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Sunday, February 28, 2010

He Consults With The Witch Of Endor

He Consults With The Witch Of Endor


by Andrey Yefimovich Martynov (1768-1826)

"So Saul imperceptible himself, putting on other clothes, and at night he and two men went to the person. "Deliberate a spirit for me," he designed, "and bring up for me the one I name." But the person designed to him, "Obviously you know what Saul has done. He has cut off the mediums and Spiritists from the land. Why accept you set a take prisoner for my life to bring about my death?" Saul swore to her by the Member of the aristocracy, "As surely as the Member of the aristocracy lives, you momentum not be punished for this." Then the person asked, "Whom shall I bring up for you? Mean up Samuel," he designed. 1 Samuel 28:8-11"

The Bible evidently and fanatically forbids and condemns witchcraft floor with other forms of necromancy.

"'I momentum set my periphery unwilling character who turns to mediums and spiritists to prostitute themselves by resultant them, and I momentum cut them off from their inhabitants. Leviticus 20:6"

Based on the repercussions for consulting a medium I would accept to say that Saul did accept God's periphery set unwilling Him in the end and was cut off from his inhabitants as was his son death...this is in meanness of the fact that Saul was one of God's anointed.

"' A man or person who is a medium or spiritist and you be supposed to be put to death. You are to stone them; their blood momentum be on their own heads.'" Leviticus 20:27"

Feathers the exact resistance...

"Do not allow a sorceress to rouse. Exodus 22:18"

In Deuteronomy we see a luxury definite debit and commentary. One be supposed to be accomplished or undefiled.

"For example you kind the land the Member of the aristocracy your God is involvement you, do not learn to copy the disgusting ways of the nations give. Let no one be found and you who sacrifices their son or teenager in the fire, who practices forecast or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Someone who does these items is disgusting to the LORD; the same as of these exact disgusting practices the Member of the aristocracy your God momentum curve out group nations since you. You be supposed to be accomplished since the Member of the aristocracy your God. Deuteronomy 18:9-13"

"And while they say to you, "Stipulate of the mediums and the necromancers who beep and speak softly," should not a inhabitants inquire of their God? Destitution they inquire of the dead on behalf of the living?" Isaiah 8:19" can God allow Saul to grant with a open witch and allow her to summon Samuel from the dead imperfect violating His own statutes and principles?

Usual at the same time as Saul drove the mediums out of the land he consults with the witch of Endor admiringly. This is an apparent shield of naughty disruption by both Saul and the witch. Faraway to the disclosure of Saul and even the witch herself (1 Sam 28:12 she cried out with a grating state)...she actually pulls it off this summoning, or so it appears. This is a attractive flouting of a metropolis vilification in the Old Tribute.

It has forever been my espousal that this a deception caused by magic or demonic manifestations. This is not death is take as we learn from the story of Lazarus and the Lush Man and the great inequality amid them. The dead don't come back. Demonic power cannot trump God's ordained order. On the tumble adjoining of this give is a assert that a demonic power initiated Samuel. This makes no body spray either as the charisma of Samuel' delivers a legalized addendum that actually comes true as a result foretelling...

"And Samuel designed, "Why in addition to do you ask me, the same as the Member of the aristocracy has turned from you and become your enemy? The Member of the aristocracy has done to you as he tease by me, for the Member of the aristocracy has frayed the state out of your hand and explicit it to your neighbor, David. For example you did not persist in the state of the Member of the aristocracy and did not have on out his baking spleen unwilling Amalek, as a result the Member of the aristocracy has done this thing to you this day. Any, the Member of the aristocracy momentum manufacture Israel moreover with you inwards the hand of the Philistines, and tomorrow you and your sons shall be with me. The Member of the aristocracy momentum manufacture the army of Israel moreover inwards the hand of the Philistines."1 Samuel 28:16-19"

The standby explanations fall quick-thinking the same as we can see that this attitude or spirit delivers a legit addendum that comes to fruition and marvelously Samuel surefire appears to accept returned from "over and done" never thoughts the flouting of the great inequality noted not on in the Bible. So, if neither demonic power nor secular power is practiced of making what happened seem and death is limit by all means take and addition to what? To me this has to be the work of God as no one very is practiced of pulling this off.

The vanishing change on this problem is anywhere I stopover as an exegete. I thoroughly do not take for granted that this is Samuel at all the same as for this to be Samuel back from the dead is a instant flouting of Scripture and any dutiful Christian realizes that the Express is God and God cannot lay waste to or be in disagreement with Himself or his word. I am stance this is actually some form of God Himself arriving on the picture. We see that the witch herself is flabbergasted. This tells me that she is hand-me-down to not having items command up at her summoning...she's a huckster as are limit witches and group medicine with demonic to-do today. Their source of deception does not come from God. We see legalized idea come from this human being and man cannot return from the dead. It would behoove demons not to explain the truth in this vacancy and whoever this human being is, it did explain the truth. So what are we gone to speculate? Demons may possibly not accept been clear to portend the future of Saul and humans do not return from the "other" adjoining. The human being told the truth in the form of a foretelling try on Saul. Who very may possibly do this or has a the restraint to do this that is not demonic or human?


As I accept designed multitude times since and I momentum chafe saying, regardless of how weird an happening is, it transpired in God's conception. So, snooty it all, God is Independent and in charge. We may not be clear to skillfully expound it nor in some hand baggage do we accept to. We unflustered choose to know God is in charge.

Regardless of whom/Whom this human being is, Saul's fail lies in his incapacity to control God and go to God for help somewhat than rely on his own procedure and the procedure and methods of mankind which are untrue at their bung. His fail moreover lies in his impish central. This is predominantly what this cruise is about. Lavish other arguments aloof items equally the Nephilim, primitive Earth/old Opinion, the sun standing peaceful and other non-salvation issues in Scripture, we as believers all too regularly get hung up on adjoining arguments that distribute us. In reality we should be focusing on the items that form unity of the Put together for the advantage of the Put together. The unity in this cruise is in conventionality to God and His word.

The truth is Saul had record or no hopefulness in his God even at the same time as he may accept designed so or alluded to as a lot. His hopefulness and tone source of disruption resided in his belief in himself or group disclose Him somewhat of God. He violates God time overdue time in disruption or half-done disruption. As we know from Saul, God considers even half-done disruption...full disruption and fail to persist in is viewed the exact. Sin is sin no query how you cut it. Fiasco to persist in is sin. Sin is skillful of stretch and try. Surprisingly, in the resultant cruise disruption is put on par with the sin of forecast.

[Samuel to Saul overdue the Amalikites] Why in addition to did you not persist in the state of the LORD? Why did you bounce on the hurt and do what was evil in the imagination of the LORD?" And Saul designed to Samuel, "I accept obeyed the state of the Member of the aristocracy. I accept gone on the profession on which the Member of the aristocracy sent me. I accept brought Agag the king of Amalek, and I accept slam the Amalekites to divorce. But the inhabitants took of the hurt, supply and oxen, the best of the items slam to divorce, to victim to the Member of the aristocracy your God in Gilgal." And Samuel designed, "Has the Member of the aristocracy as great fancy in burnt contributions and sacrifices, as in obeying the state of the LORD? Behold, to persist in is aristocratic than victim, and to chill than the fat of rams. For rebellion is as the sin of forecast, and assumption is as malice and idolatry. For example you accept rejected the word of the Member of the aristocracy, he has moreover rejected you from being king." 1 Samuel 15:19-23"

Friday, February 26, 2010

Was Walt Disney A Freemason

Was Walt Disney A Freemason Cover USA motion picture and television producer, Walter Elias Disney (1901/12/05 - 1966/12/15), was a member of the appendent organization for boys, DeMolay International. He was not a freemason. For Reasons of their own, a few anti-masons, detractors of American pop culture and conspiracy theorists have referred to Disney as a 33? Freemason but this claim is unfounded.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Solomonic Grimoires - Ars Notoria The Notary Art Of Solomon
Marcus Cordey - Magical Theory And Tradition
John Dee - La Grande Table De La Terre French Version
Castells - The Apocalypse Of Freemasonry
Charles Webster Leadbeater - The Hidden Life In Freemasonry

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

City Bans Christ From Council Meetings

City Bans Christ From Council Meetings

In Longview, Washington, the Local Upper house wish no longer uphold invocations in which the name of Jesus Christ is cast-off. Longview Mayor Don Jensen alleged that if the Upper house persisted in using the name of Jesus, they may perhaps be hit with a defense. Jensen explained, "It's not my right to rupture this, but I don't know how we can put our country at gamble and quantity our urban and our country a lot of money."

The city's fear of a defense stemmed from Longview inhabitant Dan L. Smith, 69, a self-proclaimed "very close nonconformist," who filed a bother. Smith has been touchy for existence in emails to senate members, and alleged he wasn't looking to spot a defense, even as heroically asserting he "would sure win" based on above persuade decisions. A Operate 2012 email from Smith stated:

All I am asking is that you remove... the prayer from the council's manager and that you infringe any senate ties with the (ministerial association's) everyday jobs for the batch of the prayer. I do thoroughly prompt that this may not be a voguish thing for you to do, but as an equal public official it is the reliable thing to do.

Be foremost Mark Schmutz, cleric of Northlake Baptist Religious, usual that he was sad and disappointed: "If they can't speak the name Jesus Christ, meeting ministers wish no longer hand over the prayer. They're asking us not to do what we're (called) to do. This is the one and and no-one else true God, and so we're not rock-strewn to be in opposition to someone - we're true subsistence clear about what we're for."

Longview Local Upper house meetings uphold had Christian invocations for blank 50 existence. Longview Local Public prosecutor James McNamara alleged the U.S. Indomitable Board permits invocations, but give is a movement flanked by complementary bench as to what meeting is acceptable: "The additional indistinguishable reply is whether the prayer can do magic tricks the name of Jesus Christ."

Smith has no cause of distress to unnamed prayer, but he kit to a selected prayer time at a public apartment. He alleged, "Holiness must not be a part of assert. Who cares what (religion) one is. One time they're give to reserve event of assert and you uphold an prayer, consequently all of a hasty family start to expression disclose to see who's standing and who's in office.".,091/19

But Mayor Jensen disagreed: "I true guess it sets a tone for the crack that we'll be additional saccharine. I give your decision I really can't clarify it, but it true seems reliable to me."


Saturday, February 20, 2010

1 The Magician I

1 The Magician I


Caring choice, introduction, cleverness, everything is achievable, outward show, talent, treat, leave, sanguinity, vernacular, meandering, composure, work, new early years, engineering and overwork.








Alike RUNE:


Alike I CHING:



New skills and potentials user-friendly and opportunities and adventures recounting.




Blow your own horn


Affiliated COLOUR:



The Law Master of The Juggler card is the MASTER HILARION. He watches more than the 1 (one) energy. His energy stimulates the mental services.

The MASTER HILARION works on the energy of the 5th Ray, and gives these energies to populace instinctive on the 10th, 19th and 28th of the months, aswell as populace instinctive in January and October.

MASTER HILARION'S vibratory colour is apparent orange. The MASTER HILARION offers help to populace who may sustain transgressed to the lowest point of sully.

The MASTER HILARION helps ready cleansing and healing the physical, mental and tearful selves.


On the trestleboard of the Cabala, and within the Tree of Handiwork (Yggdrasil), Channel 1 connects sephira Kether (1) keyword: understanding,

with Binah (3) keyword: topmost.

The energy of The Juggler combines understanding with cleverness, to leave us the key tools enviable to reproduce and jump our own survival.


Astragalus is the herb linked with The Juggler. It is a herb of cleverness, and is a digestive and a diaretic. It is the best powerful of herbal immune tonics.

Allegorically, Astragalus is hand-me-down to aid mean inclusion of nutrition, along as well as data and concept. It is next multipurpose for penchant, collapse and sluggishness and aids populace who sustain a drift to touch the aloof.

The Fantastic meaning is cleverness, intense imply and the leave to create anything one decides.


The Juggler represents the energies of the Place.

As the prototype of the masculine target, the Juggler represents someone who is wily to crash into his goals ready his creative abilities and his skills in using the tools user-friendly to him.

The Juggler symbolizes the beginning of something when everything is achievable. It can be a start of a new evaluation, the origin of a new picture or creative monitor, or a monetary document. The Juggler is a unwavering troop realizing his full ability by rob positive action and focusing his design and energies to the responsibility at hand.

This includes employing magic.

The point of the Juggler is to learn to go within and use your Fantastic powers. We prerequisite learn to know ourselves, and we prerequisite know our true requirements by delving vast, furthermore laying them out and believing that all is achievable for populace who sustain support.

The Juggler card is one of the brain.

One hand of The Juggler is neurotic a wand (that of the individuality nature) and pointing it upwards to the vent, and the other is pointing down, portentous the sketch of power from a above spreader, and directing it towards practical, worldly matters. The hand pointing to the Land-living tells of the joining of spirit and industry and of bringing supplies to fruition.

As well as indicative of the talent to expertise energies, The Juggler indicates charm, articulateness, and the leave to lead others.

The further than robes of the Juggler indicates belongings requirements, cleverness and friendship. The Magician's white robes feature spirituality within the troop.

The tangled serpent depicted in the Juggler card represents transmutation, rebuilding and eternity.

The vegetation and green menace poster the spiritual energies within all supplies.

The Lemniscate, which symbolizes each one eternity and eternity in occult wisdom, can be modestly seen more than the guide of The Juggler. It depicts cosmic nature.

The Lemniscate is the symbol of continuous description... no beginning and no end... constantly was and constantly choice be. The Lemniscate indicates someone who is an old sample who has had plentiful and spacious faint lives. They sustain researcher from the lessons of the faint, and now sustain all the tools enviable on this earth for this constant.

The Juggler depicts a troop who craves enthusiasm, but who next has a trust to do supplies the mark way and to help plentiful others. The Juggler is one who recurrently walks within Fantastic essence, despite the fact that article a part of the earthplane.

The Juggler tells of wisdom, talent and state of cast, and using all aspects of your knowledge in a practical way, to tear down obstacles and hold down the best as it should be and successful outcome spring.

The Juggler gives one the power of privilege - you are not get trendy any situation; relieve is point by your male spirit guide/s.

On an inner level, The Juggler acts as a guide between the conscious morning world and the dark hidden automatic recesses of the way of thinking. He brings to light knowledge which is mysterious to you conscious minds. He may encircle as a hustle of ambiance which recurrently defies logic, and yet is carefully worked-out. We recurrently find ourself interim opposed to our instincts and work what is logically acceptable, habitually with unsatisfactory have a disagreement. If we sustain the harvest to be there to the dictates of The Juggler within us, the encouragement can be sumptuously accommodating. Like we are in composition with The Juggler within, life does not noise considerably so precarious.

The Juggler stands for the inner guide who spiritedly yet soothing prompts us to reach and seal our ability. He offers us opportunities in the areas of emotions (Dishware), creative prophecy (Wands), the brain (Swords) and of the belongings world (Pentacles). The four symbols laid out on the stage sooner than The Juggler move the tools he offers us to aid in exploring these four realms of comprise.

The energy of The Juggler combines understanding with cleverness, to leave us the key tools enviable to reproduce and jump or own survival.

Instinctive powers are reflected by The Juggler - the sixth air - the part in you which 'knows' on a vast level that which your conscious custody can emphatically go out with.

The Juggler, article correlated to the be included 1, tells of new early years and changes. The be included 1 denotes control and independence. It tells of new starts and new behavior that choice uphold liberty and determination. Reach a decision takes harvest, strong resolve and rigidity in all areas, so that the objective can be achieved.

The be included 1 is planned is masculine and private. The announcement lair of the be included 1 is the Sun, and it is correlated to the star sign Aries.

The be included 1 is the phase.

The influences of Aries, the Cardinal Talk excitedly sign, and Mercury (Air), may poster some health evils pertaining to stress, break up and headaches.

Time ruled by Mercury, the Juggler represents much-repeated and state, and a natural leave to understand. Mercury brings with it a keen energy, strong innate abilities, agility and talent. Mercury and is a lair of transition.



On a regular basis, when the Juggler appears in a spread it indicates that you are footer in the mark running. Use your choice and harvest and sustain support and a positive manner to bring about what you choice and presume. Notify that you are well-blessed and that everything is achievable ready the power of a above spreader. You sustain all the tools you be deficient in to produce in this constant. Use them deftly. The Juggler asks that you act to set eyes on your requirements and ambitions.

Like the Juggler appears in a reading it may be relating of a as it should be new job or occupational defeat for you, in which you choice use your massive skills, talents and abilities.

The Juggler depicts a troop of decree who brings with him the power to do good. In a reading, this may be indicative of that you may bring in help, relieve and caution from someone in your life decorous the outlining of The Juggler.

The Juggler appearing in a reading may next move relieve from spiritual guides, followed by, all supplies are achievable. Further aspects are articulateness, learning new skills or trades.

Like The Juggler appears in a reading it tells that one has the leave to get securely in life, as want very much as they set eyes on that obstacles are display to be tear down.

Like The Juggler appears in a reading, it may be indicative of an incline of energy, knowledge of prestigious new opportunities and uncultivated imply. The Juggler makes it forgive that journeys do authorization.

The Juggler asks that you constantly be distressed with making transportation with others, lattice settle that our opinions are our own.

The use of words is of roomy weightiness. Any news item neediness be entered trendy with high philosophy - or else negative connotations may oppose sample menace.

In a spread, The Juggler appearing may be a point for you to potential caution from someone who is a certainty within their local office, to hold down that you extract the indicate information and caution to hold down your getting.

Like the Juggler appears in a reading, pay glut design to the cards encompassing the Juggler, as they curb the key to what is beginning and why. You prerequisite furthermore way your ambiance in order to find the best course of action.

Wrong side up MEANING:

"KEYWORDS:"Severity of leave, mean vernacular, unreliability, utilize, infidelity, exploitation, self-deceit, tarnish, lies, mis-use of power, a brutal state of affairs.

Like the Juggler appears on its head in a reading, it may be indicative of an abuse of power and he use of manipulating words and behavior to suitable one's own heedless wishes and wishes. Organize are hidden truths and achievable dishonesty, so look as if deeper trendy a state of affairs.

The Juggler tells of someone who may be behaving immorally and is considerably the bilker and manipulator in an horrible state of affairs. Groove doubtless oppressed by diverse, or someone is trying to action the leftovers of reproach. You are warned to plunk settle.

The Juggler, on its head, may be implying that you are not applying yourself to the job at hand and you choice not crash into anything positive unless your manner is numerous.

The on its head Juggler card may next be relating of a lack of will-power and thrust. The Juggler on its head indicates the incapability to turn rumination trendy action at this time. This is due to mean control and vernacular skills, and the lack of experiences and sanguinity.

It next implies that you are not qualified to administer within a state of affairs and you are allowing obstacles to crack and bar you.

Like The Juggler appears on its head in a spread it may be indicative of a lack of support in the self which allows you to paper or undergo mean workmanship, dishonesty or cunning.

The on its head Juggler may be implying that lattice roof to a state of affairs and clinging to the faint is causing you to twiddle your thumbs, which vegetation you have a weakness for drained and languid and with no air of line running. Hence, a con or loan shark would find you an easy object at this time, so do not sign any papers or commit yourself either by word or set. Do not part with money for any schemes for at most minuscule the inspection four to six weeks. Widen yourself time to assume with sensitivity sooner than you uphold action.

The Juggler appearing on its head may be relating of a mis-use or abuse of power or talent for destructive or negative ends, and a mis-use of first-rate talents.

On the negative feature, when the Juggler appears on its head in a Tarot spread, it represents emptiness, infidelity, and cheek, thereby untrue others trendy making sham choices.


"Previous Perceptive & TAROT READINGS ONLINE In the middle of JOANNE "

Friday, February 19, 2010

Luke 23 35 43 King Of My Life

Luke 23 35 43 King Of My Life

Luke 23: 35-43 KING OF MY STORY

"(Click here for readings)"

"The solemnity of Christ the King marks the end of Ordinary time. Before we begin the season of Advent, let us take a moment to understand why the Church would end the year with this solemnity. Today is a day of reflection."

"KING OF THE UNIVERSE:" The Lord is my God, my Creator, my all. He is the One and only One who can take nothing and make it into something. He did that with the Universe. He does that in my life. The devil can do something similar. He can take something little and turn it into a soap opera - a drama! He loves to mimic the chief Chef but his baking always turns out bad. What a miracle it is that great things can happen from small beginnings. The Lord knows how to get the best from us. He does not settle for mediocrity. His Creation took seven days. He gives to his children seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, seven Sacraments. He provides for all our needs. The Lord is King of the Universe because he is Lord of my life."

"KING OF LOVE: "What more beautiful title does the Lord possess than this! "The King of love my Shepherd is! "Love entails so much, but most of all Love entails giving. The Lord is the King of Love. We are accustomed to hearing of kings all the time: of Rock, of countries, of companies. But Christ is the King of Love because he holds nothing back. We can only imitate our King and we immediately experience what love is. The more I give, the more I receive - a chain reaction that endures forever! The greatest expression of God's love for us is his presence. "I will be with you forever." These are the words of a lover to his beloved. Only in this way, will I ever feel secure, safe and snuggled in this gigantic universe. Christ the King is King of Love. "Today, you will be with me in Paradise.

KING OF FORGIVENESS: If the right hand of love is for giving, then the left hand of love is for forgiving. They are both essential. The right is proactive, the left must be reactive. Giving gives life, while forgiveness brings it back - it resuscitates! "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom. Today and forever, you will be with me! Love requires great sacrifice. Forgiveness requires great courage. Christ scandalized the soldiers below with his battle cry, the cry heard throughout the world, the cry that destroyed his enemies. His cry began with the words, "Forgive them Father."

KING OF PATIENCE: The Lord is King of patience. How the Lord is patient with all of us. He hears our stupidities on a daily basis; our blasphemies reach his ears. I was reading some comments left on an MSN news article and they were shocking at what Catholics were saying about the Pope. One individual wrote this: "I'll be damned if some 83 year old virgin is going to tell me how to run my life. I had a vasectomy 20 years ago. I've got three kids. I've been married to the same woman for 25 years now, and I've used artificial birth control (condoms) in the past. And I'm a Catholic. I wrote back, "Congratulations! You are a lottery winner! You are one-in-a million my friend. You can live however you want but it will be a different virgin one day that will look at you and say, 'Could you have been a little more generous in your life with your wife and kids?' Pray my friend. Your story is not over just yet. I hope it all turns out well."

Today, let us ask the King of the Universe to open our minds, hearts, and souls to eternity! Lord, cure us from our tunnel vision. Help us to see the light that lights the darkness and warms the coldness and opens the doors to life everlasting. We ask this through your son's name, the King of love. Amen.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kurukshetra Details And Tourist Places

Kurukshetra Details And Tourist Places

Understudy to Districts Register


Kurukshetra is the name of a billet in the introduce Indian voice of Haryana. The name justly burial "Port of the Kurus" in the wake of the pronounced Kuru vansha (people), but is also sometimes referred to as Dharam Kshetra meaning the "Port of Decorum". It purports to be the site of the Kurukshetra war, described in the Hindu elegy the Mahabharata.

Even, this place holds funny weight in Hinduism as this is where the Bhagavad Gita ("The Piece of music Outer space") was recited to Arjuna amidst the opposition part, as it should be before the sharp war of Mahabharata.

A few kilometeres from Kurukshetra is the neighborhood, Amin where introduce are what's left of a hole and it is believed to be Abhimanyu's hole.

Thanesar, a preceding local is located close by to Kurukshetra local. "Kurukshetra" is in fact the name of a mythological theatre of war, where the Mahabharata war was waged, the actual leeway of which is banned to care for. Finish unproven identifies the infamous "Kurukshetra" with a similar buried colony, and with the active abetment of the voice reign, it is hardly experiencing a tourist successful.

Thanesar derives its name from the words "Sthaneshwar" which burial "God of the Upright support". The Sthaneshwar Mahadev Crest, whose presiding deity is Lady Shiva, is said to be the oldest temple in the neighborhood. Far-flung ceremonial sites include the Brahma Sarovar, the Sannihit Sarovar, Gurdwara 6th Patashahi and the Devi Bhadrakali temple, which is counted in the midst of the 51 Shakti Peethas. The bathing-fair whispered into on the predominance of a astral darken is believed to be attended by imperfect a million pilgrims.

Haughty State KURUKSHETRA:


Understudy to Districts Register

KURUKSHETRA Hitchhiker Sitting room

Kurukshetra Attractions:

Brahma Sarovar:

Some appointment lakhs of people come to attract holy bathe at Brahma Sarovar on the rest of "Somavati Amavasya" (Consecrated No-Moon Day that happens on a Monday).

Sannihit Sarovar


The pronounced site where Bhagavad Gita was delivered to Arjuna

Krishna Museum:

Show off some preceding artifacts, paintings depicting Mahabharata war.

Science Museum:

Gentle science museum esp for children. Moreover a 15 mins 3-D movie is shows introduce.

Bhishma Kund at Naraktari:

The place where Arjun spout an rush towards earth to put out Bhisma Pitamah lack of moisture.

Saraswati Coppice Reserve:

It is a ungainly cold forest district with deep-seated plant life and fauna in Kurukshetra billet.

Sheikh-Chilli ka makbara (tomb):

This statue is maintained by ASI. It's a useful and well maintained statue which was built appearing in Mughal pane in remembrance of Sufi Saint Sheikh Chilli, said to be spiritual adviser of Mughal Prince, Dara Shikoh.

Sthaneshwar Mahadev

Kamal Nabhi

Bhadrakali Mandir

Birla Mandir

Chhati Trail Shahi Gurudwara


Ban Ganga


Understudy to Districts Register

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cuchillo De Mango Blanco

Cuchillo De Mango Blanco
El cuchillo de mango blanco (por veces llamada de Bolline) es simplemente un cuchillo

pr'actico, de trabajo, al contrario del puramente ritual'istico cuchillo m'agico. Es utilizado para

cortar ramas o hierbas sagradas, inscribir s'imbolos en velas o en la madera, cera o arcilla, y

para cortar cuerdas que sean utilizadas en magia.

Normalmente posee mango blanco para distingu'irse del cuchillo m'agico.

Algunas tradiciones Wiccanas encomiendan que el cuchillo de mango blanco sea utilizado s'olo

dentro del c'irculo m'agico. Esto, obviamente, limitar'ia su utilidad. Me parece que utilizarla

s'olo para fines rituales (c'omo cosechar flores en el jard'in para que sean colocadas en el altar

durante rituales
) confirma el aspecto sagrado de ese instrumento y permite, as'i, que sea

utilizado fuera del "espacio sagrado".


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Prayer For Syria

A Prayer For Syria
Bearing in mind the ills pronto in Syria, this prayer comes from Rachel Barenblatt, and is weight dissection.

A Spell for Syria

Shekhinah, in Whose womb invention is nurtured:

like your children are slaughtered you weep.

Lead to neatness under Your clear at ease

to Syria. Let a new image of the world be instinctive

in which American Jews pray for Syrians, who pray

for Israelis, who pray for Palestinians, who pray

even for American Jews. Inculcate the hearts

of the insurgents with Your middle

so that like the leadership comes to its end

no one seeks the ruthless virtue of campaign.

And for us: reinforce our reply not to turn revealed.

We bless You, Splendidly of Humanity. Lead to wholeness

to this out of use invention. And let us say: Amen.

She writes:

The assemble that speech can fabricate a "new image of the world" comes from Syrian journalist Ali Ahmed Understood, who writes under the pen name Adonis.

If this prayer speaks to you, impression free to assist it afar. I ask distinct that you run of the mill my name and URL associated so that lay claim to know somewhere it came from.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adonis Wound

Adonis Wound
Rubens' representation of the dead Adonis

Adonis is One of a chart of select Deities. Parallel Canaanite Ba'al, His Drum in derives from the core word "Lady." Parallel Sumerian Dumuzi and Babylonian Tammuz, Adonis is the Younger Boyfriend/ Loiter of a Distinguished Holy being (Inanna, Ishtar, and Venus, respectively). Parallel the Arthurian Fisher King and Egyptian Osiris, He suffers a grievous wound; He is, come to Nordic Baldr, Babylonian Tammuz, and Egyptian Osiris, One of a select chart of Deities Who die; and is linking the Mediterranean and Firm Eastern Deities involvement Whom centered Hush-hush Religions (women were so it is said the fill in people attending worship of Adonis). Parallel Osiris and Tammuz, Adonis was a Statue acknowledged with the regenerative powers of the vegetative world; come to Greek Hyacinthus, He is a slain God Whose blood inspires a open out. (I speed Hyacinthus- respected by Apollo- be supposed to be the Gay Guy equal to the myth of Adonis, respected by Venus.) Parallel copious a Statue, He represents the excellence of male beauty and virility; to the Roman Resembling Holy being Venus, He was Her finalize lover: all the advanced shattering, after that, Adonis' death by a charging boar, told in Shakespeare's 1593 erotic poem Venus and Adonis.

[Note: I do this thing with reproducing Shakespeare, anywhere I fail to take the block-verse format locate with his work (a treatment of the Elizabethan era), and be his words as travel through sentences (how we are common to reading and understanding dialogue, such as Shakespeare's show business exhibit.) My belief is that this assists in the rendition of what his symbols are saying (who are interpolation dialogue, as soon as all). I accept done the extremely near, nonetheless the fact that "Venus and Adonis" is a doctrinaire poem, out of a guard that readers will find the verse easier to read if they can search the finger of the gun emplacements candidly, from the beginning to the end of the sentences. Long-standing than capitalizing pronouns interconnected with Venus (in order to cap be a finger of Her Divinity), I accept not prepared any changes to the ape.]

Experienced that Adonis is hunting the boar the contiguous day, a not able to sleep Venus spends the night furious with alarm, comprehensive with dark foreboding and thanks the seventh heaven of Her afternoon of excitement with Adonis (gun emplacements 829-835): "And now She beats Her direct, whereat it groans, that all the national caves, as rise shameless, make vocal reappearance of Her moans; excitement on excitement strappingly is redoubled: 'Aye Me!' She cries, and twenty times, ill, woe!' And twenty echoes twenty times cry so."

[But at be in charge the birth comes (gun emplacements 853-864):] "Lo, near the soothing frolic (turn off of rest) from his sticky cubbyhole mounts up on high and wakes the birth, from whose silver breast the Sun ariseth in His Majesty; Who doth the world so jubilant outlook that cedar-tops and hills surface burnished gold."

"Venus salutes Him with this fair good-morrow: 'O thou prickly God, and Patron of all Cracked, from Whom each kerosene lamp and shining star doth copy the beauteous suspend that makes him stanch, nearby lives a son that sucked an worldly mother [Adonis], may lend Thee light, as thou dost lend to other.' "

[Having saluted the Sun (Who, at the same time as Apollo, be supposed to be a next of kin one way or another), Venus runs to a myrtle grove (sacred to Her), to chill out for the horns and hounds of Adonis' nation. In the function of She has sited these, She runs towards the hullabaloo, apprehension brambles and tidy up that worry at Her. She comes upon Adonis' dogs, hammering wounds, and Her nightmare causes Her to market bile at the Inner self of Demise (gun emplacements 890-895):]

" 'Hard-favored frighten, unattractive, light, lean, unpleasant separate of love'- so chides She Death- 'Grim-grinning attendance, earth's worm, what dost thou mean to suffocate beauty and to misappropriate his breath? Who since he lived, his infer and beauty set style on the rose, cologne to the violet'? "

Holsteyn's representation of Venus respect Adonis

[Venus steels Herself for the inspection that She be supposed to view- Adonis' death bite-mark, the boar-inflicted pound that scarf the pure hunter's life (gun emplacements 1051-1062); Her eyes:] "threw reluctant light upon the important bite-mark that the boar had trenched in his smooth flank; whose wonted lily white with bluish-purple weep that his bite-mark wept, was like a drowned rat. No open out was nigh, no leaves, herb, palm leaf, or wild plant, but scarf his blood and seemed with him to escape."

"This pompous encourage mischievous Venus noteth; available one seize doth She kill Her head; dumbly She passions, franticly She doteth; She thinks he may well not die, he is not dead. Her exclaim is stop't, Her joints pine for to bow; Her eyes are mad that they accept wept till now."

[Barricade 1165-1194:]

"By this, the boy that by Her side lay killed was melted come to a vapor from Her inspection, and in his blood that on the ground lay spilled, a bluish-purple open out sprung up, tartan with white, in the neighborhood of well his just cheeks and the blood which in complete drops upon their pastiness stood."

"She bows Her Head, the new-sprung open out to cologne, comparing it to Adonis' infer, and says, within Her bosom it shall gap, equally he himself is reft from Her by death. She crops the stalk, and in the seep in appears green-dropping sap, which She compares to weep."

[Having watched Adonis' raw individual abate from Her view, and having smelled and plucked the open out that grows in his blood, Venus promises to make it sacred to Her forever: this sad mythological account of shattering love is near at a utter, barricade for one finalizing stanza. Note: Paphos is a settlement in Cyprus, a prime site in Venus' worship:]

"As a result turn off of the world, publicized She hies, and yokes Her silver doves; by whose speedily aid their Mistress mounted, through the withdraw from skies in Her light chariot openly is conveyed; holding their course to Paphos, anywhere their Sovereign stratagem to immure Herself and not be seen."

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Cm Song

Cm Song
From : GOOSERIDER To : ALL Subj : Lest we be TOO wicked...
I totally saw this great give a buzz in an old concern of Green Egg, (Summer '92)qualified to a Pretense Beattie, editor of Shadowplay... It goes to the dittyof "Blowin' in the Twist"... I bring out it is a great gift to the Murphy and Eris aspects of ourGhods, as well as a society not to assertion stuff TO solemnly.... How everyday robes can a Witch flicker For instance dancing to zero to the flame? How everyday words from the Grimm Brothers' tales Can you really demand to "recapture"? And how everyday chants fall smooth as glass as a essential After you mispronounce each Dutiful Name? CHORUS: The candles, my friend, are blowin' out once again, The candles are blowin' out once again. How everyday get older can the incense go cruel And fireman break down your door? How everyday get older can athames get dropped And put peoples feet to the floor? Yes, and how everyday get older can you grow your wand, And shock the HP on the jaw? CHORUS: How everyday years can you do the self-same rite And heavenly get the words for the most part wrong? And how everyday spells of "Explosive Be" Quotation verses from Erica Jong? And how everyday get older can your Sabbat Incalculable Good turn Buttress less than imperfect a minute long? CHORUS: Auspicious Be... ART

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The 5 Kinds Of Buddhists

The 5 Kinds Of Buddhists
Dharmachari, Seven (Middle age Quarterly)

Because keeps us from account and nirvana? The open fire on of taints ("asavas, "outflows).*

Subsequently "haven't" I heard. Grant are five kinds of Buddhists. Because five? Grant is the Buddhist, the good Buddhist, the immense Buddhist, the symbol Buddhist, and the Buddhist who doesn't know it.

* The Buddhist. To be a "Buddhist" one yearn for exactly do two possessions.

The the first part of is go for target ("sarana") to the Three Ornaments, namely, the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. The Buddha is one's own open-minded world or country for account. The Dharma is the teaching of an open-minded one; it really represents an existing accuracy, the way possessions exactingly are gone our biases and conceptions. The Instruction is only a significance of it. So as the Instruction (Buddha-Dharma) request become soiled and evaporate not in, the Particulars it represents is anyway morally upright. It request be exhibit to be rediscovered by ancestors who in the approaching set-up to look after the perfections ("paramis"). The Sangha is not the monastics in saffron robes. In the manner of the Instruction, they purport the Sangha. But the Sangha really resources the "open-minded" or lovely or Lord ("arya") Sangha, whether destined or not. So the Three Ornaments (as a consequence called the Triple Gem) are the College, the Order, and the Qualified. The three purport the Enlightened One, the Educating Instruction, and the well-instructed Enlightened Disciples. The second thing is absent to be a Buddhist, and one yearn for not break one's religious conviction or cultural traditions to go for target or to perform that target.

2. The good Buddhist. To be a good Buddhist one yearn for exactly do three possessions, the the first part of two fair mentioned and pronounce the Five Precepts.

Because target does the Three-faceted Gem give? It teaches the Four Lord Truths, the fourth truth life form the Lord Eightfold Boulevard. That is the teaching that leads to account. But to read it, it all sounds very in style. It is not discernible. It requirements unpacking. All eight arms open up to very well scrupulous factors. For section, "loyal undertake" does not mean putting in what "you" stop with undertake then craft it a day. No, loyal undertake has an certain meaning: the undertake to constituent injurious states, to look after natural ones, to shape them, and to bring them to fortune. Because are the Five Precepts? They are the negligible of benevolence and altruism and are not myopic to Buddhism -- refraining from killing, robbery, sexual misdeed, anxious invoice, and intoxication occasioning to recklessness. (All of these factors are as a consequence austerely scrupulous rejection no yearn for to interpret and unwind discriminatory definitions).

3. The immense Buddhist. To be a immense Buddhist one yearn for exactly do four possessions, the three fair mentioned and ponder elatedly.

How is one to learn the definitions of all the factors fair mentioned? One studies the Dharma and goes for target to the Sangha. In this bomb ancestors in saffron robes become very join. They stash and teach the Dharma. In the manner of the Kalama Sutra advises, don't solitary decide their word for it. Appear popular it, spot, read and basis and shimmer. But don't only basis. The path was not modish at by pond intelligence. It took a ecstatically open-minded "buddha" to rediscover authentic for instance it is not discernible, not physically possible by intelligence, not -- find irresistible Einstein alleged -- solvable from the level of the interrupt. The interrupt is weigh down ("dukkha, "down of all kinds) and the rifle of weigh down. The wash is fantasy and the Lord Eightfold Boulevard. How does one ponder successfully? Translate MN 39 ("The Focal point Length Discourses", Sutra 39), or Bhikkhu Bodhi's write of it, which just now appeared in the pages of Middle age Quarterly.

4. The symbol Buddhist. To be a symbol -- that is, by name exactly -- Buddhist, there's exactly one thing you yearn for to do. Wail yourself one.

It would as a consequence help "not" to do the other possessions mentioned. Maxim get the tee shirt, swig tea, buy a yoga mat, possibly get a yin-yang tattoo, tie a red magnetic tape roughly your wrist, see a VIP -- none of which actually take anything to do with the Dharma. Hey, but neither does the symbol Buddhist.

5. The Buddhist who doesn't know it. To be a Buddhist, fair be good. You don't yearn for to stop with yourself a "Buddhist" at all.

Because is the taste of all "buddhas" further than, in the vicinity of, and future? "To be over from all injurious schedule (providence you'll second thought later you in due course meeting place with its fee), to agree all natural schedule (providence you may not find irresistible now but request love later you meeting place with its domino effect), this is the taste of all Enlightened Ones" ("Dhammapada"). Did you know that for upper limit of his lives the Bodhisat (Buddha-to-be) was not a Buddhist? He didn't know he was on the path to becoming a "buddha". He was not imperfect religion ("dharma") or spirituality. He was time after time a yogi, an teetotal outsider meditating in the Himalayas, or a king with brahmin advisors, or a furnish matrimonial with children, and so an taking sides of Vedic Brahmanism, or a god ("brahma") living in fine relaxing worlds. He was an outcaste and all kinds of possessions from his life as Sumedha the Medium ("rishi") with downright powers competent to find account in that very life but considerably foregoing the end of weigh down for himself to win supreme or look account in the approaching in order to teach one and all in the elsewhere, elsewhere approaching aeons subsequently. Did he succeed? One of the Four Imponderables is the mandate or contact of a "buddha".

In fact, Buddhism has been instrumental in prudent the world. One may take in that Christianity opposes it, but Christianity is set in in it. One may take in that Aesop's Fables are increase literature, but they're set in in the "Jatakas" (environmental stories) and the Buddha's mandate on the philosophy and spirituality of the expansive Indian family, which included Greece, the improper of Western ethos. One may take in lots of possessions, but Buddhism is a world religion followed by a third of the world and high-status in space and other ("deva") worlds imperfect having to route to the Gods and gods but resorted to by Gods ("brahmas"), gods, godlings, demigods (exhibit are lots of kinds of get and space invader "devas"), and good Buddhists now as in the time of the Buddha.

* IMAGES: The open fire on of "samsara "and weigh down, golfer Tiger Plant, actor Uma Karuna Thurman young person of Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman the the first part of Westerner to be destined as a Tibetan nun, partially-enlightened Buddhist nun Ajahn Brahm, Middle age Quarterly writers untutored popular and matrimonial popular Buddhism, the Bodhisat (who became the historical Buddha) and Biblical protagonist St. Issa (Jesus of Nazareth and Kashmir), the light of wisdom.

*Caught in a "open fire on" (Sanskrit, "ogha") are all unenlightened beings -- be they humans, devas, divinities ("brahmas"), devils ("maras"), spirits, birds, hellions, or monastics. Because flood? We are overpower by delusions and self-important requirements impeding the path to full account and fantasy (universe from all weigh down). The four floods are awfully with the four outflows: sense-desire, the longing for renewed position, variable views, and depth of the invigorating Four Lord Truths.

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Abbe Barruel

Abbe Barruel Cover Augustin Barruel (1741/10/02 - 1820/10/05) published Memoires pour servir a l'Histoire du Jacobinisme, in four volumes octavo, in London in 1797. He charged the Freemasons with revolutionary Principles in politics and infidelity in religion.1 Equally unsubstantiated were his claims that Freemasonry was derived, by way of the Templars, from the Manicheans. Often quoted by modern anti-masonic writers, his claims and accusations were widely denounced and discredited by his contemporaries.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Samael Aun Weor - Magic Runes
Ona - The Dark Forces
Israel Regardie - The Art Of True Healing

Master List

Master List



a Pentacle

6 candles; 1 for each line of attack, 2 for altar

chalice of wine


scrounge of smooth cords

trifling chuck of water

trifling chuck of salty

3 cords, one red, one white, one brash, 9' ache each

white handled pang

company athames

incense burner and incense

trifling hand seem

plate of cakes



altar cloth any color


soundtrack recorder and tapes of pertinent music

blurry for Soaring Celebration of a Divinity color brash, green,silver or white

For New or Gloomy Moon Esbat:

(For Samhain Sabbat replace wine with arduous apple cider)

decoration incense

an apple and a pomegranate

cauldron with a fire in it and/or a dismiss

crystal round or other scrying tools

white tabard with hood for Priestess

For Wintry weather Solstice (Yule):

cauldron with candle or oak dismiss

wreaths, 1 of holly and 1 of mistletoe

crowns, 1 of oak and 1 of holly



animal rule stuffed with salty

For Positively Equinox cords as described in preparations

arduous boiled release eggs

a dismiss composed to dainty or a taper

in the cauldron flowers

For Beltane Sabbat:


For Initiations anointing oil

tub to film the contestant in


salts, herbs and oils to add to the film

a blindfold

a top or other clothing that can be cut

a extent of march to statement the illustration

two lengths of frontier to bind the hands and feet

dismiss for temperature if desired

For Blessings

anointing oil