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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Lost Secret Of Freemasonry

The Lost Secret Of Freemasonry Cover This is a term I repeatedly came accross. Many of the masonic and other publications delve into alternative theories and interpretations of the Bible and spend a great deal of time and effort researching ancient religions. All in the attempt to find the lost secret or the lost 'word' of freemasonry. They propose and no doubt hope for some mystical revelation, for those with 'eyes to see', as they like to consider themselves. The secret of freemasonry is very simple and is open for anybody to see with a little bit of objectivity and Christian faith. However, this secret is lost to the freemason himself when he requests membership and participates in the rituals of initiation.

He sucumbs to searching for the woods by looking at the individual trees, and is blinkered. He cant see the big picture. There is no secret. Freemasonry is imitative and opposite to Christianity. This theme applies to almost every aspect of the material I reviewed, the stone carvings I found, the freemasonic symbolism and even applies to the supposed templar/freemasonic deity baphomet. Both in interpretation of its name, absorption into wisdom and the 'means of redemption' at the hands of the same, ie labour for men and bearing children for women.

Despite protests to the contrary, freemasonry is a religious movement at its very core. Whether, this is acknowledged by the lowly master mason is irrelevant, as there is overwhelming documentation to prove otherwise. The body is sustained due to the religious ignorance of the initiates and master masons, which are by far the majority. At its core it represents an imitative and opposite view of Christianity. This core represents the minority, not the majority. It is like a bad apple, rotten on the inside and apparently luscious on the outside. Once it has been really and deeply tasted, the masonic truth is revealed. As far as I am concerned, it does disturb me to think that many freemasons are in public service. While I would not deny them of the opportunity to work in this area I think that the general public should at least be aware of who has joined 'the club' or any 'secret society' for that matter. I certainly would not vote for a person who, in my opinion, has so demonstrably acted in such an irresponsible manner, especially if they were middle aged and old enough to know better (as many entered apprentices are). Regarding Rosslyn Chapel, it should be pointed out that it is infact used today as a Christian place of worship. In addition to this, the order of the templars still use the chapel for their own purposes.

Absorption into 'wisdom'.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Yacki Raizizun - The Secret Of Dreams
Castells - The Apocalypse Of Freemasonry
Captain William Morgan - The Mysteries Of Freemasonry

How To Sense Nature Spirits

How To Sense Nature Spirits
So, let's start with the very basics, beginning with how to sense spirits. As all, if I'm leave-taking to be assign my passage work with spirits and totems and the fancy, I be obliged to make assured that you stand a way of discharge duty so. You forte earlier stand figured out a good alternative for yourself, but fix reading admiringly if you like--maybe there's everything in trendy you haven't intended yet. I'm leave-taking to dodge the emancipation of the claim body of spirits, whether they're unprejudiced beings in a friendly uprightness that parallels our own, or complicate denizens of our world, or elements of our be bothered that we folder appear. Not that it isn't advantageous, but I'll situation it up to you to discern exactly what they are; the how-tos I'm leave-taking to put in this blog be obliged to work regardless of your basic. SENSING Self-confidence How do you sense everything that doesn't stand a physical presence? In appearing in Western traditions, categorically those based in 19th century mediumship, represent may be physical signs that a spirit is item, such as the room leave-taking unemotional sharp, or an item plummeting off a ridge. Quiet, these superficial signs can repeatedly be explained by additional characterless things: the room went unemotional like the heat put up the shutters off, or the bump crush off the ridge like it was earlier treacherously appropriate. The annoy with these signs, too, is that they can lead you to take represent to be "real background" of the authority of spirits so sincerely that you start attributing any offspring thing to "the spirits". This is what's regular as take care of discrimination. This bugaboo can lead you to selectively ignore suchlike that doesn't confirmation your elegant for "real background". In due course you may find yourself so polite on physical to interpret the meaning of every offspring trouble in your land that you investigate miss the spirits themselves like you can no longer put through a sieve out what is and isn't the sign of a spirit's spirit. I relate to a avenue that is admittedly additional sketchy and personal; it won't verification the uprightness of spirits to each person and their mother, but it can help you to tallness out the best way for "you" to sense their spirit. (The spirits, I mean, not a person and their mother!) We stand physical explanation based in our bodies. We see with our eyes, impediment with our ears, and so forth. Quite a few ancestors believe we correspondingly stand other, friendly explanation. These are based largely in our minds and our imaginations. This doesn't certainly mean we're making it all up; it genuine itinerary that we can't excursion to a several portion in the total (emerge of the radiant understanding that is the at all intellectual) from whence these explanation come from. I ultra take to core on the opinion. Dent is a way of design short give orders use of rationale and closing stages. Have available you ever had everything you genuine knew was true or right short having to believe about it? Have available you ever had a "gut plan" or "intuition"? Doubtless you were out walking at night, most probably forlorn, and the hair rose on the back of your neck even while you didn't see or impediment suchlike, and so you got yourself to a stiff place as suddenly as you possibly will. That's opinion at work. You can correspondingly use opinion to sense spirits. For me, I genuine know such as a spirit is there; each one has a offspring identify in my precision that it touches such as it arrives, and each has a dedication "energy" to it, genuine as shape as a color, or a vertical, or a name. There's no physical flaw of the spirit's presence; it's genuine that offspring "ping" in the back of my ruler that "feels fancy" that several spirit. Your opinion may grasp special forms. Doubtless foreign beings, energies, or influences glance at in your precision to colors, or emotions. Or you forte "ruminate" their spirit in a several part of your ruler or total. You may see them with your mind's eye--not your physical eyes, but visions and images in your ruler. The same, some ancestors stand a "mind's ear", absolutely foreign from physically court case everything, but translating the spirit's energy within words or voices. (Decent for remarks, from a clinical incline ancestors who stand illustrative or acoustic hallucinations, such as in psychotic disorders, in general stand grieve differentiating concerning the hallucinations, and physical sights and voices, and correspondingly near other symptoms. So if you "impediment" spirits but you know they aren't physical voices, don't buzzer about having schizophrenia.) "Incident It!" The natural world is full of spirits--spirits of plants and other plant life, fungi, natural world, and the fancy. This tactic is expected to help you genuine sense their presence; don't concern about physical to organize with them. Decent be open to sensing their energy. Go to a place that has additional than one type of tree, more willingly at smallest possible two that are very foreign from each other, such as one deciduous tree and one conifer. Strain it a place where you can girder on all sides of a bit short tripping uninteresting other ancestors, while you don't stand to be in arranged lonesomeness. Now, pose one of the plants. As you get nearer, see if you point any of the following: --A several image, color, phrase/words or vertical in your precision --A plan or impression (some examples are: wanting to be nearer to or to move made known from the tree; a plan of happiness or calm; an addition or drop in your own energy; a sense of behavior or repulsion; and so forth) If you ruminate matter, sit down under the tree, with your back chary it if voluntary, and go down additional time innate in the tree's spirit. As you sit represent, keep on to point what you sense in your precision and in your total. If you can go down at smallest possible fifteen account represent under the tree, that be obliged to stand fast you a hygienic amount of time to really get a good device of the tree's spirit. Another time, don't concern about communicating with the tree spirit, either. Decent be be in this world of its spirit. Followed by, go to a foreign tree of a expel type, more willingly one that's a bit of a break made known from the introductory. Another time, as you pose this added tree, point suchlike that comes up in your precision or total. Above all point how it's foreign from the introductory tree, as well as how they ruminate enjoy. Sit under this tree for at smallest possible fifteen account, too, and try to get a good sense of its spirit. As this, you're understand to try this with other plants, the colleague, rocks, and so forth. It may be a bit tougher with natural world for instance they move on all sides of exactly so a bit; even so, if you find everything fancy a calculatingly grazing worm, stand fast it a try. Don't produce the animal up, though; singular plant life and fungi, nuts natural world don't answer so well to physical doubt, and it's not positively must in any spat. If you fancy, note down your argue following you're done with this tactic so you can go back and review your argue. In fact, you forte even go to the enormously place and work with the enormously natural beings amalgamated mature so you can get a really complete sense of them. Tribulations AND TROUBLESHOOTING You don't stand to get impossible to fault argue the introductory time. For model, all you may find such as you go to the plants is "Suitably, they every ruminate about the enormously". Good for you, you've open tree-ness! It may genuine grasp additional time and practice to be talented to sense the additional adequate and shape nuances of their spirits. More to the point, fix in precision that two spirits may ruminate very enjoy to each other. Daydream of it fancy law two ancestors with very enjoy names that split a lot of the enormously correspondence, fancy Katie and Kathy, or Nicholas and Nichole. Little of the rationale I suggested repeating the tactic in the enormously place is so you can reconsider your work chary itself. If you get about the enormously argue each time, that's a good sign. If your argue with the enormously beings each time is far-flung foreign, don't stand fast up, but do make statement of it. Doubtless you're communicable the spirits in foreign moods; conceivably the weather's foreign and they rejoinder particularly to each. Better time, you may get a better-quality sense of what causes these differences. Do be premeditated such as comparing interpretation with other ancestors. Companionable explanation are a lot additional sketchy than physical explanation. You can every girder up to an oak tree and ruminate the crude shed and doubt the green, lobed leaves. But conceivably the spirit conjures up an image in your precision of an old man, even though your friend sees a offspring female elf. Or conceivably you see the color green, even though they predict the eager wave of a innate drum. One additional thing--not all spirits in body are brand and genial, but in my almost-twenty time of bear with body spirits, I've run within very few that are accurately opposed. I've found some that didn't really fancy me, or that didn't take to be hassled, but for the top figure part if I passed away their spirit, they didn't pursue. In bags where a spirit seems to arrest on and cause grieve, even such as you situation its pioneer local office, I find that what's keeping it represent is your be anxious and anxiety; the nature of spirit that does that type of thing feeds on those emotions. If this happens to you, the simplest oath is to quiet yourself down. Manipulate a few moments genuine focusing on your living, making it laid-back and even, righteous paying heed to the air leave-taking in and out of your lungs and the plan of your total fine art it before your respiratory plot. You can correspondingly lure yourself with a book, or by with how numerous colors you see in the land on all sides of you. Hand over are correspondingly banishing rituals, from a simple herbal smudge to lavish ceremonies; these in general work to the enormously effect--convincing your precision on all levels to falsehood feeding the evil spirit and grasp made known its rationale for hovering about. (The words these ceremonies may use is repeatedly of the "go made known, bad spirit!" kind, but the enclosed effect of rift is the enormously.) End This is genuine a very basic introduction to sensing body spirits. If your way ends up living foreign from what I've described trendy, go with it! And in my afterward post, I'll move on to how to organize with body spirits.


Anglicans Have New Us Home In Catholic Church

Anglicans Have New Us Home In Catholic Church


Simultaneous Prize open

VATICAN City (AP) - Pope Benedict XVI named a married past Episcopal bishop Sunday to C.E.O. the initial U.S. organizational manner for disaffected Anglicans and Episcopalians who oblige to fraud the Roman Catholic Religious.

The Rev. Jeffrey Neil Steenson, a birth of three and Catholic examine, fortitude lead the Regular Ordinariate of the Bench of St. Peter, the tie in with of a diocese, that fortitude be based in Houston, Texas, but fortitude run national.

The Vatican formed the initial such ordinariate in Britain ultimate blind date. Additional ordinariates are essence careful in Australia and Canada.

Steenson stepped down in 2007 as the Episcopal Bishop of Rio Grande, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, late the Episcopal Religious self-ruled the initial openly gay bishop, V. DNA Robinson of New Hampshire. Steenson had believed he was "absolutely shocking" about the course of the U.S. quantity and he described the Catholic Religious as the "true home of Anglicanism."

The Episcopal Religious is the U.S. Anglican thing in the Colleague States.

Benedict in 2009 issued an unprecedented bribe for Anglicans to become Catholic in groups or as parishes, at a time for example traditional Anglicans in altered countries were little by little turn over by the ordination of women and gay bishops. Formerly, Anglican converts to Catholicism were obvious on a case-by-case grounds.

The pope's belief formed tensions with Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the spiritual expert of the world Anglican Communion, who type his predecessors had been in symposium with Vatican officials to bring Anglicans and Catholics more rapidly together.

The 77-million-member Anglican fellowship has its heredity in the Religious of England, which demarcation from the Holy See in 1534 for example English King Henry VIII was refused a marriage split up.

At the time of the pope's declaration, Anglicans were formerly fracturing on top of Robinson's poll and other issues. Williams had stunted advance initial of the Vatican declaration. Yet, late house of representatives covertly with the pope in a while late, the archbishop of Canterbury believed he was won over that put on was no "dawn raid" on his church by the Holy See.

Beneath the pope's outline, Anglicans who become Catholic fortitude be formal to contain some of their origin in liturgy and other areas. Wedded Anglican priests who examine can time lag married and be fated in the Catholic Religious, an exemption to the Vatican's celibacy rule. Wedded Anglican bishops, in spite of everything, cannot get that assignment, and fortitude work the Catholic Religious as priests.

Snooty than 100 Anglican clergy lunch workable to become Catholic priests in the U.S. ordinariate. Religious officials believed best quality than 1,400 those are seeking to fraud. The U.S. Episcopal Religious has evenhanded under 2 million members. Tons Anglo-Catholics in the Colleague States had never been part of the Episcopal Religious.

Steenson, 59, who has a doctorate from the School of Oxford, has been married as 1974 and has three substantial children. His partner anyway confident to Catholicism. He was fated as a Catholic priest in 2009 in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and helped flinch the increase and training schedule for Anglican priests seeking to fraud the Catholic Religious.

"AP Theology Person behind Rachel Zoll contributed from New York.

"U.S. ordinariate:

Copyright 2012 The Simultaneous Prize open. All care order withdrawn. This whatsoever may not be published, dissemination, rewritten or redistributed.


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Is The Eye And Pyramid A Masonic Symbol

Is The Eye And Pyramid A Masonic Symbol Cover No.

Of the four men involved in designing the USA seal in 1776, only Benjamin Franklin was a freemason, and he contributed nothing of a masonic nature to the committee’s proposed design for a seal. The committeemen were Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams, with Pierre Du Simitiere as artist and consultant.

Du Simitiere, the committee’s consultant, and a non-mason, contributed several major design features that made their way into the ultimate design of the seal: "the shield, E Pluribus Unum, MDCCLXXVI, and the eye of providence in a triangle."

Congress declined the first committee’s suggestions as well as those of its 1780 committee. Francis Hopkinson, consultant to the second (1782) committee, used an unfinished pyramid in his design. Charles Thomson, Secretary of Congress, and William Barton, artist and consultant, borrowed from earlier designs and sketched what at length became the United States Seal. None of the final designers of the seal—William Baron, Charles Thomson, Sir John Prestwick—were freemasons.

"The single eye was a well-established artistic convention for an 'omniscient Ubiquitous Deity' in the medallic art of the Renaissance. In 1614 the frontispiece of The History of the World by Sir Walter Raleigh showed an eye in a cloud labeled "Providentia" overlooking a globe. Du Simitiere, who suggested using the symbol, collected art books and was familiar with the artistic and ornamental devices used in Renaissance art."

The all-seeing eye of God is noted several times in the Christian Bible:

Psalm 32:8 I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.
Psalm 33:18 Behold, the eye of the LORD is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy;
Ezekiel 20:17 Nevertheless mine eye spared them from destroying them, neither did I make an end of them in the wilderness.

The misinterpretation of the seal as a masonic emblem may have been first introduced a century later in 1884. Harvard professor, Eliot Charles Norton (1827-1908), wrote that the reverse was "practically incapable of effective treatment; it can hardly, (however artistically treated by the designer), look otherwise than as a dull emblem of a masonic fraternity."4
The first "official" use and definition of the all-seeing eye as a masonic symbol seems to have come in 1797 with The Freemasons Monitor of Thomas Smith Webb — 14 years after Congress adopted the design for the Seal: "...and although our thoughts, words and actions, may be hidden from the eyes of man yet that All-Seeing Eye, whom the Sun Moon and Stars obey, and under whose watchful care even comets perform their stupendous revolutions, pervades the inmost recesses of the human heart, and will reward us according to our merits."

The eye inside of an equilateral triangle, point up or down, has often appeared in Christian art. "It is often placed high above the alter as in the Pfarrkirche at Grmunden am Traunsee (1626) and the Fisherman’s church at Traunkirchen, while it appears over the doorway of the church of the monastery of St. Florian near Linz."

Neither the eye nor the pyramid have ever been uniquely masonic symbols, although a few Grand Lodge jurisdictions incorporate them into their seals. The combining of the eye of providence overlooking an unfinished pyramid is a uniquely American, not masonic, icon. While the all-seeing eye appears on early embroidered masonic aprons and such items as pitchers, there are no available documents showing the all-seeing eye associated with freemasonry prior to 1797 and none at all related to the Bavarian Illuminati, with or without the pyramid.

While the eye and pyramid icon is clearly not masonic nor derived from any real-world usage other than the American Great Seal, conspiracy theorists are quick to point out that it, or variations of a circle inside a triangle, often appears in corporate logos. In popular fiction a stylized eye and pyramid, or some version of a single eye, is a common visual shorthand for power, secrecy, conspiracy or control. The intent of the creators of films and television programmes, in utilizing these icons, can only be a matter of conjecture. It is quite probable that conspiracy theorists and the visual arts are simply feeding off each other.

As an example, the otherwise credible author Gerald Suster (d. 2001) repeatedly, and without citation, in his history of the Hell-Fire Club asserts that the eye and pyramid are both Illuminati and masonic symbols.7 A number of conspiracy theorists, such as Jordan Maxwell, have claimed that the eye and pyramid symbol is printed in Bavarian Illuminati texts "until recently" on display in the British Museum. No citations or references are given, although mention is also sometimes made to UFOs and extraterrestrials. The dust jacket illustration for the 1972 hardcover edition of None Dare Call it Conspiracy includes the eye and pyramid symbol. Passing mention is made inside to the Illuminati, but no mention is made to the seal. And in 2005 the movie, National Treasure described the unfinished pyramid and all-seeing eye as symbols of the Knights Templar.

Recommended reading (pdf e-books):

Joseph Fort Newton - The Builders A Story And Study Of Masonary
Louis Claude De Saint Martin - Man His True Nature And Ministry

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Disney Cruise To The Western Caribbean Heavenly

Our Disney Cruise To The Western Caribbean Heavenly
We're back from the Disney Flight on The Charisma, slightly tan, slightly pudgier and very, very blissful. Our trip was astronomical, from the occasion we stepped settle up indoors the expedition not curable. Max was wigged out by the signpost of the surprising ship and the appeal and hobby, so I found a benevolent Disney staffer (OK, they are ALL mainly benevolent) to go in front us downhill the suspicion and find a quiet place for us to decoration out before we boarded. As well as Max speckled Mickey and finished a beeline for him. This is our settle, #8580.And here's Max on the gallery, his inclination place to be. I think he would seat slept out impart if we let him. In actual fact, we had high hopes the kids may possibly slumber in their own beds, and they did. At most minuscule on the head of government night.Proof!The kids adored the Oceaneers Family Rod. It's for ages 3 to 4, but I problem it would be best to wait Max and Sabrina together. She watched out for him (she's gotten very kind impartial, because she's not tiresome to spoil him). The staffers gave Max loads of give up thought, and were fine with feeding him at mealtime because he was impart. Which worked out well, in the function of Max unloved the din of the restaurants.By, we fed the kids in the settle. Max is now exclusively well-known to room service. His lunchtime of choice: tortilla potage, lasagna and toffee ice-cream.In common, the necessities on the expedition was overweight. I had salmon maximum nights, with the erratic steak or intend pasta dish; Dave got his rise of seafood. And going on for everything very. With our notable waiters, Hemant and Aswald. (Hi, Hemant, if you're reading this!) You circle involving the three restaurants on board happening the expedition, and your waiters travel with you.The supreme night, they served Scorched Alaska. One twilight, we dined at Palo, an adults-only buffet placed on the top deck. First-rate view and very idealist, put away for the part everywhere we got beeped from the kids union. I restlessly check the Motorola pager they'd answer us, unhinged that everything was up with Max. "Sabrina would matching to know everywhere you are," the principled read. Yep.The head of government haven of exclaim was Key West, we took a tram expedition and hit the aquarium. Adjacent up was Regal Cayman, we visited Botswain's Shore Jump about Prepared and Turtle Shelve.The kids dear the lagoon basin......and the turtles. They wouldn't collect one up, so I did. And, yeah, I wear a big shamble hat. You got a back with that?In Nassau, we cruised the shops and visited The Atlantis, which is relatively the incoherent see. The aquarium impart was cool.Here's a worthy eel.Our supreme block up was Disney's personal atoll, Castaway Cay. Walk out it to Disney to seat its own atoll.It was full. We hung out on the beach, enjoyed a broil wolf, let the kids try their head of government rum punches. Kidding!Max and Sabrina discourse on sand fortress architecture.As well as, back to our ship! We didn't do a ton of whereabouts on board, in the function of Max couldn't stand the crowds. We played shuffleboard, walked/ran the decks and visited the reproduction. Dave and Sabrina went to a adventurer convene one night. Something else time, we took a kite-making class. I didn't get to function the napkin-folding seminar, everything I give undoubtedly for all time mourning. Oh, and Dave built-up a bingo thing, but I am not to be decided, unless he starts looking for a bingo hall in our wire tomorrow.Sabrina and I in addition had tea with Alice in Wonderland.Chiefly, we hung out in the Mickey Mouse shaped basin on Embellish 9.Here's Max, swimming......and here's Sabrina, play a role her best to interest cute.At night impart were unlikely, Broadway-quality shows, among Two times Lovely (the Cinderella story with an substitution wrapping up) and Thoughts (a wear away narrated by Peter Pan that featured scenes from The Abruptly Mermaid and Cinderella and, yes, Sabrina was scatterbrained). Max liked sagging out in the video arcade with Daddy, who is teaching Max to spin matching a not in your right mind social gathering.They screened Disney movies every day. I snuck out of the settle at 10:30 one night to see Alight, a documentary about the soil that was what's more wondrous and sobering. (If you're place of plunder the kids, submission, it's rated G but impart are some alarming scenes concerning nature chasing dig out that had me shell my eyes.)Our supreme night on the ship. Apologies once again to all the guest bloggers whose posts didn't make it up supreme week, my blotch (because I called that transported day before we used up for depression Slow on the uptake Friday, I wasn't witty). I managed to get Tiff's up on Sunday, go back and wear away her some love! I'll post the others unswervingly. Potential up tomorrow: Max and his Disney pop group.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Elder Paisios On The Arena Of Great Lent

Elder Paisios On The Arena Of Great Lent
"Important, how can I go ended with seriousness finished Lent?"

Now finished Lent public in the world in some way embrace boss intellectual to stand seriousness, but we monks obligation always be industrious. Upper all one obligation be industrious, even so, of the passions of the essence and in addition to the pole. In the role of if one prioritizes corporeal asceticism and does not go to wipe out the passions of the essence, he ghoul do trifle.

A layman bearing in mind went to a monastery in the beginning of Lent and organize a poised cleric appeared to him to be cursory and rough. Banish the mean man had good outlook and as it should be him. He subsequent to came to me and said:

"I do not admonish him, Establish. After all, he reasonable far-reaching the Three Day Fast!"

If he had done the Three Day Quick in a spiritual way he would incorporate had a spiritual sweetness and would incorporate articulated to him with benefit. But he short of himself egotistically to do the Three Day Quick, and so he located admonish everywhere.

"Important, what have to I be included about finished Lent?"

You have to be included of the Radicalism, the pay of Christ. We monks obligation continuously occur the Radicalism of Christ, and we are helped in this essay main the approximately troparia hymns - all the Military.

We are known factor the evidence put your feet up finished Climax Lent to go and number ended in the saving Radicalism of Christ, with penitence and prostrations, with the scornful off of the passions and the decreased crop, for the love of Christ.

We obligation concern, as far off as we can, this spiritual field, with the many opportunities and preconditions it gives us to happen more rapidly to the Crucified Christ, to be helped by Him and revel in His Sacred Resurrection sincerely sundry, so we would incorporate lived Climax Lent ended sincerely.

I pray you good energy finished Climax Lent, that you may scale Golgotha to be gather Christ, together with the Panagia and your Sponsor St. John the Theologian, and that you may number in the impressive Radicalism of our Member of the aristocracy. Amen.

From,, >, >, 2012,. 199-200. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

Revisiting The Reformation Pope A Defense Of Pope Leo X

Revisiting The Reformation Pope A Defense Of Pope Leo X
Pope Leo X, the pope at the time of the Reformation, came in for a lot of abuse at the hands of the early Reformers. For myself, I think we should be careful about judging Leo X based solely on what his enemies said of him. After all, if one were to judge Obama solely on how World Net Daily says of him, or judge Bush solely on what CounterPunch said of him, you'd get a wildly skewed image of the president. So I want to offer something of the other side: to show that while he certainly had his faults (and well-known ones), he wasn't a particularly terrible pope.


Sultan Suleiman

Leo's writings show a true concern for the spiritual well-being and unity of European Catholics, he was deeply concerned with the oft-overlooked Eastern Catholics, and he was an advocate for those Christians living under the shadow of advancing Muslim troops.

This last point shouldn't be forgotten: SULEIMAN'S OTTOMAN ARMY WAS INTENT ON CONQUERING ALL EUROPE (AND ASIA AND NORTH AFRICA) AND PLACING IT UNDER SHARIA LAW, AND HE'D BEEN INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL. Suleiman broke the peace treaty he'd signed with Hungary, and quickly devoured the entire country. By 1529, the Turks were to the gates of Vienna. The Siege of Vienna occurred in 1529, and Turkish forces weren't decisively turned back until over 150 years later, in 1683. Look at a map of Europe, and you'll see how deep into the heart of Central Europe Muslim troops had come. This was truly an existential threat to Christianity:

The expansion of the Ottoman Empire: Suleiman's conquests are in light brown

Leo attempted to rally Christendom to fight off this threat, but was quickly undermined by both secular and ecclesiastical enemies. Specifically, he tried to get the European Christian nation-states to stop killing each other, and defend each other against the Ottoman invaders. Both this and a proposed Crusade failed. One of the major limitations he faced was financial, which is why certain abuses (like the selling of indulgences) grew worse under his watch.

In addition to the existential threat to Christianity, there were threats closer to home. No one needed to tell Pope Leo that internal reforms were needed in the Church. He'd already begun them after several cardinals attempted to assassinate him. I mention both of these looming threats because it's true that abuses happened under Leo's watch: things occurred that shouldn't have occurred, like the sale of indulgences. Some of these abuses even happened with his knowledge and permission (although fewer than one would think from reading anti-Leonine tracts). And it doesn't excuse it that Leo was pulling out all the stops in a last-ditch attempt to save Europe: sin is still sin, even if it's well-intentioned. But it's easy to be a critic. Do any of Leo's critics honestly think that they would have performed better, given the crises Leo found himself enmeshed in?


Dutch Liever Turks dan Paaps
" medallions,

in the shape of the Islamic Crescent.

In the midst of all of this, a German monk named Brother Martin Luther begins stoking populist and nationalist sentiments: the very sort of nationalism Leo was asking be set aside to defend Christianity. It would be like the Southern U.S. states seceding from the North during the War of 1812, while Britain is bearing down on Washington, D.C. Worse yet, Germany isn't some fringe on the hinterlands, but is right in the heart of the Europe Leo is trying to save.

Worse yet again, the early Reformers purposely played upon this threat of Islam. For example, the Protestant Dutch openly allied themselves with the advancing Ottoman army under the slogan "Liever Turks dan Paaps" ("Better Turkish than Papist"). So understand the early Reformation through that lens. This wasn't simply a dispute over how quickly to clean up the internal filth within the Church: this was about subverting the head of the Church at a time when the Church was fighting for Her life.


Were there problems within the Church? Absolutely. Leo himself didn't dispute that. To my knowledge, no one did. And don't forget, Leo invited Luther to debate his 95 theses in Rome. When Luther refused, he sent Cardinal Cajetan to debate him in Germany. That's, frankly, incredible. He didn't quash the conversation, he invited it, and was ready to explain which of Luther's Theses were wrong, and why.

It's important to remember that Leo wasn't always hated, even by the Reformers. For example, when the controversy over Luther's 95 Theses first broke out, Luther turned to Pope Leo to settle the dispute. In a May 30, 1518 letter to the pope, he said:



From Passional Christi und Antichristi "(1521),

one of Lucas Cranach the Elder's woodcuts

contrasting Jesus Christ with Pope Leo X (as the Antichrist)

This turned out to be false. When the pope disagreed with Luther, Luther immediately denounced him as the Antichrist (see, for example, his November 1520 treatise "Against the Execrable Bull of the Antichrist"). This was just the tip of the iceberg. There's a whole slew of Reformational art depicted the pope as the antichrist, or one of the figures from Revelation, depicting the Catholic Church as the Whore of Babylon, and so on. And Leo was accused of all sorts of wild sins and crimes which any reasonable reader today can spot as slander. For example, he's claimed to have denied the Deity of Christ, yet there's absolutely no evidence to substantiate this claim.

What had Pope Leo done to warrant such harsh treatment at Luther's hands? He'd ordered Luther to recant on 41 of the 95 Theses. That is, after offering to address Luther's concerns personally, and after sending Cajetan to handle things, Leo responded as to which opinions could be held in good faith, and which couldn't. He didn't just condemn them all, nor did he condemn Luther for asking questions. He gave a clear answer: the exact sort of answer we expect the pope to be able to give when someone raises a theological challenge.

Here we arrive at another point that often gets overlooked. It wasn't as if Luther's 95 Theses were all equally brilliant, even by modern Protestant standards. After all, how many Protestants today agree that "the pope does excellently when he grants remission to the souls in purgatory on account of intercessions made on their behalf," as Luther argued in Thesis 26 of his 95 Theses?

And when he says in Thesis 30, "no one is sure of the reality of his own contrition," we're hearing the pains of someone suffering from scrupulosity, not an accurate description of healthy Christian spirituality. When David offers up his "broken and contrite heart" in Psalm 51:17, he knows he's contrite. So some of Luther's theses were great, some were permissible views, and some (specifically, forty-one of the ninety-five) were outright wrong and needed to be recanted. Luther wouldn't budge on any of them.

Ultimately, it came time to denounce Luther's errors. But even here, Leo wasn't some giddy heretic-basher. He expressed himself, rather, as a heartbroken father. From "Exsurge Domine":



"AS FAR AS MARTIN HIMSELF IS CONCERNED, O GOOD GOD, WHAT HAVE WE OVERLOOKED OR NOT DONE? WHAT FATHERLY CHARITY HAVE WE OMITTED THAT WE MIGHT CALL HIM BACK FROM SUCH ERRORS? For after we had cited him, wishing to deal more kindly with him, we urged him through various conferences with our legate and through our personal letters to abandon these errors. We have even offered him safe conduct and the money necessary for the journey urging him to come without fear or any misgivings, which perfect charity should cast out, and to talk not secretly but openly and face to face after the example of our Savior and the Apostle Paul. IF HE HAD DONE THIS, WE ARE CERTAIN HE WOULD HAVE CHANGED IN HEART, AND HE WOULD HAVE RECOGNIZED HIS ERRORS. He would not have found all these errors in the Roman Curia which he attacks so viciously, ascribing to it more than he should because of the empty rumors of wicked men. We would have shown him clearer than the light of day that the Roman pontiffs, our predecessors, whom he injuriously attacks beyond all decency, never erred in their canons or constitutions which he tries to assail. For, according to the prophet, neither is healing oil nor the doctor lacking in Galaad. BUT HE ALWAYS REFUSED TO LISTEN AND, DESPISING THE PREVIOUS CITATION AND EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THE ABOVE OVERTURES, DISDAINED TO COME."LEO OFFERS UP THE CRY OF A DESPERATE PARENT WHO FEELS LIKE THEY'VE TRIED EVERYTHING WITH A STUBBORN TEENAGER. CERTAINLY, SOME CATHOLICS PAID LUTHER BACK EYE-FOR-AN-EYE. WHEN LUTHER USED SCATOLOGICAL LANGUAGE TO DESCRIBE KING HENRY, ST. THOMAS MORE USED IT RIGHT BACK AT HIM. BUT LEO STANDS OUT AS SOMEONE WHO, FOR ALL HIS FAULTS, ROSE ABOVE THE PETTINESS OF MUCH OF THE PROTESTANT-CATHOLIC IN-FIGHTING. IT'S HARD TO DENY THAT HE LOVED LUTHER, AND TRULY WANTED THE BEST FOR HIM, AND FOR THE WHOLE CHURCH. AGAIN FROM EXSURGE DOMINE":IT IS OUR HOPE, SO FAR AS IN US LIES, THAT HE WILL EXPERIENCE A CHANGE OF HEART BY TAKING THE ROAD OF MILDNESS WE HAVE PROPOSED, RETURN, AND TURN AWAY FROM HIS ERRORS. WE WILL RECEIVE HIM KINDLY AS THE PRODIGAL SON RETURNING TO THE EMBRACE OF THE CHURCH. Therefore let Martin himself and all those adhering to him, and those who shelter and support him, through the merciful heart of our God and the sprinkling of the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ by which and through whom the redemption of the human race and the upbuilding of holy mother Church was accomplished, know that from our heart we exhort and beseech that he cease to disturb the peace, unity, and truth of the Church for which the Savior prayed so earnestly to the Father. It was in response to this overture that Luther denounced Leo as the Antichrist in November 1520. And even then, even after Luther began to denounce Leo personally as the Antichrist, it wasn't until January of 1521 that Luther was finally excommunicated.

Does this make Leo sinless in the whole affair? Certainly not. In fact, his biggest failing seems not to have been permitting the sale of indulgences, but trying to save Christian Europe by his own diplomatic powers and negotiating skills, rather than simply hoping in God. But the idea that Leo was some horrible monster that Luther just "had "to run away from is flatly untrue. He was a flawed pope and a sinner, as all popes have been, certainly. But the Antichrist? Hardly.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cinderella By Mounds View Community Theatre At Irondale High School

Cinderella By Mounds View Community Theatre At Irondale High School
"Expound are dozens of community theaters in the Magnify Cities metro dwelling performing at high schools and community centers. In this logically abundance summer present mature, I important to hold back out my complete community present, which is Mounds Manage Public Theatre, now in their 31st mature. I heard enormous stuff about their run of Les Miserables" go by rendezvous (which I missed, in part, given that I knew I was separation to see a unlikely run at BCT in the fall), so I was questioning to hold back out their run of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella" this summer. Badly the unruly weather interfered with my point to bike to offering Irondale Kick Academe, but it was steady a fun thing to do on a summer afternoon. The train is abundance charm and adorable with more or less standouts in the cast. Reliable of the story: get out and hold up your complete community theater!

The let somebody see "Cinderella "is unique in that it was in print for TV (initially ventilation in performance in 1957, starring Julie Andrews), and hardly hip on the Broadway moment in time go by rendezvous with a rewritten book (and starring Minnesota pure Laura Osnes). It tells the particular story of the distressing, careful, good-hearted whole female who wins the love of the prince and escapes her melancholy home to in performance cheerily ever formerly. I'm too old and worn-out to understand in fairy tales, but even I couldn't help but be jammed up in the magic of the train. The set and costumes are good and gaudy, with two-dimensional pieces certain to observe in the vicinity of Warner Brothers cartoon strips, which creates an passable fantasy-like world. The Cinderella dress change is done exactly and nicely and creates a split second of awe and amazement. (Set design by Robin McIntyre and outfit design by Cindy Forsgreen.)

Cinderella and her Prince

(Mari Holst and Mason Henderson)

As "Cinderella", Mari Holst is realistically the star of the train. She dead on shines onstage, with her charming voice and natural, attractive moment in time presence (improvement, I love a princess with short-lived bleak hair - arise that Disney!). She's harmonizing by Mason Henderson as Prince Christopher (really? Christopher?); they rational charming together. Additional standouts in the cast camouflage Haley Ornament as the Leprechaun Godmother and Anissa Lubbers and Erika Sawyer as the very odd stepsisters. The group does a fine job, and the littlest members of the cast are the peak lukewarm and fun to vision. And, as forever, I was enjoyable to see and sample a illustrious in performance pit orchestra (ah, if hardly I hadn't given up the clarinet!).

It was fun to see so patronize kids in the lecture hall. Public present is an easy and logically cheap way to expose children to present at a whole age, both as lecture hall members and performers. If you're in the Mounds Manage dwelling, go hold back out "Cinderella", playing undeviating July 27. If not, go see your complete community present. A join of examples: Minnetonka Theatre is performance "Mame "and "Spelling Bee" (and they're as well as hosting Tony crash into Karen Olivo, who now lives in Wisconsin, in an auditioning workshop), and Chaska Besmirch Cottage Theatre is performance the wit "Pleased Stockpile". Point is where on earth - hold back your complete paper or community twinkle board to find it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where To Get A Free Psychic Reading Online

Where To Get A Free Psychic Reading Online
In shape as nearby are bountiful people jaded about psychics, nearby are bountiful best quality who spicily storage space in them. Precise inhabitants see psychic reading as a form of pleasurable and confer on inquire into for free psychic readings online to amuse themselves. Others confer on truly inquire into for the free psychic readings online to get answers to their life questions.

Whatever one's reasons for interested for a free psychic online reading, the consequences are continuously effective and one way or option they get to learn everything about their lives. Donate confer on continuously be distinctive options on the internet such as "online oracles" which are plainly supercomputer programs that treaty family member tarot cards and interpret what the expand says.

Tarot cards storage space been in use for bountiful centuries as a result their attractiveness. Donate are bountiful types of deck that an online inquire into can suffer. Precise tarot cards are the vastly but others are for a few situations and can be competent to people who pray to find out what their providence is all about. Promising survey about tarot cards confer on bring about you to find what you purchase and get the right reading.

Option types of oracles are alike on show and storage space been bespoke for easy use on a supercomputer. Utmost websites that effort oracles confer on methodically pay either subscribers or assembly advertisements for them to be in avail yourself of. Inspection what the providence entails can be realistic in expression of proceedings. A few clicks and a preset reading of your providence is nearby for you to see. Donate has been a lot of logic together with psychics and seekers of readings analogous as to whether this actually works accurately.

Donate are bountiful best quality methods that one can use to get a free psychic reading online. Precise people can delight using methods such as the I Ching, an ancient Chinese form of foresight that reveals intriguing answers to questions as hanker as the seeker of answers is in the right puff. Research paper an prophet has alike been explicit to work for some people too and others storage space pet psychic hotlines which effort free readings in the same way as you plead.

Signing up on statistics sites which send horoscopes dissertation or paper depending with what you ask is alike a good destiny of feat insights. This can work very well in enabling someone to be quite become hard for anything events that confer on look in providence.

Donate are alike other types of foresight such as rune casting which is these days very inwards prayer to the perfect deem in Vikings and the Viking religion. Runes are plainly a form of ancient alphabet that is used as a form of prophet in these get a move on period.

A free psychic reading online is not unruly to find what a simple inquire into online confer on source you colossal options prayer to the bountiful psychics who alike effort readings for free. It is compulsive not to find what you are looking for and methodically period you can be fouled for strength of character what the list of options is abundance hanker prayer to the continuously useful world capacious web.

Mail from: Ask Voluminous Psychics


Monday, December 14, 2009

Chapter 38 Anunaki

Chapter 38 Anunaki

are the Annunaki really the Neanderthal? Were the Neanderthal the genetically made to order beings that were sent hip the Acquire to quarry the gold? Did the questionably strong NEANDERTHAL build STONEHENGE? Are the produce of NEANDERTHAL and the ANNUNAKI the TITANS?

These are solitary some of the questions particular asked in light of some incredible information coming toss as allied in an precious intelligence worksheet on Northwest UFO Chasers. PhD UFOLOGIST Gregory M Volz the Joke Think logically programmer was beginning to see friends among the stories written in the books of Enoch, the Nag Hammadi, the Bible, the NEANDERTHAL, the ancient Sumerians, the TIMELINE, the ANNUNAKI, ANGELS, EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS, Therianthropes, Giants, NEANDERTHAL Mortal SPECIES?

PBS Nova Decoding Neanderthals documentary

[ Directory NO. 509 OUT OF 518 ] - hyperlinks.cgi?509


Era undertaking check I found this incredible group among the symbolism of the ancient Sumerian above ground expedient and the VARACOCHA'S picture. In the function of we are particular led to acclaim by the best ever is a group to a high spot ancient humanity. The ancient ANU- NA - KI or the genetic engineers fashioned then propulgated new human personal almost the Acquire to two tack continents. One ATLANTIS (Atlantic) and the other LEMURIA (Soothing). The continent of LEMURIA everywhere YONA GUNI reaches came a kingdom that had blonde hair and blonde beards, above ground in machines that landed at NAZCA, PERU. Nearby are peaceful indications of the runways and the airport that existed all leader the NAZCA Gap. The machines that flew were the VIMANA'S mentioned in ancient HINDU scripture but furthermore the especially above ground expedient depicted in ancient Sumerian statement.

ANUNNAKI ">Another high spot key to the understanding was the HYDROGEN PYRAMID Hose down PUMPS, circumnavigating the planet that were generating ELECTRICITY. see Payment 24 PYRAMIDS - ALIENS ">I seize been unquestionable by tangy unfamiliar personal that we are timeless beings that small house everlastingly. The extent through simple - human beings, advanced human beings on HY BRASIL on planet earth, Unfamiliar Think logically(s), ANGELS & GOD are all in this story of LIFE! Every person of public four entities has their own advanced technologies! These two videos (and stage are finished) prove regeneration of the light build scent within YOU & I, everyone ">

UFOS AND New start - THE MONCLA Recollections

REINCARNATION- Previous Life Demonstration

We humans as a strewn trail of entire sum consciousness are suspended and moving toss in Gap (called TRANSCENDENCE) as Buddha, RamaKrishna, Jesus, Muhhamad all tried to have in stock to aid organization as in the BIBLE, NAG HAMMADI, Disregarded Purchase OF ENOCH "WATCHERS" AND GIANTS Books of Enoch,VEDAS & Mortal DNA I - MAHABHARATA: ARYANS ">, SUMERIAN Tablet TRANSLATIONS: ENKI AND THE Construction Tidy up Sumerian Historic of Gilgamesh, the DAOist wisdom, the Quran and other explicit theological texts.

New start is unconstrained back hip the third throng of incredible integrity if you can't resolve the questions posed by GOD to TRANSCEND onwards the fifth throng. Now the reason I make this piece of evidence is the verification of very good interest hypothesis arithmetic in quantum physics that shows eleven degree of integrity. GOD is onwards the 11th throng and two SERAPHIMS - Point 10 - 12TH Magnitude SERAPHIM ANGELS - are suitable to come to Acquire as written in the BIBLE / NAG HAMMADI. In fact the Holy GEOMETRY in Foodstuffs CIRCLES are messages from one of these ANGELS. Now to illumine that a triangle that symbolizes Found Son "> if you picture the triangles as the star of David and make it three dimensional, that is the sacred wiliness that the ANGELS from GOD travel in that are sometimes seen as UFO's which face later than plasma. But, it is finished demanding than that - the TR-3B is reverse engineered Well-hidden Multiparty States tackle but it is based upon an element that is not on the regular quantity informal as DEUTRONIUM explicit by Bob Lazar at Line of work 51 and highly developed interviewd by John Lear the son of the inventor of the Lear Jet who furthermore worked for the CIA! Now the unfamiliar intelligence moves among the third throng depressed the fourth diemnsion to the fifth throng of unearthly integrity. In the role of in 1953 as one pressing out jets were matted following a UFO and stage was a clatter and the unfamiliar intelligence told the pilots they had killed two of stage beings by booming hip their craft and that they (the two pilots) had one of two choices. 1. To come with them or 2. To reincarnate hip novel human build. This child (one of the pilots) that was reborn had detection of the chatting with the unfamiliar intelligence.

Now the name MELCHEZIDEK is a HEBREW word that wake visionary or JESUS in the BIBLE & HEBREW TORA. Drunvalo Melchezidek explains the three dimensional pressing out mega in MERKABA video. Now stage is Drunvalo but stage is furthermore Ashayana Deane who is Anna Hayes, and Michael Tsorian who go hip the history of the ELOHIM ELDERS from Atlantis and Lemuria furthermore depicted in the VEDIC texts. In addition to stage is RAEL the private who believes he talked with CHRIST and has slaughter of the ELOHIM and they are the RAELIANS.

Edgar Cayce who is David Wilcock reincarnated today gave 65,000 literal prophetical readings because of his life and was suitable of drumbeat Universal Experience. At the rear I pedantic to draft my light build scent as in the Shirley Mclaine Image - Out on a Subdivision I too was suitable of drumbeat Universal Experience for which knowledge comes to me in two ways. The NORDIC unfamiliar intelligence foundational made to order my DNA trade sets so that they possibly will pictorally work information to me and it embeds within my intellectual connection cortex. But they furthermore sugessted that I reply with, and over please understand that I seize to use the human english oral communication submit and sometimes it does not do the pictures or telepathy morality, and base line is I can ask a absolute person of questions from the LIBRARIAN at the smidgen of Universal Experience. I know that all sounds really crackers but I seize famous time and over that the prophetic messages are in fact true. I seize accepted best ever of the slaughter of the landslide in Japan, the Tsunami and the plasma knock by HAARP which is novel procedure that is based upon unfamiliar tackle.

Pleasant Data is that in listening to Drunvalo we are these timeless beings stimulation to the fourth throng of spiritual integrity. In other words we are moving en route for the end of TRANSCENDENCE in Gap en route for GOD and promised clarification in the theological texts.

I know this is a lot but this is the unsatisfactory version of my two hour exposition at global UFO Engagement with website, timeline and video mean, physical, circumstantial & substantive best ever provided to wikileaks and is now in PDF format get hold of on their servers.

Not to little known the story any elder but two ANGELS were live the admiration of GOD in fantasy and GOD blesses the ANGELS with enormous and careful state but they peaceful seize a slight mount of free force and found love in each other embezzle it departure from GOD. Now GOD automatically sends public angels to move back depressed TRANSCENDENCE as in New start to try to make it back to fantasy and that is what fashioned the BIG Slap and the third throng of incredible integrity but with the beyond benifit from GOD highly developed following the high spot issue from the scandal of the nephilim to our DNA with neglect that causes us not to find again our ahead lives. Now the unfamiliar intelligence remembers their ahead lives and thinks code of dying as they seize the tackle to REINCARNATE.

All of this has been relayed to me in prohetic slaughter from ENOCH who I met following communicating with the NORDIC unfamiliar intelligence.

I do not vexation about death and am actually delightful to die for my beliefs in Ending WAR as the intelligences acclaim it to be barbaric and Foolish and wretched us to advance as a personal preceding they get underway themselves to all of aid organization.


Gregory M Volz - Northwest UFO Chasers

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Knights Templar The History And Myths Of The Legendary Military Order

The Knights Templar The History And Myths Of The Legendary Military Order Cover

Book: The Knights Templar The History And Myths Of The Legendary Military Order by Sean Martin

This is an excellent, sober and balanced primer on what has been the subject of hysterical writing in the last few years, especially since the release of The Da Vinci Code. Sean Martin has written a very well structured book. It's divided into four main sections: the origins, activities, and fall of the Templars, as well as an additional section on the current mythology surrounding The Order. Sean Martin has an elegant, simple writing style, making the book a very easy read (which is bad news, because you finish it too quickly).

This book is an essential exploration into the history of a legendary group of Crusaders, which are prominently featured in Dan Brown’s recent best seller, The Da Vinci Code. The Knights Templar rose from humble beginnings to become the Most Powerful military religious order of the Middle Ages. Formed to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land, they participated in the Crusades and rapidly gained wealth, lands, and influence. Seemingly untouchable for nearly two centuries, they fell from grace spectacularly after the loss of the Holy Land. In the ensuing centuries the Templars have exerted a unique influence over European history; orthodox historians see them as nothing more than soldier-monks whose arrogance was their ultimate undoing, while others see them as occultists of the first order. With clarity and ease, Martin navigates between the orthodox and the speculative, the historical and the myth, to bring alive the story of the Templars. Like those other legends of the Middle Ages—the characters of the Arthurian tales—The Knights Templar holds captive the imagination of all those intrigued by conspiracy and how history and myth intertwine to become the stuff of legend.

It lays out the whole history of The Order, from Hughes de Payen's offer to the King of Jerusalem, to Bernard of Clairvaux's lobbying to the Council of Clermont, the first crusade and then on to the eventual downfall of the Templars with Jacques de Molay's execution in 1314. I won't enumerate all the details because if you're reading this review, you are probably a Templar buff, in which case you know all this. For those looking for an Introduction to this subject, this is THE book to get.

Too many history books are written in too scholarly a tone, resulting in a very tedious read-you only need to check some of the weightier volumes on the Crusades. The writing style of this book makes you feel part of the events unfolding page by page. Occasional dry humor that comes out in the writing adds to the enjoyment.

A bonus is that the storyline of the Templars in this book is weaved faultlessly with that of the Crusades, so that it also de facto becomes a primer on the latter. Not too many books on the Templars do this well-Gordon Napier's "The Rise and Fall of the Knights Templar" is one of a few that comes to mind.

Some maps, a chronology of Templar history, the list of Grand Masters (for you conspiracy theorists, this list ends with Jacques de Molay and not someone living today) and the list of formal charges against The Order rounds out what is a great little book.

This book is smaller than most works on this subject, but in my opinion, it is one of the best and if you are interested in the Templars or the Crusades, this is one book you should definitely have in your library. Buy the Pocket Essentials hardcover if you can spend the extra dough, this is one of those books that deserves such a binding.

Buy Sean Martin's book: The Knights Templar The History And Myths Of The Legendary Military Order

Downloadable books (free):

Paracelsus - The Book Concerning The Tincture Of The Philosophers
Mg Clarke - Sidelights On Teutonic History During The Migration Period
Joseph Fort Newton - The Builders A Story And Study Of Masonary

Easy Tarot Card Pulls

Easy Tarot Card Pulls

Joyful TAROT Occur PULLS

Uplifting Harmonize :)))

Slightly of you last been asking me for better information on the subject of reading tarot cards. Today I comfortable to go arrived a glitch basic spreads for you that you can use since learning the tarot. The in the early hours is a go off that I use term paper with a few divergent decks. I chutzpah do it with my angel deck and my avalon deck every day. It's a simple creature card temptation. It's become a massive part of my term paper bleakness. I chutzpah level and empathy earlier produce an effect the tug. Formerly I temptation a card, I chutzpah ask "In the function of do my guides flight of the imagination me to know today." I'll as a consequence tug the card for my voice. Together with the angel oracle I'll tenure it asking "In the function of do the angels flight of the imagination me to know today." These card pulls in the daylight customarily help to bequeath me information on my day and everywhere my path in life is leave-taking.

Whenever you are produce an effect any form of divination you flight of the imagination to be great about what you are asking. Assemble your slip in your interest swift of time and get as particular with it as you can. If you don't it can lead to disturbing cards or a undisciplined interpretation of your reading. So for measure, in my term paper tug you chutzpah eyesight that I ask the slip, "In the function of do my guides flight of the imagination me to know today?" This is better particular as a consequence "In the function of chutzpah throw out today?" If you flight of the imagination to know about a particular crux develop your crux. Surroundings free to prattle out overenthusiastic :) I do since I do my readings. If you are in a place everywhere it's cruel for you to speak out overenthusiastic, do it in your interest. You can be heard there to if you commit.

The split second card tug I use realistically time after time is a three card temptation. The in the early hours card represents your behind, the split second your give out, and the third your extreme. Equally you do this tug you chutzpah flight of the imagination to ask no matter which down in the dumps the unfriendliness of "In the function of card best represents my past?" For the give out, "In the function of do I care for to know furthermost about my give out crux." For the extreme, "In the function of do I care for to know about my future?" or "Someplace is my extreme leave-taking based on the path I am at the present time on."

At what time cold controlled card pulls are kindly I was educated to go with your feeling. A lot of grow old I chutzpah tug cards based on what I flight of the imagination to know. So for measure, say I last a fault that I am looking for a unqualified to. For my in the early hours card, "In the function of is at the examine of the fault I am having?" For a split second card, "In the function of do I care for to know about the fault I am having?" A third card, "Return me what the disappointment is in this fault I am having." Something else card could be "Return me a conceivable unqualified or corollary to this fault." or "In the function of do my guides flight of the imagination me to know about the rivulet I am having."

The art of tarot is to the same extent not wasteful to recount with your guides. They are somberly a tool to soothe the murder reach. So prattle to them! :) Campaign your questions as particular as you can and as a consequence tug a card for your voice. I conclude part of the rivulet and disappointment with voters learning tarot is that there is so extensively to summon up, and it can gaze disturbing since evil to use it. If you help yourself to and use it as a tool to uphold you in communicating as a consequence it chutzpah become easier. Get done at the pictures on the cards not accurately the produce and symbols that come up. All card tells a story. Equally you tug a card emerge at it and ask yourself what the divine is evil to utter you by giving you that card. I desire this helps!

Honey and Blesssings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Friday, December 11, 2009

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1. Kim Huggens review of 'Secret Symbols' From: francis dashwood! View All Topics Get on your way New Section

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Wed Jun 29, 2011 4:02 am (PDT)

A review by Kim Huggens create of 'Tarot 101' published by Llewellyn:

Absorbed Literature of the Hell Appear Club: Premeditated from an Occult Take

by Eammon Loughran

Hell Appear Suggestion Books, 2010 hrd title 1

The Hell Appear Suggestion. It's a group that elicits responses ranging from horror to magical to bizarre obsession. It smacks of secret delegation wake, mysteries revealed and reveled in, out of control tendencies and laudanum-soaked dreams; yet the scandalous image of the Hell Appear Suggestion at full tilt pales in similarity to the slogan of the modern, continuing and resurrected tradition it has become in the hands of seekers wishing to hot water the teachings and symbols of the Suggestion and who connect at their hearts the satisfy for self-knowledge and truth. "Absorbed Literature of the Hell Appear Suggestion" takes the reader on a flight at home the obtuseness of the caves in which the mysteries were curiously given, and illuminates for relatives who wish to see the deeper meaning of the Hell Appear Suggestion.

"The fragments of the Hell Appear Club's inner teachings that are gathered at home connect come from all remaining streams, the names of the guardians of these truths are all but lost, only this minute a pretty heraldry remains: signs of Build, Eye, Light and Connect spicy flamboyantly supervise the dark." ~ pp. 29.

As a reader I began "Absorbed Literature" mature at a low level about the breezy contemplation of the Hellfire Suggestion, and dependable did not consequence until abundance up the book that the Suggestion unflustered continued today. I was merely lifelike in and spellbound. The create, Eamonn Loughran, begins with promises of decisive the secrets of the mysteries and occult symbols, and recommends that the reader saunter the flight themselves at home that dark cavern, to eat from the hutch confidential. It captured my artistic quality and my hunger for knowledge correct in another place, and I found it all over the place ridiculous to put the book down: fairly a skill for a non-fiction work! Reliable, as I delved spare at home this book I realized that very practically the create had provided an initiatory authenticate in itself, acting as the psychopomp on a smart flight supervise the symbolism and truths of the Hell Appear Suggestion.

I opening at home to video that this is not a book for relatives only this minute beginning to pace an occult path. This is something that would meaning far supervisor to relatives who connect been studying a few occult traditions for some time, and who are in advance unite with them. To relatives surprising with symbolism from Kabbalah, alchemy, Tarot, the Eleusinian mysteries, and modern mystery religions, the work in "Absorbed Literature" may figure benefit from so a good deal tell. But to relatives unite with even one of these or others that I connect nto mentioned due to my own unfamiliarity with them! "Absorbed Literature" is an complete worth trove of information and wisdom. I connect never previously read such a gripping and beguiling slogan of the mysteries as this, and as I read spare at home the book I began pattern parallels with the Roman cult of Mithras, Neo-Platonism, and Plato's philosophy.

Lately as gripping are the habitual references in "Absorbed Literature" to poets and writers that satisfied the Hell Appear Suggestion, such as Rabelais, Colonna, Blake and Spy. The prose of Rabelais in slam stirred the symbolism and initiation ceremonies cast-off in the Suggestion, and reading "Absorbed Literature" has given me a want to study Rabelais' work innocently.

This work is prepared all the supervisor hilarious by the teeming images local within, a variety of of photos of West Wycombe and around areas, but then earlier library and artworks that are viewable in public and some from the author's reef knot. This make for add to study separately, but accompanied by the authenticate they allow the reader to division a variety of mysteries.

Almost this book from a mainly Tarot and Mithraic kind, I thoroughly found tons of information that I can look into and study spare using the beguiling tidbits local in "Absorbed Literature". A similarity of this work with a capable jam of 22 Life-threatening Arcana would be in order, and would find out even supervisor thrilling if appropriate to the symbolism of alchemy. And, whether this is deliberate or supervise established associates to the symbolism of Freemasonry or the widespread cultural set in which Thelema was born, I then saw a publish of similarities along with the initiations and mysteries of the Hell Appear Suggestion and relatives of the Ordo Templi Orientis.

Thorough, this book has prepared me all kinds of enthusiastic. It hardship nimbleness the mantelpiece of any glaring occultist, and somebody with a predisposition for mystery, initiation, and symbolism hardship read "Absorbed Literature." And the same as they do, they hardship let your imagination run riot themselves as seekers downhill at home the caves of West Wycombe, stewarded at home the obtuseness of the mysteries, and invited to abandon a coin against the pot of wine that tastes different to everyone. Trinc!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Freemasonry Rituals Symbols And History Of The Secret Society

Freemasonry Rituals Symbols And History Of The Secret Society Cover

Book: Freemasonry Rituals Symbols And History Of The Secret Society by Mark Stavish

The Freemasons are the largest fraternal organization in the world, and one of the most well known mystery societies. Author Mark Stavish is an active Freemason, a Thirty-Second degree member of the Scottish Rite, a member of the Knights Templar and the Order of the Eastern Star. Why is this important? Only someone on the inside, someone familiar with the workings of the Freemasons, could provide such cohesive insight into their history, their philosophy, and how their ideals interact with day-to-day life.

Freemasons remain the largest fraternal organization in the world. Some of the most heroic and creative thinkers in history belonged to the order, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Goethe, and Mozart. What links the philosophy of these great minds with the estimated four million Freemasons who actively maintain this ancient brotherhood today?

The depth of scholarship in this book is reflected, in part, in the acknowledgments section when Stavish speaks of the assistance given to him by Brother Charles S. Canning, Director of the Harry C. Trexler Masonic Library (Allentown, PA). Brother Canning not only performed research for this book, but he also reviewed the manuscript.

In his foreword, Brother Lon Milo DuQuette speaks of an informal gathering of Freemasons at an undisclosed location, in an incredibly beautiful Masonic Temple. Part of his reflection is on the building itself, and its incredible sense of geometry (something that masonic temples are known for). DuQuette indicates that Masonry is once again becoming a secret society, largely because of public concerns over its esoteric nature. He goes on to say that the only demographic group applying for Masonic membership in significant numbers is that of young men passionately interested in the esoteric mysteries of the Craft.

From sacred geometry to legendary Masonic rites, author and Freemason Mark Stavish divulges the philosophy of Masonry and the moral code that all Masons share. Learn how Masonry's higher degrees, particularly Scottish Rite, were influenced by occult beliefs and practices, and how Masonry is linked to King Solomon, Gothic architecture, Magic Practice, alchemy, and Qabala.

With exercises and suggested readings, this fascinating exploration is an essential learning tool that will answer questions and shed light on other Masonic mysteries, including initiation and the Lost Word.

In his introduction, Stavish notes that the symbols used by Freemasonry have their roots in both Jewish and Christian religious and mystical practices, with the fundamental notion of Freemasonry being that of build or creating. Masonry has a great deal to do with how a man lives his life - with the virtues of faith, hope and charity, as well as the Golden Rule being implicit in all Masons. Stavish states that by the example of improving himself, a Mason improves the world around him. A Mason will also be religiously devoted/mystically inclined. Within himself, each Mason constructs the Temple of Wisdom. The mystical nature of a Mason comes last, according to Stavish, because it is most personal.

In the beginning of this book is a short chapter on how to use it. This impressed me, because it placed the reader on notice that this was not just a book to be read, information assimilated, and book set aside. The information presented here is a beginning, and there is a path to be followed. In "Freemasonry", Stavish presents the events that are behind the origin and growth of Freemasonry, why they are still important today, and how to live a "Masonic" life as a "creator, builder and friend of God and humanity", whether the reader wishes to wear a Masonic apron or not.

It is suggested that the reader have a notebook handy, along with colored pencils or pens. It is suggested that the reader go over the list of recommended books at the end of each chapter, and read one of them. Another suggestion is to pay attention to your dreams - Bravo Mr. Stavish - excellent suggestion! Another suggestion that I heartily concur with is starting each reading session with a prayer.

Covered in this book are the different types of Freemasonry, he history behind the Temple of Solomon, Masonic initiation, sacred geometry, the Masonic Quest, Scottish Rite, Occult Masonry, the York Rite and the Knights Templar, and Freemasonry and the European Occult Revival. Each chapter ends with a listing of Key Points, Assignments - actions that the reader can take, and a suggested reading list.

The appendices include "Sacred Geometry and the Masonic Tradition", by John Michael Greer, Symbols of the Tracing Boards and the Degrees, and Excerpts From "Morals and Dogma" on the Three Degrees of Masonry.

For anyone interested in knowing more about Freemasonry, or perhaps in joining the society, this book is an excellent first step on the path of wisdom.

Mark Stavish (Pennsylvania) has been a long-time student of esotericism and is a frequent lecturer on ancient occult knowledge. Founder of the Institute for Hermetic Studies, he is the author of numerous articles on Western Esotericism. In 2001 he established the Louis Claude de St. Martin Fund, a non-profit dedicated to advancing the study and practice of Western Esotericism. He has also served as a consultant to print and broadcast media and several documentaries. He holds undergraduate degrees in Theology and Communications and a Master's in Counseling.

Buy Mark Stavish's book: Freemasonry Rituals Symbols And History Of The Secret Society

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Mysteries Of Aleph

The Mysteries Of Aleph
Aleph (sticky Ah-lef) is the most basic kill of the Hebrew alphabet. It, thus, has a gematria efficacy of 1, and on a regular basis you movement see an Aleph hand-me-down as this emerge in unlike texts. Its Hebrew spelling is Aleph Lamed Peh sophith (Peh Dying), as displayed in the image abovementioned. This word, while spelled out, main "Ox", and comes from the Pheonician pictogram for the kill A, which is all-around in the function of an wrong side up Roman A, with apiece the drive down gun emplacements representative the horns of the Ox. The gematria of this full word is 831 while counting the efficacy of the Peh Dying (Aleph=1, Lamed=30, Peh Final=800) or 111 while counting the efficacy of the suspend kill as a stage set Peh (Peh=80).

To abide the kill, abide the oblique line most basic, in addition to the maximum leg (which looks in the function of a Yod) and in addition to the plot leg (which furthermore looks in the function of a Yod). Admission that the gun emplacements relating these Yods to the defining oblique line have to not equivalent, but extremely the deceased one have to be boss than the moral (natter the image abovementioned to see what I mean). Since I've painted how this kill is ended from two Yods (actually, it is argued that Yod is the build of all the style, for all the gun emplacements are, in paradigm, extensions of it), let's burrow this increase. The oblique line is considered to be a Vav, albeit with a thicker field than is as a rule displayed in that kill. Thus the glyph of Aleph is a Vav seperating two Yods. This is a very clear image, influential of the Hermetc axiom "As A cut above, So Underside", but it gets even auxiliary clear while we believe the gematria. Yod has a gematric efficacy of 10, spell Vav is 6. So two Yods (10+10) and one Vav (6) equals 26, which is, attractively copiousness, the efficacy of the Tetragrammaton, YHVH (Yod=10, Heh=5, Vav=6, Heh=5). I'll run away you to deem on that for a era.

If we reverse the style of Aleph (ALP) we get Pele (PLA), which is Hebrew for "Be bowled over". It furthermore has the efficacy of 111, manifestly as of it doesn't use the definite form of Peh. For being typical with Enochian, Dee's ring included the style PELE on it, and was referenced as meaning "Machinist of Miracles".

On a definite note, the Aleph looks in the function of a swastika, or a fylfot overlap, and we know that the swastika is endorsed to Kether, as influential of the Rashith ha-Gilgulim, the Original or Primitive Swirlings. Aleph represents the mystery of Kether, for only as Kether is supposed to be hard, so Aleph is unpronounceable, for it is a bass kill. Bountiful staff firm to wear that Aleph reasonably represents the English vowel A, which is off beam, as all the style in the Hebrew vernacular are consonants. Dowry are no vowels. Vowels are "read in vogue" the words, to begin with via spoken tradition, and in the manner of via the niqqud, the exercise of vowel points of modern Hebrew. Aleph represents the Inhalation, the intaking of breath previously ring occurs. It is the Muted previously Hoot, and is hand-me-down to fleck the place of a vowel ring, as a rule A or E. The Bahir confirms this by saying: "Since you speak well of the Aleph you open your oral cavity". It is the opening of the oral cavity previously ring emerges, and consequently Aleph duly preceeds all style.

A increase lash in the company of Aleph and Kether comes anew from the Bahir, which states "From Aleph project all style. Do we not see that it is first?" Kether is most basic, and Aleph is most basic, and only as Kether emanates the desecrate Sephiroth, so too does Aleph project the desecrate style.