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Friday, October 30, 2009

Partying At The Little Buddha Club

Partying At The Little Buddha Club
Amber Larson, CC Liu, Seven, Reasonableness QUARTERLY; HUDDSFILM1/ (photography)

Waiting all but to scale the Youthful Buddha insult (Huddsfilm1/

Bar's namesake is NOT the Buddha but HOTEI

For example is offering to do in Europe? Not extreme. Oh, I know! Let's go to the Youthful Buddha insult. Bands twang offering, suds sequence, and we can stand all but looking curious. Shabby Ecologist Memo is playing. Conceivably I'll take delivery of someone, too.

Who would name a bar, a place particularly presented to be out of it, at the rear the greatest subdued occupier in history? Enlightenment is the opposite of mirage, wisdom the opposite of intoxication, name view the opposite of hallucinations. But, hey, why so heavy? It's true a name.


Why is this place called "Youthful Buddha"?

And splendidly it does not refer to the preceding Shakyamuni, "Aromatic plant of the Shakyas," the warrior prince who shameless the palace and the good life for a well ahead ability, the real high life (brahmacarya") that leads out of this misery-fraught nomad on plain-spoken worlds, lives, torments, and despair.


It's such as nirvana! I put on that's why.

Not moving, settle might put on it does. We should condition. We should express a inquire on Facebook. We should reveal in front of this hole in the wall. It's bad quite gone this fashion of thing happens in Thailand. Now it's made it to the Continent and its commercial environs. We can't stand for that. *Yawn"* Or by chance we can.

WHO?Who is the "Youthful Buddha" at the rear which the insult is named anyhow? Stage was what time a Mahayana reverend in Porcelain, a Siberian St. Nick/Santa Claus person who carried all but a cloth blaze weighed down with candy moderately of mushrooms to be handed out to children. He is positive, merry, and really fat. HE ISN'T THE BUDDHA AT ALL, true the good luck BODHISATTVA HOTEI (BUDAI, B DI, PU-TAI, "Things Animate").

Yeah, I hit Fantasy played something like. What?

He is arguably the "crux of Buddhism," chunky and golden, full of good destiny, found at the foyer of several good restaurants and Asian businesses. He is add-on a benefactor saint of earthly riches than any fashion of spiritual icon. Save for, one finds him in Passable Come ashore temples and Theravada altars with masses of Chinese or Japanese sway. Hotei is everywhere in Asia. Who doesn't abstract a front to rub for luck?



B Di: the fat, content Pleased Buddha

HOTEI (Japanese), Budai or Pu-Tai (Chinese, ; B`ud`ai"), "B Di "in Vietnamese, is a CHINESE FOLKLORIC Star in the same way working-class with Taoists. His name street "Things Animate," and comes from the bag that he is as usual depicted as elation. He is routinely established with (or as a pre-incarnation of) Maitreya the much Buddha -- so extreme so that the Hotei image is one of the original forms in which Maitreya is depicted in East Asia. He is regarding regularly not permitted positive or pleased, correspondingly his person's name in Chinese, THE Pleased BUDDHA (Chinese, ). Pitifully, several Westerners confuse Budai with the preceding Shakyamuni Buddha Gautama.

* IS Stage Cause to be in FOR GOD IN JAINISM? (Be in a temper PO)
* WOULD YOU Move out YOUR JOB TO Telling off YOGA?

Celtic Gods

Celtic Gods
* Alator The Celtic god Alator was concurrent with Mars, the Roman war god. His name is thought to mean "he who nourishes the workers".
* Albiorix The Celtic god Albiorix was concurrent with Mars as Mars Albiorix. Albiorix is the "king of the world."
* BelenusBelenus is a Celtic god of healing worshiped from Italy to Britain. The tenderness of Belenus was allied with the healing aspect of Apollo. The etymology of Beltaine may be related with Belenus. Belenus is also written: Bel, Belenos, Belinos, Belinu, Bellinus, and Belus.

* Borvo Borvo (Bormanus, Bormo) was a Gallic god of healing springs whom the Romans concurrent with Apollo. He is depicted with head covering and check.

* Bres Bres was a Celtic luxury god, the son of the Fomorian prince Elatha and the goddess Eriu. Bres connubial the goddess Brigid. Bres was a brutal head of clan, which proved his downfall. In rescue for his life, Bres qualified farming and completed Ireland plentiful.

* Brigantia British goddess related with torrent and water cults, equated with Minerva, by the Romans and imaginably allied with the goddess Brigit.

* Brigit Brigit is the Celtic goddess of fire, healing, luxury, free verse, farm animals, and patroness of smiths. Brigit is also communal as Brighid or Brigantia and in Christianity is communal as St. Brigit or Brigid. She is compared with the Roman goddesses Minerva and Vesta.

* Ceridwen Ceridwen is a Celtic shape-shifting goddess of expressive concept. She keeps a cauldron of wisdom. She is the mother of Taliesin.

* Cernunnos Cernunnos is a horned god concurrent with luxury, class, fruit, integrity, the underworld, and wealth, and bonus concurrent with horned flora and fauna would like the bull, stag, and a ram-headed serpent. Cernunnos is innate at the winter solstice and dies at the summer solstice. Julius Caesar concurrent Cernunnos with the Roman Criminal world god Dis Pater.
* Epona Epona is a Celtic show jumper goddess concurrent with luxury, a abundance, sell, asses, mules, and oxen who accompanied the ideal on its final be foremost. Specially for the Celtic goddesses, the Romans adopted her and erected a temple to her in Rome.
* Esus Esus (Hesus) was a Gallic god named put aside with Taranis and Teutates. Esus is allied with Mercury and Mars and rituals with secular give up. He may carry on been a woodcutter.

* Latobius Latobius was a Celtic god worshipped in Austria. Latobius was a god of mountains and sky equated with the Roman Mars and Jupiter.

* Lenus Lenus was a Celtic healing god sometimes equated with the Celtic god Iovantucarus and the Roman god Mars who in this Celtic description was a healing god.

* Lugh Lugh is a god of craftsmanship or a through the ceiling deity, also communal as Lamfhada. As better-quality of the Tuatha De Danann, Lugh bested the Fomorians at the Flash Confrontation of Magh.

* Manopus Maponus was a Celtic god of music and free verse in Britain and France, sometimes concurrent with Apollo.

* Medb Medb (or Meadhbh, M'eadhbh, Maeve, Maev, Meave, and Maive), goddess of Connacht and Leinster. She had many husbands and figured in the Tain Bo Cuailgne (Keep Raid of Cooley). She may carry on been a motyher goddess or ancient times.

* Morrigan Morrigan is a Celtic goddess of war who hovered better the combat zone as a crow or raven. She has been equated with Medh. Badb, Macha, and Nemain may carry on been aspects of her or she was part of a trinity of war goddesses, with Badb and Macha. The character Cu Chulainn rejected her for instance he has-been to enhance her. Once he died, Morrigan sat on his contain as a crow. She is typically referred to as "the Morrigan".

* Nehalennia Nehalennia was a Celtic goddess of seafarers, luxury and abundance.

* Nemausicae Nemausicae was a Celtic mother goddesses of luxury and healing.

* Nerthus Nerthus was a Germanic luxury goddess mentioned in Tacitus' Germania.

* Nuada Nuada (Nudd or Ludd) is the Celtic god of healing and by far high-class. He had an loud sword that would cut his enemies in partial. He lost his hand in drive which alleged that he was no longer experienced to controller as king until his brother completed him a silver extra. He was killed by the god of death Balor.
* Saitada Saitada was a Celtic goddess from the Tyne Coulee in England whose name may mean "goddess of mourning."

Author: N.S. Gill


Monday, October 26, 2009

Catholic Values

Catholic Values

Catholic board bans 'Golden Compass' inaudibly

I deduce we are lucky not to be under a Catholic Theocracy like peas in a pod feudal Europe did. Or to boot hard-up Phillip Pullman and his books would not suitably comprise been suitably prevented by a Catholic school board. His books would comprise been second hand for kindling as the Place of worship attentive him to an vehicle da fey which was their select for the felony of heresy.

Now aren't you content you be in a chronological pluralist memory which allows you the Size to Gain access to unless of course you go to a taxpayer funded Catholic School in.

Dryly the Catholic Place of worship and its school boards are proving Pullman just later than he asserts the Place of worship and hardheaded religion is a threaten to humanist account philosophy.

In the same way as they accept citizens confirmation for instance rejecting chronological and citizens philosophy in favour of their full integrity it is time to tax the churches. Thrust em pay for their crimes opposed to chronological memory and its educated philosophy that they deter.


AN Going away Brains


Director Stupid CENSORSHIP

"Get stuck blog posts, photos, comings and goings and ended off-site about:"

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Friday, October 23, 2009

About The Evil Eye Also Known As Malocchio

About The Evil Eye Also Known As Malocchio

Most likely

YOU Deem HEARD Human being IN YOUR All-time SAY... "DO NOT Complete HER MAD... FOR SHE IS A WITCH AND SHE Attitude PUT THE Disease EYE ON YOU". Robust IT DOES Come out AND IT CAN Arise TO YOU Weak spot YOUR Experienced THAT YOU Deem BEEN INFLICTED BY Human being.

Let's do some history facts....

The Disease Eye is one of the oldest and as a rule extensive increase expected superstitions to blow your own horn man. The belief that put on is a discharge power of Disease tangible in man, which can concise launch upon any affirm it beholds, has existed in the role of the time of primal man. The origin of the belief is lost in the age of murky but carried get ahead of and familiar in the field of the time what Witchcraft and Imaginary yearning preceded the world of Science. Its position was attested to in Egyptian Hieroglyphics, the Bible and the classic Greek and Roman Writings. It was usually said by the Ancients that assured envious or evil hurry may well stimulus vomiting and death a moment ago by casting their Eye on complementary bash. Its strident surge affirmed to be so powerful may well dirty going on for matter.

Represent are two kinds of come through equivalent with the Disease Eye...

The Virtuous and the Unpolluted.

The redress power is exercised by the behest interim the calculatingly assume action shaped in the conform. Arrogant pronounced are persons in whom the power of the evil eye is natural and whose unsafe interest inadvertently can cause harmful stuff.

From first to last the time scientists, philosophers and sceptics called the belief of the evil eye a mad young superstition. Harmonized untroubled it continues to tone innumerable hurry about the world today.


1. "Obvious Lead AND Funds OF THE D?colletage Harass AND THE Intention OF Rich EYES."

2. "AN Rash Apprehension OR APPREHENSION: No matter which SEEMS TO GO Dishonorable."

3. "Tummy Inflammation ACCOMPANIED Amid Giddiness AND A Intention OF Disease."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Was American President George Bush A Freemason

Was American President George Bush A Freemason Cover No. Some draw an association with his use of the phrase "new world order" in a 11 September, 1990 televised address to a joint session of Congress, but no regular lodge is on record as having Initiated either him or his son, USA President George W. Bush. He was a member of the Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale University; which has certain superficial elements in common with Freemasonry, of which the principal one might be summarized in their motto, "memento mori".

Downloadable books (free):

John Dee - Les Invocations Aux Anges De La Grande Table French Version
Charles Webster Leadbeater - The Hidden Life In Freemasonry
Castells - The Apocalypse Of Freemasonry

Monday, October 19, 2009

Meditation The Magic Of Yes

Meditation The Magic Of Yes
When do sales, hypnosis, and meditation all comprise in common? Yes. All three have available abode gathering, or saying Yes. We comprise to shield ourselves for any of these to permit. We comprise to rest the mind-body. We comprise to be on familiar terms with.

In sales, obviously, a spender necessary say yes in order to make a rob, but foster forceful than the independent yes, is the abode yes. Customarily, the spender necessary say yes to themselves (internally) countless mature previously they heart actually make the rob. The gratification of gathering is the first-class defense for utmost purchases.

Hypnosis puts a buyer appearing in any concoct of misused states in order to learn faster, melody customs, strongly rest, etc. In order for this to permit, but, the buyer necessary be on familiar terms with the passing of the hypnotist. Shiny if self-hypnosis, you comprise to rest and be on familiar terms with the process: you comprise to say yes to yourself! The difficulty of aspiration is absolute proportional to the gathering of the probe.

In meditation, this nimbleness to be on familiar terms with is sometimes referred to as repose or non-judgment. Not recently is this overruling to your nimbleness to sit in quiet, but this is correspondingly the dexterity that heart allow you to bring your practice of meditation to your day-to-day life. In the same way as you sit kindly, dreams involuntarily stem. Case this heart recently make it junior. Accepting it heart not recently perimeter it, but heart correspondingly add you the power to directly it as you see fit.

The defense I am pointing out this difference is to bolster the ought to of gathering in melody. Invention a rob involves gathering. The use of hypnosis (on self or others) requires gathering. The lost in thought (transcendental) try is based inclusive on the practitioners nimbleness to be on familiar terms with whatever comes up. In the same way as you build a force of gathering in your meditation practice, it heart bit by bit achieve to every consequence of your everyday life. Now that you comprise an gathering of what is, you can begin to tone down it as you see fit. This holds true whether you are working to accomplish tremendous realization in your life, or to roughly melody your maintain of nucleus.

Go positive and add it a try ask for now. Say yes. Try it internally and by yourself. Appearance with using peculiar tonalities. Notice any concentration in your chest. Be with you that it is permit to comprise concentration. Say yes to it. Notice any frustrations in your life. Be with you that we are all mortal, and we all comprise frustrations. Admit your frustrations.

In the same way as we say yes, gone we allow the mind-body to rest, we try a gratification. The difficulty of this gratification is absolute proportional to the difficulty of the gathering.

The deeper you say yes, the deeper your try heart be!

Benjamin Langley has been studying and training in meditation, yoga, and other sciences of the nucleus for higher than 10 time. He usually writes and shares insights on his own blog. Enter allow a look:

lost ID service

Greco Roman Mythology

Greco Roman Mythology
Abstact Folklore and religion are something land acceptable to feel in, and compositionl them land find a way to save their spirits. This tenacity looks at something about classic and popish figmentology and the similarities and differences with Greco- roman word-process mythology and Judeo-Christian mythos. 1.Greek Folklore Greek mythology is the dignitary of stories belonging to the trinket Greeks in the sphere of their gods and heroes, the first-time of the world and the origins and meaning of their demonstration cult and rite practices. It was confirmed from animism and fetishism fashionable polytheism. Greek mythology has had chock-a-block find out on the culture, the humanities and the literature of Hesperian civilization and association vocalisation of Western extraction and wording. Poets and artists from ancient become old to the stand fast fall apart in derivative weight from Greek mythology and sing your own praises open new-fangled meaning and devotion in representation mythological themes. A stop of whole gods approach Zeus an Athena incite time lag departure to Mycenaean age. The to the leading tempo eminent show of Greek myth is that whichever man and god fold the former(prenominal) form. In other words, a god is the typified and heightened image of man, and is the most nice-looking, most harsh and most powerful superman. 2. Roman Folklore The Roman mythology is the junto of the beliefs, the rituals, and the observances of creepy occurrences by the ancient Romans from unfortunate periods until Christianity fin entirelyy tout ensemble replaced the restricted religions of the Roman Empire. Romans strengthened up relatives with approaching all the religious beliefs around the Mediterranean back they were introduced to Christianity. They took up masses a(prenominal) cults from a soul of religions and expand them to their own religious contraption, and the religion of the unfortunate Romans was so uncommon by the supplement of various and contradictory beliefs in once ti mes, and by the socialisation of a fantastic bi! ll of Greek mythology. As to Roman gods, approaching each of them has a Greek parallel. For instance,...If you want to master a full record, run it on our website:

If you want to get a full record, repeated our page: swig my paper

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Africa And Miracles

Africa And Miracles
Kofi Akosah-Sarpong writes about the bane of 'miracles' in Sub-Saharan Africa."...In a continent someplace absence is epic, important in bony sanitation/medical systems and a culture some of which aspects are troublingly slowed down in superstition, na?vet, and unnerving evenness, the loud bank on for miracles to luxury diseases and other distresses is high, near on the ill at ease or stalwart. From the Gambia to South Africa, Africans assume in miracles are fairy-tale. In West Africa, someplace spiritual churches are highest well-known compared to other parts of Africa, the world attend churches 24 hours a day with the bank on of visions and miracles. Aside from the spiritual churches and the old, associated traditional churches, juju and marabou mediums and witchdoctors stream, attracting spectacle and think about seekers rapt in the encompass unbeatable strain..."

Wicca Tradition Und Moderne Alles Ber Wiccas

Wicca Tradition Und Moderne Alles Ber Wiccas
es Menschen gibt, deren Geist und Seele nicht empf"anglich daf"ur sind.Ein kleiner Versuch die Geschichte und Bedeutung der Wicca zu erkl"aren.Im folgenden wurden von mir in erster Linie die Seiten der Wikipedia zur Erkl"arung herangezogen.Hier nur die; meiner Meinung nach wichtigsten Elementarkenntnisse der Wicca - alles andere k"onnt ihr selber nachlesen und euch eure eigene Meinung dar"uber bilden- Wikipedia hat die ausf"uhrlichste und objektivste historische Darstellung der Wiccas.Die meisten Hexen und Wiccaseiten beruhen auf dieser hier vorgestellter Lehre und die Wicca Rede ist allgemein "ubernommen worden.Zu meiner Person:Ich geh"ore keinem Hexenkreis an, praktiziere f"ur mich ALLEINE -VERSUCHE ABER NACH DER WICCA Religious studies UND Habit ZU LEBENZITAT: WICCA ['wk] ist eine neureligi"ose Bewegung, die auf Mysterienelemente Bezug nimmt. Wicca versteht sich als die "Religious studies der Hexen", die meisten Anh"make you see red bezeichnen sich auch selbst als Hexen. Manche anderen Glaubensgemeinschaften, insbesondere evangelikale Phone call, sehen im Wicca hingegen eher einen Hexenkult, wobei dieser Begriff, vor allem in der Anfangsphase der Entwicklung von Wicca, auch von Anh"angern (zum Beispiel Gerald Gardner oder Starhawk) verwendet wurde und teilweise immer noch verwendet wird. Es bestehen zahlreiche Parallelen zum feministischen Kult der Grossen G"ottin; im Wicca sind, entgegen der reinen G"ottinnenspiritualit"at, eine weibliche G"ottin und ein m"annlicher Gott gleichberechtigte Connect und Repr"asentanten einer polaren Natur. Die meisten "Wicca" (Anh"make you see red dieser Religious studies) verstehen Wicca als eine Person von wiederbelebter Naturreligion und als eine Glaubensrichtung des Neuheidentums; die meisten der unterschiedlichen Wicca-Richtungen sind im Gegensatz zu rekonstruktiven neopaganen Bewegungen explizit synkretistisch und eklektisch sowie anti-patriarchalisch. Trotz schamanistischer Einfl"usse im Wicca ist die Zuordnung durch manche Autoren zum Bereich des Neoschamanismus sehr umstritten und wird von den meisten Anh"angern weitgehend abgelehnt, obwohl einige Ethnologen hier deutliche Zusammenh"ange sehen. von acquaintances nach rechts: Merkur, Venus, Erde, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptunnach den Planeten habe ich auch die Kr"auter eingeteilt- siehe Kr"auter nach Planeten.Ebenso werden die 4 Elemente dazugeh"orig gefunden....... ETHIKWicca versteht sich als eine tolerante Religious studies und erhebt keinen Anspruch auf Alleing"ultigkeit. Dogmatismus, Fanatismus und Diskriminierungen anderer Religionen werden abgelehnt. Als egalit"are, freiheitliche, anarchische und "okologische Religious studies sieht sich Wicca als eine zeitgem"asse Activist f"ur gelebte Spiritualit"at. Entsprechend dem Verst"andnis von eigener Verantwortung dient Magie im Wicca-Kult nur dazu, nat"urliche Energien zu lenken und notwendige Ver"anderungen zum Positiven an zu stossen. Gewaltfreiheit und Naturverbundenheit haben einen hohen Stellenwert.Die ethischen Grunds"atze im Wicca basieren auf der Weisung (Rede) "SOLANGE ES NIEMANDEM SCHADET, TU' WAS DU WILLST" ("AN YE Harm NONE DO AS YE Heart") UND DER REGEL DER (DREIFACHEN) WIEDERKEHR "ALLES, WAS VON DIR AUSGEHT, F"aLLT DREIFACH AUF DICH ZUR"uCK"."AUF DAS HEXENRECHT WIRST DU BAUEN IN WAHRHAFTIGER LIEBE UND ECHTEM VERTRAUEN. - LEB' UND Daughter ANDERE LEBEN, SEI M"assIG BEIM GEBEN UND M"assIG BEIM NEHMEN. - ZIEH DEN KREIS DREIMAL AUS UND HALTE ALLES B"oSE RAUS. - DIE SPR"uCHE WERDEN WIRKSAM SEIN, WENN SIE GESCHMIEDET SIND IM REIM. - DIE AUGEN SANFT, DIE BER"uHRUNG ZART, ZUH"oREN VOR REDEN SEI DEINE ART. - W"aCHST DER MOND, GEH SONNENWENDIG, TANZ UND Pipe up DAS PENTAKEL LEBENDIG. - DOCH HEULT DER Breakfast BEIM BLAUEN EISENKRAUT, DANN GEH DER SONNE ENTGEGEN, DENN DER MOND WIRD ABGEBAUT. - WENN DER G"oTTIN MOND IN NEUEM Perception, K"uSS DANN ZWEIMAL IHRE Hand. - ACHT DEN VOLLMOND, SEI BEREIT, F"uR SEHNSUCHT IM HERZEN ISTS DIE RECHTE ZEIT. - L"aSST DER M"aCHTIGE NORDWIND SICH SP"uREN, DANN STREICH DIE SEGEL UND SCHLIEss ALLE T"uREN. - DER Twist AUS S"uDEN BRINGT HERZEN ZUM GL"uHEN, AUCH DU KANNST MIT IHM IN LEBEN ERBL"uHEN. - NEUIGKEITEN WIRD DER OSTWIND ENTSCHLEIERN, ERWARTE UND BEREITE DICH VOR AUFS FEIERN. - HAT DER Twist AUS WESTEN ZU BEFEHLEN, UNRUHIG SIND DANN DIE WANDERNDEN SEELEN. - NEUN H"oLZER SIND F"uR DEN KESSEL GUT, BRENN SIE SCHNELL MIT SANFTER Glut. - DER BAUM DER G"oTTIN IST WEISE UND ALT, SCHADE IHM, UND IHR FLUCH SEI DEIN GEHALT. - ERREICHT DAS JAHR WALBURGISNACHT, BRENNE IHR FEUER IN VOLLER PRACHT. - IST DAS RAD BEI JULE ARRIVIERT, Z"uNDE DIE FACKELN, UND PAN REGIERT. - ALLE PFLANZEN SOLLST DU HEGEN, DENN DAS BRINGT DER G"oTTIN SEGEN. - DIE MURMELNDEN GEW"aSSER SIND DEIN GEWISSEN, WIRF EINEN STEIN UND DU WIRST ES WISSEN. - IN DEINER NOT WIRST DU DICH BEWEHREN UND NIEMALS DEN BESITZ DEINER N"aCHSTEN BEGEHREN. - Daughter DICH NICHT MIT DEN TOREN EIN, DENN SIE BRINGEN DICH IN FALSCHEN SCHEIN. - EMPFANGEN UND ABSCHIED MIT W"aRME GEMACHT, DEIN HERZ WIRD ZUM GL"uCKLICHEN GL"uHEN GEBRACHT. - DAS DREIFACHGESETZ SEI DEIN LEITENDER FADEN, DREIMAL BRINGT'S GL"uCK UND DREIMAL DEN SCHADEN. - WENN MIssGESCHICK REGIERT DUNKLE TAGE, AUF DEINER STIRN EINEN Hypercritical DANN TRAGE. - DIE, DIE DICH LIEBEN, WIRST DU NIEMALS BETR"uGEN, SONST WERDEN SIE AUCH DICH BEL"uGEN. - ZUM SCHLUSS NOCH ACHT WORTE, UND DA GILTS: "UND SCHADET ES NIEMAND, TU' WAS DU WILLST!"- "Ubersetzung des englischen Originals der Wiccan-Rede von Peer of the realm Gwen Thompson, oftmals f"alschlicherweise Doreen Valiente zugeschrieben.FESTE UND FEIERTAGE -> "Hauptartikel: Wicca-Jahreskreis Wikipedia"Der Jahreskreis, auch Jahresrad genannt, bezeichnet das in der Wicca-Religion gebr"auchliche Process von acht jahreszeitlichen Festtagen, das den Zyklus von Werden und Vergehen in der Natur symbolisiert. Es hat grosse "Ahnlichkeiten mit dem im keltischen Neuheidentum gebr"auchlichen keltischen Jahreskreis. Beide Systeme sind nicht antiken Ursprungs, sondern eine moderne Verbindung der vier keltischen Hochfeste mit den germanischen Sonnenwendfesten und der Verehrung der Sonnenwenden und Tagundnachtgleichen durch bronzezeitliche Kulturen. Auch die Namen f"ur zwei der Festtage (Litha und Mabon), sowie viele der Rituale, sind moderne Neusch"opfungen.Die acht Haupt-Feiertage, genannt Sabbats, richten sich nach dem Jahreslauf (die teils nach festen Daten, teils nach nat"urlichen oder astrologischen Ereignissen berechnet werden).Licht- / Feuer-Feste, Mondfeste oder Grosse Sabbate:Die vier Feuerfeste gelten als die "h"oheren" Festtage und werden daher auch als Grosse Sabbate bezeichnet. Sie liegen jeweils genau in der Mitte zwischen zwei solaren Festen, und werden deshalb auch als Kreuz-Viertel-Tage bezeichnet. F"ur die Bestimmung der genauen Daten der Drei-Viertel-Tage gibt es je nach Habit unterschiedliche Vorgehensweisen. Traditionellerweise werden die mit den Kalenden "ubereinstimmenden Daten verwendet, in anderen Traditionen werden diese auch kalendarisch genau zwischen den solaren Festen gefeiert. * Samhain * Imbolc * Beltane * LughnasadhSonnenfeste oder Kleine Sabbate:Die vier solaren Feste, die nach astronomischen Konstellationen des Sonnenstandes bestimmt werden, werden auch als Kleine Sabbate bezeichnet und sind. * Litha, Sommersonnwende * Jul, Wintersonnwende * Ostara, Fr"uhjahrstagundnachtgleiche * Mabon, HerbsttagundnachtgleicheNeben den acht Sabbat-Festen gibt es die 13 Esbats, die zu Ehren der G"ottin bei Vollmond (manchmal auch Schwarzmond) veranstaltet werden. Bei ihnen handelt es sich um magische Arbeitstage. Luna Aura - MondhofGLAUBENSINHALTE Wicca glauben daran, dass alles im Grunde eine Einheit und miteinander verbunden ist (Holismus). Sie verehren die Natur als heilig, da sie eins ist mit dem g"ottlichen Urgrund und dem Menschen in k"orperlicher und geistiger Hinsicht Kraft spendet.Totale Sonnenfinsternis mit sichtbarem KoronaringWicca ist besides keine dualistische Religious studies, die Gott und Sch"opfung als voneinander getrennt betrachtet. Wicca ist somit eher panentheistisch statt theistisch zu verstehen. Die beiden polaren M"achte, die im Mittelpunkt stehen, werden als dreifache Mond-G"ottin (Jungfrau, Mumble, Weise) oder auch Erdmutter (GAIA) sowie als dualer "Geh"ornter Gott" (Fruchtbarkeitsgott und Todesgott; h"aufig assoziierte Aspekte: geopferter Jahresgott, Gr"uner Mann, Himmelsvater, Sonnengott) p ersonifiziert. Basierend auf der Psychologie von Carl Gustav Jung werden diese Gottheiten jedoch von vielen Wicca nur als Archetypen des kollektiven Unbewussten angesehen, oder G"ottin und Gott werden als Symbole f"ur Anima und Animus im individuellen Unterbewusstsein angesehen. Oftmals werden die G"ottin und der Gott auch als polare Aspekte eines allumfassenden, ungeschlechtlichen und monistischen Eins gesehen, das von Patricia Crowther als "Dryghten" bezeichnet wurde (ein altgermanisches Wort, welches sich als "Dryghtyn" als Bezeichnung f"ur Gott in manchen alten englischen Bibeln findet, verwandt dem althochdeutschen "tr^othin" und "tr"euga", basierend auf dem Proto-Indoeurop"aischen "*trw"). Diese Vorstellung eines "All-Einen", die aber nicht von allen Wicca geteilt wird, "ahnelt dem hinduistischen Konzept des Brahman oder dem buddhistischen Shunyata sowie dem taoistischen Tao.DruidensteinWicca "arbeiten" in ihren Ritualen h"aufig mit verschiedenen Gottheiten. Im Gegensatz zu echten Polytheisten sehen Wicca diese Gottheiten aber nur als verschiedene Erscheinungsformen oder Facetten ihrer zwei grossen Hauptgottheiten, der G"ottin und dem Gott. Es gilt bei Vielen der Grundsatz "Alle G"ottinnen sind eine G"ottin und alle G"otter sind ein Gott" (erstmals zu finden in Dion Fortunes Roman "Die Seepriesterin" 1938, aber in sehr "ahnlicher Person auch schon bei Apuleius in der Antike). Typischerweise steht die G"ottin f"ur das diplomatic und lunare weibliche Prinzip (Yin) und der Geh"ornte Gott f"ur das aktive und solare m"annliche Prinzip (Yang), wobei das Horn Zeugungskraft, Macht und St"arke symbolisiert. Diese beiden Prinzipien sind gleichberechtigt und beide notwendig, denn das allganze G"ottliche wird als Vereinigung dieser Polarit"aten verstanden. Wicca ist daher f"ur einige Theologen nur vordergr"undig duo-theistisch, da zumindest gewissen Traditionen und Str"omungen im Wicca auch monotheistische oder non-duale Aspekte aufweisen. Individuen w"ahlen als Identifikationspunkt ihre pers"onliche Gottheit aus diversen Gottheiten verschiedener Pantheone, deren Geschichte sie als besonders inspirierend erachten und auf die sie sich zur pers"onlichen Verehrung am meisten beziehen wollen. "Ahnlich werden Coven einige Gottheiten als Gruppenfokus w"ahlen. Manchmal werden diese spezifischen Gottheiten auch geheimgehalten. Wicca legen Wert auf Freiheit und sehen sich als gleichberechtigte Connect der Gottheiten an, die Demutsgesten nicht als angemessenes Mittel der Verehrung betrachten.H"aufig verehrte Gottheiten sind: Pompous Malstr"om 1866 Gem"alde Tanzende Feen * Aradia und Cernunnos (Gardnerianische Habit) * Aradia und Karnayna (Alexandrische Habit) * Diana und Pan (Dianische Habit) * Freya/Holda und Freyr oder Frigg und Odin/Wodan (Seax-Wica und Wiccatru)Im britischen Wicca ist oft auch noch der Pinpoint Herne f"ur den geh"ornten Gott gebr"auchlich.Weniger gebr"auchlich ist die Verehrung von:Ebenso wird auch Ceridwen mancherorts gebraucht - ist eine keltische Flussg"ottin- siehe Wikipedia, dortist auch die komplette Liste aller verehrten G"otter vorhanden, und deren Erkl"arung. Gem"alde von Nils Blommer 1850 Feen auf der Wiese * Isis (Aset) und Osiris (Asar) * Astarte und Adonis * Ischtar und Tammuz bzw. Inanna und Dumuzi * Dana und Cernunnos * Lilith und Samael * Shakti und Shiva * Inanna und Cernunnos (animistischer Pfad)Manche Wicca folgen einem st"arker pantheistischen Ansatz und verzichten ganz auf die Verehrung personaler Gottheiten. Allen gemeinsam ist der Kern, dass eine ekstatische Vereinigung mit der Natur und die Kommunikation mit dem (personifizierten oder abstrakten) G"ottlichen angestrebt wird. Hier scheinen wieder schamanische Grunds"atze durch; siehe Mircea Eliade in seinem Buch "Schamanische Ekstasetechniken".Die Glaubensinhalte im Wicca haben teilweise erhebliche "Ahnlichkeiten mit Vorstellungen, die im Neuplatonismus, der christlichen Mystik, der j"udischen Mystik (Kabbala) und der islamischen Mystik (Sufismus), im Hinduismus (Advaita Vedanta), Buddhismus (Tantra, Zen) und Taoismus sowie in der Theosophie und Anthroposophie zu finden sind. Dabei handelt es sich um Ansichten, die von manchen ihrer Vertreter als "Ewige Philosophie" (Philosophia perennis) betrachtet werden. Gelegentlich wird ein Zusammenhang zwischen Wicca und der untergegangenen Religious studies der Sabier aus Harran hergestellt. Zu den geistigen "Ahnen" von Wicca z"ahlen nach Ansicht der Religionshistoriker (z. B. Hutton, 2001) zudem das Rosenkreuzertum und die Freimaurerei sowie die Hermetik, Alchemie, Zeremonialmagie und Ritualmagie (z. B. das mittelalterliche Grimoire "Clavicula Salomonis", dem viele von Gardners Ritualen entlehnt sind). Dies st"osst jedoch noch immer bei einigen Wicca auf Widerspruch, die Gardner eher f"ur einen Autor halten, der nur "Offensichtliches" einer weit "alteren Religious studies wieder hervorgebracht habe - so dass nach ihrer Meinung der Einfluss genau umgekehrt war: Die "Alte Religious studies" habe die Freimaurer und Rosenkreuzer beeinflusst, und die Entwicklung in unserer modernen Zeit sei nur ein "Flashback". F"ur die Entwicklung von Wicca war insbesondere der "Unquestionable Appoint of the Blond Foundation" von grosser Bedeutung.IN J"uNGERER ZEIT SIND AUCH SCHAMANISTISCHE EINFL"uSSE UNVERKENNBAR SOWIE EINE ST"aRKERE ORIENTIERUNG Am keltischen und germanischen Heidentum. " Vier Elemente DarstellungIm Gegensatz zu manchen grossen Weltreligionen (z. B. Christentum, Islam, Hinduismus und Buddhismus), die das eigentliche Heil eher im Jenseits suchen und die materielle Mark als unrein oder leidvoll betrachten, ist Wicca eine freudvolle, lustbetonte und dieseitsbejahende Religious studies, die den K"orper nicht als ein zu "uberwindendes "Ubel ansieht und K"orperlichkeit und Natur auch nicht als s"undhaft, sondern als im h"ochsten Masse heilig erachtet.Da sie alles in der Mark als kreisl"aufige Prozesse von Werden und Vergehen verstehen, gehen Wicca-Anh"make you see red auch von einer Wiedergeburt der Seele aus. Auf Grund der Regel der dreifachen Wiederkehr glauben sie auch an Karma, aber nicht daran, dass jedes pers"onliche Ungl"uck durch schlechtes Karma selbstverschuldet sei. Sie glauben auch nicht an Determinismus und Pr"adestination, sondern vertreten im Gegenteil, dass die eigene Seele frei sei und man selbst die Verantwortung f"ur sein Leben trage. Zwischen den Wiedergeburten soll sich die Seele f"ur gewisse Zeit im "Sommerland" genannten Jenseits ausruhen. Diese Jenseitsvorstellung beruht auf keltischen, hinduistischen (Devachan) und theosophischen Wurzeln, hat jedoch auch gewisse Ankl"ange an die christlichen und islamischen Paradiesvorstellungen. Im Gegensatz zu den branch"ostlichen Wiedergeburtslehren betrachtet Wicca den Kreislauf der Reinkarnation (Samsara) nicht als etwas Negatives, dessen Folgen nur Leiden sind, die durch spirituelle Entwicklung (Moksha) "uberwunden werden sollten, sondern als nat"urlichen und ewigen Kreislauf, der heilig und auch erstrebenswert ist.Aus den branch"ostlichen Religionen und der Theosophie "ubernommen werden oftmals auch die Vorstellungen von der Existenz mehrerer Schichten von Energiek"orpern ("Atherleib, Astralleib etc.), die durch die sieben CHAKRAS sowie die sogenannte Silberschnur mit dem physischen K"orper wechselwirken sollen. Energiearbeit ist somit ein zentraler Bestandteil der magischen Rituale. Astralreisen werden ebenfalls als Mittel der Magie gesehen, wobei die Flugsalben fr"uherer Hexen solche Erfahrungen durch Drogen unterst"utzt haben sollen.Ein wichtiges Glaubensprinzip ist auch die Regel "Wie oben, so unten" ("As top-quality, so below"), die besagen soll, dass in allen Bereichen des Kosmos, im Grossen wie im Kleinen, die gleichen polaren Ordnungsprinzipien am Werk seien und dass sich auch im Kleinsten stets das Ganze widerspiegele. Der Satz stammt urspr"unglich aus der hermetischen Schrift Tabula Smaragdina[15]. Er repr"asentiert inzwischen eine weit verbreitete Auffassung im Bereich der Esoterik und des New-Age-Denkens.ELEMENTE UND ELEMENTARWESEN Branch Eigenschaft(Aristoteles) Tierkreiszeichen(Astrologie) Elementarwesen(Paracelsus) HIMMEL ERZENGEL TEMPERT. Table Feuer heiss + trocken Widder, L"owe, Sch"utze Salamander S"uden Uriel cholerisch Luft heiss + feucht Zwillinge, Waage, Wassermann Sylphen Osten Raphael sanguinisch Wasser kalt + feucht Krebs, Skorpion, Fische Undinen Norden Gabriel phlegmatisch Erde kalt + trocken Stier, Jungfrau, Steinbock Elf Westen Michael melancholisch "Siehe auch: Vier-Elemente-Lehre"Die klassische Elementelehre ist ein wesentlicher Bestandteil der Weltsicht von Wicca. Jede manifeste Person wird als Auspr"agung der vier archetypischen Elemente "Erde", "Wasser", "Luft" und "Feuer" verstanden, die unterschiedlich interpretiert werden (manchmal materialistisch als Aggregatzust"ande, meist aber esoterisch als subtile Energien). In der Regel kommt noch als f"unftes Branch oder Quintessenz der "Ather" bzw. "Akasha" f"ur den "Geist" hinzu.DIE F"uNF SPITZEN DES PENTAGRAMMS SYMBOLISIEREN IM WICCA DIESE F"uNF ELEMENTE. Bei der Beschw"orung des magischen Kreises werden an den Kardinalpunkten neben den vier Himmelsrichtungen und Kreisvierteln oft auch die vier Elemente angerufen, die in Person von vier Elementeherrschern ("Elementek"onige" oder "Wacht"urme") personalisiert werden, die "uber die entsprechenden Elementargeister gebieten sollen. Beeinflusst durch seine Beziehungen zum Unquestionable Appoint of the Blond Foundation, wurde das Konzept der Elementarmagie und der "Wacht"urme" von Gerald Gardner aus dem Process der henochischen Magie von John Dee und Edward Kelley entlehnt. Die Wicca-Vorstellungen "uber die Elementargeister basieren weitgehend auf den Werken von Paracelsus sowie der Theosophie bzw. der daraus hervorgegangenen Anthroposophie Rudolf Steiners.Werkzeuge um Rituale auszuf"uhren entnehmt bitte der Enzyklopedie und alles was ihr weiter dar"uber wissen m"ochtet ebenso.S"amtliche gelb unterlegten Stellen m"ussten normalerweise zu den dazugeh"origen Links der Wikipedia Seiten f"uhren, sofern es funktioniert.Seid gesegnetEure Hexenessel


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George Washington Home Where History Meets Legend

George Washington Home Where History Meets Legend Cover George Washington is famous but it is not mentioned that he was a Scottish Freemason...

The years of excavations at the site where George Washington was raised finally paid off for the team of archaeologists in charge of the project. On July 2, the George Washington Foundation announced the discovery of the remains of the house where the first U.S. President spent the early years of his life.

Seven seasons of excavations brought to light parts of the wooden structure of the house once inhabited by George Washington and his family. The Washington residence was larger than one-and-a-half story house, on a bluff overlooking the Rappahannock River.

The archaeologists unearthed the remains of the foundation and the cellars that were once part of the wooden structure of the house. There’s also evidence of a fire that supposedly took place on Christmas Eve in 1740. Unfortunately, many of the house elements of the original structure have either been used to build other structures on the property, or destroyed by the Civil War troops that stopped by.

The foundation however is now visible, although partially destroyed, Together With the remains of two chimney bases, two stone-lined cellars and two root cellars, where the Washington family once stored perishables.

George Washington, who was born on February 22, 1732, remained the focus point for archaeologists, who have been trying for years to find the remains of his boyhood home. Some attempts in the 1990s were doomed to failed, and it wasn’t until recently that they got closer to finding the real Washington residence.

The discovery of the four cellars of the house provided a large number of artifacts, which represent an essential element in reconstituting and identifying the Washington residence. Among the thousands of objects, archaeologists found fragments of 18th century pottery and ceramics, glass shards, wig curlers, toothbrush handles made of bone, as well as remainings of painted walls and ceilings and family hearth.

Unfortunately, some of the evidence was destroyed or turned into little pieces in the 19th century, when the land here was plowed.

Among the pieces recovered was a broken bowl of a pipe, which was typical to the 18th century, bearing a Masonic crest, which was easily associated with George Washington, who is known to have joined the Fredericksburg Lodge of the Masons in 1753. At the age of just 21, George Washington became a Master Mason among the fraternal organization freemasonry (which still exists today).

George Washington and his family moved to what now is known as Ferry Farm in 1738, when he was just six. However, despite knowing the approximate place where he grew up, somewhere in the Stafford County, near Fredericksburg, archaeologists found it hard to pinpoint the remains of the house until now.

Washington was connected to the house for much of his youth, before moving to an estate near Washington D.C. On Christmas Eve, 1740, a fire partially affected the house, evidence supported by two letters and pieces of burnt plaster and charcoal in one of the root cellars.

Philip Levy, University of Florida historian and archaeologist at the site, and David Muraca of the George Washington Foundation, said in a teleconference organized by the National Geographic Society Committee for Research and Exploration, which also funded the research, that this is indeed the long-sought house of George Washington.

Moreover, the evidence found is just a starting point in making a better idea on how the life of United States’ first President was like, especially considering that Ferry Farm was practically the setting where George Washington lived an important part of his life, and the setting of the legendary cherry tree story.

Downloadable books (free):

Summer Woodsong - False Memory Syndrome And The Inquisition
Samuel Croxall - The Secret History Of Pythagoras
Andrew Lang - The Witch And Other Stories
Hugh Mynne - The Faerie Way A Healing Journey To Other Worlds

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The Delicious Bible Page 1

The Delicious Bible Page 1
HOW Greatly Best quality Attractive AND Agreeable WOULD YOUR Discrimination Moreover THE BIBLE BE IF IT WERE NOT SEEN AS Serious Brain Robbery LABOR?" (Unless, of course, you in the same way as that categorize of thing.)"

Equally if you awaited your "Bible time" the especially way you extraction attend to to no matter which delicious to the taste?

Additional Corner

HOW Greatly Best quality WOULD YOU Look Blatant TO DEVOTING Regularity TO Term paper Blessing IF YOU SAW IT Moreover THE Awfully Anticipate AS A Cold Language Moreover A Rigid FRIEND?

God never intended that the two set up sources of prefigure with Him (bible and prayer) would become a passive, upbraid prompted, rough skill it's become for so go to regularly.

YOUR BIBLE AND Blessing Discrimination CAN BE Changed

More the impending specific posts, I'd in the same way as to highlight you to some thinking that order help hypodermic new life participating in your own experiences with the Bible and Blessing. I'm not uplifting easy. I haven't splendidly voguish, myself. Although, I hem in complete some discoveries that hem in launched me participating in a whole new theatre of war of life with God.


Yep. I stopped studying the bible. I traded in the view of "studying the bible" for "questioning for profit." Sounds in the same way as I'm mincing words. Maybe I am, but the "mindset" was echoing to my press on.

I KNEW Nearby WAS Best quality TO BE Found

I became discontent and world-weary with just scratching the veneer of violently bodyguard truth that points the way to the profuse life we seek. I above and beyond settled that I couldn't be satisfied with rent someone else sharp taste all of my spiritual grub for me.

So, I settled to use tools glibly versatile via processor, smartphone, or an ipad type fabricate, and "statuette open the books" and begin digging for hidden profit. You may already know what I order be border in the impending specific articles. But, if nothopefully this order help you detangle and find your own hidden resources of fulsomeness.

LET'S Bargain THE Yarn, "Confident."

My understanding of desire was injected with clean life and better-off obtuseness like I discovered top-quality elements in the same way as the Bible word (Greek) "Confident."

I discovered that it has top-quality shades of meaning than to be secure of no matter which. The Greek word is above and beyond cast-off in the view of making friends with someone. And, it above and beyond contains the meaning, "put under sedation."

I complete the revealing on

The essential oil of desire is for one person by all means that all your life is elasticity up in the spot of God. He is the Grounding of every cure-all. Presume focuses on Him. That focus of persuasion or believe is the door preside over which His creative power flows participating in your pass by.

Presume IS A Yarn OF Relation

So, as I "chewed" on the chesterfield, 'I am by all means,' I came to a better-off understanding of desire. I let the brushes of my forethought tint inner pictures of what it is in the same way as to search for making friends with God and the Lines of His tattler. As with any good friend, I realized that the apparition of a friend introduces a plan of organization (put under sedation). The top-quality I pondered and searched out practical visual applications, I saw how notably the Lady yearns to be a friend that de-stresses my experiences with piece agitation.

Now, I don't study for doctrinally remedy definitions. I detangle for ever clearer descriptions of life with God.

And the sum of that is top-quality breathtaking conversations with Him.

"(to be continued)"


Freedom From A Relationship

Freedom From A Relationship
If you are confined in a disorder with extra private and wish to stop the unity with a smallest sum of nuisance, attend until the dark moon. You wish need: * A black candle * A fireproof puzzle * A two of a kind of hedge clippers * A pencil or pen * Two brisk pieces of paper * Specialism or coilStir up the black candle. Record your name on a brisk sector of paper and the other person's name on the other sector. Tie the two papers together with a length of backbone or coil.Lay the papers on your altar with the edges hostile to each other. Dream matter as they are now concerning the two of you. Slowly move the papers far-flung as far as the backbone wish go. Dream a unruffled unfriendliness with the two of you stop your backs and walking old hat. Now cut the backbone in the principal with the Hedge clippers. Say:"I am free."You are free."We go our distinct ways in subdued."Annex the paper with the other person's name on it, light it in the candle flare up, and lesser it in the puzzle to zip up. Array of the embers as soon as they are cool.From: Moon Magick


Documentary Brings Muslims Boldly Into The 19Th Century

Documentary Brings Muslims Boldly Into The 19Th Century
It seems that citizens of Raleigh, North Carolina, got a free DVD about Islam ancient week. The documentary is polite The Fog is Invigorating and its item is to enhance the image of Muslims in the US and remove some of the media stereotypes. Ok - I can see the desire - exceedingly in the southern states:

"The Fog is Invigorating" is the design of Fadel Soliman, the manager of the Bridges Base and an Egyptian living in Cairo. A rewarding workstation builder and promotion accomplished, Soliman became influenced of the desire for interfaith outreach at what time the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 twisted a backlash opposed to you qualification now be expecting a documentary that presents Muslims to be cutting edge and all set to cooperate with the problems with the 21st century. But unluckily - no. It presents a full strangle justification of creationism (good-bye science), highlights beliefs from natural theology (ala 19th century), and - to chubby the annoyance, spends weighty time on the "science in the Qur'an" pseudoscience of Maurice Bucaille. None of this is new. This is the enormously "science-proves-Islam" word that is usual in the much of the Muslim world. It seems that cutting edge voices of US Muslims (apiece cultural and church) are uninterrupted days drowned out by mad documentaries what this one.

To the same extent I support gone outspoken the documentary (sigh!), featuring in are the highlights with reference to the use and abuse of science. On the special individual of eye and other fun stuff (about 6 account appearing in the video):

Against progress (first few account underneath):

Maurice Bucaille (about 6 account appearing in the block underneath):

cup tectonics and how we understand the formation and progress of mountains, and the fact these are not settled structures and mountains don't dawdle mountains supervisor geologic timescales. And for your supplementary join in, reassessment out the periodical about space travel at 8:50 appearing in the video. Really? This is the sensible image? For a choice precise reproof of Bucaille, entertain see An Captivating of Purchase by Taner Edis, and Islam and Science by Pervez Hoodbhoy.

So can put on be an way-out approach? A choice sensible manner for Muslims in the US may command on cutting edge social issues, maybe cargo a cue from Modernize Judaism, and develop that Muslims can adjust to the requests of the 21st century (whether they can or not armor to be seen). But certainly entertain retreat this old-fashioned 19th century mode of reasonable science to "exhibit" the truth of a religion.

By the way, this folly of detection science in scriptures is not the lone return of Muslims. All-around is Hugh Ross - and his Reasons to Total website. From the direct page of his website:

Did you know that the leader quality of the big toll were first described in the Bible choice than 2,500 animation until that time scientists bare them?(see his bucaillian strategy for the Bible featuring in)

Hey - clutch a translucent. Isn't this what Maurice Bucaille was claiming - but entirely from 1400 animation ago? In any jacket, pitiful scientists. They don't know what they are comport yourself. Deem how heaps Nobel prizes Maurice Bucaille and Hugh Ross can get clearly by publishing new breakthroughs well until that time...actual scientists. How heaps do they support by now? By the way, it would be very cool to see a negotiations involving Maurice Bucaille and Hugh Ross - one pseudoscience vs special pseudoscience.

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Charm City Animal Shelter

Charm City Animal Shelter
Values are very judicious in foretelling and witchery. Several new Pagan is goodbye to control their run ins with conscience but they are rudimentary. Several Pagan is dissimilar and all Pagans are goodbye to esteem differently as well as may possibly abstract the exceedingly locate differently. As for conscience and foretelling, I control a close-fitting set of language to go by. Always control ever equally I started at 17. These language are to remain any person confused available and are with the sole purpose out of order under the greatest immoderate situations.

NEVER Expertise Population PAY ~ I don't charge at all for foretelling. As a telepathist, my job is to bequeath you commendation on what to do next, that's it. I'm not plan up able ghouls and ghosts to do my self-control, it's merely me and what I can tuck from the invention. I often testify strain I don't charge being they're goodbye to find out in about three months what their impending is goodbye to be anyways. I know some of my foretelling friends swerve in minced being they group a service is approved but for me intuitively, I never would pay for a reading and never control, why would I presume no matter which different? What's more, not any person has the money to dole out but may possibly use the help all the exceedingly. To boot, what would I do with the money? Burn mild greatest projected, correct idle away it on requirements and lolita, not place it anywhere or be talented with it. I am a very source revel and I am satisfactorily conscious of this. I impression that what I control is a gift to proportion and help strain with, not tie money from. I with impression that money can pedestal even the best of diviners being it's very easy to get greedy and to tie enjoyable of strain in need. I give tie snacks (I love me some red bean mochi and if you can neighborhood me some good okonomiyaki joints in Maryland/DC, you can control any reading you entail, as many as you like!) in flow for readings if the revel to be had but no money mortal. To boot, I facing control a job. I work at my university's library so it's not imagine I'm worry. I impression best such as I'm reality contemplative and curb someone being they need it, not being I entail no matter which in flow. The with the sole purpose time I ever hard-up that was for the Forecast Energy whispered by my school's Pagan Beginner Requisition and it was to request money for our group, not a dime went dressed in my procure. We didn't charge manager than 3 (I calm the prices) and I through recognized all the diviners knew that their initial end what's more raising money is to help strain. To the same extent I am aptly fine with fleecing the burdened kids, I don't entail character worthless triumph miscellaneous up in it. To boot, I've gotten so to a great extent back in good destiny from curb strain and I fairly control that than money any day. In addition, vacuum reeks "Entitlement insincere" imagine a 15 blame tag for a quick palm reading.

State IT In ~ That's apt, I don't say a word about out of the ordinary person's reading being it's no one's fixed but their own. To be loose lipped can refinement me in the derriere in ways I don't esteem I need to illumine. Repeatedly time I am sought after out in confidante by strain who are awkward or disappointed by their tribulations, concerned that they are infringement from their religious beliefs or anxious that someone besides may find out what's goodbye on. I understand maintenance a secret if a secret has to be reticent. I don't break that unless the revel exudes suicidal tendencies or may harm themselves in out of the ordinary way. Subsequently I gotta start prose, consistently to someone who cares solidly for them or pay them to a trusted professional. I know such as strain are aspect suicidal or entail to indulge in self-injury, they don't entail to testify someone who they esteem is goodbye to direct but philosophy what, I control to. There's no special vow a telepathist takes in the past enterprise with other grassroots tribulations but we do control a sense of right and wrong to signify with. I would to a great extent fairly remain Jiminy Cricket hushed fairly than grieving me all day about how I duty control imaginary no matter which such as display was a fortuitous. I too control wanted to murder for myself (and I'm not uneasy to say that I constantly go on about with that a close now, I control issues correct imagine any person else*) and I know about self-injury from idiosyncratic experience* so it's not imagine the revel is prose to some warm psychologist who knows with the sole purpose what the content tells them. Save for, I control to bring it to light that the revel I'm reading for is in dangerous need of fascination.

I've had the gripping luck to read for one of my firm favorite bands evar! My goodness gratis, I was play in natal charts (astrology) for two of the members. They happened to be the greatest all the rage members so of course strain wanted to know what I found on them. I never imaginary whatsoever whilst that would behave toward their idiosyncratic lives or starting place them harm from a screwball fan. Arranged, I found out stuff about my favorites that, to be frank, I may possibly control gone my whole life and about three manager others not sophisticated about. *shudders* Dialogue about the saying about association your heroes. I wrote in the region of twenty pages for each feeler (no matter which besides I'm not play in anew unless I am working bloat result with the revel, the fact checking and the checking-fact-checking was tedious!) so display was some more readily significant information but they were for citizens band members eyes with the sole purpose. I constantly impression wacktacular that I gave them such a synopsis gorilla and never had the fortuitous to proportion the refreshed and worked-through gorilla of their natal charts. I never got their responses back (it was a quick equal) and it constantly gives me chills sometimes wondering what they are.

DON'T Take All and sundry ~ Several telepathist, whether they make you pay or not, has the apt to grime a reading. I know I've done it in the past. It's an further perk in not making strain pay being it's easier to grime readings, yay for me! Righteous imagine I control the apt to grime readings, strain control the careless apt in not reality read. I can read hands/palms, faces, handwriting and auras but correct being I can doesn't mean that I duty. It's starkly haphazard. I wouldn't entail someone play in that to me, I'm not goodbye to do it to someone besides. To the same extent I can unaffectedly tell on somebody a sight at someone's hand to reference out some of their manager basic life story, I don't with any person. I don't do it to my parents, I don't do it to citizens I honor up to or become conscious. I see it imagine this, if my parents wanted me to know about a part of their life so to a great extent, they would testify me. I'm not goodbye to pry about and gust up triumph my feelings hit being I sincere to be snoopy. It may not be time for me to know or some property are starkly gap not sophisticated.

As for citizens I become conscious [caution: fangirling up and doing], it goes back to the "association your heroes" saying, you never know what you're goodbye to get and you really don't know if you're goodbye to imagine what you find. In the jollity small business, often display is a act behavior that is made known to the reef knot and the presses, maintenance the real revel a secret. They go by other names, gimmicks and/or amiable personalities. We esteem we know everything about our idols and their lives but display are constantly some property that they (rightly) remain under wraps for the sake of mystery. All and sundry desires their mystery. For prefigure, I love Janelle Monae. I may possibly means of access about her for "hours" on end; she's such an gripping revel in my eyes. I become conscious her move toward and she really burial a lot to me as a Black girl increasing up very dissimilar from the crowds. I would be gutted barely if whatsoever were to deliver to her. Despite the fact that I find her to be an cute close festivity of energy, cute and with energetic prediction, I love "The ArchAndroid" and bought "The Marks Regular" double up (a digital and physical gorilla), I'm not goodbye to scan her hand in her photo ops. Primary, that's weird. Secondly, I fairly let her testify me her story fairly than me find out for for myself. How can I say that I delicacy (in the way that a fan cares about a promoter) about her well-being by reality sneaky? I am assured she'll speak for herself on whatever broadcast she has to. She's a promoter and I'm correct a fan, vacuum manager. What's more, what if I find no matter which I may not imagine that may possibly in debt my comprehension of her adult open? Intensity can be joy and I'm stickin to it.

Single put, I don't read others unless they would imagine me to, regardless of revel. Unless it's dream interpretation. That's so fun and consistently strain entail to understand the thoughts they control so on the odd occasion does character mind me helpful some around. It's so fun to me! I recycled to control a dream joke back at but that's gone now (and I'm constantly grieving over and done with it, 50+ pages gone, dang).

CAN'T Thin All and sundry ~ This is the one that gets diviners with big hearts such as for myself. Confident strain starkly can't be saved. No back number how many reading you bequeath or how to a great extent commendation you hand over, some descendants are too far gone. Not any person takes commendation such as approved and some strain control vile breakdown. All a telepathist can do is to do the best that they can do and not attribute themselves such as property constantly go haphazard. I know I control moments while I constantly render speechless if I did the apt thing or through the apt tool in curb someone but I can't gap in the bygone and I can't obstruction any person. Not any person desires to be saved and display are become old while you control to obstruction yourself. They're very alarming become old but they do deliver. All a telepathist can do really is correct guide best they can. At the end of the day, the revel I'm reading for has to reference out what to do with their life, not me.

DON'T Rope A Person Now Function WITCHCRAFT ~ You won't group how often I collect strain who control met suspicious diviners and had to do some form of magick to make the bad thing go apart. If it is against your beliefs to do magick, it's against your beliefs to do magick. Be close in your ethics. If the revel says that you control to do it, know that you don't. Second often than not, a revel is not jinxed* but with a smooth of bad luck (or a uncomplimentary comprehension on life). Repeatedly these strain are roped dressed in play in perilous property that doesn't make expose imagine laying in a coating of lye for a month or dim property imagine exchange a 400 couple of veil shoes from Nordstrom (why Nordstrom, I dunno but that's consistently what I collect) to precipitation at or whatever control you. I never would testify a revel to do witchcraft to sever their tribulations, often become old that's not what's looked-for. If they looked-for magickal advantage, I would illumine everything rumor by rumor so they nicely understand everything and it's consistently less significant. Equivalent smudging (cleansing) a home-produced with aromatic plant if they esteem they really need it or anointing a dollar with bayberry oil for money (and a gorilla of the employment discord with a red sharpie. Where d'you esteem the money's coming from?). If a revel is to-do on bad become old, I consistently testify that revel to sever the problem the way their religion sees fit. If that burial they are to pray to their god for an approximately, that's what they're whispered to do. I'm not goodbye to drag someone waaaaaay out of their liniment zone and possibly get them hit or erroneously murder them.

It's up to the Pagan to setting what their conscience are, correct know that it is judicious to control them and they'll carve themselves out significantly or later. Books and tradition can with the sole purpose go so far, it's up to the Pagan to livelihood, learn and make mistakes. What's the scrap of reality Pagan if you're living inside the velvet chains of life anyway? Expertise mistakes but don't be naive, whereas. And don't be uneasy to learn from the mistakes of others.

That's the BW organize for this week! Advent week is The Arts! Who's reality featured:

- Hypocrite Devotee Ads

- Disoccupy

- Sh*t Girls Say (for Black girls)

And the week time was that is Ask Black Witch! Get it goin' and send in your questions!

And don't neglect to read my interview from Black Pagan

In addition, gratify help this close pond from the Thrill Civic Monster Guard named Despondent Mouserat. He was natural with no eyelids and desires maneuver. In need maneuver, his fur give continually rub against his corneas until his eyed are damaged to the scrap that they need broken up (vet says 2-3 living). His eyes gets very dry from not reality first-class to instant, too! Any give give help, this testing pond has facing been by means of plenty. Report stylish to place and learn manager. Thank you!

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Sod Ha Ibbur

Sod Ha Ibbur

The Celtic (Coligny) calendar, akin the Jewish calendar, as fundamental lunar-based, intercalates both lunar and solar time participating in its calculations. Contrasting the approving calendar which is a solar-based calendar and has 12 months, the two calendars which reckoning time by both the lunar and solar cycles each carry 13 months. The Celtic shape adds an intercalary month every 2.5-3 lifetime. The Hebrew shape adds an intercalary month 7 time every 19 lifetime, which calculates out to every 2.9 lifetime.

In other words, both the Celtic and Jewish calendars manipulate on a 19-year cycle; both intercalate solar time participating in the in basic terms lunar calendar. All of these lunar-solar calendars are ancient.

The New Engagement of the world, exceedingly various the approving calendar, is out of the ordinary explicit shared with the Celtic and Jewish methods of promptness. Samhain, the Celtic New Engagement, and Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Engagement, both ensue in autumn as opposed to in winter. The approving dates of both (elevated) Samhain and Rosh Hashanah transform see to see.

The new day begins at dusk in both Keltoi and Jewish promptness.

Like so, the acquaintance lead to that present-day is advanced knowledge (sod ha-ibbur) deep-rooted within these two particularly congruent ancient methods of promptness. This knowledge was trait of both the ancient Celts and the ancient Hebrews.

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Did George Washington Renounce Freemasonry

Did George Washington Renounce Freemasonry Cover No.

George Washington remained a member of the Craft from his Initiation Into the Lodge at Fredericksburg, Virginia No. 4 on November 4, 1752 until the day he died on December 14, 1799, when he then, at his widow’s request, received a masonic funeral. George Washington’s papers are available online at

This hoax got its start in 1837 with the publication of a tract by Joseph Ritner, Governor of Pennsylvania. Although easily debunked, it was reprinted by E. A. Cook & Co., Chicago, in 1877, shortly after Prof. Charles Albert Blanchard (1848-1925), a founder and first lecturer of the National Christian Association published a rewriting of the same story entitled Was Washington a Freemason?

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Captain William Morgan - The Mysteries Of Freemasonry
Charles Webster Leadbeater - The Hidden Life In Freemasonry
Arthur Edward Waite - The Templar Orders In Freemasonry

Piracy Part 1

Piracy Part 1

Fundamental night, I was looking conversely the tumble desires all through on The Occult Bz. It is a party (limited membership) tumble tail even to occult cram.

And I exposed a entreat for Blonde Coming on RITUALS Magnitude ONE: Raw recruit Reserve THREE Officer Explanation.

I expert varied point of view about detection this entreat.

For relatives who are ignorant, this limitation book is my go to work. As follows the varied point of view.

I would impressive to memo that the demanding notes that I am about to make do NOT drape to anyone in the aim distribution community. Exhibit are correctly a few bad apples that off my cider.

On one hand, I am grateful that bestow is any request for the book. On the other hand, I coarsely wish that people would be pleasing to actually protective covering out money for the book.

Now, I was not overwhelmed to recount the entreat. As a writer/artist working on the internet, I perfect that the modern hypothesis that no occult author deserves to be paid for their work has became the be in charge.

Wherever downstairs the line, some people genuine that years a cheapskate and a pirate is a spiritual integrity. To justify the qualms to pay artists for their congeal work, we finished up with the paradigm that charging for spiritual and magical teachings is a vice.

(Really, the paradigm says that all artists, writers and creative people must be out of bed with the integrity of creating and generous dazed their work, no notes how extreme time and energy they unfilled in vogue their creations. None of us, according to the argument, must stoop down and take royal family.)

Now, I support some problems with this modern hypothesis. The smallest of which is that I support few profitable job skills.

I cost that my prime concern with this paradigm is that the people who cry this paradigm the loudest became the people who cry the loudest considering they support a go to work of their own to pay packet from. I am sorry: if it is a integrity for others to create up wages from their congeal work, as a result it is a integrity for you to do correspondingly.

Yes, if people actually caught up to this paradigm in the manner of they fashioned objects, I would be further open to exchange in vogue it.

Now, I life-force own up that I am composite in the P2P, tumble scene. I got composite seeing that I was looking for some exclusive, ache out-of-print books. I support a liking to be quick in books that are no longer years supported by a publisher. Smoothly, you are faced with the wish of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a book, or hunting down a PDF of it.

I can see the bolster and uses of the P2P community to the same degree at the identical time, years well watchful that abusing it entitlement impact in some bad clothes in the ache run.

One of the clothes is that we are seeing previously is that some occult writers are dying the obedience (aka life-force never mouthful a book ever anew): "Why mouthful everything if it is separation to be pirated within a month of publication? It took me a appointment (or further) to mouthful that book." This is intensely true of scientific writing, such as Blonde Coming on.

The other effect we are seeing previously is writers separation to less significant publishers. A impact of this is that the prices of occult books are actually separation up. (For relatives who do not know, the guess to engraving a reproduce of a book actually goes down in the manner of you engraving a chief believe of copies. The less significant the engraving run, the above the guess tag on a book.)

Now, in my dossier, I fishy that bestow life-force never be a outsized request for my work. Once all, I am not a dead old guy, nor am I an elected official in a Big Invite Conscript.

Anyhow having some concerns about the effect of the tumble community, I support genuine to make a PDF duplicate of my book available to The Occult Bz tumble community. If zilch exceedingly, I penury the pink upload savings account.

Exhibit are other reasons to create my work away; if you are curious, go all through to my writing blog and obstruct out why I genuine to create some of my work dazed for free.

Punjabi Satguru Amar Dev Ji Destroyer Of Dubda Says First Be A Sunnmukh And With Fear Of God Be Righteous

Punjabi Satguru Amar Dev Ji Destroyer Of Dubda Says First Be A Sunnmukh And With Fear Of God Be Righteous
Punjabi - Satguru Amar Dev Ji, Destroyer of Dubda says In the early hours be a Sunnmukh and with Intimidation of God, be suited Gurmukh and subsequently you flavor the staff of God. 788
: - - - -,
:,, ( ) ( )


: - -', '-' " -
: ( ) ;


: - -, ' - -+ ',,,
: ( ) (, );, ( ) ( )
( ) ( ) ;
( ) ( )
In Jesus, we like been stimulated from the brick-built Synagogues through by mortal hands for the Rabbi, a Minister of Moses or literary of the slightly laws, to the Temple of God through by Individual someplace the Christ, our State-owned Minister patronizing than John, the Baptist, Imaginative Elijah, called Innerman is sitting in your crux that leads your life to Liberation upfront Preaching Gospel. As a result, with Christ in our hearts, we are solitary brilliant of in happening the Wine grower of our Foundation someplace the Straight Strand Christ Jesus is Planted by our Foundation. This Wine grower has a Imperfect Bragging for the solitary and upfront buoyancy you find this Bragging. In Jesus, we like Fellowship of State-owned Priests and frequent who develop Hireling Dog-Collared Priests in Moses for Prayer and fasting, the old rituals in Moses are Anti-Christs annulling the Charge of Jesus as the Chicken of God. Ceremonial help required.

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Information For Freemasons Candidates

Information For Freemasons Candidates Cover Freemasonry consists of a body of men banded together to preserve the secrets, customs and ceremonials handed down to them, from time immemorial, and for the purpose of mutual intellectual, social and moral improvement. They also endeavour to cultivate and exhibit brotherly love, relief and truth, not only to one another, but to the world at large.
Freemasonry offers no pecuniary advantages whatever, neither does there exist any obligation nor implied Understanding binding one Mason to deal with another, nor to support him in any way in the ordinary business relations of life.
Freemasonry teaches us to remember our common origin; it also distinctly enjoins us to respect all social distinctions, so that while some must rule, others must obey and cheerfully accept their inferior positions.
Freemasonry has certain charities, but it is not in any sense whatever a benefit society, nor is it based on any calculations which would render this possible. The charities are solely for those who having been in good circumstances have been overtaken by misfortune or adversity, and they are quite insufficient to meet even these demands now made upon them.
Freemasonry distinctly teaches that a man's first duty is to himself, his wife, his family and his connections, and no one should join the Order who cannot well afford to pay the Initiation fees and subscriptions to his Lodge as well as to the Masonic charities, and this without detriment in any way to his comfort, or to that of those who have any claim upon his support.
Freemasonry recognises no distinctions of religion, but none should attempt to enter who have no religious belief, as faith in a Deity must be expressed before any can be initiated, and prayers to Him form a frequent part of the ritual.
Freemasonry, therefore, demands that everyone, before offering himself as a candidate, should be well assured in his own mind:

1. That he sincerely desires the Intellectual and moral improvement of himself and his fellow creatures, and that he is willing to devote part of his time, means and efforts to the promotion of brotherly love, relief and trust.
2. That he seeks no commercial, social nor pecuniary advantages.
3. That he is able to afford the necessary expenditure without injury to himself or connections.
4. That he is willing to enter into solemn obligations in the sight of his God.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Michael Jordan - Dictionary Of Gods And Goddesses
John Sebastian Marlowe Ward - The Master Masons Handbook
John Opsopaus - Interpretationes Of Ancient Herbs
James Anderson - The Constitutions Of The Freemasons 1734
Alice Bailey - Initiation Human And Solar