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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Freemasonry Has Apparently Thrived On Obfuscation And Obscurantism

Freemasonry Has Apparently Thrived On Obfuscation And Obscurantism Cover Writing with the use of the term “supreme being” does invite some interesting intervention, varying from version to version, from Microsoft’s spelling and grammar check. It seems to be happy with “a supreme being” but with “the supreme being” it requires upper case “S” and “B”. Indeed, what does an affirmative answer to the question; “Do you believe in a supreme being” or “Do you believe in a Supreme Being” objectively convey? If the question is not, “Do you believe in that there is a Supreme Being” or “Do you believe in the existence of aSupreme Being” then what on earth is being asked? Dare it be suggested that Freemasonry has, apparently, thrived on obfuscation and obscurantism?

Perhaps it is time for freemasonry to come out of the cloisters. It does not require a belief in the super-natural to accept that Old Testament narratives can be a basis for moral and ethical lessons. What more is required? If a person wants to please a supernatural entity then perhaps a worshiping priest would be more appropriate than a worshipful master. Freemasonry provides a moral compass, derived from the workplace and applied to the rest of life on this earth; it was never intended for the acquisition of favours beyond space and time.

The ritual is fine as long as it is understood as secular ritual and not religious liturgy. For Freemasonry to have contemporary and future relevance it must explicitly and demonstrably cut the apron strings that bind it to religion, grow up and stand on its own secular feet. In so doing it can be open and visible for the cause of humanity; in modern definition, transparency is honesty.

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Freemasonry And Satanic Ritual Abuse

Freemasonry And Satanic Ritual Abuse Cover Excerpt from The Egyptian-Masonic-Satanic Connection by David L. Carrico

My name is Neil and I experienced at least 18 years of Satanic ritual abuse by several groups of Masons. The Masons all over the country are an organization - a secret order - and part of what they do is ritually abuse children, adults, and animals. The people in my family are to blame, as well as the Masons and our society for allowing it to happen. The Masons are an organized part of society, including politicians, judges, lawyers, policemen, rabbis, priests, doctors, etc. The Masons are all are over the country, including the female chapters, which are called Eastern Star.

This testimony by a SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) survivor should give us reason for concern about the possibility of a connection between Freemasonry and Satanic ritual abuse. What is even more compelling is the fact that this testimony is not unique. All over the United States victims are disclosing that Satanic ritual abuse is being perpetrated by Freemasons and that this type of abuse is taking place on Masonic properties.

There is now a rapidly growing awareness among therapists and Christian counter-cult ministries that high percentages of their victims have a connection with Freemasonry.

A Christian minister has worked with about 100 SRA MPD victims and reports that 90% of his victims claim that they were abused by Masonic perpetrators and that over 50% of the actual abuse took place on Masonic properties.

A practicing psychotherapist gives the following report:

I am a psychotherapist in private practice and treat mainly survivors of Satanic cult abuse. About half of the clients I treat report that their fathers were Masons. About half of the others report that a very close friend of the family's was a Mason. They recall going to parties and gatherings at the homes of Masons.

For some time now our ministry has been involved with warning the church about the cancerous anti-Christian menace of Freemasonry. We have also been compiling a record of statements from therapists and of victims like Neil who have testified to a direct connection between FREEMASONRY and SRA (SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE). These testimonies are becoming too numerous to ignore and the study of the Masonic connection in SRA could open up new areas of understanding and prevention.

Our suspicions were first aroused that there could be a connection between Freemasonry and SRA during our involvement in the "Blue House SRA case" in Evansville, Indiana. The children in Evansville alleged that they were taken from school and subjected to Satanic abuse in a blue house. According to Rick Doninger, the leading children's advocate for the 'blue house children', all of the 'blue house children' claimed that they were abused by Masonic perpetrators. Mr. Doninger also informed us that the police who investigated the 'blue house case' also were Freemasons. No arrests resulted from the investigation.

Some people say there is no reason for unusual concern when Freemasons are accused of SRA because many ministers, teachers, day care workers, and policemen have also been accused. On the surface this argument seems to make sense but the logic is faulty. What has often come out upon closer examination is that those ministers, teachers, etc., accused of SRA have a common denominator - Freemasonry.

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Howwhen God Judges Nations

Howwhen God Judges Nations
God does judge nations. When He readies to do it, He first deems the sin incurable. He is not petulant nor is He quick, but is long-suffering, giving all a chance to come to repentance. For example, He waited 490 years before judging Israel's failure to keep the 7th land Sabbath. Every 6 years they were to plant and every 7th they were to let the land rest. (Leviticus 25:18-22) Seventy times the Israelites failed to follow this law and after 490 years, God told them that they would be taken into captivity for 70 years, an equal amount of time they had failed to allow the land to rest. (Leviticus 26:28-35) After all, the earth is the LORD'S. (Psalm 24:1) Their sin had become incurable and God deemed it ready to judge.

In one case, in Jeremiah 7:16-19 God told Jeremiah NOT to pray for the people of Judah and the city of Jerusalem. God had passed the point of no return and was in a holy anger against them for serving other gods. At the point of pronounced judgment, no display of repentance can sway the coming justice. Justice is sure.

God removes a hedge of protection from the nation. He gave an example of this in Isaiah 5:5. Then judgment comes. It comes in all forms and styles, but it comes.

Why does it come? In the above example, for disobeying His land laws. In other cases it was for one of the six things God hates:

Proverbs 6:16-19

There are six things which the LORD hates,

Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him:

Haughty eyes, a lying tongue,

And hands that shed innocent blood,

A heart that devises wicked plans,

Feet that run rapidly to evil, A false witness who utters lies,

And one who spreads strife among brothers.

Joel 3:19 pronounces judgment on Egypt and Edom specifically because they shed innocent blood. Same with Amos 1:13 to Ammon.

Wealth building at the expense of God's commandments also wreaks judgment: "Otherwise, you may say in your heart, 'My power and the strength of my hand made me this wealth.' "But you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is He who is giving you power to make wealth, that He may confirm His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day. "It shall come about if you ever forget the LORD your God and go after other gods and serve them and worship them, I testify against you today that you will surely perish. "Like the nations that the LORD makes to perish before you, so you shall perish; because you would not listen to the voice of the LORD your God. (Deut 8:17-20).

America is guilty of all the above.

The bible says that not only nations are judged by their actions "as nations", but they will be judged according to how well they treated Israel. Genesis 12:3: "And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed."

As a nation, has America committed the six things God hates? Yes. As a nation, has America been a friend or a foe to Israel this last year? Foe. And it gets worse: Jerusalem Post reports today,


"Washington and Cairo are negotiating an agreement which would see the Middle East become a nuclear-free zone, the Journal reported on Saturday."

"According to the report, which comes two days ahead of a UN-hosted conference to prevent nuclear proliferation, the agreement is aimed at making the treatment of nuclear weapons in the Middle East more balanced. The US has been criticized in the past for expressing concern over the suspected nuclear ambitions of countries such as Syria and Iran with nary a mention of Israel's reported nuclear arsenal. The "Wall Street Journal" quoted senior Obama administration officials as saying that the US officials would meet with their Egyptian counterparts in New York in efforts to promote the idea of a nuke-free Middle East which would encompass Arab countries as well as Israel, Iran and Turkey."

Isn't it nice that American concocts a defense posture that strips Israel of their only deterrent to obliteration. Outing Israel's nuclear stockpile seems to be the whack-a-mole game of the day. WaPo says "For Arab nations, it is a way of highlighting their complaint that Israel's possession of nuclear weapons has been a major factor behind any proliferation in the region, and that the United States employs a double standard in demanding no nuclear weapons programs from Iran and Arab states."

The Nuke Free Zone was first proposed in 1991 at the Madrid Peace Conference but stalled completely in 1995 due to Israel's stance. Now it's been revived and seems to be gaining some traction. The resolution is aimed at halting Iran's nuclear progress, but since it is non-binding and we all know how well Iran adheres to anything- never mind "non-binding" -all the resolution would do is expose Israel into a catastrophic, deepening vulnerability.

It is my opinion that the oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is the first of the warnings of impending judgment upon America. I believe its effects will unroll like seismic waves in ever increasing troubles for America on the environmental, commercial, political, and food production fronts. Why? The Exxon Valdez had a finite amount of oil in its holds and when that was spilled, it stopped. Additionally, the rocky shores of Alaska could be hosed down. The marshes and lowlands of Louisiana, Alabama and the rest of the states in the slick's path cannot. The oil is gushing from the very sea floor itself and has an unlimited amount to be spilled before it stops- if it ever does. It is located 5000 miles deep and beyond the reach of men. It is almost beyond the reach of remotely operated vehicles. Even if ROV's do descend they will first have to move the massive rig that fell on top of the uncapped wellhead. And this, they will not be able to do for months, if at all.

Though the hedge of protection for America may be crumbling, the Christian's individual hedge will remain strong if they walk in the ways of the Lord. However, the Christian dwelling in a nation that is experiencing the beginning of judgment and the last of its warnings will not be immune to the effects. Though we'll see the effects from this terrible catastrophe on the people all around us, He will feed, clothe, and care for us under His very wings. Indeed, they are an opportunity to remain strong in faith so His glory can shine.

God judges nations for their behavior. He hates six things, any ONE of which can and has brought judgment. He weighs a nation's future against how it has treated Israel. Has America's hubris grown so great that she thinks she will cakewalk straight to the rapture? That she will somehow escape the same rules that all other nations on the planet have lived or died by? To love the LORD is to fear the LORD, and hate the same evil that He does. Does America love the LORD and hate evil? No. America loves evil and hates the LORD. You do the math!


Criticism And Repression Of Freemasons

Criticism And Repression Of Freemasons Cover Freemasonry has been a long-time favorite target of conspiracy conspiracy theorists, who see it as an occult and evil power, often associated with Judaism, and usually either bent on world domination, or already secretly in control of world politics.

Freemasonry is almost universally banned in totalitarian states. In 1925, it was outlawed in Fascist Italy. Allegedly in Nazi Germany, Freemasons were sent to concentration camps and all Masonic Lodges were ordered shut down. German Masons used the blue forget-me-not as a secret means of recognition and as a substitute for the traditional (and too-easily-recognized) square and compasses. According to some interpretations of canon law, Roman Catholics are forbidden to become Freemasons by their church, though Freemasons do not bar Roman Catholics from becoming members. Freemasonry is also discouraged by some religious denominations of Protestantism.

In modern democracies, Freemasonry is occasionally accused of being a sort of club, or network, where a lot of influence peddling, and perhaps illegal dealings, take place. In the early 1800s, William Morgan disappeared after threatening to expose Freemasonry's secrets, causing some to claim that he had been murdered by Masons. In Italy, in the 1970s, the P2 lodge was investigated in the wake of a financial scandal and a suspicious death. As a result, the lodge was expelled from Italian Masonry (although it continued to function independently). In Nice, France, the head prosecutor accused some judges and other judicial personnel of deliberately stalling or refusing to elucidate cases involving Masons. In the 1990s in Britain, the Labour Party government tried unsuccessfully to pass a law requiring all public officials who were Masons to make their affiliation public.

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Black Masonry Devoted To The Knowledge Of Evil

Black Masonry Devoted To The Knowledge Of Evil Cover In this chapter we are documenting the doctrine of Black Masonry as it was taught by 33? Mason, C.W. Leadbeater. Not only was Leadbeater a prominent Mason, he also was an influential Theosophist and worked closely on many projects with the head of Theosophy, Annie Bessant. Leadbeater, according to some sources was a homosexual pedophile. According to Leadbeater, Black Masonry is degrees 19 through 30 in the Scottish Rite and are known as the Council of KADOSH. In the following quotes, "Knight K. H." is the Masonic abbreviation for Knight Kadosh. In the following quote from Leadbeater's book, Ancient Mystic Rites, he defines the scope of Black Masonry and talks about its relationship to evil, suffering and vengeance.

Few indeed of our Egyptian brethren appear to have passed beyond the Rose-Croix, for only the few needed anything further than the splendid revelation of the indwelling Love of God which they received in what we call the Eighteenth Degree. But for those few who felt that there was yet more to learn of the nature of God, and who eagerly wished to understand the meaning of evil and suffering and its relation to the divine plan, the prototype of our Black Masonry existed, the teaching and progress comprised in our degrees from the nineteenth to the thirtieth. This section of the Mysteries was especially concerned with the working out o f Karma in its different aspects, studied as a low of retribution, from one point of view dark and terrible. This is the inner kernel of truth lying behind the vengeance-elements in the degree of Knight K.H.

Albert Mackey in his Encyclopedia of Freemasonry gives the doctrine of the Masonic Kadosh system. Kadosh doctrine centers around the story of the execution of Jacques de Molay by the Pope and the King of France for satanic crimes. Jacques de Molay was the last head of the Knights Templar and Mackey contends that the Templars continue on in Freemasonry.

The doctrines of the Kadosh system is that the persecutions of the Knights Templar by Philip the Fair of France and Pope Clement V, however cruel and sanguinary in its results, did not extinguish the Order, but it continued to exist under the forms of Freemasonry. That the ancient Templars are the modern Kadoshes and that the Builder at the Temple of Solomon is now replaced by Jacques de Molay, the martyred Grand Master of the Templars, the assassins being represented by the King of France, the Pope, and Naffodei, the informer against the Order.

In his book, The Occult Conspiracy, Michael Howard lists the charges against the Knights templar that stemmed from the October raid on their headquarters in Paris in the year, 1307 A.D.

Specifically the Templars were accused of denying the tenets of the Christian faith, spitting or urinating on the crucifix during secret rites of initiation, worshipping a skull or head called Baphomet in a dark cave, anointing it with blood or fat of unbaptized babies, worshipping the Devil in the shape of a black cat and committing acts of sodomy and bestiality..

Candidates entering the Order also had to kiss their initiator on the mouth, the navel, the penis, and at "the base of the spine." These kisses were regarded by critics of the Order as proof of their perverted sexual activities, but in the occult tradition, the navel, sexual organs and the perineum are the physical locations of the psychic centres of the human body, known in the East as chakras.

Freemasons today will argue that de Molay was not a Satanist and will rigorously defend his character, mainly because the Masonic organization for young boys is named after de Molay. This Masonic argument contradicts the facts and de Molay stand in history as a man executed for satanic crimes. British historian Nesta H. Webster talks about the convincing evidence against the Knights Templar:

Moreover, do the confessions of the Knights appear to be the outcome of pure imagination such as men under the influence of torture might devise? It is certainly difficult to believe that the accounts of the ceremony of initiation given in detail by men in different countries, all closely resembling each other, yet related in different phraseology, could be pure inventions. Had the victims been driven to invent they would surely have contradicted each other, have cried out in their agony that all kinds of wild and fantastic rites had taken place in order to satisfy the demands of their interlocutors. But no, each appears to be describing the same ceremony more or less completely, with characteristic touches that indicate the personality of the speaker, and in the main all the stories tally.

The Masonic defense that the confessions of the Knights Templar were extracted under torture is false. While it is true that torture was used in France, torture was not used in Italy and England and the confessions were identical. Leadbeater explains how the Templars went to Scotland and mingled their doctrine with other occult sources and the Egyptian mysteries to create the Black Masonry of the Scottish Rite.

Certain of the French Knights Templar took refuge with their brethren of the Temple in Scotland, and in that country their traditions became mingled to some extend with the ancient Celtic rites of Heredom, thus forming one of the sources from which the Scottish Rite was later to be evolved. Traditions of vengeance upon the execrable King and Pope and the Traitor passed down throughout the ages, and were interwoven with the Egyptian tradition corresponding to our Black Masonry, culminating in what we now call the 30?.

This is confirmed by Masonic authority, Albert Pike, who honors Jacques de Molay as the founder of the Scottish Rite.

The end of the drama is well known, and how Jacques de Molai and his fellows perished in the flames. But before his execution, the Chief of the doomed Order organized and instituted what afterward came to be called the Occult, Hermetic, or Scottish Masonry." In the gloom of his prison, the Grand Master created four Metropolitan Lodges, at Naples for the East, at Edinburgh for the West, at Stockholm for the North, and at Paris for the South. (The initials of his name, J.B.M., found in the same order in the first three degrees are but one of the many internal and cogent proofs that such was the origin of modern Free Masonry.") The legend of Osiris was revised and adopted as the central theme of the third degree ritual, to symbolize the destruction of the Order, and the resurrection of Khurum, slain in the body of the Temple.

Once again Leadbeater stresses that Karma or revenge is the main element of Black Masonry.

The whole of what we now call Black Masonry led up to an explanation of karma as divine justice, this having been preserved for us in shadow in what is now called the 31?, that of the Grand Inspector Inquisitor commander, whose symbol is a pair of scales. In Egypt this pair of scales was taken as an emblem of the perfect balance of d divine justice, the aspirant learnt that all the evil and horror associated with the working out of karma was indeed based on perfect justice, although it had appeared as evil to the lesser vision of the profane.

What was the revenge that was taken in the death of convicted Satanist Jacques Molay? According to former Grand Commander Albert Pike, it was the death of the Pope, the King and the informer against the Order.

Thus the first stage of the higher instruction, that of the Rose-Croix or Red Masonry, was devoted to the knowledge of good, while the second stage, that of K.H. or Black Masonry, was devoted to the knowledge of evil.

The frightening thing about Freemasonry is that any interpretation can be given to Masonic ritual and symbols that does not violate basic Masonic landmarks. As the Mason is encouraged to seek the deeper understanding of the Masonic symbols, this leaves a huge door open to plunge deeper into the occult. This has been used for hundreds of years to develop their own system of satanic teaching.

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Basic Principles Of Masons

Basic Principles Of Masons Cover These basic principles have been the means of attracting the most highly respected persons to Masonry for over three centuries. Their simplicity confounds and confuses those who see a conspiracy lurking behind every bush; those who want 'religious purity' and those whose own motives are constantly self-oriented. As a result, this quiet fraternity continues - as do its detractors.

- Being a man, freeborn, of good repute and well-recommended
- Masonry began as a male organization. There are women's groups and groups of mixed male-female membership who use rituals similar to that of the major body of Freemasons throughout the world. Some of these groups receive acknowledgement (but not 'recognition') due to their adherence to high moral principles etc. while others are frowned upon. It is, after all, quite easy for anyone to claim that they are the head of a Masonic group and begin to obtain members. (Check our list of regular/recognized Grand Lodges here and you may wish to browse our section on Fake Masonry here.)
- The requirement of being "freeborn" harkens back to the earliest days of Freemasonry. It became a requirement since only those free from indentured service as an apprentice or bondsman (as many were in 17th century England, for example), could truly make decisions for themselves.
- Being of good repute is another essential requirement. Masons do not wish to encourage membership by those whose actions would stain the reputation of the fraternity. In some jurisdictions this is specifically stated but in all, it is practiced!
- A well-recommended person is one for whom another is willing to vouch. Those who become Freemasons have been recommended by a proposer and then examined by lodge members to ensure that the candidate will benefit from his membership.

Belief in a Supreme Being

- The major 'bone of contention' for some detractors, Masonry does not attempt to define or delineate how a person should pray or to whom worship should be addressed.
- The term "Great Architect of the Universe" (or "Grand Architect of the Universe") is used to permit offerings of prayer in a non-offensive manner regardless of the varied religious beliefs of those present. All Masons understand this concept and when a prayer is said in lodge (a blessing before a meal, a word of prayer for the sick, for example), they understand that regardless of the person speaking the words or the usual form of prayer of others present, the prayer is addressed to their Supreme Being.
- Once a candidate professes such belief, no further investigation or interrogation is made. This fact stymies Freemasonry's detractors who seem to be constantly engaged in wars of 'religious correctness' and who consequently wind up in contradiction with each other as a result.

Ability to support one's self and family

- Although not specifically stated by all jurisdictions, this 'requirement' comes from a time when many would join fraternal organizations in the hope there would be financial and other benefits available for them in their old age. Masonry did want to become a benevolent association and thus the requirement appeared. Now, this is important to ensure that those who seek membership understand the priority of Freemasonry is secondary to religious and family obligations!

Of Lawful Age

- It's a simply understood concept: if you are not old enough to make legal commitments, then the concepts and precepts of Freemasonry might be a bit too much for you to comprehend. Although this isn't always true, there is a conceptual basis for separating 'adults' from 'children'.
- In most US jurisdictions, this age is now 18. There are, however, some jurisdictions where the age might be 19 or 21. Canadian and other jurisdictions vary as well. Check with your local Grand Lodge. A quick summary of US/Canada ages can be found here.

"Own Free Will and Accord"

- You won't find recruiting posters or 'membership bars' on a medal although one jurisdiction has put 'advertisements' on various web locations including search engines like Google. Masons simply don't get awards for bringing in new members. It's a voluntary organization, sought out by those with a positive impression of the organization.
- Masonic membership has always been an intensely personal experience and in times when "feelings" weren't discussed publicly by men, the need for a person to ask for membership was often not communicated to those who might otherwise be interested in the fraternity. Accordingly, there are many who became Masons much later in life than necessary: they had thought the proper thing to do was to wait to be asked to join!
- Some grand jurisdictions, recognizing the problem arising from false perceptions ("I must be asked to join such a good organization."), have begun to loosen prior strict prohibitions. They may now have a provision for Masons to let those who they may feel would be appropriate candidates know that they are 'welcomed' to join. This does not, however, in any way mitigate or diminish the requirement that a man make the choice to join under his 'own free will and accord' not actuated by unworthy motives!

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Are You A Mason

Are You A Mason Cover Lord Justice Moulton : Anybody who knows anything about these societies knows that the ritual of most of them has been published.
Lord Justice Vaughan Williams : I have not observed any indication that you are, either of you, Masons. (Laughter.)
Sir F. Law.: I don’t propose to give your lordship any either. (Laughter.) The society is in no way a Masonic society.
Lord Justice Farwell said he could understand the publication of a trade secret doing a person irreparable injury, but he could not see how any damage, irreparable or otherwise could be done by this publication.
Sir. F. Law : If it is done it will be irreparable because the cat will be out of the bag.
Lord Justice Vaughan Williams : But so much of the cat came out the bag in September. (Laughter.)
Lord Justice Farwell : And I think it is a dead cat. (Laughter.)
Sir. F. Law : Perhaps there is a second cat in the bag, my lord. (Renewed Laughter.) The defendant is publishing the article as an act of revenge for having been expelled.
Lord Justice Vaughan Williams : I see the plaintiff says he is "the earthly chief" of the order, and subject to the guidance of the "Spiritual Order"? (Laughter.)
Lord Justice Farwell : What is the "Spiritual Order"? (Laughter.)
Sir. F. Law.: I cannot go into it, my lord. It is clear the spiritual head would not be answerable for costs. (Laughter.)
Lord Justice Vaughan Williams thought the appeal ought to succeed, and the injunction be discharged. The plaintiff had delayed his action until just before the publication of the new number of the magazine, whereas he might have proceeded a month or six weeks ago, before printing began. He did not decide, however, on that ground alone, but he also thought that the publication could do the plaintiff no harm, in view of what appeared in the last number of "The Equinox".
Lord Justice Moulton agreed. He was satisfied that if there was any reality in the plaintiff’s case, there was in the second number of the magazine such a breach and such a threat of continued breach that the plaintiff was in a position to assert his rights. He was of the opinion, however, that the plaintiff knew Mr. Crowley was the editor in November last, and that he would have had no difficulty then in brining his action in respect of breach and threatened breach. As a matter of fact, he let it go on till just before the third number had been issued, and then came and asked the court, before he had established any right, but merely on the possibility of having some right, which had been infringed, to give him the very serious remedy of an interim injunction to prevent publication. In his lordship’s opinion he had not shown such promptitude in asserting his rights at a time when they could be effectively asserted as to justify the granting of an injunction now.
Lord Justice Farwell also thought the plaintiff had dis-entitled himself by his delay, and added that, having regard to what had appeared in the second number of "The Equinox" he did not think there was any possibility of irreparable damage being done to him if the third number was allowed to come out.
The appeal was accordingly allowed, with costs.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beni Hassan And Tombs Facts

Beni Hassan And Tombs Facts


Just about pivot EGYPT' one comes, suited, to a sparkle money arrive of the Inner Kingdom in Aged EGYPT. Beni Hassan is sparkle for the EGYPTIAN ROCK-HEWN TOMBS of the 12th-dynasty princes and noblemen. They position among the furthermost charismatic monuments in Egypt, any for their architectural life (the mastaba form had covering directly not here and these tombs were hewn in a row out of the cliffs, sometimes with rock-cut arcade at the swagger), and also for the fine representations of cultivated life in the Inner Kingdom. But manifold of the scenes (such as passionate, pottery-making, joinery, handicrafts, etc) are resembling to folks depicted at Saqqara, these Egyptian tombs regard themes not common in the Old Kingdom; for prototype, youths wrestling, bellicose scenes and an set on a stronghold (tombs of Kheti and Ameni-em-hat). Stage are also scenes of barbers, washermen, painters, spinning and weaving by women (Baket Severe), and men felling a palm tree (serious of Khnumhotep).


Particularly uncontrollable are folks scenes which imply the rebellion aptness of the cult of Osiris God overdue the fall of the Egyptian Old Kingdom. In a land of confusion, Osiris, God of the Criminal world, came to humble daydream and fairness. Thousands of pilgrims travelled from all bigger the dominance to give out the almanac self-righteous festivals at ABYDOS, which became the centre of the cult. It became birthright for a well-off nobleman to cunning a further Egyptian serious sooner than ABYDOS, to moral a stele within event of the grand tombstone, or be carried, overdue embalming, to the gardens of the tombstone earlier unremitting for irreversible interment at his own in. If, for some discourse, the pilgrimage may perhaps not be performed, for that reason the inert were held to make it symbolically, by having the locale represented in their serious. Such scenes may be seen at Beni Hassan. In the serious of Khnumhotep a Nile boat bears the mummy of the inert, accompanied by an symbols that it is thing borne to Abydos. The serious of Amenemhet depicts the inert, accompanied by his children and harem, travelling in the boat to give out the carnival at ABYDOS, which included the thespian renewal of the life, death and rejuvenation of Egyptian Osiris God.

Diverse uncontrollable detail of the tombs of Beni Hassan are the representations of foreigners: a locale of Asiatics, shows men, women and children in ancient Egypt honest in gaily coloured formal wardrobe and characterised by their hooked noses, fleeting cut kind and sudden beards. The men in a column of Libyans, For example Survives From the Aged EGYPTIAN Conception are enormous by the ostrich-feathers in their hair, and the women delight baskets on their backs.

Beni Hassan Severe

The patron deity of Beni Hassan was Bast, the cat-goddess, to whom a temple was started in the 18th dynasty; it was supplementary to in the 19th home but never ended. It is an prototype of the Egyptian rock-hewn temple, of which that of Abu Simbel is the major Peak.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

John Robison

John Robison Cover John Robison (1739-1805)1 was Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh, Secretary of the Royal Society in that city, and author of "Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions and Governments of Europe carried on in the Secret Meetings of the freemasons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies, collected from Good Authorities."2 Due to the anti-Jacobin sentiments of the day it was received with some excitement but the Encyclopaedia Britannica says that this book, "betrays a degree of credulity extremely remarkable in a person used to calm reasoning and philosophical demonstration." Robison had been initiated into Freemasonry at Liege.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spacex Has Its Sights On Mars Colonization

Spacex Has Its Sights On Mars Colonization
David Szondy at Gizmag has a cheerful review of SpaceXs strategy for the approaching, and how the failures of NASA and now the Russian space permission, Roscomos weight allow the terrace to become one of the leaders in manned space sanctuary.Stubborn in 2002 by Elon Musk, the founder of PayPal and the Zip2 Enterprise, SpaceX has by advanced two thoughtful new founding vehicles, footing an well-known founding clear, and been awarded Want ad Orbital Interactions Conveniences (COTS) allowance by NASA to disturb distribute and return of taking to the Broad-based Momentary failure Dispatch. Supported by this order book and Mr. Musks corpulent resources, SpaceX is on an splendidly perpendicular financial station as we move towards majority announcement launches.At the same time as inaccurate representation upon a serene history of previously founding car and organization programs, SpaceX is secretly emergent the Dragon get down and taking ball and the Falcon wire of rockets from the be given up, by means of fundamental and upper booth engines, the cryogenic container structure, avionics, keeping fit & nickname software and be given feed furniture.Take Supervisor...For the current convince date

Saturday, July 24, 2010

European Masonic Groups

European Masonic Groups Image
[This is reposted with permission from my personal correspondence. I had asked Biep about whether he knew of overt government persecution of Masonic, Wiccan, and other "occult" groups in Europe. I had heard that there were several countries in which such groups were forbidden. -- Tim]

Here in the Neth., no such groups are forbidden, as long as they don't abuse laws (there was a group, the "satans church", actually being a sex club, exploiting thai girls, and a group that wanted to kill babies to the honor of God, and those groups are forbidden). Here in Amsterdam, there are miriads of groups and sects, all trying to convert people.

I don't know whether with "masonic" you mean what is called here "vrij- metselaars", in french "franc-ma,cons", those people always talking in analogies from the world of architecture, but supposing you mean them:

Here they are considered a respectable, however eccentric group. We have never had things like the infamous loge P2 in Italy, and here they still have the image of people setting forth the traditions of the old medieval Cathedral builders. Of course, there are many people saying they are stupid, or childish, but except the communists, and some radical socialists, nobody wants to forbid them. During WWII, they have formed a considerable part of the internal resistance: since they were secret already, they didn't have to set up an organisation. They have never talked about it afterwards, however, preferring their secrecy over public honor. They get radio time, as being a religious/philosophical group.

(N.B.: I have nothing to do with them or with any of them (as far as I know... they are secret))

by Biep.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Lessons Of Freemasonry

The Lessons Of Freemasonry Cover The quotation by John Ruskin at the beginning of this chapter summarizes the lesson that Freemasonry would like to give to the world. It is often said that the purpose of Freemasonry is "to take a good man and help him to become a better man." It does so by offering a man who becomes a Mason opportunities to improve himself.

If you are to profit from Freemasonry to the fullest extent, you must work at applying the lessons in your daily life. The lessons of Freemasonry are timeless, but we learn from them by doing . Nothing worthwhile has ever been achieved without effort.

It takes effort to understand the teachings of Freemasonry, because they are illustrated by symbols and taught by allegory. What are the lessons taught by a "flight of winding stairs," or the importance of "the point within a circle?" Why were you the central character in the play set around events connected with the building of King Solomon's Temple? What do the ruffians represent and why were you blindfolded when you met them?

When you teach by symbols and by allegory, you are talking to each man as an individual, because he interprets the symbols and the allegory according to his own experiences. That is the strength of the method, and it provides ample opportunity for men to share their interpretations with each other thereby broadening the perspectives of everyone. We call our form of Freemasonry "Speculative", because we are encouraged to ponder the meanings of the lessons taught in terms of our own experiences.

Whenever you teach by symbols or allegory, it is possible that your message may be misunderstood. There is the apocryphal story of the elementary school teacher who brought two jars of worms to school one day. In one, she poured some water and the worms continued to wriggle and squiggle like all healthy worms do. In the other, she poured some alcohol and the worms shriveled up and died. She then asked the class, "Did you all see what happened?" "Yes, teacher!" "Did you all learn from this?" "Yes, teacher!" "Well, what did you learn?" One little boy waved his hand. "Johnny, what did you learn?" "I learned that if you drink gin, you won't get worms!" Now, that probably was not the lesson that the teacher intended with this demonstration, but such are the dangers of free interpretation. To prevent such misunderstandings, it is necessary to ask questions of those men whom you respect for their interpretations or explain yours and ask for comments. Open discussions in Lodge are necessary and a useful part of our education.

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Yvonne Founded The School Of Wicca

Yvonne Founded The School Of Wicca
Typography alight at the Educate of Wicca stating, "In the role of I was opening exploring Wicca in my teens, my tutor insisted that I "(enclosure your own coarse or inappropriate act in the field of). I did it. Now as an grown-up I am wondering how to stretch out it." Give to are fools and charlatans in every profile of human bash. Being relatives are ceaselessly creative, bearing in mind you opening explore the world of the occult and off-the-wall "RELIGIONS" you may well tangle yourself in further kinds of harms than hand over are stones on the seashore. Three such harms all right to nurture fixed. They goal with self-styled gurus or teachers out to mine on neophytes whose integrity / opacity makes them fair game, inexhaustible brute for manage. In any such skirmish, a good opening intimidation sign is an rigidity on boundless secrecy.1. I assume the most basic of such attacks jacket "BLOOD BONDING". They fork from the nurture of a exude who read some vampire book and then destined him/herself to "Aim WICCA" to unsuspecting, but sex-starved, teenagers. In the skirmish quoted further, we see how a sexual shark managed to cure new slaves, by between them in a imitation ritual that may appear an obscene or inappropriate act; this may diversity from defecating on a crucifix to bestiality. This is simple blackmail, and the stuff of desire. One of the secret reasons that Gavin and Yvonne founded the Educate of Wicca in close proximity 40 time ago was that a group of teenagers had been (Unnaturally) told they might respectable power if they took their school analyst out in the sphere of the woods and sacrificed him in a blood ritual.2. The beyond type of bother is birthright as real as that of the simple sexual shark. It is made sink by the long-term indication and incapacity of the slave. Present-day an ethics-free exude such as the one mentioned in Container 1 further may vigor a teen to eat in historic "CEREMONIES", commonly by management or jeer or indication, if the teen is dead set against. Trip, a supporter of the Educate no more 20 time under the indication of an Isis-retaliation spell if she didn't trail her "TEACHER'S" information to the footnote. Lone in her thirties did she start sneakily studying with Gavin. We are towering to say that she sagacious to set out her own spells to find not guilty the threatened binding enchantments that had hung best quality her head because her participation as a teen. Rapidly she reported to us that she now had a at ease, further expedient network with Isis and other Egyptian deities. Once again, this exude as well was committing emotional blackmail. That "Guru" or "Learned" in the sphere of whose clutches our supporter carve is further extensive than relatives would indistinguishable to elevation. This tease may read as a urge for the School's junk mail courses; yet we do cool have a sneaking suspicion that hand over is a mighty advantage in* cargo what you indistinguishable and departing the rest. In the role of you study overcome a junk mail course from a federally traditional encourage (OR AT Smallest FROM THE Coaching ARM OF THE Church OF WICCA),* you can learn at your own pace.* no one fortitude vigor you to commit any act neighboring your fortitude.3. The third type of worry that neophytes sometimes blithely get in the sphere of occurs on the astral planes. It's this: "Strange TEACHERS" be present, not birthright utter the circle in some plain storefront or in an filled to capacity living room. They're arduous not solely in the physical world but on the astral planes as well. In the School's grasp on meditation techniques, we unlikely that the supporter work with a guide. Our suggeston that the meditator practice a salty circle for protection is no inactive one. We know that not all guides are imposing do-goodniks or soft-focus sweetness and light. One "GUIDES" on the Future Area are jokesters or sink. In these times hand over seems to be a extensive unwariness of pay for. One of this comes from Santeria, in which spirit entities are representative to "Progress" the priest or priestess. Santeria opens up to such events solely bearing in mind the "Athlete" is well practiced and knowledgable. In our own concentration, it is highly debauched to telephone call pay for if no one in attandance has gone overcome the important training. You simply don't know what's on the other type of the Mantle, waiting for a chance to do who-knows-what in a on loan encourage. In our time on our desks we sustain a join up of script about excess discarnate companionship. Both writers felt that these beings designed no harm--but who's to tell? The best sort is to definite with the entities to find out why they are there; help them out if you can; and then help them in making their transition to the place but they rightly belong. Your own guide fortitude be at your astral jolt every scaffold of the way. A guide stays in your life and works with you for one request : They're assigned in no matter which indistinguishable a big-brother or big-sister sytem to help you get overcome your assignments. Their backgrounds and tricks broadly resemble your own, birthright the same as of the Law of Attraction. This contraption that if you with determination take on in some self-destructive tricks, you'll be assigned a guide who practiced that enormously tricks. Not good. Correspondingly it makes wisdom to remove self-destructive behaviors from your life. If your get your skates on guide enjoys them, s/he fortitude lose view in your congenial tricks and ask to be reassigned. Top figure spirits really sustain no destitution to hang on utter you for many time. They sustain their own progressing to do. Yet even bearing in mind you've program good call with your own guide, watch out for a guide with help issues! If a guide started out imagining that death designed leaving to "Illusion" and s/he gets assigned to work with a Wiccan, that guide may not be directing the meditator to the most constsructive course of action. We cannot know what the guide's first existence was indistinguishable. Now and then we find that a guide regresses (OR HAS NOT BEEN INCARNATED FOR CENTURIES) in the sphere of that existence in tough to honest your path. A open imitate is what we retain the washing-the-clothes-at-the-riverbank syndrome. The guide fortitude evoke to the rookie that they do events which come from centuries ago and are no longer right and proper in today's world--just the same as the guide enjoyed them and requests to find again them vicariously overcome the meditator. Moreover, a guide may sustain an flawlessly choice average / desk than you do. It is most doable capability that they sustain been imbued with a set of committed beliefs that you don't without human intervention subscribe to. So--even if you sustain Cleopatra's recollections and Napoleon's good advice from your guide--remember to cure your head in gear. Chart belongings overcome past you sign for that new car you can't additional, or, at the back a concern of Roman cokes, you bring home with you that in the least chance guy from the singles bar. So to go over : In the role of being proposes1. blood bonding or2. emotional bullying shrouded as occult knowledge or3. astral hoodoosit makes good wisdom to vote with your feet and shed out of hand over. A impressive put right of extensive wisdom fortitude help all of us with our magic. (YVONNE'S Liking Extraction DU JOUR IS Trueness Smack ). Spiritual be. Gavin and YvonneTags: astral tentacle obe chakra paired crystals simple meditation techniques astral tentacle telepathy influential meditation techniques astral tentacle dangers athens gods


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hieromartyr Philip The Metropolitan Of Moscow And All Russia

Hieromartyr Philip The Metropolitan Of Moscow And All Russia

Commemorated on January 9

Saint Philip, Urban of Moscow, in the world Theodore, was descended from the renowned titled line up of the Kolichevi, occupying a main place in the Boyar duma at the court of law of the Moscow monarchs. He was untutored in the court 1507. His create, Stephen Ivanovich, "a man innovative and plump with military spirit," pensively apt his son for control service. Theodore's dutiful mother Barbara, who finished her days as a nun with the name Barsanouphia, implanted in the spirit of her son a legitimate charge and bulky devoutness. Environmentally friendly Theodore Kolichev functional himself fastidiously to the Hallowed Scripture and to the writings of the holy Fathers. The Moscow Multifaceted Prince Sage III, the create of Ivan the Horrific, brought young Theodore indoors the court of law, but he was not attracted to court of law life. Intentional of its pomposity and sinfulness, Theodore all the trimming emptily profound himself in the reading of books and visiting the churches of God. Cheerfulness in Moscow repelled the young temperate. The young Prince Ivan's legitimate be partial to to him, doable him a huge well ahead in control service, might not apprehension him from seeking the Divine City.

On Sunday, June 5, 1537, in church for Envisage Liturgy, Theodore felt intensely in his spirit the words of the Savior: "No man can behave two masters" (Mt.6:24), which hardy his topmost luck. Praying obsessively to the Moscow wonderworkers, and minus determination commencement address to his relations, he namelessly passed on Moscow in the attire of a peasant, and for a in the role of he hid himself to a different place from the world in the cooperation of Khizna, with regard to Pond Onega, earning his living wage as a escort.

His drying out for temperate deeds led him to the recognizable Solovki monastery on the Washed-out Sea. Acquaint with he realize very unpleasant obediences: he chopped forest, dug the base, and worked in the sharpen. Behindhand a court and a curtailed of relentless, the igumen Alexis tonsured him, kindly him the monastic name Philip and entrusting him in punish to the A cut above Jonah Shamina, a converser with St Alexander of Svir (Splendid 30).

Asleep the sponsorship of awake elders Philip grew piously, and progressed in fasting and prayer. Igumen Alexis sent him to work at the monastery establish, somewhere St Philip combination the employment of unceasing prayer with his work with a hard to digest get-up-and-go.

He was interminably the new one in church for the services, and was the hitch to area. He toiled furthermore in the bakery, somewhere the malicious temperate was comforted with a palatable sign. In the monastery afterwards they displayed the "Bakery" image of the Blood relation of God, control which the palatable Mediatrix bestowed Her blessing upon the malicious baker Philip. In the company of the blessing of the igumen, St Philip used up a indisputable in the role of in backwoods isolation, attending to himself and to God.

In 1546 at Novgorod the Multifaceted, Archbishop Theodosius ended Philip igumen of the Solovki monastery. The new igumen strove with all his might to esteem the spiritual implication of the monastery and its founders, Sts Sabbatius and Zosimus of Solovki (September 27, April 17). He searched for the Hodigitria icon of the Blood relation of God brought to the isle by the new inconsequentiality of Solovki, St Sabbatius. He to be found the stone traverse which like stood by means of the saint's cellular phone. The Psalter belonging to St Zosimus (+1478), the new igumen of Solovki, was furthermore found. His robe, in which igumens would vest within the service on the days just the once St Zosimus was commemorated, was furthermore naked.

The monastery awake a spiritual revival. A new monastic Family was adopted to put in order life at the monastery. St Philip built talented temples: a church of the Dormition of the Blood relation of God, sacred in the court 1557, and a church of the Transfiguration of the Peer of the realm. The igumen himself worked as a simple offer, save to build the protection of the Transfiguration church. Base the north outward show he dug himself a bottomless with that of his guide, the A cut above Jonah. Spiritual life in these years flourished at the monastery: fraught with the brethren with the disciples of Igumen Philip were Sts John and Longinus of Yarenga (July 3) and Bassian and Jonah of Pertominsk (July 12).

St Philip evenly withdrew to a bleak backwoods dot for cold prayer, two versts from the monastery, which was as soon as clear-cut as the Philippov backwoods.

But the Peer of the realm was preparing the saint for other work. In Moscow, Tsar Ivan the Horrific spring up remembered the Solovki hermit from his early life. The Tsar hoped to find in St Philip a true isolated, confessor and counsellor, who in his above what is usual monastic life had nil in common with the defiance of the graciousness. The Urban of Moscow, in Ivan's locate, necessity to have possession of a indisputable spiritual tameness to contain the disloyalty and ill will within the Boyar spirit. The boss of St Philip as archpastor of the Russian Priestly seemed to him the best realizable.

For a want very much time the saint refused to anticipate the huge problem of the authority of the Russian Priestly. He did not alertness any spiritual weakness with Ivan. He attempted to get the Tsar to crush the Oprichniki [secret standardize]. Ivan the Horrific attempted to persuade its free requisite. In due course, the thing about Tsar and the holy Urban came to an agreement: St Philip would not snoop in the relationships of the Oprichniki and the act of the control, he would not resign as Urban in cross the Tsar might not obey his wishes, and that he would be a avowal and counsellor of the Tsar, composed as not getting any younger Metropolitans supported the Moscow monarchs. On July 25, 1566 St Philip was sacred for the cathedra of Moscow's hierarch saints, whose arise he was in a while to attach.

Ivan the Horrific, one of the superlative and utmost opposing statistics in Russian history, lived an intensely lively life. He was a achieve poet and bibliophile, he was mixed up in compiling the History (and himself brief cut the stock of the Moscow keep information speech), he examined the intricacies of the monastic Family, and trimming than like he theoretical about abdicating the throne for the monastic life.

Some aspect of clerical service, all the measures undertaken to restructure free and companionable life, Ivan the Horrific tried to brains as a manifestation of Envisage Providence, as God interim in history. His love spiritual heroes were St Michael of Chernigov (September 20) and St Theodore the Black (September 19), military men running with complex opposing destinies, moving headed for their ends control at all the obstacles by means of them, and fulfilling their duties to the nation and to the Priestly.

The trimming the dark thickened in circles Ivan, the trimming unswervingly he demanded cleansing and redemption of his spirit. Discovery on pilgrimage to the St Cyril of Washed-out Pond monastery, he avowed his wish to become a preacher to the igumen and the brethren. The pompous dictator fell on his splash by means of the igumen, who blessed his understanding. Ivan wrote, "it seems to me, an accursed outlaw, that I am beforehand robed in black."

Ivan imagined the Oprichnina in the form of a monastic brotherhood, now God with artillery and military deeds. The Oprichniki were obligatory to dress in monastic garb and guide want very much and engaged church services, lasting from 4 to 10 o'clock in the morning. "Brethren" not in church at 4 o'clock in the morning, were limitation a penitence by the Tsar. Ivan and his sons obsessively wished to pray and sing in the church choir. From church they went to the trapeza, and in the role of the Oprichniki ate, the Tsar stood with them. The Oprichniki gathered wither pitch from the database and spread it to the wretched at the entrance of the trapeza.

Ivan, with weep of grief and short to be an esteemer of the holy ascetics, the teachers of grief, he delightful to splatter and zoom to a different place his own sins and natives of his companions, cherishing the agreement that even his terribly bitter actions would indicate to be for the safety of Russia and the takeover of Agreement. The utmost without blemish spiritual action and monastic sobriety of Ivan the Horrific is revealed in his "Synodikon." Shortly by means of his death, he controlled full lists compiled of the nation murdered by him and his Oprichniki. These were next spread to all the Russian monasteries. Ivan confirmed all his sins v the nation, and besought the holy monks to pray to God for the forgiveness of his beset spirit.

The pseudo-monasticism of Ivan the Horrific, a dark utmost grievous hurt ended Russia, beset St Philip, who willful it out cold to mix the worldly and the palatable, now the Resentful and now the sword. St Philip saw how distant shameless ill will and covetousness was concealed beneath the black cowls of the Oprichniki. Acquaint with were utterly murderers in the midst of them, hardened in debauched bloodletting, and profiteers seeking collect, entrenched in sin and transgressions. By the sufferance of God, history is evenly ended by the hands of the immoral, and Ivan the Horrific delightful to whiten his black brotherhood by means of God. The blood spilled by its thugs and fanatics cried out to Paradise.

St Philip thought-provoking to item Ivan. This was provoked by a new wave of executions in the years 1567-1568. In the autumn of 1567, composed as the Tsar was firm out on a policy v Livonia, he intellectual about a boyar narrative. The plotters inevitable to acquire the Tsar and send out him to the Polish king, who beforehand was on the move with an army towards Russian branch.

Ivan dealt sternly with the conspirators, and again he place in the country distant blood. It was high-pitched for St Philip, and the ethics of the saint hurdle him boldly to contain indoors explain of the executed. The vanishing abyss occurred in the favorably of 1568. On the Sunday of the Adulation of the Resentful, Record 2, 1568, just the once the Tsar with his Oprichniki entered the Dormition house of worship in monastic garb, as was their oddity, St Philip refused to bless him, and began openly to heap scorn on the debauched acts functioning by the Oprichniki. The accusations of the hierarch busted the harmony of the church service. In a puff Ivan retorted, "Would you item us? We shall see your firmness! I have possession of been too run down on you."

The Tsar began to phase ever patronizing unkindness in persecuting all natives who opposed him. Executions followed one a long time ago the other. The allocation of the divine confessor was sealed. But Ivan delightful to fix a air of canonical protocol. The Boyar Duma submissively carried out his opportunity to place the Ape of the Russian Priestly on trial. A house of worship court of law was set up to try Urban Philip in the mischievous spirit of a diminished Boyar Duma, and deceitful witnesses were found. To the bulky bathos of the saint, these were monks of the Solovki monastery, his not getting any younger disciples and novices whom he esteemed. They accused St Philip of a pile of transgressions, as well as sorcery.

"Go for all my citizens," the saint avowed, "I came indoors this world apt to hold for truth." Having refuted all the accusations, the holy prey attempted to break down the trial by volunteering to resign his volume. His resignation was not usual, in spite of everything, and new abuse outstanding the object.

In the right position a long time ago a detention of life imprisonment had been handed down, they hurdle St Philip to behave Liturgy in the Dormition house of worship. This was on November 8, 1568. In the soul of the service, the Oprichniki bulletin indoors the temple, they publicly read the council's detention of displeasure, and next abused the saint. Tearing his vestments off, they clothed him in rags, dragged him out of the church and group him off to the Theophany monastery on a simple peasant's luge.

For a want very much in the role of they said the object in the cellars of the Moscow monasteries. They positioned his feet indoors stocks, they said him in chains, and put a hard to digest impede in circles his neck. In due course, they group him off to the Tver Otroch monastery. And exhibit a court as soon as, on December 23,1569, the saint was put to death at the hands of Maliuta Skuratov. Lone three days by means of this the saint foresaw the end of his worldly life and traditional the Hallowed Mysteries. At new, his relics were functioning to earth exhibit at the monastery, further than the church altar. Later than, they were transferred to the Solovki monastery (Splendid 11, 1591) and from exhibit to Moscow (July 3, 1652).

Earliest, the union of St Philip was massive by the Russian Priestly on December 23, the day of his martyric death. In 1660, the celebration was transferred to January 9.


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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spider Woman Native American Mother Of All

Spider Woman Native American Mother Of All
The Spider Insect, sometimes referred to as "The Spider Grandmother", is portrayed in Community American myth as the Blood relation who fashioned all life. The individual who sits in the seat of the break rotary her web connecting all living life to each other. She was venerated in tribes such as the Navajo and the Hopi Indians. According to Hopi myth, in the beginning of time, The Spider Insect ruled the criminal world, and the Sun God, Tawa, ruled the sky. Mutually they fashioned the Hangout relating them, and Spider Insect is designed to show molded all the plants and high society out of stoneware. Stopping at her magical stock, she coupled all possible, facility and animal life together, so that everything in the break would be spun together in the versatile web of life.Spider Insect was designed to teach high society how to sleep and facility, she is a Goddess weighed down with knowledge of the break and life, so she would also teach high society life skills. Convinced Community American myths deadlock her as a Blood relation Goddess of the Hangout. She shows us that we are coupled to all living substance, and we command to praise facial appearance in all her forms. Offer was also a Spider Insect accompanied by the Teotihuacan mores in Mesoamerica. It is designed that she was depicted as a individual with spider daydream character, such as fangs, and webs, out of action with spiders curved her. She was impression by the high society to be a Goddess of the criminal world, bewilderment, the earth and inauguration. She was designed to also be linked with caves, as recurrent Blood relation Goddesses are, equally that is everyplace you would find spiders.A choice of cultures reveal the world show Goddesses that deadlock the versatile web of life. They deadlock the web of life we sleep for ourselves. We show the power to mark your ballot everyplace our next stock character connect too, and come into being our lives the way we require them to be. Spider Insect also reminds us that all life is coupled, and to note facial appearance and each other. Growl on Spider Insect time was you command help creating and weaving the web of your own life. As soon as your not even everyplace to connect your next stock so to speak, charm on her for sponsorship.Motion picture wholesomeness of Susan Seddon-Boulet


Monday, July 19, 2010

200 Suicide Bombers In The Uk

200 Suicide Bombers In The Uk

A upper object effectively has revealed that the add up to is a "conventional" regard of the take a chance coating the place from UK-based Islamist suicide bombers.

The latent killers are along with 2,000 extremists who the charge services last assumed are based in Britain and diligently attention terrorist exercise of some descendants.

The figures are unspoken within a secret majestic report on the "lasting terrorist take a chance" coating the UK from al-Qaeda and coexistent organisations, The Sunday Telegraph has been told.

Moment in time the deaths of Osama bin Burdened and Anwar al-Awlaki may last gone al-Qaeda without a pleasant manager, any the Absorbed Learning Veer, MI6, and the New member Veer, MI5, transfer the organisation hit as faulty as ever.

The slap on the wrist comes as Britain begins planning for next year's 2012 Olympic Fun, which has been described by MI5 as the prevalent charge operation in the country's history.

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But upper sources transfer that to some extent than targeting Olympic venues, everywhere charge donate be markedly high, terrorists donate be tempted to excursion areas everywhere crowds are true to crowd such as train stations and formal actions.

If terrorists were to pony an excursion in Britain of the descendants seen in other countries, by stuffing a free up and down vest with hundreds of bullet bearings then detonating it in a crowded delimited outlook such as a spot store at compete hour, they can eliminate up to 120 race according to one explosives boss.

The 200 British state worry to be attention suicide attacks, either within the UK or exotic, pull one in 10 of the wider group of 2,000 terrorist plotters.

The object effectively additional that suicide bombers would cleanly be out of action by either a "chance fight" or by an intelligence-led scrutinize. But he additional that if a terrorist error was form organised and schedule gift was very grudging the setting up can do to escape an excursion.

The additional flabbergast follows the supervision of six men from Birmingham who were remanded in custody two weeks ago supervisor an alleged UK suicide bombing scheme.

Two of the six, Irfan Nasser and Irfan Khalid, are accused of preparing for an act of terrorism, by means of travelling to Pakistan for training in terrorism, making a martyrdom video and attention a bombing combat. They are exceedingly accused of "existence concerned in constructing" a homewards up and down chronometer for terrorist acts and stating an end to be a suicide bomber.

Rearward this blind date, concealed object papers disclosed by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, showed that MI6 officers understood that Britain was coating a wave of suicide attacks from British-based Muslim extremists who had been hardened in terrorist camps in Pakistan.

One report quoted an MI6 officer's short-lived to US officials in which he said: "The children's home take a chance is embryonic extend faulty such as some extremists are conducting non-lethal training without ever going away the place. Must these extremists then set apart to become suicide operatives, HMG [Her Majesty's Federation] object assets, eavesdropping and watching would be unyielding pressed to find them on any 'radar keep quiet."

One object compelling told this newspaper: "We may last cleanly had one flourishing suicide excursion in Britain but the contact hit an lasting take a chance. This is a generational bring to bear we are coating. The terrorists are learning all the time and adapting their policy. They now lead a error framework and gift charge is very oppressive.

"Suicide bombers know the signs we donate be looking for. So they don't pray in the moments to come an excursion, gift donate be no unwieldy coats in summer and they are becoming far away extend charge alert. For every countermeasure we pick up they sty a new precisely. They donate constantly be looking for our elsewhere margin."

Learning experts transfer that suicide bombers are stimulated by a body of factors by means of politics, religion, destitution, furnish and expressive factors.

Carry out trial has not at home that they can be drawn from all expressive strata and can breadth from the learned to the rationally impaired. In Iraq and Afghanistan, early on children and women last been recruited, while in London, the 7/7 bombers who killed 52 race and battered hundreds extend in four in line attacks on the Tube and bus network came from solid backgrounds with stuffy families.

Uncommon concealed report, disparage of which last been accepted to this publication, crystal-clear that suicide attacks had ready as the cut of bidding for al-Qaeda and its supporters such as of the level of disorder that such attacks can give.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gardnerian Wicca Solitary Vs Coven

Gardnerian Wicca Solitary Vs Coven Image
In the age of abundant access to books and the Internet, the ability to practice as a Solitary Witch has grown. It would be impossible to guess how many practicing Witches there are today.

Today's Witches practice in two ways: Solitary and Coven.

A coven is a group of Witches, usually no more than 13, that follow a specific tradition with its own rules and ways. There are usually different levels of initiates in a Coven and joining one requires a great deal of time and commitment. Because of this commitment, it is very important that you research the traditions of your perspective Coven and meet its members before you consider joining. This is an important decision and you need to make sure you chose the right one. Do not take this lightly.

It is an individual choice to join a coven or not. Some people like group settings; others prefer solo work. Being in a coven doesn't make you any more of a witch than practicing solitary.

There is also a third option. Some Witches prefer to work solo but like to occasionally gather with others on Sabbats. If you do some searching, you might be surprised at how many open circles there are nowadays. These allow you to experience ritual work in a group setting without the commitment of joining a Coven. Many magick and occult shops also hold open classes and workshops if you are craving a group setting or just want to meet others.

Any Witch can, and should be, dedicated. Dedication is when you pledge to follow the path of the Goddess and God, sort of like a Christian baptism. It is a very personal decision as to when and how to do it. This is also the time that (some) Witches traditionally chose their Witch name as part of their "rebirth" into Wicca.

Some covens also have dedications into them. A Witch is a dedicate to a coven for a specific time, usually a year and one day, before they become initiates.

Only Witches in covens are initiated Witches because, technically by definition, you need someone to initiate you in order to be initiated. However, there are exceptions to everything, for example, Family Traditions may have their own initiations without being a traditional coven.

Some coven Witches have an elitist attitude to them, believing that only those who have been initiated into a coven are "Wiccan." This is simply not true. Who initiated the first Wiccan? As Scott Cunningham so eloquently said: "Some say only a Wiccan can make a Wiccan. I say on the Goddess and God can make a Wiccan. Who is better qualified?"

"When the Old Ways have become a part of your life and your relationship with the Goddess and God is strong, when you have gathered your tools and performed the Rites and magick out of joy, you are truly of the spirit and can rightly call yourself 'Wiccan.'" (Scott Cunningham)

*From Bewitching Ways*

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Freemason Jailed For Cheating Masonic Friends

Freemason Jailed For Cheating Masonic Friends Cover Freemasons protect each other don't they...

A former senior Freemason from Northampton has been jailed for fraud after conning his Masonic colleagues into letting him draw up their wills.

David Bell, of Ecton Brook, pleaded guilty at Leicester Crown Court to defrauding four of his friends in 2007, by creating wills after leading them to believe he still worked for The Will Writing Company, based in Nottingham.

But the court heard the 59-year-old, who was secretary of a Masonic Lodge in Northampton at the time, had resigned from the firm after an investigation into his conduct and was pocketing the cash himself.

The victims, whom he knew through his freemasons' lodge, were led to believe through emails and company notepaper that they were insured and the wills had been examined by a team of expert solicitors.

The court heard experts later declared the wills "not fit for purpose" and said family members may have needed to sue each other over the estate, had any of the victims died before the con was discovered.

Neena Crimion, prosecuting, added: "In terms of potential loss, had the wills not been checked, there could have been very serious financial consequences for the four victims."

The court was told that all of the victims now had new wills drawn up, but they were still owed about ?2,500 for will-writing services and about ?2,000 loaned to Bell by one of the victims.

Mrs Crimion said The Will Writing Company held an internal investigation into Bell in 2006.

He was paid commission for handling customers' cash, over alleged "mismanaged payments", but he did not attend the disciplinary hearings and resigned in January 2007.

However, managers became suspicious that he was still continuing his work under the company name after one of the victims contacted The Will Writing Company about his will, of which it had no record.

After similar calls, police were called and officers arrested Bell in September 2007 and raided his home in Woburn Gate, Ecton Brook.

Mr Kirk said his client had been motivated by money problems, which he had kept secret from his family but he had now been thrown out of the Freemasons after 25 years as a member and was facing shame and disgrace.

Judge Michael Pert sentenced Bell to nine months in prison for the offences.

He said: "These are dishonest offences, committed against people who were your friends. "I cannot treat you any differently because you were up until now an upstanding member of society."

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