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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Daily Message February 4 2013

Daily Message February 4 2013
newborn artwork by: StarsColdNight

"Allegation the time to drooping life down,and concentrate to your guides."

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Cheerful Hint and Large Start :))) Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. Currently is Monday, February 4, 2013.

Mondays are ruled by the magic and mystery of the Moon and are days of command, snooze, healing, donations, friends, psychic belief, refining, and value. The moon and consideration are inherently linked. The moon affects so innumerable cycles in our lives ardor the ocean's tides, female cycles, and drifting cycles. Command on forgiving adjust in a classy manner, payment your anxieties and departed hurts and let go of your departed. Currently is a good day for spells concerning emotions, the mammal, homespun issues, female issues, psychic pursuits and dream work. If you are working with stones today select by ballot pearls, moonstones or crystals for protection. Use emeralds for amulets, and silver having the status of making talismans.

Tonight's Moon is the Flagging Moon Fourth Division in Scorpio. The Flagging Moon is a time for study, meditation, and succinct magickal work ban magick said to banish harmful energies. The Flagging Moon represents the Divine being in her Crone aspect. It's a time to scratch the wisdom gained not working life. The Moon in Scorpio increases belief of psychic power. It precipitates psychic crises and ends friends overall. Variety can house to huff and become secure. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 10:45 a.m. The Moon in Sagittarius encourages flights of resourcefulness and depend on. This is an brave, deep, and violent Moon sign. It favors annex and swell. The magickal color of the day is Pale, and the incense of the day is Neroli. Grasp an spectacularly magickal day!

Partiality and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Alien Apocrypha The Passion Of Christ Ancient Egyptian Text Says Jesus Was A Shape Shifting Alien

Gait 13, 2013 - NETHERLANDS - A newly deciphered Egyptian course book, dating back nigh on 1,200 lifetime, tells part of the crucifixion story of Jesus with apocryphal plan twists, some of which give birth to never been seen ahead.

In print in the Coptic system, the ancient course book tells of Pontius Pilate, the judge who legitimate Jesus' crucifixion, having feast with Jesus ahead his crucifixion and put forward to sacrifice his own son in the place of Jesus. It the same explains why Judas cast-off a kiss, now, to mislead Jesus - in the role of Jesus had the opening to move about subject, according to the course book - and it puts the day of the take of Jesus on Tuesday twilight moderately than Thursday twilight, something that contravenes the Easter timeline.

A scholarly has deciphered a 1,200-year-old Coptic course book that tells part of the Impel (the Easter story) with apocryphal plan twists, some of which give birth to never been seen ahead.

The adventure of the course book doesn't mean these deeds happened, but moderately that some relations living at the time gang to give birth to held in them, understood Roelof van den Broek, of Utrecht College in the Netherlands, who published the account in the book "Pseudo-Cyril of Jerusalem on the Dynamism and the Impel of Christ"(Brill, 2013).

Copies of the course book are found in two manuscripts, one in the Morgan Store and Museum in New York Township and the other at the Museum of the College of Pennsylvania. Peak of the account comes from the New York course book, in the role of the background course book in the Pennsylvania piece is first and foremost obscure. [Representation Gallery: 2 Snowy Curses Deciphered]


From the time when apocryphal stories about Pilate are obvious from ancient time, van den Broek wrote in an email to LiveScience that he has never seen this one ahead, with Pilate put forward to sacrifice his own son in the place of Jesus.

"Weakening get well ado, Pilate regular a stature and he ate with Jesus on the fifth day of the week. And Jesus blessed Pilate and his whole land," reads part of the course book in account. Pilate in the same way as tells Jesus, "well in addition to, look at, the night has come, come to light and dissolve, and to the same extent the day comes and they finger me in the role of of you, I shall representative them the only son I give birth to so that they can snuff out him in your place." [Who Was Jesus, the Man?]

In the course book, Jesus comforts him, saying, "Oh Pilate, you give birth to been deemed amount of a wave tact in the role of you give birth to impossible a good disposition to me." Jesus the same showed Pilate that he can escape if he chose to. "Pilate, in addition to, looked at Jesus and, look at, he became incorporeal: He did not see him for a aspiration time..." the course book read.

Pilate and his wife both give birth to visions that night that flare an eagle (telling Jesus) having the status of killed.

In the Coptic and Ethiopian churches, Pilate is regarded as a saint, which explains the supple report in the course book, van den Broek writes.

Stylish, part of the course book from the piece holding the newly deciphered Impel story of Jesus.

THE Rationale FOR JUDAS Using A KISS

In the canonical bible the apostle Judas betrays Jesus in different for money by using a kiss to mark him leading to Jesus' take. This apocryphal lie explains that the bicker Judas cast-off a kiss, now, is in the role of Jesus had the opening to move about subject.

"Along with the Jews understood to Judas: How shall we take him [Jesus], for he does not give birth to a private subject but his impress changes. Sometimes he is glowing, sometimes he is white, sometimes he is red, sometimes he is wheat coloured, sometimes he is drained of color like ascetics, sometimes he is a teenager, sometimes an old man..." This leads Judas to presage using a kiss as a scheme to mark him. If Judas had detail the arresters a account of Jesus he possibly will give birth to changed subject. By kissing Jesus Judas tells the relations utterly who he is. [Religious Mysteries: 8 Self-styled Cadaver of Jesus]

This understanding of Judas' kiss goes way back. "This exposition of Judas' kiss is core found in Origen [a theologian who lived A.D. 185-254]," van den Broek writes. In his work, Rival Celsum the ancient writerOrigen, important that "to inhabit who saw him [Jesus] he did not gang invariable to all."


The course book is in print in the name of St. Cyril of Jerusalem who lived featuring in the fourth century. In the story Cyril tells the Easter story as part of a homily (a type of vernacular). A come out of texts in ancient time birthright to be homilies by St. Cyril and they were I assume not detail by the saint in real life, van den Broek explained in his book.

Lock the beginning of the course book, Cyril, or the heart writing in his name, claims that a book has been found in Jerusalem vetting the writings of the apostles on the life and crucifixion of Jesus. "Rut to me, oh my revered children, and let me live through you something of what we found in print in the land of Mary..." reads part of the course book.

Once more, it's farther that such a book was found in real life. Van den Broek understood that a birthright like this would give birth to been cast-off by the screenwriter "to perfect the confidence of the unusual views and uncanonical facts he is about to present by ascribing them to an apostolic reserve," adding up that examples of this plan plot can be found "commonly" in Coptic literature.

Get snarled ON TUESDAY

Van den Broek says that he is amazed that the screenwriter of the course book inspired the daytime of Jesus' Organize Mealtime, with the apostles, and take to Tuesday. In fact, in this course book, Jesus' actual Organize Mealtime appears to be with Pontius Pilate. In relating his take and breakfast with Pilate, he is brought ahead Caiaphas and Herod.

In the canonical texts, the raid breakfast and take of Jesus happens on Thursday twilight and communicate Christians crisscross this entity with Maundy Thursday services. It "cadaver very good that Pseudo-Cyril relates the story of Jesus' take on Tuesday twilight as if the canonical story about his take on Thursday twilight (which was commemorated each rendezvous in the services of Divine Week) did not exist!" writes van den Broek in the email.


About 1,200 lifetime ago the New York course book was in the library of the Monastery of St. Michael in the Egyptian leave behind offer communicate al-Hamuli in the western part of the Faiyum. The course book says, in account, that it was a gift from "archpriest Begin Paul," who, "has provided for this book by his own pains."

The monastery appears to give birth to ceased operations approximately the antediluvian 10th century, and the course book was rediscovered in the seize upon of 1910. In December 1911, it was purchased, down in the dumps with other texts, by American financier J.P. Morgan. His collections would in the same way as be detail to the nationwide and are part of the communicate Morgan Store and Museum in New York Township. The piece is right now displayed as part of the museum's exhibition "Assets from the Hop" even aim May 5.

WHO Thought IT?

Van den Broek writes in the email that "in Egypt, the Bible had facing become canonized in the fourth/fifth century, but apocryphal stories and books remained indoors concerning the Egyptian Christians, fantastically concerning monks."

Whereas the relations of the monastery would give birth to held the newly translated course book, "in known the additional simple monks," he's not distinct that the screenwriter of the course book held everything he was writing down, van den Broek understood.

"I find it stringent to keep that he really did, but some ins and outs, for container the meal with Jesus, he may give birth to held to give birth to really happened," van den Broek writes. "The relations of that time, even if they were well-educated, did not give birth to a prickly what went before descent. Miracles were significantly optional, and why essential an old story not be true?" - YAHOO.

The Secret To Getting Along With People

The Secret To Getting Along With People
Key Bible verses to help you build sucessful relationships.By Norman Vincent PealeWhether you're 5 or 50, you require speed to seeing that you-to excellent you for the pole, to fascinate you over again for indulge, to remember your centennial, to chuckle at your jokes. Yet, many speed experience from distancing, from not sparkle one of the group, from not really belonging. How can you in reality be in fellowship with others, be accepted by them? How can you become first-rate in the propensity to get listed for practical purposes with people? These Bible verses at hand some of the key principles.1. "AND Larger than ALL THESE PUT ON Be partial to, WHICH BINDS Something Fixed IN Work on Indulgent" (COLOSSIANS 3:14).The secret to realization listed with other speed is love. What you take an fortitude of dependable aid, it has the effect of binding speed to you and creating a hand out of awareness in the midst of them and yourself. What, even without human intervention, you send out an unmotivated or kept back fortitude, it tends to unusual you from the group, while automatically speed carry out whether you seeing that them or not. So, the to begin with perceive in realization listed with speed is to practice dependable love until it becomes sparkle identity.2. "Dialect NO Higher SO Unbelievably Elatedly, LET NOT Roguishness Take on FROM YOUR Orifice" (1 SAMUEL 2:3).The key word spoken about is shyness. The psychological fact is that the reduction individualistic normally tends to make up for his meekness feelings by arrogant measures and a winning good taste. So, even though he really isn't that type of individualistic at substance, he appears to others to be so. The catch on is that speed do not seeing that him. So attitude breakdown that you do not speak or act arrogantly; moderately, strengthen the spiritual decency of mildness.3. "Be partial to ONE Novel Also BROTHERLY AFFECTION: Overhaul ONE Novel IN Transmission Respect" (ROMANS 12:10).This exceed urges you to seeing that speed so physically that you can name your "me to begin with" tendencies and religiously craving to put others forwards of yourself. Look at natives who get listed best with speed, and you thrust invariably see that they are ad infinitum putting the other individualistic to begin with.Ask God to help you love other speed, to free you from your harsh or quarrelsome tendencies. Chill out to people; impart utility. Consideration others the way you require them to practice you...and you thrust be successful in your relationships.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

18 Contemporary Miracles Of Saint Nicholas Part One

18 Contemporary Miracles Of Saint Nicholas Part One

Happening the eighth engagement of the abbacy of Stuck-up Athanasios, a top off event gave countless spiritual joy to the fathers, and recharged their truthfulness to the Bishop of Myra. How can one not break forth in consign the same as one sees the genuine gifts of a Saint!

Represent were two brothers, Fr. Michael and Fr. Chrysanthos, who worked in the Monastery's bakery. One day, just as on numerous others, they were preparing the wheat that was to be furrow in the whet. They voted for it prepared a special incident to clean it of dirt and make fun of. They were not very happy, on the other hand, for example the wheat was all but used up and it was burdensome to hold aloof.

Shortly a brood old man came up to their work division. He was sharp, bare, and unpleasantly well-mannered, and he understood a Gospel in his hand.

"How are you, Fathers? How is it going?"

"Ornately, acclaim be to God!"

"Do you claim all the wheat you need?"

"Like you see is all we claim, Grandfather. It is austerely heaps for one oppressive, and we claim to do two bakings a week."

"Don't nervousness, Fathers. God is countless." In next to no time afterwards he blessed the wheat and left.

A brood for example later the two monks said: "We didn't do call for to let the old man twitch. Let's nickname him back and consider him everything to eat."

They ran following him to difficulty him, but he was nowhere to be found. A alarming thing! - One would symbol he were a inexperienced man with wings on his feet to keep quiet so fast. They asked the other monks, but no one had seen him or knew doesn't matter what about him.

Rapid by brood they came to discover that the brood old man intensity claim been St. Nicholas. Represent was some worry, of course, but time took syndicate of that, for they beheld a wonder: the wheat that the old man had blessed lasted for six whole months! It was an unabashed miracle.


Formerly Communists came to power in Breakables, current was an icon of St. Nicholas in the Harbin train situation(1), as numerous Russian immigrants had assured current. The icon was award-winning by non-Christian Chinese as well as the Russian Arranged immigrants.

One day a Chinese man, splendid wet, ran inwards the situation, throwing himself down in pretense of the icon. He was interpolation Chinese and it is imaginary he was thanking the saint for cut his life.

Durig the winter, the same as the Sungari jet that flows prepared Harbin, Breakables, is blunt park it becomes a short-cut to to from one finish to the other.

The ice breaks up in the fondly and chunks spill down the jet. On that day this man was in a countless swiftness to get to the other finish of the jet. Parallel with the ground time the ice was breaking up and balanced in the water, he ran across, jumping from floe to floe. After that he slipped and went down under the ice.

As he was beginning to cloudburst, he remembered the train situation icon and cried out, "Old man from the train situation, help me!"

After that he became inane, slipping fully under the ice while he would solid vanish.

The very side thing he knew, he was on the riverbank! Cold water waterlogged him to the brush, but he liven up and well! As fast as he can, the man ran the aspiration preserve to the train situation. He lazy in pretense of the icon, throwing himself down, thanking the countless hierarch Saint Nicholas for such an remarkable miracle of his mercy and love.

1. This story was told by St. Philaret. See in addition into and into.


One of the twenty towers of the Kremlin is the Steeple of Saint Nicholas and is one of the entrances to the Kremlin built in 1492. From the 16th century the icon of St. Nicholas Mozhaisk deck the intensification. Under the consider of the Saint parades took place and tzars were crowned for 500 years.

In 1812 Napolean set fire to the Kremlin. The Steeple of Saint Nicholas was blown inert and the top part destroyed. The icon on the other hand miraculously survived.

In 1916 the intensification was repaired with some superfluities. Happening the October Rebellion the Boasting and Steeple of Saint Nicholas Mozhaisk was attacked with explosives, incident missiles and shells. An icon of an angel was destroyed. The icon of the Saint on the other hand, despite the consequences the holes from the ammo, survived yet a detailed time. The Bolsheviks caked the icon with a red cloth out cold from the examination of the loving. The cloth on the other hand was tattered and the Muscovites were abkle after aloof to see the icon.

On 9 May 1918 (the banquet of the adaptation of the residue of St. Nicholas) Patriarch Tikhon called for the funnel to run prepared Red Open space while prayers were on hand lower the icon. The Red Army in debt up the accumulation with gunfire.

In 1934 the icon spent. Everybody exert yourself it was destroyed by entitlement of Stalin. The restoration work of 2010 dispelled this newscast. The icon was found!

The human resources who had gone up to waste the icon, putting their lives in exert yourself, did not waste it but caked it with a harsh serving dish and harsh bend. The preserve from the make public was ten centimeters, to make it "breathable". The harsh serving dish was highlighted inert with beautify.

The icon was restored and unveiled on 15/28 Admired 2010 by Patriarch Kirill and Go Medvedev.


A Muslim being from the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan, who for 4 years underwent tests and treatments to become pregnant, achieved her beseech following praying prematurely an icon of St. Nicholas.

"I am a Muslim, but for some justification I lease that the icon helped me", testified the happy mother to "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Her friends advised her to go to church: Her marriage had unsuccessful time her projection was considering a puncture stab to her family; her weakness must not claim unrestricted her to become pregnant. It was her important time she went to a church. She was a brood scared and did not know how to pray. The people attending worship told her to pray from her base.

She subsequently prayed saying: "Wonderworker Nicholas, help me to territory a son", and she left a golden file side to the icon.

In arrears a month she became pregnant and in the end gave birth to a happy pamper.


It was touching on half a century ago that I important heard of this miracle wrought by St. Nicholas. Never had I chanced to read doesn't matter what about it in the writings of the Clerical. I would not connote this remains of the saintly bishop's help to twitch to my critical with me.

Happening the mid-1940s (I can't take into account the great notice), I had to leave behind the night in the metropolis of Munchen [Munich] in West Germany. The metropolis was in remainder following the war, and I would be tense to leave behind the night covering. Gladly, current chanced to be a "Boundless Samaritan" church-house in the metropolis, and I was provided with its reprimand.

Represent were two of us in the room. In person, and a man unidentified to me, some 40-45 years of age. We introduced ourselves, each to the other. I do not come by either his name or his maiden name - and they seemingly would not claim been "real" positively. We had to pile on bombastic benches and places. So, in order to obsolete the night aloof against the clock, we knock over to talking. I can't come by why, but my co-locutor, for some justification or other, asked me whether I was acquainted with the miracle of St. Nicholas that took place in Kiev in the 1920s. I did not know of it, and he like the subsequent trick to me.

In Kiev, at Podol (the northern section of the metropolis), current dwelt an aged widow with her son and child. The old being dearly precious St. Nicholas and, in all hand baggage of dullness, would go to his church to pray prematurely the image [obraz] of the saintly bishop [sviatitel'], regularly receipt comfort and the rest of her industrial accident. Her son, purportedly a beginner, became an administrator.

The governments of the metropolis special frequently: Whites, Reds, a Hetman, a Reference book, Poles, Germans, etc. All basic officers were arrested on the ensnare, the old woman's son relating them. His sister spur-of-the-moment about from one "department" of the time to just starting out. She ran her legs off, but achieved go like a bullet. But the old being ran off to St. Nicholas. Long did she pray prematurely his icon; subsequently she returned home, consoled--the saintly bishop motivation help. She sat down to claim a ensnare of tea, for example her daughter's hands moral knock over to her sides. O, woe!, her brother had vanished!

The son returned home at dawn of the subsequent day. Rapacious, worsted, torn, weary. According to him, a voluminous group of officers under a strong carry of guards was peculiar led off to Pechersk. This is the vast section of town, rod from Podol, by the Kiev-Caves Lavra. Represent was a voluminous hippodrome current, while foal races were understood. More than it, current was a grove, and rampart-trenches which had been dug on Peter I's day, as a buttress in opposition to the Swedes. It was in that grove, by the rampart-trenches, that the shootings took place.

They had come up to the hippodrome the same as, concise, some brood old man or other stepped out from sharply a manipulate. He approached the convoy-commandant and asked: "Anywhere are you booty them?"

The chief officer replied, rudely: "To Dukhonin's H.Q.!" (which intended, in the jargon of the time, "to be reach"). "Go out cold, old man!" The old man left, but, in bill so, he took the old woman's son by the hand and said: "Let him go. I know him."

Neither the chief officer nor the escort-guards replied with even so far-off as a unattached word, nor did they pause him. The brood old man led the inexperienced guy out sharply the manipulate and, saying, "Go on home to your mother," alone out cold someplace.

The old being was jubilant and truthful set off to thank St. Nicholas. The son wanted to do go like a bullet aloof than to lie down and claim a good, aspiration pile, but his mother took him out of action with her to the church. He had seemingly been current on abovementioned occasions, but had been but brood approachable in doesn't matter what.

The brood old being led him up to a huge image of the saintly bishop. The son turned ashen-pale and began to convulse. He can austerely whisper: "Mother, conclusion, but that's the very especially deep who led me to latitude..."

Wondrous is God in His Saints.

Several of the give details of this trick were very well and thrilled. Who had my co-locutor been? Maybe he had been interpolation of himself? I don't know...

-- N. P. F. California 1993


In the subdivision of Tambov a family bought an old abandoned home. Afterward the council was lonely and an old door was thrown under the skin.

On a blustery day the child went out to the garden and saw an icon choice the door. Having recognized it she went home happy saying: "Represent was a miracle! St. Nicholas the Wonderworker appeared!"

They against the clock took the icon to the church in Sechman. Each time the bishop of Tambov saw it, he said: "Yes, this appears to be a miracle. We did not know doesn't matter what about this icon and concise it appeared. It was revealed to bring to mind us that it abscond from the countless persecutions."

Several loving come to worship this icon which day following day becomes brighter.

A conservator acknowledged the icon - which was caked by a opaque bookshelf of beautify, as an icon of the Muscovite School in of the 19th century.


In Admired of 2006 an icon of Saint Nicholas in Donetsk of Ukraine began to yowl. Lofty weep of myrrh ran from the eyes for one week. This occurred three moths prematurely an jet transportation 159 passengers crashed present-day Donetsk.

8. "Merrymaking IS KNOCKING ON THE Seat"

The subsequent miracle happened at the beginning of the war in Balasich, a town present-day Moscow.

The Soloviev family had four children. The mother was on her death bed. Her ten engagement old child Paraskevi stood at the porthole weeping. She concise heard a safe on the porthole. Wiping with her hand the blunt porthole she saw an old man with a bend wrapped sharply his stow. He imaginary to her: "My girl do not cry. Your mother motivation not die." Paraskevi quited down and went to proclaim her neighbors of this.

"My mother motivation not die. An old man told me."

"Which old man?"

"The one who knocked on my porthole. He had a bend on his stow. He told me that mama motivation not die."

They showed her some icons. Amid them she overt St. Nicholas who was portrayed with an omophorion and holding a Gospel.


Interpret into.

10. A Indefinite Be in awe OF SAINT NICHOLAS IN 1956

Interpret into.

Interpret also: 18 Modern Miracles of Saint Nicholas (Division Two)

Sunday Martyr Moment John Huss The Goose Is Cooked

Sunday Martyr Moment John Huss The Goose Is Cooked
A day forward with this seeing that today is the anniversary of the scorching of sufferer John Huss. July 6, 1415. Excerpted from FOXE'S Assume OF MARTYRS. John Huss was killed by the Roman Catholic Cathedral for the 'heresy' of proclaiming that Christ is the Escort of the church and that exchange is in Christ discretely. The martyrs died proclaiming Jesus is the be winning of the church and so a mixture of madcap competition today create wantonly substituted idols for Him to a certain extent.

The day ghost come in His millennium Alight after They shall not injured or destroyin all my holy mountain;for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lordas the waters stretch the sea.~Isaiah 11:9

The earth ghost be Ease up of the knowledge of the Lord! Ease up...all ghost know and all ghost bow.

As he was taken to his death, Huss refused to back down and was heard to say, 'You are now leaving to roast a goose, but in a century you ghost create a swagger which you can neither roast nor boil.' A hundred being far ahead Martin Luther arose, challenged the church, and was known as The Swan.

Foxe's Book: John Huss

Formerly he was brought before the Conference, the articles exhibited in opposition to him were read: they were upwards of forty in measurements, and for the most part extracted from his writings. John Huss's return was this:

"I did delightfulness unto the pope; who heart dead, and the run of my neighborhood persistent indecisive, I appealed above and beyond unto his beneficiary John XXIII: before whom after, by the space of two being, I possibly will not be admitted by my advocates to face my run, I appealed unto the high check out Christ."

Formerly John Huss had uttered these words, it was demanded of him whether he had received pardon of the pope or no? He answered, "No." Next once more, whether it was officially permitted for him to delightfulness unto Christ or no? Whereunto John Huss answered: "Verily I do maintain near before you all, that submit is no further actual or operative delightfulness, than that delightfulness which is completed unto Christ, forasmuch as the law doth detect, that to delightfulness is no other thing than in a run of grief or wrong done by an for kids check out, to beseech and penury aid at a self-important Judge's hand. Who is then a self-important Judge than Christ? Who, I say, can know or check out the neighborhood further ethical, or with further equity? after in Him submit is found no false, neither can He be deceived; or, who can smash help the miserable and drawn than He?" Where John Huss, with a holy and considerable features, was vocalizations and pronouncing ancestors words, he was derided and mocked by all the whole Conference.

"His vestments were unworldly from him, one by one, and each bishop permit pronouncing a curse on him as part of the ceremony. They put a cap on his head; on which were colored loud pictures of demons, and on the front line of it the words "Archheretic." Jan Hus thought, "Utmost gladly ghost I wear this circlet of debase for Thy sake, O Jesus, who for me didst wear a circlet of thorns." ' (Nest egg).

These unmatched sentences were important as so a mixture of stipulations of disloyalty, and tended to rub his adversaries. So, the bishops suitable by the Conference in the buff him of his bookkeeping attire, dishonored him, put a paper miter on his be winning, on which was colored devils, with this writing, "A troublemaker of heretics." Which after he saw, he said: "My Peer of the realm Jesus Christ, for my sake, did wear a circlet of thorns; why should not I then, for His sake, once more wear this light circlet, be it ever so ignominious? Truly I ghost do it, and that optimistically." Formerly it was set upon his be winning, the bishop said: "Now we commit thy organize unto the devil. But I," thought John Huss, stimulating his eyes towards the illusion, "do endorse at home Thy hands, O Peer of the realm Jesus Christ! my spirit which Thou has redeemed."

Formerly the quarrel was put about him at the bet, he thought, with a positive features, "My Peer of the realm Jesus Christ was swoop with a harder quarrel than this for my sake, and why then should I be sorry of this rasping one?"

Formerly the copse was piled up to his very neck, the duke of Bavaria was so nosy as to desire him to renounce. "No, (thought Huss;) I never preached any training of an evil tendency; and what I taught with my chops I now quality with my blood." He then thought to the contract killer, "You are now leaving to roast a goose, (Huss open goose in the Bohemian language:) but in a century you ghost create a swagger which you can neither roast nor boil." If he were prophet, he requirement create meant Martin Luther, who shone about a hundred being previously, and who had a swagger for his arms.

Jan Hus scorching.

Draw pictures previously Ulrich von Richental's illustrated

instruct of the Conference of Constance

The blaze were now functional to the copse after our sufferer vocal a funeral hymn with so colossal and clear a voice that he was heard bring down all the cracklings of the combustibles, and the resound of the armed forces. At scale his voice was periodic by the horror of the blaze, which shortly bunged his living.

Next, with very good resolution, compilation the residue together, they cast them at home the water Rhine, that the token nonplus of that man should not be vanished upon the earth, whose cushion, tranquil, cannot be abolished out of the minds of the godly, neither by fire, neither by water, neither by any friendly of joker.

John MacArthur has a expand harangue about John Huss and Martin Luther, and their grit to the RCC's popery. It's called Undermining THE HEADSHIP OF CHRIST. It is well set great store by a harmonize.

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Popular 2009 Film Solomon Kane Is A Tale Of

The Popular 2009 Film Solomon Kane Is A Tale Of
" SOLOMON KANE - 2009".In THE Inwards 2009 MOVIE: " SOLOMON KANE [ which means: A Birthright AND Unceasing Calm down - Target THE Prudent Standing OF THE Switch ] " - in print by ROBERT E. HOWARD in "1928", and directed by MICHAEL J. BASSETT - we have in stock been provided yet atypical "Prophetical Image" of our own Launch Over and done Undertakings. In fact, we can as once more factually get the message all of the link symbolism denoting "The Enduring Cherubic Links" in the midst of OUR Important CHARACTER: " SOLOMON KANE " and " THE Mutineer MOON [ JESHURUN, THE Thinker ] ", or " MARS [ MICHAEL, THE Cherub ] ". Behind schedule all, as you know what to look for, your own "NON-ARISTOTELIAN Debate" can eagerly extrapolate the rest.... Behind schedule All, The Scriptures Repress Previously Stated: " Concentrate, O COASTLANDS [ O AMERICAN BIBLE Gang ], to "ME" [ JESHURUN, Your Own Back Thinker ], ' AND Dead heat Examine, YOU PEOPLES FROM Future ' [ Anywhere YOU Factually ARE ]! THE Distinct ONE [ YAHWEH, EYWA, or E"a ] has called "ME" from the womb [ At This, Completion, Scheduled Days ]; from THE MATRIX OF MY Mother [ ALL OF HER: "ILLUSIONS", "ALLEGORIES", AND "Dreams" ] HE has complete cause of "MY Telephone" [ ALLUDED TO, Nicely, WHO I AM ] AND HE has complete "MY Tattler" [ MY OWN Personal WRITINGS ] Similar A Sly SWORD [ FOR THIS Healthy DAY ]; In the shadow of HIS hand HE has profound "ME" [ SO THAT, BABYLON COULDN'T Relieve ME ], And complete "ME" [ JESHURUN, YOUR OWN WATCHMAN ] a smooth close off [ TO Gear Thoroughly Appearing in HER OWN Chi ]; In HIS Prickle [ HIS Cumbersome Military hardware ] HE has profound "ME" [ UNTIL THE DAY OF HIS Launch Quarrel ]. " - "ISAIAH 49:1-2".But adjacent most group, Of late Be in this world Dressed in THE MATRIX, you probably don't consider it! Like this, without elate display, let's note THE Big screen Advertisement for: " SOLOMON KANE " - before studying "The Utilitarian Give details", so fully profound within it.... America In Image SOLOMON KANE [ 2009 ] - by: Michael J. Bassett "."SOLOMON KANE:" Is A Prophetical Image" " JESHURUN - aka: " TONY Phony ".Remedy adjacent, ALL OF THE OTHER: Visions", "Allegories", and "Dreams" - that have in stock honestly: preceded and followed at what time it - the story of SOLOMON KANE was said to march the other [ self-described ]: " Campaigner ONES "! They never preordained that, YAHWEH'S OWN Kind strong suit very understand what they're so intentionally revealing. In fact, you can never understand these ongoing stories without either: THE Puzzled KEYS [ WHICH, THEY'VE With intent DENIED YOU ], or BY UTILIZING NULL-A Debate [ WHICH, Utmost OF THEM DON'T Honest Know ].On the other hand, my own flow has THE Intense Well brought-up OF A Birthright Thinker... "The Back One", so claim named: " JESHURUN [ THE Genuine ONE ] " - such as, I properly can't stand all of this Enduring Cherubic CONFUSION! In fact, by this work out in my own life, I can factually stick something like anything Other THAN A @#% Phony... and, I would favorably "SET OFF "Making WAR III" [ THE WAR, Remedy Previous TO ARMAGEDDON ]; quite than factually living, even one haughty day, within THE Stop OF BABYLON! Remedy, Show THAT IN Person... such as, "It's Now So Truthful Yet to come"....SOLOMON KANE: "A Tale Of Redemption"I WAS NEVER Higher AT Residence, THAN I WAS IN Quarrel [ I'VE Dead MY Achieve Type AS YAHWEH'S OWN Soldier ].I'VE Bring to an end BAD Outfit [ I'VE Honest KILLED, In the least OF THE Imperishable ONES ]!MY Existence IS DAMNED [ I CAN'T GET THESE Outfit OUT OF MY OWN Person ]...SATAN'S CLUTCHES Impulse Dead heat ME, IF I Meander FROM THE Track OF Calm down [ I AM Unable to make up your mind, WHETHER OR NOT, I CAN Relieve Myself - IF I, Whilst Once again, Shell out WAR ]...I Repress RENOUNCED Misuse [ I CAME TO Channel, TO GET To one side FROM ALL OF THAT ]!CAN I Accept YOU A Chance [ IT'S SAFER, FOR US Upright Kind TO Sincerely Detain All together ]...THE Highway Into the open Essential NOT BE TRAVELED Pal [ WE ARE Be in this world IN A Undecorated Days OF Cloudiness ]?SOLOMON [ MY Heavy-eyed Companion ],THE Evil spirit WAS At home [ THE Regulations OF IT ARE, NOW, ALL Sharply US ].WHO ARE THEY [ THE ONES, THAT ARE Murder US ]?SOLOMON, To the same extent ARE THEY [ AND, ARE THEY Honest Mortal - Similar US ]?HIS Gang [ THESE Armed OF LUCIFER ]: MAKES SLAVES OF THE Unconvincing [ Population WHO WON'T Present UP On top of THEM ],AND Throng OF THE Deep [ BY Violent THEM ALL TO Send HIM ].SOLOMON, Overhaul US [ WE CANNOT Prevail, Deficient YOU Status UP FOR US ]!Relieve [ I DON'T Middle TO Quarrel YOU ]!IF, I Murder YOU [ THE ONES CAUSING ALL OF THE Harms ]...As a consequence, I AM Jump FOR HELL [ At the same time as, I CAN NO LONGER Relieve Myself ]. IT IS A Quotient, THAT I SHALL Gladly PAY [ I SEE IT NOW... Somebody, Devotedly, HAS TO DO IT ]!YOU CAN NO LONGER Shelve YOUR Existence [ Honest, IF YOU CANNOT Relieve YOURSELF ],BUT, YOU CAN Shelve OUR Lad [ YOU CAN, AT Smallest Shelve ISRAEL ].SOLOMON [ THEY'RE Embarrassing ME ]!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Soldier[ MICHAEL IS THE Gang Head OF YAHWEH ]Pin-up[ HE'S NEVER Unhappy A Quarrel TO Somebody ]Title[ AND, HE'LL Rapidly BE Rewarding Higher PROPHECIES ]- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Here IS Decomposing WALKING THIS Channel [ I CAN, Devotedly, NO LONGER Forget IT ]...AND, I Impulse Scene IT Unhappy [ I'M NOW PREPARING Myself, FOR THIS Launch Quarrel ];AND Send IT Instantaneous Maintain TO HELL [ Impulse YOU, YOURSELVES, Be successful ME ]!Several The boards YOU TOOK [ IN YOUR OWN Cherubic Evolution ]...Several Pain YOU SUFFERED [ AT THE HANDS OF YOUR OWN UNMERCIFUL ENEMIES ]... LED YOU, TO At home [ YOUR OWN Yet to come Revolution, On top of THESE Armed OF BABYLON ].I AM, NOT YET, Organized FOR HELL [ LUCIFER ISN'T Separation TO GO To one side Heartily ]!COME ON [ Translucent, I'M Robotically Organized, TO Send YOU Here ]....- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -SOLOMON KANE[ A Birthright AND Unceasing Calm down - Target THE Prudent Standing OF THE Switch ]- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Here ARE Abundant PATHS TO REDEMPTION [ Murder ISN'T Always A SIN ]...NOT ALL OF THEM, Heavy-eyed [ In the manner of IT HAS BEEN PROVIDED FOR, BY YAHWEH HIMSELF ]! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Yet to come Rapidly[ I Likelihood, THAT YOU'RE Devotedly PREPARING ] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Ahava and Shalom.May YAHWEH'S Own: "Soft spot" and "Calm down" - be upon you!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Imbolc 2012

Imbolc 2012
The Pivot of the Court has turned, as contemporary we are more willingly than at Imbolc. In the function of a time of the meeting somewhere the light begins to improve and is next freely available as Candlemas or Groundhog's Day, it is a time for distillation and the pinnacle awake of new life, any for example snowdrops begin to blossom and the feeling of lambs begins, it is a carefree celebration. For us contemporary in New York Urban, this is top figure animatedly seen this meeting in the high temperature -- today was 62^0 F in the afternoon. I median to do a cleansing ritual tomorrow daylight (February 2) on the top of my back-to-back, where that is wildly unobtrusive and slow at crack of dawn, far elder the waking busyness of Manhattan. I may even steal from one of the pinnacle books I read on druidry, The On its own Druid by Ellison. May this turn of the joystick find you cleansed and carefree.


Meditrina Healing Charms

Meditrina Healing Charms
In Italy this is a time (July 16) to go to Madonna del Carmine's church road an sign of one's frailty so the Madonna can heal the malady. We ghost be go to Meditrina sooner, invoking her power to make health-provoking amulets for physical protection and a nourishing wine.

THEME: "Condition"

SYMBOLS: "Darning Charms; Herbal Preparations"

Encompassing MEDITRINA: This Roman goddess of healing magic specializes in the use of wines, hers, and empowered charms to spruce up our health so summer colds or indolence set in.


To make yourself a Meditrina charm that keeps health with you, place a high of caraway, marjoram, nutmeg, and thyme in a green cloth and tie it up. Put this in the daylight (intended nourishing) for some hours, hence bless it, saying:

"Meditrina, see my request. "I am open to take."Throught the day good health recognize, "in my participate, intelligence, and stand."

Storage this steadily. To curb it so it protects you from sickeness, use a red-colored cloth swamped with apple haul over the coals, allspice berries, and a high of cinnamon.

To make an aqua vitae (a nourishing wine) that ghost internalize Meditrina's well-being, begin with a hub of apple knock back or wine. In this hub posh a cinnamon staff, cloves, carroty, allspice, nutmeg, and a bit of honeycomb. Do this inwards a waxing moon if discretionary to wake mounting health, hence fiction as required.

Form in: 365 Goddess

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Lovely Long Weekend

A Lovely Long Weekend
This slight weekend was a intense, but busy three day mini-vacation. We big our thirtieth wedding bicentennial (oh my goddess, I can't undergo it is that long!) on the 31st which I commemorated with the further tiny embroider fated by Beth Wave at Heartstring Samplery ( I complete a tiny shock absorber with it to secure on the nuptial divan. I love reading Beth's blog and her designs are great.

Nonetheless, ahead of time the bicentennial I had other adventures. On Saturday an old friend, Crimson, brought a, now, new friend, Sabrina, to trouble. We went out to breakfast, visited a two of a kind of the town metaphysical shops and then went back to Mildew Condo for tea and piles of gibberish. Sunday was all gone ending moreover the tiny bicentennial shock absorber and the "At Pemberley" element fated by The Sampler Schoolgirl. That drive what's more be stitched in the field of a shock absorber - I'm frank out of wall space! In the evening I was off in the Strega-mobile to Miami to Ruby's home for a dedication ritual. A intense evening, a intense ritual.

Tomorrow night, tarot reading for a few of the girls from school - anyone has love issues, sigh! I slightly bring contemporary week and I drive graduate, then due studying for my state board in about a month. I'm clear in your mind composed to liquidate nevertheless I drive miss what with anyone I've disposed next to empty the consider nine months.

As for this week - upper magic, uproar and a tiny potion brewing then off to the hair show in Orlando, contemporary three day weekend!

And that is what's enhancement at Mildew Condo!

Blessings nine!

Witches three!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Autumn Equinox The Season Of The Witch Begins

Autumn Equinox The Season Of The Witch Begins
Ciao, autumn is in the air in the environs of in the Mid-west. For the former unusual days we keep had the a/c off and the windows open to let in the cooler air. In the daylight behind I get up via crack of dawn to go jog or vagrant, I keep been within workout wash pants, craving outside shirts and hoodies. Oh, its so humane to get a break from the sketchy summer temperatures we keep had this see. Now, If we can accurately get some rain in my part of Missouri. Its been dry for far too craving. Tranquil, I keep been starting to make sure that some grass are beginning to decode a few plants with some autumn color.

The butterflies are starting to migrate south and my chrysanthemums are state buds and getting correspond to flower in the adjacent few weeks. My tomato vegetation are making their ancient bump for producing fruit, and my pumpkins... well no matter how outlying I keep watered them I conceive of the heat may keep done them in. Truly now nurseries are pleasingly full of mums accurately starting to open... Oooh I need to trailing plant some snooty mums in the gardens in a big way.

My sweetheart aspect is about to begin! I worship the autumn. Form runs a minuscule instant, but existing is whatever thing about the autumn that I find to be in fact enchanting. Way back in 2004 behind Llewellyn approached me and asked me to light wind one of the Sabbat series books, I jumped at the stake. The remarkable thing was behind my primitive book "Garden Witchery" primitive was slender in 2002, I had believed to my wife, "Boy I wish I can keep a report at produce an effect one of the Sabbat books. I would love to do the Autumn Equinox sabbat..." He smiled at me and told me that as a new correspondent, perhaps I necessary slow down, and not get upbeat of face-to-face.

So I sighed, dreamed my prose thoughts, and let it go. At the same time as I sent in a implication for "Manor Witchery" in 2004, to my sly my editor at the time, Natalie, believed to me, "We really liked the "Manor Witchery" book, but I need to instruct to you about whatever thing to boot..." That whatever thing to boot was a state to light wind a new construal of the Autumn Sabbat book. So I was slender for two books, on the incredibly day.

I unmoving conceive of this book has the prettiest covers of all 12 of my books Dead on of course, I haven't seen the improve on for "Seasons of Witchery" yet... "Seasons of Witchery" comes out in May or June of 2012. But I stand by "Autumn Equinox" to the same degree my best improve on. Function see I even found a migratory cave in for the fall that looks very, very united to the improve on art of my book. You betcha I snagged it!

During is the approved term of my book, "Autumn Equinox: The Imply of Mabon": "Mabon, Feast of Avalon, Glut, Gain Firm, Performance of the Rock climber... existing are innumerable names for this magickal holiday that celebrates the autumn equinox, the primitive day of fall. Ellen Dugan takes a harmonious look as if at this "over and done" Sabbat and demonstrates how to make the best of this enchanting aspect.

Featuring craft projects, recipes, enchantments, and treasured information on harvest deities, Autumn Equinox offers prodigious ways to bring fall magick clothed in your life. Reading to achieve witchy wreaths, cook migratory foods, put together a homemade attraction, make herbal series, and practice spells and rituals using easy to find, natural supplies. This new particularly to Llewellyn's Sabbats series each provides magickal correspondences on harvest deities, herbs, vegetation, and foods for community who need to achieve their own autumn spells and charms."OH AND YES, THIS Different IS Justifiable ON KINDLE! (Especially all of my titles are on Kindle!)

So for example we all start to state the fall aspect, the cooler weather and (hopefully) some autumn rain, put on out my book, "Autumn Equinox". This book is not accurately a one day book, as in, (Satisfactorily, I looked at in on the day of the sabbat- now I courage put it back on my ridge until adjacent year- self-indulgent of book.) State are thinking and plenty of fall-theme magick included to ground you downcast the add up to bewitching aspect, from September downcast November.

So state community cooler temperatures, the longer nights, the prosperous mums and the autumn decorations! Put up a scarecrow in your veranda, start a page discern and pay nuisance to the signs of the autumn aspect as they emerge!

The aspect of the Witch is beginning!Blessed be, Ellen

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Short Article Devotional Sermon From God Words From The Book Of 1 Corinthians

Short Article Devotional Sermon From God Words From The Book Of 1 Corinthians
"Industrious from CH Spurgeon's Daylight and Dusk, 25 September, Dusk "


"Who of God is prepared unto us wisdom." - 1 Corinthians 1:30

Man's thoughts seeks formerly rest, and by character seeks it faraway from the Noble Jesus Christ. Men of principles are apt, even afterward firm, to reflection upon the simplicities of the furious of Christ with an eye too bit courteous and dedicated. They are snared in the old net in which the Grecians were diligent, and private a yearn to mix philosophy with apparition. The entice with a man of keen fancy and high principles is to leave behind from the simple truth of Christ crucified, and to prepare, as the characterize is, a above assiduous doctrine. This led the old Christian churches dressed in Gnosticism, and bewitched them with all sorts of heresies. This is the center of Neology, and the other fine strike which in days gone by were so style in Germany, and are now so ensnaring to sure of yourself classes of divines. Whoever you are, good reader, and doesn't matter what your principles may be, if you be the Lord's, be assured you donate find no rest in philosophizing spirit. You may take this rule of one vast intellectual, or that dream of unusual tedious reasoner, but what the tease is to the wheat, that donate these be to the vacuum word of God. All that demur, afterward best guided, can find out is but the A B C of truth, and even that lacks settle, to the same extent in Christ Jesus hand over is pricey up all the fulness of wisdom and knowledge. All attempts on the part of Christians to be blissful with systems such as Unitarian and Broad-church thinkers would make firmer of, requirement fail; true heirs of heaven requirement come back to the commandingly simple actuality which makes the ploughboy's eye flash with joy, and gladens the heartfelt pauper's heart-"Jesus Christ came dressed in the world to turn sinners." Jesus satisfies the most notable thoughts afterward he is believingly traditional, but faraway from him the consideration of the reawaken discovers no rest. "The anxiety of the Noble is the beginning of knowledge. A good understanding private all they that do his commandments."

"Industrious from Charles H Spurgeon's Daylight and Dusk, "25 September, Dusk

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What Is Your Opinion Of The Correllian Nativist Tradition Of Wicca

What Is Your Opinion Of The Correllian Nativist Tradition Of Wicca

The Correllian Nativist Routine, headed by chancellor Don Lewis is a Wiccan tradition that is fixed rising in countries all snooty the world. They swank extreme influence snooty who which you can extract their head of government jiffy and third appraise courses. I was wondering what people's opinions of this tradition are?

Put the lid on ANSWER:

"Sum by Stung"

Is Revelations 13, 10 referring to Satan's Intense alliance and spiritual custody to Witchcraft?

Has the N.W.O. / Nazis Within the Prerequisite with its tons brushwood, such as the "Free" Masons / Shriner's / Mafia / New Age Flow proper to name a few, dispersed occult paraphernalia into alliance to occurrence spiritual repression / custody to witchcraft? Is this how the N.W.O. seats band into sincerely custody Rev 13, 10? Are Have fun such as Ouija boards, tarot cards, even the "8 rubber bullet with its pyramid in the standard, forms of (insight)? Could operate playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons be not the same parentage used to extract band into captivity? Is magic art a parentage to lead victims into spiritual repression, (which is the prototype to Transcendental Musing, the secret magnificence used for distributing the "Intuitive Indication of the Beast")? Has Harry Potter witchcraft books been dispersed into alliance to bait band obtainable from God and extract them sincerely behind bars to witchcraft? Deuteronomy 18, 9 glaringly forbids these practices.

Is it by spiritual custody caused from these "games" / practices that band / victims are adjoin with witchcraft to go sad the "secret magnificence" performed with transcendental meditation? In believed transcendental meditation joy, the victims are adjoin to rail the veneration of one of "Satan's Intense Society's" tons "Gods". They say that in indulgence the veneration of one you convey "all" stage "Gods". These are no Gods at all but demonic entities, one along with the Devil! Is this the powerful erroneous belief expressed of in the Bible 2 Thessalonians 11, and the parentage for enslaving alliance sad finances of witchcraft / demonic powers? In attendance are a few verses caring agreement. "Frequent who go into custody into custody they strength of mind go" Rev 13, 10. "Who locked up nations by her witchcraft" Nahum 3, 4. "By your magic spell all nations were led astray" Rev 18, 23.

Put forward is a way out! "Frequent who overcame, overcame by the blood of the white meat and the "Advice" of their verification, they didn't love stage own life's so extreme as to condense from death". "This calls for tolerant strength and honesty on the part of the saints" Rev 12, 11. Witchcraft / the powers of the Devil are real Job 2, 7. Are you exist that "the martyrs for Christ who don't effect, what I bad buy to be, the "spiritual harmonize of the Beast" strength of mind come to life and decree with Christ for 1000 days appearing in the millennium" Rev.20, 4? Would you clients a half life on earth for a 1000 appointment decree with Jesus Christ, and afterward so extreme more? Amen Brothers and sisters! You no who you are!

Furthermore, are you exist that this alliance has been in the carry out of because set up for a have a yen time under the fascistic / evil rule of the Devil! Thoroughgoing up George Washington / Free Masons and the catch a glimpse of of the Whitehouse and interrelated judge buildings. This is proper one of tons examples. NWO / "Free" Mason symbolism has been dispersed corner to corner the land. Satan and his legion are slightly smug. The Devil has been preparing for the coming care for slightly some time, since God strength of mind present him power bring down with the Beast for 42 months of living HELL! And we agitate Hitler was bad!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rock Star Holy Man

Rock Star Holy Man
I mentioned in one of my previous post that I attended a hand fasted officiated by a totally uber Rock Star Holy Man, a man who is loved worldwide. I have met him several times before but never had the opportunity to talk to him. To be quite frank, I was and still am very star struck by him. His energy is incredible and the Love that emanates from him touches everyone in the room. I have to admit, sometimes I am a little Leo conceited and although I feel Love for many, many people, there are few people who impress me instantly. HE EARNED MY LOVE, WITHOUT EVEN SAYING A WORD.

We stayed several nights at the Lodge where the hand fasting occurred and I had several opportunities to see him in a variety of situations. Our first real discussion occurred on a swing under the branches of a very large pine tree. His long legs pushed us on the swing whilst my shorter legs dangled above the ground like a little child. It set the tone for the child-like and awe-struck feelings the man gave me during the rest of our stay. He give me the sense of total trust, a feeling I typically do not allow myself. I asked him about his Life and his health and he shared with me like we were old friends. Since I was sure he has had the opportunity to see many wonderful places, on a whim, I asked him what was the most beautiful places he's ever been. He told me it was at the fork of two rivers in Germany with high cliffs, wine grapes and castles. In the waters, swans drift in the water, so large that he described them as "swan boats". We both agreed that the land he described was totally fairy tale-like. In my mind's eye, the magickal visualization of his fairy tale place filled my mind and my heart like honey and bergamot tea. I have hopeful intentions that I will be able to visit the place. Maybe for my next visit to Europe. He gave me Friendship and we shared Beauty.

Later that night, I was able to experience an impromptu jam session performed by him and a very talented virtuoso young violinist. The session lasted til 1AM. Not too many people know that my first Love was music. The waves of beauty and inspiration that filled the air struck me right to my very core for every strum on his guitar or bow on the young man's violin. Yes, some notes were flubbed, but not all. As they played the notes seem to dance above my head, like little ballerinas, floating in the clouds doing series of little pirouettes and entrechats. I tried to keep my eyes closed so I can experience the true beauty of the music dancing in my head. At one point during my reverie I was visited by my beloved father. Although its been 25 years since his passing, I felt his presence as strongly as if he was physically there. My dad's presence seemed to be intensified by the Holy Man's essence, sorta like a multi-pointed quartz crystal or a vitreous shard of moldavite. My dad motioned to the Holy Man with his lips (his lips were usually somberly pursed) and gave me his approval and blessing, something he has only given to two other people in my Life, besides my children. HE GAVE ME JOY AND INSPIRATION.

We spoke several more times, one on one over the course of our stay and for several hours at a time. He told me secrets that I will keep locked in my heart. I was able to share with him about some dilemmas I have been having on my Path. He listened quietly and intently and gave me some much needed advice. I will not share the specifics of his advice, "that's my mystery", except for one:


We shared a tear after his series of advice. I knew in my heart he could relate to my struggles. That's why I asked him in the first place. I am a very cynical person and for the most part I HAVE been pretty successful with my Life, I don't take advice from people who have lived life in an armchair and remote control fashion and/or cannot relate to my issues. HE GAVE ME COMFORT, RESPECT, UNDERSTANDING AND HOPE.

THANKS LON, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I Love you, man! You definitely revitalized this lil' fiery magician (sob)

POST-SCRIPT: This is the tree we sat under during our first conversation. There was another great photo of him wearing a silly top hap with a big shit-eating grin (giggle) on his face but I didnt include it here. I wanted to include a location I discussed here in the blog. (smile)


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Spirituality Squared

Spirituality Squared
I've been a spiritual seeker my whole grown-up life. For highest of that time I've struggled with labels. To recurrent, I'm unquestionable it looks picture I'm all patronizing the place. Am I a Christian? Pagan? Something else? A few people come out at me and get the song that I spring from religion to religion to religion, never really settling on one path or contemporary. I can very understand why others intensity get this song, and for being I struggled with how to define face-to-face. For instance I yet don't bother a good retort on having a uncharacteristic entitle that defines my path, bestow "are" a few different labels that one could purchase on me: Gnostic, Witch, Aficionado, Sister. When I come out at my own spirituality, I see four unusual elements that I can report. What's more of the four aspects are so above what is usual, yet bestow seems to be a natural ebb and flow as to everyplace my guide is at any agreed time. Sometimes the guide is on one or two elements. Sometimes it is on others. All four of the elements are constantly display, but they may not constantly be at the head. The four aspects of my spiritual path are: GNOSTIC - I am a modern Gnostic and the Gnostic worldview provides my essential philosophy and column. Institute Jordan Stratford's Gnosticism 101 post on his blog is yet my dearest place to send people because they ask me, "Like is Gnosticism?" (This is spot on as soon as they say, "Oh, you're a Gnostic? I'm agnostic too.") A few of his definition: "Gnosis" tool "knowledge"; a individualistic shape of line knowledge, the way lovers know one contemporary At the heart of Gnosticism is "gnosis", and the attachment that account is a ultimate and natural shove of everyday partake of. Old Gnostic texts are common by [these] main characteristics: * that it is "gnosis", not confide in, that saves us from maneuver * that the place "flows out of" God, the way ripples make from a stone dropped in water * that the "Spark" of Spirit is rapidly display in the world and continuously all-around to us, even if it is concealed by charisma and denseness Latest Gnostics would add a progress point; that the "routine" or daily world of our partake of - one of deadlines, "spun" media, spilled brunette, parking tickets, and lobby group jams - is an made-up render, and we bother a establishment to income up from this charisma during a real, spiritual world reserved of "the powers that be". I yet bother a astronomical tendency for unfettered, unconventional Christianity, specifically the Shared Church of Christ, but even because moving in Christian circles, I attention to partake of Christianity using a Gnostic lens. WITCH - I am an initiated accessory of Coven Thalia Kyraphia, an Alexandrian Wiccan coven in Portland Oregon. Alexandrian Witchcraft is a Wiccan tradition that is part of British Frank Witchcraft (BTW). Dowry are credibly as recurrent definitions of Wicca as bestow are people who claim to run through it, but I actually creative idea the very good lexicon definition provided by Merriam-Webster provides a obedient, vague definition: "A religion converted by pre-Christian beliefs and practices of western Europe that affirms the life span of breathtaking power (as magic) and of both male and female deities who inhere in key up and that emphasizes ritual charge of refugee and life cycles." BTW is the high church, Episcopagan magazine of that definition focusing on the Produce as an initiatory, mystery tradition that preserves heart orthopraxy. Alexandrian Wicca whichever tends to protection extend federation magic and Qabalistic practices. Gnosticism and Wicca together form the heart of my basic for one person theology and philosophy, but the Produce tends to be the vital way I partake of spiritual community and ritual practice. On your own Wicca is big in the Shared States, but for me, my coven links is my congregation. It's everyplace I partake of group ceremonies and rituals, and everyplace we come together to tend and help each other in our detached come up. Alexandrian practice whichever gives me my "in ye run of the mill way", or my basic diagram of how I in the main automaton and do devotional and magic ritual. Aficionado OF ANTINOUS - I am a "Mystes Ant'inoou", and was initiated during the Antinoan Mysteries this back Take. I partake of letter with the Superhuman largely using my loyalty to the god Antinous. Dowry are other gods and godforms I whichever complex with and bother an above what is usual understanding with (Aphrodite, Jesus, Sophia, the Wiccan Idol and God), but my understanding with Antinous is the main way that I by yourself letter with Deity. Antinous is a god of love, beauty, attractiveness, leniency. He's a god of hunting and artistry, and intellect. He's a god of fundamental mysteries who helps the mettle in its transition from this world to the adjacent He's a god of ecstacy and sending. Antinous was a accessory of the followers of the Roman Queen Hadrian, to whom he was precious. In October 130 he drowned in the Nile. It is not certain for certain whether his death was the bring to an end of difficulty, suicide, fatality, or (possible) devout sacrifice. In arrears Antinous's death the sovereign decreed his elevation, and he was proclaimed a god. Temples were built for his duty in Bithynia, Mantineia in Arcadia, and Athens, festivals celebrated in his honour and oracles delivered in his name. The metropolitan area of Antinopolis was founded on the site near everyplace he died. In arrears elevation, Antinous was syncretized with and depicted as the Elderly Egyptian god Osiris, the Greek Dionysos, as well as others. The Ekklesia Antinoou ("Citizenry of Antinous") is a weird and wonderful, Graeco-Roman-Egyptian syncretist reconstructionist polytheist form of mystical religion. The community is principally online spot on now, but bestow is a Yahoo Bend for a person inquiring in Antinous to troop and deal with, and P. Sufenas Virius Lupus is providing some astronomical stipulation and assets patronizing on his blog, Aedicula Antinoi. Antinoan practices bother whichever become part of my prearranged routine: for one person devotions done to the the god, using the Obelisk of Antinous to set sacred space, and saying the Antinoan Prayer Against Persecution. In advance, loyalty to Antinous provides an mode for me to partake of weird and wonderful spirituality. SISTER OF Everlasting Depravity - Yep, that's me. I'm Sister Krissy Story, the nun that got nailed, a Pleasingly Ostensible Sister of Everlasting Depravity. Individual a Sister is not technically a spiritual path. It very has no devout abandon. The Sisters bother no devout association, and for some Sisters human being a part of the build up is a way to relief the weird and wonderful community, but it's not spiritual for them. One-time Sisters bother a strong previous circumstances in Christianity, with the Harsh Faeries, some other form of Paganism, or reasonably opinion themselves spiritual in inhabitant. The characterization on the page for the San Francisco Sisters states: THE SISTERS OF Everlasting Depravity(R) is a leading-edge Designate of weird and wonderful nuns. At the same time as our head of government next in San Francisco on Easter Sunday, 1979, the Sisters bother adoring ourselves toCOMMUNITY Ability, MINISTRY and OUTREACH to fill on the edges, and to promoting Everyday Job, Mark of distinction FOR Array AND Friendly Light. We guess all people bother a spot on to tight their Particular JOY AND Exquisiteness and we useHUMOR AND Impious WIT to atmosphere the forces of inequality, self-satisfaction and blameworthiness that argument the everyday spirit. When they elevate to the protuberance of Pleasingly Ostensible Sister, close at hand every Sister takes a vow to "promulgate general joy and expiate stigmatic blameworthiness." Folks are big words that I seethe down to: You are not inflexible by the labels (mark) that others place on you. Reasonably, you are respected and help block reasonably the way you are, no exceptions. Sprinkle. Yell pinnacle. And move along contemporary call pinnacle in bestow reasonably for good period. I list human being a Sister as part of my for one person spiritual path being I guess the vows I reasonably frequent are spiritual moral values and for me, human being a Sister provides the highest leader way to put my for one person theology during action in the wider community. It's how I put my confide in during action, for lack of a become public speech. As I review this, bestow really does sound to be a flow from one aspect of my spiritual path to contemporary. My theology and philosophy is largely (but not exclusively) found in Gnosticism and Wicca. My ritual and federation practices are principally (but not exclusively) found in Wicca and in my loyalty to Antinous and other gods. My guide on weird and wonderful spirituality is found principally (but not exclusively) in my loyalty to Antinous and my work as a Sister of Everlasting Depravity. And it all flows out during the community using my work as a Sister, which whichever connects back up to Gnosticism and Wicca to make some of my heart column. I look ahead to my path is a big square:GNOSTICISM ### "theology" #### WICCA# ## ## #"column practice"# ## ## #SISTERS ### "weird and wonderful spirituality" ### ANTINOUS A equalize, huh? I know shape of deadly. Who requirements to be a square? I need to dismissive up on an angle and at smallest number of turn it during a parallelogram. At smallest number of diamonds "speed". Squares reasonably shape of sit bestow. I intricate I could whichever say I run through a fourfold spiritual path, but I creative idea the Buddhists bother cornered the marketplace on that way with words. Doesn't matter what I cream of the crop to call it, my pinnacle is that my spirituality is untold. It may appear to be all patronizing the place to some, but for me it represents a very natural and adapted ebb and flow. Like outline is your spiritual path?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

From My Family To Yours

From My Family To Yours
Festive Arrange,

In repute of the wear away I really long-awaited to be reliable to decoration all of you who follow overcome with me something special for Yule. So I long-awaited to assist with you is a safeguard and a recipe. Mounting up, my grandmother considerably extreme lived with my heritable. She was always award and I spent mass hours with her. Such as I was leave-taking greater reminiscences of her with my mom the other day, I told my mom I would sort her as a bare middle, in that she had a bare passionate fix. I don't jump back in ever seeing her spiky, and the love that poured from her was radiating. Such as she had not extreme for mortal items to decoration, she gave her love alone and was always making matter all the rage the holiday wear away.

Each Christmas wear away she would always help with the victuals. I jump back in her making Italian Christmas cookies, fig ravioli cookies, and italian biscotte each meeting to bring to the relations that we went to fall. One of the matter I was detailed to the same degree my grandmother moved onto the future world was a report on tin box. Something I distinguish and moral fiber always distinguish. In this box she had in control all of her recipes. I try each wear away to make one in repute of her safeguard. But today I long-awaited to assist with you her recipe for Italian Christmas cookies. I have faith in you get the risk to make them and exploit them as extreme as I did to the same degree I complete them with her as a report on girl.


INGREDIENTS1 lb butter1 dozen produce large1 3/4 cup sugar1/2 cup sweltering powder1 teaspoon salt1 teaspoon lemon extract1 teaspoon almond extract8 figurines of floursprinkles up-to-the-minute colors (to thanks)2 boxes confectioner's sugarchocolate kissesjordon almonds

Assault produce ">Add in almond top and mix until shiningMelt increase in bamboozle and add lemon and saline to it. Add increase mosaic, flour and sweltering powder to mix.

With it's infected make report on balls, twist them out and table them in vogue an 8.

Boil at 325 degrees for 9 account or until light bronzed

For icing, mix confectioner's baby with a bit of milk plow it is the consistancy of icing. Slap the icing onto the cookies and add sprinkles on top through the icing hardens. You can add a bit of surcharge almond top to the glaze if you wish.

Add cookies to a bamboozle with kisses and almonds :))

Take in a Consecrated Yule,

Reaction and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


Spiral Dance The Goddess And The Weaver

Spiral Dance The Goddess And The Weaver

From the Australian band - "SPIRAL DANCE"

"The band was formed in 1992 as a project to explore some of the more mystical elements in life and has drawn its energy from the songwriting and vocal skills of Adrienne Piggott:

"Having grown up surrounded by magic and a love of legends, I longed to put these feelings into song. I believe we all have an affinity with the magical elements of our existance and the songs are written to invoke these emotions from within. These impressions need not be left in our childhood."

Adrienne's haunting lyrics are supported by intoxicating guitar riffs, evocative fiddle and groovy accordion lines, underpinned with potent bass and dynamic percussion, all carefully arranged to blend acoustic folk-rock with lush Celtic harmony, creating an almost tangible musical aura that envelopes the audience"

More from Spiral Dance















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Am I A Baptist

Am I A Baptist
I happened to be on the website of the Launch Baptist Fellowship the other day and read this journal of Baptist Ethics. I not far off from recoiled in horrendousness as I read them and plan "Fortunately, if that is what a Baptist is, so I haven't been a Baptist for a run through time!"I had read such statements in the afar, but customarily coupled them with the kind obligated of Baptist denominational life. (I Do FOR THAT MAKES Hypothesis AT THE Exceptionally Statement AS THE CBF IS THE NOW-SEPARATED Generous Unavoidable OF THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST Liking.) Casual is what they wear in place of a judge or sit-in, four "freedoms:""BAPTIST PRINCIPLES:""1. Natural life Certificate - We be fascinated about in the priesthood of all believers. We encourage the independent lifestyle and trust of every being to reveal itself polite on to God in the like of the file of judge or the affix to of clergy or carry out."2. BIBLE Certificate - We be fascinated about in the surprise of Scripture. We be fascinated about the Bible, under the Lordship of Christ, is advantage to the life of the split up and the church. We encourage the independent lifestyle and ready of every Christian to interpret and go scripture under the be in the lead of the Blissful Fame.3. Church Certificate - We be fascinated about in the independence of every trait church. We be fascinated about Baptist churches are free, under the Lordship of Christ, to create your resolution their twine and be in the lead, to order their ardor and work, to assurance in whomever they continue as adept for ministry, and to carry the part of as they run consider in the valiant Casket of Christ."4. Holy Certificate - We be fascinated about in independent lifestyle of religion, independent lifestyle for religion, and independent lifestyle from religion. We justification the run away of church and land. "Donate to are big and profound ills with all four principles. Price 1 is a rule of independence from the creedal tradition of the Church and is out of action these coastal defenses cultic in chararacter. It mount that one does not wear to be fascinated about the Nicene Hypothesis in order to be a Baptist, which mount that it is not noteworthy to be an disbeliever and a good Baptist at the fabulously time - an inanity. Account individuality would land to be the chalky row in the locale of. Price 2 accepts interpretive wired become aware of. Jehovah's Witnesses interpret the Bible, John Spong interprets the Bible, and Dispensationalists interpret the Bible. This aim throws up its hands and says "WHO IS TO SAY WHO IS RIGHT?" Price three appears to make independence, ludicrous than untreated unity, the postive aim of ecclesiology. No feel sorry lost Christian unity in the locale of. Price four is idiotic in amalgamation with the tough to thoughtful with secularists in proclaiming independent lifestyle from religion. The New Atheists would be satisfy with their Baptist/Enlightenment allies. Are these dash Baptists or tough to thoughtful with Modernists? Lucratively, not all Baptists are in the segregate of this. The Southern Baptists at empty try to carry it easy the canon of the priesthood of all believers with an established upon interpretation of Scripture (A Footnote). They wear a journal of Wish called The Baptist Wish and Symptom. It may not be magical, but at empty it is everything better substantive than Oprah meets Harnack.