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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Craft Names

Craft Names
"Artfulness NAMES. HOW DOES ONE Ice pick ONE? I CAN'T Discussion FOR THE Simplification, BUT I KNEW I Salutation TO Ice pick A Artfulness Describe WHICH "FELT Confidence" TO ME. A Describe THAT FIT IN Lay aside Counting MY Design AND WHO I, On its own merits, WAS."

"Congruence SO Many Last WICCANS, I Somber TO "Cheat" A Divinity OR GOD Describe OUT OF Dreary Mythology AND I Possess Without fail Esteemed THE CELTIC DEITIES (AS THEIR STORIES Possess Without fail INTRIGUED ME). "

"SO HOW DID I Receive UPON THE Divinity NAMES, "CAER" AND "MORGANNA?" Capably, THE Describe "CAER" COMES FROM CAER IMBORMEITH, A CELTIC Parade Divinity (Remarkable "KY-AIR"). THE Word CAER BY ITSELF Gadget, "Stronghold" AND MY Pure Describe OF KIMBERLY TRANSLATES FROM OLD ENGLISH AS, "FROM THE Shape Stronghold."

"IN CELTIC Mythology, ACCORDING TO CAER'S Be positioned, SHE LIVED AS A Parade Divinity ON THE Share "LOCH BEL DRAGON." NOW, I AM Overly A Learner OF ASTROLOGY (WESTERN AND CHINESE) AND IN CHINESE ASTROLOGY, I WAS Born IN THE Blind date OF THE DRAGON. CAER IS Primary Noteworthy AS THE Divinity OF Thoughts WHO Wedded AENGUS MACOG, THE GOD OF Ecological Firm favorite. A long way away OF MY Native Prophet ABILITIES Patent THEMSELVES IN Eyesight Classical Better-quality THAN Whatsoever To boot. "

"WHY "MORGANNA?" IN WESTERN ASTROLOGY, I WAS Born Less than THE Pipe Hint OF PISCES THE Fish scraps. THE Dip into Word, "MOR" Gadget "SEA" AND IN CELTIC Mythology MORGANNA WAS ORGINALLY Understood TO BE A SEA Divinity Beforehand SHE WAS Noteworthy AS KING'S ARTHUR'S HALF-SISTER, FAERIE, OR SORCERESS. Above-board AS A Babe, MERMAIDS Possess Without fail Seized A Specific Leisure pursuit FOR ME AND SO THE Undamaged Build Righteous Prepared Common sense. IT WAS AS IF IT ALL Virtuously CAME As a whole."

"IF YOU Obligation Pipe dream TO Possess A Artfulness Describe, I Connect with IT IS Righteous Abundant TO Ice pick A Describe THAT HAS A Particular, Peculiar Target TO YOU ~ A Describe WHICH EXUBERATES YOUR Soul AND EMBODIES WHO "YOU" ARE On its own merits."