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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Commemoration Of The Holy Fathers Of The Second Ecumenical Council

Commemoration Of The Holy Fathers Of The Second Ecumenical Council


The Moment Ecumenical House of representatives was convened in the day 381 and consolidated the success of Traditional values attained in the day 325 at the Highest Ecumenical House of representatives.

Here the ballpark animation which passed time was the agreement of the Nicene Pictogram of Have faith in (Doctrine), the Arian heresy full-grown new offshoots. Under the finish of skirmish unwilling the Sabellian heresy, which educated about a blending of the Hypostatic Relations of the Start off and the Son [as water aspects or modalities within the Trinity], Macedonius began to exercise the word "homoiousios of equal essence" [in divergence to the Unadventurous teaching of "homoousios", "of the identical essence"] relating to the essence of the Son and that of the Start off.

This formula subdued open a gamble to the same degree Macedonius open himself as a struggler unwilling the Arians, who recycled the entitle "equivalent the Start off." In addition this, the Macedonians, single semi-Arians, depending on education and advantages of the jiffy, sometimes inclined towards Traditional values, sometimes towards Arianism. They blasphemed the Holy Enthusiasm by suggesting that He was not "of the identical essence" with the Start off and the Son.

A race heretic, Aetius, introduced the ideas "anomoion" ("incongruent in essence." He invented that the Start off has a utterly incongruent essence from that of the Son. His messenger Eunomios educated a hierarchical subordination of the Son to the Start off, and of the Holy Enthusiasm to the Son. Everyone who came to him was rebaptized modish the "death of Christ," denying Baptism ceremony in the Idiom of the Start off and of the Son and of the Holy Enthusiasm, which is commanded us by the Redeemer Himself (Mt. 28:19).

A third heresy arose from the experience of Valentius and Ursacius at the Arimonian House of representatives. They attempted to prank the Unadventurous bishops, proclaiming that the Son of God is from God, and is in the picture of God the Start off, and is not a bent single as the Arians educated. The heretics did not wish to use the entitle "one in essence" in relating the bring together of the Son to the Start off, saying that the word "essence" is not found within the Holy Scripture. In addition these three originator heresies, introduce were the same spend time at other imprecise experience. The heretic Apollinarios invented, "The flesh of the Redeemer did not carry a mortal phantom or elucidation. The Label of God took the place of the gone soul; and Divinity remained dead for three days."

For commercial with these crafters of heresy, the holy Monarch Theodosius the Good (379-395) convened an Ecumenical House of representatives at Constantinople, at which 150 bishops were prize. Upon shadowing by the holy Fathers it was proposed to assert a Excuse of Have faith in from a Roman House of representatives, which holy Pope Damasus had sent to Bishop Paulinos of Antioch. At the back reading the document aloud, the holy Fathers rejected the imprecise teaching of Macedonius, and unanimously acknowledged the Apostolic teaching that the Holy Enthusiasm is not a assort single, but is absolutely the Life-Creating Lord, Who restore from the Start off, and is worshipped and overvalued with the Start off and the Son. In order to competition other heresies, of the Eunomians, Arians and Semi-Arians, the holy Fathers acknowledged the Nicene Pictogram of the Unadventurous Have faith in.

In the Pictogram (Doctrine), standard by the Highest Ecumenical House of representatives, the divine character of the Holy Enthusiasm was not addressed, while at that previous to time [in 325] heresies unwilling the Holy Enthusiasm had not become popular. From now, the holy Fathers of the Moment Ecumenical House of representatives expand to the Nicean Pictogram its eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth sections. They definitively formulated and acknowledged the Nicene-Constantinople Pictogram of Have faith in, which is recycled even now by all the Unadventurous Churches.

The Moment Ecumenical House of representatives the same identified the norms for ecclesiastical magistrates [Manage VI], and it grim to salute those dire heretics who were properly baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity by Chrismation, but those baptized with a EP immersion were to be expected as pagans.