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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

101 Things You Did Not Know About The Freemasons

101 Things You Did Not Know About The Freemasons Cover

Book: 101 Things You Did Not Know About The Freemasons by Barb Karg

True: Freemasons are the longest lasting fraternal organization in the world. True: It's members include George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Charles Lindbergh, John Wayne, and Charles Darwin, men who have helped shape the world we live in today! This is a book you could easily give someone who has been curious about Freemasonry but who might easily be put off being handed a 'Dummies' or 'Idiots' book. It's very compact (6 1/4" tall by 5 1/2" wide) and fits easily in a car's glove compartment or a suit pocket. For the price, it's inexpensive enough that you won't mind losing a few in the process. The topics are basically free-standing so it can be picked up and put down at a whim. It has a positive view about Freemasonry but it also notes the warts and pimples of time.

So how is it that this group is shrouded by mystery, myth, and murder?

101 Things You Didn't Know About the Freemasons examines this society and dispels the rumors, uncovers the truth, and brings to light such topics as:

* Masonic symbols, rites, and rituals
* Famous Freemasons and their contributions to art, literature, and science
* Alleged connections to Jack the Ripper, the KKK, and the holy Grail
* Freemasons vs. the Catholic Church
* Freemasonry in today's society

With 101 Things You DidnOt Know About the Freemasons, youOll unlock the secrets of this fascinating, age-old organization in no time! With a Technical Review by John K. Young, Ph.D.

Buy Barb Karg's book: 101 Things You Did Not Know About The Freemasons

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