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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Three Christmases And Other Important Notes

Three Christmases And Other Important Notes
December is a noble month in the KingsIsle community for a character of reasons, but not suited in Wizard101 US - In fact, Wizard101 UK and Pirate101 convene some basic accouterments scene, too. Here's a achieve at your December! Get excited!

The same as I understood that Wizard101 US wasn't the on its own one with figures, that actually wasn't to indicate that they're bend on figures. Significantly the opposite, in fact. Price out what's going on:

DECEMBER BULLETIN: The December Wizard101 Us Monthly is a earsplitting place to start in looking for community figures. This month's describes the emergence Yuletide Revels, fansite contests, and disdainful. It'll even put out you step-by-step how to touch a Gobbler! And, convene you ever considered necessary to drink a postcard to your ideal Wizard101 professor? The December Monthly gives you the foible. Holder a achieve Trendy.

PLANT-A-PALOOZA: Plant-A-Palooza is back, and it's a earsplitting likelihood to stock on your ideal items! You can get up to 50% off Surpass Shop shrub purchases, so act now, to the same degree this celebration ends December 6th. You can furthermore get a free boulder for every shut down. Get yours by redeeming the promo predetermine "boulder" or clicking Trendy or else December 6th.

PRE-PAID Abandon PET UPDATES: This month, all giftcard pets come with a Dragonblade Abandon - and every person can use a undersized contemporary power! Clutch your cards or else this month ends. After January, you'll convene to linger just starting out engagement for this opportunity! Price out a list of prepaid cards Trendy. Lecture of pets, if you played Throw Supporter for a pet in November, you should be receiving it in your gift box surrounded by December 3rd and 10th.

HOLIDAYS ARE HERE: The holidays are now, and that vent that Felix is back with his geological Christmas goodies in the Shopping Similarity, and accouterments are being decorated for the holidays. Present-day are furthermore complete fansite giveaways going on for retired wands, bundles, and crowns! Price out all of the fansites giving to one side prizes on the December Ravenwood Monthly page overcome boss.

In Wizard101 UK, suited about as far away is happening! Here's what to keep watch on for!

NINJA Ceremonial DAY: Currently at 18:00 in the UK, in the zones of Mooshu, the Ninja Ceremonial Day Expansion essence begin! Along with ninja-pig members of the staff beating more or less MooShu, Ninja Lore Permeate prizes, and disdainful, this is one fair that you don't suppose to miss!

Tornado Assistant professor CELEBRATION: The Tornado Assistant professor celebration happens this month - but it's suited beginning. Until midnight tonight, you can untroubled give pennant entries Trendy for a foible to win a few pigs packs! To deal in up to appreciate on all of the Tornado Assistant professor Ceremonial figures, high opinion THIS descent on the boards!

Enchanted Manifestation CALENDER: Wizard101 UK has put in to place one of the neatest accouterments I've seen for Christmas so far, and one that works highly for Wizard101 UK and its community - an manifestation calender. One and all day, you can bang on a door, and answer a occupational. Don't distract if you miss spelling, suited make perceptible you get it right! At the end of the day, Wizard101 UK checks all answers, and all courteous answers are entered fashionable a design to win a venerate. Present-day are six winners each day, and the prizes get hold of from elixirs and packs to mounts, switch on a special restricted on the 24th! Rope in Trendy or read the poster Trendy.

Since you weight be overcome beforehand, Pirate101 resolute to flood us off even abet with a catch new accouterments themselves!

Extravagant LOGIN SCREENS: Since Wizard101 US has login screens (one displayed underside) and all for the holidays, Pirate101's are exactly quaint, as they unblemished to place Polarian and ship slap concepts. Does this mean no matter which new is coming - approaching a world? Sounds approaching just starting out post for just starting out day.

WEBSITE MAKEOVER: Pirate101 has supplementary some quaint touches to their website for the holidays! Price them out at!

DECEMBER BULLETIN: Pirate101 is making its way to Wizard's level by introducing their academic journal bulletins! This one includes the Finger-puppet Pirates beater, a say again of Veteran's Day, and information on some of the hottest character. It furthermore alerts us that fansites weight be having some surprises this month, and shows a sweetie gum image saved as "cane-sword-w". See it Trendy.

PIRATE101 PVP: The Pirate101 Ballot Sphere is open another time, and this time with basic PvP! Kick up your heels 1v1 at select houses or open 4v4 in one of two Skull Island shacks. J. Todd Coleman notes that this is suited basics, and that other character essence be in the order of in the destiny. Pirate101 PvP works a bit differently than Wizard101, having suggest to be disdainful neutral. Hitherto, the classes are furthermore far away disdainful opposite. Sounds approaching just starting out post. Download the Ballot Sphere Trendy and read the updates Trendy.

That's it for now, but we've got no matter which special for you for the holidays! Wait tuned! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!