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Monday, September 3, 2007

Isaak Newton And Freemasonry

Isaak Newton And Freemasonry Cover There is no verifiable record of Newton being a Freemason. Despite this lack of evidence, Isaac Newton is still Frequently identified as being a member of several early Masonic Lodges including the Grand Lodge of England. There is currently a Freemason Lodge operating at Cambridge University named The Isaac Newton University Lodge, however this does not emphatically mean that Isaac Newton was a founder or even a member, as there are many social and scholastic clubs which bear his name.

Considering the lack of records concerning early Freemasonry and the belief that the modern structure of the organization was partly established during Newton's lifetime in and around London, there is continued speculation as to the role that Newton may have had in the formation of Masonic Orders in their modern context. Newton's membership of The Royal Society and the fact that many Royal Society members have been identified as early Freemasons has led many to believe Newton was a Mason himself. It is clear that Newton was deeply interested in architecture, sacred geometry, and the structure of the Temple of Solomon, a subject that also interested many notable Freemasons of the era. However, ultimately there is no evidence to directly connect Newton to Freemasonry.

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