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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Danceofthevampires Sol

Danceofthevampires Sol


Written by Martyn Westwood

Protest march Turn by Dorothy Millard (C64 Make)

Chapter I

(Origin in a lecturer which drops you out-of-the-way an inn), IN, N, Standpoint BAR (see a creep, the register and a distress), Standpoint Be full (verbal skill tool), Standpoint Catalog (inane take cover book), Standpoint Distress (hand distress), Tolling Distress (the innkeeper arrives and picks up a key after that asks if you unkind two rooms or apt one), ONE (he asks you to sign the register), Foreshadowing Catalog (you haul the key which uncle takes... the hunchback enters and goes tardy the bar), Standpoint Foreshadowing ("Bang on the bar for a eat"), Bang ON BAR (you are asked if you unkind a eat), YES (a panel if comprehensive with vodka), Standpoint Piece, Devour VODKA, S, E (you are meeting at a spreadsheet with a gardener and a gravedigger), ASK GARDENER Almost Retreat (a eccentric place... no one has ever returned... the agree and his son are never seen finished the day... current is discussion of eccentric rituals), ASK GRAVEDIGGER Almost RITUALS (abundant kinfolk retain used up, all active sooner than midnight... they can free be sacrificed at midnight at everything called The Jump about of the Vampires).

W (you are active to your room in which you snooze and dream... you are meeting in a gipsies pergola in the centre of midstream fairground in which you can see an oak spreadsheet and a magical orb, a crystal bubble and gypsy... she tells you to autograph her palm with silver and she'll connect your fruitfulness), Check (you retain a silver coin),
Livid GIPSIES PALM In the midst of White (she says you are in imperfect inconvenience... the land you retain entered is the Carpathian Mountains... you are told to go back and never return... the mist sweeps out from the crystal bubble engulfing you... a long time ago the mist finally clears you are in a ache sentient to find the innkeeper stepping up in to say that Tanya has been active... he tells you to accept formerly his spouse the same as he goes to the area for help), OUT, U, S (you retain Anna apt in the cut of time), Standpoint Pane (merely open), Conclusion Pane, OUT, D, D, N, N (tardy the bar), Standpoint SHELVES (current are three, the top one has a heavy cask of ale, the moment one is full of vodka bottles and the third is ravage), Assume Protuberance, Assume NAILS.

S, S, U, U, S (Anna's room), Indispensable Hobble TO Pane, Standpoint Pane (it is now boarded up), Check (uncle has in his bag a key and a book... the innkeeper enters, takes Anne and dashes out... the gravedigger and the gardener chronicle asking for the innkeeper... you are told you hardship travel up inwards the mountains and get the help of the agree)...... END OF Chapter 1).

Chapter 2

(Origin standing sooner than the contact to the fastness), Check (you retain uncle's bag), Standpoint Measure (icicles apply from the hands), E, N (by a heavy wall - track record the route exceed all the rage), Assume RAG, N, W, N (necropolis), Assume Ladle, Standpoint GRAVES (two new isolated graves lie in the catch sight of), IN (bound), Standpoint Tomb (the lid is through of hefty stone), Fall foul of Tomb (the lid shatters and a slant says
"It's not midnight yet", turns elegant and goes back to snooze
), Standpoint Tomb (internal is decaying skeleton - track record you cannot get the handkerchief), OUT, S (by shed), Assume Tie, IN (potting shed), Assume BOX, Standpoint BOX (full of matches),
Assume Furnace, OUT, E.

Arise Hiker (gallery), U (cover of fastness), S, S (by the side of three outlet pots),
Standpoint Shaft (vapors is coming out), GET Steps, S (edge of ledge with a meet), Shove Down (to a ledge - uncle lands by the side of you), IN (to a bound - track record uncle gets caught up in the sheet), GET Make use of, W (midstream room - the count's son is all the rage and prevents you opening the treasure chest), Standpoint Measure (it's nitpicky... you see a key tardy the pendulum), GET KEY (the pendulum's in the way), TIE Make use of TO Tie, Cease PENDULUM In the midst of Tie, Assume KEY, E, E (block materialize), W (contact), PUT RAG IN Furnace, Lighthearted RAG In the midst of MATCHES (the icicles on the clock slant begin to temperate and the hands become colonize of ice), Stretch Steps, Arise Steps, Turn Measure (the clock strikes countless epoch... the stepladder collapses drive backwards you and you fall down... you notice a skeleton), Standpoint Carcass (it's whistling), E, N, N, W, N, IN (bound), Standpoint Tomb (see a club), Assume Baton, OUT, S, E.

S (by wall in which the route exceed), DIG In the midst of Ladle (the snow measure uncovers a midstream entrance embedded in the showground), D (to a midstream uninteresting room), Standpoint HUNCHBACK, HIT HUNCHBACK In the midst of Baton (he falls impressed), Standpoint HUNCHBACK (he has wide pockets in his coating), Standpoint POCKETS (you find a autograph), Assume Livid, U, N.

Arise Hiker (gallery), Standpoint Pane (light shines and internal a fire burns), W (important gallery), Standpoint Pane (light shines and internal a fire burns), W (west gallery), Standpoint Pane (it's dark... a field rim holds the panel together), Assume Cable, E, E, U, S, S, S (edge of ledge), Shove Down (uncle's legs are perched out of the sheet), Draw UNCLES LEGS (so you can get unhappy), IN (bound), W (midstream room), Standpoint MAN (the count's son is in his prompt twenties and wears a red crinkly cape), Take its toll Livid TO MAN (he staggers back and plants the room), Standpoint DRAWERS, Fall foul of DRAWER, Standpoint DRAWER (you find a red book), Assume Regard, Standpoint Regard (on hypnotism), E, E (by block materialize), W (contact), Assume Steps, E, N, N, Arise Hiker (gallery), U (cover), S, S, S (edge of ledge), Shove Down, Draw UNCLE'S LEGS (again), Stretch Steps, Arise Steps, N, N, N, D, D, S (by wall), D (uninteresting room), HYPNOTISE HUNCHBACK, Fall foul of Application In the midst of Cable, W......... END OF Chapter 3).

Chapter 3

(Origin in the fastness hall in which the hunchback bids you to trail him), N (dining room), Assume Chair, Assume Piece, Assume Plate, Standpoint Witness (from the agree), OUT, S, W (laboratory), Standpoint ROD (two inches ache and horizontal at each ends), Standpoint GRINDSTONE, Open your heart to UNCLE TO Outlet GRINDSTONE, Ideal ROD ON GRINDSTONE, Assume ROD, OUT, E (meeting room), Assume Bottle, Standpoint Bottle (full of swig), Standpoint Closet (see a drinks slot machine), Standpoint Vending machine (it's insincere... current is a
1-3 litres flaw
), Disorder Vending machine TO TWO LITRE Icon In the midst of Slurp, Fall foul of Application (of cabinet), Standpoint Protuberance (on it is a keep out), Assume Debar, OUT, N, N (ballroom),
Stretch Chair, Attitude ON Chair, Draw CHANDELIER (it comes booming down), Assume CHANDELIER, S, W (back to dining room - the agree and his son are now all the rage),
Take into account, Devour WINE (you are escorted to your room).

OUT, U, W, N (red bedroom - you are lethargic... uncle rushes in from the east saying his entrance is sheltered), Standpoint Application (coupled to the wall by hefty brass hinges which are clear-cut to the wall by screws), Unfasten SCREWS In the midst of ROD (the entrance falls off onto your thoughts), Assume Application, E (inwards green bedroom), Assume CANDLE, W, OUT, E, D, S, W (laboratory), Standpoint Feature (you see a bunsen burner, carafe and tubing), Reckon Piece Asleep Stream, PUT CANDLE IN Container (heat from the bunsen burner melts the candle and molten wax oozes unhappy the tubing and inwards the panel),
OUT, N, E (study), Standpoint Register (see a dictionary), Assume Dictionary, PUT Dictionary ON BOOKCASE (the arise creaks and the foot shudders as it spins all but at the appointed time... you find yourself standing on the edge of a very wide hole),
Standpoint Strike (it's related to an oak beam high advanced you), Draw Strike (the beam comes tangent exoneration the tie and it falls at your feet), TIE Strike TO CHANDELIER, TIE Strike TO Wand, Throw Strike (it lands with a leg on each side of the hole in which the chandelier fixes itself to the saloon), N (far surface of crevasse).

N (forte), Standpoint Transportable (it's fenced in with ache flatten bars but the entrance does not fit as snugly as the bars and has a gap of two inches together with the entrance and the foot... Tanya is in the retreat), Standpoint Tomb (chipboard and holding the body of the Innkeeper), Connect Application TO Tomb In the midst of WAX, Standpoint Tomb (now hermetically sealed), Standpoint Painting, Assume Painting, Standpoint Debar (a Mickey Finn), PUT Debar IN Piece, Disorder Piece In the midst of Slurp, PUT Piece ON Plate, Slew Plate Asleep Application (Tanya drinks it after that falls on sale), S, S, Standpoint BOOKCASE, Assume Dictionary (the room spins again), OUT.

N (ballroom), Standpoint Pane (there's a hoarse coating of shipshape on the sheet bookshelf...
the finished are open
), Forty winks Painting ON Mantelpiece, Draw Column, Standpoint Curtains (now treacherous), S, S (hall), Standpoint Measure (to see the time), N, Standpoint Spine Rest, N, Standpoint ALTAR, Take into account, S, S, Standpoint Measure (waiting for midnight), N (you are confounded out... friendship order now be arriving for the Jump about of the Vampires... the preliminary two corpses order apply their coats on the coating withstand... hold on examining objects until the count's son is in wide switch with the third skeleton to emerge), Assume COATS, Hold close COATS, N (you now chronicle... the agree is standing elegant the altar), Draw Column (decisive the picture of the new day daybreak... a person dives for trust... the agree joins them and drops a injury), Assume Jab, Standpoint ALTAR (related to it is Anna... the take cover thongs are securely related), CUT THONGS In the midst of Jab (releasing Anna), S, U, W (end of gallery), Shove OUT OF Pane.


You retain finished The Jump about of the Vampires.

You are a vampire forager and retain finished 100% of your experience.