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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Freemasons What They Are What They Do What They Are Aiming At

The Freemasons What They Are What They Do What They Are Aiming At Cover

Book: The Freemasons What They Are What They Do What They Are Aiming At by Louis Gaston De Segur

It is important to remember that this book was written in France in the year 1869. The author, Louis Gaston de Segur (1820-1881) was a French Bishop and French apologist. He dedicated himself to the evangelization of the people in Paris; the children, the poor, the imprisoned soldiers to whom he was the volunteer and gratuitous chaplain. Besides his apostleship and ministry he was also engaged in writing. Some of his writings were destined to make known or defend Catholic ideas concerning questions which occupied public attention; others to extend or to confirm his apostolate of preaching. The author intended his apologetic books for the people and for all who ignored religion. They were mostly brief pamphlets vigilant, full of vivacity and spirit, written with a frankness wholly French in a popular style, sprinkled with caustic irony. His zeal was crowned with success, his little books attained numerous editions. This book is a spirited, caustic, and very frank look at Freemasonry in 1869.


The Name Freemason ---- There is Freemason and Freemason ---- What is the Secret of the Customary Recruiting of Freemasonry? ---- With what Ceremonies one is made a Freemason ---- First and Terrible Trial of the Apprentice Mason ---- The Three Journeys; a Second Trial of the Apprentice Mason ---- The Final Trials ---- The Oath ---- Of the Degree of Companion, the Second Masonic Degree ---- Of the Third Degree, the Degree of Master Mason ---- Of the High Degrees of Freemasonry ---- Of the High Degree of Judge-Philosopher-Grand-Commander-Unknown ---- Of the High Degree Knight Kadosch ---- Of the High Degree of Rosicrucian ---- Of True Freemasonry, which is Occult, and all Secret ---- Horrible Excesses Practiced by the Masons of the Back Lodges ---- What the Brothers of the Back Lodges Think and Say of, and Expect to do with, their Dear Brothers of the Exterior Lodges ---- How the Masons of the Back Lodges make use of, and Manage the Princes and Noblemen who Join Freemasonry ---- Does Masonry Love the Poor as it would have us Believe? ---- That Freemasonry is, in spite of its Sayings, Essentially Impious, Anti-Christian and Atheist ---- About Adoption by Freemasonry, otherwise Female Freemasonry ---- How Masonry Finds its Happiness in the worship of the Sun ---- The Masonic Press ---- That Freemasonry is Beginning to lay Hold on Youth by Means of Instruction and Education...

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