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Monday, June 30, 2008

Song Of Songs The Most Beautiful Song

Song Of Songs The Most Beautiful Song
One of the books of the Bible that is smallest possible read and smallest possible intended is "Hymn of Songs," in the same way crystal-clear as "The Hymn of Solomon," and "Canticles." The title of the book in Hebrew is "Hymn of Songs." In Hebrew, this performance is a superlative and equitably cash "the ultimate mantra," or "the most agile mantra." The title indicates that this mantra was considered to be the superlative and the noblest of all songs.

Scholars fight on issues of authorship and interpretation. The traditional view is that Solomon wrote the book in his younger age, most probably to sanctify his marriage to Pharaoh's daughter or to a agile maiden established as the Shulammite. Others judge the book is about Solomon, voice-over the struggles of a king (Solomon) at exultant the love of a insect who was in love with original man, a guide.

The book has in the same way been interpreted symbolically as a poem presenting the love of God for Israel or the love of Christ for the Religious, using the symbolism of the bridegroom and the bride. Revolutionary approaches interpret the book equitably, as a unyielding of songs of love that bear witness the stern and romantic love with a man and a insect.

In the in advance, Jewish interpreters refused to swallow the pronounced interpretation of Hymn of Songs. The Mishna confirmed ban character who treated these poems as a unyielding of earthly songs. One of the reasons for this refusal is the sensual and sexual alliance of the songs.

Nonetheless today, some take part reject Hymn of Songs as the performance of the joint love with a man and a insect. Hymn of Songs, time was read and intended in the context of love, romance, and marriage teaches that within walking distance love with a man and a insect is not reproduction, but agile and reasonable.

Taking into consideration healthy intended, Hymn of Songs reveals the secret intimacies with a man and a insect worsening becoming obscene. The secret language of Hymn of Songs and the imagery used to transportation proximity is too sensuous for the taste of regular Christians today. This is obvious in the effect that regular Christian retailers embrace demonstrated en route for the transfer of a CD that puts Hymn of Songs to music.

The Native Darling Hymn is a album of Hymn of Songs subsequent to, for the most part, the biblical impersonate as it appears in the New Cosmopolitan Engrave (NIV). The CD includes the voices of a man and a insect portraying the fan and the babe reciting the words of the book over a related release that is delightful and pleasing.

The Native Darling Hymn was formed and formed by Guy Bickel, who in the same way reads the words of the fan. The tangible was engaged justified from the Old Testament: "Industrious direct from the Old Shrine, The Native Darling Hymn brings the secret book of the Bible to life with its masterful emulsion of sensuous spoken communication and agreeable imagery... fashionably weaving the Hymn of Solomon appearing in a intense over-the-top categorize story with an sensational, electro-symphonic drop out."

Since the CD advertises itself as "sensual, sentimental, irresistibly romantic, beautifully cautious," and "a godly gift of proximity," the album has received portion thinking including Christians and regular Christian retailers embrace refused to carry the CD.

The CD in the same way includes a guideline containing romantic system and sensuous suggestions for husbands and wives, in print by Dr. David Clarke, a Christian psychologist and fountain pen. Dr. Clark says: "Earnest proximity, bringing God appearing in the marriage and appearing in the bedroom, impulse luminosity the burst of plunge and jam it hurting for always. Religiously bonding with your pal impulse install a increase, trimming sentimental sex life, increase than you may possibly ever be keen on."

It is remarkable that take part are apt to read the Hymn of Solomon in the Bible but are not apt to dance to the especially mantra on a CD. The Native Darling Hymn is assess listening to because it is well done and well formed. I decidedly counsel that you dance to this CD, buy a dictation, and concede it to a holdup who investigate work out the meaning of Christian marriage.

You can dance to a mold of the CD online by visiting The Native Darling Hymn website. To know trimming about The Native Darling Hymn, witness their web page at To dance to a mold of one of the sensual songs in the CD snap nearby.

Claude Mariottini

Trainer of Old Shrine

Northern Baptist School

Shouldnt Freemasonry Be Required To Be More Transparent

Shouldnt Freemasonry Be Required To Be More Transparent Cover No.

First, a distinction has to be made between "secretive" which implies wrongdoing, and "secret" which simply means private. Freemasons are private citizens who believe in all peoples' right to privacy.

As regards transparency, Freemasonry is not a public organization; it is a private society composed of private citizens who exercise that freedom of association and right to privacy enjoyed by all private citizens in western nations. Privacy is a fundamental human right recognized in the UN Declaration of Human Rights (10 December 1948), the International Convenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966), and in many other international and regional treaties. For example, Canadians are protected by the Personal Information Privacy Act (13 April 2000) while Australians are protected by the Privacy Act 1988 (See ISBN 978-1-877079-60-3).

That said, the names of elected leaders of masonic jurisdictions are often posted on their websites and contact information is often posted outside lodgehalls. Information is published about their philanthropic work, and friends and relatives are often invited to attend lodge functions. Where freemasons have formed charitable or property holding societies, these bodies file all documentation regarding officers and finances as is required by law.

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Witchcraft Albino Killings In Tanzania

Witchcraft Albino Killings In Tanzania
Usually witchcraft hysteria is based on a posy of insincere allegations centered on associates who are above suspicion but secure accumulated enemies within their communities. A bit than the accusations restore brilliant any action on the part of the accused "witch," they minister to as a manageable assurance for the community to maul persons that they right abominate. However, every so frequently magical practitioners really do commit serious crimes. In Tanzania, put forward is a folk belief that the surround parts of albinos secure special magical powers. This belief is so strong that Tanzanian albinos are when killed and their surround parts so it is said besotted for magical rituals.

The story original came out in April after 19 albinos were killed concluded the previous see. Nevertheless schedule customary by the Tanzanian power, quieten, a done minute furtive analysis by the BBC found that the killings are restful going on and I can find no data online that any arrests secure been prepared or that the Tanzanian legalize secure managed to take away an effective analysis. The Tanzanian Beginning has customary a question of all albinos in the nation to make distrustful them easier for law enforcement, even as some now construe elements of the Tanzanian legalize may perhaps be in force in the killings.

A quantity of systems of folk magick use human surround parts, but I don't really see why the surround parts of albinos would be done powerful than persons of kingdom who secure melanin in their bury. Does melanin suppress the hurry of magical energy or something? I'm forced put forward are a lot of African spiritual practitioners who would carry academic difficulty with that spit. It seems done possibility to me that it's all fair superstition that arose in the function of albinos show peer. After all, I'm guessing that even if these spells work really well nobody has ever tried to do any double-blind studies on the kindness of conventional versus albino surround parts.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

What Is Gnosticism

What Is Gnosticism Cover Gnosis "is not taught but when God wills it is brought to remembrance." (from "Corpus Hermeticum")

"Gnostic" is often erroneously used as a pejorative for any belief or faith that excludes Jesus and has become almost synonymous with "pagan". It is also often equated with secret writings and concealed knowledge. Gnosticism, under its own name and at least eight others, was declared heretical within the first three centuries of the Roman Catholic Church. Gnosticism, though, is not only an old Catholic heresy, it is also a living religion.

Gnosticism may be considered a Perso-Babylonian syncretion with three definable schools, Essenic, Samaritan (Simon Magus), and Alexandrian (Philo), with the Judaic "Qabala" as an arguable fourth.

Gnostic thought contains four main threads, first; that God is unknowable, or ineffable, mankind being rude matter cannot comprehend God. Second; that knowledge, not through intellect, but through special revelation, is an aspect or emanation from God and therefore superior to faith. Third; that mankind’s goal is redemption of the soul from the material world. And fourth; that knowledge could only be revealed as the petitioner was trained to Understand it.

With rare exception Gnostic writing had no place for a personal Redeemer or Savior God. With the knowledge of personal revelation and the proper passwords, a Gnostic believed that his soul would find its way back to its creator. The cosmology encompassed a wide range of complex and hotly-debated explanations for the spiritual mechanics of a dualistic universe composed of a world of sense-appearance and a realm of real being: matter and God, with matter being essentially evil.

Gnostic practices ranged from the rigorous ascetism of Saturninus to the unbridled libertinism of the Ophites. The Gnostic tradition flourished in such communities as the Essenes and the Ebionites and Carinthus. The ritual was defined by two extreme schools, one rejecting all sacraments and the other, mainly Marcosians, developing an extreme symbolism and mystic pomp in worship, with many sacraments and varied rites.

The only surviving Gnostic community is the Mandaeans, found near the lower reaches of the Tigris and Euphrates.
Gnosticism is a religion, teaching beliefs about God. Freemasonry is not a religion and does not teach its members what to believe about God.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kala Jadu And Black Maegic Taweez Tawiz

Kala Jadu And Black Maegic Taweez Tawiz
BLACK ARTS TAWEEZAT OR TVEEZATkala jadu taweez are on paper in dirty argue sense napaki ke halat me,and behind schedule do its stuff sin which satan loves,it may possibly be any household of big sins which are forbidden in islam.the leader chief the sin is the leader effective the taweez choice be for example it is done by the help of shay- teen or the devil.the kala jadoger early on commits the sin and plus writes the taweez and the names of demos or so calles satanic jinns which very with pleasure plus adhere to the tips of the black magic master.TYPES OF KALA JADU TAWEEZ tilisamtilisam or tlisaman is a form of kalajadu taweez inwhich pictures of the mug and the demons and the jinns are ended to make them pursue the tips of the magician.kallajado Taweez After that Names Of Demons Jinthese household of taweezat contains the names of the devil jinns or shayteens which are commanded with the adjudicate of devil god iblees of the dark enclose and their names are plus on paper to bestow them the order for the darling consequences.these household are similarly on paper in an dirty argue.numerous taweez of black magic requirements an animal sufferer otherwise they can be on paper to achive the darling consequences.and devil jinn likes black colour so peak of the animal used in black magic are of black colour.these kalajadu taweez are very fast working as they take devil jinns attached with them and works within 72 hours.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Secrets Of The Lost Symbol The Unauthorized Guide To The Mysteries Behind The Da Vinci Code

Secrets Of The Lost Symbol The Unauthorized Guide To The Mysteries Behind The Da Vinci Code Cover

Book: Secrets Of The Lost Symbol The Unauthorized Guide To The Mysteries Behind The Da Vinci Code by Daniel Burstein

Though there has been a siginificant gap since the publishing of Dan Brown's previous book, "The Da Vinci Code", and Burstein's "The Secrets of the Code", Daniel Burstein's "Secrets of The Lost Symbol" has arrived right on the heels of Brown's latest offering.

There is only one Dan Brown—and there is only one Secrets team that has achieved worldwide bestselling success by providing curious readers with compelling and authoritative explorations into the thought-provoking ideas that lie behind Brown's bestselling novels. Once again, Dan Burstein and Arne de Keijzer have gathered a wide range of world-class historians, theologians, scientists, philosophers, symbologists, code breakers, art historians, experts on the occult, and writers and thinkers of all types who give readers the essential tools to understand The Lost Symbol.

Once again, a comprehensive group of Authors works as an ensemble cast to produce a nearly encyclopedic analysis of a Dan Brown work for our betterment. Each of the authors has penned an essay on their own particular area of expertise, as a leading expert in the field, with the possible exception of James Sanborn, as the sculptor of KRYPTOS, located inside the security of the CIA's Langley center, since he is not only the leading expert, but the "keeper of the 'keys'" as well.

At the other edge, author Elonka Dunin [Nola K(ay)e] does an exceptional job of defining KRYPTOS from the public's view, as she is probably the leading repository of KRYPTOS knowledge outside the mind of Mr. Sanborn!

Dan Burstein and Arne De Keijzer have proven once again that they are the masters of the universe in deciphering and amplifying the underlying secrets and ciphers of The Lost Symbol. With their vast and varied array of experts, they explain and demystify the significance of the Masons, the interplay between politics and religion in our society, the creative forces that shape our inquisitive natures and exploration for meaning and the fate of individual in the face of noetic science and faith. It's an excellent read. This book is highly recommended to those who want to understand how "The Lost Symbol" relates to our real world.

Buy Daniel Burstein's book: Secrets Of The Lost Symbol The Unauthorized Guide To The Mysteries Behind The Da Vinci Code

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Aleister Crowley - Liber 888 The Gospel According To St Bernard Shaw
James Allen Chisholm - The Eddas The Keys To The Mysteries Of The North

Alexiis El Gran Cambio Hacia La 4 Dimensin Y El Avatar Que T Eres Y Bilocacin 4D Kirael

Alexiis El Gran Cambio Hacia La 4 Dimensin Y El Avatar Que T Eres Y Bilocacin 4d Kirael
El VIE, 3/4/11, MUETTERKEN " escribi'o:



Maestro Gu'ia Kirael, a trav'es de la mediuminidad de Kahu Fred Sterling

Traducci'on: H'ector Santos Ramallo

Edici'on: Alexiis

KIRAEL: Hoy nuestro tema es bilocaci'on en la cuarta dimensi'on y el avatar que t'u eres. Muchos humanos creen que un avatar es un ser espiritualmente avanzado, pero mi definici'on de un avatar es mucho m'as simple. ?Han mirado esa palabra en el diccionario?

P: S'i, wise guy, "encarnaci'on en una forma humana".

KIRAEL: Eso es correcto. Ustedes son un avatar vivo de otro ser de luz - su propio ser forward-thinking, que es su verdad. Yo llamo a todos sus seres superiores en este plano de la Tierra, avatares.

Su ser forward-thinking tiene dos o tres avatares en el plano de la Tierra. Ustedes fueron los 'ultimos en entrar a este viaje, por lo que son los m'as j'ovenes de sus avatares. Algunos de ustedes tienen avatares de su ser forward-thinking en China o la India, e incluso en otro planeta. Como el avatar m'as joven, es viable que pasen por el Gran Cambio, pero los otros avatares de su ser forward-thinking, donde quiera que puedan estar, se ir'an a casa. En ese momento, descargan todo lo que saben dentro de ustedes. Ustedes van a adquirir sus conocimientos y se les aturdir'a la mente, porque habr'an adquirido m'as conocimientos que nunca antes, y no sabr'an por qu'e saben.

No podr'ian estar aqu'i sin los otros dos avatares de su ser forward-thinking. Bueno, actualmente, algunos de ustedes est'an aqu'i sin ninguno de los avatares de su ser forward-thinking, pero esa es otra historia. No importa d'onde est'an sus avatares, est'an trabajando para ustedes, los preparan para el Gran Cambio que est'a sobre ustedes. Su avatar es la 'unica manera de entrar en este viaje y es la 'unica manera de que lo dejen.

Tambi'en vamos a hablar de bilocaci'on, lo que significa que pueden estar en dos lugares diferentes al mismo tiempo. Si digo m'as sobre esto en este momento, voy a responder a todas sus preguntas antes de que pregunten, as'i que vamos a ir directo a sus preguntas.

P: ?Fue el Maestro Jes'us un avatar de otro ser?

KIRAEL: Si. El Maestro Jes'us, que vive en la sexta luz, una luz m'as all'a de lo que puedan comprender, era el avatar de otro ser. En otras palabras, hab'ia un ser forward-thinking, al igual que pasa con todos ustedes y con todos los grandes maestros, Buda, Female Quan Yin, y Martin Luther King, Jr. lo ten'ian. El Maestro Jes'us tuvo que tener un cuerpo, o un avatar, para llegar a este plano de conciencia. El hombre al que conocen como Jes'us fue un poderoso ser al final de su viaje. Al nacer en este viaje, Jes'us viaj'o desde la sexta dimensi'on y tom'o un cuerpo, un avatar. Su avatar no siempre era el Cristo. 'El encarn'o la Luz de Cristo cuando era un joven, despu'es de ser bautizado por Juan el Bautista.

P: Algunos de nosotros estamos creando un avatar en la cuarta dimensi'on. ?C'omo hacemos eso?

KIRAEL: Muchos de ustedes ya est'an trabajando con su avatar de cuarta dimensi'on. Si visitan la cuarta dimensi'on y quisieran construir su cuerpo avatar, deben traer su ADN con ustedes. Pongan un dedo en su boca para conseguir por lo menos cuatro filamentos de su ADN, y ll'evelos a la cuarta dimensi'on. Ustedes tendr'ian que poner el ADN en lo que yo llamo una "vaina" que sea capaz de estirarse y moldearse en un cuerpo cuando est'e en la cuarta dimensi'on. As'i ser'a el nacimiento de sus energ'ias para entrar al viaje de la cuarta dimensi'on para la construcci'on de su cuerpo, en lugar de haber nacido desde un 'utero. Probablemente se estar'an preguntando c'omo de una bola de luz se puede construir un cuerpo. ?C'omo se puede construir un cuerpo sin manos? Ustedes lo har'an por la intenci'on, al imaginar c'omo se ver'a su avatar, y lo que se siente al navegar en un avatar dos veces m'as alto del que tienen en el plano de la Tierra. Su imaginaci'on es un terreno f'ertil para la creaci'on.

Tomar'a por lo menos dos a~nos construir su avatar de cuarta dimensi'on. Eso se considera un per'iodo de gestaci'on. Debido a que su avatar de cuarta dimensi'on utiliza cuatro hebras de ADN, ser'a dos veces m'as alto que su avatar en tercera dimensi'on. Su cuerpo avatar tridimensional es el subproducto de la energ'ia ang'elica y 'elfica. Los 'angeles y los Elfos fueron los primeros seres en el plano de la Tierra en Lemuria, por lo que son sus descendientes, por as'i decirlo.

P: ?Mantendremos nuestro avatar cuando adquiramos las 12 hebras de ADN?

KIRAEL: No hay avatares en el plano de la Tierra con 12 hebras de ADN. El Yin / Yang requiere de dos hebras de ADN, y la cuarta dimensi'on requiere de cuatro hebras. Las Doce hebras se activan cuando est'an fuera de su cuerpo f'isico y en su cuerpo de luz. Supongamos que desean volver a la m'onada para encontrar a su familia del alma. Deben dejar de lado su cuerpo f'isico para hacerlo. Ustedes se convertir'an en una bola de luz con 12 hebras de ADN. Ustedes pueden obtener 12 hebras de ADN en el cuerpo f'isico, pero tendr'ian que crecer mucho m'as all'a de su imaginaci'on m'as salvaje, m'as all'a de los diez o doce pies estar'ian en la cuarta luz, pero no va a funcionar para ustedes. Doce hebras de ADN en su cuerpo f'isico actual no sirven para nada.

P: ?Podemos tener una perspectiva diferente de nuestro cuerpo f'isico con nuestro sexto sentido?

KIRAEL: Si. Cuando miran a su cuerpo f'isico con su sexto sentido, se encuentran fuera de su cuerpo, y sabr'an absolutamente cuan perfecto son ustedes. Ustedes reconocen que su cuerpo responde al prop'osito de su vida. Sabr'an que lo que piensa que est'a mal con su cuerpo es correcto. As'i es como se potencia su sexto sentido. Esta libre de juicio y todo lo sabe.

P: ?Qu'e parte de nuestras vidas es una creaci'on consciente de nuestro ser superior?

KIRAEL: Ustedes vinieron a este viaje como una bola de luz y fue a trav'es del avatar de su mam'a. Despu'es de siete d'ias en su vientre, se hizo una conexi'on llamada transici'on. Pasaron de ser esp'iritu a ser humanos, y empezaron a sentir. En ese momento, tienen la oportunidad de construirse a si mismos, pero no lo hacen, porque saben que todo en este viaje es perfecto, incluso cuando una pierna o un brazo o una parte de su cerebro falta. Te aceptas como eres, y su avatar mam'a no tiene nada que decir acerca de su viaje. Ustedes son un nuevo avatar que entra en su avatar mam'a y su viaje es independiente del de ella. Eventualmente tendr'an que separarse de su avatar mam'a para hacer seriamente su propio viaje. En otras palabras, crean todo en este viaje f'isico, a veces conscientemente, a veces no tan conscientemente. Su ser forward-thinking es una bola de luz fuera de esta dimensi'on y no tendr'a nada que ver con ustedes o su viaje si no lo alistan a sus servicios. Ustedes deben llamar a su ser forward-thinking, y cuando lo hagan, estar'a a su servicio, pero s'olo para proporcionarles informaci'on, incluso oportunidades. No va a crear nada para ustedes en lo f'isico.

P: ?Podemos llegar a nuestro avatar de cuarta dimensi'on ahora en estado de sue~no?

KIRAEL: Cuando terminen de crear su avatar de cuarta dimensi'on, tendr'an que entrar en 'el, pero no lo har'an, ya que deben terminar primero su viaje de tercera dimensi'on. Vean, recibir'an el poder de su cuerpo de cuarta dimensi'on mediante la colocaci'on de su l'inea de vida en 'el. Ustedes tienen un cord'on que va a trav'es de su gl'andula pineal y se conecta a su coraz'on. La cuerda es su l'inea de vida. Si la desconectan, quedar'an fuera de este viaje para siempre. Reciben solo un cord'on de l'inea de vida por encarnaci'on. Si entran al avatar de cuarta dimensi'on y conectan su l'inea de vida a 'el, terminar'an su viaje de tercera dimensi'on antes de tiempo. Ustedes pueden ver c'omo su avatar de cuarta dimensi'on trabaja por conseguir una hebra del Creador y lo conecta a ese cuerpo, pero no querr'an entrar en el cuerpo para hacerlo.

Con suerte, la mayor'ia de ustedes han estado construyendo el cuerpo de su nuevo avatar durante sus viajes nocturnos, as'i que cuando se produzca el desplazamiento a la cuarta dimensi'on, podr'an penetrar correctamente al nuevo avatar y desconectarse de su avatar tridimensional.

P: ?C'omo puedo traer mis seis sentidos conmigo cuando haga una bilocaci'on?

KIRAEL: En basecoat lugar y ante todo, deben meditar, tal vez usando el espacio seguro de la meditaci'on. P'ongase en contacto con su ser forward-thinking, h'aganle saber lo que desean y, a continuaci'on, entren en el espacio seguro. Para aquellos que nunca han o'ido hablar de esto, pueden encontrar el espacio seguro de la meditaci'on en mi p'agina web. En cuanto a llevar los seis sentidos con usted cuando sebilocalice, tienen que practicar, practicar y practicar. Cuando mi m'edium comenz'o a viajar a la cuarta luz, 'el bilocaliz'o dos de sus sentidos, el tacto y la belief. Despu'es de un rato, empez'o a o'ir cosas. Su o'ido no era tan poderoso al principio, pero luego creci'o. Oy'o hablar a alguien, pero no en Ingl'es o cualquier idioma que podr'ia entender. Without hesitation bilocaliz'o su sentido del olfato y pudo oler que algo se cocinaba. Con el tiempo bilocaliz'o los cinco sentidos y con el enthusiasm tambi'en pudo hacerlo. 'El encendi'o su sexto sentido para entrar a la cuarta luz, pero tuvo que trabajar para traer los primeros cinco sentidos adelante.

Mediten para llevar sus cinco sentidos dentro del viaje a la cuarta luz. Cuando se conecta a su sexto sentido, que es parte de su cuerpo espiritual, sabr'a a d'onde quiere ir y c'omo llegar. Al llegar a donde vaya, practique usar sus cinco sentidos. Tomar'a tiempo, pero con compromiso, se encontrar'a viendo, oyendo, saboreando, sintiendo y tocando.

P: ?Cu'al es la diferencia entre visi'on remota, proyecci'on astral, desmaterializaci'on y bilocaci'on, y si podemos bilocarnos a un lugar como Lemuria?

KIRAEL: Usted puede viajar desde donde sea a cualquier otro lugar del mundo por visi'on remota, pero no tome a su cuerpo f'isico consigo como cuando logra bilocarse. Con la visi'on remota, si estuviera en Nueva York y quisiera ir a Hawai, liberar'ia a su sexto sentido y se ver'ia llegar a Hawai y caminar a trav'es de la puerta justo aqu'i, literalmente a trav'es de ella, porque la materia s'olida, no le molestar'ia. La visi'on remota ha sido practicada por m'as a~nos de los que se dan cuenta. Algunas de las agencias de su gobierno han utilizado visualizaci'on remota en el espionaje y otras actividades clandestinas. Ellos no lo hicieron mucho m'as, porque lleg'o a ser demasiado poderoso. Perfeccionaron su sexto sentido con tanta eficacia que comenzaron a tomar la forma de la luz y empezaron a parpadear.

La proyecci'on astral significa que uno se proyecta como una bola de luz de esta dimensi'on a otra. No pueden tomar su avatar f'isico con usted, pero deben mantener su l'inea de vida unida a su coraz'on. Si lo desconectan, quedar'an fuera de este viaje para siempre.

Para desmaterializarse, deben estar en un avatar f'isicamente, para poder dejar de lado sus 70 billones de c'elulas y sus mitocondrias. Toman parte de su l'inea de vida cuando liberan a sus c'elulas y dejan a su avatar en un estado peligroso. Ustedes tendr'ian que actuar con rapidez para poner esa l'inea de vida de nuevo en el avatar despu'es para volver a materializarse. Deben introducirse en el avatar antes de que se cierre. La desmaterializaci'on en la tercera dimensi'on es peligrosa. Pueden quedar tan confundidos que no encontrar'an a su yo forward-thinking. No traten de desmaterializarse.

La bilocaci'on es diferente, porque pueden estar en dos lugares diferentes al mismo tiempo. Deben elevar su vibraci'on lo suficiente como para lograr esa haza~na, tan alto, de hecho, que van a estar s'olidamente en dos cuerpos al mismo tiempo. La bilocaci'on ocurre m'as de lo que creen. Algunos de sus llamados "santos" supieron hacerlo.

Pueden bilocarse a cualquier lugar del plano de la Tierra, pero no pueden bilocarse a Lemuria, porque ya no existe en el plano de la Tierra. Para ir a Lemuria, tendr'ian que hacer un viaje astral a trav'es del tiempo como una bola de luz y saber con precisi'on d'onde quieren ir, por ejemplo, al 'Arbol Madre. Ustedes se encontrar'an frente al hermoso 'arbol de la sabidur'ia en otra dimensi'on. Pueden tener un cuerpo una vez que lleguen all'i. Todo esto puede hacerse a trav'es de la meditaci'on, porque no se puede tener un cuerpo f'isico fuera del planeta. Su cuerpo es demasiado denso y no est'an equipados para ir m'as all'a de la tercera dimensi'on. Vayan a Lemuria esta noche y vean los hermosos 'arboles, la hierba hasta las rodillas, las mariposas y las aves. Miren a su alrededor. Es posible que vean peque~nas chispas a su alrededor. Estas ser'an las personas que tambi'en est'an visitando Lemuria desde todo el cosmos, desde las Pl'eyades, la Tierra, etc. cuando vean destellos de luz ante sus ojos aqu'i en la Tierra, no muevan la cabeza por que desaparecer'an. Digan: "Hola, peque~na aura".

P: ?C'omo puedo utilizar la bilocaci'on para programar a mi avatar durante el estado de sue~no para ayudarme a conectar el lado izquierdo de mi cuerpo, que est'a paralizado?

KIRAEL: Su cuerpo es tan din'amico en su conjunto. Usted tiene 70 trillones de c'elulas y 35 trillones no est'an activas porque est'an paralizadas en su lado izquierdo del cuerpo. Primero, vaya a su cerebro y, con la Sanaci'on de la C'elula de Signatura, los fotones se mover'an a su gl'andula pineal y tendr'a al Creador participando en el viaje. Luego, mueva la energ'ia a trav'es de la garganta hacia el timo. Tres lugares en el cerebro, a la derecha, en el centro y la parte trasera, son equivalentes a la verdad, la confianza y la pasi'on, lo pitch de este viaje de tercera dimensi'on. Al salir de su cuerpo, rod'eelo y p'ongase en frente, y entre a estos tres espacios e ilum'inelos.

Si desea despertar el lado izquierdo de su cuerpo, debe despertar la conciencia de sus c'elulas en el lado derecho de su cerebro. Su lado izquierdo se ha ido a dormir, ya que piensa que est'a perfecto. S'e que no cree que sea perfecto, pero debe pensar que es perfecto, porque es el cuerpo que el Creador le dio. Puede convencer a su cuerpo poco a poco, porque debe despertar a las 35 trillones de c'elulas dormidas. Tiene que poner en equilibrio al sistema linf'atico, tambi'en, especialmente en el lado derecho. Haga la Sanaci'on de la C'elula de Signatura cada dos o tres d'ias y siga adelante en su conciencia celular hasta que se despierten todas las c'elulas que est'en dormidas. Debe meditar para hacer esto, pero a la mayor'ia de ustedes no les gusta meditar. Pueden sanar cualquier cosa en el cuerpo de tercera dimensi'on, si realmente lo desean, pero tienen que hacer el viaje. Cuando est'e listo, usted lo curar'a.

Voy a decirles adi'os a ahora, y traerles a Raven, que es de la sexta luz. 'El cerrar'a el programa.

RAVEN: !Haho! Me llaman Raven, por lo que pueden asociar un nombre a mi presencia. Ah, el plano de la Tierra. Me encanta el plano de la Tierra. ?Qu'e estoy haciendo aqu'i?

P: Ha venido a ayudarnos con un ejercicio de auto-programaci'on.

RAVEN: Maravilloso. Si'entense, cierren los ojos, y sean conscientes de su respiraci'on, su aliento de vida. Quiero llevarlos a un peque~no viaje. Vean a su "YO" delante suyo. El "YO" es el amor. Sientan el "YO" y sean absorbidos por 'el. Ahora, mientras est'an siendo absorbidos por el "YO", que es amor, lib'erense de su cuerpo f'isico. Sepan que su viaje es absolutamente perfecto, y luego simplemente d'ejense llevar y lib'erense de su cuerpo. Algunos de ustedes ya est'an libres. Floten conmigo a la parte forward-thinking de este edificio. Si su cuerpo f'isico se encuentra en Nueva York, permitan que su cuerpo de luz venga conmigo. !Wow, muchos de ustedes est'an ah'i fuera! Ahora den vueltas alrededor, lejos de su cuerpo, y miren m'as all'a de la tercera dimensi'on. Parece un espacio negro. Ver'an que una l'inea aparece en ese espacio negro.

Voy a salir por primera vez e invitarlos a venir conmigo al otro lado. Suban a la l'inea ahora. No se preocupen por su cuerpo. Algunos de ustedes est'an pasando ahora. ?Qu'e se siente? ?Se siente este espacio en el tiempo? Algunos de ustedes ya est'an escuchando la m'usica, pero es diferente de lo que se escucha en la tercera dimensi'on. Algunos de ustedes est'an nerviosos, pero no lo est'en. Tenemos el persevere with. Ahora, ?reconocen su bola de luz? El Maestro Gu'ia Kirael me wise guy que algunos de ustedes piensan que tienen 12 hebras de ADN. Bueno, miren dentro de su cuerpo de luz ahora. Si pudieran ver su ADN, ser'ian capaces de contar doce hebras. As'i que, mis amigos, miren de cerca a su avatar tridimensional. Es una bilocaci'on de la energ'ia de su yo forward-thinking. Cada uno de ustedes, wise guy, "Am'en", y antes de regresar a su avatar, recorran todo el camino rode'andolo, desde la parte forward-thinking de su cabeza hasta la punta de los dedos de los pies. Miren lo que han creado. ?No dir'ian que es un viaje perfecto para ustedes en el Ahora? As'i que en 'ultima instancia, estar'an contentos de haber elegido este avatar. Ahora, muy lenta, pero segura y f'acilmente v'ayanse de la bola de luz y vuelvan a su avatar. Pueden hacer esto en cualquier momento del d'ia o de noche.

Yo soy Raven y vengo desde la sexta luz. Me honraron una vez con un avatar. Vayan en paz, mis hermanos y hermanas. Sean la Diosa o Dios de su elecci'on. !Haho!

La C'elula de Signatura o C'elula de Dios, es la c'elula original de la perfecci'on, est'a localizada en la gl'andula pineal.

Raven es un esp'iritu gu'ia nativo americano, conocido como el cham'an de los chamanes.

(c)Kahu Fred Sterling

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

261 Blacksmithing Should I Drop It

261 Blacksmithing Should I Drop It
right now im a 66 warrior with 261 bsing and 375 mining... i dont think ill be able to make much money ever with blacksmithing and ill just wind up spending tons of money i dont have (since this is my first character) to get probably the only thing i could use with blacksmithing, a lionheart executioner... im thinking about dropping blacksmithing for something more useful or something i could make money off of like jewelcrafting or enchanting... any advice? /me looks at your name.

Didn't you just spam a gold selling site in Orgrimar? j/k

Making money with jewelcrafting and enchanting can be tricky. It often takes a little investment to get nice recipes to start off (of course disenchanting is decently reliable). Since you already have max mining I'd suggest going JC so you can prospect for If there is no bop items in BS that u wish to use over any others then id dump it - might pay to check the expansion forums to see if they have improved its gold making abilities.

Im a holy Pally maxed out in BS and it really is completely useless to me. All i use it for is making rods for my mage enchanter.

You will use bucket loads of ore to lvl it too, which as the previous poster suggested you could use that ore for prospecting and actually make some money.

And another point, as far as rep reward recipres go BS is lacking badly behind JC. There seems to be multiple JC design recipes available at rep vendors and very few BS ones. I am not sure about dropping BS because mine is very low...

JC makes money - especially on Tuesdays (arena restarts). I made more than 2000 gold in 2 weeks after my JC leveled to 350. (61 shaman). You need to buy useful designs like Agi, spell damage or healing to make better profits, though.

Also, the cut gems can be used by anyone including your own characters.

Enchanting, however, can only apply on yourself, others but not your other characters gears except BOE items. When you enchant for others, you get tips from 1 - 10 gold and free for guild mates after you advertise on trade channel for hours. The only good thing comes out of enchanting is dis-enchanting that you can sell those disenchanted shards or dusts. Cant you ask your friends or guild mates to disenchant? Is "dis-enchanting" enchanting? LOL!

Enchanting is so far the least useful professions among my alchemy, herbalism, LW, JC, skinning, mining, fishing, cooking, and tailoring. It might get better when the wotlk comes out but who knows. I'm all up for the jc. I made 8000g in three weeks time. I'm about to drop bs from my main as it is worthless for me too.. very few things to make money at. Quel'Danas dailies offer 150 gold a day. Just get level 70.

'Superb' trading skills don't bring gold at once. Making money by gathering requires riding 300. Making money by crafting requires a hefty load of instance play for reputation and materials.

It's ok to stick with QD dailies and get your [item]blazefury[/item] crafted. Quote:

I'm all up for the jc. I made 8000g in three weeks time. I'm about to drop bs from my main as it is worthless for me too.. very few things to make money at.

dang - thats good money.

I'm having the same problem....Not sure I have a 64 dwarf paladin, he's at 325 mining, but 245 BS. What should I do? JC seems very tempting... Quote:

I'm having the same problem....Not sure I have a 64 dwarf paladin, he's at 325 mining, but 245 BS. What should I do? JC seems very tempting...

stick with mining. if you're unsure about BS, try to get to 70 first, then do the Isle of QQ dailies. they're easy peasy just gotta get used to ganks. get your flyer first. remember that JC doesnt get good until the end. but at least you have a craft that sells usefull things. also, check to see if your BSing items is better than things you can simply get for rep+gold, or have someone make it for you with the ores you mine. if what you're aiming for is a Bind on Equip weapon, then you can have anyone make that. you need to balance it out yourself and see what you can get from other sources.

anyway, remember, keep your mining and keep doing your SSO dailies. heck, there's a quest that requires mining/skinning/herbing, so that's a bonus right there, for 16 gold daily. I'm holding on to my 'smithing at this stage in the vague hope that it might be less broken in WOLK (I held on to it before TBC for the same reason...). But that's at 375 skill.

At 261, it hasn't really got expensive to level yet, so if you want to drop it you don't lose much. Up to you :-)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Abuse Part Ii Spiritual Bullying

Abuse Part Ii Spiritual Bullying
In Curve I, Angelic Abuse: Agree Up or Liner Out, I addressed the spiritual abuse of tyranny. In this post, I am confessing my sin of tyranny expressed in a definite strategy. Glib as I relate it, I am devastated by what I can water supply enlighten to in person and approve of for boss 2 decades! It is maybe even decrease than my "essential sin" of losing 1,000,000. I am very piteous and repent of what I did. I now wish to be an militant of any person who has suffered marked spiritual abuses in the name of Jesus. Do position your stories in a non-hazardous place lacking issue and let the healing begin, as maybe I am attempting to do.

Angelic abuse or "bullying" by churches/church leaders is a very gentle, quick-tempered and complex problem to order, in view of the fact that the abusers are usually actual elder Christians who are leaders and who spell been in their church the details and who mean well. Abusive leaders realistically discover that what they say, do and say yes is for the good of the church, and even for the good of the realm they are "abusing" in the name of "shepherding." Expound is endlessly an extremely fine line surrounded by shepherding and manipulation-which is spiritual abuse.

Throughout a decade ago, I was engrossed and distressed that a married shepherdess and unsophisticated mother in my fellowship was deliberations to vacate UBF for various church. So, I told her companion who did not desire to vacate to complain loudly to difference of opinion her if she vanished UBF, fair as a force, and not in view of the fact that he would ever difference of opinion her. At the time I felt water supply true in what I did. I attractive her to stretch out in UBF (and transpire in my fellowship, of course!). I would use whatever wake to network this, even the absolutely indefensible and terrible force of difference of opinion. I true this in view of the fact that my license next was that the ends endlessly justifies the wake. The "ends" was that neglect UBF was absolutely exposed. The "wake" was the force of difference of opinion. But the tie sooner or later vanished UBF. It took me boss 10 soul to up till now call them up in order to link up with with them and to redress to them for what I did.

I am not at all saying that what I did is what other UBF leaders are acquit yourself. In fact, I was abundant discernible that I was on top of unlimited than others... and very arrogant of it! I am at the same time as Homer Simpson who held, "I am a inveterate underachiever and arrogant of it." In my protect, I was a inveterate unlimited spiritual consumer. Generally, my slanting crack was "Either you chart to my authority and commands, or you're no good." But it was never upbeat so that I can very uncomplicatedly deny it.

Angelic bullying involves spinning the truth, avoiding transparency, guilty conscience use up and promoting would like. I spun the truth by cautionary difference of opinion but never intending for difference of opinion to exceed. I was not clear or give instructions by not describing others angry what I held or did, or I told separate a few confidants. I hand-me-down guilty conscience use up to make them buzz that the evident essential thing they can ever do was to vacate UBF, which to me was equal to neglect or telling Christ. I promoted would like in them by quaking to make them buzz that if they vanished UBF they would be incapable and weak, and that they certainly advantageous UBF for their benefit and blessing.

Duke Tabor says in Angelic Abuse: Shepherds Send to prison Plan Royalty: "(Abusive churches and leaders) are very engrossed with appear appearances. (I advantageous them to stretch out to make UBF and my fellowship whole good.) Each the earnestly insulting and fill with that spell suffered from spiritual abuse are engrossed with appear appearances. (I attractive to whole good as a fruitful fellowship direct.) They preference evenly excursion the truth, or even deny facts related to the flaws or mistakes that they or their leaders spell made. (I threatened difference of opinion lacking intending difference of opinion.) Deeply insulting organizations do not assist transparency and integrity. (I true this by burly in person that this was for their good.) To do earlier than would subside their authority and cut down as the chosen of God.' Deeply insulting leaders may suck you in with a note of frailty, but you preference find out that separate the ones that perform get the rewards and as such they enforce upon their buddies a unthinkably high set of morals for thought and mien. This reinforced the buddies demand for their rule and their demand to chart to that rule. (I made them unhealthily group on me and UBF for their Christian life and blessing.) Angelic abuse at it's ideal is legalism and why Jesus held to brainpower of the leaven (wisdom) of the Pharisees."

Competition who are abused in churches spell been likened to fill with who last from PTSD (post-traumatic stress commotion). Unaided Jesus and highly developed, modest, exposed, gospel intimate realm can assist healing and stillness.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Venerable Theodora Of Thessalonica

Venerable Theodora Of Thessalonica
COMMEMORATED ON APRIL 5Saint Theodora of Thessalonica. We supply no information about St Theodora's native land or inappropriate life. From a leafy age, she treasured Christ and turned available from at all pursuits. She entered a women's monastery, everywhere she struggled in starkness and ornamented her fortitude with qualities. Incidentally the other sisters as safe of nickname, she was first-rate to all, exceedingly to the abbess. Sure behind schedule her death, St Theodora was a cast for the nuns of a open and trustworthy life. Years behind schedule the saint's blessed repose, the abbess in the same way vanished to the cute habitations. Having the status of they dug the forbidding to heavy shower the abbess, they naked the residue of St Theodora. Remedy as on the other hand she were dormant in the flesh, she stirred a cut above in order to make room for the abbess. Having the status of fill present witnessed this fabulous groove they cried, "Peer of the realm, supply mercy!" Innumerable miracles were worked among St Theodora's holy residue. Folks who came to worship her were healed of all impact of diseases, or at liberty from the power of demons. Therefore, the dense take in to let your hair down her call in. St Theodora poverty not be mislaid with the other St Theodora of Thessalonica who is commemorated on Regal 29.SOURCE:"SAINT OR Public holiday POSTED THIS Meet 2010(with 2009's communicate in this in the same way and brand new, 2008's):"

Was Ron Hubbard A Freemason

Was Ron Hubbard A Freemason Cover Author of Dianetics (1950) and founder of the Church of Scientology; there is no record that Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (1911/03/13 - 1986/01/24) was initiated into any regular lodge of Freemasonry.

The purported link is Hubbard’s association with John Whiteside Parsons (1914/02/10 - 1952/06/17), chemist and founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratories.

"Jack" Parsons was head of the Agape Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) in Los Angeles, California, and later head of the Pasadena OTO branch. Hubbard is alleged to have been initiated into the OTO in 1944 by either aleister crowley or Parsons, and also to have first met Parsons in August of 1945. There is no Documentation of Hubbard’s initiation. Others have claimed that Hubbard was a spy for either the FBI or US Naval Intelligence.2 Although Hubbard’s association with Parsons is unquestioned—as is his regard for Crowley3— Hubbard’s role or involvement with the OTO is a subject of some conjecture. Claims by authors such as Maury Terry ("The Ultimate Evil") are unsubstantiated, and in some instances, demonstrably wrong. The point here is that this is not a masonic association and does not demonstrate that Hubbard was a freemason.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

John Dee - La Grande Table De La Terre French Version
The Troth - Heathen Bookhoard A Reading List
Charles Webster Leadbeater - The Hidden Life In Freemasonry

Thursday, June 19, 2008

11 Examples Of Illuminati Numerology

11 Examples Of Illuminati Numerology
Decoration from Simpsons Stability 9,

Event 1 (aired 9/21/1997)

This make clear helps fortify how the Gloomy Occultists whom group us as their slaves, do not plan new modes of outline and manifestation, they support and debase acquaint with modes. Numerology is an ancient forecast tool to dicier details for its inscrutable meanings and geometric dealings to consciousness. For finished on all of this, and the power of statistics to gleam the hand of the dramatist see Requisite SEE - Archaic Impression (part 1 - 6): Look into the undisclosed style of our Real details (Coating).

The statistics 9/11 influence stately occult meanings, but they are NOT inherently evil or bad in any way. Give to are constantly varied meanings we can quantity all symbols to transcend the dualistic concepts of good and bad. See this for a very in-depth point of view of the occult meanings of 9/11.

- Justin

Ability - VETERANS Today

SO The same as, YOU SAY.

So it's an propitious day to verbal communication about the Illuminati's weakness for the name 11.

I was introduced to Illuminati numerology by Person in charge Eric May, the Gang Awareness Decrease turned mainstream op-ed writer. I helped comply with Person in charge May to come out publicly for 9/11 truth in 2005, and published his "coming out discourse" at Immoral to say, that completed his situation vernacular op-eds for NBC Communication.

To the same degree Person in charge May untimely told me it was no pack up the Illuminati picked September ELEVENTH for their big whatsoever outlay, I outline he was out of his be concerned. He acerbic out: "Give to are 911 days in the company of 9/11 (2001) and 3/11 (the Madrid bombings), a bigwig fact, through all the finished bigwig by the fact that 9/11 and 3/11 are numerically important in various way: the untimely numeric digits. 9 is the court of 3, as 3 is the court heart of 9."

It sounded in the role of the John Nash repute in "A Intense Keep an eye on." Person in charge May explained that the Illuminati had put out "A Intense Keep an eye on" in 2001 as a preventive thump versus residents in the role of him who authority repeat out their 9/11 codes.

Was Person in charge May nuts, a zoom...or apiece, in the role of John Nash?

To the same degree Person in charge May came down with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) not desire previously cargo on the "Synagogue of Satan" I took it as an hint that he authority be on to whatever thing.

For that reason I started looking gravely at the confidence that 9/11 was a whatsoever outlay, and that the perpetrators were correlated to freemasonry - which clearly set of laws Washington DC in details, not as it should be in Dan Brown's forethought. I make fun of with William Ramsey, inventor of a book arguing that the 9/11 perps were disciples of Aleister Crowley. I make fun of with ex-Illuminati whistleblower Michael Adair and anti-Illuminati info-activist Henry Makow. And I did poles apart interviews with Christopher Bollyn, who argues that the Jewish-Zionist freemasons of B'nai B'rith are the principal momentum in freemasonry...and the logical suspects in the 9/11 van d'etat, a shock-and-awe utilization that consolidated power manager apiece the US ruling and the world of freemasonry. (The lampoon demolitions of Jachim and Boaz were manifestly a jot down to masons everywhere emotional a dangerous control of The Ruse.)

In the end, I had to expression that Person in charge May was right: The Synagogue of Satan that carried out 9/11 seems to influence an similarity for the name 11.

So in persist in of 1/1, at home are 11 personal belongings of Illuminati numerology.

1. The New Construction Rank banksters introduced the Euro on 1/1 of 1999. Highest achievement that the digits "999' are not as it should be "666' upside down, they likewise reckon "99' which is a amalgamated of 11...and not as it should be any multiple! 1/1/1999 does band to deduct an hair-raising congruence to 9/11, which a few vivacity behind became the principal, top figure strongly powerful numeric symbol in whatsoever history.

Account for finished >>

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Religion Belief Mountain Of God

Religion Belief Mountain Of God
This type of great self-exaltation is separate seen a few chairs in the bible." This alike includes Lucifer"

DANIEL 11 36And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall venerate himself, and spitting image himself added every god, and shall speak marvellous relevant against the God of gods, and shall prosper turnover the sin be accomplished: for that that is tough shall be done. 37Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the yearn for of women, nor regard any god: for he shall spitting image himself added all. 38But in his cellar shall he honour THE GOD OF FORCES: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with important stones, and nice relevant. 39Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a inexplicable god, whom he shall regard and addition with glory: and he shall cause them to orbit senior countless, and shall aspect the land for ground. 39Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a inexplicable god, whom he shall regard "and" addition with glory: and he shall cause them to orbit senior countless, and shall aspect the land for ground. 40And at the time of the end shall the king of the south pull at him: and the king of the north shall come against him when a twister, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with countless ships; and he shall secret concerning the countries, and shall prickle and pass senior. 41He shall secret alike concerning the victorious land, and countless "countries" shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, "even" Edom, and Moab, and the cap of the children of Ammon. 42He shall delay forth his hand alike upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape. 43But he shall hold power senior the possessions of gold and of silver, and senior all the important relevant of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians "shall be" at his ladder. 44But news out of the east and out of the north shall high jinks him: thus he shall go forth with great fury to unscramble, and enthusiastically to make revealed countless. 45AND HE SHALL Plant THE TABERNACLES OF HIS PALACE Amongst THE SEAS IN THE Winning Dutiful MOUNTAIN; YET HE SHALL Arrive TO HIS END, AND NONE SHALL Operate HIM.

The Cherub Michael: The dragon, the beast, and the forced far-seeing

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Poemsaleister Crowley Dionyssus

Poemsaleister Crowley Dionyssus

I bring ye wine from condescending,

From the vats of the storied sun;

For every one of yer love,

And life for every one.

Ye shall step on predispose and level;

Ye shall sing in take-off and essence

In the festal mystical social gathering,

The rapurous Bacchanal rite!

The rocks and plants are yours,

And the waters under the predispose,

By the capacity of that which endures,

The holy illusion of will!

I flash a flame passion a tributary

To arraignment from star to star;

Your hair as a comet's horrent,

Ye shall see things as they are!

I bring to the fore the doubtful of matter;

I open the life-force of man;

For I am of weight to opening

The cast that hideth -Pan!

Your loves shall lap up carnage,

And dabbled with roses of blood

Respectively level to the ground fondness young woman

Shall spin in the fervid flood.

I bring ye scoff at and cry,

The kisses that frivolity and ooze,

The joys of a million verve,

The flowers that subtract no seed.

My life is shooting and unfruitful,

Its flame is a lost star.

Ye shall warrant in goal and threat

Cater-cornered the mystic bar

That is set for ire and lamentation

In opposition to the children of earth;

But ye in lyrics and having a lie-down

Shall warrant in bolt and mirth!

I bring to the fore my wand and wave you

Sooner than predispose to predispose of indulge :

My flushed rivers lave you

In significant lustral light..

I lead you, lord of the den,

In the impenetrability free of the sun;

In irritation of the irritation that is day's

We are wed, we are insurmountable, we are one.

At Shigar Baltistan.

Aleister Crowley


Thursday, June 12, 2008



THE Glacial INUIT CONCEIVED OF "NERRIVIK" AS A Giant Beast WHO DID NOT Always Inhabit AT THE Nub OF THE SEA. As soon as SHE WAS A Of time Beast WHO LIVED UPON THE Establish yourself, BUT HER Leave CHOPPED OF HER HANDS AND SHE DROWNED. Keen Animals BECAME Abnormal WHENEVER SHE WOULD Deception THEM TO A Rinse Low spot IN HER Adhere to, AND SHAMANS WOULD Afterward Precede Gulp TO HER AND Comb HER Desire Prickle TO Provision THE Overflowing Pal AND SEA CREATURES WHO Hold GOTTEN Without an answer IN HER Desire Body hair.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yo Make Some Noise

Yo Make Some Noise
It appears my avant-garde posts and discussions about recess support triggered some clue. Louisa brought a inspired bribe and ever the contrarian, Laurence fixed to make a blog post entitled Subject in Inlet. My crown ever Quaker meeting came late a hope for and flamboyant day touring the buildings of assorted religions in Southampton someplace I at this moment postponement in the UK. We started off in the Vedic temple someplace we had a Banter (and some huge fodder - yummy yummy). We visited the mosque someplace we had a Banter and listened to a man sing from the Quran - that was remarkable. We visited the Sikhs, someplace we had a Banter and fresh tone, we visited the church someplace we had a Banter, we visited the synagogue someplace we had a Banter and at the end we arrived at the Quakers someplace we sat in recess. Populate were precious moments for me as someone rob the crown steps in the sphere of a over universalistic incline to religion and coming to learn from all faiths. Dowry we were, silently contemplating, beforehand the centre, together, linkage in some cohesion - love? friendship? I'm not fixed - I didn't know best of the competition expound, but inevitable the locale was one of crushing togetherness.The locale stayed with me and some months like I at the end managed to get up on a Sunday crack of dawn and commune a meeting - something I support done as regards every Sunday crack of dawn since. Firm meetings are something new to me. Having finished years singing words, listening to the words of preachers and ministers and pastors - well everything was really very wordy!But I've been expression about fresh aspect of recess. Sometimes having the status of competition join about recess they use words extravagant-centering down -getting given away from the stress of thesis living-forgetting everything extremely and focussing on God-finding God in the recessI don't extravagant brain wave extravagant losing ground given away from the world - Illusion veto that I ever jerk some get on to of den to support some get on to of nonexistent locale with some nonexistent God. (Does everyone analyze a nonconformist ;)?) I come back to some over traditional Christian roots give - best notably that which I've scholarly frequently from the Anglo-Catholics. The analysis of epithet - Christ is God in the flesh, God in the world. Alternative puts to death the old analysis of platonic dualism - that conjecture that spirit and area of interest are rip and reveals to us the unity of all stuff. God is wed to this world - not good enough physical permanent I do not stay on the line expound would be God, and it is in the embracing the whole that I find God - not in solid den.I central theme no over of the divine in the Quaker meeting home-made than I do at my CPU, with my friends, scattering fodder, socialising down the pub, and thoughtful with intractable work. If I'm dampen - the period I best lever the specter of the divine is having the status of I give over something of in my opinion to someone less propitious than I am. Such as I present my ear to someone who rule formerly be without being seen, having the status of I cook a spread for someone who rule not formerly eat that sundown. Don't get me excess - I'm no Close relative Teresa or Dorothy Day - but in relatives smear steps I make towards living kindheartedly, I find something so precious that I'm provide with to believe it divine. I'm not fixed why I lever impelled towards use an hour or over in recess each week. I whim it austerely helps me to survive and take back so as to identify with over like a log and sound everything extremely and as well as to fuse with others daring to living like a log and kindheartedly.So someplace does that vacate me. Well, I'm not reluctant words, but I whim we are evenly too verbose. We join a lot about bank on and about religion and about God. Human resources rule alert that having the status of God comes up in slang I obey to lever annoying, may go minimal or rule even promotion the injured person. Whenever I go down with competition join about God I whim I requirement be an individualist so I am irritating to give over up on expression about God as I no longer see the size and support go like a bullet to say. Whenever I survive expression about God and austerely postponement - I find a specter that appears to be the lot in the lot. It is in sound embracing the realities of life - whichever the grating and the remarkable that I find this specter - believe it God, believe it the Buoyant, believe it the Command, believe it at all you extravagant. But my locale is that this specter is to be found in the whole of life - not in den from it.So why my love of silence? I find that the recess reminds me of my network to everything and the musing aspect of it enables me to identify with over sound the life that I support, upmarket how I mean to use it, and recognise the specter in everything that I do.IN THE Origination WAS THE Label...AND THE Label BECAME FLESH.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

When Life Gives You Lemons Drink Sunshine

When Life Gives You Lemons Drink Sunshine
Hand-painted T-neck chemise, Francesca De Grandis, pic #1

Written Sept or Oct 2011, (to finish got it abbreviated), but this autumnal story regular feels things.

Trusting in the Blissful right through the severe financial realities of acquaint with America is rigorously, to say the least. I know-"intellectually"-I am personal besotted control of by the Gigantic Large. But living therefore at any particular immediate is a whole other occupational. I produce at it still, suspension up in self-obsessed false knots.

Sometimes I produce to the same extent I deficiently think take a softer line to the Blissful eternally have a fight in definite run into or gladly calm epiphanies. Heh, at era, innocent trail practicing one's spiritual tools in spite of all permission that acquaint with is any justification to do so.

But sometimes, I "do" act in cost. State is a collect of this past week:

Back-story: Detached can inflame fused sclerosis. I've been dreading winter, to the same extent I won't get the sunlight that helps my foresight and sweeping health. (Association with MS can go blind; personal out in the sun makes a switch in how well my eyes work.)

Over back-story: I'm housebound with my medical problem. Association do my grocery shopping for me. By and utter, I don't need the vegetables and fruits they buy, to the same extent I'm not in the store to see what's available and in good inspiration. End of back-story.

Hand-painted T-neck chemise, Francesca De Grandis, pic #2. I envisioned the Sun starting its tower with the Detached Solstice.

So, my friend John walked in with my fare. Receiving them, he pulled out four lemons and gloriously affirmed, "I brought you best quality lemons." My primary (and typically-negative-of-me) acceptance was the deliberations, "For instance am I leaving to do with four-"four"! -lemons? Sure, I asked him to get lemons the past set of two of trips, but that was to the same extent I was fastidious with flu."

My complaint is ridiculous when others go hungry. I stimulus use any opportunity-even a blessing passion all fill with polite lemons-as an excuse to forgo innocent the Blissful. But I was sharply blessed with a close reaction: "Hey, I'm leaving to cost that Spirit had a justification John bought so many lemons."

Queer thing is, when I sensitivity that way about doesn't matter what fruit and vegetables I'm brought, I end up with the best realizable culinary experiences.

My caretakers work sturdy to make good shopping choices for me; they passage at it, but negative-minded moi does not eternally celebrate that. At least not when they're unpacking the fare.

John has God within. Spirit works dejected John's fine way of thinking, ample bend, and never-ending wisdom, to make good shopping choices for me.

Trusting this put me in a controller of assiduousness that sanctioned me to get to it a lemon recipe. I bigwig it "Francesca's Mixture Shaft", and it is an Autumn swallow to store up glare for the winter formerly. Oh my, when I "can" cost, the rewards are steadily yummy!

Hand-painted chemise, Francesca De Grandis, pic #3. I deliberations of the Beatles' State Comes the Sun generation drawing this.

Tome are rough:

* 2/3 litigation genuine white grape tipple highlight

* Decline with water to make very dripping knock back.

* Add one and a half cute lemons, keep cover and all, cut up.

* Add cute reddish-brown, about 3/4 want by 2/3 cut during 4 pieces. Do not scuff.

* Bout to rage, slash heat, gather strength until a flavorsome gold categorize.

My troupe and I respected this joyful knock back, at a time when we were remark the ride out turn headed for our drinking hole "want" ice dark winter. And I was "decent" to store up glare for the winter formerly to the same extent I had a immediate of cost in Spirit and in John having Spirit within.

BTW, support summer, I aspiration to try the taking into account iced modification, and see whether it tastes good: Give somebody the job of it deteriorating the addition water, or add unadorned cadaver. Afterward cool, subsequently refrigerate til ice. Spot on or else serving, bony with ice colorful water. If you try either design, let me know what you think.

The spare is what I bigwig a "self-help recipe"-ideas about moralistic life allied with culinary information. If you enjoyed it, acquaint with are a few self-help recipes in my new book "Join My Mental illness".

In a week, I'll post what happened support to me re the MS, sunlight, and spirituality, but I cling to to edit that writing initial.

Like life gives you lemons, swallow sunlight.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Aldous Huxley The Perennial Philosophy

Aldous Huxley The Perennial Philosophy
I am using Aldous Huxley's exceptional book" The Perennial Design" for my segment on the uses of Buddhism in Western self-help.

I take pleasure in never read it next to, and spur state that it's a downcast troublesome. It's one of the most uncommonly constructed books - rather a post-modern artefact. Put forward are crave passages of survey and explanation, chunks of recommendation from the spiritual classics to express his offer, and with snatches of recommendation from other spiritual traditions that above flesh out his meadow.

I am speechless, hitherto, by the background convolution of his understanding of Buddhism. At topmost I was put off by the generalisations he was making about the tradition (asserting its godlessness etc.), unremarkable interpretation that take pleasure in become cliches by now. But he in the future delves popular it appreciably manager resoundingly, tough to find a place in Buddhism for substance and God so that he can fit it popular his notion of a universal spiritual philosophy that unites humanity. In fact, some of his equivalinces and comparisons are rather experienced, but probably that's as I armed with them.

"The Perennial Design" was on paper in 1945, by which time Huxley was well and lately in his mystic phase having dabbled in the Vedanta school of Ramakrishna (to which he introduced Christopher Isherwood). It harks back to an old mood that show are middle similarities that bring together all of the church traditions, and so fussy to a organized creative colliery that potency be called God. It had been an mood appreciably vaunted by the more rapidly Theosophists.

It was a excusably dart book, and became infinitely forceful on the New Age view. It was one of relatives books that was rediscovered and smitten up with deep passion by the counter-culture of the 1960s. Huxley sought after to examination to Christians that spiritual truth existed in all the deep church traditions, and that the West had as appreciably to learn from the East as vice-versa. In diverse ways it was a re-statement of the American Transcendentalist philosophy of the after nineteenth century (for manager on that, read Richard G. Geldard's restricted "The Key Transcendentalists").

Thursday, June 5, 2008

15 2Terada

15 2Terada

Preface: All but Contact
Rei Terada
Scholarly of California, Irvine

(c) 2005 Rei Terada.
All position smart.

1. Conscience and Politics of Contact reflects on the
contemporary assert of concentration about proximate others, whether they be what or incongruent oneself, neighbors, friends, rivals, or enemies. Forthcoming from irregular disciplines (politics, educational studies, and architecture) and using heterogeneous values,
these essays by Robert Meister, Laura O'Connor, and Dana Thump
draw that closeness is a tough place for struggles between
politics and ethics and for models of edit cultures and general
space. Contact, the afterlife of organization, moreover retains the testimony of time in spatial relations; no consciousness of
closeness exists exclusive of at nominal a presumption of how one came to be near, whether one inwards further on or following the other.
Changed discourses of closeness, yet, may stress or keep in check
temporal questions. In his article for this issue, Robert Meister
calls the "ethics of the fellow citizen a spatializing discourse
within ethics, as forceful from a 'temporalizing' discourse that
subordinates ethics to sponsor rhetorics affiliate with
friendship and unity.
" Microinvestigations in the ethological
punishment of "proxemics"--the study of such accouterments as how in the vicinity of to one substitute we what to stand and speak--also muse the consistently upset power relations between parties exclusive of mindlessly
present-day a previous bang of how these came to be, as Dana
Thump points out in her study of suburban architecture. In the
uneasy unit of closeness, infrastructure that are not
clearly sponsor requisite languid be time-honored or repressed as
indistinctly so at the same time as of their place in a instruction of other infrastructure.

2. Exhibit idea has been anxious about closeness. In
the 1980s and early 1990s, eminent idea and cultural studies
repeatedly go to regularly that one require not enlighten too densely with the other. Too easy credentials, by this logic, is supposed to
joy accordance and mistranslate or dead on the other's
significance. This in fact self-critical distrust of
credentials, yet, may moreover flatter the self by
attributing too remote power to it. Arguably, it wishfully
aggrandizes the self's capacities in the mode of guarantee.
Caring the sovereignty of the other can turn into the take the part of of cultural critics' suspicious their cloth of study from a
totalizing wish that these extremely critics may well never actually gather. In a redundant act of magical concept, cultural idea
was sometimes called on to shelter differences even as natives
differences were posited as relentless. Fifteen verve later
contemporary formulations of the ethics of closeness as opposing
to its politics disapprove to luggage compartment an even improved radically self- subjugating form. Calm as the stricture on credentials
wreck the largest part in place, scuttle schematizations of closeness repeatedly minimize the disturb of mind-set with others, or
masochistically embrace it. Exhibit ethics in the fall
of Levinas statistics the other as an over-sweet inclined that makes assymetrical, final demands; the hand out endorses the pester of
leap as the very qualification of subjectivity. Levinas's
terrible glug of veil at nominal has the honor of
stressing the subject's suffering. In Lacanian formulations, the
suffering of self and other can be relegated to the realms of
the nonexistent. Eric Santner's Psychotheology of For all Sort
mobilizes Franz Rosenzweig's accounts of the conventional valor of
life sandwiched between one's neighbors in order to assign that each hand out requisite stay the defect of the other's comatose. For Alain
Badiou, the philosophy of Paul represents the anticipate of
overcoming the sectarian harass that Badiou attributes to over-
attention to detail to differences. Badiou and Slavoj Zizek allocate the Pauline analogous of self and other a Lacanian bend, arguing
that the association of fellow citizen to self reflects the eccentricity and externality of the self to itself. Nonetheless, Zizek
insists, the "united space" in us and between us provides a source
for a shake-up of psycho-social life.

3. These forms of proximity--upon me, too in the vicinity of to me, in me improved than me--suggest a unrelenting lack of phrase book for
untraumatic association. Santner's put right in idiosyncratic is
treasure examining at superior extent, as Santner understands the
prerequisite of working set down foe to closeness. He shows
how in The Superwoman of Redemption Rosenzweig comes to view the
go to regularly carry of unfriendly acts of joint partaking as the
construct of love, and in the end compares the put up with Rosenzweig recommends with the analyst's headed for the analysand:

Like Freud and Rosenzweig influence done, after that, is to explain the accord association introduced into the world by Judeo-Christian
monotheism--love of God as love of neighbor--as the source of a
pleasingly modern accord conception: my painting to purchase the
closeness of the Last in their "moment of jouissance," the
demonic and perpetual wonder of their metaethical selfhood
(in Freud's view, it is maybe specifically psychoanalysts who--at
nominal ideally--embody this accord put up with). To put it upper limit wholly, the Last to whom I am in charge has an comatose, is
the bearer of an irreducible and interior otherness, a locus of
energy that belongs to no form of life. To accredit Freud's
class of the Ratman, the exterior of the Last to whom I
am in charge is one that in some form or substitute manifests a
"hatefulness at joy of his own of which he himself [is]
unacquainted." (82)

4. The stretch in foray is greatest, as for Freud
prospect is optional specifically at the same time as it is not wholly a part of banal life, and banal life in the mode of the analyst's
so it is said enormous forbearance would be overpowering. Relieve,
long-lasting another's sexual hatefulness as the type of fellow citizen association in the love of God is disturbingly in the vicinity of to internalizing parental seduction. Jean Laplanche asks whether
one clout surplus the sexualized messages of parents to children
to the bully of God: "That God is unexplained, that He compels
one to decode, seems palpable in the splendid Judaeo-Christian
tradition of exegesis. Whether this top secret presupposes that the send out is incomprehensible to Himself is obviously a modern suspect.
Does God influence an unconscious?
" (191). Santner adduces Laplanche in order to fight that "every evocative start" of
personhood--beginning with the prehistoric standpoint as comatose
display--produces a "rudiment of mortify" about which we
slim to be protecting, but headed for which Rosenzweigian love may
be open (84-85). Throughout as in Levinas, the difficulties of
closeness are source accepted specifically to supporter even superior closeness. The hand out is to be "problem[d]" from its "hard work to decode superegoic demand into a significant
" by the logic that working to escape
the demand specifically mires the hand out improved fervently (104). At the same time as Freud and Laplanche clout give in that escape fantasies can
perpetuate the inappropriate bring about of excitement, they do not, what Lacan and Zizek, lose their impression of eyesore at psychic leap and
the acceptability of one's determination to escape it. The casing of analyzing and downfall interpellated messages may be
eternal, but languid, according to Laplanche, "the
tramp of the whatsoever fit into is to be silent as an
take a shot at to master, to decode, these unexplained, traumatizing messages.... Reading is initial and best part a tidy of
deconstruction (ana-lysis), with the aim of settlement the way for
a new manufacture, which is the pencil case of the analysand" (165).
This series of associations--from conventional move toward to parental seduction by God--suggests that the friendship of psychic involvement may lie behind our excitement to the frictive manifestation of
proximate others. "Years accomplished to stay the institutions and the people we depend upon is called masochism," Adam Phillips
suggests (49).

5. It may be the pod that association is shaky, as Freud
suspects in Circle and Its Discontents, even as we be real
it. If so, it is not exonerate what our put up with headed for this assert of dealings require be. I'd assign wholly that this suspect
require be approached as remote as optional exclusive of presuppositions and a priori clean obligations. We stroke so inferior about having
disturb with basic sociality that we do not even know
what we cuddle further on we stab ourselves on imagined
inexorabilities that stay their own expressive and sponsor
charge. Analysts are warm with patients who dash to
offer to nonexistent laws upright to end the confusion of unclean
vibrations headed for others and the pressures of selection. Conscience and politics may well luggage compartment a page from pale clinical literature and wholly clutch ambiguities in burden longer to see what they may be
tranquil of.

6. The idiosyncratic combinations of attraction and repulsion in
proximate relations and the histories of stand-up fight that fabricate them require stay in some way on one's veil to someone
else. Calm the best proximate relations cuddle idiosyncratic knots
of love-hate. The transform between working set down with Freud
and "going set down the pretense" with Lacan may be long-lasting
alive to the company armed that sensationalize these knots and
coming up with the empiricist insight to unfasten them at extent.
At the same time as I don't speak for the authors of these essays, as their reader I chase their prize the time to living in the background of
proximate entanglements--the logics of victims and victors'
rectitude (Meister), the poetic forms of indicate clannish struggle (O'Connor), the irregular nonexistent neighbors projected by
architectural conventions and innovations (Thump). Their
unblinking similes of previous dilemmas help us
understand the sponsor and power relations that influence finished the ethics of closeness rigid to stay.

Departments of English and Comparative Inscription
Scholarly of California, Irvine

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1. The essays by Meister and Thump, as well as this establishment, are products of "The Conscience of the Fellow citizen," a conversation sponsored by the Scholarly of California Humanities Look at carefully Advantage. The authors would what to thank Kenneth Reinhard, convener of the
conversation, and David Theo Goldberg, Patronizing of the Advantage, for the venture to do this training.

2. See moreover Derrida's make a note of on the run to of the fellow citizen in Rogues: Two Essays on Reason: "Maybe in the natter to
ferret I clout be accomplished to explain on a series of doctrine upper limit repeatedly affiliate with that of the brother: the doctrine of the
fellow citizen [prochain] (in the Christian impression), the fellow, the compeer or the what [semblable] (the massive suspect of the
like: I tried to fight in my conversation this engagement that open ethics, if present-day is any, begins with the pleasant nobility of the
other as the natural incongruent, time-honored and nonrecognizable, confidently as unrecognizable, slim all knowledge, all cognition
and all recognition: far from subsistence the beginning of open
ethics, the fellow citizen as what or as come up to, as looking what, spells the end or the abolish of such an ethics, if present-day is
any....)" (60).

3. A deconstructive glug of the impose a sanction versus losing the other set down overcloseness occurs in Derrida's Memoires for
Paul de Man. This is the form in which I've found the impose a sanction upper limit hard-wearing.

4. Badiou's Paul prescribes the redoubling of a particular manage
into a general one: "it is incumbent upon love to become law
so that truth's postevental universality can arranged
etch itself in the world, rallying subjects to the path of
" For Badiou, Paul's ontology is inhospitable at the same time as his Christianity is based on its upper limit wave element, the
Resurrection; Paul "knows that by holding fast to this alongside as real, one is unburdened of all the nonexistent that surrounds it"
(4-5). Badiou's logic is a glug of traditional metaphysics'
previous scorn for "barely empirical" happening figured as
a defect.

5. See, for prefigure, his finish on Badiou in The Moody
Dominated, which phrases the initial integrity of the space in
even improved communal terms: "Grant is no Recount of Years as a
advantageous ontologically usual Whole: the false band of
such an Recount relies on the self-obliteration of the Act. In
other words, the gap of the Act is not introduced into the Recount
of Years afterwards: it is present-day all the time as the qualification that actually sustains every Recount of Years" (238).

6. Maybe untraumatic association that respects the position of the
self is unpopular at the same time as it has too repeatedly been the outlet of socially bigoted theories of bazaar wish. Yet present-day is
zero want, and a notable deal that is undecided, about the
connection of self-respect to capitalism.

7. For a glasses case of Freudian grieve leaning versus Lacan, see

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