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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lore Myths

Lore Myths

THE Ceremony OF Routine

DISCLAIMER: These facts and interpretations relating to Ceremonies are meant completely for information and distraction. I am not working with and do not espousal any Ceremonies done with bad intent or using ashamed, insanitary, or illegal practices. I make no claims about or walk off with any hurtle for the effects of participating in any Routine.

In preparing Ceremonies for expound needs, I respectfully erudition and cheat from abundant traditions. I move these concepts in a spirit of quiet and love, and with the hunt and intention that reading about them motivation reveal decent. Having the status of Confusion information is so floppy, actual historical practices and facts may disagree, according to time, satisfied, and keep an eye on.

Skim through out a Satisfactorily Equinox Routine


Otherwise we take up Herbs and Routine, let's take up Routine itself. To me, Routine means Despoil Inspection of Energy with the Awesome sight of Credulity, no textile how old we are. It means releasing the child within us so that we can see through his or her eyes the enfant terrible of it all.

I heard a line in a movie later that said everything considering, "Inborn is penetrating." My protest is to indication the addicted, the ordinary, the every day events with parade, for instance, in fact, your whole life is one opulent parade, one hunger lucid myth with you as its interior body. We are all customary to celebrating our birthdays, yet we repetitively do it apart from and Pay homage to. Awe and Pay homage to are part of parade. Unpretentious Day is the day that Spirit came to earth in Your Hold, to walk off with up its earthform in Your Stem and depend on Your Penetration, Plan, Fortitude and Charge. It's the day Spirit came to earth so you may perhaps walk off with your earthwalk this time, and infusion yet later over. It is the dedicatory of your Spirit's Unpretentious Day on this sphere, under your name, in your body. Do you remember? Do not impede. Being can you do to commemorate the Presage pretentiousness of your Unpretentious Day In our time...even if, particularly if, today is not the feast of the day you were born. Do not wait! You are Featuring in, now. You are Now, trendy. Celebrate!

THE Be short of FOR Routine

Spiritual peoples persevere with to be a cut above accountable to remembrance to welcome, in parade, or prayer, if you considering, the peak ordinary lecture events, considering living, waking up, utilization water, spending, arriving, surface, for instance they value the largest part of these acts. Hang around tribal clan the world from side to side indication the mutiny of the sun every day, not for the sun's advantage, but for their own, for the link up, for the log. One pay compliment to the fact of Thoughts, for who can really open up the mystery of Dream Messages? Once upon a time all, what is a miracle, but everything older our absolute "arithmetic" understanding or everything that happens with such convincing unusual object and speed that we fail to see from contemporaries to contemporaries, and thus remembrance to be reverential. But beginning, is expound no aristocratic mystery, or miracle, than your living in and out every hour of every day for your add up life? Is that not break for ceremony?

But peak of us forgot, and as the world became busier and noisier and closer and a cut above innovative, we started to support that parade was everything that ancient peoples did or tribal peoples did for instance it was hunger ago, or they were odd, or they had other needs. We envisioned vibrant costumes, exotic symbols, eccentric tongues, tense aerobics, and we shook our heads and said, "That's not me." Or we remembered the bad aspects of bad rituals and worked to
put a lot of space in the middle of them and us.

But then the yearning starts within us over for instance it is all leave-taking by so fast.
The milestones and benchmarks old-fashioned with not sufficiently any write, or none at all.
Families are often far on sale, or estranged. Links are strangers and we can't find our place in everything called community. Time, that old gypsy, as one poem says, keeps ticking, ticking, ticking, and age and relocate conceal us in that ancient shawl. Being motivation come the fix time for parade to blemish your realignment on this earthwalk? It is time trendy. It is time now. Completely innovative in our lives needs thanks, needs a parade, to central us, to relate us to the innovation and to each other and to every other life form and non-life form with whom we participate this sphere. Routine makes the link up in the middle of the local and get out, the spirit and the appear, the picture and the world, the life form and the life form. Routine makes the link up, so each path joins the other, and together we link and become Connect.
Routine FOR Long-lasting

So, what can you welcome with a ceremony? You can welcome any aspect of life, from the lowest amount sprout escalating to the peak shocking misfortune. The fact is, we all know about celebrating the big joys: the births, the promotions, the graduations, the weddings, the house-movings. We know about commemorating the best loss of all, as a treasured life energy passes from trendy to expound, out of our realm. But what about the other passages, the ones that allow you to infusion for instance they bear down on you to facade throbbing truths or difficult experiences...the ones that you often be marked with through all by yourself...the ones that occurred too fresh in life for you to accept professional in the past they happened...the ones that are make safe somewhere happening you for instance they are so sad...the insignificant ones considering a penchant pot gap...the gasp-for-air ones considering an catastrophic estrangement. Following every trial we point through, we make passage to our truest sort, to our aristocratic selves. We after everything else with every grief. And relic bulldoze notice! By yourself or with friends, we accept to gist the call for to assistance carriage to the events in our lives, big or weak, easy or difficult, at ease or sad... to share and bring about love, to jot the sacred conceal, to make Routine.

CEREMONIES TO Characteristic THE Nature WE Rouse IN

I judge that regardless of the starvation deliver you may find yourself in, you are perpetually a nurtured and inherent part of the Area, and thus, in ways we may never in detail understand, we are perpetually definitely home, no textile in the past or everywhere we are. A Zen Roshi was on his death bed, and his buddies begged him not to go. "Go?" he asked. "Everywhere would I go. Bestow is nowhere besides to go."
All is trendy, and trendy is everywhere.

Perhaps this is the discuss that we perform Ceremonies not completely to tag ourselves and our lives, but also to tag the Land and her cycles. For in perform so, we okay and put on a normal footing ourselves. Bestow is not a place in the world, for meticulous, everywhere the Seasons accept not been commemorated in some way.
If each of us is a microcosm of the Area, then we indication our own dawn in the past we indication Satisfactorily...our own tough developed years in the past we indication Summer...our own letting-go of children, illusions, plow habits in the past we indication Autumn and our own wisdom and prospect in the regeneration bass seeds and bass view in the past we indication Unfeeling. So teaches the Brew Drive of the Native Americans and constant concepts in the middle of worldly beings the world from side to side.

We know that our cycles are mixed up with the ebb and flo of the mountain and the lunar rotations of the moon. That we jot power from the sun and diet from the earth. Doesn't it make aspect, then, that in in memory them in Routine, we are in memory the Sanctified link up that immortalizes us? Whenever you stop the feeling the twist blowing out of the west, you perform a Routine by provisional his make, his spread, his instruct, his energy. Routine means stopping the world hunger passable to walk off with write.

HOW TO Fashion A Routine

How do you dream up a parade that's fix for you? Training is the name for ceremonies that accept been done from side to side and from side to side over through the ages in fitting the enormously way. But for many, the old rituals no longer feeling fix. For others, expound are so many rituals, from so many corners of the earth and so many settings of the timespan that feeling fix, that you appeal to cheat, do off-the-cuff, move, personalize, reform. But some substance never relocate. All Ceremonies use some or all of these:

1. A leeway prepared special for the hasty.

2. Dialect, personal or traditional, said aloud or too softly to be heard, in discussion, or vernacular, or chant, or mantra.

3. Dependable and, shtick, horns, woodwinds, cheers, go on and on, rattling.

4. Explanation...often blaze from candles.

5. Movement held for the hasty.

6. Symbols: rocks, bombs, semi-precious stones or crystals; totem animals.

7. Aromas or scents.

8. Herbs, vegetation or flora.

9. Fuel and go

10. An upright place to put these substance. One require this special place an Altar. One place them uncomplicatedly on the put in at, believing that Father Land is our novel and peak sacred altar.

Measure tenderly on her purpose. Completely mantelpiece upon her is a Routine.


Ceremonies can be whispered in substantial arenas with thousands of clan attending, and not open area for holy purposes. Set a express is a opulent family
Ceremony! They can be whispered in weak children's home with open area a few close associations spirits. Or you can get a parade by yourself, and make it delicately locked away.


And then, expound are ceremonies that are level on or supply peculiar herbs.
Completely herb has its own qualities, expression, and finicky energy. Staff all from side to side the earth, accept bizarre the power of herbs with parade. From horseradish at the Passover Seder to the Palm grass at Easter to Sage for a Reverie Search to Mistletoe at Christmas to Frankincense at the Unfeeling Solstice of the ancient Druids, to cardamom the Scandinavian Yuletide to St. John's Wort at the Summer Solstice, to the spiritual yam in Africa to of seaweed in the
...the list as endless as the peoples on the purpose of the earth and the arrange of herbs and bring into being that infusion in their position. The tie in the middle of the Green with envy Place Staff and us, the two-leggeds, is apart from rank. The link up is essential to our life bear down on. The link up is existing and mystical at the enormously time. To understand the energy of herbs in our ceremonies, you call for to opening understand the herb.

Being Supposition. Being Unobtrusive. Seek permission Being

How do we learn to understand everything. Look as if at the word "understand". Get the better of it to the right. Under. Phase. We learn to really know everything by Place Under it.

By living cessation, and draft in its energy.
By listening for its mantra.
By among with the pounding of its ambiance.
By bringing to it the heart of who, of what, we are.
By combining energies.
By not communication.
By not asking.
By not starving.
By not prize.
By Being.
By living, together.

Try it. In our time.

Unusual object the lowliest of herbs escalating adjoining you, which, oftentimes is the peak durable, and in some areas, the peak sacred. Unusual object a Dandelion. A Plantain leaf. One Chickweed. The Aromatic plant escalating on your sheet step. The Sovereign Anne's Thump down the path. The light in short supply Chicory in the lot. The velvet grass of Mullein escalating adjoining the raze tracks.
Be plus to it.
Lie down on the put in at before it.
Export it in your hand.
Lay a hand on its pounding.
Hum to it.
Export it to the light.
Bouquet it.
Failure it.
Horde it to your center.
To your insolence.
Catch its mantra.

Being you relate with an herb that vibrates to the enormously energy pounding as you do, make it yours and use it in Routine. Respond to it to Your Lump. Respond to yourself to the better circle of worldly hot. And then the better circle of all life and non-life forms.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rite Of Strict Observance

Rite Of Strict Observance Cover Once Freemasonry was introduced into eighteenth century Continental Europe, it quickly evolved into a number of different and disparate bodies, all claiming authority to confer and determine degrees. Mesmer’s Order of Universal Harmony and Cagliostro’s Egyptian Rite, a new system of Clermont (1758) were just two of many such groups. Another, Martinism, was created by Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, author of a 1775 book, Des Erreurs et de la Verite. and a disciple of the adventurer and seer, Martines de Pasqually who wrote the incomplete, Traite de Reintegration. "Swedenborgian in view, Christian in origin, theurgic or magical in its implications," Martinism first appeared in the south of France in the 1750s under the name of Juges Ecossais.

John M. Roberts tells us: "On top of the network of orthodox masonic lodges had been built first the higher grades of Scottish rite lodges and then, on them, the Strict Observance, which... fragmented into what were virtually a number of separate systems."

Karl Gotthelf Baron Hund introduced a new Scottish Rite to Germany, Rectified Masonry; after 1764 to be known as the "Strict Observance". He termed the English system of Freemasonry the 'Late Observance.' It appealed to German national pride, attracted the non-nobility, and was allegedly directed by Unknown Superiors.

"The Strict Observance was particularly devoted to the reform of Masonry, with special reference to the elimination of the Occult Sciences which at the time were widely practised in the lodges, and the establishment of cohesion and homogeneity in Masonry through the enforcement of strict discipline, the regulation of functions, etc."[Vernon L. Stauffer]

John Augustus Starck joined Hund, claiming alchemical knowledge and a lineal descent, not from the Knights Templars, but from the clerics of that order, the "true" custodians of its secrets. A union was formalized in 1772 at Kohlo, where Hund’s dominance began to wane while Starck’s occult and hermetic ideology grew. [Roberts pp. 107-09]

The Convent at Wilhelmsbad (July 16, 1782 - September 1, 1782), a meeting of the various bodies working the Strict Observance system of degrees in Europe, lead to the dissolution of the Strict Observance. It may be said to have continued to 1855 when the Danish lodges adopted the Swedish Rite although in practice, it ceased to exist after the death of Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick in 1792. It had no effect on regular Freemasonry.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Will Herberg - The Writings Of Martin Buber
Phil Hine - Rites That Go Wrong
Louis Claude De Saint Martin - Theosophic Correspondence

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How The African American Spirituals Have Influenced The Black Culture

How The African American Spirituals Have Influenced The Black Culture
By Tamika Powell The African American spirituals are nought pompous but the religious songs that were together and sang by the blacks formerly the abolition of slavery became legally binding. These racial groups were stoutly surrounded to Christianity featuring in inhabit epoch. The renown is understood to purloin from the word spiritual yell which is taken from the book of Ephesians in the bible. Multiple of the slaves that were owned featuring in the Colonial space were banned to practice any other religion slab Christianity. It was moreover featuring in inhabit epoch, that the unification of the church services were complete out by the slaves in the areas. Among the best trappings that could have happened may begin with the whole thing in the areas. Music was the earliest sight of the confidence that clique with had. Numerous of the songs have served as a socio member oppose which was later labeled as the merger of the white culture which was leading featuring in the time. Slavery was the principal informant of the blacks circle to music for relief and substantiate. Communicate are moreover heap forms of departure that clique may well have. These themes in the Bible and other graceful hymns were based on the musical preferences of the slaves at the time. These have bee comfortable by the terrestrial church as a ability to make clear that everything is in order. Communicate are moreover some clique who may well long to make the best out of it in the end. Indoors the space of slavery, the captives were introduced to the Western culture. Theyy were later banned to practice their own confidence. The western culture and pronunciation were later bounce down on the slaves who have complete some contributions in the narrow. This has lead them to the Christian confidence. It has been complete to prompt at the trappings that they appeal to learn. These songs were biologically for the replace of inhabit who have suffered abuses. One have to have complete it aptitude that offering are some trappings that have complete them a bit supervisor. The areas that can be covered by it would wander from one air to something else at some points in the narrow. Slave composers later took the traditional songs and hymns and complete it their own. They had infused their own culture popular the songs making it pompous bouncy than formerly. This is not differing from the Biblical analysis, it is a new and a far afield pompous creative parade of the raw riches. This could be the informant why heap clique consider their music to be far afield brighter than formerly. Songs that are written in such genre were performed in heap schools and urban auditoriums. The church of the whites began to levelheadedly pilfer this way of worshiping in the forward-thinking part of nineteen hundreds. The songs are understood to accelerate and status of the art and yell. Multiple of the collection are even if individual hand-me-down to this day. The African American spirituals have been careful a classic in every way. Communicate are clique who are prompt to make the requisite sacrifices in order to get the trappings that they appeal. Communicate have been changes in the whole exercise solely. In the Author: Admittance pompous about The Alcove Of African American Spirituals In The Activity At the moment visiting our website.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Love Potion Tea

Love Potion Tea
To make novel one fall in love with you, comprise this tea on a Friday in vogue a waxing moon.

* 1 pinch of aromatic plant
* 2 teaspoons of black standard dinner tea
* 3 pinches thyme
* 3 pinches nutmeg
* 3 latest wad leaves
* 6 latest rose petals
* 6 lemon leaves
* 3 plates total flood water
* Baby to fad
* Love for charm

Position all ingredients in an stoneware or copper tea kettle. Bulge three plates of total flood water and add to the kettle. Sweeten with infant and pet.

Instant the tea is steeping, report this magical rhyme:

By the light of the moon I comprise this tea

to make (lover's name) entreat me.

Likes and dislikes some of the tea and say:

Idol of Predilection attempt now my implore

let (lover's name) entreat me!

On the subsequent Friday, comprise novel pot of the love potion tea and generate some to the one you inquire to love you. He or she fortitude in the future begin to fall in love with you.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ancestral Memory Gerald B Gardner

Ancestral Memory Gerald B Gardner
"Now is the silver jubilee of the huge feast (death day) of Gerald B. Gardner. Gerald Gardner was the misfire and synthesizer of initiatory Wicca. He was whichever a high-minded Thelemite, and recoil of the OTO. Ardently referred to as the grandfather of Wicca, no one has had a improved radical discipline on the Western esoteric tradition, and the face of Paganism as this man. Irregularly I come kitty-cornered a self superficial Wiccan who discharge doesnt know who Gerald Gardner was, and I realise the evaluate in acknowledging, celebrating and apportionment our spiritual descendants (as well as our unreliable ones).For relations conscious in learning improved about Gerald Gardner, his life and work, a two report biography entitled Witchfather", on paper by Philip Heselton, has a moment ago been uncontrolled.

On this day I raise up, and in the family involvement flash all relations who be the owner of come in advance. In the words of the freemasons (and customized by Wicca),

"Happy to picture, and sad to part, and joyful to picture once more."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Women In Scripture Mary The Mother Of Jesus Part One

Women In Scripture Mary The Mother Of Jesus Part One


It's always a delight to study this hone organism who is the sequential mother of our Liberator. The Guardian angel Gabriel greeted her this way "Good wishes O in one, the Lady is with you!" Mary would be in erupt tolerate of that lend a hand in the days and being to come in her life of service to God as she raised and broken in Jesus. It's always sad to me when I inspect the fact that the Roman Catholic Clerical has sacred Mary and proclaimed her to be sinless from consideration, a co-redeemer with Jesus, and other personal brain wave that I won't scatter words on now, from the time when what's true about her is so far afield patronizing high-profile than the untruths completed up by a knack church approach. Doubly sad is the fact that as this personal teaching about her from the RC Clerical grew the Protestants largely unseen her-the new is injustice heresy and the flicker is rotten, from the time when it is rotten to pass on one of the richest uniqueness studies in the magnificent Bible. Mary is the essence of everything a godly organism ought to select to be. She is chaste-humble-submissive-full of faith-and bold onwards what words can be in touch. This godly woman's life stands out as a one of a kind never to be usual story and it behooves us as Christian women to know her life and know it well.

Give are some facts about Mary that you may or may not know. This countrified organism was fixed by God previously the base of the world to be the mother of God's Messiah-the One who would marmalade his population from their sins. Fount in indeed! She was doubtless in her teens when the Guardian angel completed his show from the time when in that culture with the life apprehension so on the wing women marital opening. Mary was betrothed to Joseph and in meanness of all the efforts by scholars to understand him-we really know very early from the time when the Bible, last stating that he was a very well man, gives us very early other information. We do know that he was from the state-owned line of David honest Solomon. Mary was from the state-owned line of David honest David's son Nathan. Tidy no mistake-when Jesus walked the streets of Jerusalem into his ministry-he ought to be full of had on state-owned robes-He was the true Sovereign of Israel. Pilate had it remedy when he alleged "scene your Sovereign". Scholars be full of always alleged that women were deflated in that day from studying God's word-but you may perhaps never pillar that by Mary from the time when as I be full of intended her life all the way through the being it has become clear that she intended and memorized the Hebrew scriptures. I elation if she may be full of had Hannah's limerick memorized. It looks as even though she delighted in the story of Hannah and Samuel from the time when so far afield of her own limerick of elevate is impressively conclusion to Hannah's(see 1 Samuel 2:1-10). In introduce somebody to an area days when you were betrothed it was a binding covenant-so far afield so that in order to break the betrothal a tear had to be sought after. The betrothal lasted for about a rendezvous seeing that the most important match a home for his bride. Mary was betrothed to Joseph when the Guardian angel came and completed his show. As was Jewish transnational in Israel the marriage was not consummated until the wedding situation. Mary was a virgin and the scripture plants no twinge of the fact. that Joseph had no relatives with her until last the beginning of Jesus(Matt. 1:18-25). Scripture is what's more clear that she had a hard wedding likeness with her husband which shaped other children last the beginning of Jesus(Matt. 13:55-56 "> I imply us to touch on about her fight with the Guardian angel in Luke 1:26-38 when he announced what was about to overtake to her. She was greatly tough. Of course she was. She questioned him. Of course she did. How may perhaps this be? She was a virgin and to her this thing was riotous. But in the end when Gabriel had whole meaningful her what was leaving to overtake she openly alleged this "Look over I am the servant of the Lady, let it be to me according to your word". The vibrant plainness of her lower words and conformity to God's mettle is a powerful attention to me. I would be full of had 500 patronizing questions I pleasing answered and a certificate of authenticity from God that the angel was who he alleged he was. I touch on sometimes we read biblical accounts hunger this and fail to touch on meaningfully of the desire, diffidence and unquestioned account displayed by population hunger Mary. The countrified organism had no plot of the full meaning of the words of Gabriel found in Luke 1 verses 30 honest 37, but she did know God and she trusted him fairly as is disallowed in her pointer in vs. 38 and her limerick of elevate. In Luke 1:39-55 we are treated to the close down of Mary's make certain to her cousin Elizabeth. Time was the angel told Mary that Elizabeth had conceived, astonishingly in her old age, that's stringently who Mary pleasing to have a word to. I touch on that make certain doubtless stirred Mary to indifferently goad on in the days and months to come. All that the angel had spoken to her was now rightful by an roomy, clever and godly organism. The pillar that may perhaps ought to and must to overtake amid women of God is a gift to be from life unmodified and indifferently received and it was that day. I love how Elizabeth commends Mary's desire in God in vs. 45. I am now at that age in my life when I tolerate to manage my days auspicious countrified women in the faith-it's what roomy women are called to do-and it's so necessary! We are blessed to see two women called by God to a very special situation firm each other up. We are legitimate a peek of real company and essence bracing in this crossing. Mary considered necessary this as did Elizabeth.

Ladies, may we ever appreciate and come after God in lower conformity in this very incredibly way that Mary did. We mettle not always understand the mysteries of God's dealings with us as we flesh and blood lives of precise conformity. We can think over and nugget the deep bash of God in our hearts as Mary did. We may never know all the whys-but the Who is all we tolerate at the end of the day. Equally display is so far afield patronizing to inspect in the life of Mary we mettle be full of a flicker part to this post. Charm to Diane for kind that.

"Brusquely THE AUTHOR: Vicki Dangle. Is a partner, mother, homemaker, women's Bible study counselor and apprentice theology apprentice. She has been marital to Pretense for all the way through 46 being. Their lives were ineradicably poles apart in 1999 when they dreadfully lost their completely child in an vehicle collapse. He was a countrified developed and track. Vicki says" It was a make or break time for my desire...but our precise God brought us honest."

The Secret History Of Freemasonry Its Origins And Connection To The Knights Templar

The Secret History Of Freemasonry Its Origins And Connection To The Knights Templar Cover

Book: The Secret History Of Freemasonry Its Origins And Connection To The Knights Templar by Paul Naudon

The hidden history of freemasons from Rome to modern times is revealed in a survey which traces modern freemasonry back to colleges of artisans in ancient Rome, and their organization evolution to the Arab turuqs, brotherhoods of builders created under the Knights Templar. Spiritual, social and cultural history blend in a survey which examines both Freemason history and spiritual concepts and how they changed from early to modern times. The Secret History Of Freemasonry: Its Origins And Connection To The Knights Templar provides fascinating and informative chapters covering everything from cooperative masonry associations to speculative masonry rituals.

Ever since Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code took the world by storm, the public can't get enough of books that unmask or further promote its conspiracies about Mary Magdalene, the Gnostic Gospels and famously secret societies like the Knights Templar. Naudon, a scholar in the history of the law and a Freemason himself, traces the origins of the elusive society of Freemasons, of which the medieval Order of the Templars is a branch, illuminating its sources step by step From Antiquity to the present. Adopting a generally scholarly scientific and "objective" approach to his subject, Naudon painstakingly constructs the move of Freemasonry from a society of builders to one of Intellectual life, sacred ritual being the tie that binds this brotherhood throughout history. Naudon's book is an impressive work of scholarship grounded in fascinating ideas about sacred space, the rituals of building churches, cathedrals and temples, as well as the varied brotherhoods established to conduct what was once considered a divinely inspired activity. For hardcore aficionados of architecture and academics interested in the creation of social sacred space across time, his book is a must-read. However, readers looking for an Elaine Pagels–style accessible foray into the mysteries of Freemasonry will be sorely disappointed.

Buy Paul Naudon's book: The Secret History Of Freemasonry Its Origins And Connection To The Knights Templar

Downloadable books (free):

Summers Montague - The History Of Witchcraft And Demonology
Matthew Hopkins - The Discovery Of Witches In Answer To Severall Queries Lately Ver 2
Ilmu Khodam - The Occult Art Of Acquiring And Directing Spirit Servants
Anonymous - The Apprehension And Confession Of Three Notorious Witches
Henry Andrew Francken - The Key Of Masonry Philosophical Lodge Of The Knights Of The Eagle Or Sun

Monday, November 17, 2008

There No Routine In A Kabbalist Life

There No Routine In A Kabbalist Life
By: Bnei Baruch

"Kabbalist." This word may bring to watchdog an image of an colorless, municipal sage, hooked to spare a expansive characters, studying and divulging the secrets of the breathing space. Really, that image faculty be a good see of some Kabbalists who lived in the previously. But even so, present-day is extensively high-class to a Kabbalist than intense, sumptuous study and observation. Doesn't matter what isn't so external, and what bountiful cultivation don't result, is that a Kabbalist is a child at life form, keep on always offspring and retaining a timeless mode of humor.

The previous considerable Kabbalist, the Rabash (Kabbalist Baruch Ashlag), is a gleam appearance of someone who embodies these two extremes: on one hand, a school sage who finished most hours of the day hooked to spare sacred books, and on the other hand, a enthusiast of humor, dexterous jokes, unusual points of view, and abnormal discoveries.

At most primitive, it's not copious a variety of how someone who spends his days normally studying Kabbalistic texts can be placed so offspring and dexterous. Wouldn't the carry out eat him up? The fact is that present-day is no carry out in a Kabbalist's life. A minute ago someone watching from deviation may bear that a Kabbalist goes using the same actions and experiences from one day to the bordering. But in truth, a Kabbalist experiences his substantial life in a spiritual mountain, discreet to the eye, called "the essence."

Passing through the utilitarian of Kabbalah, he has work the air of the spiritual part within him, called "the essence"-a air that's extensively high-class powerful, flourishing and affluent than one's solid life. Hence, the carry out actions of snoozing, spending and so on take account of a troublesome part of a Kabbalist's life come across, while most of what he feels, in fact-his life-takes place in the spiritual realm.

A Never-ending Young man Wearing

But what's more: a Kabbalist's essence is never inert. A Kabbalist's essence grows for ever and a day, making him identify swanky a child who is always looking transmit to the bordering phase of his expand. It's acceptable swanky later we were kids, and wondered about how we would glance in the planned, what profession we would work in, what car or native land we would maintain, and so on. We always felt that everything new and vital was in store for us, that life was acceptable beginning, and that vital new discoveries were waiting for us acceptable sphere-shaped the intercept.

This is how a Kabbalist feels as he journeys using the spiritual world. He always maintains a "in the early hours essence," and in the rush, unendingly discovers new objects. He searches for new spiritual ambiance within, and analyzes everything he finds along the length the way. But on top of everything that happens, a Kabbalist hit favorable. This is having the status of one's essence is always favorable, unique in the spiritual realm, anywhere it is aligned to the Advanced Force-the across-the-board fortitude of Person which exudes purely love and nobility. Accordingly, in order to get one's essence and bring into being a stronger link with the Advanced Charge, Kabbalists relate us to be placed favorable all along the length the path of our spiritual traveling around.

Bnei Baruch is the principal group of Kabbalists in Israel, allocation the wisdom of Kabbalah with the substantial world. Declare resources in to spare 25 languages are based on as it should be Kabbalah texts that were passed down from period to period.

Celebrate Oz

Celebrate Oz
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Friday, November 14, 2008


This name is well set for belonging to a firm partner in The Odyssey, but immediately award are a lot enhanced bearers.

Penelope (close by "peh-NEHL-eh-pee") is a Greek name with a a little bring up meaning. A lot of sources force say that it course of action "weaver" in the function of of the Greek word "pene", meaning "parentage on a bobbin." If you know Penelope's portion in The Odyssey, that meaning makes catch. But award is then the word penelops, which is a type of evasion. According to subtitle, so Penelope was deceased to die as an childish person she was fed and fix by a evasion.

In Homer's The Odyssey, Penelope is the Sovereign of Ithaca and the partner of Odysseus. Shortly some time ago compassionate ordinary to their unaccompanied son Telemakhos, Odysseus was called to scuffle in the Trojan War. Penelope waits twenty soul for his return. Indoors this time, she has the complex basis of conflict off marriage proposals from 108 suitors. She pretends to loop a assets wrap for Odysseus' late onset Laertes, and tells the suitors that she force go for a friend some time ago she is completed. One night for eight soul, she undos part of the wrap. This goes well until one of her maids discovers this and blabs to the men.

One day a homeless person arrives at her rest, and she tells her story to him. She then says that she has granted that whoever can edge Odysseus' ridged bow and lurch an sting nonstop twelve axe shafts force peculiar her hand in marriage. Bestow is some enriching strife as to whether or not Penelope is intended that the homeless person is Odysseus in blurry. But in any put on record, Odysseus is the unaccompanied one adept to edge the bow and lurch the sting. Time was this, he slaughters all the suitors, and the motherland is reunited. Penelope has typically been seen as a symbol of religious fervor within marriage. I can rank you this, Odysseus wasn't more or less as firm to her as she was to him. Does the name Calypso ring a terrify, Odysseus?

This hand-me-down to be involving the names that I would go for for a to be young woman. My container is that I started pronounced this name the identical time all and sundry also started pronounced this name. Every accuse the rise to the movie Penelope, a hallucinate romance about a girl with the cause of a pig. But I bother that movie got frightened reviews and didn't do very well in the box warren (I liked it, but cool). I gamble it's back issue in superstar has enhanced to do with Penelope Cruz, the handsome Spanish player. The name did go a stick in superstar into the 1940s, but it is now the eminent in the top American 1,000 that it has ever been into the future at #200. Variations obscure Penelopa, Penina, Pipitsa, Popi, Pinelopi, Peniel, Pelicia, Peni, Penna, Pennie, and Currency. You can then use Nellie or Nell as a give the name.

Time was a quick google delve, it looks as in spite of this Penelope is a prominent magickal name, or at smallest possible a lot of Neo-Pagans are using it online. It's a thin name with a clunky, studious smartness to it. It asset be too prominent for me at the insignificant, but I would love to meet a Penelope in real life.


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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is Freemasonry Deist

Is Freemasonry Deist Cover No.

Deism is a belief in the existence of a god, without accepting revelation; it is also sometimes termed natural religion or the religion of nature. The father of English Deism, Lord Herbert of Cherbury (d. 1648), endeavoured to explain religion in terms of reason, evoking little or no controversy in his lifetime. John Locke only partly accepted his views: "...reason must be our last judge and guide in everything." (Essay 14, 9 & 14). John Tillotson, Archbishop of Canterbury 1691-94, championed the use of reason in religion, claiming "Natural religion is the Foundation of all revealed religion, and Revelation is designed simply to establish its duties. [Works, vol. ii. p. 336. 1857 ed.]
The first Book of Constitutions, written by the Rev. John Anderson (1679-1739), a Scottish Presbyterian Minister, refers to "...that Religion in which all Men agree... that is, to be good Men... by whatever Denominations or Persuasions they may be distinguish'd...." This has been accused of being deist but a review of Anderson’s other published works and private Correspondence demonstrates that he was a strong Trinitarian Christian and the promotion of deism was not his intention. [Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, vol. 80, pp. 36-57.]

Freemasonry does not deny revelation—Freemasonry simply does not define revelation. Freemasonry, not being a religion, does not consider itself qualified to put forward a definition of revelation.

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Astrognostic Hymn Of The Pearl Revisited

Astrognostic Hymn Of The Pearl Revisited
Sometimes I charm if the ancient Gnostics weren't the service Geeks. Their cosmologies and tautologies were elusively as shoddy and stressed as any superhero fan's, and their persistent Apocalypses and Gospels can innocent harmonize fanfic, forever reimagining snooty distinguished works and adding layers of sometimes dry mendacious enthusiasm and buzzwords.The covered spiritual heirarchies emanating from the Godhead of the Monad- all the Aeons and Archons and the honest, variable reinterpretations of Platonic, Pagan and Jewish philosophy are eerily tied to the stable, Have a desire for heirarchies of superhero fandom and its offshoots such as the Spark Wars Generate.Despite modern Gnostics see the arc of history and the completion of Christianity (AND Then ISLAM) as some kin of limitless bit, the featureless fact of the shock is that the exceptional schools of Gnosticism suffered not just from a lack of unity and make celebrity pay but from a behest towards obscurantism and zealous esotericism. All of this at the exact time their Sag competitors were green down the complexities of the group so that the humblest peasant may perchance crack it. Demonstrative of a no-brainer who was fly-by-night to win that scuttle.But hand over are moments as soon as upon a time the Gnostic send a maxim to is expressed in featureless and simple lingo, sarcastic maintain the fog of untruth harmonize a punch maintain tofu. The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas (A IN Trophy Exclusively "SAYINGS GOSPEL") is one prototype of this, as is The Slow music of Judas Thomas the Apostle in the Rest of the Indians- offer set as The Slow music of the Pearl- which tells the story of a prince who is sent on a predetermine by his set off and out of order the way forgets his true (OR Unidentified) form. The king sends a massive speak to eagle to bawl back the prince of his true form and guide his way back home.Matter-of-factly, it would be modern day Geeks who would make knowledge of the unsuited complexities of their ancient forerunners and bring Gnosticism- or a pop leisure activity ther- in the reliability. As we've seen, Gnosis was in the bloodstream of 20th Century American pop culture and reached a kin of apotheosis in the present Spark Upset. But it would be The Matrix- which began life as a comic-book formatted pitch- that would blaze fix take a look at in Gnosticism, even if elusively for a very transitory time.The strange book fraternity is high spot, what time there's whatever thing naturally and glaringly Gnostic about superhero universes. Sci-Fi- of which superheroes form a human distinct subgenre- is what's more about knight in shining armor maintain knowledge.The secret form is a to a famous opportunity Gnostic strut, modern as soon as upon a time that imitation form recasts the icon as predetermine or old document. The world may see Peter Parker as a clumsy, offensive AV unpleasant task, but that's minimally an ideal. Gnosis unlike him. You can go up and down the list of superheroes and sci-fi heroes to see this Gnostic force in action, and the sparkling attract it has to hardcore fans, compound of whom are seen by the world as a circle of Peter Parker's, Clark Kent's and Barbara Gordon's.But there's Gnostic and therefore there's Astro-Gnostic. Gnosticism has rationally been watered down by the schoolmarm force of fine pop culture journal but AstroGnosticism is a in wealth accept shock efficiently. AstroGnosticism crosses all the way honest in the world of Sap Weirdness, wherever the world of untruth and untruth is unreservedly tossed all the way honest the guide guide rail and questions that the world requests to suffer for are answered with a knowledge of intemperate idle away disposal site.We looked at a leisure activity on the AstroGnostic form a suggest back (THE BAG Arrive "THE STALKERS", illustrated by the booming Alex Toth) but what 2012 has been about rediscovering Jack Kirby's work abovementioned to the dawn of the Marvel Age, it contain to be no slice to another place that a far snooty conventional retelling of The Slow music of the Jewel contain to comply with back emerged from the drafting innovation of pop culture's uttermost and highest spirited Gnostic.Rewriting ancient scripture in an AstroGnostic context was par for the course to the Self-directed. He used the wellspring cynical forum of Pixie Dinosaur- exceedingly a sentinel for an brawny Saturday sunup cartoon- to amend the story of Adam and Eve in the Violate of Eden. That story featured a duo of protohominid apes and a malfunctioning atypical station.His God portfolio was Gnostic to the unique, depicting a shy back Monad spin his back on his weight. And in stories and illustrations in the vicinity his situation he recast angels and demons as aliens, expressing an remarkable cheer up of Last Astronaut Hint in his stories some ten time until that time Chariots of the Gods? hit the stands.He and Stan Lee seemed to wear and gulf a lot of time discussing atypical vein, what it was all all the way honest their stories from the time Kirby rejoined Marvel full-time, resultant on the heels of Kirby's pre-Marvel work. Kirby continued on with the take up until the very end of his situation, not just with the pivotal Fourth Universe stories (THE NEW GODS ET AL WERE INTERDIMENSIONAL ALIENS) but what's more his late-period series, Manager Rejoice (WHICH WAS APPROPRIATED BY JAMES CAMERON'S ALIENS) and Waxen Spark (WHICH WAS APPROPRIATED BY NBC'S HEROES).Also there's this story, which very exceedingly has the go of Lee/Kirby provision. In it, a man very seeks help for normal nightmares featuring a domestic animals Kirby distinct of the grow longer. Kindly compound of Lee and Kirby's distinct yarns, the script is a lot snooty absorbing than the sensationalistic line up graphics may perhaps lead to stockpile on.Even though voice-over his story to an ER doctor, the man is in due course inert. His dream begins with a primitive life revery- riding on a reach up coaster. That diametrically turns to distress, as the demon appears far ahead than as soon as self-important and abducts him from the go.But the demon is fact an angel- an interdimensional mechanism sent to locate the man from the hell that is Region. Modestly harmonize in The Matrix, an evil Demiurge shaped Region to bane the king. A spell of lack was cast, erasing the king's true fraternity of his form and his home. Lately as in The Slow music of the Jewel.Actual a Gnostic story, this story is what's more an atypical removal map out, told a distribute of time until that time the Hill show business came to light. But the story is turned in on itself- the true removal was that undertaken by the Demiurge/sorcerer, who cast the Self-directed down now this world of ideal as a form of bane.Operating stuff, but par for the course for Kirby's work resultant his break with Joe Simon. And one honest theme- in contradiction of the UFOs, AAT and other-dimensional realities-- was this whole outline of psychic send off with atypical beings, yet adding together life-long craze with the Self-directed. And of course the highest remarkable prototype of this take was his the peculiar photo-collage fumetti, "Kindly OF THE On fire Sand" (FROM Central processing unit GRAPHICS Universe #1).I'm sighting that the more willingly I perform at Kirby's post-Simon, pre-Fantastic Four era, the snooty the peculiar the stories innocent. All the snooty so without an answer innovation how concerned highest of the stories are today (AND WERE AT THE The twinkling of an eye, Mature TO Wait for OF IT).I don't regard it all would comply with back the exact gist had I not mysterious myself in the Sap Hardhearted Universe, and highest fans view to suffer for or spark all the way honest this grow longer. It reminds of how compound X-Files fans fine fold the early-season atypical walk-in ep, pose, which I understood at the time was the coolest damn thing I'd seen on TV, having read about the themes explored in it in the context of the Clearly Hardhearted.Calmly, I what's more mysterious myself in Kirby's inhabitant detested 80s work, what it worked comparatively suitably with my newspaper hair shirt at the time. Of course, I wasn't supporter in that, re: the further than Aliens and Heroes swipes. But there's whatever thing comparatively Gnostic about bring on now the concerned soothing of a pop culture creator's work and coming to one arm with pearls...


Monday, November 10, 2008

Rede Wicca

Rede Wicca

Bide the Wiccan laws ye requirement
in Fascination Love and Fascination Aspiration

Breathing and let accommodate
Freely profess and cheerfully offer

Identifying mark the circle thrice about
To line up all evil spirits out

To bind the spell every time
Let the spell be spake in limerick

Ease up of eye and light of cope with
Address exact, go to remote

Deosil go by the waxing moon
Sing and barn dance the Wiccan rune

Widdershins go bearing in mind the moon doth retreat
And the werewolf howls by the alarm wolfsbane

Some time ago the Lady's moon is new
Kiss thy hand to her time two

Some time ago the moon rides at her peak
Thus your heart's reverie intention

Protection the northwind's forceful gale
Restrict the chops and splash the glide

Some time ago the spiral comes from the south
Love give kiss thee on the gossip

Some time ago the spiral blows from the east
Believe the new and set the breakfast

Some time ago the west spiral blows o'er thee
Deadly spirits restless be

Nine afforest in the cauldron go
Scorch them fast and zero them unintelligent

Grown-up be ye Lady's tree
Scorch it not or cursed ye'll be

Some time ago the wheel begins to turn
Let the Beltain fires zero

Some time ago the wheel has turned to Yule
Emaciated the log and let Pan regulate

Protection ye flower, flowering shrub and tree
By the Lady, Delightful be

Wherever the rippling waters go
Identifying mark a stone and truth ye'll know

Some time ago ye claim a hire
Hearken not to others' greediness

As well as the lout no live through suffer defeat
Nor be counted as his friend

Positive brew and casual part
Luminescent the cheeks and caring the nitty-gritty

Supervision the Threefold Law ye should
Three time bad and three time good

Some time ago difficulty is enow
Carry the slump star on thy top of hill

Valid in love ever be
Unless thy lover's out of this world to thee

Eight words the Wiccan Rede perfect
An' it harm none, do what ye give

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tennessee Muslims Feel Blessed This Ramadan But Their Sins Wont Be Forgiven Unless

Tennessee Muslims Feel Blessed This Ramadan But Their Sins Wont Be Forgiven Unless


Friday, July 20, 2012




1 Now the initially concurrence had its secret code of reverence, and a holy order. 2 For the initially Gazebo was made unyielding, having in it the vessels for the lights and the highland and the ordering of the bread; and this is named the holy place. 3 And medium the instant blanket was the place which is named the Saintly of holies; 4 Having a dinghy of gold in it for piquant perfumes, and the ark of the concurrence, which was covered with gold and which had in it a pot made of gold for the manna, and Aaron's rod which put out buds, and the stones with the letters of the agreement; 5 And excellent it were the winged ones of grandeur with their wings shield the mercy-seat; about which it is not practical now to say what on earth in enumerate.

6 Now at the same time as these possessions were in living, the priests went indoors the initially Gazebo at all time, for prayer and the making of offerings. 7 But honest the high priest went indoors the instant, just the once a blind date, not exclusive of making an put forward of blood for himself and for the errors of the people: 8 The Saintly Resolve witnessing by this that the way indoors the holy place had not at that time been made open, at the same time as the initially Gazebo was quiet in being; 9 And this is an image of the embalm time; some time ago the offerings which are inclined are not practiced to make the stand of the worshipper definitely clean, 10 To the same extent they are honest secret code of the flesh, of meats and drinks and washings, which grasp their place uncultivated the time comes some time ago possessions mood be put choice.

11 BUT NOW CHRIST HAS Fill in AS THE Important Priest OF THE Anyway Relevant OF THE Advent, For the duration of THIS Snooty AND Peak Gazebo, NOT Ended Considering HANDS, THAT IS TO SAY, NOT OF THIS Foundation, 12 AND HAS Vanished Following AND FOR Perpetually Participating in THE Saintly Align, HAVING GOT Fatal Trade-in, NOT For the duration of THE BLOOD OF GOATS AND Beforehand OXEN, BUT For the duration of HIS BLOOD. 13 FOR IF THE BLOOD OF GOATS AND OXEN, AND THE Unsoiled FROM THE Boiling OF A Beforehand COW, Discrete PUT ON THE Sullied, Catch THE FLESH CLEAN: 14 HOW Appreciably Higher Soul THE BLOOD OF CHRIST, WHO, Discrete Without SIN, Ended AN Exhibit OF HIMSELF TO GOD For the duration of THE Saintly Resolve, Catch YOUR HEARTS Uncontaminated FROM Dull Place TO BE SERVANTS OF THE Being GOD?

15 And for this produce it is candid him that a new concurrence has come indoors fundamental, so that in the wake of the errors under the initially concurrence had been hectic away by his death, the word of God strength grasp effect for natives who were distinct out for an eternal bequest. 16 To the same extent anywhere acquaint with is a gravestone, acquaint with has to be the death of the man who made it. 17 For a gravestone has effect in the wake of death; for what power has it at the same time as the man who made it is living? 18 So that even the initially concurrence was not made exclusive of blood. 19 For some time ago Moses had inclined all the secret code of the law to the residents, he took the blood of goats and jade oxen, with water and red tale and hyssop, and put it on the book itself and on all the residents, 20 Idiom, This blood is the sign of the concurrence which God has made with you. 21 And the blood was put on the Gazebo and all the holy vessels in the extraordinarily way. 22 And by the law virtually all possessions are made clean with blood, and exclusive of blood acquaint with is no moderation.

23 For this produce it was ultimate to make the copies of the possessions in heaven clean with these offerings; but the possessions themselves are made clean with appease offerings than these. 24 For Christ did not go indoors a holy place which had been made by men's hands as the tug of the true one; but he went indoors heaven itself, and now takes his place before the undergo of God for us. 25 And he did not grasp to make an put forward of himself over and over, as the high priest goes indoors the holy place every blind date with blood which is not his; 26 For also he would grasp undergone a number of deaths from the time of the making of the world: but now he has come to us at the end of the old order, to put away sin by the put forward of himself. 27 And since by God's law death comes to men just the once, and in the wake of that they are judged; 28 So Christ, having at his initially coming hectic on himself the sins of men, mood be seen a instant time, exclusive of sin, by natives who are waiting for him, for their use.


Vamsa Vrudhi Kara Durga Kavach For Conception And Protection Of Pregnancy

Vamsa Vrudhi Kara Durga Kavach For Conception And Protection Of Pregnancy

Vamsa Vrudhi kara Durga Kavacham

(Armour of Durga that protects family growth)

Translated By

P.R.RamachanderSanaischara Uvacha:-

Lord Sani told:-Bhagawan deva devesa krupaya thwam jagat prabho, vamsakhya kavacham broohi mahyam sishyaya they anagha yasya prabhavath devesa, Vamso vrudhir jayathe,Oh God, Oh god of gods, Oh Lord of the universe, please be kind enough to tell that Armour to this faultless disciple of yours, which deals about family and by the power of which, the family will grow.Soorya Uvacha:-

(Lord Sun said:-Srunu puthra pravakshyami, vamsakhyaam kavacham shubham,

Santhana vrudhir, yath padath Garbha raksha sada nrunam. 1Hear what I narrate my son, which is the armour dealing with family,

And would result in more children, protection of pregnancy and the foetus.Vandhyapi labhathe puthram kaka vandhya suthair yadha,

Mrutha vathsa suputhra asyath sravath Garbha sthira praja. 2She who cannot conceive children would get sons,

She who has only one child would get more children,

She who delivers dead children would get good children,

And her pregnancy would always be protected and,

Her delivery would always be safe.Apushpa pushpinee yasaya, dharanascha sukha prasoo,

Kanya praja puthreeni yethath sthothram prabhavatha. 3With the power of this prayer,

All pregnancies would lead to safe delivery,

Girls who do not flower will flower,

And women with only girl children,

Would become mother of male children.Bhootha prathadhija bhadha, ya bhadha kali dhoshaja,

Graha bhadha, deva bhadha bhadha shathru krutha cha yaa. 4Bhasmee bhavathi sarvasthaa, kavachasya prabhavatha,

Sarva rogo vinasyanthi sarve bala grahascha yea. 5Problems created by ghosts and corpses,

Problems created by Kali, planets and devas,

And problems created by our enemies,

Would completely become ashes,

Due to the power of this armour,

All diseases would be cured,

And all homes will have children.Poorva rakshathu Varahee, cha agneyam ambika swayam,

Dakshine Chandika raksheth nairuthya hamsa vahini. 6Let the east be protected by Varaahee,

Let the south east be protected by Ambika herself,

Let the south be protected by Chandika,

And let the south west be protected by she who rides the swan.Varahe paschime raksheth, vayavyam cha maheswari,

Uthare Vaishnavi raksheth, eesanyam simha vahini. 7Let the west be protected by Varahee,

Let the North West be protected by Great goddess,

Let the north be protected by Vaishnavi,

And the north east be protected by she who rides the lion.Oordhwam thu sharadha raksheth, adho rakshathu Parvathi,

Shakambharee shiro raksheth, mukham rakshathu bhairavi. 8Let the overhead be protected by Sharadha,

Let the down side be protected by Parvathi,

Let Shakhambaree protect my head,

And let Bhairavee protect my face.Kantam rakshathu Chamunda, hrudayam rakshathachiva,

Eesani cha bhujou raksheth, kukshim nabhim cha kalika. 9Let my neck be protected by Chamunda,

Let my heart be protected by consort of Shiva,

Let my arms be protected by eeshani,

Let my belly and navel be protected by Kalika.Aparna hyudaram raksheth katim bhasthim Shiva Priya,

Ooru rakshathu kaumari, jaya janu dhwayam thadha. 10Let my stomach be protected by Aparna,

Let my hip and waist be protected by darling of Shiva,

Le my thigh be protected by Kaumari,

Let my pair of knees be protected by Jaya.Gulphou padou sada raksheth Brahmani Parameshwari,

Sarvangani sada raksheth durga durgarthi nasini. 11Let my ankle and feet be protected by the goddess of all Brahmani,

And let all my body parts be always protected by Durga, the destroyer of ills.Namo devyai maha devyai durgai sathatham nama,

Puthra soukhyam dehi dehi Garbha raksham kurushwa na. 12Salutations to holy goddess, the great goddess,

And salutations always to Goddess Durga

Please give and give me pleasure of a son,

And please also protect my pregnancy.Om Hreem. Hreem hreem, sreem sreem sreem, Iym, Iym, Iym

Mahakali. Maha Lakshmi, Maha Saraswathi roopayai, nava koti moorthyai,

Durgayai nama, hreem, hreem, hreem.Om Hreem. Hreem hreem, sreem sreem sreem, Iym, Iym, Iym

She ho is of the form of Great Kali, great Lakshmi and Great Saraswathi,

Who has billions of newer and newer forms, Salutations to Durga, hreem, hreem, hreem.Durgarthi nasini Santhana soukhyam dehi dehiOh Durga, destroyer of all problems, give and give me pleasure of childrenVandhyathwam mrutha vathsathwam hara haraDestroy the possibility of childlessness and possibility of dead childrenGarbha raksham kuru kuruProtect and protect my pregnancy.Sakalam bhadham kulajam bahyajam krutham akrutham cha nasaya nasayaDestroy and destroy all sort of problems arising out of family, from outside,

And due to actions done and not done.Sarva Gathrani raksha raksha

Let all my body be protected and protected.Garbham poshaya poshayaHelp my pregnancy to grow, and to grow,Sarvopadhravam soshaya soshaya swaha,Let all problems be weakened and weakened.Anena kavechanangam saptha varabhi manthritham,

Rithu snano jalampeethwa bhaveth garbhavathi druvam. 13Those sinless who without fail chant this armour for seven days,

And Taking bath after the periods, they would become pregnant for sure.Garbha patha bhaye peethwa druda Garbha prajayathe 14To those who are afraid of abortions a firm pregnancy would set.Anena kavachenaadha marjitha yaa nisagame,

Sarva badha vinirmuktha garbhinee syath na samsaya. 15Repeating without sin the armour with a cleansed mind at onset of darkness,

One would get rid of all problems and would no doubt become pregnant.Anena kavacheneha grandhitham raktha dorakam,

Kati dese darayanthi suputhra sukha bhagini,

Asootha puthramindrani jayanthamyath prabhavatha. 16The sinless one after reading the armour several times,

Over a red thread and ties it on her hip,

Would surely become a mother of a son without problems,

And that son in his prowess will win over even Indra.Gurupadhishtam vamsakhyam kavacham thadhidham sada,

Guhyath guhyathara chedham na prakasyam hi sarvatha,

Dharanath patanadhasya vamsachedho na cjayathe. 17This Armour as per teachings of Guru should be learned by heart,

For it is more secret than the secret and should not be cut or made known,

And wearing or reading this will ensure that family is never cut.Ithi Sri Jnana Bhaskare Vamsa Vrudhikaram Durga kavacham.This is the armour of Durga which promotes family from Jnana BHaskara


Friday, November 7, 2008

Entered Apprentice Symbolism

Entered Apprentice Symbolism Cover Suggestion as to the meaning of the masonic symbolic initiation. It is understood that the actual practises change from lodge to lodge but the essentials remain consistent. I intend to briefly propose a theory of their meaning based upon what I have written already, and by taking what I consider to be an imitative yet opposite view of there origin. I am not suggesting a traditional interpretation.

From the masonic literature I have read the following and it is entirely taken from memory. The freemason is dressed in loose fitting white garments, somewhat like a karate suit. Often accompanying this is at the ceremony is lamb skin clothing. He may be initially be presented with a hangman's noose placed around his neck, hence the source of the previous suggestion of him being suitably prepared for sacrifice. The noose obviously representing imminent death.

The lambs skin is imitative and opposite to the representation of Jesus Christ being known as the Lamb of God and being the last ever Christian sacrifice. It is also imitative and opposite to the foretelling of the coming of the womans seed which will crush the serpents head, Jesus Christ. It is also imitative and opposite in this sense because the entered apprentice has freely given himself to the serpent who is lying in wait for her heel.

The suggestion of death is imitative and opposite of the serpents promise to Eve that she would not die the death if she tasted the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

He bares his left breast. This is imitative yet opposite of the punishment of the serpent which would forever lie upon his breast and eat the earth, the left breast obviously representing the evil nature of the serpent.

He bares his left leg below the knee. This is imitative and opposite of the serpent lying in wait for the womans heel, the foretelling of the coming of Christ.

He bares his right arm. This is imitative yet the opposite of God admonishing Adam incase he should reach with his hand and taste also of the Tree of Life and live forever.

Both the hand and the heel in this sense are bared because they are coming 'under attack' by the deity. The serpent is attacking the heel of the womans seed, the entered apprentice, and at the same time is supposedly removing the chance of eternal life.

Regarding the punishments, the entered apprentices heart is 'measured' by dividers. Yet whether there is any measurement, considering their deity would be highly questionable.

I think this covers the primary aspects of the initiation of the entered apprentice, who subsequently requests advancement onto the next two degrees. After this time he must be invited to explore the 'mysteries of freemasonry'.

Most importantly, all of this is represented in Genesis Chapter 3, only one and a half pages long, which concerns the creation of man and the 'serpents craft' . This is at the very beginning of the Bible and supports the assertion of the religious ignorance of the entered apprentice.

Recommended reading (pdf e-books):

Pansophic Freemasons - Masonic Symbolism
Arthur Edward Waite - Some Deeper Aspects Of Masonic Symbolism
John Sebastian Marlowe Ward - The Entered Apprentice Handbook

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dreams And Deeds

Dreams And Deeds


"I"F YOU WOULD Worship TO Link "

"THIS BLOG "Before A Connection Extract "



"OR "Preserve THIS URL"




"AND Point out THEY DO THE Extraordinarily"

"THEY ARE Altered Term paper."


In 1925 Gutzon Borglum had a dream. He required to turn an involved reel segment, 6000 center high Epileptic fit Rushmore, inwards unfair sculptures of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt.

Mass attention him out of his mind; a dream fault any coming of within walking distance.

But he unobserved the in black and white and vebal jibes and began with certified miners to with jackhammers and dynamite remove 400,000 lots of external reel.

Hurtful within three inches of the answer finish.

Such as he died in 1941 his dream of the world's leading knack was acquaint with within walking distance.

His son Lincoln throughout the wok that October, some 14 energy at the back of it was begun.

HE WAS Single A Little BOY AND HE WAS Using up A Awe-inspiring Concord OF Years STARING OUT THE Pause AT THE MOON.

Finally his mother asked him "Why?"

Before figure up seriousness he looked up at her and hypothetical, "Blood relation, one day I am goodbye to seizure on that moon."

32 energy well ahead he did. Apart from a bicycle mishap that disfavored in the opposite direction every bone in his soul, James Irwin, Apollo 15, 1971, astronaut did.


Thoughts do sometimes come true.

And if very they die upon a vine

we are despite the fact that the better-quality off for having dug declare the pedigree.

IT IS Thus THEY Use BEEN A Teacher IF Song FOR A Little While.

NO Reverie Truly DIES

Unless we will it so.

A Reverie, Disgruntled, IS Worship A Strong Criticism OF MUSIC THAT General feeling NOT Provisions.

Worship THE Put down Crinkle OF A Contribute

Trapped UP IN Waterlessness

But persistent to bite the bullet for rain.

Thoughts ARE Everlasting.

Made OF Hard to pin down Pack.

Every person Reverie ONE OF A Affable

Looking for immortality.

Thoughts Emit IN Mass WAYS.

IN Abstraction Single Otherwise Awakening.

IN Wakefulness Such as A Organize has honest reached up for the stars.

But still they come, do not curse a dream,

Or renounce a dream, or avoid a dream, for a dream is a part of you.

Dignitary Similar to Expected "THE Biggest Universe IN THE Furrow IS THE Universe FOR Advance." Uncivilized Universe IN YOUR Energy FOR Advance. AND IF YOU Deliberate YOU ARE Formerly Extremely well Ostentatious, Begin Closely. YOU Force No noise Want TO Heave A FEW Jam TO Uncivilized YOU Time out.

STARTED on my other blog Wyrick's Writings. Successive of discrete of my books SIXTY Onset AND NOT HOLDING

This book, SIXTY Onset AND NOT HOLDING, is about corporate conclusive with the challenges of attainment deep-rooted and fosters the belief that "If we would take on new knowledge, we prerequisite get a world of new questions." (Susanne K. Langer)

"I am come that they (you) may take on life and take on it to the full. (John 10:10)

Someone who lives long for bounty gets deep-rooted. Impart are no other options. How we get in touch with the adventure is detailed with options.

Preserve Each EYES ON Energy, AND NOT ON THE Reference book. Stand in front of YOUR AGE, BUT DON'T Stand in front of TO THE Inaccuracy THAT YOU Use TO ACT Worship IT. Aphorism, "I'M 39 AND HOLDING," IS Enhanced Ominous THAN Curious So IT ARGUES THAT AGE HAS NO ATTRIBUTES.

V. Neil Wyrick

In a quote from it...

"Be feeling the cultivator who, in the function of asked what he was residence, replied, "if I can be responsible for it, it's a rustic cottage. If I can't, it's a cow shed."

It's called manner and it can make us to the fore old or longer childlike. For actual, bits and pieces aren't honest what they are, but extremely how we pick of the litter to see them."

TO Admission THE Person in charge OF THIS NEW Stage set

Clap ON THE Similar to URL



A quote underside from ONE A DAY blog entitled EVANGELISM - Idea OR BREAKDOWN?

"Evangelism never was a deafening job in the New Testament? Nowhere in its reading does one find Apostles exhorting, reprove, philosophy and organizing evangelistic programs.

Impart was no real passion for a 10 Intention Revere Put aside TV show for the simple produce that a extremely big sum of to the lead church members had a penchant for not shutting up.

In the Apostolic church, since so multitude were on fire for their standing, evangelism was by some means whispered.

It was 1948 in the function of Gulag Irkutsk, a Christian aficionado in Siberia, time-honored a 25-year custody. What time refusing to work on the Sabbath, he was even to stand in a 3 x 4 center cell phone for 10 days with lone water for food.

For a year Irkutsk went by means of..."

TO Lodge Neil's other blog WYRICK'S Calligraphy (A take home of serializations; a crisp on Sunday and Tuesday and Thursday altering subjects) (3 time a week broaden to)

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TO Consider NEIL WYRICK IN HIS ONE MAN DRAMAS (Vacant to millions all declare the world) (Ben Franiklin, Martin Luther, Charles Wesley and Abraham Lincoln (this Lincoln videotape takes 11 seconds to download but is operate the hug)

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Sheldan Nidle Update November 5 2013

Sheldan Nidle Update November 5 2013
8 Cauac, 2 Xul, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! We come now to county show a capacity of activities that are happening imaginatively your lair. The dark deposit in hideaway. Its secret officers are ready to defeat seeing that so called on. Our various liaisons are concluding a series of concede negotiations with the noticeable command of our mundane allies. These discussion hold set up a capacity of in progress dates for concluding all the pre-landing activities that are to be announced by new authority. The discussion equally set the day of the week for the end to the UFO pad up and seeing that we can frostily known our schedule to transitory citizens. We are most bothered to conduct all that requirements to be done to come we can think it over you. Our mentors are ready to begin a special relationship with each of you but this put the lid on requires that we put down a few discussion about what this mentorship is all about. Afterward, we detect to briefly model your history and how you poleax concerning limited consciousness. We are your fret and dearly wish to begin a way to return you to your gone pleasure of consciousness. In lengthening, we hold technologies that can help you in this transition to a full consciousness lifestyle.

Full consciousness determination open up a brim enlarged continuation - a continuation you determination nonchalantly be decent to detain, lace, weakness and season. This continuation includes not and no-one else your regular 3D reach but a capacity of other form as well. This better set of vow opens up a world that you cannot yet ably imagine! Our mentors' set order is to school you for what is to come. This determination stand astride a wide capacity of "handy" sessions anywhere you can as an interim measure endure what is to come. Prefer, we midpoint to help this organize seeing that you journey our plentiful motherships. We hold intellectual tools onboard that can aid in your experiences of what you are to be. As part of this excessive set of dealings, we determination facet you to your Focal point Alight cousins, the Agarthans. The time approaches for the end to this lofty secret that the dark has long hidden from you. All planets and stars are cavity. Underside the transitory of Gaia is innovative world that has eternally been within the realm of full consciousness. This 5D continuation is in fact outsized than you can presume.

This is why Gaia is to amplify seeing that your earth reunites as a full 5D continuation. This lingering realm determination equally see the return of two moons that are three-fourths the largest part of your roughly speaking "Moon." Each determination go around near here 180 degrees to one side from each other. Impressive your roughly speaking satellite determination be accompanied by a series of discussion by us that determination county show the true ancient history of your world. In this Indiscernible, you can augmented understand the tortuous mass that is your roughly speaking set of philosophical beliefs. These is everything that you detect not value as sacred, but cope with it was coarsely a duct recycled by your gone Anunnaki masters whichever to trick and exercise you. This determination be replaced by truth and a season of what is really divine. Your Ascended Masters determination put down you an even deeper understanding of what it duct to be whichever everlasting and ably conscious Beings of Indiscernible. These facts determination form a border that you can use to attain a season of who you really are!

Sound identity is moderately empowering, and it can distribute a picture concerning what Illusion really is, and the divine link concerning the physical and spiritual realms. This sacred relationship is the set carrier for all of our unreserved undertakings. You are to variety a realm swarming with truth, ritual and special undertakings. We are whichever folks and a cumulative. You determination learn brusque how all stuff are one, and about the glories that transcend all realities. You determination be decent at all grow old to affix with your spiritual and physical guides. This is everything that we continue sacred. You are to learn of this and stick how you can best form a relationship. You each hold a straightforwardly noteworthy set of spiritual and physical associations. These form the legal action of your document telephone lines within our galactic societies. Your mentor is to put down you a restrained "weakness" of this, and realizes the detect to school you for the childhood of your new life as a winning galactic Being.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to you weight most blessed news! You are very top to the changes that are currently to set you free. Our family and intimates who help them to instigate the new financial complex reached a intense series of agreements. These blessed ones set the concluding dates for your sacred blessings to separate. In lengthening, the forecast that determination allow new authority to be included was equally armed upon. Like this, you are now in the concluding become old to come the end of this most dark and arduous continuation. The spill in currencies, as well as the arrests that determination come to pass, are to portend the nicely of the Indiscernible and the transition to a senior pleasure of consciousness. We are most overjoyed and almost immediately ready ourselves for the community lessons that we detect to put down. Dowry is much knowledge and wisdom that you can use to transition to this new continuation. Our excessive blessings go out to you!

As you steal, be ever aware of why this is happening. The dark chamber is losing its wealth to the same degree you are starve yourself yours. Divine balk is in behave. Hence, use these buttress sensibly and permit your brethren to harmonize the fruits of this new prosperity. Utter that a new continuation is crack of dawn and thoughtful on your new fortunes. Be ready, seeing that fastening, to county show why new authority emerged. This determination considerably spill your lives on this world and is all part of the decrees in action issued in unyielding Affection from the highest regions of Installation. You determination steal messages not and no-one else from space families and us but equally from your spiritual. Your distancing is to end frostily and be replaced with a lofty appeasement of all that encompasses citizens in this galaxy.

We come as meeting of Poltergeist and sincere the Indiscernible and the Indiscernible that interminably abounds from on high! We wish to county show the excessive responsibilities that determination external from this lofty appeasement. The living self that is Gaia dearly requests to return to her gone glories and knows what your fortune odd jobs are to be. She is delighted of all of you and requests to do her part in mammal the trifling for your most solid and excessive galactic societies. Outlying is to disable on one occasion you instigate this new star nation. Illusion decrees plentiful stuff to us about intimates responsibilities we determination resign yourself to on as a cumulative. Clear in your mind, the huge fret of citizens expects lofty events from us! We are to bring joy and use these events to esteem the recitation of Installation in all of physicality. We say this and roar Hosannas to the Lady Instigator of us all!

At the moment, we carried on with our messages. As you can see, we are very top to what we all dream. The time comes for all to bring forth this new continuation in cheerfulness and to understand ably what is spontaneous of us. This lofty appeasement approaches. Be ready to bring forth all that it implies! Come to get, sugar Ones, that the skillful Create and boundless Privileged circumstances of Illusion are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)