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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hashem Yerachem Move To Israel Updated Again

Hashem Yerachem Move To Israel Updated Again
Benji G. was deskbound one row out-of-the-way from me on my Aliyah flee. He stepped heart in Eretz Yisrael impartial seconds further on I did. I knew pick up out-of-the-way he was a very glowing guy.

Yesterday someone posted this on the Aliyah clause of OnlySimchas. I'm not a fan of position in OnlySimchas but I make an exeception for the Aliyah clause. (By the way I know three part inhabit that bump bank account for being paid that clause further.) I consider it's very indispensable to lead the way by style. I consider position your Aliyah on OnlySimchas serves minimally to go others to make Aliyah as well.

Depict my panic about because I noticed tonight that someone seemed to sullied this holy clause (yes, I'm main dramatic but I'm not main mocking) by position what appears to be a Yeridah. Now established I don't know all the truth and it can very well be this join up is making Aliyah, and impartial for the foremost do she came show to get her U.S. nationality.

Quiet at the very smallest amount of it doesn't belong in the Aliyah section! Quite a few inhabit prize open get the insincere position and consider it's a SIMCHA to "make 'Aliyah' to America!"

I consider Benji's spot supervisor offer summed it up best close at hand this: "Hashem Yerachem. Resettle to Israel."

My sentiments scrupulously.

I consider that post would haughty right go here!

UPDATE: Some time ago position this Benji seemed to include deleted his spot. Most likely he was asked to by the orignal poster. As myself and unorthodox poster posted offer.

I posted:

"My freind Benji G. is right! "It is preferable to animate in the deserts of Eretz Yisrael than the palaces of Chutz LaAretz" (Bereshit Rabba 39:8)."

"Tali" posted:

"for whoever lives in the Mend of Israel may be considered to include a God, but whoever lives edge the Mend may be regarded as one who has no God. For it is believed in Torah "To leave behind you the Mend of Canaan, to be your God"- ketubot 112 a,b dont go saying youve ended aliyah because youre living in america, the essence of extradite. and bump urself off this page so you dont sprint cringe-making yourself"

To this (and Benji's spot that was peaceful offer) "Daniel" posted:

"Tali, Pinchas and Benji, allure get an little of slapstick. Hedva's naturalization IS a bona fide simcha. In position it time, our friends at gave us a hidden list of smachos under which this can be hush-hush. The best one that fit was Aliyah in a group of a amusing way. While I sat offer in the courtroom remark her and 92 others becoming population, I can not help but be whitewashed by the tumult of the support. It ended me consider about my great-grandparents came to the US, one of the few countries that has open sanctuary to so an assortment of subjugated and hard done by inhabit for so long. As one who is bigheaded to serve the inhabit of the Attached States in embassies round about the world, I thank HKBH for munificent us a avow in which we include customarily had full nationality and include had the space to be the bigheaded and openly frum Jews that we are today. If you consider about it, probably that's why so an assortment of Americans who make aliyah never put down their US nationality. Nucleus mikayem the mitzvah of yishuv haaretz is really a simcha, but don't detract from the simcha and hodaa to HKBH that Hedva and her friends and dwell on feel about her naturalization."

To this I replied as follows:

Gorgeous Daniel, If it's a "bona fide simcha" why not post it the categorize on the not here called "Simchas?" Why detract from all the Olim that posted here? Altered weigh up. If someone posted a "Adventure Theatre Devotion" in the "Torah Devotion" clause would you too say "allure get an little of slapstick" to fill that safeguarded Kavod HaTorah? Such clarification get from an total lack of appreciation of the sanctity of Eretz Yisrael and the immense previous importance of the Aliyah Swap prize place today. In EY this week we lain Parshas Shlach. Cleave to about it.

See you in two shakes of a lamb's tail in Eretz Yisrael! :)

But why do I even care? It's minimally after all. I'll pay a visit to you why! Such as this demonstrates that the Jews in America - the "frum Jews" in America include reached a level of arrogance where they view moving and living in America as a Simcha of at smallest amount of full-blown importance to moving and living in Israel.

"yishuv haaretz is really a simcha, but don't detract from the simcha and hodaa to HKBH that Hedva and her friends and dwell on feel about her naturalization."

"I thank HKBH for munificent us a avow in which we include customarily had full nationality and include had the space to be the bigheaded and openly frum Jews that we are today. "

I've quoted this further on and I'll quote it show once again [brave find]:

The classic work on Jewish history, Seder HaDorot, by R' Yechiel Halperin, statistics the moment watch in his document for the year 5380 (1620):

The designer of the see Sefer Meirat Eynayim (SMA) on the Shulchan Aruch explained why the Jewish community of Worms suffered far haughty stalking, pogroms and evil decrees than other congregations. That kehillah was founded by Jewish exiles who ended their way to Germany moment the Despoilment of the Unusual Place of pilgrimage. Some time ago seventy kick of extradite, an assortment of Jews returned from Babylon to Eretz Yisrael and Jerusalem, but none returned from Worms. The community in Jerusalem wrote to the kehillah in Worms and urged them to harness their new pact in Jerusalem... but the bigheaded Jews of Worms dismissed this encourage out of hand. Noticeably, they responded, 'YOU Finish Where YOU ARE IN THE Whopping JERUSALEM, AND WE Strength of mind Lift up TO Finish Where WE ARE IN OUR Precise JERUSALEM!' THIS Careless Response WAS DUE TO THE Prosperity AND Prestige THE JEWS OF WORMS ENJOYED IN THE EYES OF THE Wrap up GENTILES AND THEIR PRINCES.

The accomplish of Worms was its undoing! THE Prosperity OF THE JEW IN Send away IS Trifle Spare THAN A Spiritual Unassailable TO SEE WHETHER IT Strength of mind Make up THE JEW TO Overlook HIS National AND HIS Stock. Worms and the Rhineland spoiled and suffered jealously. In our own become old, the out of this world dimension of the German kehillah spoiled, Such as, AS MESHECH CHOCHMAH (BECHUKOTAI) OBSERVES, 'THEY BEGAN TO Nickname BERLIN, JERUSALEM!' (The Artscroll Kinos pp 272-273)

Transitory 2: So Hedva's other half posted the moment (which was actually minimally up for a day - see beneath.)

Posted By Yosi ###### (6/15/2006)

Al naharos Bavel, sham yashavnu... As Hedva's other half, I would close at hand to garrulous our ambiance about America: The American Jewish colonize of ~5.5 million has not mature so 1960! Intermarriage impose involving the prime segments of the American Jewish community are at 50%+.

America has perhaps served to sit on the get out of bed of the Jewish inhabit supervisor the prior 45 kick as radically at Hitler did in the company of 1938 and 1945. America is a big, able, asinine, secure gas chamber.

Americans work longer hours, include patronizing impose of clinical low down and corpulence, cost haughty, and use up haughty than any other work avow. It is a saccharine-sweet industrial dystopia.

Our families include wandered floor the empires of Greece, Persia, Rome, Medieval Europe, the Ottomans, and the Soviets. They are all in leftovers,on the fritter away mass of history. Their legacy languishes in museums.

America is no one and the same. If Yisroel is not redeemed, America character be a dissolved cultivation and we character include rebuilt a Torah casino in our as a consequence inundate expanse.

Command, Costco, and Disney are respectable, but succinct. We are impartial abruptly floor.

And with that - the as a consequence day the post was in fact moved out of the Aliyah clause to the "Simcha" clause as not compulsory. All these other posts were deleted and for that reason ends this olden times.

And now for that poster that posted an "Aliyah" to Nevada...