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Monday, July 31, 2006

Keeping The Mason Secret

Keeping The Mason Secret Cover How has Freemasonry remained so secret over such a long period of time?

Perhaps it is only that many of the lowly Master Masons dont yet know what they have joined? I do believe that the majority of freemasons (master masons 3rd degree) still dont know what it represents and have no real interest in finding out. In fact I think it is a requirement that the Entered Apprentice doesn't know what they are joining when they request access, other than it appears to be a club where hard working and honest people meet. Its a club where they drink (an important catharian element by the way) and occasionally get the odd career boost. I would assume this equally applies to the female equivalent of the eastern star.

However what of the other 30 degrees? Further up the degree ladder ,and where the money is. They must know what it is all about. Interestingly, to progress onwards from the 3rd degree, the master mason has to be invited as opposed to requesting advancement and automatically being able to do so.

How is it kept secret? Primarily the aged old method of propaganda and mis-information. This is exactly what is found when researching free-masonry. Particularly from masonic publications, written by freemasons not necessarily printed by them. Alternative theories, poorly argued points and a whole host of mis-leading mis-information. Smoke. The obvious tactic being to obscure the woods with the trees. Yet is there something more?

Are its members afraid of some sort of spiritual retribution? To answer that I took the position of a distant observer and tried to see the bigger picture.

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