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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Are Freemasons Really Pagans

Are Freemasons Really Pagans Cover No.

The question hinges on the definition of the term. Pagan can mean unenlightened or irreligious. Augustine Tertullian uses the term "heathen" in much the same sense to refer to one who is not a Christian, Jew or Muslim. The majority of freemasons are practicing Christians, Jews and Muslims and are therefore not pagan in this sense. By this definition though, Buddhists, Hindus and adherents of many other faiths and beliefs would be termed pagan. The term pagan has been used as a blanket condemnation of those who are not Christian or not a member of the particular church of the person using the term. No discussion is possible with those who define their terms to suit their own purposes.

Pagan can also simply refer to pre-Christian. This reflects an historical fact and no criticism should be leveled against the intellectual development and literary qualities of, for instance, the early Greeks, simply because they weren't Christian.

But all these definitions turn on religious beliefs. Freemasonry is neither a religion nor does it promote any particular religious beliefs. Individual freemasons may be termed pagan by narrow-minded sectarians, but Freemasonry can be no more pagan than a town council because it practices a democratic process developed by ancient Greeks, or the medical profession because doctors swear an Hippocratic oath.

Those who would accuse Freemasonry of being pagan generally use the term as a synonym for non-Christian, which becomes a synonym for un-Christian, and by extension, a synonym for anti-Christian.

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