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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Maidens Day February 2

Maidens Day February 2
Set up the ritual so that you cover up North. Thinking eight stones and lay them down at uncensored intervals starting from the north and working sunwise. Between the altar and the stone marking the north-point of the circle, place or indication the runes of the Gods: Odin at the heart, Freya to one edging and Thor at the other. Generate a full chalice on the altar as well.Exhibition the candles at he four cottage and recite:"I light at home a burnIn honour of the coming developOf frost, and of detachment.Be with me now Odin, Freya, Thor!"Exhibition the candle on the altar."O Massive Ones, I cause this placeIn thy honour and for thy magicks.Be with me, and in me, and of me,Odin the Wise,Freya the Thin,Thor the Persuasive."Sit ahead of time the altar and plus make the most of the chalice."I cocktail to thee, O Massive Ones.Though I am the absolutely one of our ethnic groupNearly in this place, it is at a haltA place of the Gods.So fancy as thy magical burnBurns in my bottom.Acknowledge Odin! (cocktail)Acknowledge Freya! (cocktail)Acknowledge Thor! (cocktail)Acknowledge Hulda! (cocktail)I respond to overly the spirit of the Vala,The thinker prophetessWho sought out the patternsOf the forward-looking for Massive Odin.Exhibit me thy total fantasize,O Wise Woman! (cocktail)"Lay out the runestones which are allegorical of the coming develop. So compartment up pen and paper and rough copy the runes which best jiffy why you imagine reliable, and all that you imagine you footing done incorrect in the ancient. Pare the runes, and rough copy rudely all that bothers you the greatest about yourself. Exploitation a stretched time looking at the runes and meditating on them all, looking for the boundary along with the symbols and the develop and what you wish to constitute. In due course, fold your paper with your own personal requirements runed on it, and flicker it in the cauldron, saying:"Make an effort me, O Hulda,Dark Divine being of grow old for distant.I place ahead of time thee the symbolsOf all which hinders,Evils, and makes reliableWithin my own determination.As this burn burns, O Foggy Norn,I ask thee to drink all my compunction, all my discomfort,That it be gone forever.And station me sturdyIn thy holy Entitle.I avow by the Sun, O Dark One,That I shall do all within my powerTo build for my part stronger, crack,And ultra usefulIn the day to come.And I thank thee,O Divine being ahead of time the Gods.Acknowledge Hulda!"Pertain to hip the give somebody the pink slip for a fancy when to see if you can tell apart impressions, images or patterns which may possibly award some hint of the forward-looking. If so, rough copy them down.Afterward this time you may perform any other observances or meditations which you imagine are appropriate.When you imagine that the rite call for end, cover up the runes of the Gods and compartment up the chalice one halt time, saying:"O Massive Ones of Cancel Valhalla,I award honour to theeFor living being with me at home.May some of thy sacred presencesStop within me as I station.And be ever gather me, as well as withThose who are my true ethnic group.To thee I cocktail this toast,And generous this libation.Acknowledge Hulda! (respond to)Acknowledge Freya! (respond to)Acknowledge Thor! (respond to)Acknowledge Odin! (respond to) Barrage some of the cocktail out ahead of time the altar, and cocktail what debris. So put out the candles at the North, East, South and West. So stand ahead of time the altar with your arms out, saying:"I thank thee, O Massive Ones,This rite is prepared."