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Sunday, April 30, 2006

What Is Freemasonry To You

What Is Freemasonry To You Cover If a non-Mason were to ask you, "What is Masonry?" how would you answer? To me, Masonry is the following:

1. In the lodge room, Speculative Masonry is information and inspiration
2. In the home, Masonry is kindness and fidelity.
3. In business relationships, Masonry is honesty and veracity.
4. In my daily work, Masonry is thoroughness and dependability.
5. In social contacts, Masonry is moderation and self-control.
6. Toward the fortunate , Masonry is congratulations and best wishes.
7. Toward the weak , Masonry is compassion and assistance.
8. Toward wickedness , Masonry is rebuke and resistance.
9. Toward the penitent , Masonry is forgiveness and another chance.
10. Finally, toward God , Masonry is reverence, love and obedience.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Agape Lodge

Agape Lodge Cover Agape Lodge No. 1 had been established in 1915 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada under the authority of Jones and Crowley. In the 1930s, Wilfred Talbot Smith (1885-1957), a charter member of Agape Lodge No. 1, moved from Vancouver on Instructions from Crowley to work with Jane Wolfe (1875-1958), who had been a student of Crowley's at Cefalu, to establish Agape Lodge No. 2 in Los Angeles, California. Smith and Wolfe gathered a group Together in Hollywood, California, and along with Regina Kahl (1891-1945), began to celebrate the Gnostic Mass on a weekly basis on Sunday, March 19, 1933. Agape Lodge No. 2 held its first meeting in 1935. Agape Lodge contributed greatly to Crowley's publishing efforts, and Crowley appointed Smith (Ramaka) as X° for the U.S.A. Later, Agape Lodge No. 2 moved to Pasadena, California, and was headed by John W. "Jack" Parsons (Belarion, 1914-1952), a respected chemical engineer and aerospace pioneer. Parsons was instrumental in the founding of both the California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and of Aerojet General.

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Friday, April 7, 2006

The Latin Picatrix Book I And Ii

The Latin Picatrix Book I And Ii Cover

Book: The Latin Picatrix Book I And Ii by Christopher Warnock

English translation from Pingree's Latin critical edition by John Michael Greer & Christopher Warnock.

Picatrix, known in Arabic as the Ghayat al-Hikam, the Goal of the Wise, is the most important grimoire of astrological magic. Written in Arabic circa AD 1000 and translated into Latin in 1256, the Picatrix explains both the philosophy and practice involved in the creation of astrological talismans. This clear and coherent English translation of books I & II of the four books of the Pingree critical edition of the Latin Picatrix is a key text for both the practitioner and scholar of medieval and Renaissance magic and includes instructions for hundreds of talismans for love, wealth, health, success and protection.

The Picatrix is for advanced astrologers only, specifically those comfortable with electing horoscopes. This is only half of the work, as the reader is then expected to fashion talismans during the elected moment. Not being a seasoned talisman maker, I cannot attest to the efficacy of the Picatrix talismans, but there is something here for everyone: Charms for love, the founding of cities, business and trade, the safe escape of convicts, and stopping gossip. It is important to note that this is a “limited review edition” of a finalized version that will come out in the next year or so. This means that the cover and layout of the preview is very basic, but serviceable. The most important point is that the translation was done by a knowledgeable astrologer for an astrological audience, and is therefore very clear and easy to read. The same is not true of other English translations of the Picatrix.

The Picatrix is a classic in the magico-astrological field, and, most likely, in the Top Ten Banned Books of All Time list. The Greer/Warnock translation is excellent; clear and non-intrusive, their easy prose does a complex, very niche topic justice at last. The cost is steep for a 140-page paperback, but presumably this is because of the small number of printed copies. Yet, a would-be astrological mage might consider this a low price to pay for lessons in controlling the very fabric of space-time (cue dramatic music). Let us join the Anonymous author in hoping that the book “might come only into the hands of the wise…and that whatever will be done by its means be performed for good and in the service of God.”

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