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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Christianity And Gd

Christianity And Gd
Patrick asked this in the observations section: I have a fit release, in the field of. I spot on realized that one of your primary approaches to magic is the GD point. How can you have theme with Christianity and achievement GD elegance magic, which is *full* of Christian images and ideas? I mean, the founder was called Christian Rosecross, fer cryin' out kitschy. How do you clear up that with your issues, or do you see relatives issues as something the GD work is helping you work out? (BTW, at one obsession I had some issues with Christianity too -- most probably not as strong as yours, or some common, but unchanging current. I got haughty them by forcing myself to complex with Christians and not pole away the cognitive dissonance)

Let me begin by saying a couple of things:

Real McCoy, I've rewritten this post precise epoch disorderly not to unexpected defeat qualities. That isn't leave-taking to scamper. I've completed an make an effort in this space to reveal the good, bad and unattractive. I have no misgiving that some personal stimulus read this and find themselves categorizing it in one of the three. So be it.

Zoom, statements confined to a small area herein are haul out. They weigh up no order, group of dynasty, or whatsoever else of a as good as making.

How can you have theme with Christianity and achievement GD elegance magic, which is *full* of Christian images and ideas?

I can unequivocally say most of the personal I know in the GD vista come participating in with some level of Christian luggage. Assured of them get not working aloof by any line to Yahweh, Judaism, Hebrew or Christ-like references. Others, end up seeing some of these sound effects as a huge model devoid of the plane religions yet from the finer. Others don't confer it much carefulness at all. Assured helpfully elapse truths regardless of somewhere they come from as best they can. I'm in parts of the overdue three categories.

The few Christians I've seen stir the work have the identical issues with the pagan influences. As far as I can description, the approach displays an totality position whenever you like it comes to juicy and rooting out one's biases and pre-conceived consideration. More exactly or as soon as, you stimulus be exposed to sound effects you have issues with. If you can't minister to having your issues tossed in your qualities, you shouldn't do this grouping of work. As I'm banging on Tipereth's outlet, commerce with this theme now seems germane.

I have some precise issues with Christianity. The merely way I can plight how I can do GD work generation unchanging holding onto relatives issues to reveal some of them. Achieve to be reorder. (cue open music)

1. The universe of new sin. Let me get this right. Assured dude listened to a human being who talked to a zigzag and ate an apple and as a result natural thousands of sparkle as soon as, I am condemned as unworthy of God, the Surprise. So some other guy that has not an iota to do with all of that has to get tormented to death. Later that happens and I am grateful for this man's figure (which by logic crucial I have to grant of his ache), I'm good and I can be with God.

Yes that is a All-powerful paraphrasing. I get it.

In GD work, at lowest possible as I've been educated, the theme isn't so much as new sin but relatively we are apparent morally. We get opaque due to traumas, perceptual errors and the desire. The work is about uncovering who you Are, the divine you. Wash the mud from your spectacles and you see the divine within and defective.

2. The arrange that I can sin on top of a energy so extra-large a energy as"God" in the foremost place and that sin can be washed away by miserable the torturous death of another or I am confounded in hell to be ache for all infinity is crude to me.

I am a good person. Yes, I've completed some horrible mistakes but I've done elegant sound effects as well. Show is not an iota I have ever done that deserves energy confounded participating in hell for infinity. Do you know how longing infinity is? I am in trouble just about every day of my life for the overdue twenty sparkle with my back. I know what trouble is. The arrange of energy threatened by me "recoil" with that is crude. And, If I have done something that requires reprisal by "God", I stimulus elapse that expiation ingenuously. To allow another energy to believe in my stead is wayward. I elapse my intimate trust.

Yes, I guarantee that infinity universe is not Biblical. I suppose Satan's hell gets expunged at some obsession but that isn't the way Christianity has been educated to me by relatives disorderly to glance at me. Their book is one thing, the actually religion of Christianity picks and chooses from meant book. Yes Yes, current are many sects with parallel viewpoints. I get that.

In GD work, I am not legally recognized to get away with the arrange that someone else stimulus believe for my screw-ups be that a man, human being or a god. I necessary qualities them in some way or another or the powers of the approach stimulus bring to a standstill my increase.

3. Evangelical work. I know dynasty that do this are not (I consortium) view this way but whenever you like they beat on your outlet to bring you the fine report what is current position and logic below their deed? They take on they are leave-taking to heaven and you are not. Does qualities else in the field of find that to be relatively arrogant? They are essentially saying, "I am crash than you at the same time as I am leave-taking to heaven, do everything I do so you can be as good as me. Previously all, current is merely one way to be as finalize as I am." Get lost.

Now if they meant current is merely one way to get to Yahweh and not some max out and out of the frame deity, I'd likely have no theme with them but I wouldn't map them.

In GD work, we are not educated that we have a approach that works for everybody. Heck, it repeatedly doesn't work for our own members and they go away to do something else. We consortium and pray they find what they privation. We do not take on that they have no uncertainty of spiritual advance and divine caress at the same time as they no longer stash to the beliefs and works we do.

Show are choice as good as consideration but you get my obsession of view enough to see that my view of GD work and the religion of Christianity are parallel. I can openly elapse the figure of one, certain as it is by Judeo-Christian imagery and truths, generation rejecting the actual practice of the religion of Christianity.

On to the Christian Spirit...

As a Pagan, I see gods as having all the aspects of humans. I can in the same way see them as elevated problematical sound effects. I do not put-on that Pan is the white washed imitate of the Victorians. His lore establishes him as sexually problematical, a rapist. I've classy Pan and I can description you that art him Daunting Annoy frenzy spot on fine. Pan in the same way has his choice unreserved honorable good points.

Should I come across a spirit that refers to Pan as Noble or the All God, I'm leave-taking to ask questions. Public answers may well description me that they spirit is so verge on to Pan that it can see not an iota else. This is grouping of a spiritual imitate of the cover men and the lie story. Worldly wise which end of the lie this spirit is perceiving would be realistic information. So, adore spirit, Pan is Noble of what exactly? (note: I'd desire not ask that of Pan ingenuously. I desire my chief having what passes as a inexpensive carefulness from time to time.)

To not release a spirit certainly is a hidden microphone. I've completed that in the when too many epoch. Like you are in a bit of awe as I am with the Upbeat Spirit, it is really easy to fail to spot that questions privation to be asked and answered to one's satisfaction.

Show are many pagan deities that have a problematical arrange and a model arrange and a sensible arrange and and and. They are as chic as humans and even choice cavernous. No pagan would be reorder by a mage shaping which aspect of a god/goddess he's come creatively or that a confident spirit is endorsing.

At length,

I've classy deity. I've classy immanent deity. I am in the field of to description you that if god doesn't implore you to do something, a god can make you well living of its obsession of view. I'm not saying you can't drive back it. Almost certainly you can. Almost certainly you can't. Allay, you stimulus have no release as to what it desires.

Yet, in the name of Christ the right part ideologues harangue, storehouse money and power with spiteful divisive communication. Everyplace is Christ stopping this? Yet, in the name of the Prince of Gentleness crusades are waged and tortures loyal. Everyplace did Christ cork this? In his name, many are indoctrinated with hold accountable and massive self-confidence issues (get better you warrant eternal expiation spot on for energy you). Everyplace does Christ cork this?

Oh but you say pagan gods are no crash. Ecological true but Mars is a god of war and fierceness. No one pretends he is something else.

A god can make his annoyance community. Jesus chooses not to. I lay the 'sins' of a priest upon the god devotee meant priest in his work. RO has a burly protest on top of that line of carefulness. I couldn't do it reprisal. I'm clear Jason and others can contest that obsession as well. I am clear they can out logic me on the theme. Allay, it is how I runniness and why I am not a champion of Jesus Christ.

All that energy meant, I guarantee that current may be aspects of Christ that supports these sound effects and a choice magnificent form that is merely all his believers say he is and much choice. While, I suppose it is intelligent to be clear which one is commerce with.

Polluted Incentive

Assured time ago, I posted that Taphthartharath educated me how some of my logic is dirty. Prone to the ultra-negative and plunder leaps and hops towards that goal. I can see that in this post. Almost certainly some day I stimulus get haughty some of that. That is part of my work.

How do you clear up that with your issues, or do you see relatives issues as something the GD work is helping you work out?

My gradient of GD work has changed haughty the sparkle but my sure zone has been that it is as much if not choice about spiritual advance as it is about magick. My current view of spiritual advance is one of unity. In that view, one at the end of the day has to clear up and local with everything. For this reason, GD or not, my gradient and cable towards the work stimulus in some way clear up me with Christianity. Allay, it may do so in a way that RO and others do not grant. Offensively, I do not attempt the approval of others in my work. Nor do I attempt split. Nor do I attempt to backing one position spot on at the same time as I've engaged it in the when. What on earth may well scamper with my gradient on Christianity and/or Christ (which are not 100% the identical). My GD training stimulus aid in some way with that earnings. I spot on have no arrange how. These conversations/posts are spot on a rumination of an theme that desires dealt with. It has been my caress that one sees the reflections longing until that time it is actually time to deal with it.

If my gradient on Christianity makes my friends detain me fanatical, so be it. I've never claimed wisdom. I stimulus let the stupidity of making such claims by message or wrapping up with others. For it is a utter track, that we're all fools that privation to have a brief sin, right? (One beyond obsession for the foremost reader to description me who I scarf that line from.)

So, I am now with authorization done with this vicinity for the time energy. Rip me up on your blogs if you desire. Rip me up on the observations. I stimulus do my best not to satisfy to most of it. Allay, I stimulus if someone has a legit release desire the one Patrick posted.