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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What Is Jurisdiction

What Is Jurisdiction Cover 1. 1. Refers to the State. The Jurisdiction of Massachusetts-the Jurisdiction of Oregon-mean the Grand Lodges and all the individual lodges of those States.
2. 2. Refers to the power of the Grand Master. He has jurisdiction over all the Masons in his State whether they be members of his lodges or sojourning Masons from other Grand Lodges.
3. 3. Refers to the territory over which a lodge has control as far as applications are concerned. Often in rural districts, jurisdictional lines are tightly drawn, so that no lodge accepts applications from men who live within the territorial jurisdiction of another lodge. In cities, "concurrent jurisdiction" is usual, any man being free to apply to any lodge within the city limits.
4. 4. Refers to the power a lodge has over its rejected candidates; the right to give, or withhold, permission for rejected material to apply elsewhere. "Penal jurisdiction," as this is sometimes called, varies in different Grand Lodges. In some, it is perpetual, in others, it lapses after a certain length of time.

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