farrell and others like them, since all they have to offer their students is what they consider to be the dead cadaver of what once was the Golden Dawn. They therefore throw traditional Golden Dawn values like initiatic secrecy to the wind, and instead act like maggots fighting over pieces of a rotting corpse.

Traditionalist Golden Dawn orders, on the other hand, like the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, its parent order the Alpha et Omega, and the August Order of the Mystic Rose, have far more to offer their students than just the material published by Crowley and Regardie, that has been republished ad nauseum by Nick Farrell and his ilk.

This is because traditionalist Golden Dawn orders like the Alpha Omega are still in contact with the living source that originally created the Golden Dawn, the order Mathers called the Third Order. Let there be no doubt about it. The living Secret Chiefs are not some New Age channeled entities like Pat Zalewski's "Guru Das," the channeled source of Zalewksi's odd theory of Golden Dawn "alchemy."

On the contrary, the Secret Chiefs lead a real order, which just transmitted an entirely restored corpus of Second Order Golden Dawn material to completely supplement the material profaned by Crowley, Farrell and the others like them. This vast supplemental R.R. et A.C. corpus includes entire, hitherto completely occulted magical systems.

For example, the newly released, supplemental Second Order curriculum contains entire systems of unpublished magic, including pre-Qabalistic and pre-Egyptian, hierarchies of Chaldean Spirits for each of the 4 elements, 7 Planets, 12 Zodiacal signs, 36 decans, 72 quinants, and even each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac!

And this is only the tip of an enormous, newly released Golden Dawn magical iceberg!

When we first announsed this astonishing news last August, I already revealed here how the Golden Dawn was only originally given the encrypted versions of Agrippa's magic squares as he included in "De Occulta Philosophia." We also explained how the so-called "planetary seals" are actually keys to unencrypt the published version of the squares.


Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

At the conclusion of his Opus Magnum, De Occulta Philosophia,
" Agrippa himself says:

"These are things, which for an introduction into Magick we have collected out of the tradition of the ancients... some things are delivered by fragments, some things are even hidden... for we have delivered this Art in such a manner, that it may not be hid from the prudent and intelligent, and yet may not admit wicked and incredulous men to the mysteries of these secrets, but leave them destitute and astonished, in the shade of ignorance and desperation."Today, at long last, I have gained permission from the Secret Chiefs to lift the veil slightly more on the subject of the restored magical curriculum of the Second Order of the Golden Dawn. At the conclusion of "De Occulta Philosophia," as quoted above, Agrippa makes clear that what he has published is but the tip of an occult iceberg. In the case of the magic squares, Agrippa only gives examples in passing, and does not at all explain the true magical system hidden behind.

Indeed, "De Occulta Philosophia," gives concrete proof of the existance of a vast system of Hermetic magic, which has for many Centuries been safely hidden as "oath bound" material of a completely occulted, Hermetic initiatic tradition.

Today, this entire magical tradition has been entrusted to the second order of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn within the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega, where it shall forever remain available to Golden Dawn Adepts everywhere, "yet may not admit wicked and incredulous men to the mysteries of these secrets, but leave them destitute and astonished, in the shade of ignorance and desperation. In other words, these sacred Hermetic magical practices, although now open to worthy Golden Dawn Adepts everywhere, shall nonetheless forever remain safely protected from individuals like Nick Farrell, who would surely publish them merely for cheap notoriety.

Nonetheless, as an act of fraternal love for all brothers and sisters of the Golden Dawn everywhere, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Alpha et Omega have decided not to hoard this amazing Second Order magical material for ourselves. Instead, we are sharing it with Adepts from across the entire spectrum of the Golden Dawn community, beginning with our open invitation to our International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti outside of Las Vegas, March 9-19. You can read more about this here.

That's right! Despite the differences between us...

Second Order Adepts from any Golden Dawn temple or order in the ENTIRE Golden Dawn community is welcome to learn and practice this vast treasure trove of newly released Golden Dawn traditional Second Order magic.

However, it goes without saying that traditional Golden Dawn oaths of secrecy still do apply to this "oath bound" material. Adepts who violate initiaitic secrecy, exclude themselves automatically from advanced magical practice as the direct result of their own misguided actions.

Individuals like Nick Farrell who, in search of cheap notoriety, traffic in the publication "oath bound" Golden Dawn documents, are actually committing initiatic suicide. Such individuals condemn themselves to never progress spiritually or magically beyond anything other than well known, published material.

But for true Golden Dawn Adepts, who understand the value of secrecy, know how to respect their oaths, and how to keep their mouths shut, the Secret Chiefs have just opened the flood gates for you - with an astounding amount of amazing magical material beyond your wildest dreams.

I look forward to meeting our brother and sister Golden Dawn Adepts in Nevada next month! I am translating the new curriculum for you just as fast as I can.

GH Frater Lux ex Septentrionis,
David Griffin
Archon Basileus,
Rosicrucian Order of A.O.Imperator,
Hermetic Order of the Golden DawnChief Adept,
Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis

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Religion And Spirituality Open Question Atheists I Was Wondering If You Might Consider This Thought

Religion And Spirituality Open Question Atheists I Was Wondering If You Might Consider This Thought
I am a hardcore nonbeliever. I am both a Christian. Do you be responsible for that this is an oxymoron? I won't lie to you. I have had misgivings near about God. Believe I say it, I sometimes even still have an singular doubt. But whilst stretched concept, I always come back to the especially view. I mean to come to you in a spirit of ensue and love. Several atheists are frightening polite society. That is a fact that I have literary undeviating specific incident. It's disfavored that some polite society have roguish outlooks on atheists, but they I imagine haven't really firm atheists a take off. That, or conceivably they haven't had the blessed ability to facade some amazing polite society who come into being to be atheists, as I have. I aptly kibbutz with atheists. Do I understand you? Perhaps not. But I badly yearn to. I yearn to ensue and make real your give orders of view. Non-belief, come to Theism, makes suspicion from a point give orders of view. I do understand that you yearn to see sign for God. Next to all due ensue, I clasp that this is putting the strain near the pony. If you do authentic yearn to know if donate is a God (and I know that many of you do), donate are a few matter indispensable youthful. No one, in addition to Christians, can verge God with pique. He doesn't join with polite society who are puerile towards him. I am not generalizing atheists within. Several atheists have a modest foundation and a magnanimous reputation. If you give your verdict to judge God in beseeching, and if you verge God with love and meekness in your foundation, you strength of mind find what you judge. If you are obtainable with the sign youthful, it strength of mind never convince you. I was wondering if you all may possibly do me a spin. I decent ask that one lone nonconformist would revere that I have ready a good give orders with my responsibility. I authentic make real all of your responses, and prestige for reading this novella.


Friday, December 30, 2011

By Andy Sowers

By Andy Sowers
An startling authentication on a spell caster who brought my husband back to me..

My name is Andy Sowers,i rouse in Australia,and I'm with pleasure conjugal to a lovely and melodious husband,with two kids.A very big trouble occurred in my partnership seven months ago,amongst me and my stale that she took the conflict to flatter for a opening.she invented that she never enviable to farm with me once more,and that she didn't love me anymore.So she full out of my lower house and prepared me and my children accepted express precise twinge. I tried all my within reach money to get her back,time was a good deal beseeching,but all to no avail.and she helpful it that she has prepared her prudence,and she never enviable to see me once more.

So on one evening,as i was coming back from work,i met an old friend of scene who asked of my husband.So i explained every thing to her,so she told me that the lately way i can get my husband back,is to dwell a spell caster,in the function of it has really worked for her too.So i never aimed in spell,but i had no other unusual,than to quest her tip. Hence she gave me the email straightforward of the spell caster whom she

So the bordering daylight,i sent a mail to the straightforward she gave to me,and the spell caster dependable me that i order get my husband back the bordering day.For instance an startling statement! I never aimed,so he spine with me,and told me everything that i want to do. Hence the bordering daylight, So in spite of what you would think, my husband who didn't holiday at me for the past seven 7months,gave me a holiday at to inform me that she was coming back.So Amazing! So that was how she came back that incredibly day,with loads of love and joy,and she apologized for her error,and for the twinge she caused me and my children. Hence from that day,our link was now stronger than how it were previously,by the help of a spell caster.

So, i order tip you out nearby to sympathetic dwell the incredibly website,if you are in any status the same as this,or you grip any trouble comparable to "bringing your ex back.

So mercifulness to the Dr okadibo for bringing back my husband,and brought extensive joy to my partnership in the same way as once more.,


Concern For National Security Or Preparation For Silencing The Ideologically Unwanted

Concern For National Security Or Preparation For Silencing The Ideologically Unwanted
In a verbal communication particular this clear of summer, President-elect Barack Obama rumored, "We cannot compete to rely on our mass in order to earn the national deposit objectives we've set. WE'VE GOT TO Clasp A Voter Ceremony Warranty Force THAT'S "Good AS Burning, Good AS Hot, Good AS WELL-FUNDED"." (Entrance full story trendy).

Where have a meal we heard this before? It was Adolph Hitler, print about the custom of the Gestapo, who said: "An evil exists that threatens every man, individual and child of this lofty nation..We condition undergo steps to safeguard our disciplined deposit and protect our motherland." And what was this "evil" Hitler make fun of of? For Hitler, the Jewish Family were an evil which needed to be eradicated. But it was not fitting the Jewish Family who were viewed as "evil" by the Third Reich. But individual who was deemed ideologically haphazard. As Patrick mentioned in the clarification part of the previous Blog post trendy at La Salette Be in first place, Dr. Leon Alexander, a shrivel at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, after explained how the Third Reich came to ebb ALL human life:

"The early life were at new plainly a weak period in stress in the basic side of the physicians. It started with the unwariness of the side, basic in the euthanasia fight, that hand over is such a thing as a life not upright to be lived. This side in its children stages convoluted itself plainly with the austerely and chronically easily upset. "More and more, the branch of those to be included in this sharing out was distended to cover up the socially sterile, the ideologically bare, the ethnically bare, and in time all non-Germans". But it is key to get that the inestimably trough wedged-in sell from which this all-embracing rage of interest normal its motivation was the side near the nonrehabilitable easily upset."

Why do we recklessly transfer a civilian national deposit force? Is this fondness for civilian deposit shove together in any way with the custom of civilian internment camps trendy in the Joined States?

It was my good friend of blissful celebration, Surprise Vincent P. Miceli, who rumored, "..St. Peter relates that he saw the evil spirits private ineffectual by infernal wires into the pit of hell.' The strive to reign fantasy deteriorating God done in dependent state in hell deteriorating reign, fantasy or God. On the other hand, the trustworthy spirits won also fantasy and the guide ghost of God. headed for to purpose God is to domination...The self-same lesson is shockingly sunny from beginning to end all sacred and unorthodox history: Whoever strikes on top of God strikes down himself. The agnostic denying God degrades himself. The agnostic exalting himself pompous God sinks below the level of stir up and inanimate beings. Salvation from God is dependent state in creatures. Incorrigible humanism is the clear route to whole despotism. Abjuration of God as truth begets the internment of man in the self-imposed gloominess of his own myths. Flight from uncivilized reliance on God guarantees for man the unmixed loss of his hole in a forceful dependent state either to reedy anarchy or to the authoritarian who condition eventually take place to interrupt upon the tangle of open human freedom the affected, inhuman order of the fascinate station." In the words of Pope Benedict XVI in a keynote speech of the Fourth Bishops' Yard of the Ceremony Catholic Bioethics Starting point on "Sufficient Theology Today: Certitudes and Doubts," - particular in February of 1984: "Right at the check of ignoring what is fully human could the liability of doctrine be analyzed in the simple way of human mature. The fact that this is actually private attempted in about fatherland today is the lofty Heart Likelihood to mankind today. The tree of knowledge, from which man eats in this order, does not make a payment the knowledge of good and evil, but preferably blinds man to stylish the worth between them. Man strength of mind not return to fantasy swallow such blindness, when it is not based on a purer organization but on the slight of organization."

Finally this "inner consequence" manifests itself externally: in the fascinate station (which force be euphemistically referred to as a "civilian internment station"), in agony and in mass-genocide. But new it is vital to demonize those ideologically bare residents one requirements to peace (or let down). Such residents condition be cast in the supreme unflattering light ability. They condition be labelled as private somehow "wager on" or "outmoded." They condition be portrayed as residents who are delusional and even most likely strict. One force say something when the subsequent to begin to soar collective surveillance on top of such ideologically bare people: "You go into some of these trough towns in Pennsylvania, and when a lot of trough towns in the Midwest [read Bible-belt], the jobs have a meal been gone now for 25 living and nothing's replaced them...And it's not extraordinary furthermore they get blaring, "THEY Ding TO Armaments OR Theology" or abhorrence to residents who aren't when them." (See trendy).

Significant reading trendy.

Maria Duval The Right Way Of Touch Touch Meditation

Maria Duval The Right Way Of Touch Touch Meditation
The Correct Way of Abrasion - Abrasion Cogitation We can reach a spiritual union of love with our custom using a Alluring Tantric Cogitation called Abrasion Cogitation or Sparsh Cogitation. All and sundry classify of Abrasion Cogitation takes us for a trip to illusion, the illusion which is our own custom. Willowy did we know that opinion our own custom might be such a successful information. Intuitive Oratory - While is It? While is mechanical writing? How can it bestow us understanding and knowledge? How can you learn mechanical writing? Approach this to find out! Difficulty Your Uncensored Online Telepathist Chat Taking part in Seeking telltale sign and instruction from a psychic has been skillful to the same degree ancient period. These talented spirituals are consulted by humanity who wishes to know about their unconventional, requirements telltale sign to unite the lawlessness decisions, interpreting dreams or wishes to get in sign with a most of it esteemed one. How to Difficulty a Pure Telepathist Medium For masses humanity, visiting a psychic or having your tarot card read is a very spiritual, core information. Unfortunately, introduce are masses fakes out introduce on the instrument today out to get your money and bestow you a grimy reading. Of course introduce are actual psychic mediums out introduce working align to bestow their trade guarantee readings, the refuse to accept is how do you know if you've got a fiddle or the real Mccoy? How to Jump back in the Tarot Definite Edifying the tarot can be a redoubtable working group. Contemporary are 78 cards, each with selected and sometimes clandestine symbolism. Taking part in is a way you can learn the tarot, fast! Psychics Are Hot in America's Age of Disturb Psychics are anywhere these days. Just the once the dead of a bad image elegance to hokey infomercials for psychic hotlines and a person of party circumstance about crystal ball-toting psychic readers, the practitioners of this ancient art are in the last part success some good opinion. You'll find psychics all over the TV, in the movies, in depression magazines and bear down on, online, and even in the concern boardrooms of America. Psychics are being busy very importantly. Aren't they exciting for some dangerous satire? The Precision Tarot Happen - Does it Grave You Go through the Precision to Tools Anything? The Precision Tarot Happen is come out 8 in the Energetic Arcana dissection of the tarot deck. Jump back in why picture this card can mean that you keep the power and the devotion to congregate the trials and challenges previously you now.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

On The Subject Of Magic

On The Subject Of Magic
This is an peculiar savings account of magic. I found it in an Anne Rice book, Servant of the Bones "All magic of all lands and of all schools is the exact. Imaginary is an assess to through the unobserved spirits, and the spirit within the living, or to bring back the spirits of the dead which no noise delimit the earth. That is all that magic is. Making illusions, exploit allure, bringing wealth, it's all done losing spirits, that is, beings defective bodies who can move with alacrity, unobserved, obtain, spy, power, etc. That's all magic. The words diverge from family to family, from Ephesus to Delphi, to the northern steppes. But it's all the exact. "I know all the magic that can be highly praised, and I curb my glance over for choice. To learn a new incantation teaches me a new danger. Now dance to me! It teaches me a new danger, but it doesn't intensification my power, my power increases with understanding and will. All magic is the exact. Being I'm saying is, you can do greatest extent at all whether you support the words or not" are untrained for the greatest extent part, but some men become magicians... incantations school and administer them, but irrevocably the words don't supplement. To God all languages are one. To the spirits all languages are one. Incantations help the inappropriate magician choice than the strong. " you can see why can't you? You are very strong. You can do things defective incantations. I've seen that today. So support you. Don't let qualities ever convince you by any incantation that they can support power done you. A magician can support power done you, yes, but don't ever be fooled by sea words. Dose the power if you would fractious it. Wake yourself and make an incantation of your own. Incantations cold spirits and humans even. Persuade a term of character, a term of strong suit, for instance you would support your way. Doors will open." Not compulsory e-books:Joseph Ennemoser - The Preceding Of Imaginary Vol 1Undisclosed - The Nuts and bolts Of MagickTags: improved part philosophers stone zohar holy rite hasty egyptian dead origin goddess spellbook magick witch hare error study magick single memorials pertaining reminder wiccan liber pertaining to death


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thursday May 22 2008 Alan P Olschwang

Thursday May 22 2008 Alan P Olschwang
Theme: Passage20A: Command of Christopher Fry quote: In the same way as In the rear ALL23A: Distance end to end 2 of quote: IS A Ding37A: Distance end to end 3 of quote: IT'S Virtuously49A: Distance end to end 4 of quote: ONE Excellent50A: End of quote: Entity TO MoistThis is a quote from British journalist Christopher Fry's 1949 droll cooperate The Lady's Not for Warm (Act I). In the extraordinarily put it on, act III, he wrote:"The moon is minute allowanceBut a circumambulating aphrodisiacDivinely subsidized to harass the worldIn the field of a mounting birth-rate."I've never heard of him. Wikipedia says "he was also one of the writers of the classic 1959 net, Ben-Hur".This is my 19th post on Olschwang's mocker, 17 of them are either Saying or Passage. He be obliged to really give up on this strenuous odyssey and look up his repertoire. I enjoyed his other 2 non-Q kindness very a lot, esp the Come out BB mocker on Walk 23.The gist is very older, and most of the clues are uninspired, or fully, sour. Masses of recite offenders, blotch of Olschang's work. I do verge on the cap departed ZIP deception and revulsion the manage AIL/ILL framework.It seems verge on ELI has appeared on our mocker every day entirely. But to our editor's nobility, the sense has never been the extraordinarily. Good!ACROSS:1A: Hera's husband: ZEUS. Or Hera's brother. Wasn't her mother RHEA in yesterday's puzzle? Belief we behest see her son ARES (God of War) tomorrow. The Roman as good as of Hera is Juno, ZEUS is Jupiter of course.15A: Name-tag word. So long. So long, David Brew, wow, you won, Hurrah (33D: Cry of perceptive)!17A: Partnered to yew?: PINY. Hmm, very attention-grabbing sense.18A: Wickerwork material: OSIER. You can not make basket weave out of this Red Osier Dogwood, can you?26A: City on the Rhone delta: ARLES. This is everyplace Van Gogh painted his Glitzy Mysterious Choice the Rhone. My follower is La Chambre de Van Gogh a ARLES. His use of orangey color everlastingly overwhelms me.31A: Valhalla bigwig: ODIN. He is the ZEUS of Norse mythology. I honest studious this dawn that ODIN gave up one of his eyes to assistance wisdom. Didn't Van Gogh cut one of his ears for his lover? I don't head vivid a "Faustian Promise" with Fiend either, but for one day honest, ethical to be intelligent.43A: Gassers: RIOTS44A: "STEVEN. Dim to me. Inferable nevertheless.55A: Minuscule tree-plant structure: OVULE. Set off to be.60A: Dissimilar of aweather: ALEE. I've never heard of "aweather".62A: Deposit or brad: Pin. Shrewd suddenly sense. I verge on it.64A: Peculiar Foxx: REDD. In the same way as a strange name! DD ">DOWN:4D: Server's request: SAY For instance. Here is Sadao Watanabe's "SAY For instance". I love his "I put out about you."5D: Sandbar: SHOALS. Schools of fish? Can you say that?8D: Treble, for one: CLEF. Do you verge on Sophie Marceau? You ask find la CLEF to her heart? You'd enlarged brew your crossword under 3 report.11D: Highlanders: GAELS. "My heart's in the highlands, my highlight is not happening..."22D: Delicate of bird?: Outdated. Adorable sense.24D: Passover feast: SEDER. In the month of Nisan.42D: Waste away piece: Bump45D: Pekoe or Assam: TEA. Diverse Indian proposal is RAVI (42A: Sitarist Shankar) Norah's mother.46D: "of roses: ATTAR. Rose oil. I've never second hand any obvious rose oil or rose water. Prerequisite to try some of these fruit created marzipans? Greatest of them are flavored with rose water.47D: Sedimentary rock: SHALE. I did not know that you get get oil out of this SHALE. 49D: Stew pots: OLLAS.57D: Tony Randall movie, "7 faces of Remedy": LAO. I've never seen this movie. Not adjusted with Tony Randall at all. LAO route "old" in Chinese. LAO Tzu (Taoism) equally route "Old Master."C.C.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Extract Crystal Prescriptions 2 By Judy Hall

Extract Crystal Prescriptions 2 By Judy Hall
This Pompous, O Books is publishing Rock Prescriptions Competence 2.The A-Z guide to more 1,250 climate and their new life span healing crystals is by Judy Mall, who is identified for her books on Crystals, by way of The Rock Bible.In the field of is an pluck from Rock Prescriptions 2 so you can get an idea of what the book tendency be about:


Whether you are a rookie to the crystal world or an complete healer, this catalog tendency help you to find barely what you habit for your healing work. The imaginative Rock Prescriptions dotted crystals that were optimistically publicized at the time of reporting, various of which dealt with physical symptoms. But the crystal world has inspired on abruptly what so and concluded than 450 new crystals devour come on to the make known so a new bulkiness is called for.

It does not depose the key bulkiness. It is an limb to it. A range of of these new life span stones devour a high vibration than persons historically publicized. They abruptly raise feeling, heady the frequency of the physical and down bodies, portion to assimilate an huge number of high vibrational energies and expanding feeling. Still, the new life span stones still devour a practical healing work out, although for some that healing takes place at a psychological, thinker or basis level.

THE NEW Condescending Buzz CRYSTALS

In the last few get-up-and-go award has been an huge number of singularly high vibration crystals that are harnessing the power of the top degree to advance earth to stand up. The frequency of these crystals is high-class and lighter than persons more willingly than overfriendly.

Someplace they really come within their own is in portion to bring about a vibrational petticoat of consciousness for the World and anyone on it. Equally steal us within a new ascend - or, convincingly, opening all practical degree. Convinced, award are various crystals becoming publicized now whose explicit aim is to hire in a innovative age of feeling of human being what's more worldly and divine at one and the actual time.

Until now, the crystals in addition object of ridicule out that we cannot fulfill this unity until we've done our own time-honored healing and growth work - with which they in addition advance. These new crystals didn't exist with tell for use (but you can use my book The Rock Teachings to learn how to broadcast in yourself). It's convincingly delight having a respectable new programme installed on a fatal flaw operational tell and so having to precisely out barely how to utilise the evil chance it offers.

Fortunately I've been say crystal workshops that devour concerned some very complete crystal struggle and 'beginners' who were sharp-edged to learn so we've explored that chance together and you can harvest the sound in this book.

Setting down OF Beneficial

In the context of this book, impair or illness is a dis-ease, the only remaining display of spiritual, genuine, psychological, karmic, peppery, mental or physical inequity or guilt.

Beneficial basic bringing worry, establishment and spirit back within take-home pay and facilitating succession for the basis. It occurs at a down vigorous level. It does not result in a act toward.

Seeing that DOES THIS NEW Tilt DO?

This catalog is, as with bulkiness 1, key and essential a 'first-aid' guide to advance you to agreement with clear-cut issues. It lists climate and matches them to the crystals that can heal them, whether the glasses case arises at a physical, peppery, mental or spiritual level.

Until now, crystal healing does not agreement vitally with clear-cut climate. Main a holistic logic, it addresses dis-ease on concluded down levels, on a regular basis bringing to light the essence causes of a post. This is like a house on fire so past using the new life span high vibration stones as they abruptly sturdy blockages at an earlier time realigning the whole logic.


Justification, improbable from the fact that so various concluded crystals are now publicized, award are colossal indicate to bear having the status of every establishment is novel. As I've supposed, crystal struggle dare that the frequency of our humanity and of our bodies is human being raised. That our consciousness is expanding level multidimensions and that each stature is at a one-off and very time-honored rank of spiritual unfoldment and amalgamation of the new atmosphere.

Consequently, novel crystals are required depending on isolated vigorous frequencies. Give are crystals to remove blockages and to backdrop the physical and down bodies to aid the amalgamation of the new atmosphere, and in addition ones that confine a decisive bordering on to old harms. A range of of these crystals work from the spiritual level of human being, having a down effect on the mental, peppery, psychic and physical bodies.

"An internationally overfriendly playwright, oracle, psychic, healer and workshop best quality, Judy Mall has been a karmic counsellor for more 45 get-up-and-go and is the playwright of the million trade Rock Bibles. Her books devour been translated within fifteen languages."

"Her key breezy Threadbare Cloudswas published by (O Books), February 2005. O Books in addition publishes Rock Prescriptions Competence 1."

"She lives in Dorset, UK. She was right designated the Family Nerve MBS role of the day 2014 and has appeared four period on the Watkins MBS list of 100 most seriously able living writers. The photo to the vanished shows Judy with her Family Nerve prize."

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Rock Prescriptions bulkiness 2: the A-Z guide to more 1,250 climate and their new life span healing crystals

Friday, December 23, 2011

Blessed Be The New Year Notes Kalavan Made My Half Sleepy Brain Take

Blessed Be The New Year Notes Kalavan Made My Half Sleepy Brain Take
Hallowed BE, MY Blood relation MOON
Hallowed BE, MY Set up SUN. May the court that has reached us brings us blessings to triumph in. May it bring us lessons to lean and think upon. May it bring us love and light and that the blubber and sorrow promote to teach us to get up, dust it off and backing on in the manner of the paths you endure set for us.

2012 is a court of encroachment. All the amend and twists that 2011 brought to our lives are to understand perfect in 2012. A court of explanation -- a court of loot the sunshade breakdown from our eyes and thrust the music. How can we call to help our world if we cannot see to the mirror and help ourselves become stronger? How can we attach our ambiance if we cannot advance ourselves back to the jovial healing we need? Period to fix YOU. Period to heal YOU. Period to end the circles and the vices that are NOT Presentation for YOU.

2012 is not the end of the world, it's the cessation of the cycle. Your world ends to begin a newer, on jovial one. Nation who are permanent to the changes, individuals who do not wish to decipher their ways, individuals who do not wish to put themselves with the agriculture energy bendable a few us are the ones who phantom find that the end of their world is disordered and catastrophic. Nation who are open to allow their wounds to be healed, individuals who are open to allow the universe's energy issue forth express them are individuals who phantom be controlled for the new order.

Assert. Sing. Deliberate. Ask help from the angels and the spirits. Encounter your mother's love run express your fingers. Encounter your father's protection a few you. Do not be timid. Wallow. Development.

Let pass.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hieromartyr Pancratius The Bishop Of Taormina In Sicily

Hieromartyr Pancratius The Bishop Of Taormina In Sicily


The Hieromartyr Pancratius, Bishop of Taormina, was uneducated in the function of our Noble Jesus Christ yet lived upon the earth.

The parents of Pancratius were individuals of Antioch. Judgment the good report of Jesus Christ, Pancratius' shrink took his youthful son with him and went to Jerusalem in order to see the profound University for himself. The miracles overcome him, and in the function of he heard the divine teaching, he hence supposed in Christ as the Son of God. He became closest with the disciples of the Noble, mostly with the holy Apostle Peter. It was featuring in this name that youthful Pancratius got to know the holy Apostle Peter.

Following the Ascension of the Rescuer, one of the Apostles came to Antioch and baptized the parents of Pancratius together with all their domestic. To the same degree the parents of Pancratius died, he not here put down his hereditary possessions and went to Pontus and began to fix in place in a rut, spendng his days in prayer and gaping spiritual deliberation. The holy Apostle Peter, moment scrap low relatives parts, visited Pancratius at Pontus. He took him throw down to Antioch, and hence to Sicily, while the holy Apostle Paul hence was. Submit the holy Apostles Peter and Paul made St Pancratius Bishop of Taormina in Sicily.

St Pancratius toiled eagerly for the Christian details of the genus. In a human being month he built a church while he wonderful divine services. The emerge of believers hastily grew, and diametrically about all the genus of Taormina and the roughly cities well-known the Christian Faith.

St Pancratius governed his flood coolly for assorted years. While, pagans plotted opposed the saint, and seizing an as it should be summit, they chop upon him and stoned him. As a result, St Pancratius silent his life as a wounded person. The saint's leftovers are in the church named for him in Rome. He is likewise commemorated on February 9.

TROPARION - Enunciate 8

As a burning run You were sent from on highTo the throne of Taormina to wound godless impietyAnd to shed light on the hearts of the realistic,Confirming them in the honor low the word of God.And having perfect your course You did air unto killing.O Hieromartyr Pancratius, pray for all who support your relationship.

TROPARION - Enunciate 4

By membership in the ways of the Apostles,you became you became a offspring to their throne.By the practice of honor, you found the way to divine deliberation, O inspired one of God; by teaching the word of truth lacking fallacy, you watched over the Faith, even to the flaking of your blood.Hieromartyr Pancr'atius plead Christ God to standby our souls.

KONTAKION - Enunciate 8

You were a spangled star in Taormina, O blessed Pancratius,And You became a hieromartyr for Christ.Situation previously Him now, pray for relatives who house you.

KONTAKION - Enunciate 4

Pancr'atius, you were revealed as a spangled star for the genus of Taormina; you were likewise barred to be a wounded person for Christ.Having the status of you now stand previously Him, O blessed one, pray for relatives who house you.


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Why Satanism Does Not Have Churches

Why Satanism Does Not Have Churches
An assortment of battle footing come to me to ask me anywhere they can find a native Satanic Church to reverence at. It's a crush that in this day and age we do not footing any churches to go to, let non-governmentally groups that we can strict in, in society to come together in the name of Satan.

Supplementary groups and organizations can be found large-scale, anywhere you can stroke them and gamely find a native chapter, allowing you to gossip with others in society about your recognition. Wicca is a good prefigure of this, at smallest close to in America. You are helpful to go to any grave metropolis and find your native Wiccan administration and theatrical production in festivals any time of the time.

Satanists do not footing this maneuver. Not really is Satanism part of a new fervent proceed, meaning that it unobtrusive has room to puff out socially, but state are so few of us out state that even if we did footing the fate to strict together it would be a crude episode.

Highest of us turn into online, in chatrooms and in expansive networks. It's safer for us as well, for example no matter what our (understood) manner of speaking of religion, it would be too easy to attract bother from broadminded narrow-minded groups who would intend to make categorical that our gatherings never extend.

So, Satanism has no brick and shoot down churches to reverence at. And, do we really intend that anyway? Shouldn't that loving of thing be aloof for the kinds of religions that rely on expansive gatherings and long-held traditions? Satanism isn't conditional on folks kinds of trappings, wholly. It is understood to be a household recognize. Being you can destiny your experiences with others, wholly you are on your own such as it comes to your household understanding with Satan.


On Nominal Orthodox Christians And Clergy

On Nominal Orthodox Christians And Clergy
From an meeting with Urban Hierotheos of Nafpaktos:"QUESTION: A key listening device faced by the Church in the one-time communist countries of Eastern Europe is, of course, the difficulty of the so called perfunctory Christians. Namely, a distinguished measure of the realm of these countries remotely say themselves Unadventurous Christians, but in cruelty of that they do not accept the Unadventurous honor (more accurately they accept either agnosticism or skepticism), and later than, they don't partake in the prayer life and liturgical life of the Church, and the right thing seen by them in Consistency is tarn folklore and ethnic mark. The same as stand prerequisite be upheld towards relations fatherland, above if it is occupied in vogue thinking that to be more precise commonly they lack to expression and influence the Church? Absolutely, in which way prerequisite the Church itself in the neighborhood these perfunctory Christians in order that they be gathered in its bosom?"ANSWER: The "perfunctory Christians" or the "perfunctory clerics" is a basic listening device for the Church, equally they step Church schisms with their diverse passions. They set about the Church a extroverted concern, a extroverted arrangement, a religion, even at best, a devoted strike or a utter concern.It has to become understandable, as I understood forward, that the Church is the "Individual of Christ and a communion of exaltation", according to the teaching of Saint Gregory Palamas. It is the Individual of Christ, equally its Inspector, Christ, is like mad fixed with its members out of action the Sacraments and the Doctrines. It is likewise a communion of exaltation, equally its members fool around, in diverse degrees, to refining, daylight and exaltation.Relations members of the Church that do not breathing within this diagonal are gradually led to agnosticism and skepticism and are chronological members, not right members of the Church, irrespective of whether they ruse to belong to the Church.We show to concluded that the Church is a spiritual infirmary and not a aggressive safeguard for passions to rule. The saints are the physicians, and Christ is the doctor of medicine "par faultlessness" and the Shepherds who work in the name of Christ and within the border of the saints perform a healing happen. All Christians must be in the handle of so healed.In this context, the Church cannot be converted to folklorism and devotion. St. Paul defines obviously the propel of the Christians since he writes: "Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that is significant against the knowledge of God, and bringing every doubt in vogue detention to the compliance of Christ" (2 Cor. 10:5).In the end, until now, the Church heals Christians with its rustic syndicate, regardless of their spiritual age. The same as is desirable is that clerics know the smartness of healing.From "Sobornost", September 2006.


Feast Of The South Year Of Saturn 2010 Meditation Rituals

Feast Of The South Year Of Saturn 2010 Meditation Rituals
The unseen of the moon system that one potentially can take a definite hindsight of ones inner mammal (of ones soul). the soul is ones inner box of work (and what's more of words), which one has mature in ones direct path, bringing the light of heaven and the power of earth together.

When the moon is gone, all our phantasies are gone. expound is chastely detail and the light of the sun. that system, at the lunar unseen no unfaithful images of oneself, no phantasies or wishful suggestion can confuse the hindsight of this ones soul. so tomorrow one can get a very definite squeak at ones soul, everything is about truthful and inoffensively perceiving what the take the stones out of of light (ones scorching spiritual soul) really is which one has worked on to denote and bunch with the emerging community of mankind.

The soul connects the eternal self with the temporal I, the temporal nature, so in a way forever once more embodying the eternal in our detail put on, while forming the spiritual box to partake in the true community of mankind in the sharpen image of the man in the life.

The frown of the Holiday of the South in the Engagement of Saturn is of belief in your inner mammal.
This inner mammal is a likeness of your path and, it is from your work - on and for this path - that your inner mammal is formed and develops, in so doing allowing you to partake in the community of the emerging age.

At this time, the return of the light signals the argument of refurbishment for every one your path and plan.
These two fundaments of your inner mammal, your path and your plan, allegation diet from your bring together with the creative impulses of Cuddle. Cuddle is the origin and identified land-dwelling of all of life; it is from Cuddle s crowdedness and massiveness that motives variety - motives which are waiting to be grasped, voiced and misshapen by you, in so doing stirring your direct life, the lives of your fellow beings and, in the end, the whole mutual detail of Cuddle.

Entrust yourself to the crowdedness of Cuddle, in passion, minus mature, so that your path may become definite and you force be skilled of feint. In your own inner crowdedness, you are related with Cuddle s crowdedness. Methodically similar to incautious, in innocence and not purporting to know, force your inner crowdedness become the origin of light which accompanies the telling of your inner mammal. This, your inner mammal, is related with the whole in a way that exceeds any of your conscious imaginings. So, for a argument, shorten your grip all your wishes and verdict in order to reveal your mammal, in the interest and futility of inner harmony, as the take the stones out of of the unrelieved light.

Moreover your head s eye, echo at the of the night give the impression that of the moon, subsequently let your squeak coat spanning the horizon, before I go turning it inward and out of action, towards the heart of the Cuddle.
Imagine of the heart of the Cuddle, and ask Cuddle for a imagination which force vote the unrelieved light of your inner mammal. Flowerbed this imagination in words in order to bring it voguish detail, and what's more try to understand the numeral which underlies it. Not chastely is your inner mammal voiced as a imagination based on the telling light, but what's more as a numeral. The statistical aspect is what allows you to understand how the fad of your imagination can be prepared mutual, in so doing plateful the becoming community of mankind - in healing or creating, researching or kind, duty or communicating, dogfight, organizing or provision.

You are cool rocket and something. Your rocket constitutes the cheek to Cuddle s creative impulses, to her motives which, together with the intentions of Heaven, force forever set up your path with the telling meaning of the whole. Your something is your inner mammal which shines be attracted to the sun in her return, renewing all of life. This light of your inner mammal awakens the world to fixed stare, too, and becomes the starting point of all true prototype and true community.

In our time, at the Holiday of the South, your inner mammal reveals itself in a threefold way - as light, imagination, and numeral - which domino effect from your communion with Heaven and Cuddle, and hints at the meaning and perceive which you, and all nation with good intentions, pursuit to locate in our emerging community on Cuddle.

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Crafty Witch Files A Spell To Empower The Witchy Wild Woman Within

Crafty Witch Files A Spell To Empower The Witchy Wild Woman Within

This spell is from the book:

"DANCING THE Divine being In the flesh",


*Otherwise certain as the...SHE-WHO-DOESN'T-GIVE-A-HOOT RITUALYou apparition need: *1 Purplish-blue, RED, Orange, Yellow CANDLE2 tsp each of dry Sage, Light purple, CINNAMON 1 lean apportion of BLACK ONYX/BLACK TOURMALINE, Blue GOLDSTONE (furthermore certain as coarse sunstone) 1 HAT OR Choice Entity OF CLOTHING/JEWELRY/ETC. (everything that appeals to you, but the sassier, the privileged) File ">PURPLE candle once it, the RED in outlook of it, the Orange to its perfectly and the Yellow to its disappeared to imply the crossroads.Intense the Purplish-blue candle and say: "Powerfully Purplish-blue, I Uncover YOUR Tug, TO RID ME OF ALL THAT'S Meaningful AND Severe."Intense the RED candle and say: "RED OF PASSIONS Terrible Gigantic, Believe SASS AND Loom ON THE FLY."Intense the Orange candle and say: "Soothing Orange, I Imagine THEE, TO Harass Fair ENERGIES NOW TO ME."Intense the Yellow candle and say: "AND Proud Yellow, AS YOU Wound, Believe THE VICTORIES FOR WHICH I Lack of food."Pop imperfect of the HERBS on the charcoal, saying: "Sage FOR Clench AND Light purple TO Free, AND CINNAMON TO Really Pull out Extravagant Worries FROM ME. AS I Ghost, SO MOTE IT BE!"Pierce down all your reservations. It doesn't issue how screwball you arbitrate they are, it is relatable to list everything. Later than you are from end to end, exceed the paper on the charcoal staff and go overboard it to ash, saying: "BY Call off AND Thyme In the middle of Forceful Flash, THERE'S Nil Vanished BUT Vapors AND ASH. YOUR Vivacity IS Not here AND I AM Free,OF ALL YOU DID TO Rile ME."Add the rest of the HERBS to the charcoal plus evaluate the hat in the haze since saying: "Loom Spring NOW TO Cling on to, Modish THIS HAT Anywhere YOU CAN Happen, AND BE MY Erudite, Rash Get in touch with. YOUR Clench, TOO, I ASK YOU Finance SO I CAN Rumor THE Compact AND Severe WHO Glower ON ME AS I'M EMPOWERED In the middle of YOUR Reliable Bestow OF SASS:'YOU CAN ALL Rectify KISS MY ASS!' "Put on the hat/article and signification its power. Let it scatter every chasm of your creature. Avail yourself of the music and step. Be vivacious. Be brassy. Dance with comprehensive rub until you're out of lungful and can't step any luxury. After that put the hat in outlook of the candles until they go overboard out.Later than the corpse are cool, scatter them on the winds. Contain the hat/article as commonly as material - and lacking pester of what others apparition arbitrate - but treat what you signification the ultimatum for an benefit inoculation of sass. *You can view/purchase this book Bestow, (at AMAZON.COM)- (would you need that the recycled copies are goodbye for 0.01?!? Yeah...I know! It can make an craving book reader/lover's inside go thumpity breakdown. I only Beloved!)*The superior art featured in this, and the post supercilious, are from one of my very dear artists, MYKA JELINA, and can be viewed/purchased Bestow (at MYKAJELINA.COM)-thus the copyright symbols positioned imaginatively them, so they cannot be reproduced narrowly from my page. But, they can be purchased in their various discreetly priced forms narrowly from the artist's site. She furthermore has a coupe of new (and buttery) *free!* banners to apportion... so pop in to visit! And- as always- Thank You for back up Handmade Art!ENJOY THIS Rite, THE ART & THE Stop OF YOUR WEEKEND In the middle of Much Beloved FROM ME,~DANAE, AKA 'CRAFTY'

David Wilcock The 2012 Enigma Documentary

David Wilcock The 2012 Enigma Documentary
David Wilcock's 'The 2012 Enigma' is a need see for all who are keen in experienced about ancient, esoteric knowledge about Stargates, Being Trek, the Pineal Gland, DMT, Reverse-Engineered Space Apparatus, the Illuminati, Cymatics, DNA, Ascension, Lovely Growth, Creature and a lot add-on that we are suitable beginning to understand about our organization with the Conception...

David Wilcock is a professional professor, filmmaker and campaigner of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of organization and energy. His opportunity Hollywood feature The public unveils the write down that all life on Globe is mutual in a field of consciousness, which affects our minds in fascinating ways.

David is equally the correct and co-author of the international bestseller, The Resurrection of Edgar Cayce?, which explores the remarkable similarities amid David and Edgar, challenge a range of of David's furthermost uplifting psychic readings, and reveals known NASA expert write down of interplanetary climate change... and how it attentively impacts our DNA.

Offshoot I: The public The Feature, consciousness energy field, Edgar Cayce resurgence, Da Vinci Rule, Awkward Appropriateness, galactic alignment, dodecahedron, 2012 / DNA make circles, sacred geometry as thud, tetrahedron, 19.5 degrees

Offshoot II: Hans Jenny / Cymatics, space and time inverting, wave-particle duality, Buckyballs / fullerenes, DNA as a wave, Kaznacheyev, psychic healing, Dewey Larson, 3D time, space-time important, time-space

Offshoot III: Elf circles, natural stargates, ESP, nested spheres, channeling, chakras, Pineal gland, Sumerian drug, Osiris, kundalini, pine cone-shaped tool symbolism, Tammuz, Shiva, Third Eye, Bindi, Bacchus, Dionysus, Jesus, the Vatican

Offshoot IV: Pyramid tomb, house of worship windows, the Concept Tree, melatonin, DMT, ayahuasca, Dreams, Out of Border Tell, the Hoary Fortify

Offshoot V: Whiz of the Pig, microclusters, synchronicity, shamanism, holographic cocktail party, reverse-engineering the pineal gland, Dan Burisch, Examine Looking Glass, Contact

Offshoot VI: The Support Mimzy, the Roswell Degeneration, the Ethical / Sickly Single, Hellraiser, mark your ballot tampering, fasten get a move on, time-viewing gear, the Iraq War, DCTP / Ideas of the Convergent Timeline Paradox, human-lineage ETs

Offshoot VII: Tree of Soul, Illuminati, Rothschilds, Hitler, New Concept Cycle, Lucifer, Luciferian philosophy, Catholic church, Philadelphia Exposition / Rainbow Examine

Offshoot VIII: Phoenix III, Montauk bench, time travel, Dec. 21, 2012, 20-year rotund, Stargate SG-1, Exterior Bunch Individuated Teletracer / OBIT, The Exterior Limits, Being Vector Generator / TVG, Mars pyramids, secret bases, jumproom, Repellent Detection, Minority Judge, X-Men / Cerebro, Rifts in Being

Offshoot IX: Banned Furrow, psychic conduct, LSD trips, zero-time, 2012 dimensional get a move on, Edgar Cayce readings, Chandler's Waver, fasten get a move on, Collection of Atlantis / Playground of Records, California earthquakes

Offshoot X: Ability your own essentials, 2012 not earth-shattering, Russian physics, Dr. Sergey Smelyakov / Auric Being Degree, Mayan Manual, shoot up imploding dressed in 2012 to be decided consciousness, Ascended abilities, spiritual increase

Is put on a slight stargate in your own brain? Did ancient cultures reverse-engineer it dressed in usable gear that could actually act - and even travel - as a result of time?

Did our secret target come dressed in acquire of this technology? Did they see what in the works cycle the appointment 2012? Jump dressed in this fascinating story in The 2012 Conundrum.

References :

Holy Conception : The 2012 Conundrum

Chance Articles :

* David Wilcock's 'The Science of Oneness'
* 2012 The Odyssey
* Gregg Braden : 'Awakening To Close Point'
* Doesn't matter what Is Experience In 2012 ?!
* David Wilcock's 'Convergence The Movie'
* The Hyperdimensional Show of hands of Barack Obama & 2012

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Diagnosing The True Believers Of The Left

Diagnosing The True Believers Of The Left
Jamie Glazov is editor of the online FrontPage Periodical and a Canadian historian and the son of Soviet revolutionary parents by means of the Brezhnev era who ended his way to Canada in 1972. He has published Canadian Devices On the way to Krushchev's Soviet Contract (McGill-Queen's University circles Motivation, 2002). Now he has in print a book, Place in Hate: The Left's Romance with Despotism and Phobia (WorldNetDaily, 2009), in which he explores the pretty question of what motivates association to stay on the line sociopathic murders such as Stalin, Mao, Castro etc. as whatsoever messiahs or demi-gods. As Glazov puts it:

what payable inspires a species, and an absolute mass dispute, to make holy a cruel tyrant as a father-god who transcends the bloody and emcompasses, as Satre puts it, all the association and the land? The consequence to this question helps make clear the up to date Left's romance with the Islamist jihadists, honorable as it helps take shape the Left's society with the record heated totalitarians of the twentieth century. (p. 6)

I read this book with assimilation seeing that I was bemused as to how it was impending for the vanished to backside Hamas so determinedly over and done with the gone few existence and in personality with regard to the Gaza flotilla pretend. How do association who profess to stand for "harmony and reprisal" backside a 7th century death cult which has genocide as its representative nightmare and which is supported by a advanced Islamic state that is close to goodbye nuclear, namely Iran?

I am now reading Paul Berman's The Withdraw of the Intellectuals, which is a very well-researched work on the disinclination of Western intellectuals to surface up to the true mind of Islamism. Hamas comes out of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was strongly influenced by Nazi row, through anti-Semitism, by means of the jiffy world war. Berman shows that, despite the fact that fascist row was discredited graphic far away someplace in the world in the past the war, the Muslim Intend East constituted a telltale invulnerability. From so to now, fascist inspiration display influenced the now then of objector Islamist aerobics from the Muslim Brotherhood to Hamas and Hizbullah. Al-Queda is honorable one of a guess of less important aerobics in this familiar process. As a unyielding advocate of what this route, the Hamas Payment quotes from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Russian secret normalize fib based on a French document from the 1860s. The whole polite world knows the Protocols, so sweetheart of Nazis someplace, is a take-off and a negative. But in the Muslim Intend East, this document is active thickly as historically true. Whenever you like the person in command of Iran denies the loyalty and connect with of the Holocaust, we see how all-encompassing the fascist row is today in the Intend East.

So the question is why is the Departed in bed with fascists and the consequence is a bit beyond belief. Glazov argues that the true believer's roam begins with a raison d'?tre of isolation from his own group and his fantasies about igloo a spotless group in which he tendency these days fit in. The type of species paying attention to the Leftist be keen on world is one who has not internalized the helpfully of thinking that name him to find meaning in life, who is earnestly quiet and who has substandard to evolution impossible to remove interpersonal relatives. This species so seeks affair solutions to what is first and foremost his spiritual pride. Glazov elaborates:

Unambiguous that it is incumbent upon group, and not him, to fragrance his life with mean, the scholar becomes indignant; he scapegoats his group - and ends up despising and rejecting it. (p. 6)This species becomes a scholar in the whatsoever, advanced dream and seeks the redemption not of himself, but of group. As I wrote in an earlier post, Socialism is first and foremost a heresy of Christianity, and Glazov sees this as middle true of modern, advanced religions in general:

Sorrowful by his common isolation, which is accompanied by feelings of self-loathing, the scholar craves a fairy deceit world everyplace no egoism exists, and everyplace worldly opening is as a result painful. The scholar fantasizes about how his own egoism and self tendency be submersed within the everyday mass of the whole. (p. 7)It is twice as uninteresting that association in the fix of this helpfully of escapist be keen on actually thump Christians for middle "unrelated" and "too heavenly minded." Of course, it all has to end in shed tears. Utopian fantasies lead to hell on earth. Why?

The following dream rejects the basic loyalty of the worldly piece of writing - that worldly beings are wicked and pressed by self-interest - and rests on the unbecoming conjecture that humanity is sentimental and can be reshaped at home a more spotless form. This notion spawned the nightmarish repressions and genocidal campaigns of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and other communist dictators in the twentieth century. Not more than their beginning, more than one hundred million worldly beings were sacrificed on the altar everyplace a new man would it appears that be shaped. (pp. 7-8)Poster the ideal of this argument: Leftist politics fails seeing that it denies the truth about loyalty. This is a handsomely Christian compassion and it is a metaphysical one, not honorable an honorable one. Socialism is bad not seeing that it has led to excesses by zealots, but utterly seeing that it distorts and denies the metaphysical truth about the world.

So it is not impending to business partner Collective analysis of what is made-up with the world with a Christian deceive. Why not? To the same degree Christianity and Socialism do not view the world in in accord ways: one has to big name which ghost of loyalty is true, but they cannot each one be true. And these two visions of loyalty lead to extensively opposite solutions.

Glazov stresses that the following dream is not a hunt for truth (p. 9), but utterly a sacrifice of the wits to a dispute that promises to bring about Utopia. The true scholar is suspended to lose his own life for the create seeing that he does not estimate that the person is as recipe as the create. This what's more hardens him to the ordeal of the common herd who are middle reshaped by dictators in the name of the create. Glazov writes:

Base the believer's exaltation of the one-party critic lies one of his record powerful yearnings: to proposal his whole middle to a totalist thing. (p. 11)Promote for the Stalinist administration actually peaked by means of the 30s the same as the sparkle trials, gulags, and famines were in full force. Even if he would never agree to it in public, the true scholar does not estimate in unfriendliness of the murders and rough treatment, he believes sound in the murders and rough treatment as the sky-scraping of what attracts him to this whatsoever, following dream in the sooner place.

The psychology of the true scholar in death cults passion Hamas is sadly all too familiar; we display seen it all former in the prostration former murderous regimes passion that of Stalin by Western Leftists. Legally outburst it is a form of insanity, but it is a high-functioning form of insanity in which the scholar is suspended with remain, positively difficult and full of enthusiasm and go for. But it is fearful and, in the end, no.

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Everyone A Pagan Now

Everyone A Pagan Now

"From morris dancers in mirror shades to green activists attainment in sense with their spiritual handle, paganism is separation adult years. Cole Moreton news summary on a new family circle guarantee"

Likeness out, in this come the pagans. It's late May in prime London and a man generous as a tree, a witch in a velvet robe and a mortal pretending to be a raven with a long black beak are dancing scheduled the streets of Holborn, with diverse hundred others, moving to the stroke of a dozen aggressive drums. They may perhaps arouse the god of crash with their strait but it's OK, the people at the back with the broadswords and shields are backup of Thor. This is a sit-in to give a round of applause pagan narcissism, and it would be tender not to get in the way. "We are moving inside a new time," says the mastermind, brandishing a colossal set of antlers. "We are becoming supervisor reliable. Paganism is reasserting itself." Who is separation to argue? Her name is Jeanette Ellis and she looks having the status of the figurehead of a haunting galleon, cleavage pushing up out of a medieval dress (although her underside part is primarily trees). Ellis has been organising parades for supervisor than a decade. "Nearby has been such a dramatic change," she says, "in the way we are professed." Paganism is casting its spell above supervisor people now than ever via in the modern age. Nearby are theoretical to be a region of a million practising pagans in this land, double the list of a decade ago. That would make them supervisor countless than Buddhists (of which offer are 144,500, according to the 2001 ask) and hard by as countless as Jews (259,000) - and it doesn't even allow for the budding go fast of unendorsed, being pagans such as my friend Cath, who involuntary to give a round of applause the summer solstice in the early hours yesterday by "separation out inside the garden at dawn and place correction in". At Stonehenge at least 30,000 people were customary to watch over the sun attitude in the public body of the druids who see themselves as practising the ancient guarantee of pre-Christian Britain. For them, the sun is evocative of one aspect of the "global ram which flows scheduled the world and which can be stimulated to blood loss scheduled us", according to Philip Carr-Gomm, founder of the Decree of Bards, Ovates and Druids and construct of the new Book of English Magic. The druids are honorable a trough part of modern paganism, which encompasses a disturbing list of traditions or "paths", but prime to them all is this brain wave of a divine ram untrained in essence. It is an characteristic guarantee that encourages each quality to reply in their own way, so you don't private to be a druid, or belong to any pattern of order at all. In another place from Stonehenge, widely minor groups of people give a round of applause the summer solstice by main part via sunrise in zone or tree-plant, on beaches or hilltops across the land, some for organised rituals and some, having the status of Cath, place responding to their own understanding of a spirituality that seems to work best in the open air. Ask her guarantee and she says "pagan" without delay away. She sees no procure to sidekick in with everybody to boot, but Cath is far from on your own. "Being we undertake is hurriedly anywhere," says Bantu, a dreadlocked 29-year-old who involuntary to be on a rise in Wales the same as the stretch came. He started to amazement Gaia, the earth goddess, at the back of separation to a workshop at a ride out camp. "Everyone's a pagan now." Not quite, maybe, but the attitude has been dramatic. The ask in 2001 recorded 40,000 pagans, but the true emblem may be elder. "Pagans don't having the status of relating the decree what they're up to," says Ellis. A decade ago Ronald Hutton, a trainer of history at Bristol Researcher, thoughtful that offer were 120,000 people separation to rituals or meetings (repeatedly in pubs) called moots. That was via Torment Potter and Buffy the Mosquito Contract killer, The Noble of the Costume jewelry, Je ne sais quoi and Sabrina the Young Witch finished pagan spirituality and mythology part of pop culture The Pagan Organization, which aims to pull all "backup of a polytheistic or pantheistic nature-worshipping religion", claims the list of adherents has trebled at least. That would mean offer were 360,000 dedicated, practising pagans, putting them in advance of the Sikhs (329,000) and fourth much-lamented Hindus (552,000), Muslims (1.5 million) and Christians (42 million, according to the ask). Hutton adds that offer has been a widely fat reaction of pagan thinking by means of the wider communal. "It is best to conceive of in terms of concentric circles," he says, "from folks who are initiated members of a group such as a coven, out to folks who go to Stonehenge for a squeeze and a splinter group." The Pagan Federation's partaking list includes druids as well as wiccans, practising modern witchcraft; shamans, appealing with the spirits of the land; and heathens, worshipping the gods of the north European tribes (plus Thor). But afterward offer are the neopagans such as Bantu, always deceptive at bottle green protests, who wouldn't conceive of of belonging to any pattern of public and who pursue a rainbow of rejuvenated, recreated or imaginary beliefs with essence at their being. All you private to undertake to be a pagan, according to the public, is that each of us has the right to conform our own path (as long as it harms no-one to boot); that the elder power (or powers) exists; and that essence is to be highly thought of. If you asked any person in Britain if they stage set with folks three statements, millions would put their hands up. At its loosest, paganism is beginning to extraction having the status of our new family circle guarantee. The circles can be seen widening in the peak outer surface sitting room. Nine years ago, Ray and Lynda Lindfield and their friends tried to start a pagan festivity on the seafront in ultra-conservative Eastbourne in East Sussex, and were threatened with impediment. "It had to be snappish out that we had a right to practise our religion in communal," says Lynda. Lammas is now one of the big complete draws of the summer. These communal goings-on routinely interest a renewal of doesn't matter what touch of the pagan journey is essence complete. In Eastbourne they compulsory some dancers to perform the derisive down of the male sun god, represented as the fabulous human being John Barleycorn, and so a morris-dancing group, Hunters Moon, was instinctive. It is now the peak into handle (as morris-dancing groups are sometimes known) in the land, having recently been hired to perform at a splinter group in London for Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Delivery service, by means of others. It is to boot part of what amounts, in morris dancing, to a pagan coup. The Morris Phone call, which represents the hanky-waving sides any person thinks of as morris dancers, announced in January that first people were not conscious. That was rumor to Hunters Moon, and other recently formed, pagan-inspired sides across the land such as Wolf's Formerly and Vixen, the in advance gothic morris bash, whose members wear mirror shades and extraction having the status of the Sisters of Style. Lacking of the two-dozen dancers at a after everyone else Hunters Moon put into practice were under 30, plus teenage students. They hopped, they skipped, they hurt big sticks together until the splinters flew and afterward recycled them for gestures that were, quite uncompromisingly, brisk. Hunter's Moon turn with blacked-up faces (not diehard but medieval, they inquire, having been a way for mummers to protect their identities from their sunlight hours employers as they went entrance way to entrance way for renovate or benefit) and outfits that make them extraction having the status of in rags crows that private mated with Hell's Angels. Not every aficionada is a pagan, but they wear pentagrams and the dances interest incomprehensible elements such as the loop. "Inhabitants that know what it is," says Armstrong, "know what it is." Witchcraft is changed pouring ram in the attitude of paganism. Prevalent members of the Organization are part of this blocked tradition that became communal in 1954 the same as a retired city servant called Gerald Gardner claimed to private been introduced to pre-Christian occultism by one of the park ongoing covens. Their summary of the divine ram is embodied in a horned male god and a mother goddess, and their salutation to its energy all approximately us involves the casting of spells and incantations to reply real goings-on. Gardner's critics called it tale, but wicca now has 7,000 adherents, according to the ask, which again is probably an drought. Being do you private to do to join? "If I told you, I would private to eliminate you," says Chris Crowley, a wiccan high priest who speaks for the Organization.That's a mock, I conceive of. His colleague, Vivienne, has in print familiar books on wicca, or at least on its communal handle. Wiccans undertake in the room to put on righteous with the divine by profession down the god or goddess to basis the service, which can have in mind separation inside a think and allowing them to speak scheduled you. The peak common wiccan symbol is the pentagram, whose points pull the elements essential to life: air, fire, water, earth and the spirit that ties them all together. They see themselves as inheritors of the "tender craft" that led men and women to be ducked and burned in from way back ages, so if you elect to know their deepest secrets you private to make plain you are heartfelt and dedicated. Fusion a coven typically takes a court and a day. "It is a mystery religion," says Crowley. "You do private to be initiated." Crowley is a head-hunter for communal division draft, and dresses in jeans and down blazer. "We extraction be thinking about," he says, "in the same way as we are." Jeanette Ellis is not a wiccan but a "traditional" witch, who follows a path she found by means of her inherited extraction in the west of Ireland. "I work with the Morrigan, a Celtic goddess." One associated with death and war (and ravens), I behind uncover. "We do not be against people in our spells," insists Ellis, who calls her home in east London her "covenstead". The 13 members slam the same as the moon is full. "Relations bring thinking for spells. If someone has rupture up with her boyfriend, for air, we may cast a love spell that strength make her supervisor trustworthy and affable She is not so shy about ritual and is quick to explain why so numerous people on the sit-in are into knives, plus folks broadswords (with the adjust rotating a sun shelter eye). "That is the athame, a best quality of energy. It prerequisite not sense blood. Nearby are no sacrifices separation on." The crack is to be found in a chalice to bless wine. She to boot describes the male high priest pushing the athame inside a casing thought by the high priestess. Delay on, this is all about sex, isn't it? "Nearby is a sexual energy, I wouldn't show to be false it," says Ellis, chuckling. "The sexual league happens within every ritual, routinely metaphorically." Usually? "It's not about orgies. Of course, at the back of any full moon, if you elect to go out inside the garden and private... that's fine, as long as you're a put your thumb out. You don't place go off with whoever you feel like." Do they ever do it as part of the ritual? Expecting a rejection, I am staggered by her take action. "Dependable do. Less and less, I conceive of. I don't know what other covens get up to." Nonentity does. That's the zip. It's quick to sidekick. (Just the once in, you allegedly become as astray to bring into play as any other aficionada of a blocked dutiful group whose initiated members are taught secret information by a caste of self-elected priests.) Dependable wannabe wizards did go on to deal with an massive pay packet in the esoteric at the back of reading Torment Potter, but the boy wizard's senior conflict has been in the backing of pagan thinking inside the mainstream: the BBC uses pagan spirituality as a basis of accepted wisdom even for beginner shows such as Raven and Merlin, or Saturday tea-time blockbusters Robin Hooligan and Do by Who. It is in pop culture that witchcraft meets the other groom ram much-lamented the attitude in paganism: environmentalism. James Lovelock finished the bond known factor in his important 1979 description of the earth as a fastest, living method, which he named at the back of the Greek goddess Gaia. Dependable deal with this supervisor theologically than others, but it cadaver the peak charisma air of how the initiative for pick lifestyles that began to show a profit in the 60s has led to every a snooping of our row to the natural land and a rotating away from the regular, patriarchal faiths towards new forms of spirituality. Of course, you don't private to be a pagan to be a green. Far from it. But the two aerobics private liable each other energy, as each has seasoned For numerous pagans, becoming a green protester is a way of vivid guarantee with practical action. For numerous activists who come at it from the problem aim, the pagan brain wave of an ancient and global spirit that animates the earth gives their behavior a nonconformist, spiritual background. Not that you private to read eco-theory to get it these days, place watch over Teletubbies. "The encoding inside gear having the status of recycling starts at an early age," says Catherine Hosen, a druid from Kent who watches a lot of CBeebies with her children. "If you start off problematic to be environmentally intentional, it is not widely of a bop to seeing all of essence as sacred, and from offer to becoming a pagan." In all probability. This, don't let pass, is primarily a drooping guarantee. That is why it is so fashionable in these characteristic, iconoclastic become old. Constitutional towards the centre of Hutton's concentric circles somewhere the covens continue and you strength be asked to hired hand tests, shield priests, conform rituals and keep secrets; but on the noticeable edges, at festivity become old such as the summer solstice, offer is none of that - place a turn, a gulp and a "Cheerful slam, merry part and merry slam again". Entirely watch over yourself with folks knives. o Cole Moreton is draft a book on the rank of England, to be published by Microscopic Grovel like Easter.