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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Alchemical Keys To Masonic Ritual

The Alchemical Keys To Masonic Ritual Cover

Book: The Alchemical Keys To Masonic Ritual by Timothy Hogan

This is an excellent book that all Masons should be required to read after completing the Master Masons degree. This book explains the true meaning of many of the allegorical charges in Masonic ritual. Once a Mason realizes there is more to the story they can begin their Philosophical journey and become a true, "lover of truth".

This is the first book which establishes a direct link between the rituals of Freemasonry and the practice of both chemical and spiritual alchemy. Albert Pike understood that the symbolic degrees of Freemasonry contained alchemical secrets, but he never put the whole pattern together and showed how. This book shows these connections for the first time. This book is a must for any Freemason who wants to understand the secret meanings behind the Symbolic "Blue Lodge" ritual.

This book should be up on the shelf with every other alchemical book you own. It is essential reading for the alchemist and the mason to understand the corillations between the two. Not only is it incredibly insightful but each page is meaty in content. For those old masons trapped in business-meeting-masonry, this is essential to Understanding the craft. This is ancient knowledge for the NEWMASONRY. A fine read by one of the best alchemy teachers out there today!

Buy Timothy Hogan's book: The Alchemical Keys To Masonic Ritual

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