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Saturday, February 20, 2010

1 The Magician I

1 The Magician I


Caring choice, introduction, cleverness, everything is achievable, outward show, talent, treat, leave, sanguinity, vernacular, meandering, composure, work, new early years, engineering and overwork.








Alike RUNE:


Alike I CHING:



New skills and potentials user-friendly and opportunities and adventures recounting.




Blow your own horn


Affiliated COLOUR:



The Law Master of The Juggler card is the MASTER HILARION. He watches more than the 1 (one) energy. His energy stimulates the mental services.

The MASTER HILARION works on the energy of the 5th Ray, and gives these energies to populace instinctive on the 10th, 19th and 28th of the months, aswell as populace instinctive in January and October.

MASTER HILARION'S vibratory colour is apparent orange. The MASTER HILARION offers help to populace who may sustain transgressed to the lowest point of sully.

The MASTER HILARION helps ready cleansing and healing the physical, mental and tearful selves.


On the trestleboard of the Cabala, and within the Tree of Handiwork (Yggdrasil), Channel 1 connects sephira Kether (1) keyword: understanding,

with Binah (3) keyword: topmost.

The energy of The Juggler combines understanding with cleverness, to leave us the key tools enviable to reproduce and jump our own survival.


Astragalus is the herb linked with The Juggler. It is a herb of cleverness, and is a digestive and a diaretic. It is the best powerful of herbal immune tonics.

Allegorically, Astragalus is hand-me-down to aid mean inclusion of nutrition, along as well as data and concept. It is next multipurpose for penchant, collapse and sluggishness and aids populace who sustain a drift to touch the aloof.

The Fantastic meaning is cleverness, intense imply and the leave to create anything one decides.


The Juggler represents the energies of the Place.

As the prototype of the masculine target, the Juggler represents someone who is wily to crash into his goals ready his creative abilities and his skills in using the tools user-friendly to him.

The Juggler symbolizes the beginning of something when everything is achievable. It can be a start of a new evaluation, the origin of a new picture or creative monitor, or a monetary document. The Juggler is a unwavering troop realizing his full ability by rob positive action and focusing his design and energies to the responsibility at hand.

This includes employing magic.

The point of the Juggler is to learn to go within and use your Fantastic powers. We prerequisite learn to know ourselves, and we prerequisite know our true requirements by delving vast, furthermore laying them out and believing that all is achievable for populace who sustain support.

The Juggler card is one of the brain.

One hand of The Juggler is neurotic a wand (that of the individuality nature) and pointing it upwards to the vent, and the other is pointing down, portentous the sketch of power from a above spreader, and directing it towards practical, worldly matters. The hand pointing to the Land-living tells of the joining of spirit and industry and of bringing supplies to fruition.

As well as indicative of the talent to expertise energies, The Juggler indicates charm, articulateness, and the leave to lead others.

The further than robes of the Juggler indicates belongings requirements, cleverness and friendship. The Magician's white robes feature spirituality within the troop.

The tangled serpent depicted in the Juggler card represents transmutation, rebuilding and eternity.

The vegetation and green menace poster the spiritual energies within all supplies.

The Lemniscate, which symbolizes each one eternity and eternity in occult wisdom, can be modestly seen more than the guide of The Juggler. It depicts cosmic nature.

The Lemniscate is the symbol of continuous description... no beginning and no end... constantly was and constantly choice be. The Lemniscate indicates someone who is an old sample who has had plentiful and spacious faint lives. They sustain researcher from the lessons of the faint, and now sustain all the tools enviable on this earth for this constant.

The Juggler depicts a troop who craves enthusiasm, but who next has a trust to do supplies the mark way and to help plentiful others. The Juggler is one who recurrently walks within Fantastic essence, despite the fact that article a part of the earthplane.

The Juggler tells of wisdom, talent and state of cast, and using all aspects of your knowledge in a practical way, to tear down obstacles and hold down the best as it should be and successful outcome spring.

The Juggler gives one the power of privilege - you are not get trendy any situation; relieve is point by your male spirit guide/s.

On an inner level, The Juggler acts as a guide between the conscious morning world and the dark hidden automatic recesses of the way of thinking. He brings to light knowledge which is mysterious to you conscious minds. He may encircle as a hustle of ambiance which recurrently defies logic, and yet is carefully worked-out. We recurrently find ourself interim opposed to our instincts and work what is logically acceptable, habitually with unsatisfactory have a disagreement. If we sustain the harvest to be there to the dictates of The Juggler within us, the encouragement can be sumptuously accommodating. Like we are in composition with The Juggler within, life does not noise considerably so precarious.

The Juggler stands for the inner guide who spiritedly yet soothing prompts us to reach and seal our ability. He offers us opportunities in the areas of emotions (Dishware), creative prophecy (Wands), the brain (Swords) and of the belongings world (Pentacles). The four symbols laid out on the stage sooner than The Juggler move the tools he offers us to aid in exploring these four realms of comprise.

The energy of The Juggler combines understanding with cleverness, to leave us the key tools enviable to reproduce and jump or own survival.

Instinctive powers are reflected by The Juggler - the sixth air - the part in you which 'knows' on a vast level that which your conscious custody can emphatically go out with.

The Juggler, article correlated to the be included 1, tells of new early years and changes. The be included 1 denotes control and independence. It tells of new starts and new behavior that choice uphold liberty and determination. Reach a decision takes harvest, strong resolve and rigidity in all areas, so that the objective can be achieved.

The be included 1 is planned is masculine and private. The announcement lair of the be included 1 is the Sun, and it is correlated to the star sign Aries.

The be included 1 is the phase.

The influences of Aries, the Cardinal Talk excitedly sign, and Mercury (Air), may poster some health evils pertaining to stress, break up and headaches.

Time ruled by Mercury, the Juggler represents much-repeated and state, and a natural leave to understand. Mercury brings with it a keen energy, strong innate abilities, agility and talent. Mercury and is a lair of transition.



On a regular basis, when the Juggler appears in a spread it indicates that you are footer in the mark running. Use your choice and harvest and sustain support and a positive manner to bring about what you choice and presume. Notify that you are well-blessed and that everything is achievable ready the power of a above spreader. You sustain all the tools you be deficient in to produce in this constant. Use them deftly. The Juggler asks that you act to set eyes on your requirements and ambitions.

Like the Juggler appears in a reading it may be relating of a as it should be new job or occupational defeat for you, in which you choice use your massive skills, talents and abilities.

The Juggler depicts a troop of decree who brings with him the power to do good. In a reading, this may be indicative of that you may bring in help, relieve and caution from someone in your life decorous the outlining of The Juggler.

The Juggler appearing in a reading may next move relieve from spiritual guides, followed by, all supplies are achievable. Further aspects are articulateness, learning new skills or trades.

Like The Juggler appears in a reading it tells that one has the leave to get securely in life, as want very much as they set eyes on that obstacles are display to be tear down.

Like The Juggler appears in a reading, it may be indicative of an incline of energy, knowledge of prestigious new opportunities and uncultivated imply. The Juggler makes it forgive that journeys do authorization.

The Juggler asks that you constantly be distressed with making transportation with others, lattice settle that our opinions are our own.

The use of words is of roomy weightiness. Any news item neediness be entered trendy with high philosophy - or else negative connotations may oppose sample menace.

In a spread, The Juggler appearing may be a point for you to potential caution from someone who is a certainty within their local office, to hold down that you extract the indicate information and caution to hold down your getting.

Like the Juggler appears in a reading, pay glut design to the cards encompassing the Juggler, as they curb the key to what is beginning and why. You prerequisite furthermore way your ambiance in order to find the best course of action.

Wrong side up MEANING:

"KEYWORDS:"Severity of leave, mean vernacular, unreliability, utilize, infidelity, exploitation, self-deceit, tarnish, lies, mis-use of power, a brutal state of affairs.

Like the Juggler appears on its head in a reading, it may be indicative of an abuse of power and he use of manipulating words and behavior to suitable one's own heedless wishes and wishes. Organize are hidden truths and achievable dishonesty, so look as if deeper trendy a state of affairs.

The Juggler tells of someone who may be behaving immorally and is considerably the bilker and manipulator in an horrible state of affairs. Groove doubtless oppressed by diverse, or someone is trying to action the leftovers of reproach. You are warned to plunk settle.

The Juggler, on its head, may be implying that you are not applying yourself to the job at hand and you choice not crash into anything positive unless your manner is numerous.

The on its head Juggler card may next be relating of a lack of will-power and thrust. The Juggler on its head indicates the incapability to turn rumination trendy action at this time. This is due to mean control and vernacular skills, and the lack of experiences and sanguinity.

It next implies that you are not qualified to administer within a state of affairs and you are allowing obstacles to crack and bar you.

Like The Juggler appears on its head in a spread it may be indicative of a lack of support in the self which allows you to paper or undergo mean workmanship, dishonesty or cunning.

The on its head Juggler may be implying that lattice roof to a state of affairs and clinging to the faint is causing you to twiddle your thumbs, which vegetation you have a weakness for drained and languid and with no air of line running. Hence, a con or loan shark would find you an easy object at this time, so do not sign any papers or commit yourself either by word or set. Do not part with money for any schemes for at most minuscule the inspection four to six weeks. Widen yourself time to assume with sensitivity sooner than you uphold action.

The Juggler appearing on its head may be relating of a mis-use or abuse of power or talent for destructive or negative ends, and a mis-use of first-rate talents.

On the negative feature, when the Juggler appears on its head in a Tarot spread, it represents emptiness, infidelity, and cheek, thereby untrue others trendy making sham choices.


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