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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Practical Angel Magic Of Dr John Dee

Practical Angel Magic Of Dr John Dee
The authors have discovered what happened to one of John Dee`s most important manuscripts, his book of personal angelic invocations which he
kept in Latin, and how it was preserved and developed by 17th century magicians into a full working magical system. Only a small part of this material reached the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the 1880s.
Even this was then suppressed by the chiefs of the Order, and it did not
appear in Israel Regardie`s monumental work on the Order rituals.

They have also traced how the classical techniques of invocation and evocation drawn from late mediaeval grimoires, were passed through John Dee`s magic, via Elias Ashmole, to the aristocratic angel magicians of the 17th century, including some of the most powerful and influential figures in England.

In the 20th century many fanciful constructions were added to Golden Dawn Enochian. Even writers such as Aleister Crowley were seemingly all unaware of the completely developed system that already existed, and which is here published in full for the first time.

This volume is a 294 page hardcover book