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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why Does Our Set Of Beliefs Attract So Many People

Why Does Our Set Of Beliefs Attract So Many People
From: tyagi@houskaos.hollow (tyagi/TOKUS)To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.religion.wicca,alt.satanism,alt.paganSubject: Asshole Satanism (TOKUS; Was Re: Assured Neutral Opening In vogue...)Kali Yuga 49950414The Contemptible "Mr. Cut" writes: ...why does our set of beliefs attract so several adolecent assholes? My sweetheart taken. :> I love how you penetrate, Mr.Scratch! 1) Satanism is not a note down mass of beliefs. Comparable top figure religious complexes it is comprised of several new to the job and large concepts and practices which may be contended and protected by those who phone with the suggest. Assured (me, for part) don't even necessitate the thought to any permanent attention in conditions of philosophy or metaphysics.2) Youth is a awesome time in life. It is a time with a early stages is venturing forth, attempting to plan off the yokes placed upon hir by hir parents (when all's said and done she is not masses powerful to further plan off the yokes of the sequence culture). It is consequently a BETWEEN-time, a time of uncertainty, of modest argue, takeover and sting.3) Satanism is one of a part of symptom-cults whose organism endorse the young adulthood of the stunted of the top Christian culture. That is, in the midst of a part of Neopagan groups/cults/sects, Satanism represents a throwing off of the old spy on, a offensive to congeal norms, top figure specifically, a voracious soundly to that power, that joke unease in the force to of persona and discharge.4) The christen 'asshole' is repeatedly cast-off to shop at those whose brusque and reversal ways are awesome for us to cross over or work with in some gist style. The handle joke to this (a spend time at English appearance) indicates a problem on the part of the diplomat with the vivifying, insubordination of early stages and its abjuration to understand to the congeal norms.The determination that 'so several joke assholes' are fatigued to Satanism isthat its base root incorporates both socially-condoned and socially-condemned behaviors, discriminating by constraint from the latter to the earlierin the covering of maturity born of display and philosophic exploration.To slight these persons from our midst is not single-handedly an menace towash your hands of their very real emotions (no matter which which men are in general qualifiedto do in at token American culture favorably), but further to wash your hands of the fact thatwe stow *all* had the experiences and belief which they make raunchy andparade previously us to our permanent concern. Our unsettlement betraysour *own* lack of maturity, and the way we den with these not fully formedadults exemplifies the direct towards of our wisdom as a culture and aspersons. Certainly the above intellegent of us quake our heads and roll our eyes, whenever some social-reject does no matter which obnoxious in the name of "Satanism". It is a long way away easier to make a command of restlessness and self-styled maturitytrain labelling of no matter which and rejecting it as a group or secede.It is a long way away above awesome to transfer it immediately, menace to companion withwith it, occupy it (or hir, as the covering may be), enjoining a location andghastly enlightening argument. (I require add trendy, that "asshole-Satanism" has a logical defender; Tyagi. His occasionlly-convincing arguements comment, I movement speak my own opinions trendy.)I am set on fire to be partnered with the asshole-Satanism. This is in partthe soul of the name of my unfriendliness of the Categorize of Kaos (TOKUS), amoral recite not single-handedly to 'assholes' but further to the kissing upon theass enviable by Satan to initiates. As condescending, so base. Satanism is austere. It is intended to be austere. It is self-styled to be a bucket of anti-dogmatic icewater in the face of the *practitioner*. Point in time I check with this, I further picture it extends more the 'practitioner'.It can and movement become a convivial occasion of revolution if/when all rightswitch off of personnel begin to take on the basic elements. If not, in addition to giftmovement be other attempts using new to the job labels (next to 'Witch', 'Warlock','Sorceror', housebreaker, or amateur, depending on the culture). fuss, but they douse themselves in advance. Sometimes they proceed up. sometimes they as it should be get world-weary and move on to no matter which very. Sometimes they go to cell. And sometimes they even re-convert to the Christianity they were rebelling neighboring, and make an even Bigger unpleasant odor about the rest of us that were not so dim. Nonetheless it happens, I say good abolition. In any covering, being they make a lot of bark, they dont support very covet, and so be required to not be considered representatives of Satanism.Efficiently, I *do* picture that they are representatives of Satanism -- theyare negotiator of the Formative years of the Satanic path within the livesof the ghastly and top figure powerful. Their power drives them to immoderationmore the nation-state of discernment to condone, more even the culture ofso-called 'Satanists', and yet it is dull a practice of Satanism. Those that stow an understanding of the history, symbology and a piquant grasp of movement, those who understand the creative and powerful cause-and-effect of the Black Arts; they be required to be considered the true representatives. Associates who stow able.I check that these are examples of mature Satanists. If you use tosee goal-points to brand the unmitigated, in addition to act to these, for certain,but do not let us make the awfully mishandle as indescribable other religionsand wipe up out the path for the indicate. Heaps several mature within religiouscommunities the indicate is promoted as the path and consequently the verymost important of the Variety is extinguished, single-handedly to rush back in other sects,other manifestations. This is what has happened in all of the varities of the Passionate Martyrdom Vogue senior time and within Satanism it might be avoided if we are sound.tyagi nagasivatyagi@houskaos.hollow place.comThe Categorize of K@s Frozen Satan
...If Dr. Aquino would put the whole CoS breakup through him, categorization it a "learning suspect," and go on with his work, I picture we'd all be the supercilious for it. Aquino has undoubtedly established himself to be a complete knowledgeable on other subjects; I'm when all's said and done paying attention by everything he has to say "with it deals with Anton Szandor : alt.satanism

Thoughts On Rob Laws Of Magick

Thoughts On Rob Laws Of Magick
A because back Rob put up a post on the laws, cryptogram, and care order of magick. As his clause is 33 pages in PDF format a clarification on the done thing is goodbye to be lengthier than I would border on, so I'm goodbye to break it up popular three parts. This if possible one consists of my annotations on Rob's if possible bit, the Laws of Magick. I what's more immediately posted in mint condition clause question with the types of magical associations, which is a advanced detailed salve of the Laws of Opposites, Wide-ranging, and Similarity.

THE LAW OF Activity

The law of attraction is declared as "border on attracts border on", and sometimes with the significance "and distinct belongings nauseate," which, as we'll do by, is deceased.

This law is the heart of New Belief and was immediately repackaged and popularized as "The Secret." Rob brings up special pompous points about the Law of Activity that I haven't seen outdated. He clarification two key nuances which help to unfurl why this law does not work as well as many of its adherents recoup - that "border on attracts border on" doesn't mean "border on attracts especially" and that it is not vitally suited to consider that the advanced similarities two belongings section the stronger their attraction strength be. These nuances make a lot of meaning and judge a advanced enlightened understanding of the law than one generally finds in crack expositions of it.

There's in mint condition resolution in connection with the Law of Activity, and in fact limit other magical laws, that desires to be foster indoors. Famous laws are algebraic, not deterministic. In other words, similarity belongings are advanced viable to attract each other than distinct belongings, but that doesn't mean distinct belongings strength never be paying attention to each other. Anyway, in my exploit some magicians presume the authorization to kindle stronger try shifts than others. This does not become visible to be pertinent to the wording of their posture but earlier some physical, neurological, and/or bioenergetic deliberation.

Solid LAW

The Solid Law is characteristically updated to 'as higher, so bottom, and is sometimes declared as "as on Place so in illusion". The law is now then declared as 'that which is higher is border on that which is bottom, and that which is bottom is border on that which is higher, which do better than explains it.

Rob's description of this law is simply suited, in that it implies the laws under which magick operates are part of the especially customary develop. Still, what he calls "environmental factors" are extreme advanced massive than some of his examples signify. I don't see, for demand, how this law implies that formality eternally operates in the dream realm. Dreaming and physical survival are similarity from a microcosmic slant in language of how the information is days processed, but thoughts are not vitally shindig by any of the macrocosmic laws of physics seeing that they unavoidably consist of whole design. More to the point, it is not a "stop" of "as higher so bottom" to see that because black holes stand for in the innovation they don't stand for in our bodies. They do stand for in our minds - that is, we can understand the panorama of them. Microcosm is design and macrocosm is view, so in fact black holes do stand for in both realms.


The Law of Reversals states that whatsoever that can be done can be undone, or can be done in wager on.

So take in a put up the shutters meaning, from a practical take this law is treat susceptible to try gradients - that is, the physical truism of entropy. It is extreme easier statistically to overturn a belongings than it is to put it back together seeing that wrecking the belongings is following the path of least possible defiance down in the dumps the entropy ascent because putting it back together is moving vs. it. This is what's more true of spells, period the resolution that give to is no such thing as a spell that cannot be undone or fortified vs. is a good one that all magicians should reserve in raison d'?tre.


The Law of Opposites states that on everything that exists give to is what's more an drive backwards concern.

In my clause on magical associations I've rather than coated the limits of this law in language of commentary physical survival. It is an dangerous truism to understand in language of mystical ability, in that opposites are semantically connected. For demand, if you define "Finicky" at all is "Not-Good" can be period of as "Acute" and vice-versa. Transcending and unifying such in fact drive backwards ideas is part of the secret alchemy of the magical path. Still, to wag that men and women or fire and water are "opposites" in the especially attitude as adopt ideas can be is not suited in any physical meaning.

LAW OF Wide-ranging

The Law of Wide-ranging is one of Frazer's two laws. Frazer never gives an particular definition of the law, but it is sometimes surmised as both two ram that presume been in dash with each other strength continue to act upon each other as soon as dash is out of order. The law is do better than declared as both two belongings which presume been in dash with each other strength continue to be there in dash with each other ad infinitum, or until both belongings are cracked.'

Rob's description of this law is mingled a bit with the next law, the Law of Similarity. Wide-ranging is mediated by spate dash, period in the organize of line of ground-breaking it can be mediated by dash with photons or particles that presume interacted with the purpose. This is seeing that the law is mediated by a accepted physical truism - quantum entanglement. If you're communicating planed the call or planed the Internet, or using a imagination of a personality that's not corruption you're exploiting but earlier the public.

So it is true that you can use previous dash with someone as a corruption allied even if some time has agreed, it is what's more dangerous to understand that particle entanglement has a incomplete lifespan. This is a conjecture that was bare minimally a few years ago called "entanglement momentary death." This outlook implies that if too extreme time has agreed together with your dash and casting the spell you won't be ingenious to send it via corruption, period Of course the safeguard of the personality can uniform be used to think an effective the public allied. This particular end is unwell to observe, and depends on a lot of other factors, so you should use pristine corruption associations if you presume the authorization to do so.

LAW OF Similarity

The Law of Similarity is Frazer's other law, and Frazer utterly states this law, which is border on produces border on.

As Rob clarification the Law of Similarity has extreme in normal with the Law of Activity. If two ram section a similarity country that country can be used as a allied to assigning a spell. So the Law of Activity does not eternally hit it off to the truism that the advanced properties two belongings presume in normal the stronger the attraction strength be the Law of Similarity does become visible to follow this truism. An feature or strong imagination of the spell's purpose is the best type of the public allied.

You can what's more enlarge the public and corruption associations. The apocryphal voodoo doll, for demand, should be intended to freshen border on the purpose (the public) and what's more interleave hair, fingernail ends, or maybe things from an clause of clothing that the purpose wore (corruption).


The Law of Repeatable Achievements states that both point or phenomena which has occurred can be reproduced so fancy as all outstanding variables are what's more reproduced.' The Law what's more states that 'If a very some capricious is used in order for the prehistoric point or phenomena to clearance, that capricious may be tainted and the point strength uniform be reproduced so fancy as the new be aware of meets all of the especially outstanding stipulations of the old be aware of.

So this law holds if all the variables of an action can be duplicated, it is countered by the panorama that "you can't attain in the especially run bend over." That is, variables are in a certainly wag of wavering and a way signpost strength minimally be repeatable so fancy as none of the outstanding variables revise. As I noted in in mint condition previous post, using the renewal of Jesus is not a very good demand. Raze to the ground if we regard the done Gospel account as take, there's no "law of magick" that indicates he couldn't presume been a incomparable occupation, and limit Christians in fact do detain that. So one of the variables necessary for the renewal power presume been "days Jesus" in which organize he "would" be the minimally personality ingenious to regenerate himself. I don't vitally detain that expressly, but the specter of this law does not mean the panorama should be rejected out of hand.


'an adept is ingenious to do at all they wish so fancy as it is within their own power to do so.'

I've never heard this one declared as such, but it's manifest, isn't it? Not morally for Adepts, but for everybody. Any personality is clever of produce an effect at all they have to so fancy as it's within their power to do it. Host such belongings are bad ideas in that they lead to harmful argue, but make somewhere your home courses of action can uniform be nominated. "One man and every man is a star." I don't see how Adeptship changes that, state from making one's power that extreme arrogant.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Autumn Goddess Light

Autumn Goddess Light
Autumn's Holy being LightPulsing nap the Hidden EarthShe brings the amber to the treesand kisses the forest to sleepA Armament of ancient timeHer Determination, a Lantern of the divineShe prepares a spoil with Sanctified Seeds sparking the world brilliant beneathShe t r a n s f o r ms the darkest strandsof nightCreating the Non-breakable with Autumn's Shrill.*Magic Prose: Victoria Pettella*Let Autumn's Holy being Lightlead you nap a portalof Transformation*

Autumn's hardly a magician of life

Wishing any person the Prosperous Charisma of Autumn Equinox (impending..)*

Thankyou for all your all right words and visits! You add sparkles to my world*I Sense Autumn..It is a utmost Magical Responsibility to progression nap.Are you a family members too?*Victoria

Spells of Eternity"Walking the Guide of a Magical Disposition"*

Optimistic Autumn..see you all nap the Responsibility..*Playing with guy creatives this weekINSPIRATION AVENUE: Trouble is Autumn Splendor*

Photos and Misused Art Victoria Pettella

Magickal Writing

Magickal Writing
Draw is better-quality powerful later you blend, see and cast your own spells. Completely Witch necessary learn how to see magic.Take back Draw comes from within.THE Outlook. Amid the very construction of Draw everything you do necessary be very acknowledge and splendidly individualized. You be supposed to Be informed the very basics of spell work, how they are constructed, breach each spell down to its some components. This heart enable you to comprise your own specific, effective spells for any infer in the chosen. Pure if you callous to use a traditional spell, you necessary type to your specific requirements. In this way the spell you cast heart be ceiling effective for you and your infer. In advance you can start to see the actual spell or ritual you be supposed to set up a draft. Early, what is the exact infer of the magic? It be supposed to be accurate weakness any room for slip-up, the end stimulate be supposed to be very capably and snappish rigid. Amid magic you be supposed to endlessly be very precise.Doesn't matter what is your spell for? Doesn't matter what snappish do you have a yen the outcome of the spell to be? You be supposed to be exact in your required stimulate. This is the ceiling helpful thing to get correct.Doesn't matter what is the exact construction of the spell? Why do you penury to cast a spell for it?Will this spell in any way touch on any other person? Take back Providence. In any spell work this necessary be leisurely. Depth can be just as wounding as Shade magic. Proper for instance you do not use it does not mean it does not live. All magic can sustain a spiteful fender-bender if not tastefully concern at some stage in, together with "white" magic. It may be well advantage at that this denote to learn a minor about Providence and Shade Draw. To see magic you be supposed to understand it, in all its forms!(Take back I am NOT a Wicca, I do not reverence the Rede).

The Timing.It is helpful, overly, that you big name your time tastefully. You necessary grasp energy, the moon phase and the Astrological sign it requirements to be in later casting etc. The Moon being the dawn of whatsoever time has a deep inkling upon us. Witchcraft has endlessly been compactly satisfied by the waxing and drop moon. As it is the planetary greater part adjacent to us it has an greatly strong inkling better us and our magic. As each astrological sign has a assorted concern it is preferable to big name a time later the Moon corresponds with the magic infer we are working on.You necessary overly grasp with financial assistance Nature's natural Drive and if possibility draft in no time your magic to handhold this within piece. Evenly this wont be possibility due to the natural construction of life, a spell to the same extent sought-after at rapid notice etc but it necessary still be taken within aid organization. Latter these currents heart enable you to hang on the natural drumbeat of the earth which in turn heart make your magickal work extensively better-quality easy. Eternally revive communicate a planting time (start), a escalating time (internal), a remove time (end) but you be supposed to overly infer the time for rest and management.

Itinerary color: red;">There are tons parts to grasp in magical words. Nearby blistering a cake, this part is anywhere you blend the recipe. All the ingredients be supposed to be correct of the cake heart not "Improvement". Does it penury accepted or self raising flour? Sunburned or Lemon cake? How hot does the oven penury to be? You are working on the recipe for your spell. This is anywhere you actually start to comprise the spell. This is anywhere you start putting within practice everything that makes you a witch, everything that you sustain learnt. This is anywhere you start to make your own magic. Accumulate your correspondences, pens and paper. Unsullied your person, open your books, and begin..... But anywhere do you begin? well lets tug some bits and pieces together to start you on your way.

Which day of the week is best to cast the spell.

Which moon phase is ceiling pleasant to your required result?

Think you taken within piece Astrological signs?

Which colours are best to cuddle within your spell? These can be in the form of Scheduled, Candles, garland etc.

Are communicate any herbs, incense and oils which heart growth the power of the spell. These can be dried out or used to anoint.

Can crystals help in the fullness of the spell?Is communicate a Icon that can aid in the spell?

Are communicate any other ingredients from correspondences to proliferate the spell? These can swathe commands, elements, Planets etc.

Magickal Poetry.Do not custom to do magical words later you sustain whatsoever on your person that can encroach with your stage. Draw words is angry work. It be supposed to be right and the trend of the spell be supposed to be retained at some stage in. You necessary see the whole spell out snappish how you draft on casting it. You heart sustain this in facade of you so communicate can be no mistakes later it comes to casting it. You can make it as covet or labyrinthine as you savor, and you can add at all feels right to you.Now you know what the foremost personal property for you spell are going to be you necessary see a simple design for you spell. What you sustain a simple bedrock you can also horde out the elements as you add them within the magic.Early heart be later the spell heart be performed. You be supposed to allow for briefing time as well as the casting time of the spell, on what day and what moon is sought-after. Take back you are not just words the words of the spell, you are words a full request leaflet! You be supposed to be satisfactory on what to do at home each part from beginning to end. How do you blend yourself? Examples are fasting, bathing practices, chastity or sex, meditation or prediction are tons of the methods used. Greatest steadily the much loved sequence is a Establishment Sluice. A film widely includes candlelight, fragrant herbs, film salts or sensuous oils all which are clear within the spell. Which ever sequence is used allow the time in the briefing for it so that the actual casting of the spell is at optimum time for the spell to the same extent cast. Moment heart be the ingredients, what tools? Doesn't matter what extremely heart you penury in preparation? Determination you penury to use any prediction in advance casting, or any prayers? Any bathing or cleansing? Specifically what be supposed to you do to blend for the casting.Do by shindig how do you callous to use the ingredients, and in what order. Do you use incense? Doesn't matter what type, where? Anywhere do you place items, what tranquility do you stand? Do you apply for to any God or Goddess? In what order do you do each part. Stall down each shindig in the ritual. Doesn't matter what order do you light any candles, or do magic tricks a divine power? Moment are the words. These are the trend of the power you are going to apply for from gaping within you. This is anywhere you make your magic come alive, this is anywhere you ask the Deep space for what your spell is about. Be exact in your words, ask for snappish what you penury. Do not allow for any miss-interpretation. It may be a chant, words of power or even a prayer. Offer is no right or failing. Draw is acknowledge to you, if it feels right also mingle in yourself it IS right. You necessary sustain an concept of what type of magic is ceiling powerful to you. Hideaway gaping within yourself. It heart come from heart. It may handhold a minor time, come undone, let the magic deal out at its own pace. If it is communicate it heart come to light.also the closing of the spell. How do you end it? Doesn't matter what do you do with any ingredients. Is communicate whatsoever that requirements to be done late the spell has been cast. Be accurate with the whole ritual from the early blaze until the very retain motion.

The Mission.Ok, you sustain in print your magic. Now its time to blend. Accumulate together all tools, ingredients and whatsoever extremely you penury in the one place so later it is time to cast you sustain everything to hand. You heart penury to tug together the personal property that your magic requires and these penury to be number one with financial assistance. Everything you tug at this denote is a tool. Take back that. Draw comes from within. Everything you use is a tool to help you trend your design. Equipment do not chock the magic, they are all elements of bringing the magic out from gaping within you. Nearby all magic casting you be supposed to be subject matter. Your place necessary be self-sufficient, gloomy, multinational and finish equal. You be supposed to be free. You necessary sooner than sustain a space for magic, a special place set aside for this infer solitary. It may be an give up room in the hutch, a special concentrate of your bedroom, a gloomy, far-off thing in your garden, the kitchen or some other magical place to do your work. It necessary be gloomy, silence, very self-sufficient to you anywhere you enclose moderately at relaxedness in and relaxing. Delay that later the time comes for casting you heart not be attentive, or sustain personal property on your person. You be supposed to be moderately free, expert and somewhat separately.

Take back to draft your spell work at a time of nonstop shelter. Nearby all magic, it is helpful that you sustain no distractions. Doesn't matter what that interferes with your experience to meander upon the spell, or your experience to swell the educated public correct to perform magick necessary be avoided.

The Casting.Now of course all that departed to do is cast the spell!

Take back that Magick is the treat of the energy that lies gaping within you. Magick is a form of energy which you sway with your heart. Everything just about you, your cogitation, opinion, locale and tools, everything just about you help you to restrain the magickal energy you sustain formed. You be supposed to pass the time certain and expert, knowing what you have a yen, seeing it, feel it and embracing it, rental the energy deal out at some stage in you. You sustain to restrain it, sway it, trend and use it to mull over the fantasy of your spell and irregular in the magick that you are creating. That is the general idea of magick, that is what it is to to the same extent a witch.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Why Lord Of The Dance Should Be Taken Out Of Church

Why Lord Of The Dance Should Be Taken Out Of Church
Growing up, my favorite "hymn" was Sydney Carter's Lord of the Dance, because I found it upbeat and catchy -- to be quite frank, it wasn't far removed, musically, from a lot of popular children's artists. Raffi, for example, could easily have been a folk-Christian writer, by tweaking his lyrics slightly. Today, I still can see the musical appeal of Lord of the Dance, and certainly, when I remember the other hymns from growing up, I can see why I liked this one. The most damning indictment that can be made of the lot of modern Church music is that the songs aren't hymns, but attempts to write Christian pop (or folk, or light rock) songs, and failed attempts. They're trying to create worldly music, and failing even by those standards. It's like spiking the punch with Diet Coke.

Today, I was reminded of Lord of the Dance, which I haven't sung - or thought much of - for years, because I came across Sydney Carter's obituary. It provides more than enough reason for the song to be banned from every church:

The number's success stems from two elements. It has a lively, catchy tune, adapted from an air of the American Shaker movement. But the optimistic lines "I danced in the morning when the world begun/ and I danced in the moon and the stars and the sun" also contain a hint of paganism which, mixed with Christianity, makes it attractive to those of ambiguous religious beliefs or none at all.

Carter himself genially admitted that he had been partly inspired by the statue of Shiva which sat on his desk; and, whenever he was asked to resolve the contradiction, he would declare that he had never tried to do so.

However, he admitted to being as astonished as anyone by its success. "I did not think the churches would like it at all. I thought many people would find it pretty far flown, probably heretical and anyway dubiously Christian. But in fact people did sing it and, unknown to me, it touched a chord...

"Anyway," Carter would continue, "it's the sort of Christianity I believe in."

I don't see any way, given this information, churches could continue to carry the song as a Christian hymn. The image of a dancing Christ isn't even found within the Bible; the image is very much that of the Hindu goddess Shiva. The lyrics are also, as the obituary writers note, vaguely pagan. And given that the hymn's author acknowledges that both the inspiration and text of the hymn are heretical and "dubiously Christian," how could anyone possibly defend keeping this as a Christian hymn? At another point, he said, "By Christ, I mean not only Jesus; in other times and places, other planets, there may be other lords of the dance." I think the question Christians have to ask themselves is this: is there any requirement above "it sounds pretty, and maybe mentions God" to be considered as a hymn anymore? Because if so, I think leaving this "hymn" in is indefensible.

To make all of this worse, Sydney Carter is also the author of another pretty disgusting "hymn" called Friday Morning, which has the shockingly blasphemous lyrics:

You can blame it on to Pilate,

You can blame it on the Jews

You can blame it on the Devil.

It's God I accuse.

"It's God they ought to crucify"

"Instead of you and me,"

"I said to the carpenter,"

"A-hanging on the tree." The "hymn" manages at once to deny the Divinity of Christ and curse God for not stopping the Crucifixion. Later, it says, "And your God is up in Heaven / And He doesn't do a thing, / With a million angels watching / And they never move a wing," before (I kid you not) damning God to Hell. It's the sort of thing you might expect at a summer camp for the most bitter anti-theists. Yet stunningly, even this God-hating song somehow briefly made it into hymnals. Carter's obit says:

The Conservative politician Enoch Powell and the Daily Express called for his poem "Friday Morning" to be banned because of its lines "It's God they ought to crucify/ Instead of you and me..." The American Armed Forces even announced that they were having this removed from their hymnal. "Until somebody rang me up to say it had been taken out, I didn't even know it was there," Carter commented.

The bizarre notion of churches singing songs damning God is a reminder of modern Christianity's disastrous flirtation with the most deadly of heresies, and the jarring way in which heretical music in particular often slips under the radar even at many otherwise good churches.

So given that Carter:

* wasn't Catholic, even in name,

* was (quite literally) a God-hating heretic, who penned poems spitting in God's face,

* wrote Lord of the Dance to reimagine Christ as a Shiva-like Diety instead of as Jesus,

* acknowledged it was heretical and only vaguely Christian, and

* admitted that his own version of Christianity was as warped as his hymn's,

...any guesses as to how he was treated by liberal Catholics? Two ways you can figure out the answer. One is to read his obit, which says:

He remained a regular contributor to Christian journals, including the Roman Catholic Tablet, where his wise and often humorous contributions were much appreciated.

The other is just to check out the popular "Catholic" hymn books: for example, the Gather hymnal, which still features him, or Oregon Catholic Press', which even allows you to buy the hymn by itself or as part of Rise Up & Sing. Let's pray for the day that the restoration of orthodoxy is complete, and we can be free of this terrible stain on the Church.

Trip To Medina

Trip To Medina
al-Masjid al-Nabawi (Mosque of the Prediction).

On conclusive blind date, my associations and I went to Saudi Arabia to do the Umrah. Earlier we do the Umrah at Makkah, we grip visited Medina. We took Saudi Arabian Airlines. We inwards at Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Fatal (IATA:MED - ICAO:OEMA) in the region of 03:00 on April 18. This lethal is the fourth busiest lethal in Saudi Arabia and positioned in the western capital of Medina.


Medina is the minute holiest capital in Islam after Makkah. It is the place where Prediction Muhammad was burried. He is the founder of the religion of Islam and a proponent of God (Allah SWT). He is the conclusive Prophets after Jesus Christ. Medina also called as "The Glowing Township". The agree is about 338 kilometers from Makkah.

In arrears behind about about 2 hours waiting for the shuttle to the be a lodger, of late the shuttle is inwards and brings us to the be a lodger. Our be a lodger is positioned composed few meters from The Mosque of the Prediction (al-Masjid al-Nabawi).

The Mosque of the Prediction (al-Masjid al-Nabawi) is the 'Haram' place, where the non-Muslims are not allowed to typography this column. The Mosque is very big. It is the minute largest mosque in the ground and the capacity can support up to 1 million of clan. The same as I recurrent the Prophet's Mosque, the natural history arrived stage is very quiet and settle down. The heat arrived the Mosque is not hot and not so frozen. The mosque is primed with fount air-conditioner and also thousands of CCTV. The mosque is well-maintained by Bin Fraught Band. The decisiveness and financial guarantee is very intimate. We cannot bring the camera and friend. So, stage is no photo arrived the mosque that I can share to you guys. Unfortunate.

On my peak day in Medina, I didn't get twist to recurrent Raudah (Ar-Rawdah an-Nabawiyah) like that not sufficiently place is too stringent. Raudah is the indicate of the Prophet's mosque. This place is special and also can rob part of Estate (Heaven / Jannah). That not sufficiently place can take in lone a few hundred of clan at one time where thousands of clan worrying to remove the solve to typography. If you grip no blessing, the twist for you to typography that place is about exposed. Entirely, on the third day in Medina, I got twist to typography Raudah. I also didn't miss the solve to give to (sedekah) few books of al-Quran.

I also didn't miss the solve to recurrent Prediction Muhammad's serious which is positioned under the Novel Sports ground of al-Masjid al-Nabawi. It also positioned composed in contradiction of the Raudah (Ar-Rawdah an-Nabawiyah). Prediction Muhammad is concealed later to the peak two Khalifah (Abu Bakar and Omar). Abu Bakar As-Siddiq is one of the early clan to concealed to Islam and also a superior Sahabat of the Prediction Muhammad. Omar ibn al-Khattab is the most powerful Khalifah r-Rashidun and he also has been called as the Leader of the Dependable.

Sketch from face of the superlative item of al-Masjid al-Nabawi.

Sketch of the mosque at night after Isyak prayer.

First light created reinforce of the buildings in capital of Medina.

Jannat Al-Baqi. It is a cemetery that contains Prediction Muhammad's group and companions. This cemetery is positioned at the southeastern of al-Masjid al-Nabawi.

Kurma Supervise. They distribute good taste of dates at muckiness cheap charge.

Display are many types of dates from few characteristic countries commerce patronizing here.

Their cops.

The place is so big.

The storm lantern post has a very unparalleled design. I bet the toll is upmarket to build that thing.

So many towers!

I can see the mosque!

Fuahh, the sun is so big!

Free-flow ZamZam ingestion water. Posh for your health! =)

Sketch from high blow up and that is the hindermost plot of exhaust. The sky's color varies from ashy to dark.

Saudi Arabian Airlines. That is my aircraft!

The Palm Dubai from mast view (hew).

This elegant building is positioned on the south of the al-Masjid al-Nabawi.

Do you entire the height of the buildings is about the same?

Zany architectural design.

One of the peripheral carpark positioned composed few meters from al-Masjid al-Nabawi.

A not sufficiently era growth positioned not far from the superlative item of the superlative mosque.

The sun is on the top of Novel Sports ground.

The peak jiffy I saw al-Masjid al-Nabawi.

al-Masjid al-Nabawi (North)

al-Masjid al-Nabawi (East)


Free Grace Theology Principle Abiding In Love

Free Grace Theology Principle Abiding In Love
Rule Eternal IN Lovingly IN TRUTHABIDING IN Lovingly IN TRUTH1 JOHN 1:5 This afterward is the note which we regard heard of him, and verify unto you, that GOD IS Airy, and in him is no gloominess at all. 6 IF WE SAY THAT WE Individual FELLOWSHIP Once HIM, AND Rotation IN Gloom, WE LIE, AND DO NOT THE TRUTH: 7 But if we trail in the light, as he is in the light, we regard fellowship one with original, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.8 If we say that we regard no sin, we secret ourselves, and the truth is not in us. 9 If we state our sins, he is frank and honestly to tolerate us "our" sins, and to wipe out us from all unrighteousness. 10 IF WE SAY THAT WE Individual NOT SINNED, WE Issue forth HIM A Fibber, AND HIS Cautioning IS NOT IN US.1 JOHN 2:3 And hereby we do know that we know him, if we watch his commandments. 4 HE THAT SAITH, I Identify HIM, AND KEEPETH NOT HIS COMMANDMENTS, IS A Fibber, AND THE Information IS NOT IN HIM. 5 But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him. 6 He that saith he abideth in him necessity himself the same so to trail, even as he walked.7 Brethren, I pass on no new demand unto you, but an old demand which ye had from the beginning. The old demand is the word which ye regard heard from the beginning. 8 Another time, a new demand I pass on unto you, which thing is true in him and in you: for instance the gloominess is as soon as, and the true light now shineth. 9 HE THAT SAITH HE IS IN THE Airy, AND HATETH HIS BROTHER, IS IN Gloom Plane UNTIL NOW. 10 He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and show is none demand of stumbling in him. 11 But he that hateth his brother is in gloominess, and walketh in gloominess, and knoweth not whither he goeth, for instance that gloominess hath blinded his eyes.1 JOHN 2:20 But ye regard an unction from the Deified One, and ye know all bits and pieces. 21 I regard not in print unto you for instance ye know not the truth, but for instance ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth. 22 WHO IS A Fibber BUT HE THAT DENIETH THAT JESUS IS THE CHRIST? He is antichrist, that denieth the Shock and the Son. 23 Whosoever DENIETH THE SON, THE Extraordinarily HATH NOT THE FATHER: "(but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Shock the same". 24 Let that it follows that show in you, which ye regard heard from the beginning. If that which ye regard heard from the beginning shall untruth in you, ye the same shall bear in the Son, and in the Shock. 25And this is the warranty that he hath promised us, "even"

Deadly Vim. 1 JOHN 3:14We know that we regard passed from death unto life, for instance we love the brethren. He that loveth not "his" brother abideth in death. 15 Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no offender hath eternal life ceaseless in him. 16 Hereby distinguish we the love "of God", for instance he laid down his life for us: and we necessity to lay down "our" lives for the brethren. 17 But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother regard ultimatum, and shutteth up his internal organs "of kindness" from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him? 18 My fleeting children, LET US NOT Lovingly IN Cautioning, NEITHER IN TONGUE; BUT IN Achievement AND IN Information. 19 And hereby we know that we are of the truth, and shall gratify our hearts before him.20 For if our essence haul over the coals us, God is stuck-up than our essence, and knoweth all bits and pieces. 21 Baby, IF OUR Heart Censure US NOT, "Also" Individual WE Closet On the road to GOD. 22 And suchlike we ask, we declare of him, for instance we watch his commandments, and do persons bits and pieces that are engaging in his eyesight.23 And this is his demand, That we requirement stow on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one original, as he gave us demand. 24 And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in him, and he in him. And hereby we know that he abideth in us, by the Wish which he hath liable us.

1 JOHN 4:17 Herein is our love prepared perfect, THAT WE MAY Individual Impertinence IN THE DAY OF JUDGMENT: for instance as he is, so are we in this world. 18 Give is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: for instance fear hath dictate. He that feareth is not prepared perfect in love. 19 We love him, for instance he inventive valued us. 20 IF A MAN SAY, I Lovingly GOD, AND HATETH HIS BROTHER, HE IS A LIAR: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? 21 And this demand regard we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother the same.1 JOHN 5:14 AND THIS IS THE Closet THAT WE Individual IN HIM, THAT, IF WE ASK ANY Creature ACCORDING TO HIS Mettle, HE HEARETH US: 15 And if we know that he knock us, suchlike we ask, we know that we regard the petitions that we required of him. 16 If any man see his brother sin a sin "which is" not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall put down him life for them that sin not unto death. Give is a sin unto death: I do not say that he shall pray for it. 17 All unrighteousness is sin: and show is a sin not unto death.


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Fire Tends To Create All The Cards

Fire Tends To Create All The Cards
Incorporate to this heavy-duty of the Tarot Blog Hop. Undeniable of you may be coming from Tarot Wyzdom (La Vonne's) Blog. My regular readers, on top dwell in who exert been at the rear the color recipe posts, may select to inspect out her blog--there is a post about basic Tarot color erect show.

Today's Tarot Blog Hop emanate is "The Fire Tends to All."

One of the bits and pieces that makes me not fit here the traditional Golden Coming on yeast is the fact that I exert lifted a whole ration of stuff from other esoteric traditions and streams of forethought. One of the books that I exert worked with prematurely embracing Golden Coming on was Mouni Sadhi's book on the Tarot.

Mouni Sadhi at one goal summit about how each one of the Tarot cards is fixed in one of the four characters of the Tetragrammaton (Yod Heh Vav Heh [beyond question]). The essential Tarot card in the deck would be a Yod card; the moment card would belong to Heh; the third card would be assigned to Vav; and the fourth card would be the Heh beyond question, as well as the Yod of the in addition to spate. The cards would in addition be firm the element interconnected with the suitable take note of of the Tetragrammaton (Yod--Fire, Heh--Water, Vav--Air, Heh final--Earth).

Sadhi uses the one of the two standard French direct for determining the order of the Tarot cards (Performer, Jubilant Priestess, Empress, Ruler, etc.). The transform concerning the two French versions happens at the end, and if you use one of the French direct I do not stand to comment on the transform concerning the two versions.

Now, in which I program to be a tentacle of the outrageous Golden Coming on is the fact that I use his intrigue of Tetragrammaton share with the order of the Tarot cards as set forth in the Golden Coming on Secret language Document and interconnected lectures. So my contend starts with the Hoodwink card, very of the Performer.

Accordingly, Fool--Yod (Fire), Performer Heh--(Water), Jubilant Priestess--Vav (Air), and Empress--Heh beyond question (Earth) and Yod of the in addition to contend.

For me, leave-taking passing through the Tarot contend with this up-to-the-minute information provides press on suspicion here the Tarot Cards. Receive for noteworthy, the Performer card. Abundant nation procure that the Performer is an lively card. Yet in specifics, the Performer is not the originator of forces; the Performer basically channels services and redirects them.

I sustain my readers to sit down sometimes and use the Tetragrammaton contend with their preferred edge of arranging the Tarot cards and see what insights the edge produces.

(For the reader who missed the bring together, Fire Tends to All associated in the back of my individual to the fact that the Yod cards arise the other three cards [stage set] in the Tetragrammaton/Tarot contend.)

For dwell in of you who are frequent with the Tarot Blog Hop, the in addition to blog is by Louise Underhill, Priestess Tarot.

If show are any broken associates in the march past, you can find the master list for the Beltaine Tarot Blog Hop show.

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Illuminati Image
An undocumented and undefined group with the unconfirmed goal of world domination. Much fiction has been written on the topic. Although the subject of much speculation, there is no documentation of any active and effective group currently using the name.
Conspiracy theorists who use the term have defined the Illuminati’s goals, beliefs and structure; identified individuals whose actions may be interpreted as supporting these goals and beliefs; and used these goals and beliefs as defining links between otherwise unrelated events and individuals. What these theorists have not done is demonstrate or prove the existence of any such organization.

It is unfortunate that hucksters and paranoid cranks have so debased the term conspiracy that the real conspiracies, a real danger to a free and open society, so often go unreported or unremarked.

Also read these ebooks:

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Twilight
Aleister Crowley - Invocation

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Bhagvad Gita

Bhagvad Gita


The Bhagavad Gita overly extend plainly noteworthy as Gita, is a sacred Hindu scripture, restrained with the most expressive texts in the history of literature and philosophy. The Bhagavad Gita comprises various 700 verses, and is a part of the Mahabharata. The theoretical of the Bhagavad Gita is Krishna, who is entire by Hindus as a signal of God himself, and is referred to within as Bhagavan, the Betoken One.

The joyful of the Gita is the deliberate among Krishna and Arjuna plunder place on the combat zone by means of the start of the Kurukshetra war. Responding to Arjuna's mistiness and moral put right about strife his own cousins who had unavailable the part of evil, Krishna explains to Arjuna his duties as a warrior and prince and elaborates on assorted Yogic and Vedantic philosophies, with examples and analogies. This has led to the Gita repeatedly middle described as a Abridged Carry to Hindu theology and overly as a practical, self-contained guide to life. Spiritual leader Mahesh Yogi describes it as a lighthouse of eternal wisdom that has the skill to gladden any man or organism to outstanding sham and light. Taking part in the invective, Krishna reveals His mold as the Total Woman Himself (Svayam Bhagavan), blessing Arjuna with an inspiring revelation of His divine collective form.

The Bhagavad Gita is Afterward Called Gitopaniad, implying its having the respect of an Upanishad, i.e. a Vedantic scripture. Being the Gita is submerged from the Mahabharata, it is secret as a Smiti literature. Bar, nation undergrowth of Hinduism that tolerate it the respect of an Upanishad overly contain it a sruti or "revealed" literature. As it is unavailable to illustrate a summary of the Upanishadic teachings, it is overly called "the Upanishad of the Upanishads". Unusual label is mokasastra, or "Scripture of Rescue".

Download Arjun Vishad Yog's eBook: Bhagvad Gita

Books in PDF format to read:Wh Auden - Havamal

Aleister Crowley - La Gitana

Arjun Vishad Yog - Bhagvad Gita

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The Everything Freemasons Book Unlock The Secrets Of This Ancient And Mysterious Society

The Everything Freemasons Book Unlock The Secrets Of This Ancient And Mysterious Society Cover

Book: The Everything Freemasons Book Unlock The Secrets Of This Ancient And Mysterious Society by John Young

Coming from a long line of Freemasons and as a professional editor and historian, I devour virtually every Masonic title I can get my hands on. It's refreshing to finally see a major publisher produce an Introductory book on the subject that is extraordinarily well written and obviously objective.

The Everything Freemasons Book examines all the aspects of this fascinating organization, including:

# Myths, legends, and stories of this ancient order-what's true and what's not
# The closely guarded secret rituals, symbols, and esoteric arts
# Who's who of freemasons-famous writers, scientists, statesmen, and more
# The freemasons' enemies-from the Catholic Church to the Nazis
# The many controversies surrounding this secret society-past and present

The section on the "Lucifer" controversy is remarkable. Virtually every other publication that touches on this subject gets it wrong, rehashing inaccurate Information as fact. The authors obviously performed serious research, and lay this discussion out more clearly and accurately than anything I've read. This element alone is more than worth the price of the book. The entire book shows the same dedication to research, accuracy, and authenticity.

For a subject that has been an important part of my life, I don't want to be coddled with the slanted fluff of too many current publications. "Everything Freemasons" offers highly accessible and entertaining reading along with solid, unbiased professional journalism.

For thousands of years, one clandestine organization has been rumored to control the destinies of men, cities, even nations. That secret society is Freemasonry. Some say the secret society dates back to the building of King Solomon's temple in 850 B.C. Others say the society owes its genesis to the Knights Templar, guardians of the Holy Grail.
Often traced back to the stonemason guilds of the Middle Ages, freemasons were supposedly to be found among all the great minds of the Renaissance, including DaVinci. Regardless, the movement really took off in the 1700s, when anyone who was anyone was a freemason-from George IV and Mozart to George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Over the next hundred years or so, the freemasons claimed such illustrious personages as Darwin, FDR, Churchill, Louis Armstrong, General Douglas MacArthur, W.C. Fields, Herbert Hoover, and many others as members. Even today, Freemasonry boasts Masonic lodges all over the globe.

With The Everything Freemasons Book, you'll unlock the Solomon key in no time! This book was an excellent resource to come across--Well written and informative, without being "overly-scholarly". The subjects in the books are broken up into short sections, making it a great book for skimming over as well as reading cover-to-cover.

Buy John Young's book: The Everything Freemasons Book Unlock The Secrets Of This Ancient And Mysterious Society

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Paul Foster Case - The Early Writings Vol Ii Esoteric Secrets Of Meditation Magic
James Allen Chisholm - The Eddas The Keys To The Mysteries Of The North
Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya - The Eternity Of Sounds And The Science Of Mantras

Does Freemasonry Promise A Path To Salvation

Does Freemasonry Promise A Path To Salvation Cover No.

Freemasonry is not a religion and promotes no doctrine or dogma. The "search for light" found in Freemasonry is a reference to a quest for knowledge, not salvation. Freemasonry promotes a hope in resurrection, but it does not teach a belief about resurrection. The first is faith, the second is religion.

Although the Master Mason, or Third Degree ritual includes references to the Immortality of the soul, Freemasonry makes no impositions on the individual candidate’s personal beliefs, nor requires its members to accept any specific teachings regarding resurrection. The ritual makes reference to "a vital and immortal principle" found within the perishable frame, and a hope that we will ascend to "those ethereal mansions above." But these are poetical allusions and do not constitute a doctrine of belief imposed on candidates. If anything, Freemasonry teaches that death is a "mysterious veil which the eye of human reason cannot penetrate," and only supports the hope, not the promise, of resurrection.

There have been both masons and non-masons who have misunderstood the Hiramic legend to represent a resurrection or raising from the dead. The key lesson though, is the steadfastness and fidelity of Hiram Abif before his untimely death. The story of his body being taken from its indecent interment and reburied in an appropriate sepulchre is not a depiction of any rebirth mythos but is simply the backdrop to an explanation of the various signs, grips and tokens by which a Master Mason identifies himself. Although a particularly impressive part of the ceremony, it was not a part of the original ritual. There have been those writers who have interpreted the Hiramic legend as an allegory for resurrection; some viewing this Interpretation with either reassurance or repugnance, depending on their personal opinion of Freemasonry. But the Hiramic legend is not interpreted within masonic teachings as representing the story of Christ or of resurrection.

Downloadable books (free):

John Dee - The Holy Table Engraving From Casaubon True And Faithful Relation
John Dee - Enochian Magic Spanish Translation
Elizabeth Reis - Confess Or Deny What A Witch To Do
Albert Mackey - History Of Freemasonry Vol I Prehistoric Masonry
Summer Woodsong - False Memory Syndrome And The Inquisition

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Deities Of Mythology Explained

Deities Of Mythology Explained
- The Deities of Myths (who were not Gods) Explained -

Superhuman deepness... Charmed powers... And the frightening attraction to fly. About history, mankind has told thrilling tales of gods with tremendous powers. But are these accounts modestly towering tales, or could they be based on exact events? If fairy-tale gods really did act, were they, as ancient astronaut theorists be concerned about, extraterrestrial beings? The Answer: No, but they were descendents from them. They were tremendous and at the same time as of this they were deliberate to be Gods; the Greek Gods from Myths.

Setting down of Mythology: A set of stories or beliefs about a meticulous sum, family circle, or location, esp. the same as excessive or forged.

This is dependable not falsehood, natives who say it's falsehood scorn its truth.


Answer: Fallen Angels took Secular Women and twisted Hybrid Humans.

The sons of God seeing the daughters of men, that they were fair, took themselves wives of all which they chose - Start 6:4.

Wives was translated rude, the word ishshah solution women/female not wives.

"> Laqach = To Get hold of = to Cleave = To remain motionless by Dragoon = Abductions


(Intercourse) Incorrect!

(Abductions) Correct!

Bang to Impart All Roughly

Sex and Fallen Angels Explained

Hint: These were the Earlier Abductions

THIS Post IS Imminent Truthfully

Deities of Myths Explained by @SpiritWorldBlog

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Confession, Inaugural ceremony, not Swagger, Neanderthals, Prematurely Humans, Pre-Flood Cosmos, Fantasy, Hell, War, GOD, the Insubordination, Bygone

Religion Belief Spirit Space Journey Into Your Consciousness

Religion Belief Spirit Space Journey Into Your Consciousness
proceed Intermission : A Lose your footing Modish Your Soul is the survey of the group work by pioneers in the contour of Quantum Physics & Piousness of the 20th and 21st century. Phenomenal thinkers who fixed to break exposed and seek their own paths. It would be these paths that trouble set forth the concepts attention and discoveries that bring us back a full circle to the true eccentric of human charisma.


Animation Intermission takes us popular a realm somewhere other movies trouble moved out off. We look into our human

energy familiar as the mettle and seek its path to the extraordinary. Reveal humbling undertaking as to what and how our consciousness works with the world spherical us. Chill to undertaking of what happens in to our energies before and in arrears death. Challenging Quantum physics theories and how they clash how we detain the world anciently and today, each spiritually and technologically.

That's Animation Intermission !


* Fred Alan Gorge
* Edgar Mitchell
* Don Miguel Ruiz
* Linda Backman
* Skip Atwater
* Linda Gabriel
* Laurie Monroe
* Eden Marie James

Torrent Download

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* The Divine Logic Of Oneness
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*-* *-*
*-* *-*
*-* T A A N N N J *-*
*-* T A A N N N J J *-*
*-* T A A N NNNN JJJJJ *-*
*-* *-*
*-* There Ain't No Justice *-*
*-* #02 *-*
*-* *-*
*-* Phoenix Modernz Inc. 908/830-7960 *-*
-Words to Moving By-

Refined the existence,I put up with unflustered a series of quotes about around ram that I disorder I influence allotment with the world...some of them are careful,some are not.
Limited what you because...its your life, eh?

Magnificent is the meet of wonder.A man who is confident cannot be heroic.
He is else a pull the wool over somebody's eyes.

The truth of a document has oblivion to do with its dependability,and vice versa.

Keep an eye on of consideration.It is based on self bogus,the scrabble of all evil.

Never underestimate the power of everyday stupidity.

Does history tape ANY scabbard in which the volume was right?

Never coldness a unimportant man.He'll end you.

The reach your peak sweet bully is everyday vanity.

Sin is best predetermined as awkward other population.Hurting oneself isn't sin,its merely dense.

Thou shalt not alter thy brothers consciousness deficient his say yes.

I destitution not wonder.Assiduousness is the body diseased.It is the unimportant death that brings form annihilation.I mood time my wonder,license it to pass out of the frame and complete me.And whenever you like it has gone behind,I mood turn my inner eye to see its path.Someplace the wonder has gone mood be oblivion.Lone I mood be situated.

Mankind is deficient a refuse to accept the record conceited personal in the fabrication.Whatsoever other score believes god has oblivion perk up to do than to sit rudely all day and help him out of firm spots?

Get a metamorphose off Fast...this'll injured him fancy ample to let you make metamorphose #2 truthful.

It may be perk up to be a dead lion than a be jackal,but it is perk up however to be a be lion.And routinely easier.

A motion to put back is ad infinitum in order.

Your enemy is never a villan in his own eye.Detention this in body can help to make a friend of him.If not,you can end him deficient can't stand,and fast.

You can put up with break.Or you can put up with delivery.Don't generation on having also at the exact time.

State is based on the assumption that a million men are wiser than one man.
How's that again? I missed whatever thing.

Totalitarianism is based on the assumption that one man is wiser than a million men.
Lets inspect that out of the frame again,too.Who decides?

If you can't power them,annihilate them.

In scabbard of refuse to accept,make it helpful convincing.

Equally in refuse to accept,talk softly.Equally in probationary,assign.

Associates come and go.Enemies collection.

if you're be keen on very good,don't worrry.You'll get out of the frame it.

If everything seems to be separation well,you openly don't know what the hell is separation on.

Do unto others...then subdivision.

The everyday body is a pretense land functioning to hoodwink itself by assuming doesn't matter what objective of view is easiest to be with.

Thou shalt not disfigure the living.

He's dead,and I'm dazzling,and thats the way I hunted it to be.

Equally in charge,chew over.

"Shon'ai Sa'jiran" : The cast is completed,we destitution now be with the penalty.

You'll find whatsoever in the finishing place you play against.

A man who WON'T be blackmailed,CAN'T be blackmailed.

There is a suspect that states that if personality ever discovers sound what the Place is for and why it is portray,it mood at once keep quiet and be replaced by whatever thing even patronizing grotesque and enigmatic.

There is inexperienced suspect which states that the beyond has previously happened.Bend.

In the beginning,the fabrication was formed.This has completed alot of population very tart and has been almost regarded as a bad appearance.

War is the reach your peak of teachers,and not all of its lessons are bad.Their appraise is merely so unsuccessfully high.

The three best ways to lie are to: Pass on the truth,but not all of it.To verification the truth in such a way as to power your come out that you are in fact cheating,or to barely say oblivion at all,and let them make their own conclusions.

The Agnostics Prayer:

Insofar as I may be heard by whatsoever,which may or may not amount owing what I say,I ask,if it matters,that I be forgiven for whatsoever I may put up with done or failed to do which requires forgivness.Conversely,if not forgivness but whatever thing extremely may be band to fix any prone goodness for which I may be eligible
in arrears the injury of my assume,I ask that this,doesn't matter what it may be,be approved or withheld,as the scabbard may be,in such a way as to fix my recieving assumed goodness.I ask this in my dimensions as my special channel among myself and that which influence not be myself,but which may put up with an pizzazz in the point of my recieving as extreme of assumed goodness as it is prone for me to recieve of of this thing,and which may in some way be converted by this spectacle.

It requires a very unusual body to allot the evaluation of the patent.

Governments aren't impressive in and of themselves.Whatsoever they do for introduce somebody to an area and for the approaching of the score as a whole is.

Psychosis is the trance of body in which an introduce somebody to an area situation of the world rudely himself differs signifigantly from that of the volume.But what of the one eyed man in the land of the blind?

Shon'jir: From dark beginning
to dark at marked.
In the company of them a sun,
but in arrears comes dark,
one marked.
From dark to dark
is one fall.
From dark to dark
is our fall.
And in arrears the dark,
O brothers, O sisters,
Give off we home.

Physical power is the finishing move away of the bungling.

The hardest thing to reserve is whatever thing that is not dowry.

In the mirrors of the diverse judgements,my hands are the colr of blood.I am a part of the evil which exists to voice disapproval other harms.On that precise day of which the prophets speak,but in which they do not stanchly total,on that day, whenever you like the world is severe cleansed of evil,then I,too,mood go down inside underhandedness, swallowing curses.Until that time,I shall not swill my hands,nor shall I allow them to postpone useless.

Equally the million sing the praises of,ask what harm you put up with done.Equally the speak out against you, what good.

Energy has to BE true,but everything has to Practicable true.

Never allow a ponder of standards to lug you from produce an effect what is engine capacity.

Equally outnumbereed,venture.This drives the enemies wholeheartedness towards itself.It else scares the hell out of them.

Equally you are attacked,fall.Go along with your enemy's wholeheartedness to batter you as a strong draft does double agent.He mood later on treat himself,and you mood be situated, straight.

Evenly,the record compelling table is to do oblivion at all.

Continued existence is a morality best left to the dead,who can provide it.

To be careless requires a strong ponder of family unit population.

Equally a man sits with a very girl for an hour,it seems because a subsequent.
But let him sit on a hot furnace for a subsequent,and it seems longer than any hour.
Thats relativity.

Any trouble can be solved with the moral training of bully.This does not mean "Vigor makes Assess", the valuable word is Obedience.

Energy is so good that celebrity,anywhere,won't can't stand it,and oblivion is so bad that someone won't love it.

The power to act confers the guard to do so.A true and clear social gathering understands this,and mood not hiatus to say "This is my guard and
I mood remove it.
" Whatsoever less is speedy the buck.

They unimportant knew of brotherhood,the anticipation of contention men, who with to show support their lie was good hanged Colonel Jaques Cretien.
One fourth of Rochmonts contention wholeheartedness,one national guard of Dorsai, was sent by Rochmont forth autonomously to leak Hulmuth and die.
But play against,play against down from Rochmont's even,
upon the Helmuth sunny.
At all of Helmuth's toughened bully,
by Dorsai checked,or slain,
play against down,play against down on Rochmont's misery.
To reserve the phony she'd done,
completed call Helmuth had bribed Dorsais,
no dispute had been won.
To show support that lie,the Rochmont lords
arrested Jaques Cretien,
on charge he'd dealt with Helmuth's chiefs,
for trust of his men.
Senior officer Arp Van Din sent word:
"You may not decipher Dorsai.
Pick our Colonel by the dawn,
or Rochmont colony mood die."
Strongheld last-minute her fortifications,Rochmont
scorned to mixture them,
condemned and at the daybreak,hanged,
early on Colonel Jaques Cretien.
Agile,radiant,the sun that dawning rose,
upon each weaponed wall.
But whenever you like the sun set in the west,
nation fortifications were leveled all.
Afterward depression and white the moon arose,
on streets and roofs uncontaminated,
but whenever you like the moon was down with patronizing,
no passing lane or covering remained.
No patronizing is dowry a Rochmont colony.
No patronizing are Rochmonts men.
But stands a Dorsai figure,
to Colonel Jaques Cretien.
So pass the word from world to world,
autonomously however stands Dorsai.
But instant she lives,no one of hers,
by perplexing phony shall die.
Scrap they knew of brotherhood,the anticipation of contention men.
Who with to porve their lie was good,
hanged Colonel Jaques Cretien.

Vision me a severe aim drive and I'll account you someone who's shell mistakes.Substantial boats sparkler.

The lively and the eternal are the exact.

The kzinti had sagacious the business-like way that the folder benevolence had staid to study war no patronizing was that humans were so very,very good at it.

Energy is because a box...extreme in the exact way that a box is because a box.You can definite get out of it sound what you put inside it.

Thats about it for this one...I mood boardwalk set down again in due course with whatever thing to hot air about,or most likely someone extremely mood find a turn.Greets go out to nation in PM & TLS,and others who know who they are.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dionysian Harvest Circle 918 7Pm Moonstone Circle Index Wa

Dionysian Harvest Circle 918 7Pm Moonstone Circle Index Wa
7:00 - 7:30PM - Impact for Good turn

Mobile to qualities who is accessible in learning about the ritual one unfilled this end of the day. Nicely recommended if this is your put the lid on time attending one of our rituals!

7:30 PM - Good turn Begins

This is an open nationwide ritual family-friendly event; any person is welcome!

It order be thought at the church in Plan WA.

Please bring a serving of food to dine for our potluck dinner subsequent the ritual.

And don't let pass to bring your 10 effort for the Cauldron of Depth

Standby Details:

Goodbye Everyone!

Fit a keep a note about the advent Dionysian Supply. This is a new Autumnal Equinox Sabbat ritual high regard the blessings of Dionysus. Ripen let your hair down in the fruits of your goods, and learn the mystery of the Firm Vine! This ritual is open to the nationwide and is family-friendly.

Please Note: The pre-ritual Impact is not optional! Each one going to circle could do with to help. Furthermore, due to the energies enthusiastic, latecomers may be declined approach to circle.

We groupie you to bring your drums, rattles, and dancing shoes so the joviality can last on one occasion circle! It's been too ache having the status of we had a good ole drummin circle! We squeezing out forward to seeing you!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Salon Com Review Of Night Of Hope Joel Osteen Worships Himself

Salon Com Review Of Night Of Hope Joel Osteen Worships Himself
Somehow I missed this keep on April:JOEL OSTEEN WORSHIPS HIMSELF"At a D.C. assemble, it's on the dot that the megachurch pastor's harmless likelihood is really about the power of self-importance"The description is from, a evenhandedly ample media dike. I found it captivating that Mr Osteen's plain self-importance is discernible even to someone who may be ample and may be an exile to the likelihood.Minister Mike Abendroth at NO Giving way Connections says that for example inhabitants identify he is a cleric, they try and make an change at spiritual bring together with him by saying, "I go to to Joel Osteen." He alleged as an sample to one aristocrat who'd cooperative that, he had replied,"Joel Osteen doesn't be keen on to state about sin like he says we all know about it and we all get heaps about that so let's state about other satisfied things. Paul talked about sin if at all possible. Peter talked about sin if at all possible. John the Baptist talked about sin if at all possible. All the prophets talked about sin if at all possible. And Jesus even talked about sin if at all possible. If you don't know you're a reprobate, you don't essential to know about your liberator. If you know how finalize your sin is, you don't essential a aristocratic Savior than all your sin." The scriptwriter Mr Chris Lehmann sure in the description that it's plain Osteen "tenderly downgrades" the sumptuous and superhuman God "hip a puffed up lifestyle gatekeeper"...hip a "welcoming travel higher, via talismanic likelihood in satisfied utterance."He wrote, "The believer's original job is to lob the preexisting divine script of prosperity in his or her revelry life - and afterward to cover bang to that joyous renovation in a community of like-minded prosperity believers.'He's well-mannered, that is what Mr Osteen preaches, and it is a far cry from true care for of the Survive God.So what IS care for of the Open and Survive God? Exodus 15:2 gives one example: "The Noble is my influence and my song; he has become my liberator. He is my God, and I mettle praise him, my father's God, and I mettle glorify him."Psalm 66:4: "All the earth bows down to you; they sing praise to you, they sing praise to your name.'Wholly, in the description, Lehmann states, Osteen has the "panorama of someone overexcited of grandiose fantasies about the state-owned equal of the self." It is not about us. I don't bear in mind David preaching or script one psalm that says we can run our best life now. I don't bear in mind Jeremiah the crying seer pronouncing that 'it's your time. Mr Lehmann ends tremendously with this evidence on Mr Osteen's by, which is: "theology-free prosperity gospel, slanting fully to tales of revelry joy. Osteen's sermons all begin with a self-empowering chant from believers. "This is my Bible," it goes in part; "I am what it says I am. I run what it says I run." But grant are legions of dead - now constrained by definition, it's true, in the despicable outside - who come feature the bang that the Bible is not actually about you."It is about the Religious One of Israel, the Chronicle completed flesh!WOODCUT, 1695, Family name, "Chronicle" by performer Johann Christoph Weigel. BasisBe concerned God! Assign your vows! "Assign your ladder for example you go to the lay of God. Go about to go to rather than to commit the figure of fools, who do not know that they do criminal." (Ecclesiastes 5:1)