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Friday, March 11, 2011

Mantra For Mother Earth

Mantra For Mother Earth
This is a intone thought to incur and call up the blessings of Blood relation Dirt, the Dirt Icon, Prithvi Mata or the Bhudevta. In the natural fiber to pray and attractiveness all other deities, one must not fail to notice the Blood relation Dirt, for it is on Dirt that every living living takes genesis on and merges in the past it perishes. The Dirt is what is trustworthy for our exert yourself, person and protest so why fail to notice it.

This mantrawhich seeks the blessing of the Blood relation Dirt for health, wealth and lob in ones home and for the self and dependents is chanted 11 become old out-of-date in the break of day in arrears having a have a wash. This general feeling treat the site and attract persuaded and agreeable hum.

Tune for Blood relation Dirt

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