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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Egyptian Masonic Satanic Connection

The Egyptian Masonic Satanic Connection Cover It probably all started with the women's movement, which gave society the message that victims of oppression need not be silent. They should be able to talk about what happened to them without being blamed for their perpetrators' transgressions. Many of the early feminists were focused on women's rights in society. Simultaneously, women all over the States also started remembering another form of violence.

In the 1970s and 80s, American women who were incest survivors started speaking out. No, they didn't seduce their fathers; they were raped. No, they didn't like it. Yes, they wish it had never happened. It scarred their lives. No, they didn't fantasize it. Their lucidity set the stage for our present decade of uncovering the hidden and naming abuses. In united voice, they contradicted the experts whose opinions joined with common "wisdom" over the centuries to sabotage truth and justice and blame innocent victims. They held self-support meetings so that survivors could share and validate one another. They wrote books on incest and produced art exhibits and theatre performances. They held "Take Back the Night" marches. National and local television talk shows started featuring incest survivors, or as they were called, incest victims. These shows reached millions of American homes and gave other silent or repressed survivors permission to remember and speak out.

At the same time, some, not all by any means, survivors of severe repressed trauma observed that they had divided parts within themselves, that different personas had different interests, manners, outlooks, personalities, functions. Professionals gave these survivors the diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder. As their treatment progressed, inevitably they discovered that some of the personas recalled severe sexual abuse at home, sometimes by multiple perpetrators.

As time went on, though this all happened very fast, some survivors remembered fathers and mothers raping and violating them, their brothers and sisters. Moreover, the rapes were not so secret as in families where there is incest by one parent only. Here there was open collusion. Sometimes known community members, including high up politicians and professionals, were remembered violating together. Survivors remembered that this violence occurred during rituals and ceremonies. Some, again not all, remembered religious overtones. They recalled that covens held these rituals, and that spiritual warring occurred during them. As soon as Satan was named, some churches became involved in the recovery process. Many churches continue to disbelieve this abuse exists.

Many survivors whom I have worked or spoken with observed that they had terrible reactions to their breakthrough memories, that after they had a memory, some became suicidal, felt that they were losing their minds or had other strange responses. Why should they suddenly feel so negative at the very moment of a leap into freedom? These reactions helped them and their therapists understand that this was not solely a phenomenon of physical and spiritual torture. An advanced scientific system of mind control was the main ingredient in satanic cult abuse.

People's recovery process deepened, and survivors and their therapists discovered more about imposed and natural disassociation and repression. Some survivors remembered that Masonic abuse also occurred. As each month goes on, more and more therapists and survivors are reporting this connection. Some remember their fathers taking them to Masonic meetings and rituals occurring on the characteristic black and white checkered floors. Other survivors have done art work describing their abuse, in which Masonic and satanic symbols are interwoven. Some of Ann-Marie Germain's conversations with her father, which support her memories of having been Masonically and satanically abused, were recently published in Margaret Smith's book ritual Abuse (HarperSanFrancisco, 1993).

David L. Carrico's The Egyptian - Masonic - Satanic Connection presents the characteristics of Masonic abuse. With Rick Doninger, he describes the characteristics of satanic abuse and demonstrates how they correspond. In addition, some of what he describes as Masonic practices are also reported by satanic cult survivors, such as the kissing of certain parts of the body described on page 126. The double subterranean level shown in the illustration on page 64 matches what some survivors have described as hidden ritual sites. The demonic presences described on page 137 reflects some satanic cult survivors' experiences. Another similarity is the extensive and exact use of hand signals and motions to communicate messages.

There's no precedent in history for understanding satanic cult abuse. It's not exposed like incest, alcoholism, the Holocaust, the mafia, what's happening in Bosnia or our ghettoes. We don't know about groups of people being mind controlled and living with no free will, but they have been with us for centuries. The Bible describes satanic practices but not mind control or the high tech electroshock programming that satanic cult survivors suffer. One of the many reasons people are so reluctant to believe Satanism exists is because they're not aware of a model for it in modern Western civilization. It's no accident that the Masonic connection to satanic cult abuse is slow to be revealed in survivors' memory process. The Masonic link brings survivors into the realm of the political world view that satanic cults have and how some world leaders may be involved in this exploitation.

David Carrico's work is one of the first attempts to set the foundation for understanding the interconnectedness of Satanism and Egyptian-Masonic abuse. This kind of historical exploration is needed to put today's world in perspective and help people understand the roots of current violence, conspiracy and destruction. The combination of personal testimonies and research has got to make a strong impact even on a sleepy, negligent society that is prone to denial. The information in this book is important.

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