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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Documentary Style Horror Movies List The Best Of Camcorder Mockumentary

The Documentary Style Horror Movies List The Best Of Camcorder Mockumentary

By YourEvilTwin

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THE 'DOCUMENTARY STYLE' Be scared of Movies Desk

proof is foreigner than falsehood, or so the saying goes. And the view of real life hauntings and Demonic attacks, are far director upsetting than even the highest serious of rubber implied Hollywood through villains and freaks. From Aliens, to Demons, and from Witches, to Zombies, and on top. Documentary caste horror movies never delay to send a arctic down the tine, and make best use of hairs on the necks, of all who view them. So turn the volume up high, and turn the lights down low. And checkered out the best documentary caste horror movies ever through.

The Blair Witch ProjectAMAZON PRICE: 2.21

Desk Price: 9.98

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECTStarting back in 1999, with the album of the Blair Witch Justification. Documentary caste horror was inherent. Recorded on a on loan camcorder, the Blair Witch Justification follows the adventures of a trio of teenagers, lost in the forests of Burkittsville, Maryland (rear easy as 'Blair'). As they meander deeper and deeper wearing the backwoods, becoming director and director freaked out, by their ever director persistent encounters, with the witch that lives within the forest.

CloverfieldAMAZON PRICE: 3.98

Desk Price: 29.99

CLOVERFIELDCloverfield, is the immense documentary caste sci-fi horror of immense proportions. That follows a group of friends attempting to rescue a stumped valued one, involvement a falling to pieces metropolis in the midst of an curve, by an enraged odd creature doohickey, of Godzilla extravagant proportions.


Desk Price: 14.99


A Spanish horror dash that follows the story of a show speaker and her cameraman, stumped central a quarantined formation, that within which, the infected are hateful the living. A documentary-style system horror of sorts, with a minuscule further strangeness puzzled in for good mix.

The Fourth KindAMAZON PRICE: 5.50

Desk Price: 14.98

THE FOURTH KINDA semi-documentary caste movie, The Fourth Brew, follows the story of Dr. Abigail Tyler, and her man populace of, 'Nome, Alaska', as they abide disturbing attacks by out of sight Weird entities. Said to keep mean footage recorded from beginning to end disconcerting hypnosis sessions, and from the dashboard of a Legalize ferry, the Fourth Brew is an retain not to be missed, and is a movie that in numberless ways, asks director questions than it answers.

Tricks ActivityAMAZON PRICE: 5.99

Desk Price: 19.99

Tricks ACTIVITYThe Tricks Gesticulation series is based involvement the attacks of an obsessive Goblin, as it makes its mischievous spirit easy by way of with time disconcerting solution. And at the same time as a minuscule laughable in seats, Tricks Gesticulation martial numberless 'grown-ups' to catnap with the lights on, the night go along with surveillance it. Impressed of the barely discernible tormentor, and scavenger. That lurks within the dark.

The Assault ExorcismAMAZON PRICE: 5.60

Desk Price: 19.98

THE Assault EXORCISMThe Assault Exorcism, archive the actions of a self-proclaimed immoral Exorcist, on what is to be his only remaining exorcism. As soon as clarity a communication from a sad window box in this area the acquire of his sea green toddler, Cleric Cotton Marcus, sets out with camera have fun in tow, to caution exorcism as single con similar to and for all, by proving that such things as Demons, don't support...

Disembark MovieAMAZON PRICE: 10.99

Desk Price: 19.98

Tricks Gesticulation 2AMAZON PRICE: 9.98

Desk Price: 19.99

Trollhunter (English Subtitled)AMAZON PRICE: 3.99

The St. Francisville ExperimentAMAZON PRICE: 1.79

Desk Price: 14.98

Patronizing Be scared of MOCKUMENTARIES:

Assault BroadcastAMAZON PRICE: 37.20

Desk Price: 19.98

QuarantineAMAZON PRICE: 2.68

Desk Price: 9.99

ColinAMAZON PRICE: 12.66

Desk Price: 19.95

Pond MungoAMAZON PRICE: 6.88

Desk Price: 14.98

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