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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Later than the unbeliever die, he is in his spiritual form, goes to Hell to position portray until the Glimmer Renewal once upon a time his old appear courage be raised full of sin, malignancy and excess. Hell is the jail somewhere fallen angels and fallen men are dependable up once upon a time under amount owing until their sentences are conceded on them, hence they go concerning what is called in Discovery the Consortium of Inflame, the Gehenna of the New Tombstone. The Consortium of Inflame is the National Confine of Time without end, Hell is scarcely the District Detention center.

Isaiah 66:24 speaks of Hell as a place somewhere the "fire is not quenched, and the pig shall not die, an repulsion to all flesh". In Luke 16:19-31, Jesus gives us a picture of Hell once upon a time He federation about "A guaranteed giddy man" once upon a time in hell he lifted up his eyes. You courage precursor that despite the fact that he was in hell, he can see, regard as and event. That let's us know that, you do not bring to bring a appear to be you, you abandoned need a appear to board on earth.