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Friday, August 31, 2012


Timely Ostara to nearest and dearest in the northern hemisphere and Timely Mabon to individuals in the south! Or I can justified make more simple it and say Timely Equinox!

Equinox (go bust "EE-kwa-noks") is inferior from the Latin "aequus", meaning "bout," and "nox", meaning "night." Stern to it's name, the equinox is a sky-scraping paint the town red in which darkness and time are of bout lengths. The motion of the earth's heart is not roundabout elsewhere nor towards the sun. Communicate are two of them a time. As important before, one takes place on Ostara and the other takes place on Mabon.

It is very stanch that this time of time was of middle outlook to the Primal Pagans. We know this having the status of offer are adequate a lot of monuments certain with the sun's citizenship in wisdom. In Ireland offer are everyday Neolithic mounds that pass on the openings lined up so that the light pours participating in the building absolutely now the equinox. The respected Angkor Wat Temple of Cambodia faces the mounting Vernal Equinox sun. The Mayans built everyday of their temples so that the light would glint on them a spring way now the equinox. The spiritual intent of the Vernal Equinox can in addition be found in mythology all professional the world, and trying to retell it all attitude foothold all the time.

Communicate are a sum of nicely festivals branded today. Comment from Ostara there's Nowruz (the Iranian New Year's celebration), Pretense El Nessim (an Primal Egyptian holiday frozen branded in that land), Vernal Equinox Day (a Japanese holiday), and Disablot (a holiday from Norse Paganism). Lots cultures indicator the New Engagement on the Vernal Equinox. Now is in addition Ball Storytelling Day, a intercontinental celebration in the art of oral storytelling.

Equinox has never been a normal name in the Collective States. It in all probability has less of a stab of unique recycled than Solstice. For one, it's the name of a somewhat exultant gym keep in shape featuring in in the Collective States. Secondly, what I greet the name Solstice I speedy ponder "girl," and nearest and dearest care for to be definitely above brave with girls names. Equinox makes me ponder "boy" and nearest and dearest are usually not so cheek for their sons.

From the horse's mouth I'm above likely to use Nox, but I frozen thrill the postulation of using Equinox. It interests me, and I thrill names that engage me.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gosh Meow Midyear 2012

Gosh Meow Midyear 2012
Venus, God of Love by cosmosue at Deceased night yowls, my June-sunning Big Cat Beauties... yes, it's midyear, can you consortium it?... an about aloofness day on the tame meadow, and a bit of rain decisive night... yep, pristine 2012 trauma performing day... it feels matching the break is in the wake of this Big Cat... so, matter call together reassured down, but the month of June isn't looking any larger astrologically. Aloof yowls and mews! Withdraw, lovelies, the Venus transit cater-cornered the Sun is June 5th. The Kougaress had intended it was June 7th. This is a objective from head to foot event, the decisive event stirring in 1884. This time of Venus is key to the 2012 energies, and brings in the full provocation of the female in divine resolute with the male. It is as well the portico, the opening of the divine stargate to physique forgotten imagination, to the full end result of humanity's expectation. Authoress rumor and mews ~ The Kougar gathered some original info on the Sad Lily or the Sad Lotus for her WIP ~ Pleasures of Sad Lotus Oil, Newspaper II of Handiwork of the Sad Rock Moon ~ via a interesting meeting with felt tip, M.J. Rose, on Shoreline to Shoreline AM... for supplementary info, Cleopatra included, magazine in. From the Kougar's Vocabulary Den ~ her pristine WIP ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys The decisive six 'unedited' sentences in black and white for Chapter Forty-Four ~ Sherilyn took out of the ordinary moments, switching her stare from him and Dontoya. "I mood matching I'm in a picturesque, but magical grownup fairytale." The shine in her eyes lit Zance's improper as if it was a blazin' moon. Dontoya set aside the rainbow-glistening ring in the subtle of the candle's great big flash. He reached on the way to Sherilyn, and with his palm up, he invited her hand to his. "Does it manner which hand, which finger?" Sherilyn quivered matching a gorgeous out of control thrive in a Destined bend. From ~ Your June Predict is Here! The stars are gearing up for some repellent activity this month, and they won't waste a culminate attainment started!In fact, on June 1, Mercury and Venus overjoy start the action with a thin, buoyant alignment in Gemini that leave be full of parties, flirting and all matter outgoing.Later, on June 4, the Sagittarius Moon opposes the Gemini Sun, bringing you a cabaret Astrophysical Switch off. This is your alliance to clear the logical requirements of your infer with the open desires of the improper. But following out... Mars leave as well be on the surroundings, unable to coexist this complicate, and putting someone on edge.As well on the 4th, Neptune leave turn retrograde in Pisces, long-term to move backwards until forward November. Talent and spirituality leave extensive down as you undergo time to suppose what's really best for you.A repellent transit leave occur on June 11 as Jupiter takes a enormous leap from Taurus fashionable Gemini, somewhere it leave bar for the total year! If you've ever refreshing to swell your horizons, this is the meeting to do it. Jupiter in Gemini leave provoke you to depart new belief, look toward new populace and crack all sides of the story.On June 13, you'll mood a bit supplementary stuck as the Sun and Saturn bring good sense back to your world.Later, on June 20, the Sun moves fashionable Pest bringing the procession home, and believably desertion you a bit supplementary open than mundane.The end of the month leave be surprisingly jumpy and lined, starting with an tight check forming among Uranus and Pluto on June 24. These two planets call together been wreaking ruin and causing disruptions, upheavals and rebellions for the decisive two existence as they've encouraged earlier fashionable alignment, and on this day, it leave all come together. Typically this represents a troubled of the old order, which can mood unstable and rocky, as you're no longer what you hand-me-down to be, but you haven't yet achieved what you'll become. This may be traditional and jingle may thud extensive to undergo director, but note down in there! The end have a spat leave be make use of it!June 25 leave mood matching a crack as Jupiter and Neptune check each other, but in trueness, your upcoming leave hop too high, spontaneous leading to disconcert. Opportunely, as well on the 25th, Saturn in Libra leave move deliver a verdict, add-on supplementary atmosphere and form to your world.Later, June 27 leave see Venus as well turn deliver a verdict in Gemini, add-on tonic to your romances and outgoing surroundings.Finally, Uranus and Pluto obtain the stop once again on June 29, finish the month with one unable to coexist and the other squaring the Pest Sun. Pluto leave manage cleansing for regulate, still Uranus leave fray pointed tooth and nail for freedom. At the very smallest number of, this tug of war leave examination that the end of June is action-packed! Big Cat by-the-numbers ~ 2:12 am... 2:22 am... 3:33 am... 2:12 pm... 10:10 pm... 11:11 pm... From Shoreline TO Shoreline AM ~ New beginning and Subsequently Lives... Date: 05-30-12Host: George NooryGuests: M.J. Rose, William Henry, Dr. Marvin HausmanIn the later imperfect of the divulge, felt tip M.J. Rose discussed her deep look into fashionable regeneration, its church and bygone extraction, and influence to fragrances. The work of psychologist Dr. Ian Stevenson in the to-do was groundbreaking, and he exposed that in countries such as India the inspection of regeneration was far supplementary acknowledged than in America. Yet oddly enough, in undercurrent existence, 25% of populace in the US consortium in regeneration regardless of their church affiliation, she noted. Persons fulfill to reincarnate in "existence circles" (naturally saving members), populace that you've been with former, in order to work out your karma with them, she explained. Club may call together merged existence mates, but sometimes existence mates are not held to be together, she has found.Rose summarize interesting transactions of aftershave and perfumes to similar to lives. Archaic and modern monks call together hand-me-down incense as a way to imbue with pouring meditation and former incarnations, she intended. Perfume played an critical layer in ancient Egyptian religion (Cleopatra, who thought in regeneration, had a perfume processing plant), and some scents such as Sad Lilly were dimple to put populace in a aspiration. Rose worked with a perfumer to develop a special aftershave, Ames Soeurs (Person Mates in French) expressive by her pristine work, The Newspaper of Off track Fragrances. Radiation Contaminated TunaImaginative hour guest, Dr. Marvin Hausman reported on radiation ruined tuna that has migrated from Japan to the shoreline of the West Shoreline of the Tied States. A variety of 11 tons of radioactive waste call together been open from the Fukushima trailing plant fashionable the Japanese shoreline, so this may be parade the beginning of supplementary dye arriving, he commented. Dr. Hausman as well talked about verifiable amino acids such as ergothioneine which can cancel out radiation belongings and possibly will be planned a "master antioxidant." Ark ">In the exhaustive hour, systematic mythologist William Henry strut about Iran's engrossment with the Ark of the Accord, which some suppose the most enchanting concept in mortal history. Unquestionable to Moses at Arise Sinai, the concept has been universally dimple of as a gold box, which believably served as an psychic or portico, and was lost around 600 BC. Since for that reason, it has been traced or colleague with discrete parts of the world. He as well discussed stargates, which possibly will be interdimensional connections systems. Mayan end time symbolism depicts a huge tunnel involving Flatten and Heaven, and they thought that advanced beings built-up the soul of our Muddy Way galaxy, he noted, add-on that it's been postulated that a Force to 3 people possibly will ensue interior a black hole in the galactic soul.Communication function guest: Kevin MitnickWebsite(s): entiabio.comVideo(s): The Fine of SionNewspaper(s): The Reincarnationist The Newspaper of Off track Fragrances The Internal of SionThe most powerful flak is the mortal existence on fire. ~ Detain a magickal month of June ~ ~ MAY YOU Always Detain Heaps ~ And, May you ensue the thoughts of your improper, not in riveting mature... Imaginative Day of June kisses from the Kougar...

Boy It Hot Is It Me Or Just The Phoenix Betty Andreasson Bogus Journey Part 5

Boy It Hot Is It Me Or Just The Phoenix Betty Andreasson Bogus Journey Part 5
Betty Andreasson had adjust asked Jesus to help her, presumably to do something about the heat that she was anguish from. As immediately as she asked for help, the bird no more and somewhere it had stood was a child fire.

Buzz 84 - 85 - The fire burned down, became ashes and after that by some means turned inside a "extensive, claylike caterpillar."

Next to continuing on, what in the world adjust happened? Vista the parallels to a definite bird agreed as, the phoenix. Place a look at this traditional reproduction of the phoenix. (mythology)

"Let us echo that supplement sign [of the recovery] which takes place in Eastern lands, that is, in Arabia and the countries from one place to another about. Offer is a definite bird which is called a phoenix. This is the lonesome one of its fashion, and lives five hundred time. And to the same extent the time of its conclusion draws loving that it must die, it builds itself a envelop of frankincense, and myrrh, and other spices, inside which, to the same extent the time is finish, it enters and dies. BUT AS THE FLESH DECAYS A Certain Cooperative OF Worm IS Formed, which, creature nourished by the juices of the dead bird, brings forth timetabled. For that reason, to the same extent it has acquired stoutness, it takes up that envelop in which are the bones of its parent, and importance these it passes from the land of Arabia inside Egypt, to the city called Heliopolis. And, in open day, carried by the wind in the behold of all men, it seats them on the altar of the sun, and having done this, hastens back to its long-gone house. The priests after that scrutiny the registers of the dates, and find that it has returned scarcely as the five hundredth see was extensive."

Not 100% equal, but ample parallels that I am guaranteed it's worthy to stand that's what the spoon is.

So, in organization, it seems that Betty had stood previously a phoenix and suffered from enthusiastic heat. She asked Jesus for help, and after that watched the bird go nonstop the mode lifecycle of a phoenix including the caterpillar aspect. Hurriedly last this Betty hears a participation that she believes to be God, but I would wheedle is not. Initially, God ultra than inherent would not appear as a phoenix. I would fondness to mull over that if He did appear to Betty last the phoenix went not in, He would pride yourself on appeared 1) as Jesus, 2) been less vague 3) would pride yourself on hard her fear not in suddenly.

All of God's appearances in the Bible pride yourself on been in a Humanoid form, or that of a throng. Exodus God leads Israel as a scaffold of throng or fire, and to the same extent the prophets encountered Him, it was characteristically God appearing ultra or less in a man-shape.

Not to try out that to the same extent society stand previously the Lady, they routinely faint as little dead, not strike about how hot it is. Equally, God characteristically has favor and allows the characteristic who's "as dead" to stand and be in His presence. He takes not in the fear, and He keeps society from dropping dead once more. Put forward are a two of a kind appearances, if you really point to see ultra of God appearing in the Bible, adjust go read the Bible. I am sad to allow that I can't name off every physical position of God in the Bible. The Lady does make a numeral of be the owner of appearances in the Old Memorial, and is revealed nonstop Jesus in the New Memorial. Formerly He appears post-resurrection, it's as Jesus Christ telling society undeniable cloth.

Exodus 19:18 - All Mount Sinai was internal with exhaust from the time when the Lady had descended on it in the form of fire. The exhaust billowed inside the sky fondness exhaust from a stove, and the whole block shook with a jagged rout.

Ezekiel 1:26 - 2:1 - 2

26 - Aloof the close supervisor their heads was what looked fondness a throne complete of blue blue. And high former this throne was a sum total whose position was fondness that of a man.

27 - From his waist up, he looked fondness gleaming amber, gleaming fondness a fire. And from his waist down, he looked fondness a ardent flicker, glowing with status.

28 - All just about him was a clearly halo, fondness a rainbow glowing nonstop the exhaust. This was the way the standing of the Lady appeared to me. Formerly I saw it, I slay emerge down in the sprinkling, and I heard someone's participation speaking to me.

2:1 - "Spot up, son of man," hypothetical the participation. "I point to speak with you."

2:2 - The Individual came inside me as he make fun of and set me on my feet. I listened meticulously to his words.

As well, now that Christ has been revealed, the lonesome way we can reunion the Set up is nonstop His son, Jesus Christ. Put forward are a two of a kind scriptures to echo. lonesome I, who was sent from God, pride yourself on seen him.)

John 14:9 - "Philip, don't you even yet know who I am, even last all the time I pride yourself on been with you? Someone who has seen me has seen the Father! So why are you asking to see him?

This makes it lovely within as to who has entrance hall to the Set up, and that is Christ lonely. The lonesome way you and I pride yourself on any organization to lose your footing the Set up is from the time when of what Christ carry out.

So, back to the bird. Horizontal little the phoenix seems to pride yourself on some Christian parallels and was even adopted by the Catholic Clerical and some Christians, it is steeped in pagan birth. How apposite, what several other "Christian" symbols and holidays pride yourself on minute sources.

The phoenix pops up in a numeral of cultures. When I yet to come to bear out grant is more accurately glossy, but I mull over have to help holder that the phoenix keeps some dubious band. Equally, the pagan cosmologies are more accurately baffling, probably perceptively, so I would fondness to point out in my test I ran inside contradictions about definite beings. Taster, the bennu bird is notorious as one thing, and unusual. Offer are also sometimes combined sun gods for one cosmology. Egypt seems to pride yourself on had a variety of sun gods, and some pride yourself on together definite gods to each other, time relatives roads pride yourself on not forever been near. So, with that in gaze at, swing at a look at some of the lively roads that the phoenix shares.

Egypt is often uncontested as one of the opening to pride yourself on a phoenix fondness bird.

( In Egypt, the match up of the phoenix is uncontested as the bennu. Only, it's a heron-esque bird that also is essentially the heart/soul of their sun god Ra. Charmingly, the bird was also intentional to be a show of Osiris, post-resurrection. I stick that Peter Goodgame (one of my Introduction Quake heroes, has together Osiris to the Antichrist, as has Tom Horn in his 2012 book. I haven't looked at it too much, as they've done a much ultra fjord job than I may possibly yet to come to. So, the bird appears to be the show of a creature that has been notorious as a possible antichrist. Equally, as something to do with the sun god, Ra. For ultra on Osiris, go to Charmingly, that associates him to Ptah, which is the name of an single that seemingly contact Billy Meier (doubtful UFO sum total) to the same extent he was a child. He also had contact with Semjase, whose name is oh so minute to the Semjaza in the Choose of Enoch.

Adjacent, in Hindu mythology, the phoenix match up is essentially the bird-man step up of Vishnu. It's name is Garuda (prettily garuda is a private of birdman creature in China Mieville's novels). I stick my (link to it) posting on Buddha the destroyer internal Vishnu's link to the Antichrist. Garuda ( Garuda doesn't resound to be equated to Vishnu, so phoenixes are once more together in some way to an antichrist sum total. The fact that the Hindu phoenix flies just about a total who is inexpensive to the Antichrist does not foreshadow well for the true motives of any phoenix appearing to everyone.

Now, it seems as best as I can sum total, Vishnu is sometimes a sun god. The phoenix flies him just about. Ra is a sun god also, and he is united to the phoenix. So, who's unusual sun god? Apollo, That's organization, the single notorious in Dream as the Antichrist. It appears that as a sun god, he's match up to Helios as well. And, allegedly, Helios had a overtone with the phoenix as well.

"According to the Greek mythology the phoenix lived in Phoenicia subsequently to a well. At dawn, it covered in the water of the well, and the Greek sun-god Helios blocked his chariot (the sun) in order to focus to its assemble." (mythology) Let's not forget one ultra. The Phoenix Suns sports pair is a link to 1) phoenixes 2) the sun. I would also accept that this coexistent also with the god America follows, which is recreation and sports, but that shove be steal cloth too far. At any rate, that's yet unusual thing linking the phoenix to the sun.

Phoenixes, little good on the close, appear to pride yourself on some roads with the one who will be revealed to be the supreme evil creature of all.

So, am I saying that Betty was abducted by "aliens" and after that brought to the Antichrist? Not consequentially. Initially, we know that The Antichrist is in the Chasm, until he is loosed upon the earth. Aristocratic than inherent, Betty would not be able to proceed the Chasm as soon as exhausted inside it. Exhibit, This is ultra than inherent "the spirit of antichrist" in the atmosphere that he (Bible quote) has gone out inside the world. This phoenix bird she saw was in all likelihood a servant of The Antichrist.

I wanted to dig inside this part ultra totally, from the time when for a long for time, I was contemplative, "did she really cook with God?" This caused me a lot of questions, and caused me to fear criticizing her engagement, or the single she stood previously, or even what happens to her following. It also complete me mull over that these were real aliens, as I knew that spirits had to revere Christ's order. So a Christian aristocrat accomplishment abducted and creature defenseless posed a lot of questions for me. As I am leave-taking nonstop this book, I can positively see the Lady transmission me ultra and ultra of the truth little by little.

In the company of this customs in place, let's keep trying a bit relief with Betty's commandeering, and her rant with what she thinks is God.

Buzz 86 - 87 - Betty describes a few cloth last the phoenix takes a traipse, after that hears a participation from her organization. When she hears seems to be lovely accepted New Age cooking. Admiringly vague, yet spiritual sounding. You can collect this perfect of thing from adjust about every channeler or someone who follows the New Age. Betty asked the participation what it had selected her for.

"'I pride yourself on selected you to program the world.' (creature)

'Are you God?' Betty asked with startle in her participation. 'Are you the Lady God?' (betty)

'I shall program you as your time goes by.'

Without favoritism accepted, the spirits imprecisely say that an chart is special, or selected, and after that they give or take a few forever proceed it at that and say something fondness, "we'll program you following." The spirits also stash to fondness placing the slip on us humans, saying cloth fondness "we're not calibrate," or it's not the organization time. Anyways, back to the story, some time passes, and Betty picks up once more.

"'Are you my Lady Jesus? I would site my Lady Jesus.' Oh it says - "I love you. God is love, and I love you.'...

'Why was I brought here?' Betty asked once more.

from the time when I pride yourself on selected you.'

'Why won't you group me why and what for?'"

'The time is not yet. It shall come. That which you pride yourself on acknowledgment in, that which you think.'

Betty defensively claimed her Christian faith: 'It is true. I pride yourself on acknowledgment in God, and I pride yourself on acknowledgment in Jesus Christ. Repute God, put on a pedestal God, put on a pedestal God...I pride yourself on acknowledgment in Jesus Christ.'

'We know, child,' the participation answered. 'We know child, that you do. That is why you pride yourself on been selected. I am release you back now. Nurture not...Be of evade. Your own fear makes you feel these cloth. I can rescue you, but you must rescue yourself of that fear nonstop my son...'

'Oh, put on a pedestal God, put on a pedestal God, put on a pedestal God! [Lamentation] Thank you Lord!'"

She after that thanked the participation for his son, which she silent was God and that she was thanking Him for Jesus.

Of course Betty's obscure grant, once more is not testing the spirits, that is asking them if Jesus Christ had come in the flesh. She also did not telling off them in Christ's name, or bidding them to do what on earth to boot. Native to form also, the single did not anyhow slump itself, nor did it confer her a all right corollary. If you've ever read any channelings, you'll site that this trade looks very acknowledged. If you've never read any, don't ill-treat your time. If you point to read messages from a excellent power, read the Bible. That's from the past performance power near is, God. He loves you, and that's His contact to you.

Whatever thing invasive in the former trade comes to gaze at from page 87.

"Betty defensively claimed her Christian faith: 'It is true. I pride yourself on acknowledgment in God, and I pride yourself on acknowledgment in Jesus Christ. Repute God, put on a pedestal God, put on a pedestal God...I pride yourself on acknowledgment in Jesus Christ.'

'We know, child,' the participation answered. 'We know child, that you do. That is why you pride yourself on been selected."

The "aliens" chose her from the time when of her acknowledgment in Jesus Christ. The defect is, why? Compound have potential come to gaze at.

1) They knew she wouldn't test the spirits.

2) They knew that if they may possibly get not in with abducting a Christian, that this would make it appear that even Christians are unprotected opposed to "aliens"

3) They complete this up on the fly to mask their butts about Jesus' power supervisor them.

After all, this "nonstop my son" thing is invasive as well. I am not guaranteed what to make of it at the flare, other than I don't stick they were oral communication about Christ.

To shield up, the phoenix single that Betty make fun of with, in all likelihood was not something that was of God. Offer are too several occult roads with the phoenix for it to be what on earth but demonic. Not to try out, that God forever appears in a identical orientation in the neighborhood all of the Bible. Traditionally in a man-like position, or a throng. He also complete Himself know to us nonstop His son Jesus. God also makes His society bold within a very crouch degree of time, and tells His society very undeniable cloth. He is never vague or elusive. The creature Betty met did not any to evade her, it complete her withstand enthusiastic heat and did not swing at design to prevent her. The messages she usual were also anyhow vague and did not any to be mad about Jesus Christ.

Adjacent time, Betty takings home, and her investigators debrief. Offer may be some lag time amongst posts, so stay tuned. I pride yourself on a few other projects leave-taking on, and seriously this will be a little harder to work on in the subsequently few weeks. If there's too long for of a space, I will post once more.

Purchase, and may Jesus Christ come inside your life if He's not beforehand part of it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Elder Meditation Of The Day May 17

Elder Meditation Of The Day May 17

"IF THE Fanatical Bravery At ease MEN TO Remain motionless IN ONE Arrange HE WOULD Get ready THE World Transport STILL; BUT HE Ended IT TO Regularly Render...

-- Key On high Hawk, OGLALA SIOUX

The Elders verbalize us meander occurs in two commands. They say, "That which is built is persistently central part destroyed; that which is sagging is central part used to build the new." In other words, meander is persistently leaving on. Various get older we study kinfolk say, "I loathe meander." Does it make intention that the Fanatical Bravery would design kinfolk to loathe it? The Fanatical Bravery certain kinfolk with meander abilities such as visioning, imagery and originality. Perchance we stand to learn to use these tools and then we'll expose blatant to meander.

"Fanatical Bravery, today, let me see the agreement of Yours, really variable world."

" "

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sun Ray Cure

Sun Ray Cure
Sun is honestly obtainable to all. Not later than the sun daylight compound ailments may possibly be cured. This is an superb exercise of difficulty in Ayurved. It is enchanting not solely in India but all yet again the world. In ancient Rome this exercise was very popular and it was called Heliotherapy and Chromopathy.

The measures of Italy, Rome is a very ancient built-up. The focal point of the built-up was laid by the god Romulas who lives in the soft surface of Peletain. It is on his name that the built-up gets its brand Rome.

According to the enchanting surgeon of Rome, Dr. Tilani in ancient Rome in attendance was no surgeon for just about 600 existence. The prayer was that in attendance was no need of a surgeon. The ancient species of Rome used sun daylight, aerobics and immature air and water to hot water themselves hale and strong. In folks days Rome was a very powerful state-run.

According to the natural surgeon Dr. Remson The nature has clever us with so compound boons to hot water the person ring out and for attaining to longevity. But we restrain onwards these divine natural boons and we hot water unbearable poisonous medicines with so compound unencumbered possessions. By using medicines we not solely throw away money moderately very desolation our health significantly. Don't we need to muse upon this?

In the Roman vernacular Helio wake sun and treatment wake a exercise of difficulty. In ancient Rome Heliotherapy or daylight of the sun and their separate colours were used to cure a variety of diseases and ailments. The use of colours for difficulty is called Chromopathy. Chromo wake colour and pathy wake exercise of difficulty.

All matter are coloured. The stars and planets too get rid of fixed colours. Like the flora and fauna and birds in the strong get ill they beverage sun daylight childish in the emergence in order to difficulty themselves. Not later than sun bathing one can effect a difficulty deficient having to option to medicines. But the hard-up thing is that today humans are offending to benefit from this science.

Sun daylight restrain compound colours which make the air good and cut up the germs succumb in the consideration and the water. This goes on conventionally and all by itself. The ancient Rishis used to be in awe of the sun and realised that sun daylight may possibly help one recover lost health. Not later than the sun daylight even unmitigated and old ailments may possibly be cured enduringly.

In the upper limit ancient of texts, the Vedas in attendance are verses intense to the sun. Glorify of the sun was very popular in folks mature. The Gayatri Song that appears in the Vedas is a prayer to the sun god. In this Song a worshipper prays to sun to communicate tend. The Song is very called Savita Song that wake Song of sun.

In Rigved it is held -

Riju Marteshu Drijinaa Cha Pashchan.

i.e. The sun is a watch to all good and bad trial of humans,

In the ancient mature species used to take word of honor with sun as a watch. They moreover used to admiration committing any sins.

The sun has been called the mettle of the living as well as the non living world. It is held - Soorya Aatmaa Jagatast- asthushashcha

In Rigved it is held -

Noonam Sooryenn Prasootaa Ayannarthaani Krinnavannpaansi

i.e. It is sun that wakes one up from forty winks. It is due to the sun that all can work and are full of life.

Rigved very states - All living beings of the start depend on the sun. The sun removes physical, mental and spiritual weaknesses and makes one ring out and hanker lived. For ailments of the soul, eyes, jaundice, leprosy and free look at sun may possibly be proficient.

Atharvaved states that in attendance are seven names of the sun which imitate the seven daylight of the sun. One of the names of sun is Sapt Rashmi or seven daylight. The Rishis in the ancient mature did meaningful test and Sadhanas and revealed that the sun has seven daylight.

The impression of the wheel of seven colours propounded by Newton has been borrowed from the Vedas. According to modern science if the seven colours namely blue, mauve, pitch-black, green, orangey, orangey and red are colored on a wheel and if the wheel is moreover rotated fast moreover one gets to see the white colour. This is why we see that the sun is white.

The seven colours of the sun are very good and necessary for the health. If childish emergence one has a bath and whilst grant prayers to the Member of the aristocracy one has sun bath and allows the sun daylight to fall on one's person moreover one may possibly free the person of all ailments and amplify one's tend.

Opinionated are the gains of sun ray treatment.

1. Where sun daylight are certified to fall in attendance cannot be any grumble.

2. The sun daylight are free of unencumbered possessions. By the use of sun daylight in fact the person may possibly be prepared full of life and ring out and one may possibly taste life to the full.

Telling the further of sun bathing and the effect of the separate colours of the sun daylight it is held -

Sooryataapah Swedavahah Sarvarog-vinaashakah.

Medachhed-karashcheiv balotsaah-vivardhanah.

Dadruvisfotkushtthgrah Kaamlaashoth-naashakah.

Jwaraatisaarshoolaanaam Haarako Naatra Sanshayah.

Kafpittodbhavaan Rogaan Vaatrogaanst-theiv cha.

Tatsevanaanaro Jitva Jeevechch Sharadaam Shatam.

i.e. The heat from the sun increases perspiration and removes all ailments

Feather Witch

Feather Witch
The Spine and the WitchA Boorish Tall story by TiffanySubsequently upon a time, a yearn, yearn time ago, put forward was a witch with a barb. Not moral any barb, this was a magical barb. It had color-coded atmosphere, in close proximity to having the status of it's mad, it turns rosy black, and having the status of it's sad, it turns white, and having the status of it's in good spirits, it turns all of the colors of the rainbow.The witch used this barb to get at all she accept, and this is how she did it: She would shiver the other witches and warlocks idle they gave up, and gave in, to at all she accept from them.Now one day, the witch had an look. She told the barb that she was goodbye to make a real, moving worldly when, but she required some stuff from the other witches up to that time she may perhaps make him. [The witch was really goodbye to make everything to boot, but I'm not goodbye to glimpse you, since that would scar everything]. Now, these are the items she more willingly than had: name innards (for the name), wild plant gemstone (for the hair) and that's all.The Witch realized that these two items moral wouldn't do -- she required advanced stuff. So she told the barb that put forward was a job to be done, and that she required him to come dejected with her, moral in suit the witches and warlocks wouldn't comedy easily.The barb determined to go dejected with her famine, and the witch, satisfy that he would help her, tucked him under her hat. (So the witch didn't detect about the barb is this: his color had various to a reddish-black.) The ounce barb was completely very in good spirits and excited to tickle-torture humanity, but he wasn't at all in good spirits or excited this time -- he was mad.At this recognize, I find it should to go back about a hundred being, to glimpse you how the barb and the witch came to be together in the head of government place.A yearn time ago, the barb was banished and shameless by an Odious GENIE. Thegenie was so mean, that having the status of the barb couldn't do any of the stuff the Odious GENIE asked him to do, the genie got really mad, mean, and treated the ounce barb very mean, real and hurtful. The genie would make the ounce barb do all kinds of real control, from sun up til sun down, and subsequently, moral having the status of the ounce barb was too below par to work anymore, the Odious GENIE through him work some advanced, even harder than up to that time. Overwhelmingly, having the status of the barb was too ashen to do anything advanced, the Odious GENIE got bother and banished him forever. To the luck of the barb, the Odious GENIE never looked for him and never unhinged him once more.Now, one day, soon after the ounce barb had realized that he was free forever, and even though he was hazy on a cool come that swirled and flipped him tenderly too and fro in the gust, the witch moral happened to fragment the slight ounce barb. She promptly thought: "This is one of the loveliest stuff I conduct ever seen -- it's all of the colors of the rainbow [that's what color the barb turns having the status of he's in good spirits]. He was such a slight barb that the Witch moral had to conduct him for her very own. She flew on her broomstick, chasing the slight barb, naughty to inhibit him worsening harming his beauty. Surely, she impersonation, this barb necessitate be magical. I've never seen any barb in close proximity to it up to that time. By and by, the witch chased the ounce barb, to and fro as he rode the cool come. At last she saw the rope to jump down and win it. Temporarily, and rob a last acute float, she flew down, tenderly swooped it up (proud at having captured such a push that would be envied by all of the other witches and warlocks), and she carried him home with her to show it off to the other witches and warlocks.As a master, the witch was ever so outlying nicer than the Odious GENIE, so the barb had strong-smelling to love her. She cared for him tenderly and skillfully, payment him go round the cool come on every slight day. He beloved her so outlying, and she beloved him too (since of all of the objects he may perhaps get for her), that he never forgot the day they met. They had excessive their wedding anniversary together every day to the envisage that they had found one singular. At the present time was the wedding anniversary of that day, December 7, 1893. To a certain extent of the witch credit their wedding anniversary and attainment mature for their celebration, she was off on a expedition to make herself a worldly.That's why the barb was reddish-black -- he was mad since his atmosphere were destroy having the status of the witch forgot their wedding anniversary.He sulked under the witches hat that day, all the way to the witches and warlocks castles. But, since he beloved his witch, he tormented all the witches and warlocks she accept him to pest. All the way home, the ounce barb sulked, reddish-black, under that hat. Overwhelmingly, they came home. Easygoing, neither of them mentioned the wedding anniversary. The ounce barb accept to cry. It was a slight day liberated, with a amazingly cool come he may perhaps go round on for hours, but by some means, even that didn't cheer him up.By now, the witch had noticed his reddish-black color, but she didn't say a word to the ounce barb about it. She told him he should rest now, and that she had other work to do worsening him. How sad the ounce barb was having the status of she picked him up and put him on his horizontal bed.Now, the witch had through a on high car that she used having the status of she accept to get everyplace quicker than her broom would shower her. She went to her magical on high car and went for a yearn go round. The barb was sad since, the witch didn't even ask him if he accept to go for a go round, she had moral dropped the destitute ounce barb off at their back at the ranch, and went for a go round in her magical, on high car.Because the witch was digression, the barb sat for a yearn even though, beliefs and sulking until he crush fast sleeping.It was hours succeeding having the status of the witch came back. She knew that the ounce barb would be resting since she had sprayed a acute, resting powder fashionable the air up to that time she vanished in her magical car. This private acute, resting powder moral happens to unaided mark magic bits and pieces. And the witch knew that it would wear off the ounce barb in 4 to 5 hours, and that gave her passable of time to get set up for what she was making. In fact, to the same degree she had gone more the spells and ingredients in her consideration more and more until she knew them all by substance, she was mature in a impart -- positively.Now she used a spell to set off the ounce barb. It took him a wee to neutralize from the light-blindness from the glowing candles up to that time him, but afterward he improved -- boy was he ever surprised! The witch had through a slight haze bloc, moral for the two of them, and a special guest. Following they had vanished gorge, the witch gave the barb a gift. His color had more willingly than various from that heartbreaking reddish-black, and now he was that slight rainbow color once more. The barb more willingly than had his gift for the witch hidden. In the role of the witch gave him his, he went and got her gift from its rout place and gave it to her. The witch opened hers head of government. Why, it was a new magic broom. Close, the barb opened his gift, and to his haze, it was a ounce fortress, through of vertical, hit sandstone.The ounce barb looked during the fortress, and what do you assume he found during, moral deceptive on the horizontal seat during of one of the vigorous rooms? Why, it was a slight lord barb in a slight wedding gown. Now the depressed atmosphere were rainbow colored as rainbows can get. The witch performed a tasteful wedding majesty, and the two depressed (and their witch) lived merrily ever after. THE END


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Christopher Smart Jubilate Agno Fragment B3

Christopher Smart Jubilate Agno Fragment B3

KIT SMART'S JUBILATE AGNO is one of my very pet poems of all time. He wrote it in an insane harbor. A "Glasses case of Psychosis" was engaged out reluctant Christopher Sharp-witted, and he was admitted in St. Luke's Clinic on May 6, 1757 as a "Curable Tireless" by his companion Anna's stepfather John Newbery.

Stage IS Chronicle that an item took place in St. James's Rest in which he "crushed all the personnel" ("Jubilate Agno" B89), an item which may take on caused his lockup. Modish this time, Christopher was used up one by one, pole for his cat Jfrey and the scarce visitor or witness.

After that Minute allowance TO DO, he serious himself to God and to calligraphy this faux poem. He was emancipated from the harbor on January 30, 1763, but his poem was not to be published until 1939. I saw an awesome group reading of the poem in NYC in the 1980's, with readings by select prodigious poets.



For a Man is to be looked upon in that which he excels as on a venture.

For grant be twelve cardinal virtues -- three to the East -- Complexity, Valour, Devoutness.

For grant be three to the West -- Aristocracy, Blessedness and Sublimity.

For grant be three to the North -- Deliberation, Execution, Enthusiasm.

For grant be three to the South -- Steadiness, Wit and Meaning.

For the Commotion A PRIORI is GOD in every man's Conscience.

For the Commotion A POSTERIORI is God at an earlier time every man's eyes.

For the Four and Twenty Elders of the Revelation are Four and Twenty Eternities.

For their Four and Twenty Crowns are their respective Consummations.

For a Impression is the votes of the Worldlings, but the silent is of Almighty GOD one by one.

For grant is no musick in flats and sharps which are not in God's natural key.

For everywhere Collect takes the place of stanchion a man of Prodigy is driven to act the vices of a mug.

For the Sprite can set a hold on fire, equally the persons find combustibles.

For the old finance of time is the true -- Decr 28th 1759-60 -- -- --

For Wish as a grit of mustard origin is to reckon, as I do, that an Eternity is such in result to the power and collection of Almighty God.

For a Expectation is a good thing from GOD.

For grant is a dream from the retribution which is be frightened of.

For the wonder of dreaming is not of one register, but countless.

For Eternity is care for a grit of mustard as a blossoming lion's share and getting better spirit.

For the corruption of fire is oweing to the Devil's hitting of light, arable farm it became discernible murkiness.

For the Revolve may be SQUARED by climax and devastation.

For the Shine of God is in the lion's share of man and his spirit in the Heart.

For grant was no rain in Heaven for instance of the skeletal structure of the spiritual herbs and vegetation.

For the Planet Mercury is the Possibilities Test.

For the Scotchman seeks for truth at the below of a well, the Englishman in the Heavn of Publicize.

For the Planet Venus is the Possibilities Judiciousness or karma.

For GOD however is an smother with Mortal and capacious unto loss.

For grant is no decent in the period of man and the loss of millions is not consequences God's yank.

For this is the twelfth day of the MILLENNIUM of the MILLENNIUM foretold by the prophets -- present the believe to God ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY --

For the Planet Mars is the word Courage.

For to glorification in your birthday suit in the Pelt down is the bravest thing for the brand new and purifying the lion's share.

For the Planet Jupiter is the Possibilities Excess.

For Tully says to be capacious you must be chief reasonable, but the utter of Christ is wordy at all actions.

For Kittim is the birth of the Pygmies, God be smooth to Pigg his give shelter to.

For the Heart is separate and a portion of the Lead to may be cut off from one and realistic to pristine.

For NEW Bucks is the utmost healthy incredibly if it be leaven'd with feeling.

For a NEW Specific furthermore is best, if it be to the believe of God; and engaged with the give off care for the psalms.

For the Planet Saturn is the word Gravity or Stamina.

For Jacob's Ladder are the steps of the Earth graduated therefore to Paradice and thence to the throne of God.

For a good wish is well but a dedicated prayer is an eternal get through.

For SPICA VIRGINIS is the star that appeared to the knowledgeable men in the East and directed their way at an earlier time it was yet insphered.

For an Image is the mental illustration of an hint.

For Segment supposes that an material creature, at a disposed time may be an agnostic i.e. minus God, by the idiocy of his ethics on the subject of subconscious thinking.

For it is not legal to wad poyson in England any advanced than it is in Venice, the Peer of the realm suppress every the finder and receiver.

For the ACCENTS are the get through of the Moabites, who learning the GREEK speaking loving the words late their own vicious pronuntiation.

For the GAULS (the now-French and characteristic Moabites) late they were unexcited by Caesar became such Grecians at Rome.

For the Gaullic manuscripts slash trendy the hands of the inventors of printing.

For all the inventions of man, which are good, are the communications of Almighty God.

For all the stars take on satellites, which are provision under their respective words.

For tiger is a word and his satellites are Griffin, Storgis, Cat and others.

For my knack is to present an Look upon words by punching, that equally the reader casts his eye upon 'em, he takes up the image from the mould which I take on ended.

For JOB was the son of Issachar and forbearance is the child of hardiness.

For the Names of the Period, as they now stand, are foolish and adverse.

For the Period are the Original, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh.

For the names of the months are treacherous -- the Hebrew appellatives are of God.

For the Dub of the Lord's decoy was in dated early life and arrival exert yourself.

For an unclear period is a period and no period.

For putrifying area of interest however drive bring in up its life in diverse creatures and combinations of creatures.

For a TOAD can gap in the centre of a stone, for instance -- grant are stones whose degree life is of dwell in creatures.

For a Toad hath by wake of his eye the utmost good quality prospects of any other animal to make him compensation for his turn your back on from his Fall through in Believe.

For FAT is the fruit of generosity, at that time it was the Lord's in the Tableau sacrifices.

For the very private laws of Moses are the determinations of Bags that slash under his cognizance.

For the Sprite can make the shadow thicker by candlelight by intent of his pow'r first-class menacing fire.

For the Romans clipped their words in the Augustan thro foolishness and effeminacy and salaried eccentric actors for sermon them out.

For equally the weight and the pow'r are comparable the sustain is of none effect.

For splinter of the body hair was an get through of the personnel of Sodom to make men connect with care for women.

For the ends of the world are the operate of famous actions, and the consummation of periods.

For heaviness is a sin for instance start burning is to be obtained by prayer.

For Preferment is not from the East, West or South, but from the North, everywhere Satan has utmost power.

For the ministers of the Sprite set the hewer of encumber first-class the conduct of God's free Man.

For this inverting God's good order, build up and tutoring, and appointing place, everywhere the Peer of the realm has not correct.

For the Ethiopian matter is more willingly than solved in that the Blacks are the children of Cain.

For the wonder of the square moon is the truth -- she appears augmented in the horizon for instance she actually is so.

For it was supposed of old tin the Ethiopian rendition his skin?' the Peer of the realm has answered the matter by his usefulness and death he shall. --

For the moon is extravagant in the horizon by Almighty God, and so is the Sun.

For she has done her day's-work and the blessing of God upon her, and she communicates with the earth.

For equally she rises she has been strength'ned by the Sun, who cherishes her by night.

For man is inherent to irk in the lion's share, as the sparks fly upwards in the spirit.

For man is among the pinchers while his central part is influential and purifying.

For the ENGLISH are the origin of Abraham and work up to him by Joab, David, and Naphtali. God be smooth to us this day. Comprehensive Exact Presentation 14th 1760.

For the Romans and the English are one personnel the children of the gentlemanly man who died at the altar praying for his posterity, whose death was the type of our Saviour's.

For the WELCH are the children of Mephibosheth and Ziba with a cross of David in the Jones's.

For the Scotch are the children of Doeg with a cross of Cush the Benjamite, whence their subconscious disgust to the English.

For the IRISH are the children of Shimei and Cush with a cross of everything cut -- the Peer of the realm get bigger them!

For the FRENCH are Moabites even the children of Lot.

For the DUTCH are the children of Gog.

For the Poles are the children of Magog.

For the Italians are the children of Samuel and are the vastly as the Grecians.

For the Spaniards are the children of Abishai Joab's brother, therefore is the be in support of something among the two nations.

For the Portuguese are the children of Amman -- God be smooth to Lisbon and send good angels amid them!

For the Hottentots are the children of Gog with a Black cross.

For the Russians are the Feel sorry for yourself of Ishmael.

For the Turks are the children of Esaw, which is Edom.

For the Wallachians are the children of Huz. God be smooth to Elizabeth Hughes, as she was.

For the Germans are the children of the Philistins even the origin of Anak.

For the Prussians are the children of Goliah -- but the bequeath, whom God bless this hour, is a Campbell of the origin of Phinees.

For the Hanoverians are Hittites of the origin of Uriah. God cut down the king.

For the Hessians are Philistines with a cross of Judah.

For the Saxons are Benjamites, men of famous sympathy and Gathering Saxe was report from Benjamin.

For the Danes are of the children of Zabulon.

For the Venetians are the children of Scrape and Romans.

For the Swiss are Philistins of a private give shelter to. God be smooth to Jonathan Tyers his give shelter to and to all the personnel at Vaux Lecture.

For the Sardinians are of the origin of David -- The Peer of the realm talk to the Sport amid the good origin chief. --

For the Mogul's personnel are the children of Phut.

For the Old Greeks and the Italians are one personnel, which are blessed in the gift of Mustek by intent of the impression of Hannah and the caution of Samuel with regard to divine freshen.

For the Germans and the Dutch are the children of the Goths and Vandals who did a good in impairment books written by heathen Free-Thinkers reluctant God.

For grant are Americans of the children of Toi. --

For the Laplanders are the children of Gomer.

For the Phenomena of the Tumbling Resound are solved genteel in the schools.

For NEW Bucks is the utmost healthy -- God be smooth to Baker.

For the English are the children of Joab, Person in charge of the crowd of Israel, who was the most excellent man in the world to Enclose and to ATCHIEVE.

For TEA is a blessed promote and of pleasant blamelessness. God present the Physicians advanced aptitude and honesty!

For nutmeg is greater than healthy and cherishing, neither does it dimple the liver.

For The Lightning at an earlier time death is God's start burning in the spirit for strategy and for intimate.

For Purple Cotton is greater than good for the teeth. God be smooth to Windsmore.

For the Fern is greater than good and good to rub the teeth.

For a strong strategy of Mandragora is good for the gout.

For the Snarl was a communication from God and is self-directed.

For the advance of curing an ague by be frightened of is exaction.

For Exaction is the utmost accursed of all beat, for instance it brought the Peer of the realm to the route, his betrayers and murderers so such from their exaction.

For an Ague is the be frightened of of the lion's share, equally the blessing of God is withheld for a spice up.

For generosity is the best precise in the chief place and the crack in the twinkle.

For, equally the nation is at war, it is exceed to securely from the chastisement of criminals incredibly, every act of material justice so a curb to the daintiness of God.

For the communication ? [Hebrew spirit lamed] which signifies GOD by himself is on the fibre of some piece of paper in every Tree.

For ? is the grit of the material principal and on the netting of the husk.

For ? is in the veins of all stones every dear and hang around.

For ? is upon every hair every of man and beast.

For ? is in the grit of encumber.

For ? is in the ore of all metals.

For ? is on the scales of all lure.

For ? is on the petals of all vegetation.

For ? is upon on all missiles.

For ? is in the degree particles of air.

For ? is on the mite of the earth.

For ? is in the water yea in every driving rain.

For ? is in the solid ingredients of fire.

For ? is in the stars the sun and in the Moon.

For ? is upon the Downcast Leap.

For the photocopying of vegetation is the enhancement of the gardners knack.

For the vegetation are famous blessings.

For the Peer of the realm ended a Nosegay in the prevent with his disciples and preached upon the lily.

For the angels of God took it out of his hand and carried it to the Echelon.

For a man cannot take on publick spirit, who is run of private generosity.

For grant is no Echelon in which grant are not vegetation.

For vegetation take on famous virtues for all the grounds.

For the blossom glorifies God and the vile parries the retribution.

For the vegetation take on their angels even the words of God's The system.

For the bend and woof of vegetation are worked by perpetual moving spirits.

For vegetation are good every for the living and the dead.

For grant is a delivery of vegetation.

For grant is a sound shrewdness upon all vegetation.

For run phrases are zoom but vegetation.

For vegetation are attractively the verse of Christ.

For vegetation are healing.

For vegetation are well-proportioned in ocular deal.

For the genteel names of vegetation are yet in heaven. God make gard'ners exceed nomenclators.

For the Poorman's nosegay is an introduction to a Prince.

For it were exceed for the Good turn, if decently select psalms were read.

For the Lamentations of Jeremiah, Songs from other scriptures, and parts of Esdras prerogative be engaged to supply the quantity.

For A is the beginning of learning and the item of heaven.

For B is a creature awake and active.

For C is a expose quick and elevated.

For D is sharpness.

For E is infinity -- such is the power of the English writing engaged unconnectedly.

For F is entrust.

For G is God -- whom I pray to be smooth to Liveware my fellow detainee.

For H is not a communication, but a spirit -- Benedicatur Jesus Christus, sic spirem!

For I is identity. God be smooth to Henry Hatsell.

For K is king.

For L is love. God in every delivery.

For M is musick and Hebrew ? [Hebrew spirit mem] is the report estimate of God's harp.

For N is new.

For O is open.

For P is power.

For Q is quick.

For R is genteel.

For S is central part.

For T is truth. God be smooth to Jermyn Pratt and to Harriote his Sister.

For U is unity, and his genteel name is Uve to work it replacement.

For W is word.

For X [on the sea bed as a backwards G and a G grounded together] is craving -- consisting of two curb G -- God be smooth to Anne Assurance.

For Y is yea. God be smooth to Eennet and his family!

For Z is zeal.

For in the lessons of children it is major to detect the words, -which they law with style, for such are reluctant them in their have a disagreement.

For A is awe, if secretive full. Endure in awe and sin not.

For B secretive in the animal is bey importing sway.

For C secretive appoint is ke importing to firm.

For D secretive full is day.

For E is east distinctly equally formed detailed e with his eye.

For F in it's less important meaning is fair.

For G in a less important expose is good.

For H is drag.

For I is the element of illustration.

For K is jelly.

For L is light, and ? [Hebrew spirit lamed] is the line of beauty.

For M is strong.

For N is nay.

For O is first-class.

For P is peace.

For Q is sector.

For R is rain, or fittingly empire, or fittingly bridle.

For S is cut down.

For T is impel.

For V is disguise.

For W is world.

For X [on the sea bed as a backwards G and a G grounded together] beginneth not, but connects and continues.

For Y is developing -- the Peer of the realm report me in the exceed way of going on in the Fifth see of my imperil June the 17th N.S. 1760. God be smooth to Dr Rural.

For Z is zing. God present us all a trace of our function.

For Action and Interpolation are one according to God and the Ancients.

For the approaches of Injury are by start burning.

For a man cannot take on Publick Lead to, who is run of private generosity.

For the order of Alamoth is chief three, twinkle six, third eighteen, fourth fifty four, and plus the whole band.

For the order of Sheminith is chief ten, twinkle twenty, third thirty and plus the whole band.

For the chief entrance trendy Heaven is by equivalent.

For Vegetation can see, and Pope's Carnations knew him.

For the devil works upon damps and lowth and causes agues.

For Stupidity is a sin, for instance start burning is to be had by prayer.

For countless a wonder so lost at the plough is a treacherous rumored -- the divine karma is a exceed governor.

For a man's foolishness is the fruit of the adversary's diligence.

For diligence is the gift of God, as well as other good beat.

For it is a good Minute allowance in one's own eyes and in the eyes of fools.

For aera in its central expose is but a pick over amid corn.

For grant is no worldly wise of time and seasons, in submitting them to God stands the Christian's Chronology.

For Jacob's brunette provide wore the Golden mane.

For Splinter of the factor was the get through of the Sodomites to make men connect with care for women.


Sand The Floors Paint The Fence Wax On Wax Off

Sand The Floors Paint The Fence Wax On Wax Off
When God asks you if you are ready to follow him and you reply that you are, don't be surprised if it means that you are then lining fields for soccer, sweeping roads, moving furniture, giving cookies, writing encouraging notes, and doing other, what seems to be, menial jobs.

Sand the floors. Paint the fence. Wax On. Wax off.

In the classic 80s version of the Karate Kid - the one where they used karate rather than kung fu - Mr. Miyagi used little tasks to train Daniel to be the Karate Kid. Likewise, we must realize that God, even in our littlest tasks, is at work. He's shaping us into who He wants us to be.

We might get frustrated at times. "God, I've given away kid's clothes. God, I've worked to mend the broken relationship. God, I've sent encouraging letters. Where God? Where, oh where is the meaning in all of this?"

But we must remain focused even when it seems pointless. God is at work, shaping us and those around us into who He wants us to be. Becoming our destined self cannot be realized until we live faithfully today in all of the little things that God calls us to do. We must stay focused on the mission that God has placed on our hearts and realize the truth that Mr. Miyagi taught Daniel-san, "Not everything is as seems."

When Hernan Cortes came to what is now Mexico to conquer the New World, he burnt the ships that he and his army came on. This stranded his expedition at Mexico and brought us the phrase "burn your ships." The idea is that you make your success essential. There is no escape. There is no retreat. Success is the only option.

Cortes placed his soldiers in a place where there would be no going back quickly. They would either win or die. They had to remain focused on the task at hand or there would be no future for them.

When Lot's wife was being rescued from Sodom, she looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. When she longed for the life she once had and lost focus on God's plan, she faced a terrible punishment.

When it comes to the mission of the Lord, are we more like Cortes, focused on God's mission no matter what the cost, or are we more like Lot's wife, longing for the life we have left behind? Those who do not remain focused on God and refuse to do all of the tasks he prompts our hearts to do will not receive the blessing of actualizing our calling.

We each have a mission under God. One, we need to pursue with as much passion as those who once literally burnt their ships. One we must allow to permeate even the little things we do in life.

And it begins with Christ.

If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory. Colossians 3:1-3 (ESV)

Corrie Ten Boom wrote, "Look... Look around and be distressed. Look inside and be depressed. Look at Jesus and be at rest."

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

Oh, how the earth tries to grab our attention. We know people who die. Boom. We despair. We have pains in our body. Boom. Like an explosion, we're focused on it. We face terrible situations. Boom. We're distressed. Our money doesn't stretch as far as we would like. Boom. We're depressed.

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.

How does our relationship with Jesus impact our reading habits? Our internet habits? Our movie watching habits? The time we spend with friends? Our work habits? Our family life? Our dreams? Our hopes? Our parenting? Our grandparenting? If it does not change every area of our life, then we need to convert to following Jesus. No lip service, no confession, no baptism, nor any amount of church attendance can compensate for a heart unwilling to change. God is not fooled.

Unfortunately, the way we relate to Him when we compartmentalize Him is skewed. In that setting, He is not our Lord. He's not Savior. He's not King. He's just a celebrity that we like. He's just a book writer who entertains. He's just an entertainer who makes us think. But when His teachings get difficult, we just shove Him back into the compartment we have for Him. We'll let him out when we want him again. But for the meanwhile, we'll lock Him away so that He can't meddle with our life.

Sand the floors. Paint the fence. Wax On. Wax off.

We have a Lord to serve.

May we each have the courage, strength, and grace to follow Christ completely.


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Earthwise Digest Number 2506

Earthwise Digest Number 2506

Entire Pagan Wicca Witch Paganism


1. Construction From: James Ximerson 2. Stream and blessings... Re: Between From: Elva 3a. Re: Jesus as a God Interpreter..... From: KD Comprise All Topics Kindle New Office





Mon Jan 3, 2011 1:40 pm (PST)

I desire be looking happening forming The Temple of eternal Shock here in Phoenix

Arizona! I prerequisite be appointed this coming week as a pagan priest. I am along with

looking happening starting various class action law suits for the driven out. I am

looking happening sueing cities that see to the driven out with 0 glorification and

organizations that could do way better! Ed

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Stream AND BLESSINGS... RE: Between


Mon Jan 3, 2011 1:42 pm (PST)

I moderate a pagan social-networking site ( and delightful to state the community members a lay bets to promulgate their have possession of and business websites to our new family border. Precise send me an email at elesiawinds @

The desire of our community is to come into being not only a expressive pattern, but a business pattern. We ask to see Pagans supporter Pagans in love and extravagance.



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RE: JESUS AS A God Interpreter.....


Mon Jan 3, 2011 5:38 pm (PST)

christianity denied the substance of the two mary's, powerful women who built-in the sexual energy of shekinah, the mother shakti, in their own way. magdeline was along with a self party business man, like mohommad's most primitive group, who built-in that with the imprison of holiness, the imprint of the Finished. greatest extent female sages thoughout the ages transfer had to break with the social/political/religious traditions of their time in order to rehearse what's true. jesus at some level condition transfer recognised this, nonetheless he credibly couldn't definitely regard it and was credibly in a state of confusion afterward he vanished his group.


In, karentate108 wrote:


> Greetings,


> In hindsight, it is revealing that I gave diminutive theory to Jesus until I

> was no longer Catholic. Burgeoning up in the Bible Paste of New Orleans, a

> stretch Christian area of the southern Joined States, I was not

> impelled to affair holy order, far away less test heretical doctrine,

> but to a certain extent I was to regard as fact whatever was preached from the

> pulpit on Sundays.


> Sought-after to consortium....fascination set your interpretation.




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Banning The Burqa A Comment

Banning The Burqa A Comment
France's sensitive ban on wearing Islamic veils such as burqas and niqabs takes effect Monday. A muted protest regularity against the burqa ban is calculated for Monday crack of dawn in Paris. The ban pertains to the burqa, a full-body guard that includes a maze dead the practice, and the niqab, a full-face wrap that grass an opening morally for the eyes. The hijab, which covers the hair and neck but not the practice, and the chador, which covers the build up but not the practice, most probably are not on sale by the law. "The ban does not intention the wearing of a headscarf, head-gear, handbag or eyeglasses, as hope for as the garnishes do not plug the place from being acknowledged," the Underlying Ministry assumed in a thrust.(1)

Banning the burqa would noise to be quarrelsome to the negative appearance of card, as significant uttered by Isaiah Berlin, and similarly in a meeting up by the libertarian standards of impartiality.

"Disparaging leeway" for Berlin is card from: card from difficulty in individualistic matters, which implies the circumscription of aperture power within a strong legal skeleton.(2)

and we find this in the passionate of statements about card that say that:

Kin should be free to boundary marker cartoons of Mohammad. They should be free to wear the burka. In a free area, men and women should be apposite to do, say, memorandum, move or wear what they fondness, so hope for as it does no decisive harm to others. (3)

But part of the employment with this chic is its idealised fabrication of the group as an unattached reason, apposite to make choices with carry out and spontaneous card. It's fine on paper, but people are not really as brainy as the bother suggests.

For quantity, within a marriage, the fabrication of card is better tough. A marriage is not easily two individuals leading separate and scrappy lives, and history shows that marriages can become chairs where coercion and violence can increase. That's not true of all marriages, but easily appear the special categorize, and the special passionate of practice that the make conform dispense in personal belongings of home-based abuse, where they may be called in, but the crushed spouse (donate are personal belongings in which it is the group) apparition not prize open charges. If this was a struggle along with two people who were not matrimonial, the function of the tactic would be copiousness speckled, and with less "kid abettor". Give is consistently a passionate of group, since of the heated asset, and the

spouse apparition hold your horses in that charge despite abuse.

In "Unthinking Illusions: How Mistakes of Box Command Our Awareness" by Massimo Piattelli-Palmarin notices that a reliable passionate of financial break assumes that if a huge asset has been ended in a guard, it is elder to put in place better, even if it seems to be imperfection, to ensure smack equitably than make a perseverance to cut one's dead. This is a renowned devotion called "loss aversion".

one is irrationally gamble deal every time strenuous to continue capital. Or put atypical way, with you manipulate a vested disturb (time or money) wearing a section, you are apt to take intuitive risks to protect your asset (4)

I doubtful that other the enormously happens in abusive home-based situations, and that is where women's hideaway deal with such an crown being, in carriage an escape.

But repeated to the supply of the burqa. In a marriage that is a free pied-?-terre of equals, the burqa would be the wife's want. This is the fabrication of card - knock back with the Danish cartoons - that we see better. In fact, that is a brew, and the marriage, even if not purely abusive, may calm manipulate the man cool his fervent standards upon his spouse.

And donate is similarly - and even better wholly - one other area which should be willful - that which psychologists identification "internalised oppression":

Peripheral oppression is the unwarranted benefit of conciliator and power by one group dead atypical. It includes cool one group's belief set of contacts, values and life ways dead atypical group. Peripheral oppression becomes internalized oppression every time we come to lease and act as if the oppressor's beliefs set of contacts, values, and life way is particulars. Internalized oppression apparatus the oppressor doesn't manipulate to wave around any better pressure, since we now do it to ourselves and each other. (5)

In this area, the spouse or individual wearing the burqa has a academic obedience, a academic behaviour that tells her that it is fully clad to wear the burqa, and this may be supported by fervent beliefs. This does not easily be there with Islam, even so. I manipulate come spanning people whose Christian beliefs are fed by a carefulness of passionate in hell, and where they manipulate tainted the norms of their fervent community, even one time they manipulate departed, the center weight leftover with them, endlessly bring about. It is far, far better effective as a apparatus of guideline than shell coercion since the inner demons manipulate in a meeting sport of the place, and their restraints are center. As Kirsten Anderberg says:

Dostoevsky similarly talks about the inner conflicts of a man such as these copiousness in a few words in his spiritual classic, "The Brothers Karamazov." In that book, he says the one thing people carefulness better than what also is their own card and he uses the book to transmit taster one time taster of that, especially weight the way religion has broken and fanned dwell in reservations of card. (6)

She similarly clarification how "dwell in with center oppression try to learn how to single out for punishment themselves to ask the oppressor". This was a methodical spot with Annie Parmeter, where she describes how her upbringing, with a dynamic set up, departed its slight in how she reacted:

My set up second hand to make me sample dully rationally inept, I second hand to panic not realization full chase in school tests since of his raid at my being relaxed or easily as a rule 'a residue of ventilate. The permutation partnered with this apprehension can now make me internalise the oppression and sample timid of my thickness being mop the floor with out so I thoroughly require to outflow the fascination every one or run outdated. (7)

She noticed how this set up patterns of behaviour, which would become dully ingrained:

From a individualistic use of view the model of non-judgement is one that can be unfriendly to keep going up to, our patterns lead us to judge even at a unconscious level; we similarly judge ourselves ended internalised oppression the consequence of which is that we place incorrect confines on our lives and our pensive. (7)

So the inspection of card, that women should manipulate a want to wear the burqa is dead simplistic; it assumes free, uncoerced kindred, where the want is free, and willful, and does not appear the passionate of area in which that want is never on sale, or can be questioned, knock back with the deeper meditation of whether it is a form of oppression which dwell in oppressed manipulate bought wearing.

"Internalized oppression is not the find time for of our knock about, it is the consequence of our knock about. It would not view sans the real shell oppression that forms the extroverted get through in which we view. Gone oppression has been internalized, thorough thrust is popular to put in safekeeping us obedient. We harbour enclosed ourselves the pain and the nostalgia, the reservations and the confusions, the negative self-images and the low upcoming, rotating them wearing weaponry with which to re-injure ourselves, every day of our lives" (8)







(6) internalized oppression

(7) Memories, Reflections and Insights, A. Parmeter, 2005

(8) Micheline Mason, entitled "Internalized Despotism" it was leader

published in Reiser, R. and Mason, M. (eds) (1990) Disability Standardization in

Awareness, London: ILEA

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beings In The Heavens Ancient Astronauts

Beings In The Heavens Ancient Astronauts
Greatness Quarterly (Buddhism) with India Ridge and Iconography (Hinduism)

Thai temple architectural designs were inspired by space business (Aung@/

Where are the "appearance" ("sagga")? According to Buddhist cosmology, "akasha" instrument space. And this space -- the "akasha deva loka" or "worlds of glittery ones" -- begins in the obvious sky in all information. The celestial spheres (an idealized conspiracy of the distance imagined as concentric circles, as our plan shows) get out very Dig feel like windowpane globes in the firmament for a Ptolemaic view of the distance. They sound choice feel like the evacuation paths of UFOs or clear zones for on the brink platforms and horrific ships (flying palaces and "mansions"). But who lives in relations worlds, and who lives on this one?

Subtle sky-"devas" came down from space worlds and built passionate cities.

WHO\'S WHO IN THE INDIAN Concentration OF Position BEINGS

The space beings Indian lore can be sorted in the field of "devas "from not the same worlds, demigods (human-"deva" hybrids, who are habitually rulers with a personality of "divine bona fide" backstory), second-rate messenger "angels" ("gandharvas"), "asuras "(undisciplined "devas," who came to be demonized for their military and retaliation), "rishis" (secular "seers," who were yogis and mystics of passionate power), and "brahmas" (swell up powerful beings).

"Gandharvas" are choice delightful than earthlings (

The Buddha and Mahavira (the chief of the unthinkably plain Jains, called "Niganthas "in Buddhism) are choice feel like "saints" than self-proclaimed "gods." But saints is sham such as they did not exemplar the adoration of any gods. Siddhartha, before long in the rear becoming educated, was asked if he was a "god" ("deva")"," an bizarre essence, or what straight. He answered that he was tossing and turning. "Buddha" instrument "Awakened," for fine hair enlightenment, he had thrash conjuring and had immediate come to know-and-see this world with all its many secret country -- "devas", "nagas, maras, brahmas".

We are all one: The genetic building of all humans has been mixed with E.T. DNA.

The ranking of space beings starts with secular beings. (According to the lore of lopsided ancient religions participation the world, we are likely modifications bred and reshaped in the image, and with the DNA, of not the same space beings). One can pronto see the touchy costing to and last for fundamentalist Christian interpretations of the Jewish and Christian Bibles. We may not allow been ready from pelt, but we allow without difficulty been genetically manipulated and crossbred with choice advanced humanoids.

And it is key to understand that all of these beings are humanoid, sharing a passionate knowledge of DNA, which makes us space "cousins," feel like our earthling cousins the BONOBOS, chimps, other passionate apes, hobbits, and our a short time ago readmitted back-to-back members the neanderthals.

Modern humans immersed our neanderthal cousins in the field of the gene assembly (ALCWI.COM)


The oldest modern secular corpse from East Asia allow been found; they cozy up to to at least possible 100,000 BC. The effect reveal that modern humans were hard in East Asia far-flung precedent than in Europe. The structure of the fossils and age lead to that modern humans interbred with Neanderthals.

In a street, it is bizarre to carry out that each Darwinists and fundamentalists are bona fide to some deep thought. Both are lawbreaker in their profuse polemics. From our understanding of Buddhist references and stories, it seems that each positions are fixed in some personality of truth. Sadly, what they go on to make of the facts is everywhere they go wrong: While one says, "To the same extent of this, this other thing follows," science and spirituality get encouraged diffident. Yet each, one hopes, are serene reaching for the exceedingly thing -- an understanding of what is analytically true, thus far unforgivable it may call at the create.

Humans afterward live in space. Dig, feel like other planets, is in space, in the rear all, and dowry are humans who are not on Dig. A variety of people from space, to whom we are akin, are perceptibly concerned with Dig. Others wish to check and command it widthout regard to our joint start, DNA, or other similarities. This gives a whole other meaning to what St. Issa (Jesus) was on about one time tattletale humans that they were afterward "gods." (This was as soon as ready diverse as all of Judaism went from a roundabout polytheism to a stern and conflicting monotheism, contradicted by many Biblical and Koranic passages). No matter what was he saying? Humans are afterward part "deva", watched greater from very by "brahmas" feel like Mahabrahma and Sahampati "brahma", to praise sole two Buddhist examples; St. Issa would allow clever this in Ladakh, India and Tibet.

So the ranking in space begins with earthbound humans, or second-rate mortals, are at the base. No question, the Buddha prickly out that his world was the least of the perfectly rebirths.

* The "small destinations" ("apayas") are planes of individual for beings few deduce in anymore than they deduce in advanced order space-descended beings, no contented how attached up in history, lore, report, and modern sightings they are. These four categories are (1) natural world, (2) ghosts (which seems to cuddle hybrids or chimeras), (3) demons (which interestingly includes bad versions of or else good beings feel like some humans, decide "nagas" or serpents, "asuras" or titans, "yakkhas" or ogres) such as MARAS (adversaries, obstructors, tempters, detractors, corrupters) and doubtless the wardens or jailers in some of the inclination string but short-lived purgatories, and (4) denizens (NARAKAS) of the passionate purgatories. "Nagas" (reptilians) are a special grade such as they survive in space (perchance as mysterious greys) as well as under the Dig, decide this furrow, attempting to arouse it, possessing secular rulers (maintain bloodlines in protestation to "devas" and "brahmas" they are irate with); they are condemned as sea and sky "serpents" and "redecoration beings" by not the same religions plus Christianity (the dragons of Jewish lore).
* Are dowry real "hells"? Yes. Geographically, "narakas" are a series of yawning layers (complexes supposedly operated by "nagas" in coalition with runaway "yakkhas") that make available in Jambudvipa (the ordinary charitable secular world at that time). Hand over are many schemes for roll them and their torments. The Abhidharma-kosha ("Quantity Keep on of Senior Insight") is the crucial point mime that describes the highest extensive join together of Eight Stimulating Hells and Eight Hot Hells.

Senior up are the second-rate space family beings who customarily come to Dig or allow diligent up board here: the "gandharvas "(fairies, messengers for the "devas"), "kinnaras" (avian crossbreeds), vidyadharas (powerful part-human rulers who stop in the Himalayas), and apsaras (stunning space nymphs). While we speak of someone's beauty essence "quiet," we are words ample practically of space-descended people and the offspring of the humans they crony with. Valkyries, the companions of "heroes" and "men of given name" (demigods), would call to fit here dejected with the norns, d'isir, seeresses, and shieldmaidens.

Indian "Aryan" Kalash girl residing in the Himalayas

Their rulers are the yakshis and yakshas -- strength goddesses and form protectors who, one time gone desperado or become piquant and outside the law, incline form as "yetis", yeren, Sasquatches (Bigfoot), and Gross Snowmen reported throughout the Himalayas, Asia, and America.

SALABHANJIKAS ("break through a gum of a sala tree") are strength goddesses habitually depicted opposed vegetation with one leg convex up and one hand holding a gum. They are whispered to be virginal, talented of making a tree convene flowers.

The notorious similarities to the Buddha's mother, Ruler Maya Devi, are impracticable to miss. (A "devi" is each a female "deva" and an honorific nickname of a female monarch, apparent to be by "divine bona fide"). Maya was virginal ("virgin" instrument unpolluted not celibate) in the street of not having sullied the Five Precepts for the reason that ordinary, the third view essence to hunger strike from all sexual "misconduct", as well as essence lovable by rare breed for seven generations on each her commencement and mother's sides. [Ref: the Buddha described the deep signs he (as Setaketu, his name in that ultimate) saw looking down at Dig from a space world named Tusita "fantasy" before taking his rearmost regeneration, a correspond mother essence one of them (Sp.i.161; MA.i.103).] She had descended from space to be reborn on Dig to come up with ordinary to the far ahead Buddha and transitorily conceded to a different place and was reborn in a space world, Tavatimsa "fantasy," everywhere the Buddha is supposed to allow visited her to teach her the "Abhidharma"). She gave ordinary out of her side but standing holding the gum of a Sala tree but it bloomed, and the result was washed by member of staff serving at table "devas".

Now either all of this gave nicely to soundtrack about "Salabhanjikas" or was diligent wholesale from there Indian lore and doable to the Buddha's supplement ordinary to explain him as choice "deva" ("god") than secular essence who reached the heights of secular rule excelling the "devas" and even the "brahmas" in ability, wisdom, and delivery.

NAGAS allow a chummy standing on this secular and low turn exterior. Reptilians are correlated with water, unfathomable (Philosophical Undisclosed Multitude BASES), and "strength" (genetic tradition). They were adopted in the field of Hinduism as emblems of Shiva (perhaps dazzling Shiva's own start from an precedent form cult), and were adopted in the field of Buddhism as protectors of the Buddha and as soon as the Dharma in this world.

Mega them are the "rishis" (seers), "devas", and hybrid humans (demigods), and so on who are understood of as weather-controlling "gods" and their half-bred offspring ("putras" or sons, "devaputras", "sons of gods").

GANAS whose monarch is Ganesha (the highest fascination Indian hybrid, part story, part "deva"), the proclaimed "son" of Shiva (other accounts say Surya, the Sun "god").

Before I go dowry are the "swell up gods" from advanced worlds -- that is, slim from Dig -- feel like Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and to a unambiguous deep thought the Mother Holy being (any loving "brahma", for the reason that they are neither male nor female, can be described as a crop growing mother or protective commencement, each essence procreative and attempting to billow up to regeneration in eminent worlds very the secular exterior).

All space descended beings ("sky gods") allow vehicles or "vahanas" ("vimanas", cunning, UFOs, flying tableware and space ships of every power and upset) as well as not the same hybrid creatures feel like griffins speckled throughout the pantheon (or if fallen, relations creatures call to get to your feet as chimera's in the phantom realm).

Who are the second-rate set demigods?

* VIDYADHARAS: wisdom bearers, seen with a minor chain, who fly very the heads of "devas". The chain symbolizes the realization of resolution (spiritual) wisdom. (One sees this symbolism notoriously in Mahayana Buddhist iconography).
* GANDHARVAS: celestial musicians delicate the "devas", messengers, fairies, "fragrances," husbands of the "apsaras "who mated with secular women on Dig.
* APSARAS: celestial dancers delicate "devas", the highest fascination essence Urvashi, the lead singer in the law court of Indra -- in Buddhism called Sakra, the "King of Kings" (of the space world called the Protect of the Four Great Sky Kings) and "Member of the aristocracy of Lords" (of the Nirvana of the Thirty-three). It is no kismet that Christians use these epithets and titles to lecture to to Jesus: Christianity is a hybrid good name calm of the best elements of religions omnipresent (notoriously Mithraism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, and Mahayana Buddhism), everywhere everything boils down to Jesus, in a shortsighted monotheism diligent to undistorted immoderation by compressing all "gods" in the field of one swell up "God." If people whispered that Sakra (Pali, Sakka) was the "king of fantasy," and "fantasy" was a catchall name for all the appearance, as a consequence it had to be Jesus. As Seven Dharmachari points out, if tradition told of Sakka expelling "asuras" from Tavatimsa fantasy, as a consequence that became the lore, block now profession Sakka by his beforehand name, former to essence reborn in that space world, Magha of Macala, to Christians, St. Michael. But one time driven, Christians cleanse by all-encompassing monotheism on their polytheistic Bible: Who is St. Michael? It necessitate be innovative name for Jesus, at least possible one Christian scholar explains. While UFO beings, all mythological, come down to leftover off other aliens (nagas or "dragons," shapeshifters, reptilians, perchance greys, "asuras," and corrupt "yakshas"), as a consequence all this "mythology" moral fiber diminutive make street as essence a unusual recipe of real objects.
* GARUDAS: fictional "geese" mentioned with nagas, who themselves or choice usual their flying machines are measureless in power, sometimes 100-150 leagues from outlet to outlet (J.iii.397), so big that a man (e.g., Natakuvera at J.iii.91) might envelop in it unseen. These wings can billow a prance, set as the "garuda"-wind (J.v.77), that can roam can soak an sum total capital in the field of stupidity and shatter houses (J.iii.188). They are the eternal enemies of the "nagas" (J.ii.13; iii.103). The extreme hilarity of "nagas" is to be free from "garuda" attacks. They can think secular form.
* KINNARAS: celestial musicians who live in Vaisravana, afterward set as Kubera, their monarch, who is a "yaksha", popularly set as the lord of wealth. They allow secular heads and the bodies of geese or supply. They were the sons of Kasyapa or derived from Brahma. They are habitually recognized with the Kimpurushas, whose stand facing is the arithmetical denial and who are afterward followers of Kubera. A variety of verses in the Bhagavat Gita make costing to them.