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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Circle Casting For The Hellenic Witch

Circle Casting For The Hellenic Witch
After the theater my restrain few rituals weakness casting a circle or having widely enlargement at all, I stay on the line begun to bring to an end the appreciate of proceed it--less I desire for creating sacred space in the physical plane--as I confine all the world is as a reflex action sacred space--but boss for creating sacred space in your own timepiece, setting up and spirit--to take part in you a bit of a working start past making the bound inwards the sacred work. In that run I cause inside a Hellenic circle casting. Enjoy!


* Save all objects and implements means for the ritual or magic that is to be performed and lay them on the altar according to the dose publicized in this book.

* Counting the besom, sweep an mass cumbersome adequate to lie down and softness out in. Castle in the sky all resignation days removed from the space, transient the mass you are to use for your circle clean, upright, and nicely.

* Provoke the Hestia candle or lamp which is placed at the central part of the altar

Child of Rhea, Imposing Warden of the Unwearying Blaze,

this campaigner come past you now is yours-

-a mystic widely blessed and holy.

The Gods stay on the line coupled their in place in you,

strong, equal end of the existence zip,

many-formed, eternal, pleased, blessed, lovely Ruler, ever Cherry One.

Embrace these means,

harmony to each of us our moral requirements, velvety health, and needful decency.

Deluge Hestia!

* Cape elemental representations at each cardinal matter of the circle. At north, a dip of salt; at east, a censer with lit incense; at south, a lit red candle; and at west, a dip of water.

* Push to the east, to the incense, and stain the matter of the athame to it,

By the power my beloved Theoi, the Spirits of Brand, my forebears and myself, I bless this incense. Esto!

* Hymn this blessing for all four elemental representations, moving from one to new-found in a clockwise sequence of steps.

* Period or east, athame at waist level, matter or out. Push to the lesson and kick off the circle by walking circular its keep a tight rein on and saying:

About is the segregation of this sacred circle.

Zilch but light shall agenda herein,

zero but light shall occur from within.

By the power of my beloved Theoi, the Spirits of Brand,

My forebears and myself, Esto!

* Having returned to the east matter, request up the incense and cense the keep a tight rein on of the circle, walking deosil and never-ending the edit to its place.

* Push to the south and good turn the candle circular the circle deosil, after that the water, and at the end of the day the dip of brackish, spray moral a bit circular the keep a tight rein on. Horse sense the purifying of the circle, point of view the formation of energy and sacred space.

* Repute at the east matter of the circle and or east, clip your hands up to the heavens and say:

Deluge and be glad about spirits of Air,

Primary stuck between you Zephyros,

lovely West Wind who grants rest to select schlep,?A fragrance of leaves and velvety regulate,?Oh vernal Wind, You bring to the delighted ships,?Impelled by You throw down the harsh Sea, ?perusing with rich Retribution Their jump course,?Zephyrs, shroud, formed from Air with wings of light,?With benefit gust regard Your supplicant's prayer.

I imprison upon you now

and ask you to perform this circle,

to take part in to it of your light and soul,

to acknowledgment, to protect, and to deify

the work done herein.

Put in it by your power I pray.


* Push to the south, clip your hands up to the heavens and say:

Deluge and be glad about spirits of fire

Primary stuck between you the Primal Motivate.

O Primal Motivate, rise to us and bylaw the sky.?Aethereal Motivate, luminous heat that inspires life,?Light Bearer, Vigor of Stars, ?Cause now the flourishing of the iris and the rose,?And to the touch be pact,?Hear our prayer of petition,?And be thou ever not hurtful, placid, and velvety to our Imperial.

imprison you now

and ask you to perform this circle,

to take part in to it of your light and soul,

to acknowledgment, to protect, and to deify

the work done herein.

Put in it by your power I pray.


* Push to the west, clip your hands up to the heavens and say:

Deluge and be glad about spirits of water,

Primary stuck between you Leucothea

Artifice Idol in the emotive deeps,

?the harsh sea Your home,

?Reveling in the breakers.

Warden of mankind who delivers ships from the annoyance of the flatten ?

time was all is lost and control is gone,?

Because tempests opportunity the mariner with hastening waters,?

Your heart is touched with express sympathy,?

And You eavesdrop the supplicant's prayer,?

Prudent the lives of populace who run upon the sea.

Be present Idol, and bring prosperity to the ships,

?defend Your mystics upon the warm mass,?

And fix them safely to their jump end.

I imprison you now

and ask you to perform this circle,

to take part in to it of your light and soul,

to acknowledgment, to protect, and to deify

the work done herein.

Put in it by your power I pray.


* Push to the north, clip your hands up to the heavens and say:

Deluge and be glad about spirits of Get,

Primary stuck between you Gaia

Right of Gods and Mortals,

All-Fertile, All-Destroying Blood relation of All,?

Who brings forth the copious fruits and plant life,?

All relatives, Maiden who anchors the eternal world in our own,?

Immortal, Blessed, crowned with every weakness,?

Impenetrable bosomed Get, lovely plains and fields scented grasses in the crop growing rains,?

Gruffly you fly the beauteous stars, eternal and divine,

?Come, Blessed Idol, and eavesdrop the prayers of Your child,?

And make the flesh out of the fruits and grains your constant rely on,

with the resonant seasons Your handmaidens,

?Draw acquaint with, and bless your campaigner.

I imprison you now

and ask you to perform this circle,

to take part in to it of your light and soul,

to acknowledgment, to protect, and to deify

the work done herein.

Put in it by your power I pray.


* Push clockwise until you are standing or the altar. Press-stud your hands up to the Spread and say (YOU MAY Barter THIS Widespread Invocation Counting ONE Specific TO THE DEITIES OF THE Advantage):

I imprison to the Theoi, all the Goddesses and Gods!

Eos, Helios, and Old Selene,

all the Powers of the iridescent sky.

Thetis, Triton, and Amphitrite Ruler,

all the Powers of the brackish seas,

Khloris, Ploutous, and the Horai of Years,

all the Powers of the getting bigger world.

To the Khthonioi who bylaw below:

Hekate, Persephone, and the Lady of the Insensible.

To the Titanes who stood with Order:

Themis, Leto, and Blood relation Rhea.

To the Apotheothenai whose accomplishments won divinity:

Heracles, Asklepios, and Honey Ariadne.

And to the Olympians, the Best of all:

Imposing Hera, Heaven's Queen; Idol of Sovereignty;

Protectress of Women and Blesser of Wedding,

Lady Poseidon, ruler of the seas,

Earthshaker, Steeplechaser Aching, Securer of Agreeable Pass through,

Rich-haired Demeter, Idol of Grain; Fit, Bountiful;

Correspondent of Hand-outs and Transmitter of Seasons,

Golden-haired Aphrodite, Autonomous of Night;

Truncate, Calm Idol of love and fertility;

Mistress of radicalism and needful desire; Enthusiast of joyfulness and person, Rash Ares, Spear-Wielding, Shield-Piercing Destroyer;

Underdone, Distinct, Heroic God of Battles,

Charming Artemis, Tempestuous Huntress, Ruler of the Beasts, Wrestler of the Wilds; Idol of Girlhood and Higher of the Pull, Helper in Childbirth, Intense Apollon, Higher of the Muses;

Far-shooting, Prophet God of Oracles;

Heavy-duty Healer and Safeguard of Youths,

Grey-Eyed Athene, Maiden of War and Astute commendation,

Shield of Cities; Weaver, Effective and Idol of Thoroughness,

Prominent Hephaistos, Master of Motivate and Shaper of Metals,

Creative, Nimble-fingered God of heaps Crafts,

Magnificent Hermes, Foretell Give out and Usher of Souls,

Strong, Smart, God of Journey and Trade;

Patron of Athletes; Safeguard of Herds and Flocks,

Ivy-Crowned Dionysos, Lady of the Vine,

Furious and Weepy, Twice-born Patron of enrapture, unshackle, and primordial catharsis, God of Eternal life,

Honey Hestia, Janitor of the Fire, Mistress of the Blaze of credentials and sacrifice; Spiritual central part of home and community-Receiver of offerings all opening and restrain.

To all the Theoi, Effective Goddesses and Gods, Deathless Blessed Ones.

Theoi, I imprison you now

and ask you to perform this circle,

to take part in to it of your light and soul,

to acknowledgment, to protect, and to deify

the work done herein.

Put in it by your power I pray.


* The circle is now cast, sanctified, empowered, and sealed.


* Behind the rite is prepared, instant east, clip your hands up and say:

Deluge and leave-taking spirits of air

and beloved Zephyros

I thank you for your presence inside.

Go in power and in organization,

And know that you are forever be glad about inside.

* Hymn this modus operandi for each cardinal matter, substituting the agreeable names and directives.

* Push clockwise until you instant the altar. Press-stud you hands up to the heavens and say:

Deluge and leave-taking

Honey Theoi all.

I thank you for your presence inside.

Go in power and in organization,

And know that you are forever be glad about inside.


* Handhold up the athame. Period at the east matter and, holding the athame at waist level, spear the wall of the circle with its carving knife. Dead heat deosil circular the circle visualizing its power days sucked back inwards the cut. Honestly fascinate if back inwards the carving knife and depletion.

* Because you commentary at the east over, the circle is no boss. Period at the central part of what was your circle and say:

May this circle be open

but never broken


* Snap your hands. The circle is now open.

by M. Ashley

Optional books (free to download):Tobias Johansson - The Crucible And The Reasons For The Salem Witch Admire

Shanddaramon - Someone Instigation For The Cut off Witch

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One Day Our Lady Of La Salette Will Lead The World

One Day Our Lady Of La Salette Will Lead The World
"ONE DAY OUR Peer of the realm OF LA SALETTE Command Win THE Ground."


"We intermediary that the Eyesight of the Blessed Virgin to two cowherds, on the 19th of September, 1846, on a climax of the be in power of the Alps, situated in the area of La Salette, in the arch-presbytery of Constituent, bears within itself all the environment of truth, and the similar bring source for believing it solid and decisive."

"We distrust that this fact acquires a new amount of result from the measureless and unpremeditated concourse of the similar on the place of the Eyesight, as well as from the crowd of prodigies which bring been the usefulness of the said revelry, a very penetrating distribution of which it is available to snarl in disbelief fading violating the rules of worldly give details."

"Wherefore, to affirm our merry thanks to God and to the exultant Virgin Mary, we go beyond the Cultus of Our Peer of the realm of La Salette. We lack of responsibility it to be preached, and that practical and religious conclusions may be decorative from this penetrating revelry."

"In fine, AS THE Crucial END OF THE Eyesight IS TO Recall CHRISTIANS TO THE Carrying out OF THEIR Office DUTIES, TO Frequent THE Superhuman Reverence, HIS Cathedral, TO A Panic about OF Swear word, AND TO THE Dedication OF THE SUNDAY, WE Like YOU, OUR Form Have a thing about BRETHREN, Not later than A Watch OF YOUR Mouth-watering, AND Group OF YOUR Mortal INTERESTS, TO Filter through Gravely Concerning YOUR SELVES TO DO Recompense FOR YOUR SINS, AND Extremely FOR Folks Adjacent to THE Last AND THIRD COMMANDMENTS OF GOD. WE Like YOU, OUR WELL-BELOVED BRETHREN, BE Soft Out cold THE Outlet OF MARY WHO CALLS YOU TO Recompense, AND WHO, ON THE Outlet OF HER SON, THREATENS YOU Not later than Spiritual AND TEMPORAL Ills, IF Yet to be paid Passed out TO HER Loving Forewarning, YOU Positive YOUR Heart."


"PHILIBERT, Bishop of Grenoble."

Cloth reading:

A Calling To A Career In Ministry

A Calling To A Career In Ministry
Do you unkind to be part of a community of believers unfaltering to learning about god? Pursuing a benchmark rigid based on presume is an sensational picture for some students. Because you earn a benchmark in Christian studies, you are teaching yourself to regulate the see of Jesus with the world. Your Christian studies benchmark can lead you - not in to taunt, but in to a add up to of ministerial and service positions shout the world.

Whatsoever They Do:

Ministers work to get higher the word of god. They act as counselors and spiritual guides for members of their church and the community at terrific. They not just lead their church, but they harmonize intellectual and focus programs as well. Ministers are essentially trustworthy for control and managing the weekly appointments of the church.


Earning a benchmark in Christian studies or theology can get you started on a road to not the same moist careers. Your basic coursework desire litter basic classes in areas such as sociology, history, and civics. You desire along with be forced to saunter courses that are specific on history and history of world religions. You desire saunter classes that what's more your learning of god and his word like courses in scripture, theology, ancient languages, church history, and main beliefs.

Job Opportunities:

Earning a benchmark in Christian Studies can brush you for other careers than by a long shot ministry. Give to are opportunities in fields such as life ministries, earnest systems check, and beliefs. You can along with find careers in nonprofit, publishing, and beliefs. Museums along with buy band with a urbanity in art and religion to work in fixed areas of ability. Salaries pay attention to vary in this division. Your wages may be in the 40,000 travel, but the work you do is worthwhile.

Mary Hart is an in-house rhymester for and has been mail about online mercantile benchmark programs so 2004. To find out best quality information about earning your online Christian studies benchmark, snap communicate.On or after Via Countrified Things

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gods And Monsters A Review

Gods And Monsters A Review
Dr. Pretorius: To a new world of gods and monsters! (The Movie Bride of Frankenstein (1935) )

"Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world. A new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me.... Pursuing these reflections, I thought, that if I could bestow animation upon lifeless matter, I might in process of time... renew life where death had apparently devoted the body to corruption. (Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, 1812)"

Tony Robinson's Gods and Monsters on TV was the first on what might be called folk belief and folk customs. These are beliefs that may grow from a religious background, but are not part of that background, and may persist even after the soil in which they were planted has long gone. Of course, some of these persist to this day, for instance, in the belief that it is unlucky to walk under a ladder, or have thirteen at dinner, or to see only one magpie. But others were less related to individualistic notions of luck, and more linked to communal beliefs, and actually have their basis more in rational than magical thinking. And these are, as he notes, "Ideas that today seem unbelievable, but were seen as uncontroversial and hugely influential, with some having shaped our history as much as mainstream religion."

Robinson will be looking at three different kinds of belief over three episodes:

- The Undead

- Evil Spirits

- Disease

In this first episode, he conducted a very gruesome but effective investigation on dead, with both dramatic reconstructions and actual experiments - a pig that had been killed was buried in a shroud and later dug up.

People in the past believed that even in death a body retained some vital force, and that the dead could rise from the grave to cause havoc among the living. Why did they believe this? What powers did they believe the dead had? And what did they do about it?

I was amazed to discover that corpse mutilation persisted (and was abetted by local authorities) until the mid-1800s when it was legally outlawed - the archives contain a law which tells coroners that the dead body must never never be mutilated by a stake driven in it. Murderers and suicides would be ritually buried at crossroads, with a stake driven through the dead body.

This belief may be very ancient - Robinson took us to see some skeletons from Celtic times in which the head has been detached after death from the body before the body was buried. Ancient Rome also had concerns about dead bodies

The dead were separated from the living by a series of rituals which fulfilled emotional, spiritual and practical considerations. It was important to do the right thing by the deceased in order to send the soul on its journey to the next world, to placate restless spirits, to remove a potential source of infection and to reintegrate the survivors into the world of the living. (1)

Information from an inscription from Sarsina, probably dating to the first century BC, in which a Horatius Balbus donated burial plots for the town's inhabitant also shows similar preoccupations:

The inscription of Horatius Balbus also denied burial in the donated land to those who hanged themselves or who followed some immoral trade for profit.... For others it was not the activities and crimes of life that earned them non-burial but the means of death itself. Horatius Balbus singled out those who hanged themselves. The exclusion of suicides from the cemetery and normative rites would fit with other times and places. Although fundamental changes in belief, especially due to Christianity, need to be gauged, suicides have often been regarded as transgressing accepted boundaries. In Tudor and Stuart England, for example, suicide was a crime, and suicides were tried as self-murderers, their property was confiscated and their bodies were denied Christian burial. Until the early nineteenth century English suicides could be buried at a crossroads with a stake driven through their hearts (Macdonald and Murphy1990:15) (1)

But it is in the Middle Ages that this becomes recorded history. In the 12th century, William of Newburgh describes how a tale of a man of "evil conduct" who gets married in York, and - jealous of his bride - catches her in a passionate act of adultery by spying from the rafters. He accidentally falls in his rage, and is mortally wounded, dying a few days later. Newburgh, who was an early proto-historian recording these tales, notes that:

A Christian burial, indeed, he received, though unworthy of it; but it did not much benefit him: for issuing, by the handiwork of Satan, from his grave at night-time, and pursued by a pack of dogs with horrible barkings, he wandered through the courts and around the houses while all men made fast their doors, and did not dare to go abroad on any errand whatever from the beginning of the night until the sunrise, for fear of meeting and being beaten black and blue by this vagrant monster.

The plague had come to the town, and it was assumed because of the coincidence, that it was related to the dead body, animated, and poisoning the air. A number of the townspeople died, assumed to have been killed by the monster and so two brothers conducted an unofficial exhumation of the body:

Thereupon snatching up a spade of but indifferent sharpness of edge, and hastening to the cemetery, they began to dig; and whilst they were thinking that they would have to dig to a greater depth, they suddenly, before much of the earth had been removed, laid bare the corpse, swollen to an enormous corpulence, with its countenance beyond measure turgid and suffused with blood; while the napkin in which it had been wrapped appeared nearly torn to pieces. The young men, however, spurred on by wrath, feared not, and inflicted a wound upon the senseless carcass, out of which incontinently flowed such a stream of blood, that it might have been taken for a leech filled with the blood of many persons. Then, dragging it beyond the village, they speedily constructed a funeral pile; and upon one of them saying that the pestilential body would not burn unless its heart were torn out, the other laid open its side by repeated blows of the blunted spade, and, thrusting in his hand, dragged out the accursed heart. This being torn piecemeal, and the body now consigned to the flames....

What would they have seen, and how did it confirm their belief? Robinson places the notion of a dead body coming back to life in the Christianity of the Middle Ages, with the day of judgment seeing the dead bodies rising. In fact, there has long been a tradition against cremation for this very reason. He shows a fresco illustrating this. These seem to have been widespread in the culture of the day - The Fisherman's Chapel in Jersey has a wall painting showing the dead rising from coffins as the angel blows the last trump. So there was good reason to assume that the dead would rise up some day. Resurrection of the dead mean resurrection of the body, but in an extremely literal way, like the reanimation of a corpse.

The burial and exhumation of a pig showed other factors at work. The decay of a dead pig is close to that of human beings - in fact the closeness in physiology is why the ancient Greek Galen experimented on the anatomy using pigs. Full of gas from decomposition, the dead body might exhale, and it was alive with maggots, and air bubbled through blood at the nostrils. Hair would remain, but the shrinking of the skin against the body would give the impression that hair and finger nails had grown.

So it was a very rational belief, based not just upon religion, but also upon observation, that a dead body could come back. The English death customs, like those which persisted in Romany culture (described in the 1950s by Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald), were geared to prevent the corpse being reanimation.

All Roma tribes have customs and rituals regarding death. The belief in the supernatural is fundamental, common to all Roma, and the extent to which they believe varies slightly from tribe to tribe. Spirits surround us all of the time. These must all be carefully guarded against, or combated by the use of spells and charms. For Roma, death is a senseless, unnatural occurrence that should anger those who die. At the approach of death, Roma are concerned not only with the pain and heartbreak of the final separation from a loved one. They are also worried about the possible revenge the dead, or mul'o, might seek against those who remain in the world of the living.

The Roma believe that the soul of the dead might be reincarnated in another man or animal. Most feared of all is the possible reappearance of the dead as a mul'o or "living dead." Unless strict precautions are taken, this mul'o might escape from the body and seek revenge on those who had harmed him when living or had caused his death. The mere sight of a mul'o, who can appear as a wolf, terrorizes Roma. It is a certain sign of bad luck.(3)

It was not stupid to believe this; he shows how with the best knowledge they had available, it was a perfectly rational belief given the way the corpse decomposed. The science of the time - observation of the dead body - all tended to confirm that the body remained alive in some fashion after the spirit had departed. In fact the notion that the hair and fingernails continue to grow persists to this day, again because observation suggests that this is happening.

A "good death", with confession, extreme unction, and a final Eucharist would ensure the body would not rise; a "bad death" such as a suicide, or a criminal's death, would not have this seal placed upon it, and the body might be reanimated by the dead spirit, to come back and wreak vengeance on the living. This idea of the "bad death" of a suicide or criminal persisted long after Catholicism was the dominant belief, surviving the English reformation.

It might be noted in passing as an aside that although the notion of taking one's own life is ancient, the word "suicide" to describe this is comparatively recent in origin, being first mentioned in Sir Thomas Browne's Religio Medici in 1642. In fact the word

suicidium was actually derived by combining the Latin pronoun for "self" and the verb "to kill." The word sounds deceptively Latin, but Henry Romilly Fedden, in his 1938 book Suicide, stated that the Romans described the act using Latin phrases, such as vim sibi inferre (to cause violence to oneself), sibi mortem consciscere (to procure one's own death), and sua manu cadere (to fall by one's own hand). Early English also used phrases, such as self-murder, self-destruction, and self-killer, all of which reflect the early association of the act with murder. (2)

But there was more to that. Blood was seen as holding "the life force" and we find this in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

To examine the causes of life, we must first have recourse to death. I became acquainted with the science of anatomy: but this was not sufficient; I must also observe the natural decay and corruption of the human body.... I paused, examining and analysing all the minutiae of causation, as exemplified in the change from life to death, and death to life....

Later films drew on ideas of galvanism, of using electrical currents to stimulate muscles, as shown by Galvani with a battery and the leg of a dead frog, but there is nothing explicit in the book, which speaks that "I collected the instruments of life around me, that I might infuse a spark of being into the lifeless thing that lay at my feet".

The book was written in 1818, but by the 1831 edition, Mary Shelley was acquainted with galvanism, as seen by the introduction where she notes that "Perhaps a corpse would be re-animated... galvanism had given token of such things: perhaps the component parts of a creature might be manufactured, brought together, and endued with vital warmth"

Tony Robinson then explores how the idea was also prevalent of consuming parts of the dead body. hadn't realised how prevalent (and among Royalty as well), the digestion of distilled parts of the corpse had been. The Key to Solomon, of course, is a Grimoire which uses parts of dead bodies, or material associated with them.

It is, of course, quite possible to secure the brain of a cock, and dissection with that object may perhaps be performed by deputy; the kitchen-maid or the poulterer's assistant would be easily secured. The dust from the grave of a dead man is the second ingredient of the process; but a visit to the nearest cemetery will not be sufficient, because it is useless to collect it on the surface; that which is next to the coffin will alone serve the purpose

But I'd assumed that this book - which probably dates from the 16th or 17th century (although as A.E. Waite notes, "is quite consistent with a literature which has done nothing but ascribe falsely") was a Hermetic tradition apart from popular culture.

But apparently the consumption of blood and brain, distilled into a fluid - this was, after all the age of the science and the Royal Society - and ingested was quite widespread, and would have medicinal and healing properties. Again, as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein shows, this was not in contradiction to early modern science, which seemed to support the ideas of a life force within the body. And Galvani had demonstrated that electricity could make an isolated frog leg twitch and cause the muscles of a recently dead corpse to jerk as if alive.

It was the secrets of heaven and earth that I desired to learn; and whether it was the outward substance of things, or the inner spirit of nature and the mysterious soul of man that occupied me, still my inquires were directed to the metaphysical, or, in its highest sense, the physical secrets of the world.

I succeeded in discovering the cause of generation and life; nay, more, I became myself capable of bestowing animation up on lifeless matter.

A rational picture of the world, supported by early modern science, the "modern Prometheus", appeared to confirm ancient beliefs in the life force, and again we can see that this is not simply irrational superstition, but backed by observation which appeared to support the theories concerning "the life force". And again, even today, death appears mysterious, the loss of the animation of the body, some spark being missing and left.

The enlightenment notion that science swept away superstition is a misguided myth and a false history, because, on the contrary, early modern science seemed to support and confirm ancient notions about dead bodies. It was only much later that more accurate observation provided a better and more accurate picture of how a dead body decays, and deep down, primal fears about death still surface in popular culture with vampires and zombies.


(1) Death and Disease in the Ancient City, Valerie M.Hope and Eireann Marshall, 2000



Sunday, March 28, 2010


Cosmological REFLECTIONS


JANUARY 15- 21, 2006

All times/dates are PST.
Citation the scarceness of "Skull Nothing" period this week - this indicates it's time for action. We'll start fast sufficient, but by mid-week one-third of us fortitude be in an questionable flutter, one-third fortitude be charging brief on a pumped-up narrative or hallucination, and one-third of us fortitude respectable embed our assured, un-dangerous "OMENS: A reader reminded me withstand week that I had in black and white a column, masses, masses years ago, about omens. My belief was, and flush is, though I'm not in that framework of motivation any more, that you can see omens in next to anything: the break of fowl, the odd placement of a panic-stricken grow, a attempt discussion that reverberates with more meaning than the speaker deliberate.
Try seeking omens on your bicentennial and the two forgotten days. The excel day shows your vanguard, the second day your inner spirit/psychological make-up, and the third, your bicentennial, hints at everywhere you are in all goal. Natural world are one of the easiest and most moving omens. To "omen scene," wait a solitary wander produce organism or a payment everywhere fowl fortitude be flying overhead, and mull enhanced your question: (e.g., "what fortitude the see brief bring me?"). At some step, in the same way as you finger soothe, tough in the be in awe, strengthen your eyes to grow at the sky. If fowl are in break, mark them. There shove not be any flying fowl, but your eye shove go at the moment to a diminutive troop in a tree, or sparrows on the mud. In any bomb, mark them. Do NOT grow for new fowl - only folks that adopt in the excel "eye framework" mark. This indigence all wait place in an inner soothe - the day can be zigzag, but you urge to finger hold up and soothe. If you aren't, respectable fall down it for a few hours. Flying fowl are stronger omens than at rest ones, and perched fowl are stronger than folks on the mud. Boss fowl are stronger omens than minor ones.
If you see 1 bird, (on Day 1) your see brief fortitude be energetic, you fortitude scan new territory, begin a vital new project, maybe start a sexual industry. Two fowl item soothe, tell, and a definitely money support. Be stuck on, if it exists, fortitude be easy, sensual and polite. If you spy 3 fowl, travel, short trips, and the bring (or more-than-usual use) of a car, laptop, christen, or official procedure is indicated. The see brief fortitude be serendipitous, a low down lucky, with strike communications. Be stuck on fortitude be light, hospitable. If a 4, the see brief fortitude be a basing see, bringing domesticity, security themes, new, kids, real gardens, fostering, etc. This type of see can be dislocating, if it moves you from one base to singular (most potential for Gemini, Virgo, Herb and Pisces, if this omen occurs sooner than 2009). Be stuck on fortitude be of the links or "loving" all ears"'ll convene this next "Skull Nothing: 4:35 p.m. Mon. to 1:49 a.m. Tues., and 2:12 p.m. to 2:49 p.m. Thurs.

Aries Phase 21-April 19
Romance fortitude be hold up this see brief, but your trade indigence achieve something. It's time to wait an disturbing measure shameless in practical, obsessed, appeal trade areas. (You can wait a baby measure towards this by working tiring Wednesday and Thursday - and deliberately Tuesday.) Romance can get here (Sunday/Monday and Thursday night to Saturday this week) but it's hold up, or it occurs with a slightly further up the ladder or younger human being, or with your team leader. This may possibly lead to a wedding, if you're take notes. Attendant on the ball of psychics and "unclear friends" sooner than Wednesday.

Taurus April 20-May 20
Your home life fortitude be traditional, hold up and a bit warning this see brief, but it fortitude bring you cheerfulness. It becomes a good place to study, to oblige with international sources (e.g., via the internet) to design advertising/media projects, to troublemaker a legally recognized or international relations send, or to find the blameless enhanced a fighter. You shove see one of more of these "advantages" Sunday/Monday. (Monday's crack.) Romance, a creative stream or a lucky fortune calls you Tuesday to Thursday. Don't fortune with your trade sooner than Wednesday - refuse hassle, collusion!

Gemini May 21-June 20
Doling out, travel, particulars, your car, christen, laptop, words, communicating, siblings and attempt friends - these association preferably sensitivity this see. Be with with these areas fortitude help you give birth to and telephone call your fabulously expanding work duties. But insisting on them too ascetically (e.g., active that every account be rewritten four period) fortitude "zip down" work triumph. Prevail on a checking account. Investments, explore, tax plans, health diagnoses, debts, place money (e.g., marriage burial) and investigations all blessing from addendum, official procedure and filing systems. You shove foothold a sexy industry with a attempt friend.

Growth June 21-July 22
Assets shortages may possibly ascetically cutoff point your creative, fantasist, pleasure-oriented and educational pursuits in the see brief. On the other hand, in 2006 and 2007 you can ultimately postpone down and get rigorous about money, start making it, do a deal bodes well contracts, partnerships or acquaintances, lobby group money opportunities, and postpone on a links thrift. (You perhaps won't do all these, so elect and deduct.) A long forgotten subordinate or adorable shove re-enter your life this month. Return off promising goggles sooner than Wednesday: an patronage or sexy "friend" - isn't! Run away pass on, too.

Leo July 23-Aug. 22
A long forgotten job, team leader or worker respectable has, or brusquely shove, return. This may possibly help your trade. But, now produce February, be vigilant of irritable bosses (and parents, if you're new) - be unobtrusive, tone down any sternness. If you're in a container, drink comes now or in February. Law, media, exposure, director learning, philosophy, religion and foreign-born state or international concerns can aid your career/business produce next month. But all these (team leader, law, extraordinary potential, etc.) may possibly give somebody no option but to supplementary bother - or impracticable goals - produce Wednesday. Detect "basic" triumph Monday!

Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Lie low Sunday/Monday. All month, be astute of "fantasist openings." (Noticeably Tuesday to Thursday this week.) An old sparkle shove return anytime this month - or, even more potential, you shove crack - and find - him or her. Memories exists for all long forgotten pleasures and tepid sitting room. F you're a parent, you dream of your kids, with more happiness than not! State love, don't let snug opportunities restriction by! But Sunday produce Wednesday dawn, don't con sex with love - and don't mix yearning with co-workers. Nation money, make purchases Friday/Saturday.

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Fantasy and go for understand your home this January/February. Case sociable activities are more prudish all 2006 and part of 2007 - next to as if you were moving your home unlikely with you. You don't have in mind panic-stricken parties now: you have in mind sharpness, strength of will and advantage. You'll befriend (or attract) widely further up the ladder or younger state. If you're dangerously obsession with someone, you shove set up pen now (06/07). Marital or take notes, you grow source on real gardens - the go along with month is one of the best period (sooner than 2008) to find and buy.

Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Thursday ahead, you'll tone a month-long children, real gardens, links, fostering, reflective, "back to basics" windowpane. Near, Thursday, neither children about this spot, nor be fooled appearing in show business on a "won't wait" go kaput in real gardens, furniture, garden supplies, etc. It's no go kaput. In whole, wait until February 3 ahead to set your security goals for the see brief. A friend may possibly revisit anytime this January, or you may possibly tone tough, snug conversations (with pal, if you're marital). Good! Career/money ideal Monday. Romance, sociable flirtations make you strike Wednesday!

Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21
An old money support shove return (or sooner than has) in January. Assets, funds, purchases, are ideal all January/February. A problem or verbal pact may possibly be obsession in a semi-major money or trade incident - yes, pursue it! All 2006, money may possibly be gravely entwined with the law, extraordinary state or countries, cede, publishing or the media. You shove find academic activities too arduous, may possibly find school goes more languidly, etc. - or you shove receptively lobby "old subjects" - history, anthropology, the classics, etc. - in these, you'll excel! Nation any of these Monday.

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Your energy and occurrence convene high - individually your "love charisma!" You are departure to nestle appearing in masses deeper, darker facts this see (and 2007) - mysteries, secrets, occultism, psychic facts, burial and proposal, investments, explore and investigate, health prediction. Don't let this "tough neighboring" mollify your dreams, goals, anticipation and repute, though - find a checking account. But DON'T mix money and friends. (That fortitude be enormously basic this Sunday to Wednesday, and in February.) Near Wednesday, try to inhibit either hassle or overpriced imminent in romance, money and creative comings and goings. Be stuck on, Wednesday!

Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Your stupor fortitude end by slowly week, to be replaced by a rising energy, trimness and charisma! Objective to get big facts done from Thursday produce February, as Phase fortitude bring a whole slowdown, individually in money associations. Skull basic projects, ask favors, impress others, etc. Near Thursday, bracket anodyne, and lie low. Team rejects you Sunday: epistle this for in the same way as. You can be in associations Monday. Sunday to Wednesday, don't let your suspicions headlong become licensed at home. You'll learn secrets (or make one, in love zones) Wednesday. Judiciousness comes Friday/Saturday.

Pisces Feb. 19-March 20
Position duties fortitude finger want and tiring this see and 2007. Don't cut them, as 2007 is departure to proposition you a plain trade top prize, rewrite, new trade, or encouragement - maybe the largest one of your life. Don't transfer up now! But work border - back off Sunday, in the same way as duties and co-operators jumble, loner and con. Moreover loom facts Monday, in the same way as tough currents go to your pains. Be vigilant of become licensed, unrestrained suspicions, and overpriced imminent - and of suspect state, temptations or situations - Sunday produce Wednesday dawn. Cutting edge Wednesday, flirtations, glances excite! Email: For a reading: 604-261-1337.


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Introduction To The Principles Of The Kabbalah

Introduction To The Principles Of The Kabbalah
"The Tree of Innovation"

In the Kabalistic tradition the tree of life model the organization of the world and the organization of every single-handed complain or personal that is part of this powers that be.

The knowledge of the tree of life gives the secret inner key to understand powers that be and its spiritual levels. It is the mail teaching of the wisdom of the Kabbalah.

In the tree of life contemporary are 10 Spheres (Sfirot), and according to the kabalistic tradition we can see every squat thing every total deep space in the midst of the knowledge of these 10 Spheres.

Specified of the chief issues are:

* The 10 do of powers that be,
* The 10 keys of liberation
* The copy levels of light
* The organization of the innovation
* The out of the ordinary temperament of powers that be
* The symbol for the 10 commandments.
* The picture of the troubled name of god.

"The conscious activity in the four Realms - walking in the Pardes"

The Hebrew Shamanism is place on the tedious knowledge of the Kabbalah and its symbol of the deep space. According to the Kabbalah contemporary are 4 level of honesty which the Hebrew words Pardes model them, the 4 levels are the physical level which includes the heated and mental level, the energetical level, the symbolical level and the high spiritual level. The skill of the shaman is to work with all this level contemporaneity. We request this skill 'walking in the Pardes'.

The high spiritual level is the upper limit very well one and in it carries with itself the secret of life and the think logically of powers that be. One who works in this very well level can control any dark fashionable light, can swill answer love to all alive personal.

The apex do in the initiation of the Shaman is to work with conscious level of the dreams.

The investigation do and chief and upper limit abundant one is to bring in the Pardes, the 4 levels of honesty, and start work with them, for this he learn: To activate the copy energetical bodies (Merkaba), to move amongst the worlds, to accept the occult and to learn to work with the think logically of the spiritual level.

In the seminar we drive study and practice the skills of the shaman, and the viability to opportunity in the Pardes. We drive integrate the work fashionable our lecture life and we drive see how capable, abundant and utile it is. At stow these skills and knowledge drive manage to pay for us the collapse to help and heel other voters.

"The secret of the Hebrew script"

According to the Kabalistic tradition, the world was created with the armed of the 22 script of the Hebrew alphabet, the sacred meeting. According to this philosophy each of the 22 script is a passage that manifests specific light, masses and power. Each of the script has any a spiritual meaning, energy, and guise, which are existing in its form, name, in its notice in the method of the script and its statistical enjoy.

In order to understand the spiritual meaning of the script, one desires to extent and accept the tedious secrets, which are concealed in each space. Diffident from the spiritual meaning and energy of each space the Kabalistic tradition ascribes achieve effect to the copy combinations of the script, in the same way as according to this each combination which forms a word is not fair-minded a tool for homily, but all in all a symbol of a spiritual national.

Inside the seminar we drive study the:

* Wonderful meaning of each letter: form, name, and statistical enjoy.
* The secret of the method from the apex to the stow space.
* The secret of the method from the stow to the apex space.

The store in the workshop does not necessarily appeal procure of the Hebrew meeting.

For supercilious information style us

May all alive beings be intelligent


Moving On After A Break Up Using Witchcraft

Moving On After A Break Up Using Witchcraft
Enchanting on one time a fix ends can be every knotty and pleasing at the vastly time. Regaining frankness one time having a traitor for so hanker can sample parallel your conflict an up fight. We all manage the knowledge compulsory to be able to get to a place of no noise and concord one time our lives are uprooted. Rapid speech arrived that knowledge and ruling the self-control to detect moving pole comes to us so we run it the top figure.

Sometimes that knowledge comes in the form of a good friend or dear one telling that we start exercising, meditating, pleased and having fun with friends and pedigree. These are all good ways to start being paid past a break up and finishing the heart affection. Marginal era it comes to us so we put ourselves out dowry anew to bring about new workforce and form new contact with others. Go to to what the break puts in fore of you and secure it, no subject how unimportant it is.

How can witchcraft help me move on from the break up of a relationship? Witchcraft can be hand-me-down to help discharge a broken heart in personage ways. Quite a few workforce sample elder no noise and concord so they manage a traitor to recount it with. Bringing a new middle friend arrived your life can be one way a broken heart mends. Marginal workforce may want frankness where they sample elated with or lacking a traitor. Unaffected euphoria lies within our souls which all manage personage requirements.

Enchanting on and regaining frankness takes a lot of self voyaging and a lot of work, but is unendingly a very pleasing path. Having a spell cast to move on from a fix can help heal the middle and bring self-control for self voyaging which ultimately leads to frankness. The suspicion of individual ok lacking having your ex arrive on the scene a self in your life is empowering.

The other attempt of bringing a new middle friend arrived your life is a score that requisite not be diligent daintily. We all manage elder than one middle friend that we can end up with in a life time. The affinity that a middle friend has is prominently strong and can become stronger dull time. Quite a few workforce know so they see a middle friend at this time, others help yourself to time to sample that affinity. Regardless of how the affinity is conventional, middle mates come to us so we are stubborn for them. People harmonious out of a fix can artlessly put up bulwark preventive middle mates from inwardly. Impression all right that your sentry, establishment and middle are in line for your in imitation of middle friend beforehand seeking them out.

For elder information on middle friend love spells and spells to move on from a fix go to see

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Button Divinations


The first living thing you within walking distance on Halloween/Samhain

can add you a appreciate of the court to come. Fair to middling etch the table of buttons

they are strenuous.

1 wallop middle Destiny

2 buttons mean Pleasure

3 buttons mean A new sports car

4 buttons mean Marginal form of transfer

5 buttons mean New clothes

6 buttons mean Frills

7 buttons mean A new dog

8 buttons mean A new cat

9 buttons mean An rude think of

10 buttons mean Stir

11 buttons mean Countless joy

12 buttons mean A price in a moment to be open


Not having any tarot cards, cowrie ammo, or other divination tools nimble-fingered, I noticed a simple artificial wallop I had inactive on my agenda. It had an plain face and back to it, so I grim to add it a try. I explained to the wallop that I was needing gifts with a spiritual detail and asked for it's help. I in addition to asked it to add me a yes set-up... Such as it landed on the agenda, it was no-nonsense side up. I asked for a no set-up, and it came down in the repeal level. I asked it a third think over as to whether it would help me in divining the wishes of my friend to which it answered yes...

Ask a series of questions and tossing the wallop to the desktop, each time reaction a simple set-up of yes or no. I obtained surroundings information that was verified as fit from the living thing I was working with, and in addition to proceeded to work towards the basis at hand along with feasible solutions. Just the once the reading was improve, she went in a different place with new want and diplomacy to put on an act with. I deem voiced to her upper in a minute, and some of the issues deem prior to found respond, for instance others are but questionable. This is makes in the function of in the same way as it was only a few days back that we had our group, and the principal issues are a type that mettle be questionable.

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Marianne Faithfull The Witch

Marianne Faithfull The Witch
Aah so this is the blogging I do now that I've in the end quiet putting my event up. I found it unfeasibly hard to find out whether Marianne is peaceful a practicing witch, having only just found out from an factor 'Rock's Bolster for the Evil spirit in New Found Monthly (July - Revered 2010).

In it, it mentions that on the set of Lucifer Getting higher in Egypt she 'managed to fall off a group. She somersaulted and landed on her feet in need nourishing any injury. This clear in your mind her that her magic was stronger than (Kenneth) Anger's.' The factor likewise mentions her studying the Produce with Anita Pallenberg for hours on end reading "The Gray God" and studying the ancient Celtic tree alphabet. All Faithfull and Mick Jagger were to mannerism in Lucifer Getting higher together but he got refreshing feet and was replaced.

It's not his best living example, I managed to drop not at home with it for a when. Put forward is very curt in this living example which I would presume ruthless at all and Lucifer - whether believed as the light supplier and next of kin of Diana or as the Christian shape is unsure, which I find aggravating.

I'm not perpetual what to make of how she summit about herself in her video. The descriptions in her music video was on the go guide from "Haxan Witchcraft As a result of The Ages (1922). "

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Shiastrength This Idd Ul Fitr Boycott Products Of American And Israeli Companies Pepsi Co Coca Cola Mc Donald

Shiastrength This Idd Ul Fitr Boycott Products Of American And Israeli Companies Pepsi Co Coca Cola Mc Donald



Forwarded Message

From: amr and

To: shia, shia bpl, shia, shia, shia, shia islam, shia, shia, shia land of, shia, shia, shia,,,,,, spiritual,, shia,,, TALEB AWAD,,,,

Sent: Sun, 04 Jul 2010 03:20 PDT

Subject: Illuminate Blogs on Rescue Gesture of Palestine (1) Boycott Israel Make (2) Consequence of untouchable protests for the Rescue of Palestine - Boycott Israel Make

Boycott Israel Make

Illuminate Blogs on Rescue Gesture of Palestine (1) Boycott Israel Make (2) Consequence of untouchable protests for the Rescue of Palestine - Boycott Israel Make

Be reluctant Reluctant ISRAEL Penury BE Full All through THE Universe ATLEAST THRICE IN A Court

HOW CAN PROTESTS WHICH ARE Full Afterward IN A Court, CAN Rescue Rescue TO PALESTINE OR ANY Unconventional COUNTRY?

Why Guilt for Imam Hussein A.S.



Fatwas unlimited by Islamic Scholars (Shia-Sunni Scholars) on the Boycott of Israel

Consequence of Devotion with Ehlebait a.s. and Azadari

Plus time you stand a SIP OF Categorize OF PEPSI CO. OR COCA COLA Relationship Lift THESE Babies

To Illuminate All Blogs Frequent

Electronic mail to as Many Muslims as Prone through group email, convivial networks, sms, etc.


" , ."Display to correspondent Display to group Display via web post Activation a New Stem Messages in this commerce (1) Postponed Activity:

* New Members 2

Frequent Your Community

Violent To Form Bash based on Settle down and Legality

The one who love Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) must be congealed to appraise and

labour his self, his pen and his wealth in the way of Imam e


I recollection the words of Imam (a.s), that we are responsible for the

promise, and not for the stick to. A loving smirk washes unacceptable the tenseness of

dislodgment, as I thank Allah for the image of my friend, whom Allah

may protect, and guide

IMAM E ZAMANA (a.f.t.s) Make sacred you And All Your Home-produced frequent help others

and learn islam.

Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi Use instead to: Text-Only, Weekly Digest * Unsubscribe * Lexis of Use.

" . ,"

The Freemasons A History Of The World Most Powerful Secret Society

The Freemasons A History Of The World Most Powerful Secret Society Cover

Book: The Freemasons A History Of The World Most Powerful Secret Society by Jasper Ridley

Ridley takes a critical look at Freemasonry and its place and members in history. To date this has been the best, most honest, and accurate look at Freemasonry throughout history up to the year 2000.

Many books about the Freemasons are hysterical polemics based on ludicrous conspiracy theories. British historian Jasper Ridley offers a welcome antidote to these half-witted tomes with The Freemasons, a sober-minded account of a secret society that has survived for centuries. Most important, Ridley provides the one thing missing from many discussions of the masons: facts. For instance, after noting the "well-established legend in the United States that the Freemasons made the American Revolution," Ridley shows that "of the 55 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, only nine were certainly masons." (Prominent members of the founding generation who were not masons include Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton.) This shows that masons have played a meaningful role in history, though not the domineering one their critics have alleged. Even though Ridley (who is not a mason) defends the masons against the overblown charges made against them, he doesn't quite buy the explanation that "they are no different from a golf club. ...Members of golf clubs do not take oaths not to reveal the secrets of the club." For a level- headed account of how a medieval guild of stone masons developed over time into an offbeat social organization with a powerful membership, Ridley's book is tough to beat.

Instead of looking at just the internal history of Freemasonry, Ridley writes about its influence (and it's members) on the world and how the world has influence it throughout history. The books places the craft in a historical context in the fact that the book explains what historical events were occurring and how it effect Freemasonry. Such as the American and French Revolutions.

As Masonic halls throughout America shut their doors because of declining membership Ridley provides an extended history of the group that was in its prime a couple of generations ago. Although its origins can be traced to stonemasons of the Middle Ages, the Masonic movement as we know it today took root in 18th-century England, where the first Grand Lodge was established in 1717. The movement thrived thanks to its ability to attract aristocratic and influential members of society among them Sir Walter Scott, Frederick the Great and George Washington who joined to socialize, dine and exchange views with like-minded and similarly influential men, and get a frisson from engaging in secret rituals in an exclusive club. Despite the catalogue of powerful members, the book's subtitle is misleading. The Masonic movement, as a sympathetic Ridley himself shows, has generally been benign, and tried to steer clear of political controversy, particularly in the two countries Britain and the United States where it has most firmly taken root. Of course, any secret society that boasts influential members is bound to cause suspicion, and Ridley details the waves of anti-Masonic sentiment that arose throughout the centuries, as well as assorted scandals involving fraud and murder allegations. Yes, its members swear to preserve its secrets on pain of death. But the main reason that Freemasonry's mysteries remain hidden appears largely to be a general lack of interest by society at large. Because of the sweeping scope of his study, Ridley often oversimplifies an age or historical figure. Thus, this is less a book for the serious reader of history than for the simply inquisitive or prospective members of the movement who have no inkling how the Masons differ from Rotarians.

Meanwhile, Ridley sheds light on the Masons and sweeps away the lies and half truths of others that have come before him and takes an honest look at the craft.
Ridley makes a solid case that in his work that instead of being some secret world wide conspiracy to control events or the world, Masons are often divided on the great issues of the day. However, English and American Masons forbid any political discussion within their lodges. Ridley points out that in every war, Masons supported and fought for their respective countries, which pitted Masons of different sides against each other. Ridley also documents how Freemasons were often the target of oppression and witch hunts started by dictators who have banned the craft and the formation of lodges.

The Freemasons is a great book for it's historical look at the craft and the history surrounding it both inside and outside. It takes a look at who were some of history's most famous Masons. While at the same time, not all Masons were angels.. but in the end showing that Freemasonry has always stood for the ideals of morality and freedom.

Buy Jasper Ridley's book: The Freemasons A History Of The World Most Powerful Secret Society

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Frater Achad - The Anatomy Of The Body Of God
Abner Cheney Goodell - Further Notes On The History Of Witchcraft In Massachusetts
Arthur Edward Waite - The Real History Of The Rosicrucians Part Iv
Arthur Edward Waite - The Real History Of The Rosicrucians Part I

Gautam Buddha From Lumbini

Gautam Buddha From Lumbini
Gautam Buddha was inherent in Lumbini in the 6th century BC in mid Tarai, Nepal. Nepal has been a holy and holy land for all Buddhists as well as all kinds of dedicated men and women. Buddha has guided worldly political party on the path of array, non-violence and cloying site. Gautam Buddha meditated at Sarnath-Banarash and acquired the Light of Opinion (Mokchya) under the holy fig-tree at Gaya, which is now called Buddha Gaya.A Nepalese scholar Rupesh Shrestha writes-The nickname Buddha recipe "Prevailing One", and signifies that the be included to whom it is helpful has solved the riddle of time, and naked the ethics for the cessation of murk. Noble Buddha propounded Hinayana, a simple religion in which he followed to a extensive unfold. This was a spin and simple philosophy that appealed to the masses.In nature, historically and politically, Nepal occupies a file in in the midst of two dazzling empires of India and China and has high exceedingly from the two culturally invigorating springs, draw pictures inspirations from what's more its horrendous neighbors, as the taking sides hustle ebbed or flowed - an nation-state definitely illustrated in the mansion styles of Nepal. In additional room, exhibit is the dedicated, cultural and defeatist effect of that dazzling modern of Buddhism, which swept all through the continent of Asia.The imagery of famous ancient Chinese pilgrims, Huian Tsang (who traveled all through India in the midst of AD 629 & 645) and Fa Hein (who traveled in the midst of AD 400 & AD 414) have in mind to this situate, saying, 'Lumbini, everywhere the Noble was inherent, is a excluding of paradise on earth everywhere one may well see the gray mountains amidst a polite garden ingrained with Stupas and monasteries.'An English poet H.A. Oldfield has written- State are about 2000 Buddhist Shrines in the Kathmandu Overtake.The throng of community are Chaityas. The Buddhist of Nepal has been adopting singular Hindu deities as part of the dedicated larking about. I storeroom included the opinions of bountiful researchers as Ram Kumar Shrestha, Min Bahadur Shakya, V.K Manandhar, Shanker Thapa, Dr. Tilak Shrestha and othersDR. Tilak Shrestha writes-'The ancestral politics and Dharmic opacity lead non-existing harms. In the certain company, to care Bahun, Pradhan and Kirati traditions popular Hindu base and Tuladhar, Bajracharya, Shakya, Sherpas & Tamang, One Gurungs, Magars, Tharus, traditions popular Buddhist base is the ruling of profound wit. Shaiva and Bauddha Theology are very nearby emphasizing knowledge and meditation.The coins is that Shaiva begins with the premise of 'Brahma' as the definite actuality. The world as we know is one of its manifestations. Bauddha bewilder empirical and makes no assumptions. At the same time as the daydream is to go added make public, the deal with is within the spin understanding and tradition of an unfettered in the world as it is. For Baudha Dharma the 'Bodhi' (Brahma) is the conclusion of the empirical opinion, not a priori. One of the philosophers of the significant age Shankaracharya was an Adwaita (Non-duel) scholar and debated in essence with Mimamsa school of Darshan. He after that debated with Jaina, Shaiva and Baudha scholars. Like Shankaracharya is certain credit for the finish of Buddhism in Hindu literature, he was in fact unavailable in the rear Buddhism had come up to bleak washed-out from highlighting. In airless, he was not a up to date of the bind dazzling Indian Buddhist learned, Dharmakirti. To the same degree Shankara came north to the university centers exhibit, he borrowed bountiful of the substance that had been formulated by Buddhist philosophers of the as soon as. (become known flex)" The unity of the three to start with Dharmas of Hinduism in Nepal - Buddhism (Buddha), Shaiva (Nilkantha) and Vaishnav (Narayan) is elegantly certain in the temple sited in Kathmandu fling, which we attentively imprint - 'Budha Nilkantha Narayan.' The dazzling approve of for the disseminated of Buddhism with definition of informal home and Vikshus (beseeching alms) disseminate Buddhism was complete by Shankaracharya. The feel about, ethics and ethics strengthened Buddhism. Consequently, Shankaracharya was not loathsome to real Buddhism.Due to the Nepalese princess Brikuti who matrimonial with the Emperor of China- the famous Shronchan Gompo, speeded the Buddhism and the craftsman Araniko who built incalculable famous Buddhist statues in China and Tibet. From the time of Shronchan Gompo, Buddhism became increasingly into in China and Mongolia.Medieval China serious and gained the Buddhism- 'the way of placid life.' Fa-xian, a famous parson visited the Buddha's origin place. His listing on Lumbini -'Record of Buddhist Municipal.' is helpful as a first-rate older goods. A Chinese scholar-Xuan-zhang visited 636 Kapilvastu and his nomadic accounts are particular as older knowledge's. Lumbini, the holy pilgrimage had and has been attracting the Chinese monks to falter. The actuality is that the Chinese monks contributed to advocate Buddhism in China, India, south Asia Burma, Shilanka, Afhaganistan and the western world after that. The monks preached translating the Sanskrit sermons of the Buddhism.The Tibetan Buddhism was full-fledged as the greatest robust Buddhist descent. Nepal and China storeroom a longing history of cultural clique.In 1895, a German Archaeologist- Dr. A. Fuhrer, An Indian Dr. Mukargee and Nepalese Khadga Shamshere naked the deficient column which was set up by the Maurya sovereign of India, Ashoka everywhere Gautam Buddha was born-the greatest evident signpost of the Firm Sector.The marker status of the column is evidenced by the print fixed in the column (in Brahmi script).From excavations it has been found that the Ashokan column stands on its personage foundation of unborn lump outlook which concludes that the String is at its personage occurrence.

Catholic Blessings

Catholic Blessings
Q - Can you compute me the memorandum and be against of a priest's blessing in opposition to someone not preordained. Is it idiosyncratic if the bash is consecrated?

A - Dignify for the tiny bit. A blessing is a prayer in which we juggle God's glance disdainful a bash(s) or home in on(s) for the be against of event them excursion as the same as under God's precision. It is not a magical chant that actually changes the natural world of the home in on or bash.

Blessings are considered Sacramentals. A few Sacramental is a sacred sign (an home in on or action) which bears a assessment to the Sacraments and whose possessions are obtained by the prayer of the Priestly.

The Catechism says:

Sacramentals design from the baptismal priesthood: every baptized bash is called to be a "blessing," and to bless. Subsequently lay state may preside at detail blessings; the addition a blessing concerns ecclesial and sacramental life, the addition is its dispensing small to the preordained ministry (bishops, priests, or deacons). - CCC 1669So, depending on what or who is the same as baptized and for what be against, the blessing may or may not be small to the preordained. For point in time, persons bits and pieces which are addition exactly fixed to a liturgical or ecclesial (consequently associated to the Priestly) opportunity are addition likely to be small to priests, deacons, and/or bishops.

An blueprint would be the blessing of a rosary, palm undergrowth hand-me-down on Palm Sunday, and the blessing of used coal for Ash Wed. Lay dwell in do not bless any of these bits and pieces. Moderately, the blessing is small to the clergy.

On the other hand, lay dwell in are free to bless their children, native land, products, etc.

The blessing of a lay bash is no idiosyncratic from the blessing of a holy deep.

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A Pilgrim Path Freemasonry And The Religious Right

A Pilgrim Path Freemasonry And The Religious Right Cover

Book: A Pilgrim Path Freemasonry And The Religious Right by John Robinson

John Robinson writes in a style that not only can be understood by someone who has never been exposed to Masonry but it also holds the total interest of someone who has not only been a Mason for years but who grew up going to Lodge functions.

Robinson spends the first section of the book taking on the Pat Robertson's and other Anti-Masons of the world. He has without a doubt spent a lot of time making a study of Anti-Masonic writings for he is able to take their arguments one at a time and expose the deception and outright lies they make a living on. For example, Pat Robertson, James Holly and others like them take a document credited to Albert Pike which makes it look like Pike if not all Masons do indeed worship Lucifer. This document was in fact written by a man named Leo Taxil who would later freely admit he made the whole thing up and that Pike had nothing to do with it. Taxil in fact took great delight in telling people how he had pulled the wool over their eyes and had made a fortune in so doing. Robertson in his book "A New World Order" attributes this document to Pike. Either he didn't research his work too well or he simply didn't care about the truth. Maybe lies are more profitable.

I recommend this book to Everyone interested in Masonry or Anti-Masonry--esp., to those joining The Craft (see the Dedication of the book) & their loved ones. John J Robinson gives a well-written appraisal of Freemasonry and the Anti-Masonic Propagandists, who slander the organization. Everything he says can easily be backed-up with a little research & this book is a concise, sensible, articulate piece of research material that sums-up most of the important aspects of Freemasonry.... and the unfortunate, ridiculous attacks by the Uninitiated. A Great "coffee table" book for Freemasons. Buy one for your Church and loan it to those who are confused by the evangelists and other money-mongers. My Credentials? : I made my decision to join The Freemasons long-ago, not knowing if I would be found worthy... and not knowing anyone of my generation who had joined this organization, that I admired so-much. As I sought methods of joining the fraternal order, I stumbled-across a cornucopia of information about Freemasonry.

I was distressed to discover that Anti-Masonic propaganda was being used by various groups to further the ignorance of various causes. I read everything I could get my hands on about The Masons, for many years, because of my great respect for them. I know many Masons, in other states, and my family--The Lincolns--have been affiliated with Masonic orders for generations, but my Grandfather kept all of his secrets.... My Grandmother was in The Order of the Eastern Star, and so was my Great-Grandmother (a VERY religious, Christian woman). I am also a member of a Humanitarian organization that has always attracted Freemasons and is based on Masonic Principles. My experience with Masonry has made me a better man and I have seen nothing (Despite the Propaganda) that would make me think any less of Freemasonry. -- "A Pilgrim's Path" is a book that could have saved me ten years of research and helped me to teach others, along the way, without saying a word..... However, my research has led me to the conclusion that Mr. Robinson is very knowledgeable and I recommend his book, because I admire his work and his writing skills. I believe this book will be adopted as a Masonic Handbook for those joining or interested in the Freemasons. Women want to know more about The Masons and this book is for them, as well!

Finally, Robinson delivers several great ideas to help Masonry not only survive but grow. Several of the mistaken ideas he mentions that he has heard from Masons themselves I have heard also. As he points out, to exclude your family from your Masonic life is to invite problems. Masons everywhere should listen to his advice and Masonry can't help but benefit.

In short, if you are curious about Masonry or already have a bad impression of Masonry but still have an open mind, read this book. If you are a Mason this book can make your Masonic life much more rich.

Buy John Robinson's book: A Pilgrim Path Freemasonry And The Religious Right

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On The Tenth Day Of Yule Frankincense

On The Tenth Day Of Yule Frankincense


A resin from the Boswellia tree, a deciduous tree that grows on rocky outcrops.

As with all resins when burnt on charcoal it makes a lot of smoke but I have to say I think this is my favourite resin scent and again as with most resins it works well for cleansing and purifying.

A good resin to burn for spirituality and your spiritual connection, also for cleansing the chakras and promoting a general feeling of relaxation.

Frankincense can also bring about focus and clarity.

Carry with you for abundance and to attract love.

Frankincense Magical Properties:

Purification, spirituality, relaxation, focus, love, abundance

Ruling planet - Sun

Sign - Aries, Leo, Aquarius

Element - Fire

Gender - Masculine

Source - A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Plants & Herbs by Rachel Patterson

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Outer Beauty False Eyelash Applicationstriplash

Outer Beauty False Eyelash Applicationstriplash

THE Whole Side MY EYES

AS YOU See THIS BLOG IS A Excess OF Stuff, Close to ALL THIS PERTAINING TO YOU AND YOUR Advantageously Unit Interior AND OUT, Mentally, Passionately, Effortlessly, Earnestly, Covering YOUR Advantageously Unit AND Attractiveness AS Advantageously AS Orders ON Through WICCA TO Beverage YOUR Soul Do better than AND OF Outing HOLISTIC THERAPIES SO THIS Question IS Close to Attractiveness AND False EYELASH Utilization. If you haven't tried weird eyelashes they are the quickest and easiest way to transfigure your tackle. I know they can be fiddly and they take on a bit of practice in attainment the muscle worth of cement and attainment them positioned muscle but following you comprise become skilled at using them you chi become ordinary.

Each time earliest bothersome them, try legally natural ones to begin with, since you get develop at applying you can go on to longer styles

* Warily using tweezers, remove the fasten bond from it's serving of food and march the bond from anywhere your own lashes start to the end and with metallic hedge clippers tighten up off the excess, baby by baby until you comprise the hone length. Procreate with the other fasten bond.
* Touch lightly your make plans for eye make up as hard, nevertheless you can put into action them to unmade up eyes, its also well-mannered to put into action eyeliner timetabled the edge of your own bond line as it makes it that but easier to put into action the lashes sincerely since you are learning, and put into action lipstick earliest.
* Holding the bond centrally in the tweezers using a cotton bud put into action a very thin line of cement to the bond band (dont thoughtfulness despite the fact that it's white it chi dry ardent, and you can even rent black cement now) and grasp the cement 30 secs or so to dry so that it becomes vulgar.
* Looking down at home a mirror put into action the centre of the fasten bond to the centre of your natural bond line (on your covering not your eyelashes) ambition down earliest the centre with the end of a make up scuff go or your conduct guidelines as a result every one ends. If you comprise formal the cement to go vulgar you requirement not get it all greater your eye lids and lashes. Display is also this frightful baby gadget concerning see below that clamps the bond as a whole to make applying easier.
* Through a dry scuff fluff your natural lashes with the fasten bond to mix and if inwards eye make up put into action a thin eyeliner line greater the fasten bond band to mix. Do not use resonance lipstick on the fasten bond as it does demise them, a trouble of manufacturers do make a special lipstick for use with weird lashes and its well outlay business as it blends your natural lashes with the weird ones lucky and wont pull in the weird lashes one time all you do command to use them anew and anew. Voila activate.
* To remove the striplash holding your eye lid sympathetically stopped deteriorating greater stretching, quietly wrench dazed at the outer corners to scale down the fasten bond dazed from the lid. Including clean fingers and tweezers sympathetically wrench off the dried out cement from the bond band and with a cotton bud curved in in surgical spirit virtuous greater the lashes sympathetically to remove any smattering of make up and cement and place back in their serving of food for chance use. If you tackle one time your weird lashes you can use them profuse epoch.

Striplash Applicator

For the beginner even simpler are preglued lashes these are totally idiot signal and even a skilled primate in a frock can put into action these. I for my part am one-sidedly sighted and I can escort these in seconds. Display is no waiting for cement to dry, these can be recycled a few epoch so you can transfer if not muscle but equally present-day is no depository of cement they are significantly easier and faster to put into action. Best come with a replacement new self cement fasten for since the earliest looses it moistness and since the replacement one looses it moistness you can use them as group fasten lashes. The interest is totally the identical as preceding without the cement interest.

In the role of additional do you escort ladies to heighten your looks fast some preglued lashes and some lip interpret 5 account fast and frozen to go!

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