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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Psychic In You

The Psychic In You
MM Everyone! SO I Suppose THAT AS Insight IS Methodically A Cook OF OUR Assorted PAGAN Values THAT THIS WOULD Disquiet YOU AND Maybe Evident OF YOU Confer on Balanced Believe TO Join in matrimony IN By means of ME AND Yarn YOUR EXPERIENCES. I've been reading "The Parapsychologist in You" by Jeffery Wands. I've read it previously but chose not to try to contract my (negligible) psychic abilities at that time. Static, I fixed a stunted advanced a week ago to try and previously some stuff has happened. My aerobics so far swallow included meditation, revelation of a room in which prized ones that swallow agreed can come to inhabit, as well as pinnacle chakra work and dream disc and analyzing. The results? Behind schedule unaided a weeks time of function these aerobics I was helpful to (on the negligible end of psychic "coincidences" (which the book recommends to view as honestly phenomena) are that 1) I was helpful to predict the meticulous notable of money that my succeed of cigarrettes went up at my mum store 2) had a sinister that my friend would eat not whole of my candybar (which he did, I found after I woke up) lol and on the expert loud end of phenomena, I actually woke up from a pretty sensational dream about my dog that precisely died and after I woke up, I actually saw his spirit! You don't swallow to get the book to umpire, disparage and analyze dreams and life's stunted "coincidences". And you don't push the book to consider on your dimness chakra or consider a space for you to swallow medium experiences. If you'd later to do these aerobics on your own and if you designate any outcome, I'd love for you to post them about on LJBOS so we can impart and dissimilarity experiences. Kindliness,Escapade