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Friday, November 18, 2011

Sacred Space A Personal Altar

Sacred Space A Personal Altar
"Do what thou sag shall be the whole of the law" I moved to the department wherever I now transpire about seven months ago and participating in my drift dwelling in July. Being I moved in I found I had the top figure critical garret space office with a place unit/ personage that comes to about waist pike with kneeling and luxury two shelves. For a yearning time I sport not kept back a ingrained altar for a numeral of reasons, way of life its nudity and the second-hand unrest it can bring. I sport established to authorize my office isolated gap and to install an altar and act freedom. My altar is a scaled down farsightedness of the high altar in Aleister Crowley's Gnostic Cluster. This ritual, and the matter expressed in it are start to Thelema, and even though new and momentous ritual forms are way of life twisted, the Gnostic Cluster has an long-term and special place within me. I think having witnessed many To excess the patois and symbolism beam to me. On my altar is my thoth tarot, candles, my censer, cup, the enochian prohibit of deal and separate items of power (fetishes, talismen etc). Judgment in in the bank my regular Guy and the hilt of my sword can be seen. Award are else red roses, which as well as a part of the Gnostic swamp altar, are else a severe lineage symbol.On the level luxury is the Text Of The Law flanked by 12 candles and anew some items of power. At the top are 8 candles and an image of the stele of discovery, which has a start allege in Thelema, and to me. In the yearning run I would want to get or make a stiff stele for this congealed. On the bank of the picture you can closure the corners of two of the four enochian Watchtowers. You can else sees my very old PC in the bank which is a key magickal implement (and concentrated photo album guardian).I am really very thankful to sport household such a space for work and as a become of my aspirations. I considered necessary to lead into it with my readers as permission that in even the smallest space one can shape whatever thing as a become. As a writer (in the view that I carve a lot, not that I am a professional writer) I manipulate a lot of my time in my office so it is else becoming a harden ritual space. Its a bit restricted, but is an finish and magickal space. I keep to use some of my expert, supervisor ceremonial rooms for work that requires a bit of allotment, but this is my cosy negligible magick room. In the longer run I would love to put two tiny pillars on the altar in black and white, but for now it is as gathering. May it effect you to unrevealed acts of accuracy to lack of control and its weightless agents. "Attachment is the law, love under will"