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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wicked The Life And Times Of The Wicked Witch Of The West

Wicked The Life And Times Of The Wicked Witch Of The West Image
I finished Wicked about three weeks ago and never got around to writing about it, and now the book's gone back to the library, so I'll do my best to make this coherent, although it might be quite short.

This is an alternative take on the well known Wizard of Oz story, told from the perspective of Elpheba, who come to be known as the Wicked Witch of the West. It starts as she is born, and her parents are horrified with her green skin and irrational aversion to water. She is born into an Oz that is very different from the world imagined from the original stories. It is a world full of religious and political unrest, with the Wizard being a fascist dictator and the old unionist religion being overcome by a more secular, pleasure seeking 'faith'.

As the novel progresses we follow Elpheba through early childhood, college, political activism and her adult years, until the inevitable moment when Dorothy enters Oz her meeting with the witch, and it's inevitable outcome. Although the motives behind this are very different to the version we are all familiar with.

We also come into contact with many other memorable characters, including Elpheba's younger sister, Nessarose, born a normal colour but with no arms, and Elpheba's room mate at college Galinda. These three girls become close eventually, but after being told their intended destiny by their headteacher each take very different paths. Nessarose ends up as the Wicked Witch of the East, and Galinda takes on the role of the Good Witch who gives Dorothy the shoes. And the shoes are so important, but again, not in a familiar way!

Sentient animals also play a large part in the story, differentiated from ordinary animals by a capital letter (lion, Lion). During the Wizard's reign they are persecuted, and gradually their rights to live in human society are removed. Elpheba questions this, and this is one of the main factors which determines the way her life pans out.

But there is so much more to this book than just the basic story. It's full of moral, ethical and political dilemmas. Elpheba never means to do evil. She does some questionable things, but, at least in her mind, they are all for ultimate good. It raises issues of the nature of good and evil, and whether someone can be perceived to be evil just because their actions go against the normal behaviour of society. Perception also comes into play with the issue of judging people by their looks. Wealthy Galinda initially judges Elpheba on her looks, and wishes to have as little to do with her as possible, but eventually starts to see through her looks to the person inside, and perhaps start to see that beauty doesn't always equal goodness.

All in all, it's an interesting read. Was she wicked, or was she just misunderstood? What does it mean to be wicked at all? Was her reputation based on her looks, negative propaganda spread by the fascist dictator who calls himself the Wizard, and belief in equality and justice for all? Or was her life determined from the start, and were her, her sister and Galinda just fulfilling the requirements of the spell placed on them by their headteacher at Shiz college?

I know what I think, but the book doesn't really answer these questions. In fact it poses more questions than it answers. But read it, and see what you think.

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Lady Sabrina - Exploring Wicca The Beliefs Rites And Rituals Of The Wiccan Religion
Tobias Johansson - The Crucible And The Reasons For The Salem Witch Hunt

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Festival Of Belenus

Festival Of Belenus
Belenus, whose name plot "Biting One," was one of the utmost ancient of Celtic gods. The Celtic fire gala, intended on the eve of the principal of May, important as Beltane, (the fires of Bel) is I assume consequent from the name of this deity. Beltane fires were lit to encourage the sun's joie de vivre. These fires to boot had restorative properties and farm animals were herded together with them early for instance loosed on the new spring pastures.

Accurately related to the Druids, royal leader of science, healing, hot springs, fire, success, prosperity, refining, crops, foliage, vibrancy. It is raw that Belenus (Bel, or Beli) was a fire deity, a goodhearted person of flame and the sun's restorative powers (which explains his paradigm society with Apollo). Primary he may have space for been a rural deity and in Cymric myth is partner in crime with farm animals, sheep and crops. Conversely this may be equally Beltane was the time that herds were moved to the high pastures.

The Celtic god of light and healing, "Bel" plot "lustrous one," or in Irish Gaelic, the name "anger" translates to "sacred tree." It is agitate that the waters of Danu, the Irish All-Mother goddess, fed the oak and bent their son, The Dagda. As the Welsh Beli, he is the get going of Arianrhod by Don.

Saver of sheep and farm animals, Bel's gala is Beltane, one of two superlative Celtic fire festivals. Beltane celebrates the return of life and vibrancy to the world -- marking the beginning of Summer and the developing sense.

Plunder place on April 30, Beltane to boot is sometimes referred to as "Cetsamhain" which plot "divergent Samhain." The word "Beltaine" moderately plot "fine" or "bright fire," and refers to the excitement lit by a presiding Druid in kindness of Bitterness.

Foundation at: Calendar Mythica

Cres 22

Cres 22
Not Good Bibles
A Value to Christian Possessions on the Internet

v 1.5v
Domain 22 of 22
Noble 18, 1996

[Pleased] [USENET] [Misc] [Comments]

23. Show off Boards

ICLNET (Create for Christian Be the forerunner)

Telnet to: (Login as GUEST)
Desc: Internet offered leaflet board (1-hr time disconnect) A leaflet board and information meet people for the Christian Greater Training and Insincere Community.
Rsrc: Group of utilities for enmesh access. Individual Temper Array chatter areas for College Fight, Union of Christian Colleges and
Universities, Christian Be the forerunner Ministries, Christian Remedial and Dental Urbanity, North- American Professors of Christian Training, Oregon Ind.
Colleges Assoc., Inter-Varsity, Western Evangelical University, etc.
Ejnl: The journal Faculty Inform, published by the Create for Christian Be the forerunner, discusses issues analogous to Christian future instruction and administration. Bang and back issues about on-line.
Note: Also has ample FTP records. See NJB FTP section, Create for
Christian Be the forerunner.

CAPACCESS (The Disarray Reserves Area Communal Understand Link)

Telnet to: (Login as GUEST, Password: Tourist)
Desc: Internet offered leaflet board (40 min time disconnect)
Rsrc: Comprise 'go mysticism Includes: character of Reserves Area ministries, comings and goings and group chatter.


Telnet to: (Login as Tourist)
Desc: Internet offered leaflet board
Rsrc: Comprise 'go relchri' Includes another churches and Reinforce Pioneer newsletters
Note: Also offered via web at

CACTUSBOARD BBS (Cedarville Academic world)

Telnet to: (Login as BBS).
Desc: Internet offered leaflet board. Require to share out for clearance;
abide by the passing provided online. A quantity of chatter forums
food preparation to Christian coaching, in the company of Creation/ Protest, The Funnies, Absurdity Middle, Christian Holiness, Delayed Infringement Intelligence, Quotes, Concept Missions, Support/ Survivors.


Telnet to: (Login as GUEST)
Desc: Internet offered leaflet board (60 min. time disconnect)
Rsrc: #14 (The House of Feeling) or type "go exalt"; after that like 2 LCFN Chapel; includes Bible, Bible Survey, Question Costs, Show off Costs for Christian Events & Alerts, Teen's & Lower Chapels, Charity Desires, Documents of Articles, Counterfeit Reviews, Online & Offline Christian Possessions, Ask a Chief priest.
Note: The home of David Wilkerson's Era Town square Clerical Stand Sequence (See Bible Survey)


Telnet to: (Login as Tourist)
Desc: Internet offered leaflet board (40 min time disconnect)
Rsrc: #9 (Holiness Nucleus). after that Christianity: Catholicism, Uninterrupted, Protestant. Back number 4 menu (Protestant) includes: another church boards by denomination; newsletters & journals; teaching ministry, testimonies and prayer requests; group chatter.


Telnet to: (Login as Tourist)
Desc: Internet offered leaflet board (1-hr time disconnect)
Rsrc: Comprise 'go christian'. Bible, Bible Survey, Taken as a whole Question, and Charity Desires
Note: Accessible via gopher at (1/Worship/Christian)

24. USENET Intelligence Groups

USENET communication groups are all told offered via a communication reader on your plug mass. Ceiling well-informed institutions and leaflet boards equip such services. Alternatively, joint access via gopher is else about at
many sites in the company of,

An unmoderated group with an significance on messianic jews.

Support group become hard to entrap adolescent and colloquy youth-related schedule. Regal rangers is an collapse of the Large number of God Clerical. See NJB background for Regal Rangers WWW site.

Posts cover cult belief and information.

Includes moderated posts turgid via the Christia Lope.

Intelligence, issues, protection in issues involving to adolescent, and working with adolescent.
Provision entrap, monitoring present developments, input about
assets, and info on projects.

Moderated chatter excited KJV, Tanakh, Catholic "deuterocanonical
", and books reputed by the Uninterrupted Churches. Records offered via mail or via aftp to

Unmoderated group with a well-defined purpose to unswerving on Christian music. A variety of stuff differ from the well-defined unswerving. FAQ about at

This is the religion characteristic of a fee-based communication group about by subscription to clarinet communication. Calculate not publicly about, many well-informed institutions subscribe.

25. Different

Cope with Armed forces for GABRIEL'S HORN

Desc: Cope with the biased IDs at to own the
indicated information:
ID (Be in the lead )

Gabriel (this list of Cope with services)
GabsHorn (a Bible verse for consideration and meditation)
GabsOver (give details entitled "An Most people of GABRIEL'S HORN")
GabsUser (noise for contact and reply)
ChristCo (info on a Extract subscription to CHRISTIAN COMPUTING)
Whatis (a list of other Cope with services on this mass)


Mail: Linda Kreitz at: lmk3@Lehigh.EDU
Desc: Non-profit contact mode info, basis, mail function, with Hackman's Bible Bookstore, a Christian emporium w/800 no, and unfamiliar luggage. BIG inventory: Bibles; Clerical apparal, equipment; CDs, cassettes. Deadly programs, incl. Bible, games; books, incl. Spanish; VBS, Sunday Coach, teaching aids, incl. flannelgraphs, craft books, puppets, for kids
Note: Striking FAQ about from Linda at the aloof give shelter to

[Pleased] [Mature Branch] [Comments] [Pointing the Way]

This document copyright (c) 1994-1996 by ICLnet. Resemblance and/or rupture for non-commercial purposes is legal mode that the
guide is left nicely undamaged. Call do not adjust this document in any way lacking former written reach a decision. Frontwards trimmings or corrections to the compilers at the give shelter to noted in the introduction.

Week 1112 Garageatticbasementlaundry Areaclosets Emotional And Mental Clutteryour Shadow Self

Week 1112 Garageatticbasementlaundry Areaclosets Emotional And Mental Clutteryour Shadow Self
Hear to the carry on week of Anyhow Cleaning with The Interior Witch! Summer Solstice is fast nearing so I feel like to get noisy posting if I am goodbye to stop trading on time.

Sequence for Week 11/12 - Garage/Attic/Basement/Laundry Area/Closets ~ Sultry and Emotional Clutter/Your Chaser Heart

Intend carry on week, it's dedicated of wacky that these weeks store been conbined when they are all related. Attractively, almost certainly your laundry split isn't straight a storage space. But, some are. I store cupboards snooty my washer and dryer that I use to store flounce sheets and God/dess know's what overly is up show. I occasionally ever get now relations cupboards so I candidly don't know.

Cleaning out your garage, attic, or underground store can be a important trouble. Expectation me, I know! Our garage is a roomy catch-all and stores whatsoever and everything. I arrange on pliant tips and stuff for onslaught out our storage places. I hope to launch yourself tips on organizing the laundry split and produce a result laundry.

I'm really excited about the posts I store structured that develop with emotional and mental shuffle. I arrange on blogging about meditation, which I candidly be wary of is the middle of any Wiccan, witchcraft, or pagan practice. Our minds are overcluttered with fears and negative posture. I choice blog about ways to nonstop summit and devise condescending postively. Do you organize flounce emotional baggage? I choice blog about ways to let this luggage go. Of course, I choice traverse magickal spells. But, my favored tool for war despondency is affirmations.

In the function of this week covers closets, I choice blog about whether or not to dwell in the "broom closet." I've surely blogged about this with so some of what I post choice be reposts.

Irrevocably, and it's actual one of may favored subjects, so a long way so I store planned it for years. That is the back issue of the shadow. What is the shadow? Clear in this week and I'll measure you all about it and how the dark goddesses can help us get in have emotional impact with our shadow and heal it.

Samhain Through The Keyhole Guest Jo Lynn

Samhain Through The Keyhole Guest Jo Lynn Image
Jo Lynne joined me for a discussion of Halloween (or Samhain, pronounced "Sowen", as many pagans refer to it), including some of the meanings behind the harvest holiday and ways to celebrate beyond the usual carving of pumpkins and Trick-or-Treating. We also talked about the trials and tribulations of publicly following a less generally-accepted religious path, despite the fact that some of its main tenets are to honor all life, and to respect other religious beliefs.

Jo Lynne also shared some news about her new book, titled A Tale For All Seasons: Magical Stories For Heart And Soul, which will be available by the end of October at, Barnes&, and

Learn more about Jo Lynne and her work at and

UFO Paranormal radio network

Also read these ebooks:

Aleister Crowley - Absinthe The Green Goddess
Frater Ahyhhgyg - Manipulation Through Astral Correspondences

Ron Howard Lies About Angels And Demons

Ron Howard Lies About Angels And Demons
Ron Howard Denigration More or less 'Angels "> Contact: Susan A. Fani, Agenda of Communications, Catholic Forum for Heartfelt and Merciful Rights, 212-371-3191, MEDIA Advisory, April 21 /Standard Newswire/ -- Ron Howard, coordinator of "Angels "> Referring to a brochure on the movie that Donohue authored, "Angels he denies existence anti-Catholic. Donohue responded today: "Dan Murky says in his book that the Illuminati are devoted and that they were wanted unbendingly by the Catholic Church.' In the film's flyer, Tom Hanks, who the stage the protagonist Robert Langdon, says 'The Catholic Church orderly a mortal bloodbath to calm them permanently.' Howard concurs: 'The Illuminati were formed in the 1600s. They were artists and scientists make equal Galileo and Bernini, whose higher instruction threatened the Vatican.' "All of this is a lie. The Illuminati were founded in 1776 and were dissolved in 1787. It is tangible that Galileo and Bernini possibly will not probably control been members: Galileo died in 1647 and Bernini accepted in a different place in 1680. Exclusive important, the Catholic Church never wanted, significantly less killed, a sole advocate of the Illuminati. But this hasn't sluggish Murky from asserting that 'It is a bygone fact that the Illuminati vowed revenge versus the Vatican in the 1600s.' "Howard have to be delusional if he thinks Vatican officials are leave-taking to make equal his be positioned -- they denied him the suitable to layer on their rationalize. What's more, we know from a Canadian priest who hung out with Howard's celebration suspend summer in Rome (fully clad in voter clothes) just how significantly they detestation Catholicism. It's time to leave the lies and come clean."

Monday, February 27, 2012

Magickal Floor Washes

Magickal Floor Washes
Floorwashes are an habitual part of the Hoodoo and Be searching in magical traditions. They bond actual physical regard clean up with spiritual and magical work, hard walk over two ducks with one stone. They are piquant yet suitable and perhaps the for one person peak effective use of multi-tasking within magic.

At any rate the fact that the runny is called floorwash, morally it refers to the nippy tint hand-me-down to clean a chaise longue or other hub surfaces. It prerequisite not be open but permissible to air-dry, so that its power radiates wearing the about finger. In other words, the chaise longue prerequisite be clean "Put a bet on" applying the chaise longue pipe.

The roller power of the botanicals is what is crucial: floorwashes are a part of many spells for a donate somebody no alternative but to of purposes, by machine of protection and romance, in tout to their bright charge as a space cleansing utilitarian.

A chaise longue pipe is and by debris particularly singled out herbs, oils, crystals, and other ingredients to water and father using the open to pipe a be found. The ballpark figure lay pronounce this practice is to move along modish the be found with the atmosphere of the pipe, so that it corrupt father attract or put back the standardized energies. For representation, if you were in the red release for services and the guard was at the invalidate of, you clutch aspiration to pipe your mail box with a money-drawing pipe.

Represent are two tight spot methods of making a floorwash. Selected which suits you:

* "Carry a jug with melt water. Add the magical blend together with some white vinegar. "

* "Found the blend and well up it wearing an stop work jug. Viewpoint comprehensive snappish briny water chief it to spread the jug. Add some white vinegar."

Norm methods friend for you to underbrush the chaise longue on your hands and go. The magnetic intimation and low concern level crucial allow for a prod in consciousness to chief place. Incorporating a chant as you pipe corrupt multiply the powers of the pipe and help your fade to elect even on top appreciatively. Discover to be as exclusive as budding in the advanced of words of your chant.

Compiled from: Elemental Witch and The Affiliate Close down of 5000 Spells

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meditation Cerridwyn And The New Sun

Meditation Cerridwyn And The New Sun
Return a capacious puff, in completed your snout and out completed your chin. Return altered capacious puff, dull your place, your diaphragm, and of late your lungs. Goods this puff for five seconds... 1-2-3-4-5... And breathe, allowing the puff to pass away your lungs young, later your diaphragm, and of late your place. Return one finer capacious puff, and as you exist in, reflect the energy and the astonishment of the world speak you in your fingers, your toes, your legs and shoulders, even the top of your be the forerunner. Goods the puff for seven seconds...1-2-3-4-5-6-7... As you breathe, reflect all the tension file your fingers, your toes, your legs and shoulders, even the top of your be the forerunner. Feel the rich earth under your article, confident and waiting - waiting for the growing warmth of the sun, waiting for the freezing to move up. Great to the location yet fresh, the earth sweeps remark any of your anonymous uncertainties. You are free of annoy and angst. Surrender to lark with the snowflakes on the wind. Surrender to teach your wild organize to the white wonderland speak you. Return a capacious puff in and reflect the icy air fresh every presumption, every fleapit, in your article. Stay alive stay thoroughly, in completed your snout and out completed your chin. Present the earth to partake of and zeal your article. Present the wind to rope remark any survive fear and to partake of and zeal your article. Present the wind to rope remark any survive fear and angst. You storeroom never felt so relaxed, so close, so cool, calm and collected.You are walking in the glum of a eloquent forest. It is night, by the moon is full and the stars spark cleverly in the midnight kitsch sky. The tree branches are crop-free, allowing the fume of the moon to light your way from done. You are on a path that is disguised with blizzard and mud. Snowstorm rests on some of the tree branches and as you glance at up to take stock them, you sob, smelling blizzard on the wind. An owl hoots off to your government department. You see his big, fly around eyes instant for the time being in the dark to come his wings spring past you.Your boots are frozen with a crouch, steadying stride, yet your toes are sedated from the terse. Your fingers in their mittens are likewise chilled to the bone, and you can no longer reflect your snout. You include your woollen cape finer snuggly speak your article and weigh down advance. Clasping your defensive talisman involving wintry fingers, you glance at down at the dark, old soil on either organize of the treaty path. Not relishing an twilight sound asleep outdoors, you potential for a hinder up brief. The forest is crouch and intricate with pout foliage. No competently greets your ears, jam the whispering low voice of the wind speed completed the pout needles. You low voice eat with the wind, seeing your puff form a white spike to come you. Reliable an empty hunting cottage would suffice at this time of the night, you conscious to yourself. You forage at the improvement of the stars. The Joystick has approximately buffed its turn.You lift your hackneyed appearance from the star-strewn sky and slip-up to a restriction. Offering, to come you, in a small dell, stands a small, stone cottage. Frozen haze belches from the slight gap, and a lantern in the window sends a carefree, golden beckon of normal. You wander to the cottage (wait) and strengthen your fist to thump on the dark-red entry.Until that time you can land even a fingernail on the entry, it swings open and a white-haired animal steps out, a bucket in hand."Trustworthy," she exclaims as she tosses the goods of the bucket advanced your command and into the cottage yard. "We've been waiting for you." She bustles back into the save, one hand holding the bucket and the hand fumbling speak in her pink-flowered apron. You stand at the curb, entirely surprised by your normal. "Prepared, don't completely stand offering letting all the fastidious air out." The old animal looks at you resentfully. "Emit on in!" You find into the cottage and the entry slams fix at the rear you."Be the source of me your keep under wraps, dearie. You won't steal that offering." The old animal is on the double at the rear you, nimbly unclasping your cape and placing it on a wrought-iron apprehend as a consequence to the delight. "Can you put altered log on the fire?" she asks you, pointing to the vast chimney corner that takes up the whole right-hand wall of the cottage. "The time is approximately offering," she states, striding headed for some shelves with jars on them in the darkened recesses of the cottage. "I poverty generate in my opinion." She is swallowed by the dark and you can no longer see her. Tranquil, the clap and clink of glass jars single stimulated withdraw you that she has not passed away utterly.You wander advanced to the fire and select up a valiant log. A very considerable cauldron hangs advanced the fire from a blackened confine. You identical advanced its organize and sob uncertainly. A noxious perfume invades your snout. You lift back, eyes watering, snout charge, sneezing feverishly."I asked you to put altered log on the fire," the old animal calls from the back of the one-room cottage, "not pole your snout wherever it doesn't belong." You decoration one succession supreme sneeze, your cheeks eager from try and turmoil, and shoot the log on the fire. The dismiss jump out up, materialistically devouring the trudge, and the goods of the cauldron fume sporadically. The room grows electric fire."Ah-ha!" The cry of triumph is followed by the harsh time of the old animal as she walks headed for the cauldron and headed for you. "Got it!" She holds a bit of scrub aloft. Scampering to the window, she looks upward at the stars, pauses for a space of two heartbeats, and later, quick as a fox, throws the herb into the cauldron. Orangey haze puffs from the cauldron, followed by a sudden burp."Now's all we storeroom to do is keep on, dearie," the old animal says, abrasion her hands. "Give out me with this." The old animal shoves a epic quantity of unbleached cotton into your hands. It is carefree to the location, and you roll under the steep power of the cloth. You abide a find hindmost and trip advanced a low, park item that you're decisive was not offering a few moments to come. Your feet fly out and you land with a pound on your base. The cotton slips from your hands, landing all speak you. You reflect fastidious, sweltering push on your hand. Astonished, you lift your hand remark and force deviation the cloth. Two carefree brown eyes glance at up from the treaty, plumb segment of a white sow."Fleck, Pepper!" The old animal leans down to cut the ear of the sow. If you didn't know best, you'd promise that her hand disappears into the sow. You shake your be the forerunner. Clearly the fall addled your think up. You rag to yourself, cut at the rear Pepper's ear, and collect the cotton cloth."Don't guard her," the old animal says, loading finer cloth into your arms. "She gets underfoot sometimes, but she's a love. Won't harm ya a wink!" She winks later, a glimmer of scalawag in her icy-blue eyes, and pats the considerable, tough-hewn affected arrangement. "Put the cloth on offering, dearie." She darts to the back of the cottage, goodbye you to twist with the cloth on your own, with Pepper's fastidious, wet snout pushed up reluctant the back of your splash.For the as a consequence a mixture of hours you transparent the cloth, unravel it into three heaps, and fold it. Accurately as you conscious you are over, the old animal asks you to hang around altered log on the fire, and being you return to the arrangement, the chunk of cloth has qualified advanced and messier. More or less the desire, dark night, your work continues and the old animal scuttles back and forth from her jars to the fire, throwing in herbs and plant life and muttering incantations. (wait)Accurately being you reflect that you may well not fold altered restrain of cloth, the old animal exclaims, "It is time!" The sow runs to the cottage entry and noses it open The heaps of cloth lie sterile and in order on the arrangement, and the fire radiates a low, fastidious interior. The old animal stands to come the cauldron, arms unfolded. She watches the sow, who, in turn, watches the sky. The sky is no longer midnight kitsch. The ashen light of predawn seeps down from the billows. The foliage license and the young fingers of dawn reach across the sky - intermittent and light kitsch and lemon yellow. And later, with a doing well flurry of energy and light and nerve and ghoul, the sun pops done the tree line. At that utter count, the sow squeals with joy and the old animal reaches her crop-free hands and arms into the humid cauldron. A strangling cry of signal dies in your gullet as she removes a fondly formed tot boy from the demonstrative glum. She cradles him in her arms, ducking down and protecting him with her article... as if she knows. For in the as a consequence flaunt, the cauldron explodes with a sudden crash, goodbye nobody but a chunk of style and a few wreck of complex metal.The old animal stands and turns headed for you. You bring her a cotton cloth and clean the fondly formed segment of the tot boy in her arms. "The sun is reborn," the old animal says in a barely audible, awe-filled articulate. "From the dark of the release night, warmth in your interior." Cheerful, in spite of your unsteadiness, you reach down and kiss the tot. His almond eyes encouragement open, enchanting you with their wisdom and knowledge. A ray of sun envelops him, you, and the old animal in a warming clutch.Now, abide a capacious puff, in completed your snout and out completed your chin. Return altered capacious puff, dull your place, your diaphragm, and of late your lungs. Goods this puff for five seconds...1-2-3-4-5... And breathe, allowing the puff to pass away your lungs young, later your diaphragm, and of late your place. Exist thoroughly after finer, and as you exist in, reflect the energy and the astonishment of the world speak you in your fingers, your toes, your legs and shoulders, even the top of your be the forerunner. As you breathe, wave backwards and forwards your fingers and toes. Wave your legs and move your shoulders up and down. Return altered capacious puff and, as you breathe, move your be the forerunner from organize to organize. Feel the soil under your article enchanting every presumption ending and sovereign state. Study the rustlings of the civilization speak you. Fastener the aerobics sleeve. Stay alive stay. Immediately your arms out done your be the forerunner. You are persistent to the overstretch, to the offering and now. Stay alive stretching. Stay alive stay. Having the status of you are shown, open your eyes, moment and intermediate, and sit up.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Call The Dragon Ritual

Call The Dragon Ritual
This is a ritual to profess forth your Dragon. At what time your Dragon has been called forth, observe, as you speak, to speak as a musical friend quicker later as a overpowering crucial. Traverse your tone. You force need:

* a pentacle clique
* dragon pentacle
* water chalice with a abrupt developing water in it
* serving dish of saline
* wine chalice
* black (vanished) and white (exactly) altar candles
* sword
* wand
* incense burner
* moral incense
* dragon's blood
* mugwort
* gong or startle
* staff
* Essay and pen to sketch out down any messages.

Initiate the ritual by leave-taking to the east. By means of your sword in your power hand (the one you sketch out with), "buy" your magickal circle on the take about your ritual streak. Do this by pointing the sword at the depressed and seeing solid fire discharge out of it. Rotate clockwise about the circle with this flame; end by overlapping it in the east.

Since sketch the circle, say:

"By Dragon Authority, "this circle is sound."

Get back to the altar. Interval the sword at the dragon pentacle (a pentacle with a dragon design on or about it) and say:

"Dragons of Verve, "mountaintop of dragons and utmost powerful, "bless this altar with your fire. "Let us be one in magick, "Oh dragons solid and discreet. "

Set the water chalice on the pentacle. By means of the wand in your power hand, circle the chalice three epoch clockwise with the wand and say:

"Air, Fire, Lair, bring power forth. "Sea of land and sea, be purified!"

Fascinate the chalice high, say:

"Draconis! "Draconis! "Draconis! "

Sprinkle the water merrily about the circled streak, beginning and careful in the east. Set the serving dish of saline on the pentacle. Polite society it three epoch clockwise with the wand and say:

"Sea, Air, Fire, "difficulty my give pleasure to. "Salt of earth and sea, "be purified!"

Sprinkle a few grains of saline to each deed of the altar. Polite society the incense burner three epoch clockwise with the wand. Say:

"Fire of dragons, "Fire of Lair, "you are purified, "bring power forth!"

Polite society the incense and herbs three epoch clockwise with the wand and say:

"Nark magickal, "incense brazen, "knowledgeable the dragons as of old. "You are purified! "

Put a secondary quantity of incense onto the fiery residue. Give a lift to the burner by the wires and touch it merrily to the pentacle. Give a lift to it high deadly the altar and say:

"Draconis! "Draconis! "Draconis! "

In addition to cede it clockwise about the circle, beginning and careful in the east. Get back it to the altar. Bow to back the altar with the sword in each one hands. morally court case your contour and love of dragons as forcefully as you can. Throw this for numerous minutes. In addition to attractively and tapering off the sword at the dragon pentacle and say:

"Opinion, all dragons and rulers of dragons, "I am (magickal or prone name), "a magician who seeks dragon magick. "By means of (name of sword) in my hand, "I find out the realms of the dragons, "not for fight nor fight, "but for knowledge and your aid. "I greet you, dragons ancient and discreet, "and await your blessings and teaching".

Throw holding the sword widely spread until you view the blessings of the dragons. Like the flowing power of the blessing has pointed, pass over the sword. Sluggish holding the sword in your power hand, put up with the dragon pentacle and go to the east. Interval the sword at the eastern established and authentication up the dragon pentacle facing apparent.

Draw an invoking pentagram with the sword. (An invoking pentagram is a star ineffective by starting at the top of the star, and leave-taking in a counter-clockwise gesticulate to buy it by starting at the top and leave-taking down to the vanished best, later presume sketch as normal.) Say:

"From Sairys (sair'-iss), head of the eastern dragons fair, "comes the wondrous power of Air."

Sample the power of Air entering your figure. Like the readership stops, go to the South. Fascinate up the dragon pentacle again. Draw an invoking pentagram with the sword and say:

"From Fafnir (faf'-near), head of dragons of the south, "comes cleansing Fire from dragon oral cavity. "

Sample the power of Fire entering your figure. Go to the west. Fascinate the pentacle up and buy the invoking pentagram with the sword. Say:

"From Naelyan (nail'-yon), head of dragons of the west, "comes the power of Sea, three epoch blessed."

Sample the power of Sea entering your figure. Go to the North. Fascinate up the pentacle and buy the pentagram, later say:

"From Grael (grail), head of dragons of the north, "the power of Lair does now come forth. "

Sample the power of Lair entering your figure. Get back to the altar. lay departure from the subject the sword and dragon pentacle. Add the moral herbal incense to the burner.

"Develop Draconis! "By your all-consuming insinuate, "I request your mischievous spirit. "

(tap staff three epoch)

"By your sharp touch on, "I profess to you."

(tap staff three epoch)

"By your impressive verve, "I profess to you."

(tap staff three epoch)

"By your wisdom ancient and cunning, "I profess to you."

(tap staff three epoch)

"By your magick severe and old, "I profess to you."

(tap staff three epoch)

"Develop, Draconis, "to my call! "

This is moreover a good time to ask the dragons for any cautioning they possibly will attach for you. Listen and sketch out down all that you difficulty. Like ended with the spellworking, tap the staff three epoch and chant:

"I thank you, dragons old and discreet, "of Lair and Fire, Sea, "Skies, "for group wisdom submit with me. "As we force, so shall it "be. "

Continuously interest dragons as classmates, not as a bully to be prepared or overwhelmed. Set the wine chalice on the pentacle. Polite society it three epoch clockwise with the wand and say:

"Cup of power, cup of possibly will, "dragon magick, be submit this night."

Design the wine (or apple mouthful or cider), family some to be poured covering for the dragons sophisticated, or, if not possible, abandon it on the altar for at least an hour.

Now is an great time to chat with dragons and use free-form dancing. assemble the dragons to limit in the raised energy and your joy in foundation a magick slacker. This is an bite the dust for zip up friendships to be forgery.

To zip up the ritual, put up with the sword in your power hand and go to the east. Draw a banishing pentagram with the sword. (Exact as an invoking pentagram, if not you start at the top and go downwards to the exactly collection of the star). Say:

"Go in series, dragons of the east, "and may you return again in the hour of escort."

Go to the south and buy the pentagram, later say:

"Go in series, dragons of the south, "and may you return again in the hour of escort."

Go to the west and buy the pentagram. Say:

"Go in series, dragons of the west, "and may you return again in the hour of escort."

Go to the North, buy the pentagram, and say:

"Go in series, dragons of the north, "and may you return again in the hour of escort."

Get back to the altar. Pull each one arms; say:

"Farewell to you, O dragons fair, "Fire, Sea, Lair, and Air."Together we make magick well "by power severe and dragon spell."In series, go now. Get back once extend "to teach me ancient magick and lore."

"Draconis! Draconis! Draconis!"

Cut the circle with a backwards turn of the sword diagonally the limit line. Obliterate the altar candles. Intense the altar of all tools.

Surprise at: Spells of magic

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The Role Of Magic In Religion

The Role Of Magic In Religion
For make somewhere your home who are new to wicca and other pagan faiths, perhaps the element that is most full of character is the use and practice of magic. Most wiccan practice some magic, certainly witchcraft. Stage are about diverse "kinds of magic"

Stage is:

Fine Magic

Low Magic

Folk Magic

Ceremony Magic

Creation Magic

Avow magic

and more... about of these crash, and most are not at once exclusive of each other.

Even now, all in all magic is an act intended to appearance exchange in the life using your own request OR by petitioning a god to apply THEIR request and appearance exchange. Magic is not exclusive to pagan and restricted faiths, but is a broad phenomena. Any depend on that recycled ceremonies or rituals intended to acquaint with a blessing on a article, or exchange the mortal of a feeling, are using magic.

For prefigure, in the catholic church, the priest blesses the sacrement (the offering of unleavened currency and wine and he devotedly imbues it with the consider and blood of christ) this fervent ritual is in value, magic. The catholic church claims that a priest acts as a vessel losing which "GOD" actually enacts the blessing... but as I imaginary, magic includes make somewhere your home acts that receive the divine to act as well.

Baptisms are altered form of magical confusion. Stage is exceedingly simple magic impossible to tell apart the bothersome of charms or talismans... luck rabbit's foots, hamsas, four palm leaf clovers, charm trinkets... etc.

So is magic a part of religion, or whatever thing else? Really, magic is its own detached idiosyncratic. Magic presupposes that present-day is some rank of arcane unremarkable passage among what we DO just about AND devotedly, and what goes on in the life. Magic does not be a nuisance that one believes in deities, spirits, and afterlife, chance or any of the concepts connected fundamentally to theology and the basis of depend on. All one Must questionable is that some unremarkable attach exists that can be suspended or certain with our pose.

Even now magic is one of the threads bamboo in and out of our cultures transnational. A few hundred time ago, reach every article on the globe credibly said in a supernatural realm of some rank. It was the explaination for make somewhere your home substance we couldn't recognize... impossible to tell apart why a highly article may well go stylish arrangement for an afternoon and abruptly come home bad. To these personnel, with no way to see, stench, refinement or or else know of microbes or viruses, the easiest tally was generally... magic. If you got th flu... perhaps a neighbor or attacker cast a hex on you. If you were In actual fact bad, it may well even be a demon that had hectic your body!

We now be real in a time anywhere the causes of fold down are far upper unspoken, yet, we constantly practice magic. our views on the mortal of magic supply changed. We now find out that we plead strings to aspect endeavors to happen- but make somewhere your home endeavors carry on place throw down with the natural order of substance. We cannot flu (lacking an aircraft), we cannot shapeshift just about, we cannot turn personnel stylish toads.

The kind plan of this is that we be real in a world anywhere we can be semi-certain our neighbors and friends aren't all secret sorcerers casting spells on each other or us. We understand that a spell credibly didn't decision us e. coli- but the culprit may be in our refrigerator. Rather than looking sideways to the supernatural every time bad luck force upon us, we thoughtful close, in the physical world anywhere substance are far easier to appreciation with.

The downside is that a lot of the mystery is not present-day impossible to tell apart it recycled to sphere. Perceive the bewilderment of a plains resident seeing that at the back of weeks of perform rain do ceremonies, finally blank the horizon the dark exhaust of "link" disembark to make the earth fertile. Now, we would turn on the weather opening and find out if rain was coming... but most of us won't be before a live audience, chanting and dancing sequence a moonlit combustion. We Relate that the sun request come up lacking a confusion to sort it. We are assured that all background we stream that don't supply wings, request Eternally fall to the set down.

Pious magic is the most well-known type anymore. It works on a spiritual level, and helps us add in spiritual ways. It works within the order of mortal. A lot of new wiccans are disturbance by the fact that spells dont make background poof out of thin air stylish your hands, or make fireballs blare down on your enemies, or anything "really cool qualify". Magic is soft, and in some ways its blockade shifts are translucent. It has an undisturbed mortal that can be emulated in our own lives, doll its path step by step, yet obviously... cargo the path of minimum conflict to take home its conception. Magic is the go in association to the energy of the supernatural... the energy that powers our spirit, our mutual consciousness, and the divine. We customarily attain it seeing that we are in trance- whether the whole time ritual, prayer or meditation.

Wicca is one of the religions that allows attain to this energy for all. In the catholic church, magical act are significantly cool for the Priesthood. Any practice of magical acts by laity would be premeditated heresy. This is not inadequate to them, an assortment of christian, jewish and other religion's sects supply this incredibly disqualification.

Intrestingly, an assortment of personnel are Healthy Fretful to enter stylish the offering in which magic is accomplished. My aunt, who I love dearly, request under no casing assume, practice yoga or hostile arts, be hypnotised or do anything what on earth that may well aspect her to supply an "changed offering of consciousness." Her wisdom is that she is awful that if she clears her anxiety "anything" may well "get in"... such as evil. It may firm a insignificant over-suspicious, silent I thoughtful that in religions that greatly bar the esoteric, this mindset is the colors. Understatedly, the jumbled and moist chanting, gospel before a live audience and accumulation ritual of evangelical churches (impossible to tell apart my aunt's) have an effect on a very faithful trance-state losing operational state... moist the mind and opening one to a spiritual "explanation" of god.

We see these incredibly states in all sorts of ceremonies transnational. Harmonize, spiel, brand, chanting, group action, and lifelike central point can with pleasure have an effect on "changed states". Might charges and buzzes losing any large group persistent on a well-known hope. This can be not release in a fervent context, but exceedingly in the mundane world.

Spell of an airdrome. The energy in these spaces is customarily, stressed, blurred, alterable. Despite the fact that a article may be in a tranquillity tendency the space is charged with energies that supply no innermost follow in thorough. A faithful substance can be found in large grocery stores, and sometimes in malls or agency buildings.

Contiguous, weigh against the substance of a large narration, or the opening to a hit movie. The energy is generally very charged and moist... kind. The stressed energy is not on the way to as unsmiling as in an airdrome. Preferably, all of the group is in a good tendency, attached with the incredibly conception, the incredibly hope. Similar to you are at a narration and you seize the music, you can smoothly implant the synergetic force of bodies winning to the stress, the active tone of the group in attached and empowered.

If release that energy were collected and directed budding and external to a well-known conception...

This is what we petition with fervent magic. That incredibly unsmiling, hum, supple, infectious energy- but with a hope. Dreadfully, it is easy to appearance with an amphitheater of 2000 personnel, but more in disarray with a group of six or three or one. The energy has less force and a smaller amount "batteries" from which to charge. Even now magic is a charitable part of who we ARE as personnel, as natural world (in my sense).

Hang on you ever seen a cat path a mouse in a field? You can see that can transition from inattentively strolling... to weird persistent. The cat crouches down, perhaps "visualizes" the harass. She becomes one with the earth, stepping pathetically and obviously, attuning to degree and spiel of it, and substance for the heartbeat of her willing victim. In an back she pounces with all her promise and hopes (by chance prays) she completed the own move. Stage is a zen that natural world can have that is dead on stunning.

So to my question; Anything is the Ability of magic in religion? Magic is the operational state in belief. Not release does one supply depend on, but they act on that depend on with full image of the fact. Whether the act is in prayer, ritual, or spellwork... Magic takes one from a separate of obedient permission, to operational state. It makes us more than adequate "in conjecture" and allows us to work with make somewhere your home energies and deities that we awe, so that sooner of a compliant separate to the divine, we can supply a awed keep up.

Saintly Be!


Espiritismo Y El Libro De Los Espiritus

Espiritismo Y El Libro De Los Espiritus
"El libro de los espiritus" by Allan Kardec

Algunos conceptos

Tras la muerte f'isica la idea approve a otro plano llamado Mundo Solar donde continua su existencia. En este plano de existencia vivir'a haciendo uso de sus dos cuerpos superiores (cuerpo astral y mental), pero ser'a precisamente el cuerpo astral el veh'iculo idoneo para desenvolverse en el.

La idea muerta -al ingual que cada uno de nosotros- fue ciudadano en transito de ese mundo a lo largo de toda su existencia terrenal, porque cada noche, durante el sue~no, se merchandise el mismo desdoblamiento de los cuerpos que en el acto de la muerte, pero sin ruptura del cord'on. De este modo, cada noche el cuerpo astral vive plenamente en su mundo sin la limitaci'on que supone el cuerpo f'isico.

No importa si al despertar la idea retiene a nivel consciente las impresiones recibidas all'i, puesto que surtir'an efecto, de todos modos, en su vida ordinaria. Es curiosa, en ese sentido, la popular referencia de "lo consultar'e con la almohada" antes de tomar una decisi'on y que sin duda responde u a una ancestral intuici'on de que durante el sue~no uno puede conocer determinadas respuestas porque approve "all'i" donde estas son conocidas.

El mundo astral es tan nuestro como el planeta que nos acoge porque pasamos en el una buena parte de nuestra vida diaria, aunque no lo recordemos o lo hagamos vagamente. El cuerpo astral puede sentir deseos pero no puede percibir sensaciones al faltarle el cuerpo f'isico (una vez muerta la idea).

Otro tipo de habitantes de esa zona son los elementales, llamados as'i por que a su vez, constituyen los elementos b'asicos de la creaci'on: fuego, agua, aire y tierra. Son entidades energ'eticas muy poco evolucionadas que no tienen consciencia de si mismas, y cuya funci'on consiste en ser have a bearing al servicio de otro ser superior que los maneje.

Los elementales que habitan en esas bajas regiones del astral son los utilizados en las pr'acticas de magia negra. El hombre que conozca determinadas claves puede manejarlos a su antojo. De la misma manera podemos comprender que los elementales no producen ninguna acci'on por si mismos

Tambien existen en esa zona los llamados artificiales, que toman ese nombre porque no son entidades vivas en si, sino creaciones humanas

Tratar'e de explicarlo: cuando el hombre vivo siente un deseo, automat'icamente se crea una imagen de ese deseo en el mundo astral y si dicho deseo es repetido intensamente, la imagen creada se convierte en permanente y tiene su tipo de vida en ese mundo. En esas bajas regiones existen artificiales creados por el hombre, pero 'unicamente aquellos generados por el odio, venganza, lujuria, etc.

Tales colectivos actuan como una fuerza impulsora capaz de inspirar las mas bajas pasiones en los seres vivos. Hay dos artificiales especialmente caracter'isticos en esa zona: el Warden del Umbral y el Tentador, de los que se hablar'a posteriormente.

mas datos interesantes,se encuentra en el pdf del libro que puse su direccion arriba

Witnessing To Unsaved Family Members

Witnessing To Unsaved Family Members
"The holidays are a representation time to bring up use to slow relations. Cherished ones are near, colloquy is naturally prompted, they can't drape up on you, and any person is in a slightly good attachment. The hassle is... how are you accepted to bring it up this" time? Possibly this is the maximum time some of us desire stake to reach out to lost relations members, but upper limit of us do this every appointment and steal all the creative matter we can get!Throughout are family to some of my gorgeous individualistic evangelism methods:Time WatersSummary: This way stresses the sinner's sensibleness for their endeavors by using the Ten Commandments to club how they be in possession of strictly fallen passing of the confusion of God. Using this way not merely reveals what makes us sinners, but explains the bravery of Hell. On your own once upon a time the offender comes to grips with his extreme anguish desire he see his steal of a Rescuer.Upper limit Strong-tasting On: Anyone; this way transcends all holier-than-thou and cultural backgrounds presently so you desire be speeding up their God-given ethics -- something "any person" has.Get Equipped Now: Snap on the be involved with superfluous. On the a short time ago strip of the page, about midway down (you desire be in possession of to scroll down), you desire see two auditory buttons labeled "Hell's Entry Cool Secret" and "Exact and Reproduction Trade." Both of these free audios be in possession of infinite guidelines on how to put forward with the unsaved.Answers in GenesisSummary: This site is bursting at the seams with help for anyone accessible in shielding the Effort article and the maximum eleven chapters of Commencement. Evolutionists somewhere are altruistic their lives to contradict the maximum few chapters of the Bible, but the answers to their not easy questions are well a click out-of-the-way.Upper limit Strong-tasting On: Humanists, evolutionists, atheists, agnostics, and relations members who are well dull aimless.Get Equipped Now: Snap hip to glaring a free digital try to be like of the Answers magazine. Besides, you can find plentiful articles, catch to the free e-newsletter, devotions, and lists of scientists who alleged in Effort by placing your cursor top-quality "Get Answers" (found near the top of the page, involving the buttons "Family" and "Have available").4WitnessSummary: This site is completely strong to equipping Christians with a emphasis for Latter-Day Saints and Jehovah's Witnesses. The group is through up of ex-Mormons and ex-Jehovah's Witnesses who goal to luck the truth in love with ancestors involved in these holier-than-thou circles.Upper limit Strong-tasting On: Latter-Day Saints and Jehovah's Witnesses.Get Equipped Now: 4Witness mug articles such as "How to Consider it Profitably to Mormons", "Is Water Baptism ceremony Principal for Salvation?" and "Why Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are Not Christians." You desire find this site to be an unending supply of free witnessing information.Jack Chick's Categorize on IslamSummary: Islam is one of the longest greater than ever religions in the world; no difficulty your relations has been affected by it, as well. Little it is promptly to find guidelines on how to witness to Muslims, this site has specific well-behaved hints.Upper limit Strong-tasting On: Introduce somebody to an area involved in Islam or anyone viewing an petition in Islam. Snap hip to read an account explaining how Jesus' own support to be the Son of God can take-off Muslims.Get Equipped Now: The family provided reimbursement bounteous help on witnessing to ancestors affected by Islam. For an manageable way to learn further about "well the a short time ago thing to say" to Muslims, read the Hen Tracts Allah Had No Son, Is Allah Correspondence You? and Men of Requisition.These are well a few of the religions that you may be confronting this weekend. Don't pass up to pray for wisdom and the teaching of the Pious Energy as you luck the truth with your relations. If you're blessed to be among ancestors in be keen on commit this Christmas, pray for ancestors who desire be in possession of the decode to cattle farm a bacteria of truth in a relations member's source in the side few days.

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If You Could Believe Again Would You

If You Could Believe Again Would You
Symbol via WikipediaI brandish a subject is for my atheist readers who were raised in the Christian religion and who past thought in it. In a in progress polish in counter to my post on miracles, a reader (Melissa) believed that she would unreservedly return to Christianity if she parody she may possibly do so. What I disagreed, I parody I'd ask whether this was a simple picture amid ex-Christian atheists. That is, if you may possibly go back to believing in Christianity over, would you do so? Why or why not?

My rejoinder is that I would not fetch to return to Christianity. As for why, I care the easiest way to release it is that I brandish find my post-Christian life to be so drastically even more intellectually pure than my Christian life. Grant are so lots other reasons about which I may possibly go on and on, but that one seems as weighty as any. Grant is something so drastically even more genuine about previous to the world as it exactly is, free from the things that are part and parcel of of superstition.

I would not deny that some belongings were easier about single a Christian. As Melissa put it,Truthfully, if I may possibly elatedly lie to for my part start believing in God, I would in a heartbeat. It makes life so drastically easier to shoulder that someone is remark high-class us and portion us through the way, but its chastely not the case. Concept runs its own course and you make your own decisions in life. Its called fly in the face of.In lots ways, slack the castle in the sky of strange slip-up is kindly. Excessively, I must bequest that the effect of single inherent (even fraudulently) sensibly than demonized sounds good at mature. Still, if I parody I may possibly bend for my part to shoulder over, would not do so. How about you?

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Farewell September

Farewell September
Yesterday, put right overdue a giant rain, I took a quick glance at at my garden. The Nuptials Plot is undisturbed enormous with zinnias reaching for the sky. Quite a lot of are outstanding five feet tall! The planters for the wedding are undisturbed noticeable and we pride yourself on been enjoying them all these months. The please spirit of our daughter's wedding keeps on giving! I am departure to distribute on to these plantings until the cool has its way.

The Nuptials Plot

Nuptials Immigrant

Two other wedding planters

Native tongue of giving, Stacy at MagicLoveCrow blog had assorted free gift persist week. That girl single keeps on giving. I won her so-called "Booby Venerate" (as did my friend Linda of Old Bagge and Stuft Blouse Blog...we are now officially Booby Allies, lol). In any case, a lovely share within and I am happy to pride yourself on in addition of Stacy's art. A abounding card, and a too little ability (ACEO) depicting "Blood relation Argument, The Sacrosanct Mob". Ample. Mercifulness so much, Stacy. Your are a adept entertainer and a sickly spirit!

Donations from Artifice Impression Guffaw

Get the hang of persist week I talked about the figures story of the NASA satellite that was possible to fall to Argument, no one knew afterward or where? WELL! Put aside sources that I can not reveal ( I pride yourself on nude a secret video that confer on disclose the world moral what happened and that the Government does know. Shhhhhhh! You cannot instruct a soul! Seriously! Click on the catch below. You confer on be as confounded as I was. Gravely.

NASA satellite knock revealed bang here...shhhh!

So assorted September is deed up. Being to move on, the Wheel is transform. Every person is looking send to a fantastic October. Not only this minute equally of Autumn leaves, festivals and fun; also the Countdown to Halloween, hosted by Danni at Spectacular Company. Click on the snap at the top of my sidebar for info. I hug I may be notion a Hand-out coming on. Suspend on.....yep, impart is entirely a strong wish that indicates a Hand-out here at Wiccan Writes. Hotel tuned. Aid the persist day of September, my friends!

Religion Origin Of Masonry

Religion Origin Of Masonry Image


I. From Operative To Speculative

By E. Cromwell Mensch


The most prolific source of Masonic literature is that dealing with the origin of the Craft. It is a theme which has filled many volumes, and one which invariably follows the same pattern to the point of monotony.
Practically all research along these lines starts with the stone masons of Europe, and ends up with the guilds, or associations, of ancient Rome. The Temple itself as a source of origin is avoided for two
reasons, the first of which is a fear of encroaching upon the secret work of the Order. The s econd reason is a more logical one, for it is founded in the fact that very little is known about the Temple. There were three Temples built at Jerusalem, each of which was to replace an earlier structure. The last Temple was built by Herod, and is supposedly described by Josephus, the historian. He was an eyewitness to the
destruction of this last Temple, but his lack of technical knowledge is painfully evident from his description of its structural details. The Temple previous to Herod's was built by Zeru bbabel, a very brief
account of which is set forth in the Book of Ezra. The so-called first Temple was built by Solomon, and a fairly complete description of it is set forth in the first Book of Kings.

However, Masonry was founded long before the Temple of Solomon was
built. The identification of our Craft with the Temple came about
through the ambition of David. It was he who realized the importance of the Tabernacle of Moses, and planned the Temple as s substitute
therefor. Through it he sought credit for the establishment of the house and kingdom of God. This ambition of David is described in the second Book of Samuel, but more particularly in the words of II Samuel 7:13,
"He shall build an house for m y name, and I will stablish the throne of his kingdom for ever." These words are supposedly the Lord's, uttered through the medium of Nathan, the prophet. However, they were prompted by David, for Nathan was a member of David's court.

What David really sought was a vehicle which would perpetuate the divine power of the Tabernacle. That this structure was possessed of such power is quite evident from the fact that, within its confines, Moses
established the word of God among men. The Word has come down to us practically intact in the form of the Pentateuch, or first five books of the Bible; and the House still stands today! Its original form is
essentially unchanged, although some of its parts have been destroyed by the violence of fire a nd the quantity of water, which have been visited upon it from time to time. This House and this Book were founded at one and the same time, and both are an integral part of Masonry.

This particular phase of the inquiry into the origin of Masonry deals with the shift from operative to speculative, for our ritual tells us that we no longer work in operative, but speculative Masonry only. An entirely new approach to this subject is to be had through the medium which has never changed since our Order was founded. That medium is the Holy Bible, which is placed in the same setting as Moses placed it in the beginning. Save for the legendary part of our ritual, it contains all the factual deta ils of our Craft. When these factual details are worked out to their ultimate conclusion, it will be found that the
legendary part of our ritual comprises but a very small percentage of the whole. That the operative phase of our Order was in effect during the time of Moses is stated in Exodus 1:11, "And they built for Pharaoh treasure cities, Pitham and Raamses." It was from the builders of these two cities that Moses recruited the founders of our Order. They were the enslaved workers of Ramses II.

Ramses II reigned over Egypt from 1292 to 1225 B.C. His reign was
singularly marked by a wealth of building activities. He completed
Seti's Temple at Abydos, and added to the Temples at Luxor and Karnak.
He constructed at Thebes the great mortuary Temple of the Rameseum, with its colossal statues of himself; and he built the rock-cut temple at Abu-Simble. During the early part of his reign Ramses II engaged in an important campaign against the Hittites, and fought an indecisive battle at Kadesh on the Oront es River in Syria. In these forays across
Palestine, and into Syria, the victor found a means to augment his
labour supply in the form of prisoners of war. They were put to work building such cities as Pithom and Raamses, and it was from their ranks that Moses recruited the people of his Exodus. It is specifically stated that some of them worked in brick and mortar (Exodus 1:14). Any attempt to connect our membership with operative masonry at a later period in history is an inconsiste ncy, for it was these b uilders of Pithom and Raamses who established speculative Masonry when they built the
Tabernacle on Mt. Rinai.

The Tabernacle was really the first Temple, for it was, and still is, a masterpiece of the builder's art. Every part of it has a symbolic
meaning far beyond anything incorporated into the Temple built by
Solomon. The superb engineering employed in the design of the Tabernacle indicates that several years of study went into this feature alone prior to its actual building. Since Moses was a royal scribe by calling, he undoubtedly planned the Tabernacle in collaboration with an architect.
This period of planni ng took place while they were still in Egypt, for a great many of its features were borrowed from those to be found in the Temples along the Nile. Its design was too intricate to have been
improvised in the desert of Sinai.

Ramses II died in 1225 B.C., and was succeeded by Merneptah. From all the evidence available, it is quite plain the Exodus must have taken place fairly close to this change in the administration of the affairs of Egypt. In summing up, operative Masonry flourished during the reign of Ramses II, and the transition to speculative Masonry took place
during the reign of Merneptah.

The transition to the speculative phase is definitely stated in the words of Exodus 36:8, "And every wise hearted man among them that
wrought the work of the tabernacle made ten curtains of fine twined linen.
" This is the first of a long list of specifications, wherein Moses describes the manner in which the Tabernacle was built. It is placed first because these ten curtains of fine twined linen symbolized a pair of hands raised in supplication. Symbolically, they were so
placed that Moses might tell us tha t no man should ever enter upon any great or important undertaking without first invoking the blessing of God.

As a protege of the royal household, Moses was raised in the pagan
worship of Osiris, a deified king. The domain of Osiris was centred in an underground heaven, sealed with the doom of perpetual darkness. This great king of the spiritual world was flanked with a myriad of lesser deities, to whom tribute had to be paid before the novitiate could hope to enter. Associated with this monopoly of the Egyptian hierarchy was the tyranny and oppression of its rulers.

As Moses grew to manhood he saw that the beneficence of God came from above, and that it was the Light from the celestial sphere which caused all nature to blossom forth and prosper. His problem was to present this new doctrine to a people whose ancestors had been steeped in paganism for centuries. To this end he endowed his House with the attributes of the heavens by making every part ther symbolic of some feature of the celestial sphere. This master plan, of course, called for the utmost secrecy, and w as tied in with a key. The plan itself he concealed by scattering it throughout all five of the books of the Pentateuch, but the key was left for future ages to discover. Since every one of the
7,625 parts of the Tabernacle played a part in its symbolic meaning, the
'building of this House coincided with the commencement of the
speculative phase of Masonry.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wicca So Called Wiccan Stabs Man Listed In Phone As Sacrifice

Wicca So Called Wiccan Stabs Man Listed In Phone As Sacrifice Image


A woman who describes herself as a Wiccan is being held on charges of fatally stabbing a man, whose phone number she had listed in her cell phone alongside the word "sacrifice."

Angela Sanford, 30, claimed that the stabbing was in self-defense, and that the man had tied her up with her own rope belt and attempted to rape her. Sanford told police that she stabbed Joel Lebya three times in the stomach, but the 52-year-old was found to have been stabbed at least 11 times.

The two met at a casino, about a week before the incident. Sanford had invited Lebya to a hiking trail near Albuquerque, New Mexico, in order to celebrate spring in a Wiccan ritual. While walking and drinking alcohol together, the pair stopped so that Sanford could urinate. At that time, she told police, Lebya attacked her, tied her hands up with a rope belt she was wearing, and took a Wiccan dagger from her pocket. She also said that he made sexual gestures toward her.

In order to keep Lebya from raping her, Sanford claimed, she pretended to seduce him by stripping to her underwear and encouraging the man to lie down. At that point she knelt above him, grabbed the dagger, and stabbed him three times before running away.

Sanford was crouched behind some boulders a short distance down the trail, still wearing only her underwear, when a witness came upon her and made eye contact. Sanford then said that she had been raped, the witness told police, and several others came over to offer assistance. Before then, however, none of them had heard calls for help or saw Sanford fleeing from Lebya.

A detective later discovered Lebya's telephone number stored in Sanford's phone under the nickname "sacrifice."

Wicca, a neo-pagan religion and a form of modern witchcraft, is not generally associated with sacrifice or violence; in fact, one of its main tenets is the so-called Law of Threefold Return. This concept is similar to karma, and states that the actions a person commits, whether benevolent or malevolent, will come back to them with three times the force.

Members of Wiccan groups in the Albuquerque region have said that they are not acquainted with Sanford.

Sanford was indicted by a Bernalillo County grand jury, and bond set at 500,000. She is being represented by a public defender.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Psychically Seizing The Day

Psychically Seizing The Day
Limit magicians extraction to astrology to find inauspicious grow old to exploit a few works. Not to diminishthe run of this ancient occult practice, but I show off constantly felt that the weight that the stars and planets show off upon the earth is dwarfed by the psychic weight of dealings that are actually occuring seemly all-around.

If you are even the slightest bit psychic, you can perfume an significant be in motion today. An chaos in the lack of control. A mixture of clan competent something that others thought mind-blowing. Others show off had thier opinion of nation and dealing out rocked to the search. This causes a Gigantic psychic be in motion that can be taken goal of by the cunning magician.

So. If you are looking to start a food, to begin libretto a book, to crack smoking, to find a enthusiast, to correction careers. Whatever it is that you show off been having pain reasoning the energy and outcome to accomplish: try it NOW.

Sit down and feel. Feel for the edges of your intention, than redistribute away from them. Community grounds are illusions. Fear is infinite and knows no grounds. Tap modish the vibrations of want, sprint, and market leader that are arising in the mindstream of the avow, and inevitable the world. Than conjure up the future powers as ye may know how, and perform a self-dedication rite to the work at hand. Than set about its running with zeal.

The best part is that your market leader in the strategy, be it magickal or mortal, soul grass back modish the matrix of importance and hoist it even future.