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Friday, May 27, 2011

Exorcism Mantras Rituals

Exorcism Mantras Rituals
What time immemorial top figure traditions and cultures direct across ecological grounds ply thought in and adroit the magical. The uncharted and the occurrences which had no report were categorized as the mystifying magical and certified to mystical entities go for ghosts, spirits, genes, fairies, yakshinis, yakshas and other mystical entities.

Definite of these magical entities were thought to be benevolent; so other as evil and malefic. Every religion and culture; including Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism has it own obvious methods of venture with such mystifying entities. Indian culture has the major and top figure dissimilar assets and rituals of exorcising these entities and energies from the person and picture of a mad dignitary.

Pompous the earlier few years this site has not record arduous but published some of the top figure powerful, secret and bloody Indian Mantras and Sadhanas to oust evil and damaging energies and feelings. In this post are exclusive a wallet of these mantras and remedies.

You can what's more skim the mantras exclusive for secluded deities for their important exorcism mantras and assets and what's more the charms, amulets, talisman and yantra sections on this site. If you ply had prompt experiences or predictable of any mantras and assets not published hip and which you connoisseur forward motion be of you to others, you can distribute them hip and send them using the - Come near Kind

Exorcism MantrasExorcism in India

Repeat to remove Confidence

Mantras to remove Injustice Confidence -2

Agile Repeat to Banish Injustice Confidence

Agile Repeat to Banish Injustice Confidence - 2

Agile Repeat to Banish Injustice Confidence - 3

Agile Repeat to oust evil spirits - 4

Agile Repeat to oust evil spirits - 5

Agile Exorcism Repeat

Shabar Navnath Exorcism Repeat

Repeat to oust Force Restlessness

Record Agile vocalize to remove Ghosts

Agile Repeat to remove Ghosts - 2

Repeat to execute Ghosts

Repeat to make Force Dialogue

Mantras to remove Injustice EyeHindu Repeat to punch evil

Agile Repeat to punch Injustice

Repeat to locality off evil thoughts


Removing the Injustice EyePowerful Indulgence for Defend from Black MagicMost simple route for protection of the self

Indulgence to lend a hand evil energies inmost home

Ecologically aware way to oust a houseRemoving the evil eye from infants

Remedies for nightmares in children

Likewise SEE - Defend Mantras

Sweetening Work

Sweetening Work
SWEETENING Sow are a type of work in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork, and folk magic in across-the-board, that are invented to "sweeten" a person's rule, expression, mind, and activities. Sweetening works can be recycled on righteous about anyone for anything but are extremely goood to use to heal a friendship or other association once upon a time a quarrel, to use to sweeten-up a untouchable, or in love work. Sweetening works, as their name suggests, average the use of a sweetening hand over. Any sweetening hand over leave suffice, then again one want come to pass patent of stunt sweeteners.

Catherine Yonwode of the Admiringly Mojo Curio Co., has community a all-encompassing sweetening work called a honey-jar spell which you can read Nearby. Facing, I was skilled to suggest a candle in kid in the direction of one's self three period and with overdo it on the person's let off. Altered mode would be to place a semblance on top of the person's let off and light and set a candle in the compassion of the semblance. One with pours honey, pancake syrup, or fruit syrup (vanished better from a can of fruit in big syrup) set the minced of the candle.

Between regards to using the fruit syrup from an deadly can of fruit, concerning is a hint with regard to making the best cloying tea ever. Use the fruit syrup to sweeten your tea. Now it ought to be from a can labeled 'in big syrup', being it has concluded kid happy. Since is really good to use is peach syrup being you leave get "peach cloying tea". It's an old stratagem that utmost of the last folk know about but for some exempt it is not having the status of voted for down to younger people. So don't righteous rush the syrup down the weaken. Bolt it and use it in your tea.

Other Hint: If you are using jar work, such as the honey-jar spell in the set apart untouchable, you can use the win over from that jar to sweeten the person's eat and they leave never know it. This hint works really good on families, as it can be unaffectedly deployed. Modestly use your jar of win over for as long for as you elegant to do your work and with use it to sweeten a luck of tea and with benefits it to your family members or esteemed ones to help placid the milieu and put an end to squabbles.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crystal And Indigo Children

Crystal And Indigo Children

Navy Kind

Navy children are teenagers and pubescent adults. They are as usual seat-of-the-pants, susceptible, and conscious. Numerous of them are psychic, creative and nonetheless they don't overall do well in school, they sturdy to "know" everything. Sorrowfully highest Indigo's are diagnosed with ADHD and put on medications to management their hyperactivity and disruption lack. Pensively so they are medicated they lose their unparalleled individuality traits and spiritual gifts. They do be the owner of anxiety focusing and plead to brook their energy inwards their violence and gifts. They do not do well in the traditional inspiring approach, they do not mind well and be the owner of a revolutionary spirit.

These kids be the owner of strong personalities and are warrior spirits contemporary to pave the way for the new world. They are "approach busters" and contemporary to annul systems weak spot goodness that are not balance and worthwhile such as our whirlpool managerial, inspiring, and healthcare systems. To do that they plead to be the owner of hot tempers and unbreakable decoration. If you are the parent of an Navy, choose I am, your job has reasonably not been easy. You can make out the rulebooks so it comes to parenting an Navy. They determinedly be the owner of minds of their own and choose to be in management.

Numerous of these kids are dexterous and atmosphere be our complex artists and healers they entitlement plead help focusing their energy and detection a creative dike. They be the owner of cynically strong bonds with children, nature, and consciousness. They sequence smoothly with the spirit realm and caution spirits and angels. They are conscious to energies and it is not fluctuating for them to be the owner of the plead to attack systematically. They can be cynically unkempt and irrepressible for instance they be the owner of a stubborn time focusing. They be the owner of personalities that are snooty than life and for instance of their sensitivities it is easy for them to fall inwards addictive actions. Their brains functions differently and theses kids are actually farseeing over their kick and misunderstood. We be the owner of a lot we can learn from these special and dexterous kids.

Navy Kind are very vulnerable to love and love others very far-off. They are open, non-judgemental and love weak spot prejedice. They see the beauty in others. They know what is demure, be the owner of strong convictions and beliefs, and atmosphere stand up for them. If they feel they are partially organized, they atmosphere stand up to the parent or committee shape. Instability for what they unite is demure is a offensive smudge of Indigos. These kids are contemporary to teach us the basics of true total love.

Precious stone Kind

The crystal children are the children overall innate what the go out with 2000. In put together to the Navy children, these children are concerned and ease up spirits, unusually dexterous and natural healers. They ooze love! The sooner thing you atmosphere view about a Precious stone child is their eyes, significant, persuasive, and severe. They are cynically affable and conscious. These children are connected to the spiritual realm, many of them see and discourse to angels, they are overall unpredictable eaters preferring activate foods, fruits and vegetables. They prefer whole foods of the earth more than bash stores. Of course they atmosphere indulge ice cream and treats too, they are children!

Numerous of them be the owner of caught up chat patterns and many are diagnosed with autism. They be the owner of the powerful to expose telepathically and can do modestly well. These children are self-same dexterous, many child geniuses are being innate in this group. They are multi-talented, creative and our complex healers. Numerous Precious stone Kind be the owner of the gift of healing even as a child. They are so full of love and be the owner of such cute hearts that their mere spirit on earth lifts the tremor and helps us to set up consciousness. Precious stone Kind be the owner of additional activated DNA strands than adults. It's not atypical for Precious stone Kind to be spellbound with crystals and rocks. Precious stone children mechanically know about the magical properties of crystals and how to use them for healing.

Navy and Precious stone Adults

As our consiousness rises many of us adults are become additional Navy and additional Precious stone. As our consciousness evolves, we become additional full of love and light and our hearts become purer. As we make germ-free our hearts and attire additional light, we assemble additional of our DNA and devolop additional of our talents and gifts and become additional "Christ choose". In some ways we are all becoming additional Precious stone and Navy. Our world is making an evolutionary plummet inwards consciousness and as we as a group set up our own tremor, we set up the tremor of the foxhole and transfer a increase world.

Medicine for Kind

I be the owner of conducted many Medicine Sessions for children. I see in my sessions how rapid children opt for up limiting beliefs from parents. Judgements, fall to pieces and control disputes can sham them. Kind are darling and its unfortuante to see their beliefs fogged up by disaproval and lack of inflammation so they are so full of love. Numerous Indigos discover a from a lot of trend from having to fit in to a traditional approach and not being able to acceptably portray themselves. If they be the owner of suffered thrilling traumas it interminably helps to notation live in to the front they become adults.

They can with truly handling from an Mutual Medicine tutorial. I know how irritating it can be to set up and Navy and the multitudinous hours departed in doctors offices and with counselors. Numerous of these kids can with end up in the pubertal approach and employment a lot of time in the review outlet at school. Numerous of them don't disconnect school but don't let that muddle up you too far-off. They are full of potential!

The sessions can help them notation trend, reconnect fervently, and be the owner of a caution of custom and demand that atmosphere help them get on the demure path. For vast children I prefer to interminably be the owner of their honorable. Medicine is interminably the highest effective so someone requirements it for themselves. Jenkins is an Intuitive Press on Healer. She performs snooty healings proudly speak the world. Her good sense is to help others occur to health, party, and love in all areas of their lives. She can be reached at http://www.rainbowremotehealing.comArticle Source: Jenkins

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Golden Dawn Saga Episode 5 Mcgoldendawn

The Golden Dawn Saga Episode 5 Mcgoldendawn

The McGD(R) of Ronald McFarrell and other franchisees of the McGoldenDawn(R) "Vogue of Reconstructionism" are solo the recent McDonaldizers of Occulture, but the Golden Daylight is not just any Order! In fact this rot is now intake at what has desire represented the community external of the Western Pepper Routine.

Directly as the McGD loll offensive dormant spins itself at home frenzies of up in arms poetry pre-prepared by the McGD union for free just as the final beam in McFarrell's several decibels fan tract hit the streets, the Hardheaded Golden Daylight Defence Cast has stood strong.

No degree of misuse, mud-slinging, and rote refutation of matters of fact has quenched the flat pull of the Alpha Omega in fine art a line for traditional GD passing in the sand v ALL who oppose our Way the befitting to remain unmolested, with Secrets unharmed, and our members respected in their Street of discrimination.

The register right now in use by the McDonaldizing franchisees is hallmarked by the blindness of Fundamentalism, which continuously requires that blinkers be ragged to approve of any sound view of view coming from the marginalized Further.

In the same way as has unchangeable McGD other compulsion in warping the good sense is that post-modernist "culture" is itself correctly in support of such agendas v traditional spirituality, and selectively redefines "that which is fair" to situation itself. This has become so all-pervasive in modern life as to median an unconscious web of assumptions.

McGD(R) Intimate First-class - Raphael McFallenAngel(R)

As a traditional Golden Daylight order, the Alpha Omega necessity be everlastingly wary of this bombard generated by inside culture's distraction and vilification of tradition, which stands in resilient adjust to the fast gastronomy attend to of "ME! MORE! NOW!" - as this is directly underpinned by egotism, parsimoniousness and zeal.

It becomes ever harder to gleefully train aspirants who be as long as at our doorsteps wringing in these poisons. Having the status of they hold that we are applying antidotes of concern, difficult work and charity, the blow is commonly too by a long way for those so hand-me-down to spur-of-the-moment self-satisfaction of their culturally artificial "needs"! Nor do we pander to weight for adjustments to a supercilious "politically appropriate" pose that would more situation the ego games of Fifth Columnists seeking to compulsion the take part in a ballot of their select claimant in some class of boardroom accomplishment nightmare.

The fast gastronomy spirituality of McDonaldized Occulture cannot precipitate us so it to a certain extent attacks us at every turn. The root of this is the litter rather to slay their father and seat their mother, for the AO, as a traditional GD order, visibly claims to be manifesting from the Root, and thereby the Lead of the GD Egregore, and to consider the protective Isiac Mysteries.

In fact a juvenilization of the Golden Daylight is underway as well as post-modernist initiates, one that glowing matches the regressive trends of the wider inside culture towards grand overlook for the traditions of elders, and failures to refined prudently faint the larval work.

McGoldenDawn(R) GMO Bio-Science

This neoteny general feeling travel the McGD Franchisees at home a kind of Genetically Tailored Enlighten, as the solo acceptance they have in stock departed in the external of their Opposite of the evenhandedness of the Third Order!

McGD(R) FrankenFoods Borg of Directors

They presume that they have in stock published the intact GD GENOME now that McFarrell has avowed himself Burger Ruler, but they are imagining uses for this blend that were never part of the peculiar outline, and these are not natural to the approach.

From their ache for Stagger via ethereal Intimate Chiefs, they general feeling egg on incompatible hybrids and monsters to promote the power unsoiled installed supervisor the headless remains of a approach re-animated by Franken-Farrell's McGD - and some of these general feeling patently turn and crack them.

It is completely no riddle to us that we are explicitly NOT mentioned by name in McFarrell's Exposition, even as he lists his Reconstructionist allies, teachers and McGD franchisees. This marginalization is correctly understood. Hardheaded Golden Daylight Information have in stock no place in books publishing their secrets, vilifying their founders via pop-psychoanalysis, and resolved forth the deliberate set-up of hit for the McGolden Daylight Franchisee.

Ronald McFarrell's "Reddish In a funk" Inflowing Enlighten

Dwell in named general feeling be high as well as the "peers" who general feeling come to "review" every text with regards to its post-modernist Sanitation, and libel each traditional display that dares to be heard more the cosy hullabaloo of self-congratulation, as it develops a New Compliance.

As a traditional Golden Daylight order, we in the Alpha Omega are the fly in their unguent, and the shield of the Egrogore they presume they can Genetically Meet the requirements to situation their Frankensteinian dreams. Ronald McFarrell's GMOrder Initiations may fix ravenousness pangs for a time, but the McGD Fasten together knows that post-modern aspirants general feeling continue tiring Especially...

Powerful Churn out Holiness does not subject matter for very desire, and more indulgence in it can be ashamed to psychic confidence.

The McGD Reconstructionists have in stock attacked every traditional Golden Daylight order they can see for two decades now. Dr. Robert Chronicle, First-class of the Admired Enlighten of the Magic Rose was goaded at home understated by legally recognized harrassment. The Sealed Enlighten of the Golden Daylight, our outer walls order was harrassed in court as well, approximate to inn us from even natural ability ourselves Golden Daylight.

McGD has hand-me-down every pollute muddle in the book including every distraction mongering dialect to try to disclosure race departure from traditional Golden Daylight passing. They have in stock spied on us, sabotaged our temples, tried to bubble our members, and everything moreover you can hallucinate.

But all of this has been to no avail like the Alpha Omega is dormant today the prime Golden Daylight order in the world. In the AO, we do not endure that altercation is worthless. We general feeling stay to grip the McDonaldization of the Golden Daylight and the AO general feeling continuously set a brilliant fire of light for race not confident with post-modern fast gastronomy spirituality, but who are looking for the real pact.

To be continued...

The truth general feeling set you free...

Do you prefer the azure shot or the red pill?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Apostle Barnabas Of The Seventy

Apostle Barnabas Of The Seventy


Blessed Apostle Barnabas of the Seventy was untrained on the atoll of Cyprus modish the occupation of the family of Levi, and he was named Joseph. He usual his progress at Jerusalem, private raised with his friend and man trainee Saul (the planned Apostle Paul) under the known studious of the Law, Gamaliel. Joseph was perfect, he frequented the Peak, he fastidiously observed the fasts and avoided primitive distractions. Here this time lecture our Lady Jesus Christ began His widespread ministry. Seeing the Lady and acoustic His Portend Converse, Joseph said in Him as the Messiah. Laden with fiery love for the Rescuer, he followed Him. The Lady chose him to be one of His Seventy Apostles. The other Apostles called him Barnabas, which finances "son of palliative." What time the Ascension of the Lady to Paradise, Barnabas sold land belonging to him careful Jerusalem and he brought the money to the feet of the Apostles, leaving zilch for himself (Acts 4:36-37).

Since Saul at home in Jerusalem once his conversion and sought after to correlate the partners of Christ, one and all acquaint with was frightful of him because he had persecuted the Place of worship straightforwardly a ephemeral stage earlier. Barnabas, other than, came with him to the Apostles and reported how the Lady had appeared to Saul on the highway to Damascus (Acts 9:26-28).

Saint Barnabas went to Antioch to risk the believers, "Having come and having seen the style of God, he rejoiced and he urged all to zoom to the Lady with affection of creature" (Acts 11:23). Subsequently he went to Tarsus, and brought the Apostle Paul to Antioch, everyplace for about a rendezvous they qualified the employees. It was submit that the disciples peak began to be called Christians (Acts 11:26). With the dawn of fancy, and rob along generous alms, Paul and Barnabas returned to Jerusalem. Since King Herod killed St James the son of Zebedee, and had the Apostle Peter put under embrace in labor camp to engross the Jews, Sts Barnabas and Paul and Peter were led out of the labor camp by an angel of the Lady.

They hid out at the position of Barnabas' aunt Maria. Taking into account, seeing that the irritation had quieted down, they returned to Antioch, rob with them Maria's son John, surnamed Bring forward. Sedated the idea of the Blessed Quality, the prophets and teachers acquaint with imposed hands upon Barnabas and Paul, and sent them off to do the work to which the Lady had called them (Acts 13:2-3). Arriving in Seleucia, they sailed off to Cyprus and in the metropolis of Salamis they preached the Self-reliance of God in the Jewish synagogues.

On Paphos they came diagonally a sorcerer and deceit analyst named Bar-Jesus, who was draw near to with the proconsul Sergius. Wishing to evaluate the Self-reliance of God, the proconsul invited the saints to come to him. The sorcerer attempted to direction the proconsul from the Esteem, but the Apostle Paul denounced the sorcerer, who point his words to the point hack cover. The proconsul said in Christ (Acts 13:6-12).

From Paphos Barnabas and Paul set trek for Pergamum of Pamphylia, and plus they preached to the Jews and the Gentiles at Pisidian Antioch and almost all that locale. The Jews rioted and homeless Paul and Barnabas. The saints at home in Iconium, but learning that the Jews hunted to stone them, they withdrew to Lystra and Derben. Award the Apostle Paul healed a man, crippled in the legs from origin. The employees said them to be the gods Zeus and Hermes and hunted to donate them sufferer for a cause. The saints just slight by all means them not to do this (Acts 14:8-18).

Since the order arose whether population converted from the Gentiles have got to buy circumcision, Barnabas and Paul went to Jerusalem. Award they were jovially usual by the Apostles and elders. The preachers pertinent "what God had wrought with them and how He had opened the doorway of anticipation to the Gentiles" (Acts 14:27).

What time fancy debate the Apostles in concert backdrop not to tax any key up of timber upon Gentile Christians keep what was necessary: to air from the pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from stuff strangled, and from blood (Acts 15:19-20). Lettering were sent with Barnabas and Paul, and they over preached at Antioch, and once a undeniable stage they thought-provoking to hang around the other cities everyplace they had visited earlier. St Barnabas hunted to grasp Bring forward along with him, but St Paul did not represent to, because earlier he had passed away them. A strip arose, and they not speaking. Paul took Silas with him and went to Syria and Cilicia, stage Barnabas took Bring forward with him to Cyprus (Acts 15:36-41).

Having multiplied the supply of believers, St Barnabas traveled to Rome, everyplace he was perhaps the peak to converse Christ.

St Barnabas founded the episcopal see at Mediolanum (now Milan), and upon his return to Cyprus he continued to converse about Christ the Rescuer. Subsequently the outraged Jews pressed the pagans against Barnabas, and they led him out further than the metropolis and stoned him, and plus built a fire to blood blister the body. Taking into account on, having come upon this dishonor, Bring forward took up the uncontaminated body of St Barnabas and submerged it in a office, placing upon the saint's bosom, in traditionalism with his definitive requirements, the Gospel of Matthew which he had plagiarized in his own hand.

St Barnabas died in about the rendezvous 62, at age seventy-six. In time, the cremation dishonor was beyond, but immeasurable signs took place at this dishonor. In the rendezvous 448, stylish the time of the emperor Zeno, St Barnabas appeared three get older in a dream to Archbishop Anthimus of Cyprus and indicated the place everyplace his what's left were submerged. As of to dig at the indicated dishonor, Christians found the incorrupt body of the saint, and upon his safe was the Blessed Gospel.

It was stylish this time that the Place of worship of Cyprus began to be regarded as Apostolic in origin, and usual the convulsion of choosing its figure. Appropriately St Barnabas safeguarded Cyprus against the pretensions of the challenger of the Fourth Ecumenical Committee, the heretic surnamed Knapheios, who had usurped the patriarchal throne at Antioch and tried to earn commandment greater the Place of worship of Cyprus.


Blessed Apostles Bartholomew and Barnabas,

ask the congenial God

to cause our souls release of transgressions.


You became a true servant of the Lady

and appeared as the peak by means of the Seventy Apostles;

together with Paul you set your preaching in a simple light

telling Christ as Rescuer to all;

subsequently with hymns we put your hands together your godly society, O Barnabas.


"SAINT OR Celebration POSTED THIS Courtyard 2010(with 2009's make a statement submit very and spanking, 2008's):"

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Room Purification Ritual

Room Purification Ritual
"This ritual is thought to condense a room of prejudicial or offhand energies, and bring in strong-minded ones."1) Command the room so that prejudicial energies can't place in the ground surrounded by the calamity. This includes attack in reserve wash and attack sheets - this is an undeniable affair for any slot of refinement, and is not endlessly essential for emergencies, but preferable.2) Invisibly a white candle. You can post tealights about the room to light it with strong-minded light, and with get stuck a white candle around to splendor this.3) Later get stuck incense hurt, smudging the air and saying everything like: "By the power of light, in the name of"*, may this room be cleansed and purified." *This can be any deity name, such as Anubis?4) Go to every wall of the room and dream of a pentagram in the air with a wand. If the room permits, go to each elemental regulate the same as plan and say: "Qebsennuf guards this way (east)... Duamutef guards this way (south)... Imsety guards this way (west)... Hapi guards this way..."


Angel Magic By Cassandra Eason

Angel Magic By Cassandra Eason
Internationally official angel weight Cassandra Eason shows how to attract compact, healing, protection, sketch, and other forms of
divine energy concerning your easy life. Eason`s simple, quick techniques for angelic address (together with three-minute meditations,
blessings, power naps, and even literature messages
) are all believed to fit your up routine.

In acceptable report, you can right on fastidious angels for help with everything from shared issues to sad emergencies, and
look for angelic relief in matters of love, health, money, and

This soothing guide stand facing a tilt of 250 angels and reveals
the patronize ways in which angels spar and hindmost us. It tells how to assume the presence of angels and shares techniques for address
using pendulums, chakras, preset screenplay, altars, crystals,
meditation, and angel cards. You`ll as well find true, moving stories of how these celestial beings have touched people`s lives.

Music And Spirituality

Music And Spirituality
As I inquired in yesterday's post, "HOW" can a self-respecting Goddess-worshipping pagan love the sugary statuette to patriarchal Christianity that is Handel's "Messiah"?Although I delimit not been a believing or practising Christian for 35 energy, I relaxed methodically find distinct beauty, spiritual meaning and emotional poignancy in clear Christian stories, music and art. Regular if I am no longer a taciturn believer, Christianity will endlessly shelf my cultural heritage. It is inextricably united up with my previous recollections and courteous spiritual tread. To the same degree the right item is struck, it can relaxed delimit severe value for me.Sam Solid, in his book "Hymns to an Overseas God", really captured this lengthy commerce of the medium when he wrote:"The truth of the spirit... is eminent conveyed in tell and verbal skill than by propositions. The best of the Christian tradition, which continues to provide for me, is spoken in the music it inspired. Recurrently, my attention is uncomforted by any set of beliefs that can stand the test of matter, but when I chill to Bach's "Follower May Decisively Sever," my spirit lies down beside relaxed waters and a remarkable Lady is relaxed my usher."


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Can A Person Be Both A Christian And A Wiccan

Can A Person Be Both A Christian And A Wiccan

One quotations:

- "Trinitarian Wicca is the prepare for publication name of the tradition often inexplicit featuring in a practice called Christian Wicca. Trinitarian Wicca is a path of American Wicca (or Non-British Straight away Wicca) that works exclusively with the Christian Pantheon.... Bestow are no church flourishes or conflicts with the Bible, having the status of we work directly with the Gods and Goddesses; church code does not grasp a place in our ritual develop. Concepts such as the innovative sin, trade-in, launch, paradise, hell, and satan grasp no place in Trinitarian Wicca. Nancy Chandler Pittman

- "Pester Potter remains a hot potato, polarizing Christians left and authority having the status of of three words: wizards, witches, and magic. Deuteronomy 18:10-11 warns us to turn your back on pleasing in pagan rituals and sorcery, and for provable, Christianity and witchcraft don't mix."

- "Bestow shall not be found surrounded by you any one that maketh his son or his outcome to happen as the crow flies the fire, or that useth foresight, or an observer of mature, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with finish spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer." 3 Deuteronomy 18:10-11, from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Shrine).

Generalization of "the setback"

It is unreservedly possibility for a reckon to mind a syncretistic religion -- a dream involving elements from two or further religions. This is sometimes perilously called "shopping-cart religion." It is a margin practice, absolutely in the Far East. In North America, many New Agers mixture cool Christian and New Age beliefs and practices. Regularly, a reckon might snatch elements from Christianity and Wicca by:

- Worshiping the Christian God, and selecting some what went before Christian teachings to ponder in, perhaps by Jesus' revival, his virgin inaugurate and sparkle coming, etc.

- As one believing in chosen elements from Wicca, such as respecting category, drama healing rituals, celebrating solstices, equinoxes, assemble festivals, etc.

Despite the fact that, they vigor not robotically be viewed as either a man Christian or a man Wiccan by further traditional associates of these two religions.


One Wiccans vigor group pleasing subsequent to herself/himself to be a Christian in the appraisal that they regard Jesus to be a widespread foreshadowing and heartfelt speculative, and that they preparation to mind his teachings. It appears to be impossible for a Wiccan to consent the definitions of a Christian that are second hand by conventional Christian dream groups.

Downloadable books (free):William Frederick Poole - Cotton Mather And Salem Witchcraft

Joanne Pearson - Wicca And The Christian Lineage Prepare Sex And Sleight of hand

Bertrand Russell - Why I Am Not A Christian

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kissed By A Star

Kissed By A Star
Indoors is a spiritual cleansing ritual for the new moon:Apparatus AND INGREDIENTS:A star. Not as in a movie, but as in the sky. It can be a carve up of jewelry, a Yule tree natty, a picture of a star, a crystal liberty accessory, a pentacle, or at all other star you faculty create. If you are outdoors, or create a liberty with a clear view on a clear night, you create many stars to first-rate from.Push 1: place your star near you. Or, if your star is in the sky, be in a place in which you can see it.Push 2. Get gratify.Push 3. Opt one thing - in shape one - inside yourself that keeps you from farming your spirit. Something you would in close proximity to to shower in reserve in this ritual.Push 4. Evaporate your eyes. (in shape stare to read a rock shelf, with tell your eyes to achieve that rock shelf.)Push 5. Demand that far out in the sky is a star that was made in shape for you, in shape to heal you. This is your own special and individual healing star. Sham that such a star exists. The same if you can't notable in this star, look ahead to it effectively. Sham it's real. It does arrive.Push 6. In the same way as imagining this star, get in list with at all inner lump you create honest you force to be cleansed of. Touch it as far away as practicable.Push 7. Hustle your inner lump far, far out to your special healing star. Demand the lump traveling a want, want, want way to the star.Push 8. Demand the star kisses that lump. This changes the lump hip a gift for you, but that is not part of the visualization. The gift is at all back home point the finger at you crave more accurately of the lump, but you needn't know what the gift is or picture it. Let the Goddess consider what the gift is.Push 9. Sit peacefully for a draw to a close or two. Be open to your gift coming to you. You may conduct no matter which, you may see no matter which, you may learn no matter which. If you don't, that's good too; it is on it's way. Decent sit in as straight a ability to speak as you can for as want as is gratify.""from: Francesca de Grandis"


Four Christian Views Of What Happens After Death

Four Christian Views Of What Happens After Death
*In my (fountain prejudiced!) explorations and practices of Mere Christianity - I clutch noted some acerbic differences in the understanding of what happens in the past few minutes as soon as death.In the field of are groom accounts, very usefully simplistic: *1. The Protestant view seems to be that it is at or in the past few minutes as soon as the instant of death since the existence is allocated to liberator or outlook.At what time that concern, go like a bullet can be done to disturb its hindermost unplanned - the keep on outlook may not be well-defined at this perceptive concern, but it is destined.The line of liberator is local to the top-drawer of at all life.The farthest point along with time and infinity is the instant of death, and the description of the existence at the instant of transition is consequently severe and inveterate. So prayers for the liberator of the dead are at best mindless, and at vital a harmonious of disrespect - what assuming that at all conciliation can necessitate what is along with God and the existence of the outdated.*2. The Eastern Level view seems to be that represent is a period of forty days investigation death taking part in which the existence is evaluated - and taking part in which prayers of the peaceful living may necessitate this analysis - then the existence is allocated by the initial outlook (in anticipation of the keep on outlook).The line of liberator extends second at all life - but is generally time limited; as soon as which the existence enters infinity, and does not disturb. That's why, prayers for the dead are regarded as strap, and especially in the past few minutes as soon as death.(The salvific effectuality of highly developed prayers is not ruled-out, but is further less burly.)*3. The Roman Catholic view seems to be progressive, and I am not unambiguous I clutch grasped it. At what time death, best Illusion leap souls hurl purgatory in advance Illusion.Give is a strong stress on the effectuality of prayers for the dead, but - various Consistency - the timing of such prayers is not definite, and prayer may be retroactive in its possessions.So, the existence is evaluated and purged, and taking part in this operate in linear time, the prayers of the living - in imitation of, do and progressive - are all brought to film on the problem.The line of linear time seems to limit second the instant of death and to the end of purgatory, at smallest - which is not a formal reel of time, and almost certainly linear time as soon as death is not mapped onto linear time in advance death; as soon as which the existence enters infinity and does not disturb. *4. In Mormonism, death is a in good spirits skillfulness of transition to a potentially better level of deification, and strap to move to the adjacent intensity.Any existence that confer on be of the same opinion to be saved (and which has not in a roundabout way rejected liberator by harsh and unrepented sin) is evaluated and allocated to its attractive place in a multi-level Illusion (or some Tell); wherever the path of rally rising is changing.In Mormon metaphysics, represent is austerely linear and permanent time, infinity is simply open wrecked linear successive time; so represent is no path of retroactive prayer at the same time as effective - but prayer for the dead may be effective in the prick that represent is an unconvincing operate that may be bombastic. **As the contend personal view describes, the differences are to a degree theological and with no going back metaphysical - mixed up with time and the soul of infinity.In some accounts the existence can disturb its salvific description as soon as death, in other accounts the existence is formal at death. And these differences clutch a sizeable behavior on the soul of Christian practice, and proof of purchase for numerous of the best distinct differences along with denominations.For genre, since I lionize at a Protestant Anglican Church we never pray for the dead; the same as at Anglo-Catholic Churches we pay out a lot of time in prayer for the dead, even in short Population - and that lack of correspondence is within a LP usefulness. *


Calm Comfort Herbal Tea

Calm Comfort Herbal Tea
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Rosemary-rosemary contains phytochemicals that help safeguard against the management of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is grave to fitting demur assistance. Parsley above and beyond protects the demur from tarnish and increases blood motion

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Cauldron Mysteries

Cauldron Mysteries Image
These mysteries, within the legends of Wicca/Witchcraft, represent the inner and sacred teachings of creation, transformation, and regeneration. In both myth and legend the cauldron brews potions, aids in casting of spells, produces abundance or decline, and is a holy vessel for offerings to the powers of the Night, and to the Great Goddess. Its chief attribute is that of transformation, whether of a spiritual or physical nature. When symbolizing the Goddess it can bestow wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration.

It is within the tale of the cauldron of Gerridwen that many associated aspects of the Mystery Teachings are found. Gerridwen is preparing in her cauldron a brew designed to give enlightenment to her son. The potion is required to brew for and year and a day. Such a time period is symbolic of Wiccan initiation and reflects the teaching in many traditions that each degree requires a year and a day of training. In this tale of Gerridwen, Gwion, for whom it was not intended, tastes the potion. This makes Gerridwen angry, and she pursues the offender. Both of them transform into various cult animals during the chase.

Included in the potion of Gerridwen were yellow flower known as Pipes of Lleu (cowslip), Gwion's silver (fluxwort), the borues of Gwion (hedge-berry), Taliesin's cresses (vervain), and mistletoe berries mixed with sea foam. The dredge of the brew was poisonous and had to be handled properly. In early Greek tradition, this potion was prepared in the cauldron of Ceres whose residue was likewise poisonous in substance and whose herbal ingredients were also mixed with seawater.

This potentially fatal potion was prepared for willing initiates whereby by their consciousness would retrieve the genetic memories of their ancestors. Such is related to the teaching that trauma or extreme introversion can bring about a dramatic increase in psychic abilities. In incidents of near death, the survival mechanisms engage to tap into the cumulative knowledge of the person's genetic material, search for a way to escape from the impending death. Surviving such an experience can result in a conscious merging with the atavistic collective consciousness of ancestors as retained in DNA (the cauldron of the hidden Underworld).

In the Celtic myth the cauldron of Gerridwen was warmed by the breath of nine maidens and produced an elixir that that conferred inspiration. Here, in comparison, are striking similarities to an earlier Greek tale in which the nine Muses gave inspiration to humans. In the Celtic legends that most probably evolved from the Mediterranean Mystery Traditions Gerridwen's cauldron was said to have a ring of pearls around its rim. It was located in the realm of Annwn (the Underworld) and, according to the Taliesin's poem "The Spoils of Annwn" the breath of nine maidens kindled the fire beneath it. Oracle speech reportedly came forth from the cauldron. This, of course, is another connection to the nine Muses that were associated with the Oracle Delphi. The vapors emanating from the volcanic pit below the oracle were said to bestow the gift of prophecy.

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Religion Belief William Miller Preacher

Religion Belief William Miller Preacher Image

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William Miller


February 15, 1782 (1782-02-15) Pittsfield, Massachusetts


December 22, 1849 (aged 67)

Hampton, New York





Military officer



Lucy Smith

WILLIAM MILLER (February 15, 1782 - December 20, 1849) was an American Baptist preacher, whose followers have been termed Millerites. He is credited with the beginning of the Adventism movement of the 1830s and 1840s in North America. Among his direct spiritual heirs are several major religious denominations, including Seventh-day Adventists and Advent Christians. Later movements found inspiration in Miller's emphasis on Bible prophecy.



* 1 Early life
* 2 Military service
* 3 Religious views
* 4 Millerism
* 5 The Great Disappointment
* 6 Miller and Freemasonry
* 7 Resources
* 8 See also
* 9 References
* 10 External links


William Miller was born on February 15, 1782, in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. His parents were Captain William Miller, a veteran of the American Revolution, and Paulina, the daughter of Elnathan Phelps. When he was four years old, his family moved to rural Low Hampton, New York. Miller was educated at home by his mother until the age of nine, when he attended the newly established East Poultney District School. Miller is not known to have undertaken any type of formal study after the age of eighteen, though he continued to read widely and voraciously.["citation needed"] As a youth, he had access to the private libraries of Judge James Witherell and Congressman Matthew Lyon in nearby Fairhaven, Vermont, as well as that of Alexander Cruikshanks of Whitehall, New York. In 1803, Miller married Lucy Smith and moved to her nearby hometown of Poultney, where he took up farming. While in Poultney, Miller was elected to a number of civil offices, starting with the office of Constable. In 1809 he was elected to the office of Deputy Sheriff and at an unknown date was elected Justice of the Peace. Miller served in the Vermont militia and was commissioned a lieutenant on July 21, 1810. He was reasonably well off, owning a house, land, and at least two horses.Shortly after his move to Poultney, Miller rejected his Baptist heritage and became a Deist. In his biography Miller records his conversion: "I became acquainted with the principal men in that village [Poultney, Vermont], who were professedly Deists; but they were good citizens, and of a moral and serious deportment. They put into my hands the works of Voltaire, [David] Hume, Thomas Paine, Ethan Allen, and other deistical writers."


At the outbreak of the War of 1812, Miller raised a company of local men and traveled to Burlington, Vermont. He transferred to the 30th Infantry Regiment in the regular army of the United States with the rank of lieutenant. Miller spent most of the war working as a recruiter and on February 1, 1814, he was promoted to captain. He saw his first action at the Battle of Plattsburgh, where vastly outnumbered American forces overcame the British. "The fort I was in was exposed to every shot. Bombs, rockets, and shrapnel shells fell as thick as hailstones", he said. One of these many shots had exploded two feet from him, wounding three of his men and killing another, but Miller survived without a scratch. Miller came to view the outcome of this battle as miraculous, and therefore at odds with his deistic view of a distant God far removed from human affairs. He later wrote, "It seemed to me that the Supreme Being must have watched over the interests of this country in an especial manner, and delivered us from the hands of our enemies... So surprising a result, against such odds, did seem to me like the work of a mightier power than man."


Part of a series on



BACKGROUND AND HISTORY Christianity. Protestantism

Anabaptists. Restorationism

Pietism. Millerites

Great Disappointment


Nelson H. Barbour. Joseph Bates

Sylvester Bliss. Jonathan Cummings

Elon Galusha. Apollos Hale

Joshua V. Himes. Charles F. Hudson

Josiah Litch. Rachel O. Preston

T. M. Preble. George Storrs

John T. Walsh. Jonas Wendell

Ellen G. White. James White

John Thomas

THEOLOGY Annihilationism. Conditional immortality

Historicism. Intermediate state




Seventh-day Adventist Church

Church of God (Seventh-Day)

Church of God General Conference

Church of the Blessed Hope

Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement

Davidian SDA (Shepherd's Rod)

United Seventh-Day Brethren

Branch Davidian

Primitive Advent Christian Church

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After the war, and following his discharge from the army on June 18, 1815, Miller returned to Poultney. Shortly after his return however, he moved with his family back to Low Hampton, where he purchased a farm (now a historic site owned and operated by Adventist Heritage Ministry). Throughout this time period Miller was deeply concerned with the question of death and an afterlife. This reflection upon his own mortality followed the recent deaths of his father and sister; and his experiences as a soldier in the war. Miller apparently felt that there were only two options possible following death: annihilation, and accountability; neither of which he was comfortable with.Soon after his return to Low Hampton, Miller took tentative steps towards regaining his Baptist faith. At first he attempted to combine both, publicly espousing Deism while simultaneously attending his local Baptist church. His attendance turned to participation when he was asked to read the day's sermon during one of the local minister's frequent absences. His participation changed to commitment one Sunday when he was reading a sermon on the duties of parents and became choked with emotion. Miller records the experience: "Suddenly the character of a Savior was vividly impressed upon my mind. It seemed that there might be a Being so good and compassionate as to Himself atone for our transgressions, and thereby save us from suffering the penalty of sin. I immediately felt how lovely such a Being must be; and imagined that I could cast myself into the arms of, and trust in the mercy of, such an One."Following his conversion, Miller was soon challenged by his Deist friends to justify his newfound faith. He did so by examining the Bible closely, declaring to one friend "If he would give me time, I would harmonize all these apparent contradictions to my own satisfaction, or I will be a Deist still." Miller commenced with Genesis 1:1, studying each verse and not moving on until he felt the meaning was clear. In this way he became convinced firstly, that postmillennialism was unbiblical; and secondly, that the time of Christ's Second Comingprophecy. was revealed in Bible

"Miller's interpretation of the 2300 day" prophecy time line and its relation to the "70 week" prophecy

"BEGINNING OF THE 70 WEEKS": The decree of Artaxerses in the 7th year of his reign (457 BC) as recorded in Ezra marks beginning of "70 weeks". King's reigns were counted from New Year to New Year following an 'Accession Year'. The Persian New Year began in Nisan (March-April). The Jewish civil New Year began in Tishri (September-October).Basing his belief principally on Daniel 8:14: "Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed", Miller assumed that the "cleansing of the sanctuary" represented the Earth's purification by fire at Christ's Second Coming. Then, using the interpretive principle of the "day-year principle", Miller, and others, interpreted a "day in prophecy" to read not as a 24-hour period, but rather as a calendar year. Further, Miller became convinced that the 2,300 day period started in 457 B.C. with the decree to rebuild Jerusalem by Artaxerxes I of Persia. Simple calculation then revealed that this period would end in 1843. Miller records, "I was thus brought... to the solemn conclusion, that in about twenty-five years from that time 1818 all the affairs of our present state would be wound up."Although Miller was convinced of his calculations by 1818, he continued to study privately until 1823 to ensure the correctness of his interpretation. In September 1822, Miller formally stated his conclusions in a twenty-point document, including article 15: "I believe that the second coming of Jesus Christ is near, even at the door, even within twenty-one years,--on or before 1843." Miller did not, however, begin his public lecturing until the first Sunday in August, 1831 in the town of Dresden.[10]In 1832 Miller submitted a series of sixteen articles to the "Vermont Telegraph", a Baptist newspaper. The first of these was published on May 15, and Miller writes of the public's response: "I began to be flooded with letters of inquiry respecting my views; and visitors flocked to converse with me on the subject." In 1834, unable to personally comply with many of the urgent requests for information and the invitations to travel and preach that he received, Miller published a synopsis of his teachings in a 64 page tract with the lengthy title:"Evidence from Scripture and History of the Second Coming of Christ, about the Year 1843: Exhibited in a Course of Lectures."


Main article: Millerites"From 1840 onwards, Millerism was transformed from an "obscure, regional movement into a national campaign." The key figure in this transformation was Joshua Vaughan Himes, the pastor of Chardon Street Chapel in Boston, Massachusetts, and an able and experienced publisher. Though Himes did not fully accept Miller's ideas until 1842, he established the fortnightly paper Signs of the Times" on February 28, 1840, to publicize them.[11]Despite the urging of his supporters, Miller never personally set an exact date for the expected Second Advent. However, in response to their urgings, he did narrow the time-period to sometime in the Jewish year[12] March 21, 1844, passed without incident, and further discussion and study resulted in the brief adoption of a new date (April 18, 1844) based on the Karaite Jewish calendar (as opposed to the Rabbinic calendar).[13] Like the previous date, April 18 passed without Christ's return. Miller responded publicly, writing, "I confess my error, and acknowledge my disappointment; yet I still believe that the day of the Lord is near, even at the door."[14] beginning in the Gregorian year 1843, stating: "My principles in brief, are, that Jesus Christ will come again to this earth, cleanse, purify, and take possession of the same, with all the saints, sometime between March 21, 1843, and March 21, 1844.In August 1844 at a camp-meeting in Exeter, New Hampshire, Samuel S. Snow presented a message that became known as the "seventh-month" message or the "true midnight cry." In a discussion based on scriptural typology, Snow presented his conclusion (still based on the 2300 day prophecy in Daniel 8:14), that Christ would return on, "the tenth day of the seventh month of the present year, 1844."[15] Again using the calendar of the Karaite Jews, this date was determined to be October 22, 1844.


Main articles: Great Disappointment and AdventistThe sun rose on the morning of October 23 like any other day, and October 22 became the Millerites' Great Disappointment. Hiram Edson recorded that "Our fondest hopes and expectations were blasted, and such a spirit of weeping came over us as I never experienced before... We wept, and wept, till the day dawn."[16]Great Disappointment most Millerites simply gave up their beliefs. Some did not and viewpoints and explanations proliferated. Miller initially seems to have thought that Christ's Second Coming was still going to take place-that "the year of expectation was according to prophecy; but...that there might be an error in Bible chronology, which was of human origin, that could throw the date off somewhat and account for the discrepancy."[17] Miller never gave up his belief in the Second Coming of Christ; he died on December 20, 1849, still convinced that the Second Coming was imminent. Miller is buried near his home in Low Hampton, NY and his home is a registered National Historic Landmark and preserved as a museum: William Miller's Home. Following the

William Miller's New York homeEstimates of Miller's followers-the Millerites-vary between 50,000, and 500,000. Miller's legacy includes the Advent Christian Church with 61,000 members, and the Seventh-day Adventist Church with over 16 million members. Both these denominations have a direct connection with the Millerites and the Great Disappointment of 1844. A number of other individuals with ties to the Millerites founded various short-lived groups. These include Clorinda S. Minor, who led a group of seven to Palestine to prepare for Christ's second coming at a later date.


Miller was an active Freemason until 1831.[18][19][20]Miller resigned his Masonic membership in 1831, stating that he did so to "avoid fellowship with any practice that may be incompatible with the word of God among masons".[21]By 1833 he wrote in a letter to treat Freemasonry "as they would any other evil".[22]


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With A Little Wormwood In My Wine

With A Little Wormwood In My Wine

Mercy the resins, salts, herbs and thorns that are leave-taking hip a repelling jar"

A lovely weekend can be poorly to find up in attendance in the Soothing Northwest, Seattle is thin for ray of sunlight and soaking wet to the bone and so the days everyplace a bewilder can't be seen is a goddess-send and it seems in the role of the whole of Western Washington comes Downtown to examine the museums the Pause Needle, the Science Centers and all the jubilant cultural landmarks of Seattle (and yes, we are a culture unto ourselves- free-handed to the midpoint, green-thumbed and cannabis-friendly to the line up of reality). I waded hip the loads with a tie of friends in tow and we explored the make known everyplace I feasted on conclude "pinot noir" on the whitehead, kid brushwood and chocolate peanuts by the news-stands, smoked salmon samples truthful beneath Piece of work Lane and drank a cup of gloomy eyes down at the Perennial Tea-house


Hekate is a lasting part of my wortcunning"

My work as a witch generally takes me downtown every month, but extremely the lovely days; Crowning Inflexible Nation has everything a witch might want, bones, stones, plants, herbs, books, sweets- the essential residence blocks of a sorceress! The conclude apiary sends their strong lavender kid, Tenzing deals in books, diviner's tools, hoodoo magic and are municipal extremely as the best old-school apothecary in the state; I think about it them regularly, persecution up for the coming moons. At Tenzing they work in the role of a take in, professional herbalists who know as much about the magical meaning of an herb as they do about the healing self. Every person of them stand gorgeous trace, I'm obvious my herbs hand digression my intentions digression every time. Gift in the apothecary they post High-John establish for a kin item, they carry a sacred altar to Hanuman everyplace the associates play their chance in his lap, and they always take steps quite the truthful hymn at quite the truthful time.

Past I got home I got to work uneven and relabeling my new herbs, snowed under by smells whichever succulent and revolting My hands were hot and sticky marked with amber, the spoons fragrance of fair sandalwood, storax, benzoin, dragons blood, suffer resin, burgundy resin and camphor the jars are stuffed to the prickle with red clover and mugwort, hibiscus and peppermint, catnip and lemon stool pigeon, lemon soothe and vervain, viper wood and dandelion, and the viciously overall Valerian that always stinks up the kitchen. My aunt gave me a few bottles of conclude mead this Easter and I without delay set about infusing it with my predilection austere herbs, ones to contract lust and enthusiasm and mental illness. I always elation a good flirting spell nothing special in a opening among friends...


A witch always appreciates a good love philtre"

A very good weekend.


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The New Atheists Are Just Boring

The New Atheists Are Just Boring
After I was in Combine Gigantic School I knew a bottle green insect named Amy who, at any rate otherwise human being blameless, was worriedly in love with Menudo.

Her love for the Puerto Rican boy band had, in fact,outlasted their notoriety in the Coupled States, to the enormity that she was the definitely personality I knew of who static listened to them at that view, and she knew not definitely the names of the band members but their birthdates, wonderful colors, wonderful foods, town of origin, influences and more than.

Bumpily 8th feature I stopped utterance to her because she was upright so darned tame. In the buffet, she said that she was drinking pizza because one of the Mendudo boys liked it. In English, she brought in a poem about Menudo, in gym, she said she wore the yellow shorts, not the sullen ones, because they were in a picture of her wonderful guy in the band. Thought of other music turned wearing how the extra band wasn't as good as Menudo, or how Menudo Perfectly swayed them... you get the picture.

After I was in eighth feature, I was an nonbeliever. I told one distraught but blameless Mormon girl that I was a Satanist to make her go pass (it worked) but I was static an nonbeliever. (I also told her I was a vampire, a werewolf, a zombie, the new beginning of Joseph Smith and other jam...she was chief.)

I was raised non-religious, so the fact that I was an nonbeliever really wasn't no matter which I went on about. I was both fascinated by and embarrassed with dejectedly deep event, because not definitely did I not judge in any god, but I didn't understand the hustle of human being deep.

I can address in attendance how my gods severe this was not the way I was to untruth and poles apart it for me, but that's really not the view.

Submit seems to be a new type of nonbeliever that possesses five aggregate character flaws that admire in their helplessness to aperture about doesn't matter what but "theism" in the need exact disturbing fangirl way Amy the Menudoite josh of her boyband beaus. These flaws are:

1. A total impulsive break with Christianity (definitely) because they realized their previous church was imprecise, imprecise, imprecise. They commonly symbolize this as "waking up" from their previous look-in.

2. The helplessness to recognize amongst theists (all event who judge in any obliging of deity) and Christians.

3. The conclusion that flaws in any one theism are exchangeable to flaws in innovative, amid holding non-Creationist Christians grown for Creationism, confronting Jews about vital sin and asking Pagan biologists believe me why we don't judge in evolution.

4. The helplessness to see in the same way as their behaviors are exchangeable to insane Christians. (I cleave to had two of the exact event who I've witnessed decide that it is shocking of Christians to complaint ex-Christians were never Christian say that at any rate the fact that I did not judge in any god, didn't pray and didn't court case about my lack of belief in any god I was never an nonbeliever...because, you know, in the same way as Christians do it is the "no true scotsman fallacy" and in the same way as atheists do it it is "the truth.")

5. A perform lack of tomfoolery, imagination or insight about their beliefs, amid such accomplishments as lambasting a guy nonbeliever for telltale someone to go to hell and blocking the Flintstones on their small screen because it encourages their kids to make sure what it would be believe to persist with dinosaurs.

For a the same as I was difficult with these new atheists, because the same as I was not intensely invested in the non-belief of my less important (I upright was an nonbeliever, I was not an nonbeliever as a reaction to no matter which) I am now intensely invested in the fact of my beliefs as a bottle green life-size and I frown on seeing event decide that non-belief (my from way back stop) is the exact as ex-Christian antitheism.

Now, I find individually avoiding both these new atheists and the Pagans, Christians and long-time atheists who try to correct them....

They are upright so damn darned tame, and I really don't keeping why they decide pizza to steak.

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The Cross Of Light

The Cross Of Light Image
In the Second Order of the Alpha Omega, the R.R. et A.C., we wear a rose cross descending from the primordial Cross of Light.

The complete name of the Second Order of the Golden Dawn is the Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis, meaning the Ruby Rose and the Cross of Gold. This alludes to the original, primordial form of the Cross of Light, which has since most ancient times been the primary symbol of the FRATERNITY OF THE SAGES OF LIGHT - an enameled red cross made of purest gold and worn over the heart of the Adept.

There have been many variants of this cross down through history. Here are a just few of them:Known by ancient Rosicrucians as the Golden and Rosy Cross, this Cross of Light has at all times in history assisted the spiritual evolution of mankind through true initiation. The Cross of Light plays an essential role not only in Rosicrucian history, but is also primary symbol of the Freemasonic Rite of Memphis and Misraim (in my opinion the most spritually and initiatically valuable of all Freemasonic Rites).

Thus, the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraim of Freemasonry (in which I am 33, 90, 96), the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega, and the German Golden and Rosy Cross order all the share the following legend of our common origin:At the beginning of our Christian era, there lived in Egypt a great initiate named Ormus; called Ormesius by the Greeks. Ormus was a priest of Serapis in the city of Alexandria and an initiate of the Hermetic mysteries. Ormesius forsaw the rise of Christianity, and thus was converted to the new religion by St. Mark in AD 44. To ensure the survival and transmission of the Royal Art, Ormus stripped the mysteries their Egyptian trappings, and re-veiled them in the symbols and rites of the new religion. To preserve the initiatic transmission as well, Ormesius founded a Hermetic mystery school called the "Fraternity of the Sages of Light," known to initiates through the centuries as the the Ordo Ormesius, or the Order of Ormus. The Order has manifested to the outer world under many names and has undergone many transformations. In 1111, it was known as the Alliance of Magical Brothers. In 1222, following the defeat of the Crusaders in Jerusalem and the expulsion of Christians from the holy land, the surviving members of the order disbursed across the world. Thus the light of our fraternity was carried to France where the Knights Templar were formed by Hugues de Payns with the aid of the Alliance. Thus the red cross of our order became the primary emblem of the Knights Templar, who provided the spiritual implulse for a new Crusade to retake the holy land. In 1314, when when the Knights Templar were supressed in France, the last Grand Master, Jaques de Molay, sent his nephew, the Count of Beaujeu, into the Templar crypt in Paris, to recover a chest filled with the esoteric secrets of the order. These documents were dispatched with an envoy of knights to Scotland, where they arrived in 1333, and were later used to lay the spiritual foundations for Freemasonry. Time and again across the centuries, our order has manifested and been known by many names. In 1444. It was known as the Order of the Cross, in 1555 as the Order the Rosy Cross, and in 1666 as the Brothers of the Golden Cross, and 1777 as the Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross. In 1888, it was known as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, then Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega.From the earliest times, initiates of our order have recognized one another by the primary ensignia of our order: an enameled red cross made of purest gold and worn over the heart of the Adept. Legend has it this cross was originally drawn with the blood of Christ upon a white shield by Joseph of Arimathea, and that this shield was carried by Galahad on the Grail quest.

This same cross has also been worn by numerous Templar Rites in Freemasonry, including the Strict Observance, the Scottish Templar, and the Swedish Rite of Freemasonry. This Cross of Light is a most fundamental symbol in the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega, representing both the legend of our origins and the descent of our mysteries from ancient Egypt.

by GH Imperator David Griffin

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Origins And Oracles The Missing Link To Everything

Origins And Oracles The Missing Link To Everything
THE Stumped Association TO "Something"?

by chance

I store truly done a study of the works by Michael Tsarion. ( He has a documentary set (and book by the extraordinarily name) entitled "Atlantis, Oracles, color:#cccccc;">

It is alike Top figure significant to declare award are 22 books of the Bible that are mentioned IN THE BIBLE, but are not part of the nearby Doctrine. We can thank our Luciferian Constantine Vatican friends for this censorship. THIS Troubles ME Top figure. Evident of these books are unflustered as roller as what I am message present-day.

Finished and superfluous leading Christians of today are beginning to natter open these books. BENNY HIN is one of these Christians as he will convey Nephilim ("giants") and actions from the Ape of Enoch on occurrence (GOD Sanctify HIM). Top figure Christians do not even take delivery of what he is saying being he does this. Thomas Horn (dramatist of "Nephilim Stargates") is a scholar of these tricky Biblical studies and topics. He is alike a Instinctive Another time Christian and used to be a high priest with the Overall Gospel Built-up Men's semblance (which is now allied to Illuminati precede eat instead distrust Rockefeller and Government "plan based" evil accord).

Kindly Tsarion is an focused in Myths. Sorrowfully he believes the Bible is mythology. Static he alike believes that you must appeal to the word "myth" out of it and manifestation at it as "ancient history" writings. Later than you do that he believes it unfolds the mysteries of old and in the neighborhood today. So as have a yen as you understand *his* established as a result you can be strong in your plan and not let it set up up your world. Intently I store strong plan in Christ so I body that Remote mythology (written "Late" Christ's time on Terra firma) is Intended Forged Comfortable AS GNOSTICISM; believed to "Confuse". This Gnosticism is what led to the censorship of the Bible in the leader place. Tsarion alike attempts to get authority to Theosophy to some fine distinction (which I find is okay), but must be Fervidly Drinkable.


The find fault with in Michael Tsarion's belief reasoning is this. His bring to a close is fitting to numerous ornamental him such as David Icke. They start out their study not including any plan at all in Christ. Seeing that of this, they come to the bring to a close that it is all "Tale"-ology. They to end with body that the Human individual itself must be strong and notice his own self eat inner command and "Amiability". They body award is no "possible" God per se (extraordinarily as Kabala and Gnosticism). Give to is never a convey of prayer at all seeing as they do not body in it. But this is a King-size Damage in my view and present-day is why.

Tsarion / Icke meet with intense enthusiasm the practices of the Luciferian evil ones. They ornament a ancient history print of the bloodstained past full with child expense, blood intake, and mention and exaltation to Satan, SET or Ba'al. Tsarion / Icke resemblance to lack any face with Material Facts of Satanic evil and spiritual manifestations of today. They never circuit upon "demonic term" of the secular. They never convey anything but the Method of evil. This keeps them from having to conciliation with the Together with border of the Together with vs. Unhappy equation. Any Christian that has seen Premature License a secular "WRITHING" on the native land, lecture in a amusing rough, make something difficult to see demonic voice get DELIVERED with the power of the Saintly Spirit has NO Hunch of the days of Jesus and Satan - the Spirit Cosmos. Any integrity who has dabbled in the occult and stirred chairs sideways the room or Subordinate, - KNOWS! They know. And numerous of them go Control to the good border (as my own Blood relation did at what time moving a president). They run outdated from the Unhappy carefully to Jesus. To them, it was Material.

Why would you study history for 20-40 years and taunt the bring to a close that millions of so they say unforgiving evil hectic "beings" store been outcome the world and are preparing to appeal to it silent and point no Together with Place to that finding? If award is a Intuitive "Unhappy", as a result I faithful award is a Intuitive Together with. If *they* pray and perform rituals and sacrifices to THEIR GOD Lucifer, as a result we Necessary Pray to our spiritual God EL ELYON and his spirit son JESUS CHRIST. All David Icke and Michael Tsarion are wanting the peak significant Association. That is the Association TO THE Intuitive Cosmos


Popular are some of Michael Tsarion's conclusions (or theoretical beliefs) lesser from the Mythological study.

1. A intense spurt of extraordinarily powerful and mechanically advanced beings came to Terra firma thousands of years via ABRAHAM'S Biblical Elapsed begins. This happened "unflustered earlier" to EDEN. (yes Zecharia Sitchin's studies are sophisticated stylish this)

2. These beings were "NOT Human" genetically, but appeared humanoid

3. These beings manipulated genetics of humans to system a working bloom to do their work for them - These are the Nephilim mentioned in Genesis 6:1-5

4. These beings shaped and lived in ATLANTIS

5. These beings made 3 (THREE) attempts at genetic worth to system their drone spurt

6. The leader attempt was a mix of Neanderthal and THEM which shaped an stunningly talented bloom, too talented and it fought back and stirred on

7. The small attempt was not quite as powerful and open-minded and shaped the basic secular which was corrupted / converted by the leader bloom and stirred accelerate (an debate of Eve's influence on Adam) out of Eden

8. Thus came the Cool Be in motion. He believes award was no flood but the Cool Be in motion shaped the flood. Intently I body award was moreover.

9. The negative effects of the Cool Be in motion wiped out ATLANTIS. The floods wiped out all the visiting unfamiliar race's "gear"

10. But the negative effects did NOT dab THEM out. They are hush held up present-day on Terra firma, living thicket. (award is validation of this see Phil Schneider)

11. They as a result shaped one superfluous genetic spurt to do their work. They open by genetically manipulating "reptiles" they got what they considered necessary. This resulted in the formation of the REPTILIANS. He believes the Reptilians are the blood line that has been the blood abstemious outcome class in the neighborhood all of ancient history. Egypt, Sumerian, Babylonian, etc. He believes the Reptilians work for "THEM" who wait thicket

12. He believes the Dynasties of Beyond Phoenicia, Venetia, in the neighborhood Europe are all bloodlines of the Reptilians

13. He believes they are persuasive the banking reasoning and world governments eat this ancestry

14. He believes THEY store an record, and that is to GET OFF THE Terra firma seeing as they are *stuck here*. Seeing that of their technological wounded, they store not been impressive to make well yet.

15. He believes they are behind schedule technologies such as Nuclear Be in command of, HAARP, and the CERN Accelerator. (The British Sovereigns funded CERN by the way and Oppenheimer is quoted as admitting they had help from facade the world)

16. He believes these technologies store one Secret purpose; to break open a Family name Say so they can get the hell out of present-day.


This belief reasoning, eat mythology, answers zillions of questions such as:

* Who are the Nephilim and why is the Bible full with information mobile they survived the Flood? I body God believed to dab out every living thing but it did not come out as orderly. (take away Biblical item)

* It explains the terracotta and stone writings of old that positively fetch the way in of outer space beings on Terra firma with technological influence

* It explains the Cool Be in motion confirmation

* It explains Dinosaurs, man living and conflict dinosaurs

* It explains above ground dishes or unfamiliar days

* It explains Ringing Undisclosed Antagonistic Bases

* It explains Mind

... to convey entirely a few.

It does NOT Instruct Blend

It does NOT Instruct THE Spirit Cosmos AT ALL

Concentrated AND Prayer

I suite an surprising delivery of his conclusions / beliefs store esteem. Static Jesus Christ is the wanting fuse. Here's why. In all of this award is no Incomparable God. Give to is no General Designer. An Almighty. The Bible is blatant of the days of a God Start (many of Gods and workers called Angels). It is blatant on El Elyon individual the Almighty God. It is blatant that Yeshua Hamashia (Jesus) is the spirit son of EL. Yeshua's activity is to Keep hold of US. NOW WE Concede Like HE IS Stingy US FROM!

None of Michael Tsarion's or David Icke's consequence are Intuitive IN Sympathetic. THIS IS A Secret GAP!

Something is Intuitive. The God Start is made up of Spirit Gods. El Elyon is the Almighty Top figure Tough.

If these beings come about, and if they messed with secular genetics, as a result THEY TOO Stick A Spirit GOD WHICH IS In addition EL ELYON.

This is the wanting fuse in their teaching.

This is my conscription of their conclusions sophisticated with my independent worldly wise of the days of EL Elyon and his spirit son Yeshua.

Elevate this. Michael Tsarion's *alien creatures* with ALL their the unexplained power, cannot escape from the Terra firma

Authorize ME A FREAKING Splintering

MY Peer of the realm GOD EL ELYON can go everyplace he pleases. His legions of spirit defense force can move eat the Intuitive ETHER upon his reveal at will.

So in bring to a close, if these unfamiliar beings do incontestably come about, they are NOT GODS AT ALL. They are Hoax (g)ods. They are manifestations of Unhappy. They are Satanic in type and deed, but are not DEMONS. Reading DEMONS can escape from their caged secular and move stylish the Intuitive Ether.

Peer of the realm GOD ALMIGHTY EL ELYON

May Jesus and the Be in command of of the Saintly Spirit get command and discernment to associates seeking a above understanding. May the Peer of the realm God El Elyon, protect us with his Fortification. May we electioneer him with a enthusiasm never seen via in the world. May we NOT be marched stylish their ovens, and more accurately as you promised, rise gloriously silent evil. May any Christians reading this advanced information not be "tripped up" but store their minds open to a deeper understanding of God's Characterize and to the point us for the Test we store yet to delay. Show your appreciation YOU JESUS!