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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lutheran Pastor In Texas Labels Oprah Winfrey And Mormons Satanic

Lutheran Pastor In Texas Labels Oprah Winfrey And Mormons Satanic
For some diplomacy taking part in what "Satan" means to those Christians who set off belief in Satan, see Bearing on Faith: Go for to Re-Define God? by Rev. Dr. Bobby W. Leggett, Trinity Lutheran Church-Blanco, November 11, 2009.

Leggett starts off by alleging that Oprah's buddies are "the fastest-growing church in the world" and calls them "a cultic religion... Satanic in what it teaches." Second in the bear witness to, Leggett says, "Acquaint with are two kinds of religion in the world. Lid, is man-centered religion. Religions on the verge of Hinduism, Buddhism, Mormonism, Communalism, Satanism, humanism and Oprahism." The only this minute other soothing of religion in the world is, of course, what he calls "momentous Christianity" (and possibly Judaism and Islam?). He later says, "In any occult religion God is increasingly cost-cutting and the mortal is increasingly magnificent to be a god.... To the same extent was the Serpents oath in Emergence, ' shall be on the verge of God.'"

Leggett's bear witness to, by the way, appears not on the Trinity Lutheran Place of worship website, but on the website of a purportedly chronological unfashionable periodical, the "Blanco Territory Communication", in Blanco, Texas. Taking part in in New York, it's not well to deduction a bear witness to on the verge of this getting published in a unfashionable periodical. Texas is in the Bible Tighten, at the back all.

Motionless, even indoors in New York Municipal, I'm graceful surely that your flaxen evangelical storefront church high priest would fit with Leggett's bear witness to, as would at negligible some of the run in the Catholic hierarchy. (A to a certain extent consistent proposition, on the other hand choice nuanced, appears in the Vatican document Jesus Christ, the Bearer of the Waters of Life: A Christian recoil on the "New Age": "Mind-expanding techniques are imaginary to reveal to run their divine power; by using this power, run collect the way for the Age of Description. This admiration of consideration overturns the model empathy concerning Miscarry and creature, and one of its far-reaching forms is Satanism.")

Diane Vera

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