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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Golden Dawn Hatfield Clani

The Golden Dawn Hatfield Clani
"Utmost of you read my inexperienced blog about how Fair-haired Start leaders stock emphatically been begun using politically stimulated book reviews in the decades old Fair-haired Start Hatfield and McCoy contest.THE Fair-haired DAWN'S HATFIELD CLANI pointed out in that blog how, for example, Morgan Drake Eckstein and his allies in what I affectionately take up to as the the "Fair-haired Start HATFIELD Relations" stock emphatically too been spamming review sites hard by Colleague Satisfied so that their burdened reviews bestow let off well on Google.

I too pointed out how any certain explanation through by an HOGD/AO political about a book was consequential to action the fire of Morgan Drake Eckstein and his "Fair-haired Start HATFIELD Relations" buddies.

Add, guess what!

The Fair-haired Dawn's very own Jed Hatfield (MORGAN DRAKE ECKSTEIN) didn't distress. The Fair-haired Start contest lives on!JED HATFIELDRemember that, according to blame policy cast-off by the Hatfield clique in the decades old, Fair-haired Start contest, any book that any HOGD/AO political (MCCOY Relations) has whatever good to say about, gets attacked by the Hatfields.

Add, fasten has poles apart. At hand is a association the in the beginning certain review published by HOGD/AO (MCCOY Relations) political, Sincerus Renatus on Sleight of hand Squares and the Tree of Glint, by Nineveh Shadrach.

Unadventurously, roundabouts is the association to the Fair-haired Start Hatfield Clan's new attack on the dreadfully book published settle this week by Morgan Drake Eckstein.

You may be lost in thought where is the attack?

The attack comes in the form of a straw-man role. It goes no matter which hard by this: the book method is shocking in the same way as Tom Dick and Badger can't fit a magic behind the times on paper that they can back in their pockets. Obviously, for a behind the times this bulk, you bestow pocket at least 2 centimeter per behind the times defect. That is a make of about 200 centimeters or verbalize 80 inches per invest. Gotcha! It can't be done. Morgan knows that. I know that. Utmost promise the folks who formerly devised this behind the times knew that.

This is a straw man role to unite, in the same way as no one believed it had to be done on paper. It isn't even substantial that later than this behind the times was formed paper was brassy or even make-believe.

Why share a blog crabby about the obvious? Either Morgan is tiresome to get the obvious, which I meditate can be dismissed for he is a throb 44 existence old college Hand down.

The lately other path is that Morgan is insecure to put off practitioners from being paid this book using straw man impose a curfew and by appetizing to one of the unsurpassed demons that every magician champion magician needs to slay- indolence.

It is uplifting to see that some personal effects bestow never replace...Very, the Fair-haired Start Hatfield and McCoy Battle is live and well.

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua

David Griffin (THE Corporal MCCOY)

G.H. Frater Lux Ex SeptentrionisImperator Ordinis, Sound Instruct of the Fair-haired Dawnouter order of the Rosicrucian Instruct of Alpha et Omega

"Ex Deo Nascimur.In Yeheshua Morimur.Per Burrow Spiritum Reviviscimus"