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Friday, April 30, 2010

Measuring The Temple New 2016 Research A Watcher Original

Measuring The Temple New 2016 Research A Watcher Original
MEASURING THE Brow * NEW 2016 Campaign by NEWTON2012 >> 20 Apr 2011 22:55That the Brow Escalate exists at the time and space origin accept of the earth is based on the interpretation that our era (the blind date of our Lady AD) and the temple place are anchored to Jesus Christ. This has been demonstrated in my book and posts better-quality the go. Recently I've been asked if here are any unmarried quantity from the temple that accept out the blind date or go of the seize week of Daniel, beyond the work on 2012 naval miles equaling 33 degrees 33 proceedings. In addition the Scripture's indications of the incessant inviolability of the Brow Escalate, the unchangeable is found in the actual book of the site and the Frighten of John. "This is the law of the temple: The whole split about the pinnacle is most holy. Observe, this is the law of the temple."Eze 43:12 In Frighten 11.1, john is told to measure: "And here was unqualified me a reed darling unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Emerge, and amount the temple (Naus) of God, and the altar, and them that reverence therein." Not there from this visualization are the actual quantity. Warrant it be that this lack of fraction exists to urge the readers to investigate this mystery out for themselves within the text? If we take the Payment and verse of Frighten 11.1 as one character "111 here is a friend with the temple in gematria roundabouts the bible. 111 = House OIKIA in Greek, a word recurrently cast-off for the temple, Mat 21:13 in Jesus' words for taster. 111 = "And the Government of the Lady children's home" (Ord) [Ex 24.16] 111 = "out of His Brow" [2Sa 22:7 ] 111 = amount [Gen 18:6] up till now, by calculation the "ones" in Payment and verse of Frighten 11.1 a more diminutive character and word report.Payment and verse 1 + 1 + 1 " social group "3. The Payment "1 + 1 social group "2 and the verse is "1 (321). "321 social group the Greek word for "Naus", the inner save with the sole purpose and not the conclude Brow. This is the word cast-off in Rev. 11.1, translated "temple" in English. The "Naus" being "the Safe place containing the Holy place and the Holy of Holies" has continually stood on the threshing circle of Ornan the Jebusite (2Ch 3:1). A threshing circle looks darling this: Site the makeup. The oxen form the radius of the circle. If the character of the word for the holy place "Naus" 321 is intended a radius This common sense is even more dreadful what we amount the actual sidle of the raised dais in Brow Mount: John is told further: "Rev 11:2 But the entice which is weakening the temple go on strike out, and amount it not; for it is unqualified unto the Gentiles: and the holy town shall they pace under put down roots forty and two months." Even as the carbon copy is snag profusion, here is sundry "time based" equation in Rev. 11.2. The angel mentions 42 months or 1,260 days that the gentiles trample this split. Even as the outer surface entice of Solomon's Brow was a rhombus, the far along outer surface entice of Ezekiel's temple is a lozenge. Eze 43:10 Thou son of man, shew the mutual society to the mutual society of Israel, that they may be unpleasant of their iniquities: and let them amount the module. If one may be so valiant as to "amount" a lozenge whose periphery is 1,260 feet we find the sidle is 5,040 feet. These quantity are time-based extrapolations from the carbon copy itself and are obviously not found in Ezekiel. The Brow Escalate is 5040 feet. The pause 5,040 sm is the dreadful radii of the moon and earth. This delivery is demonstrated by the Persuasive Pyramid: If the character 5,040 is subtracted by the actual sidle of the Persuasive Pyramid, "3,024 ft." the have a break is 2016. The reverberation of this common sense is compounded by the fact that the Persuasive Pyramid's total hit the highest point with capstone is 5776 inches, the Jewish calendar blind date for 2016 AD is 5776 AM. The Jewish blind date 5776 is found in selected applicable "prophetically" gematria equations - that I add arrived for your consideration: Dan 12:11 And from the time that the thesis disbursement shall be subject away, and the intense dislike that maketh bleak set up, here shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. Perfect character of this path 4486 + 1290 = 5776 Mat 24:34 Verily I say unto you, This natural life shall not process, farmstead all these things be pleased.Perfect = 5846If a natural life in the bible is 70 in addition to, 5846 - 70 = 5776 Revisiting the distances from the Brow to the locations of the "mirror prophets" according to Isaac Newton, due to their end-time themes connected to the Brow, we see a dreadful pause of 1,008 naval miles. By description this pause graphically in a circle we spot the gematria for " the Frighten of Lady Jesus Christ". This is angry what Daniel and John were unqualified in their prophecies of the End of Days: The dreadful cost of the Hebrew mode of Isa 46:10 cleft by PI whole cost of Frighten (1512): Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient grow old the things that are not yet done, saying, My commend shall stand, and I fortitude do all my pleasure: total adding up, 4752 PI (22/7) x 1512 "forewarning" = angry 4,752 The dreadful pause of "mirror prophets" Daniel and John. So the blind date 2016 stands out in high solace, but so excessively does the blind date 2012. The gematria adding up of the Greek expression "Fallen, is fallen Babylon the Persuasive" Over arrived in Frighten 18:2: But what of the end of the seven years? Committed out the gematria of the character 2020. It is one of the most powerful statements of the direct of Jesus Christ at the end of this age. The Jewish blind date 5780 AM starts on September 30, 2019 and ends in Sept 2020.5780 - 7 = 5773 The Jewish Appointment 5773 begins September 17 (Tishri 1) in 2012. Based on the facts, it looks more and more snag that the time in the company of the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2020 encompasses the seize week of Daniel. but what say you?
"Eyewitness Adjoin EDITOR NOTE: ONE Delegation RESPONDED With THIS Captivating Sympathy WHICH IS Confirmable AT THE BIBLE Controls. " Posted by awakenwatch >> 03 Sep 2012 00:06Something I bare today in my Bible Studies.Daniel 9:27 is the 22016 verse in the Bible. DAN 9:27 And he shall aver the agreement with heap for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall give the disbursement and the oblation to finish off, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make "it" bleak, even until the consummation, and that stubborn shall be poured upon the bleak.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Comments Are Now Working

Comments Are Now Working
I'm very spirited. I shortened and shortened the CSS, and it turns out I wholly had to play down a training the easy way. *eyeroll* Isn't that the way it always is? LOL!

Fighting fit, I'm really enjoying how my blog looks, and energy be bowdlerization my Hallowe'en blog to a devoted location (straightforwardly with skulls and the worship).

I don't yield further to add today. I'm leave-taking out with The Man and His Cousin to see "The Inglorious Bastards" tonight (disappearance in about an hour). I bought myself some charming shoes for fall at Wally Conception (5!), and got a dash of Repo: The Heritable Opera in attendance for 7.50. Not bad, later than all I pleasing to do was pay for my adjacent course (which I did--Makeup III, and it starts on September 21st).

In the Witchy Conception, I would like to impart our herb cubbyhole, and buy some senior jars for fancy jars. The Man and I are leave-taking antiquing tomorrow, so we'll see what I can find where we're put-on that. :) I love wisdom witchy trappings at early sitting room. Doubtless we'll go to St. Jacob's....that place is GREAT!

Tomorrow I'll continue a photo of my new cast flatten dutch oven (aka cauldron in need legs). Now I can use that for cooking/baking, and the three legged one for ritual fires and ardent trappings.

The dutch oven was innate from Grant's Grandma, who voted for very entirely (her entombment was on Monday). The cord is in the main leave-taking to be concentrated effort out her enclosure and having a place sale, so The Man's parents (whom I go for) told me to continue what I seek from the kitchen. I swiftly grabbed the dutch oven...and it was also apparently HER mother's, so that's really pungent. We also yield her corning ware and various other items that yield been well recycled and well beloved. I go for my kitchen items to be that way--especially from cord.

So I'll continue a pic of Mrs. Smith's kitchen items that I innate (some crock pots and a small toss mainframe, too!), and split them with you, as I'm clear I'll be using them in magical burning.

At Last Yesod

At Last Yesod
For all of you long for time dense readers, you know I clasp been stressed with Yesod. I clasp not been satisfactory to find something in my life to relate it to, technically, draw near to, or religiously.

On the Tree of Making, the key word for the sephira is "column", which had me stressed even add-on. Informant for what? Clearly, something pinnacle. In my Tarot studies, I scholarly it the topic for "line or rush" or ancient instincts or sexual forces. It is the topic that connects the rest of the sephiroth with earth. Frater Robert calls it the "Take action something, harmonize to get laid".

There's no coincidence that the ball is planted ahead in the groin district

The key for me understanding Yesod was in looking at the relating sephiroth. I had to announce at Netzach and Hod to get to my understanding. I already commented on Netzach and Hod in a total post. Put on are 3 phrases from that post that clasp lead to my understanding of Yesod:

* CH4 + 2O2 --> CO2 + 2H2O, stoichiometric equation for the vigor of methane (not good enough make off with subscripts)

* A spree of a thousand miles begins with a detach advance. -Lao Tzu

* Hod and Netzach are the analogy of our legs, which work together on our 1,000 mile spree.

While I have an idea that from these 3 real thing statements is that portray exists an apparatus, that utilizes the whiff which drives a sedan, the sedan of our spirit.


Yesod is the column of Making. The sephira is the realm but the cohabitation of opposites exists. This is the topic which exhibits whichever crack and wave posture. This is the place that is whichever the finite/infinite, stationary/mobile, and repelling/attracting. Now I understand why they unfriendly using the symbol of the electromagnetic area office and the EMF is a intact symbol the same as the phenomena is one of the fastener forces of nature!

The exorbitant primary for Yesod is the moon. It contains the anticipate for our better-quality aspirations what, in the function of the moon, the other exorbitant ponder their light upon the moon. Luna is our outline. She acts as an fair yet she is subject upon the earth and is modestly a slighter part of the greater liberty. This is the topic, though, as a magician I pronounce whether I appeal to controversy blunt the rest of the tree. Yesod is the part but I must make a assiduous and fair arrangement to change my patterns and let go of my gone to Evolve to become one with the liberty. This is the part since I actually learn to Keep going.

While next? The concluding spheres within the interior pillar: malkuth, tiphareth and the concealed daat. The subsequent is something I probably will not be language about for living.

The Picatrix The Goal Of The Wise In Sorcery

The Picatrix The Goal Of The Wise In Sorcery Cover

Book: The Picatrix The Goal Of The Wise In Sorcery by Steven Ashe

The Picatrix or Gayat al-Hakim [fi l-siHr] 'The Goal of the Wise [in sorcery]' is a grimoire of uncertain origins, probably written circa 1200 AD. Offering talismanic and astrological guidance. Presented in the original Arabic, the talismanic property of this work will be of interest to specialist collectors of seminal grimoires. The book had a major influence on West European magical thinking from Marsilio Ficino in the 1400s, Cornelius Agrippa, Thomas Campanella, Dr John Dee and Paracelsus in addition to the anonymous authors of magical grammars such as the Key of Solomon. The edition in the British Library passed through several hands: Simon Forman, Richard Napier, Elias Ashmole and William Lilly.

Buy Steven Ashe's book from The Picatrix The Goal Of The Wise In Sorcery

Recommended reading (pdf e-books):

William Kiesel - Picatrix Ghayat Al Hakim The Goal Of The Wise Vol I
Steven Ashe - The Picatrix The Goal Of The Wise Planetary Talismanic Magic

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Using God As A Cover For Injustice Is No Trifle Matter Pope Says Cna

Using God As A Cover For Injustice Is No Trifle Matter Pope Says Cna
Rome, Italy, Feb 20, 2015 / 08:32 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In his homily Friday, Pope Francis said that love of God and of neighbor are inseparable, and castigated the actions of those who give to the Church, but at the same time exploit and mistreat others.

Although many claim to practice charity because they write a check to the Church every month, at your home, within your own Church, are you generous and are you fair with those who are your dependents be they your children, your grandparents, your employees? the Pope asked Feb. 20.

He used the example of those who go to Mass every Sunday and receive communion, but questioned whether, when these people go home, they pay their employees in cash under the table, giving them a salary lower than the going rate and without making the necessary social security contributions.

You cannot make offerings to the Church on the shoulders of the injustice that you practice towards your dependents. This is a very serious sin: using God as a cover for injustice.

Pope Francis made his comments to attendees of his Feb. 20 daily Mass, held in the chapel of the Vaticans Saint Martha guesthouse.

Lent is a time when Christians are provided the opportunity to go beyond mere outward signs of piety, and reach out to those in need, he said, adding that love of God and neighbor go hand-in-hand.

Within the Ten Commandments there are laws regarding God and those regarding our neighbor, Francis observed, saying that both of these go togetherif you dont follow one, you cant follow the other and if you follow one you must follow the other.

Love of God and love of our neighbor is one and the same thing and if you want to show genuine and not just formal penance, you must show it before God and also towards your brothers.

This charity, Francis said, ought to be practiced at home within ones family, at work with ones employees and colleagues, as well as with the needy.

He said that Lent is the optimal time for Christians to reach out to the less fortunate, whether they be children, prisoners or elderly who have no health insurance and are faced with long waits while trying to see a doctor.

Francis gave particular emphasis to prisoners, asking those present if they had room in their hearts for those who have made mistakes, and are now in jail.

To say that you dont associate with those type of people is wrong, the Pope said, noting that if you yourself are not in prison, its because our Lord has helped you not to sin.

Do you pray for (prisoners) so that the Lord can help them to change their life? he asked, and prayed that the Lord be close to each person during Lent, so that our external observance becomes a profound renewal of the Spirit.

Full article...

The Truth About Halloween And Tudor England

The Truth About Halloween And Tudor England

By Nancy Bilyeau

I carry a dedication for 16th century England. My friends and relations, not to move up my agent and editors, are accustomed to my obsession with the Tudorverse. Namely, that for me, all roads lead back to the relations that ruled England from 1485 to 1603. May perhaps it be within reach that Halloween, one of my dear days of the day, is any allied to the Tudors?

Yes, it turns out, it may possibly.

The near the beginning recorded use of the word "Halloween" was in mid-16th century England. It is a condensed call up of "All-Hallows-Even" ("early evening"), the night former All Hallows Day, brand new name for the Christian supper that honors saints on the near the beginning of November.

But it's not fine a discontinue membership. To me, there's a corporeal spirit of Halloween that harkens back to the Tudor era as well. Not the jack o' lanterns, apple-bobs and shadowy houses (and not the superb Christopher Lee "Dracula" movies that I direct on TCM pattern every October, two in a row if I can). It's that attitude, overwhelming and mysterious and absorbing too, of ghosts flitting unswerving the trees; of charms that fine forte bring you your heart's desire; of a standoffish inspiration speckled in the forest; of a crone's futile sight.

In pre-Reformation England, the Catholic Cathedral co-existed with belief in astrology and magic. It was to a certain extent ordinary to do Push evenly "and" to slang astrologers. "The medieval church appeared as a voluminous reserve of magical power," writes Keith Thomas in his sparkly 1971 book "Holiness and the Drip of Spiritual". Incessant Catholics tolerated the traditions of the centuries-old Celtic festival of Samhain ("summer's end"), such as those lit bonfires and put on costumes to scare impossible the spirits of the abruptly dead. In fact, an Eighth Century pope named November 1st as the day to compliment all Catholic saints and martyrs with an eye on the way to Samhain.


Arrange cakes

Not any shows the merger of Celtic and Christian beliefs improved than "creature cakes." These feeble, crowd cakes, infested with nutmeg or cinnamon or currants, were complete for All Saints' Day on November 1st. The cakes were vacant as a way to say prayers for the silent (you can picture the settlement priest tired in approve) but they were any unlimited impossible to protect those on the day of the day that the wall was thinnest together with the living and the dead, a Celtic if not Druid belief. I am entranced by creature cakes, and I worked them arrived my near the beginning new, The Crown", a mystery set in 1537-1538 England. Arrange cakes even end up to the same degree a clue!

In the into the future 16th century, Halloween on October 31st, All Saints' Day (or All Hallows Day) on November 1st and All Souls' Day on November 2nd were a obscure party of traditions and observances. Vim and vigor revolved sphere-shaped the usual praise, the holidays and the supper days that constituted the liturgy. As the incalculable Eamon Duffy wrote: "For within that incalculable wandering racing bike of fast and festival, of ritual custody and characteristic activity, lay Christians found the paradigms and the stories which bent their harmony of the world and their place in it."


Sculptures smashed at Worcester Church.

Henry VIII unusual the perceptions of the acquire once and for all such as he indigent from Rome. A guiding get behind in his reform of the Catholic Cathedral was the separate of what he and his information ecclesiastic Thomas Cromwell scorned as "superstition." Saints' statues were removed; murals recounting mystical stories were highlighted over; shrines were pillaged; the send out of supper days was wisely underprivileged so that exclusive work may possibly be done popular the promising toughen. "The Protestant reformers rejected the magical powers and paranormal sanctions which had been so in abundance invoked by the medieval church," writes Keith Thomas. The story in The Crown" is told from the viewpoint of a ecologically aware Catholic for children who struggles to administer with these aggressive changes.

Yet in some way Halloween, the day former All Saints' Day, survived the government's anti-superstition action, to put on and coarsen have a yen at the back the Tudors were followed by the Stuarts. It's now a human holiday that children praise (by way of pit, who are testing on costumes four days into the future). As for me, I appreciate the chocolate handouts, costumes and spine-tingling movies-and I any admire our society's fixed honey for bonfires and charms and ghosts and well-proportioned cakes, for in them can be found echoes of life in the age of the Tudors.

"The Crown" is on sale in North America, the United Ceremony, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Australia. To learn exclusive go to

2012 Casebook

2012 Casebook
2012, The,Annunaki, Zechariah Stitchin, Mayans, Sumerians, Greek Oracles, the Merlin, Terence McKenna.Documentary Playlist on the 2012 mental picture, Cloudy Oracles, the Mayans, the Sumerians, and the Annunaki - fragment with an consultation with Zechariah Stitchin - extensive information for you to be obsessed with and glance to help you expert how to act in the front entrance to 2012 and the end days of the Mayan Manual and the dark separation, and conceivably the llong correct opening of "The Cool Overhang"Theories of Wand Turn over, and cosmopolitan smash up rocking the dirt with great catastrophes such as earthquakes and ttsunamis are looked at, supported by the substantiation presented by the Smithsonian Dawn that the poles hold or else shifted upfront. China's I Ching moreover gives quotation of the Catastrophical 2012 mental picture in it's Hexagrams. Terence McKenna ended I Ching timeline graphs which happened to come to an end on December 21st 2012, precisely forward-looking did he find out that the Mayan Manual moreover boring on acceptably the dreadfully catch a glimpse of. The wizard Merlin (not the one of Sovereign Arthur tag, but the real one), was a prophetic of predetermine considered one of Europes highest oracles in the intermediate ages. Two bulky mediaeval texts send to him in 1135 AD get trapped in from the prophecies of a wizard who lived in the 5th century. 1000 days be America was exposed, Merlin predicted the most primitive American protectorate by name! ("a protectorate shall be founded by virgins in virgin rest" - Virginia). He moreover predicted the Napoleonic wars and the Nazi holocaust. All of these topics are bare in the ensuing playlist.Interfere THE 2012 CASEBOOK PLAYLISTSatisfy don't fail to attend to tour the sister site to Occult magick for great honest Occult Grimoires and Manuscripts Published in their come to - OCCULT GRIMOIRES!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Mysticism Of Masonry

The Mysticism Of Masonry Cover

Book: The Mysticism Of Masonry by Anonymous

In placing this volume, which is the revised edition of the book first issued under the title, Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, I do so without the thought of an apology, owing to the fact that the first edition was received by the earnest students of Masonry and the Occult not because it was an expose, but because it was an Interpretation of Masonic Symbolism as handed down to us through the ages from the Mysteries of the Ancients.

As a Masonic work, the book must stand unchallenged for the reason that the basis of its symbolism is from the highest and universally accepted Masonic writers. The Interpretation is also Masonic, with an additional Mystic interpretation appearing within brackets. For this I am personally responsible, though these explanations are based on and entirely harmonious with the inculcations of the Ancient Mysteries as received by myself through my various journeys in the realm of the mystic. It is therefore entirely lawful for me to offer them to the aspiring neophyte.

Download Anonymous's eBook: The Mysticism Of Masonry

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Castells - The Apocalypse Of Freemasonry
Franz Cumont - The Mysteries Of Mithra
Reynold Nicholson - The Mystics Of Islam
Captain William Morgan - The Mysteries Of Freemasonry
Anonymous - The Mysticism Of Masonry

Monday, April 26, 2010


THE SYBILLYNE Training OF WICCAby Virginia Stewart, M. Ed., TP.Our tradition is a dull distribution of Dianic Wicca, with an prominence on regularity, green politics and women's mysteries. The tradition is open to women and men, supercilious the age of 18, who possess more willingly than recognized Wicca as their path. Being under trial age necessity be accompanied by a parent and will not be initiated until they are of trial age.(Yes, stage is a catch: few inhabitants under 21 will possess studied other religions heaps to possess tapering it down this much; like this, a fit into short this study necessity treat at lowest a court pursuing next of kin religions otherwise they will be famous for training.)The nationwide thing that each devotee necessity master abovementioned to initiation is wide-ranging and intended to enlarge knowledge and issue in a symbol of areas, as well as extend the student's desire to "get on the go" in the ecological/political issues which are import-ant to them as folks. This is not an stylish tradition; one can be an onset of other traditions and indolent feature. We possess closed rituals a moment ago such as the participating members desire it. Our initiation is open to initiates of other traditions (who would be asked to help, no one gets to stand more or less.)Sybillynes do not possess degrees, distinct Gardnerians; we possess three stages. The Tenderfoot (or WIT, coined by one devotee -- it wake "Witch in Maturity") is one who is productively studying, but has not yet been initiated. A Sister or Brother has been initiated and holds the title of Priestess or Vicar (stage is no Proud Priestess or Proud Vicar.) The Teller of tales is the one in the Coven or Spin who assumes the work for making exchange calls and protection the Section of Unhappy, but the room carries no expertise.All decisions are reached by equality, and the rituals are on paper and performed by unusual members of the group on a not paid basis (it works, it really does). At the rear a ache seminar of study, in which one can specialize in a specific district, one is Ordained as a Priestess or Vicar in that area; for model, one can be a Schooling Priest/ess, or a Darning Priest/ess.To become a Tenderfoot, one necessity ask to be qualified, subsequently image a intense issue in the Cook and a keenness to study and learn about the unusual areas presented. One necessity also display a keenness to do self-ruled study in areas of reserved issue.The Caption of study is presented in two parts. The core is lecture/discussion/ reading -- whilst which the rookie necessity confirm knowledge and understand-ing in the taking sides areas:I. Feminism and politics of Dianic craft A. Gaia and green magic B. make equal of Male/female energies C. power supercilious vs. power from withinII. Feminist herstory/facts and speculation A. Start of the Holy being 1. very old expression 2. babies myth (Breakables, Sumer, Ur, India, Mesopotania, Egypt, Crete) 3. The patriarchal nudge -- a. Theories on how it happened b. How to read more or less it i. Greek Tale ii. Mesopotamia/Sumer iii. Egypt c. Contemporary Approaches - overcoming patriarchal repression d. The God in Dianic Wicca i. prehistory evidence/belief ii. Contemporary approachesIII. Feminist interpretations on the beginning of inhabitants A. production Tradition -- world samples B. "star" myth C. birth/genetic commerce myth D. the moral principles of myth wordsIV. Holy being and Gods in Every one Arrange A. Manifesting the God/dess in Strain Vivacity -- speculation B. Usual Assumption and how it relates to boring lifeV. Make-believe and Physics -- Why Everything is Amalgamated To Everything A. Holographic Concept B. Gaia as a Sentient SpecificVI. The Holy being and Sexuality A. Sentient in our bodies is attractively B. how patriarchy/Christianity perverted sex C. healing the wounds of sexual despotism D. exercisesVII. Have control over Inspection A. dream B. some vital goals C. mental picture D. exercisesVIII. Mystic gifts A. How they possess been covert B. At the same time as they are C. How to pull out them D. ExercisesIX. Festivals A. The rocket of the Go out with B. Women's festivals/men's festivals C. Creating celebration for boring lifeX. Examine tools and aspects A. Outfit B. TextXI. Creating Examine A. The Affect of a ritual B. Creating Sacred space -- speculation C. Elements of ritual -- assureXII. Drawing a circle -- display & practice A. How to form a circle B. At the same time as to do if something goes lopsided C. Have confidence in dynamicsOur actual reading list is two double-columned pages, and takes about a court to get prepared. This is the underdeveloped list, with which one necessity image a working knowledge.The Twist HopDreaming the DarkUnlimited or Dare / StarhawkDivine Section of Women's Mysteries / Z. BudapestThe Holographic Concept / Michael TalbotThe New Inquisition / Robert Anton WilsonGenuine Make-believe / Issac BonewitsWhen God Was A Living thingPrimeval Mirrors of Independence / Merlin BrickworkPriestesses / Norma GoodrichWomen's List of Sacred Text andSubstance / Barbara HikerDrawing Low the Moon / Margot AdlerSlick John / Robert BlyThe Deity with A Thousand Faces / Joseph CampbellThe show part of training focuses on ritual and practice, as no one will be initiated until s/he can cross the threshold, perform and understand ritual; work with energy in a Useful way, and guide meditations for the others. The taking sides are the needs for this level of training, in which one necessity confirm talent.1. Spin Drawing2. Darning (additional types)3. Compel Vacancy4. Journey to Inferior Dirt (working with totems)5. Cosmological Realms (working with place of power and spirit guides)6. 9 Center Planes7. Slim Vivacity Regression8. Elements, Outfit, and Aspects9. Women's Mysteries/Men's Mysteries (5 Mysteries)10. Beautify of Outfit11. Genteel Brainstorm Systems12. Spells and Spellwork13. Weighted down Examine (words and performing short utility)On paper assignments1. A 4-10 page paper explaining and analyzing the Wiccan Rede and how it applies to one's reserved life (Philosophy are register)2. A 5-10 page paper explaining one's reserved belief plan (it does not do as you are told to any specific uncaring, but an onset necessity possess one; this is a spiritual tradition).3. A 5-10 page paper explaining and analyzing the 5 Mysteries of Wicca with specific interrupt rewarded to Wo/man's mysteries, Mug and the Reduction.4. A 2-5 page paper explaining the Three-Fold Holy being and Her Relationship to the Three-Fold God.5. A 5-10 page paper describing one's reserved ethics6. A Section of Unhappy (to be reviewed by Schooling Priestess) that includes primary rituals, meditations, remarks and have a spat of spell work and energy work.The most recent get ready for initiation includes the display of Examine functions of Maiden/Mother/Crone or Vicar short on paper assistance; the display of ritual words and cry in/ directing the energy in a circle. Eventually, the Evidence prepared lecture life of a intense zeal to the Way of the God/dess.The training seminar lasts everywhere from twenty-six weeks to supercilious a court and is depend-ent on the sultry of needs, not symbol of months in training.A Tenderfoot (WIT) will be told that they may deduce Cohort such as they possess more all needs to the gratification of the Schooling Priestess. They will be told just the once, whilst that they necessity ask. Sybillynes do NOT rough copy members.At the rear Cohort, a Priest/ess may form a Spin (a distantly get hard group that performs ritual together) or a Coven (a close-knit group with bonds of groom love and anticipate). It is suggested that Circles be formed and endorsed to progress in the field of Covens.All Initiates are pressed to become politically/ecologically fierce to doesn't matter what paradigm that they are useful. All group exists as an self-ruled farmhouse -- the job of a Schooling Priestess is to make herself imbalanced. Public who desire put in order supercilious a coven or finish expertise within a coven are downhearted from attempting it within this tradition -- the labrys, our symbol, is critical for a pardon...We are also bright in tradition involvement, and can be found in the Hunter's Moon camp at CMA. Inquires can be prepared by death a pronouncement at Celebration! in Austin, or at the Make-believe Cauldron in Houston, for Virginia Stewart or Howard Gerber in Houston. Joyful Get the message and Pleasant Blessings.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ol Hornie And The Devil

Ol Hornie And The Devil
In a Recognizable Invent cuveen the Magister with his stang represents Ol' Hornie. By this part he is besides referred to as 'the Mischievous sprite, but we cannot remains this documents of Mischievous sprite with its normative Christian jovial, as a force from in anti enormous opponent with the divine seek, in view of that the jovial read voguish the part of 'a Satan', or in modern vocalizations, a prosecutor. We campaign to lead on the horns, if they were disposed to Moses by Michelangelo or by the Church to the unnatural spirits of the land and night manifestations of internal beasts.

Introduce is meaningfully to say of the stang and its size, such as its recuperation by Cain as the surrender of the usher, Abel and how it besides took trend as the crosier of the Episcopal position, besides seen as an part of Shepherds.

The stang lonely represents the world tree, the center mundi, what enables populace to speak with angels in the region of the living. The one who holds the center is Ol' Hornie, the Magister, who stands in for the horned one. If the stang he holds is of Yew, Hazel, Ash or spanking forerunner makes elevated conversion in the world he careful voguish communion with the quick and the dead.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Kiss Of Death

The Kiss Of Death
Within these walls of blood and bone

the core of me is lifeless stone

forgetting faith, forever weak

never trust, never speak

under my mask, horror abides

once revealed, it will not hide

my true being, deranged and sick

which side of me would you pick?

my shell is breath taking, not a single flaw

my voice is enchanting, my beckoning call

my body is tight, your perfect dream

but who i truly am, would make you scream

beneath this layer of simple skin

lies a demon bedded within

cold and dark, it never sleeps

evil, mad, meager, weak

I came into this country without getting caught, and now everyday i am hunted and sought.

Whole nations have gathered to plan my destruction..they call me a breeder of crime and corruption.

I am more deadly then whiskey, more deadly then wine..hence i am known as the scourge of mankind.

I come in a powder thats nothing but waste, i look soft and fluffy, but im bitter to the taste.

I am brown, I am white..but deadly to use..but once your addicted i really abuse

From heads of state to the lowest of scum..i give you my word they'll be under my thumb.

I will take a richman and make him poor..i'll take a virgin and make her a whore.

I will make you lie,steal,borrow,and beg.

You will search for a vein in your arm or leg.

I will make you selfish and fill you with greed..regaurdless of color,religon, or creed.

My gift is an illusion, my blessing is fake, death and destruction follow my wake.

I am the kiss of death to all i touch..i start as a gift and end as a crutch.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Day Fourteen Making A Gypsy Medicine Bag

Day Fourteen Making A Gypsy Medicine Bag
A Parik-til is the Gypsy characters of a handling bag. To bring forth a parik-til, a not very drawstring pouch is completed in the reduced-size color for the calculated gain. Taking part in this goes several dwindling objects: herbs, stones, listed, sometimes a charm or creation of paper adorned with a simple spell. This list is endless; it is precisely inauspicious that the bits and pieces express unselfish to your gain.

Hoard vegetation and branches of the oak tree, as well as a not very acorn if affable, the petals and/or seeds of the sunflower, a creation of cinnamon wound, three cloves, a stone that feels lucky for you, a horse-shoe charm if you can find one - or a not very picture or hand recessed symbol to mean a pony shoe, and a dwindling trinket such as a bit of jewellry or a coin. Runniness free to add anything in addition that seems relevant, or acute to you. Tie the oak vegetation and branches with a bit of green orangey and ocher cord. Put all the items hip a drawstring bag. Toilet water with an essential oil such as Myrrh, Benzoin, Cinnamon, or Patchouli, or dab with prosperity oil.

If you cannot find all the items, use your suspicion and your visualization and put items in that "experience" or "express" proper. This is YOUR blessing bag, it forward motion clasp YOUR blessings, so do it YOUR way.

Once upon a time the bag is filled, clasp it bag in your hands and experience the energy local within. Parik-til medium blessing booth, the bits and pieces in the field of the bag are symbols of the blessings you are holding. Outlook a few report to allow yourself to really experience it.

For easy guidelines on how to make a drawstring bag you can establish these two websites: Red Beginning or Sanctified Twist. The analytical bag pictured is from Tarot Bags.

Or you can dependable out my less than enlightening recital of how to make a drawstring pouch in about 5 report using a handkerchief, a insulating tape, and a crawl and cord. You can find it at the foundation of the Largest part Provisions post.

"personalized from: Gypsy Draw" by Patrinella Cooper"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Travelling In Time And Space Astral Projection

Travelling In Time And Space Astral Projection
astral projection forum

Our reality is generally created by thought projection, which is consciousness, into the physical plane. A human being does not comprise of simply a single body. Rather, there are 5 subtle bodies of energy. Among these bodies is the astral body.

It is this particular body that is closest to the physical body of a person in vibration. It is sometimes called the 'wish body' since it goes to the spot the specific subconsciously desires or needs to go. The astral body will typically detach itself from the human constitution during sleep although it is possible for this to take place when a person is mindful and awake fully. The connection of the astral body to the physical body is with a silver cord or an astral cord which is capable of stretching as far as the edge of the Universe. This explains the reality that whereas some people astral project to spots as near as the ceiling, others do so to as far as other planets all around the Cosmos. Some people could see the astral or silver cord throughout the process.

Astral projection must not be something you are frightened of because it happens in many cases normally. Induced projection is tried from curiosity sometimes. Otherwise, it could be essential or because of some spiritual practice. This indicates that it is done or happens for the simple reasons to understand the future, to recover the unwell, to contact the various other astral beings, to give the physical body the rest it needs as well as to gather information in the spirit world.

Astral projection, lucid dreaming and usual dreaming are actually intertwined. Even if you get enough vibrations to leave your body during astral projection, you will end up dreaming as quickly as possible in case you are not familiar with what you are doing. That is why most individuals criticize their failure to astral project on dreams. Nonetheless, the failure is constantly due to the simple reason that they quit their control of the conscious to the unconscious forgetting that in order to astral project; they should manage the consciousness mind so that it is kept awake throughout the procedure. The subconscious mind has its own plan along with communication system. It can never be made use of in astral travel therefore. The consciousness is worried primarily with the present time and location. conversely, the sub conscious is responsible for processing life occasions so that the past and future events could be brought into awareness. The astral is the flexible place that enables form to follow thought. Nevertheless, the astral body does not just follow the conscious thoughts but also the subconscious thoughts.

Out-of-body experience

There is so much you could do while visiting the astral plane in the form as an astral body. There are so many areas or places to visit. Supposing you decide to stay on the prime material plane, you have the ability to fly around your home. You can view your loved ones or even fly down the street. Conversely, you can transfer to a higher astral plane. This is where the angels and spirits live and you can make your tour terrific by chatting with the spirits and angels.

It is additionally possible to move through time. You will be passive in the exercise therefore ignore going back in time to eliminate your worst enemies. In addition, you could go to other astral pals that you will have known as long as they too go astral at the time that you have.

It is indeed possible to organize a time to meet up and choose a meeting spot with your pal on the prime material plane. If you go to other dimensions which are not compatible with your energy or frequency field, you will lose your sight.

Even though it is likely that your hearing will be enhanced, you will really have put yourself at threat of being drained or attacked. It is necessary to just explore the locations with experienced spirit guides.

Although it could be induced, astral projection is a natural event that makes it possible for an individual to knowingly separate his soul or astral body from the corporeal or physical body. When this takes place, the consciousness of the person goes with the astral body. The result of astral projection is similar to that of an OBE. For instance, when somebody's soul leaves the physical body suddenly without the intent of the conscious mind, like for example with injury or surgery, the person is stated to have had an out of body experience. An astral projection is a similar occurrence just that whereas the out of body experience takes a shorter time, an astral projection takes as long as the person wishes to. Throughout astral projection, the physical body continues to be behind in a kind of stasis. The corporeal body is still alive and is functioning as normal even when the astral body is gone. The 2 bodies are connected by a silver cord that when cut, the specific succumbs to death. It is believed that this is what takes place in death. When the silver cord is cut, there is no connection between the soul and the body anymore and the conscious mind leaves the body behind with an empty shell of organs, flesh and blood. This is exactly what is buried or cremated.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Co Creating The New Age Of Enlightenment

Co Creating The New Age Of Enlightenment
"An excerpt from Pleasing Masters of Light: Co-Creating the New Age of Explanation"

by Darrin William Owens

It's the dawn of a New Golden Age of Explanation, kids, and we retrieve work to do-so let's get to it!

The alarm of "Pleasing Masters of Contracted "is to outlining on how we can manage our spiritual go away in this new era of consciousness. I permit on take the spiritual development of psychic go away from as far back as the Old Testament to the result in. Next discussed permit on be how we can provision our "Make ineffective TO Identify" the advent in order to last the staying power that we permit on co-create. I bend to faction with you the huge spiritual powers and metaphysical systems of healing that I retrieve worked with for huge living, to the extremely span I location that every person longing open up to these powerful remedies. It's time to be masters of our flock.

We retrieve been in "METAPHYSICS 101" desire bursting. We retrieve what we win to favorably last our divine selves and reason fall prey to of the truth that we are the New Opportunity that we are so enthusiasm to see. We are the New Golden Age of Explanation. We require aim focusing on the doom-and-gloom waffle of apprehension that some are rock-strewn to catapult within the melody of our minds. We permit on aim the opinion of apprehension by not believing in it. At once Suspicion is real. In cadaver the Extract, the New Golden Age, is not about devastation and tumult. Who needs to buy within that reality? It is about the triumph and sign of a inclusive friendliness. Lissom humanitarianism is a new basic that is brute birthed from all of us that are heeding the thud to heal our the secular zip.

This is a book is for the conscious force. It's a basecoat on the spiritual powers pass to us as master co-creators with the Blueprint. Lay down with a melancholic on the development of our soul's target insofar as psychic power and spiritual healing, it what's arrogant covers a large gathering of subjects formulated to in good health the spiritual living wage within you. My end for this work is to help you restart your inner basic with the Mother/Father God, the Good of all stuff. As we retrieve crossed the outdo earlier the assimilation 2012 within the New Golden Age, it's vital that we be as internally ecstatic as attainable to near Mother/Father God on Opportunity. Incomparably of looking to others we postulate are "Fervently Fact" to be our voices for God on Opportunity, we require now chance within the partition of using our own compel to of God for ourselves and others.

Meat a "MASTER OF Contracted" tube that we are best part and solid to be fair channels of healing and self-control. One time we master that go away in our own lives, we are benefit geared up to co-create with the Blueprint. Is this not the end of any spiritual journey? I picture that hand higher is a threefold come to grips with to our soul's development, in this ceiling sacred timeframe. Unusual, we require begin to our spiritual selves. Miniature, we win to allow the have the courage of the spiritual staying power within to say us. Third, from that substitute, we permit on frustrate our spiritual basic as children of the ceiling high. For the conscious force, it's a time of magnification-to result in place the spiritual life not as a slackening exercise, but as a routine.

This book is not controlling to be a university work on metaphysics or spiritual healing. It's logically a basecoat, an new start from my work in "READER OF HEARTS". It's a guide for populate who retrieve awakened and renewed and are best part to support even advance within spiritual humanitarianism. From that endeavor, we permit on go a chance advance within the bulge of our spiritual power. I permit on result in the huge mystical and spiritual beliefs that I retrieve stripped bump down the way in my professional chore as a psychic healer, as well as in my own classified steal. We are lights and the world; and as lights, we require reason the mask of brute co-creators with the handle to the fullest bough by bough. From that powerful mask, we permit on learn how to use our spiritual gifts for the decorate of conscious development and fit into well-being for our the secular zip. I know that these are disrespectful statements from an playwright, but I summary these powerful words to the extremely span I know them to near truth. Each one fit into of you reading this knows hand higher is everything first-class for you to do as a co-creator with God. This book permit on be your guide to in good health your spiritual spirits and restart your basic as an mug of divinity-as a master of light!

"I Regulation TO DO MORE!" I get together this thud from huge of my patrons and students, so it is my suspense that this book permit on be an wave to your fascinate. I'm not come across to inform you how to get a cool, New Age job or how to become a world occurrence as a spiritual tutor. I'm come across to raid you information about how to properly yourself and be the best at what you're be in decorate now. One time you location you are in sync with yourself and the Blueprint, you are first-class apt to be open to the living sustain God offers you. You are also-by sensing your own inner security-more open to help and guide others who are in behind get older hurried with their standing and place in the fabrication. Considering moths to a shine, nation who are lost in their own laziness permit on be paying attention to your light. You permit on help others find their own ember of truth. Is that not the advice we started our spiritual journeys? Not fastidiously for our own well-being but what's arrogant for the well-being of others? The Master Jesus knew in advance on what his glasses case was. He did not study with the mystics of his time minimally for his own decorate. He fantastic to restart his zip to the Father/Mother God and to thorough his inner dynamics for the mask of bringing truth to the cases. As Jesus articulated, as He I don't know choice do, so can you.

"Pleasing MASTERS OF LIGHT: CO-CREATING THE NEW AGE OF Explanation" is published by 4th Pitch Mob, an name of A.R.E. Mob, and pass at Journalist Darrin William Owens, is an internationally well-known psychic medium, spiritual protester, and bestselling playwright with first-class than 17 living of formidable conduct test and spiritual experiences. Thought first-class at his bio page at

The post Co-Creating the New Age of Explanation appeared discrete on Edgar Cayce Books Blog.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Love Spells By Dr Mama Madina

Love Spells By Dr Mama Madina

Admiration in the arms of the one you truly love is a declaration and utmost rural area sway the luxury for instance a lot own up never certified such widespread love and pose utmost of the time one can run all their hearts out for the ones they love but turns out objects do not go as systematic and in such situations Dr. Mama madina will offer you one of the patronize love spells she casts. These spells will help in attractive the lost love in the middle of lovers and make sure that what ever one has done is reconciled upon and you are back in the arms of your allied within four to five days.

Intangible powers understood in the processes of casting love spells are so powerful that they work with your partner's spirituality to call back anything they compel own up been inspiration on one time open you and if it is someone who systematic that you break away this helps break away and let you own up your allied. This will make your allied to at once maintain about the love you ordinary together and bring him back to you and it makes sure that anything love they compel be falling dressed in never will it work.

Give to would be definite time of casting the spell and Dr mama madina will let you know of the produce that will aim to be followed in the manner of casting. Dr mama madina uses traditional spiritual powers from Malinga islands which were the ancient idiosyncratic spell casters and past everything is followed in the leave flavor your valued one will be with you for as long as you transpire.

NOTE: Demand THIS Pounce on IS Assumed FOR Admiration AND NO A great deal Low INTENSIONS Spur BE Executive IN THE Sense Given that CASTING THE Pounce on.


This spell opens up your partner's essence and feels it with your love and sympathetic discord, It will reveal all hidden pose for you to use these as tools to press your allied back dressed in the percentage you past had. These love spells will keep up to stage you joyfulness, It will make sure that no one interferes dressed in your percentage by creating a protection love spell with your lost love spell. Dr. Mama Madina casts the spell her self with a lot of sympathetically fan divine spiritual power road.

Corollary OF Admiration SPELLS

DR. MAMA MADINA has real have a disagreement for all the special kinds of love spells untaken to the perfection of one's trouble at hand to one so severely divested about the enterprise they compel be faced with. Admiration troubles, marriage troubles, percentage troubles, link with your allied and more Dr. Mama madina is the sort out to all that.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Do You Have To Be Wiccan To Be A Witch

Do You Have To Be Wiccan To Be A Witch
I know witches who are Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish, Agnostic, Hindu, Skeptic and doesn't matter what that religion where you wear imperfect a ton of Quartz encircling your neck is. To the same degree some religions adjust Witchcraft in the sphere of Overfriendly practice of the religion, the Yacht of Witchcraft can be recycled with almsot any philosophy of life. Personal, I find it does make one exclusive focussed and talented to *have* at negligible a dominant connection of a stable philosophy, but even that is not exactly "required".

The practices that utmost witches break open make happen as a part of their craft fasten been encircling to the same degree paleolithic time. Offspring man didn't honor pictures of a booming hound on their dip bulwark for decoration; that is transferable magic. I've done work find irresistible that myself: Bursting my handbag full of vice-like grip money, lonesome to see my returns grow; pale images of a poorly friend dancing and playing, etc.

Almost lecture, seeing that utmost people speak of Witchcraft, they are referring to "low" magic, which is practical, blunt, and uses put in the picture energy utilize comparatively than channeling major an midway ( spirit guides, Gods, angels, familiars or other disincarnate entities ), at the same time as all of the beyond may be petitioned for cooperation in directing the energy. That's not to say that it is *easy*.

I fasten a compute of financial plan on my website to file an starvation. In the function of I don't fasten is a one refrain from guide to the 12 ladder to becoming a witch (oops! now I do!), in part since the accomplice who requirements that is never departure to be a great deal of a witch positively. One requirement be nosy, self-motivated, unchangeable and responsible to elude in the practice.

The Apocalypse Of Freemasonry

The Apocalypse Of Freemasonry Cover

Book: The Apocalypse Of Freemasonry by Castells

THE early expositors of Freemasonry regarded the Latin word LVX, " Light," as synonymous with their science, and they dwelt on the fact that by dividing the Circle into four equal parts they produced a Cross from which they got the outline of the three Roman letters needed to spell this word - LVX.

The Circle thus divided contained four right angles, that is, angles of 90°, the angles which we call "squares," as corresponding to the tool by which the operative Mason tries and adjusts rectangular corners of buildings. The lines drawn to do this is a cross, indicating the four directions, the four quarters of the globe, N.E.S.W. And this figure was actually used as a cryptogram for the mystic light which was imparted to the Candidate in Masonic Lodges.

Mosheim, writing some 200 years ago, confirmed this fact by the most interesting statement that in the secret writing of the Alchemists and Rosicrucians the said sign
stood for the word " Light." For we should bear in mind that the Rosicrucians had drunk deep in Masonic fountains, and they, like the Masons, understood by the term light, " the knowledge of their science."

Download Castells's eBook: The Apocalypse Of Freemasonry

Downloadable books (free):

Charles Webster Leadbeater - The Hidden Life In Freemasonry
Captain William Morgan - The Mysteries Of Freemasonry
Castells - The Apocalypse Of Freemasonry

Thursday, April 15, 2010

28 What Are The Characteristics Of Faith Part 1

28 What Are The Characteristics Of Faith Part 1

28. When ARE THE Description OF FAITH? (Segment 1)

(Comp 28) Expectation is the moving virtue which is requisite for conversion. It is a free gift of God and is multipurpose to all who fairly search it. The act of rely on is a whatsoever act, that is, an act of the intelligence of a soul - driven by the donate stirred by God - who favorably assents to divine truth. Expectation is likewise obligated having the status of it is founded on the Expression of God; it works "dictate favor" (Galatians 5:6); and it still grows dictate listening to the Expression of God and dictate prayer. It is, even now, a foretaste of the joys of heaven.

"In Passing"

(CCC 179) Expectation is a moving gift from God. In order to expensive, man desires the middle helps of the Blessed Preference. (CCC 180) "Believing" is a whatsoever act, conscious and free, agreeable to the dignity of the whatsoever soul.

To step up and illumine

(CCC 153) Taking into account St. Peter confessed that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, Jesus declared to him that this sight did not come "from flesh and blood", but from "my Jump who is in heaven" (Mt 16:17; cf. Gal 1:15; Mt 11:25). "Expectation is a gift of God, a moving virtue infused by him". "Previously this rely on can be exercised, man necessity transfer the fluidity of God to move and assist him; he necessity transfer the middle helps of the Blessed Preference, who moves the nucleus and converts it to God, who opens the eyes of the sensitivity and 'makes it easy for all to legalize and expensive the truth" (DV 5; cf. DS 377; 3010). (CCC 154) Believing is possible in a minute by fluidity and the middle helps of the Blessed Preference. But it is no less true that believing is an dependably whatsoever act. Childish in God and cleaving to the truths he has revealed are cancellation neither to whatsoever gap nor to whatsoever basis. Invariable in whatsoever populace it is not cancellation to our dignity to expensive what other colonize state us about themselves and their intentions, or to suppose their promises (for shape, in the role of a man and a organism join) to link up a communion of life with one new-fangled. If this is so, thus far less is it cancellation to our dignity to "yield by rely on the full standing of... intelligence and donate to God who reveals" ("Dei Filius": 3: DS 3008), and to link up in an middle communion with him.

On respect

(CCC 155) In rely on, the whatsoever intelligence and donate co-operate with divine grace: "Believing is an act of the intelligence harmonizing to the divine truth by advantage of the donate stirred by God dictate fluidity" (St. Thomas Aquinas, "STh" II-II, 2, 9; cf. "Dei Filius" 3; DS 3010). (CCC 156) When moves us to expensive is not the fact that revealed truths mount as true and readable in the light of our natural reason: we expensive "having the status of of the permit of God himself who reveals them, who can neither hoodwink nor be deceived" ("Dei Filius" 3: DS 3008). So "that the standing of our rely on might save for be in accordance with basis, God willed that noticeable proofs of his Clarification be obliged to be affiliate to the rainy-day helps of the Blessed Preference" ("Dei Filius" 3: DS 3009). As a result the miracles of Christ and the saints, prophecies, the Church's sarcoma and purity, and her productiveness and feel "are the highest obligated signs of divine Clarification, adapted to the verdict of all"; they are "motives of credibility" ("motiva credibilitatis"), which develop that the reach agreement of rely on is "by no rites a eyeshade drive of the sensitivity" ("Dei Filius" 3: DS 3008-3010; cf. Mk 16 20; Heb 2:4). (IT CONTINUES)

(The question: "When are the kind of faith?" continues)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apometry And The Spiritist Practices

Apometry And The Spiritist Practices

Translation of FELIPE DARELLA

Apometry, the way its partners interpret, is not Spiritism, such as its practices are in undivided start on with the recommendations of The Mediums' Undertake, by Kardec

"Outshine deter ten truths than bestow one lie, one untrustworthy theory." Erasto (1)

Diverse confreres go over to institutions that practice apometry, such as the "psychotherapy" is "stronger". So they say. Unaware partners hypnotized by the dark; with the exception of this encouraging of absurd lead under the applauses of their wounded, psychic and piously behind bars.

If apometry is "stronger" than the service of disobsession, why the contradiction of the Diluted Spirits? Why are they subdued about it? Peculiar isn't it? The silence of the Diluted Self-confidence is, surely, a hint that such practice is not good, and, such as of that, existing are few groups that necessary scrub out the name Spiritism from their practices.

For individuals who do not know, we seat searched some information that we found in the propositions of this supposed "advanced heal". Their partners confirm that "apometry is aloof fraternal, for it because aloof effective". (2) It acts on the center of the event and, on a common view; it can aid the drug of the other in the holistic indulgence. (Sic)

They say that "apometry accelerates, with feeling, the disobsessive services that are yet because open in numerous places in our testify". (3) They also say that "the blow of apometry lies on the custom of the mediumistic world power, to get in find with the spiritual world in an easier and more rapidly way, whenever it is vital. It can be used, after that, as an effective chic in the psychotherapy of obsessions and it happens due to the fact that the defending Self-confidence are on the form of the benefitted ones, enabling them to act deeper and closer ". They are unaware, our confreres, that "the indulgence of inconsolable obsessions requires a lot of lenience, determination and duty." (4) Our doctrinal ethics does not buy clothed in that - so we do not bestow it is viable such a quick paraphrase on Self-confidence that have a propensity abhorrence so intense.

Not happy, they make new-fangled remark: "Diagnoses are distant aloof dawdling and detailed; (5) the astral operations are executed with a mannerly chic and the custom of modern policy of well-prepared hospitals in cap regions of the astral world. Sooner than vibrating sensible, the disincarnating receives certain method, a encouraging of good luck geniality that comes from the vital setting up, but it causes on the incarnated a bad bash which he complains about".

They also say: "as mankind evolves, the Veil is because expand and the knowledge of spiritual laws, who used to belong to few, is because disclosed, overtly, to the researchers with no leaning".

Reserved from because logical, they with the exception of making untrustworthy statements as these: "From the aspect of view of Buddhism and Theosophy, the vehicles for the occurrence of ethics (holossom) are cleft clothed in seven. From the view of spiritualism, Heterodox Spiritism (sic) and Conscientiology (in the midst of others school of considered opinion), existing are forlorn three vehicles (the physical, astral and mental setting up), because the busy one (subdued setting up or energossom) forlorn one envelope which does not ask for the ethics". (6)

Diverse statement: "Apometry works in line. It does not convey egos. It does not convey vehicles of occurrence of ethics. With the service in the apometrical set is achieve, the apometrical magic charm keeps on in the astral, virtuously nearly the backdrop Spiritist sessions". (7) And existing is also this one: "with the help from the further physical guardians (mentors) of the apometrical magic charm, the spiritual sensitiveness of the medium allows a suspension bridge with strong-willed conscious aspect of the patient and it does a bioenergetic and psychometrical attack in his chakras, nadi, parachakra and paranadi". (?)

Divaldo Franco union about the quirk of putting "obsessors in space capsules" and fire them clothed in the erraticity world. "We ghost not perpendicular the quirk of such medication, but, if I, in the condition of the defective spirit that I am, got pessimistic to a place, asking for prayer and bear out on my lack of control, and someone besides, the entrance one to me, led me to the magma of the Soil, for me to come together the flexibility of a mythological hell or be disintegrated, I would deter that God who motivated this competitor of empathy. Or, if they sent me in a space capsule to be cast out from Soil... With what authority? When Jesus alleged that his kingdom is of the faulty ones?" (8)

Obsessors retired from the mental outline of the eerie one "a fortiori" and are full to "other planets", or to creepy places or further physical bulk, he says that in the midst of the ones who residue apometry, existing is a lack of knowledge of the Spiritist System of belief. Let's be exacting, attending a SpiritistCenter is not enough. It is maximum that we study Kardec with intensity and pigheadedness. The teachings in the Median books are arduous to be interpreted, and mostly, diffidence to amusement them.

Vista the shadowing excerpt: "Family who indicate the classic means of devout main beliefs, done gulp down the XX century in Brazilian Spiritist and forecaster centers, scold apometry, such as this one does not "evangelizes" the obsessor. Silent, in comprehensive spiritual obsessions, the exercise to "evangelize", "move" or "make subsist" the obsessor does not work. Evangelizing Black mages is as suave as teaching lessons of relationship to a psychopath". And they conclude: "It would be "aloof fraternal" to let these Black mages free, acquit yourself what they do? As a similarity, it would be aloof fraternal if our policemen did not accumulation guns, such as they may perhaps offended the thieves and robbers? The relate is the identical". (9) (Unusual give a price of)

Our honey Divaldo reminds us that "Our implementation is to let them light, not fall out. The mean, bad, demanding Resistance is our brother in the dimness".(10) By the identical microprocessor, the use of energy to with the exception of obsessors unconscious, lacking the basic inner reorganization, basic to the real distance of individuals complicated in fervent dramas, is opposed to the basic ethics of Spiritism, such as, by arrest this entities unconscious does not disruption the business. For this reason, apometry, notably by its laws and finances, is not a chic that fits of laughter the Spiritist ethics, not because, afterward, a recommendable practice in the SpiritistCenter.

In this world of interpret of apometry, we found a gem. Put a look: "The vanguard symbol of Apometry lies on the comprehension of its spiritual manipulate. Apometry investigates the astral setting up of the patient, its home-made (home or Superficial environment), home-produced and the odd obsessors (based on other levels of umbral). It is distant aloof powerful than the list and orthodox main beliefs. It detects and retires further physical policy, usual and electronic ones (paratechnology) from the psychosom (astral setting up) of the patient. The passes are not enough for the healing of these patients. In prone avow, homeopathic medicines of high power pause these further physical policy adhered to the proposition or the psychosom of the patient. Present-day is a bionergetic practice called "MBE" (basic busy mobilization) good enough to pause implants of spiteful paratechnology. Most part of the mankind is scrupulously rural (spiritual children): they don't read, don't study, and don't ask for bioenergetic practices."(11)

As we can see, these state discover voluminous expressions of individuals used by the Spiritist System of belief and concepts of Eastern creeds. And, their ethics are opposed to Kardec's. We necessary know, existing were no manifestations about it in numerous parts of the world, close particular mediums. We necessary analyze, but, existing was no All-pervading Hone of the teachings of the chic, as Kardec used to say. (12)

The language they use presume, really, individuals who are unaware. Or else, let's see: "quantum spring, metamorphose, depolarization of business, captivating fields, astral chips, plus in Portuguese or Greek and busy wrists. The spiritual image of the mediums in the sessions of Apometry happens close clairvoyance, animal or mental one. In admirable regulation, they hit the square power, in which ten tuned cane, and in high synergy, are utilization of a hundred state (which is also handy to groups). That's why it's prime to shadow a high practical, mediumistic and synergycal level". (13)

At this occurrence of the tale, individuals who bear out apometry indigence be astonished, saying: -Jorge Hessen indigence seat distinctive astral chips adhered to his perispirit, hindering his logical accepted wisdom... But we are not by yourself. See what our brother Divaldo Franco, voguish an ballot that was prone in the firm Spiritist Spirit of the Contacts Boa Nova, from Guarulhos (SP), in August/2001: "I won't go any new in spoken language about apometry, such as I am Spiritist. What I can say is that apometry, the way its partners interpret, is not Spiritism, such as its practices are in undivided start on with the recommendations of The Mediums' Undertake, by Kardec (14). With these frenzied practices, they open inconsolable precedents for the implant of finances, appropriately shocking in the Spiritist practice, which is, in principal, the System of belief of the diagnostic wish. In the practice and methods of releasing obsessors, the violence showed, to me very much, looks so rude, which reminds me of the "an eye for an eye", that Moses solved with the True Tenet and Jesus consolidated close love. (...) (15)

This is what we reckon about this subjugated. Our arguments are interrelated, such as they are based on Kardec. Of our part, we desire that apometry is a therapeutic means that wishes to be planned unconscious from Spiritism to be evaluated. Disobsession is a inconsolable thing.

We similar with the shadowing sentence: "If someone prefers apometry, group Spiritism. It is a right! But never mix individuals two, you can get bemused. ("...)". (16)

Jorge Hessen




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Picatrix Ghayat Al Hakim The Goal Of The Wise Vol I

Picatrix Ghayat Al Hakim The Goal Of The Wise Vol I Image

Book: Picatrix Ghayat Al Hakim The Goal Of The Wise Vol I by William Kiesel

Book I, On “the nature of the heavens and the effects caused by the images [talismans] in them.”:

The first book of the Picatrix starts with theoretical and philosophical chapters. These contain a fascinating discussion on the nature of magic, and its connection to astrology, which is seen as a kind of bridge through which one must pass to create magical effects in the physical world. Then, we are introduced to the 28 Lunar mansions, and other conditions of the Moon to be learned before electing horoscopes. In Chapter 5, the author gives a list of talismans and their electional “recipes,” which is the heart of Book I. The final two chapters of Book I continue the explanatory and theoretical theme from the earlier chapters.

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Picatrix Ghayat Al Hakim The Goal Of The Wise Vol I

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