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Thursday, May 1, 2008

International Blog Day My Five Favourite Blogs

International Blog Day My Five Favourite Blogs
On the disruption of the Broad-based Blog Day, which is renowned today, I would assume to recommend five blogs. Lately one of them, puzzlingly sufficiently, is about Wicca:

WildHunt- For the interested Pagan. USA-centered, yes, but it discusses taking sides and unreserved issues that matter all Pagans and Wiccans, it recommends very informative books and CDs and is perpetually up to mull it over with the latest Pagan community communication. A qualification.

78 Notes to Self- Ginny Hunt's blog on Tarot. On the ball, droll, well interested. Ginny is my heroine :)))

La Campana de Cristal- Not Wiccan or tarot linked, but well-known fitting the exceedingly. My friend Sec Sullen Distinctiveness reflects on life, politics, unreserved zeal, religion, books and a thousand other special effects, with humour and virtuosity. It's in Spanish.

Tarot Channel- Fun for all Tarot lovers :))) Spreads, decks, books, tests...

El Tarot, Libro Abierto- A bit of unashamed self-promotion :))) My blog on the symbology and meaning of the Waite deck. In Spanish but with a translation train. Portrait it a try ;)