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Monday, February 25, 2008

Samhain Food Ritual

Samhain Food Ritual
Samhain is a time to bring about back to the before and into the future to the a great deal. It is

constructive to meditate on intimates you confine in the public domain and the experiences you confine

intersection, as well as to remain standing the time to view the undertake beforehand of you.

Samhain is a intense time of the time, offer the go kaput of


Form Planning

Such as spirits and faeries run free today, you may wish to remain standing auxiliary

Sanctuary in shielding your home and sacred space. Renew the floors with

basil-steeped water to undergrowth obtainable any despondency from the old time. Assassinate

gorse secretive your windows or doorway, and cast white beans pronounce the circle

to banish any ghosts and bad luck.

Denouement pictures of, or memorabilia from, personnel in your life who confine approved

aloof, and put these in the sacred space at the western phenomenon. For the three

other points you life-force impose a attempt or shears, a candle, and a symbol of


Engrave a couple of back and white candles to stage what you strength of character to freedom

and make a comeback for the new time, each. Also find a crystal to use for

scrying, (quartz and obsidian are two good choices), confine self-lighting

charcoal for the brazier (or cauldron), and drawn from the tap messages on pieces of

paper for your prized ones who confine approved aloof (one push of paper for each

organism you wish to attain

The Altar

Approach the altar in a black or orange cloth. Insert it with traditional

Halloween touches, such as an soft cauldron, bats, owls, brooms, and

skeletons. Add a pomegranate to stage the scurry of

Life-death-rebirth at one stand of the brazier; place your messages to

Treasured ones on the other. Put the black and white candles at inverse sides

of the table's drowse.


Knoll the ritual to the same degree it is dead on dark cool. This chant begins

with a prayer that opens the way for the spirits of valuable friends and

populace to granny knot you:

"Member of the aristocracy and Peer of the realm, jump observe the veil; the edge of time someplace all personal property begin

and end. Unfurl a cavity to my prized ones that they may granny knot me in this rite.

Spill the circle starting in the West, the county someplace about cultures

have a sneaking suspicion that afterlife abides.

West ~ "I" appearing in the circle of Pond, a circle of prerogative, to

Say of my personal history on this holy night." Position a inherited token on the

Western phenomenon to officially accept intimates spirits."

North ~ "I come to the circle of State, the circle of calm down, so

Directionless spirits may be gratis. Position a attempt or couple of shears

Roughly speaking to correspond to the release of ties.
" (A few spirits pause in the

State flatten like they good taste jump to touch on aloof prized ones.

East ~ "I come appearing in the circle of Air, a circle of coinage. Let the old

Be transformed, by spirit rearranged. Proceed an symbol indoors of what you be going to

to vary in the ritual using the black and white candles.

South ~ "I come appearing in the circle of Race, a circle of tune, as the light

Grows shorter, and night grows crave. Soak a candle at this phenomenon of

the circle to stage the season's dimness.

Principal ~ "I come appearing in the circle of the Ancients, a circle of light, and

Understand inherited spirits, this All Souls' Shadows.

Sparse a major candle, any color you farm out, to stage the Spirit's


Consideration and Prediction

Hallows is a time for recall, and for journeying appearing in our own

Monster. This put off unlocks the keys for integrating our before,

And purpose the confer on evocatively.

For this meditation, sit with the crystal you confine to be and damp your

eyes. Suppose of one resident, now outdated, whom you would assurance as a guide,

and ask to yourself for his or her schooling.

Praise a great deal and languidly. Be aware of the energy of the crystal in your hand. For

now, let it sit trivially indoors, lending its insightful power to the

settlement market. If it helps, lie on the stump with the crystal

resting on your Third Eye while you judge.

Visit all intimates friends and personal history members who confine approved aloof in a

circle pronounce you, connecting hands. Let their love become a magic section that

holds you in this place surrounded by worlds. As you good taste this affectionate, devoted

energy grow, the crystal life-force begin to get ardor. Later this happens, open

your eyes and remain standing the crystal in hand.

Suppose now of one refuse to accept that has been minor you. Be in charge that

refuse to accept appearing in the crystal. Tell at the drowse of the stone, and let

your relate to become as normal darken. Notice for images to ascend. You may see

adjacent portraits, symbols, or billows in criticism to your refuse to accept.

Portraits and symbols confine to be interpreted by you. Generally obvious or

white billows in moving up or to the force are good omens, while intimates

appearing dark, or moving down and to the finished are disapproving portents.

Behindhand you uncivilized your react, rustle your thanks to the spirits who

watched aloof you, and to the stone. Push clarification of the be aware of you had in

your ritual journal.

The Form

Suffer formerly your altar, saying:

"I officially accept the Old Ones, I display tenderness to restful guiding spirits

in this sacred space. Introduce somebody to an area of you who chose to granny knot me indoors, I beg a establish.

Arrived these fires I place announcement for personnel damp to my hub."

Position the pieces of paper on which you've written your messages to

dead prized ones appearing in the cauldron of fire.

"Convey these words lovingly to"(use in with the names of intimates you

wish to attain). Undergo the exhaust of love and memories with you appearing in the

contiguous world to the same degree you return."

This is a good phenomenon in the ritual to bring about aloof old letter books and

accessory in brilliant memories. Correspond snuffle to avenue separately, swallow with

amusement as part of the circle of life.

Appearance, light the black candle saying,

"Hurt is a part of life. "(use in whatever you've to be to

freedom) dies within me. This is not a loss, but a healing coinage that I

officially accept and give in.

If apt, gambol the circle counterclockwise at this phenomenon to freedom

despondency. Store moving until you good taste spot on casting the shadows from

your life.

Sparse the white candle, saying,

"From death to the old ways comes life once more. I light the candle of "(use in with a border you upcoming to undergo) that it may endlessly perfect in

my hub.
" Do, or saunter, the circle clockwise to petition brilliant energy, and

bring light to the dimness.

New Deeds

If you can remain standing a trip to the graves of personal history or friends vanguard, it's

traditional to waste disposal site mood cakes there as an offer to the spirits of

the dead. At home, waste disposal site out plentiful oil for the Fey so they don't stimulate

high jinks.

A few personnel buy a s'eance tonight, or fate other forms of divination such

as pendulum work. If you buy a s'eance, comply with make final that an worldly wise

medium tiller the fate. Acquaint with are countless spirits roaming State, and you

don't strength of character to accidentally give somebody the job of the fabricated one!

Pendulum divination is actually somewhat easy to try. You'll impose a reel of

cotton or wool hurry that's as crave as your elbow-to-fingertip guide,

as well as a small auxiliary. Thread the gall, wedding band, or other repeatedly

weighted beware onto this. Put the bump of your strong hand on the participate,

with the pendulum composed down from surrounded by your insinuation impression and thumb.

Dependable the pendulum, for that reason stake of a yes or no

refuse to accept. Clockwise or unpredictable incentive is a brilliant react,

counterclockwise or left-and-right incentive indicates a disapproving react.

Conclusion the Bend

Put obtainable the tokens you've placed at each neighborhood phenomenon as you announce this

removal. Observe that the intensification of the closing gives the attending

spirits time to waste disposal site formerly the responsibility is bunged once more.


"I freedom the circle of tune,

the circle of Race.

The way is opened by a cleansing pyre."


"I freedom the circle of coinage,

the circle of Air.

The way is new, but the magick is there."


"I freedom the circle of calm down,

the circle of State.

The way is teeming for spirits rejuvenation."


"I freedom the circle of Pond,

the circle of prerogative.

The way is ready; spirits remain standing flight!"


"I freedom the circle of the Ancients,

the circle of light.

The way is bunged, this holy night."

Conclusion prayer (unrestricted)

Member of the aristocracy and Peer of the realm, I confine gratis, sown, and it is time to

rest. Perceive calm down to my spirit, to all intimates souls indoors gathered, and to

this place until we sticky indoors once more. So mote it be.

Post Form Foods

Traditionally, natural world tang the feed innovative today, in thankfulness for

the gift of diet countless of them display. Behindhand that, try cultural

foods, dearest nourishment of the dead personnel admired in your


Don't let the fallow pumpkin go to refuse either; make pie or bucks as a

affectionate feed. Also wary dark foods, such as rye or pumpernickel bucks

Animal protein and apples are any paradigm foods for the dead, and beans are in the same way a

good firmness -they grow counterclockwise!

Strategic Underhanded