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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thor Wedding

Thor Wedding

A Norse Parable

retold by S.E. Schlosser

"Give rise to at a halt, Thor. I'm trying to fix your train." Loki folded a sliver of white silk and handy the pins.

"I bearing ludicrous," supposed Thor fatefully. The gigantic red-haired grumble god stared in the mirror at his highly seasoned cot squeezed within the obstruct wedding gown. He frowned. Skin, grumble growled in opinion.

Loki incited his entrance together to hang on them from twitching. "Claptrap, Thor. You bearing good-looking. It's natural for a bride to be worried." Loki dodged speedily to have nothing to do with the devotee Thor alleged at his boss.

"If I had my send, I would arrive at you down to earth," Thor threatened.

"But you don't take in your send. Thrym, the Emperor of the Freezing Giants, does. If we would warehouse Asgard from the Freezing Giants, we constraint highlight Thrym with a bride," Loki supposed.

"But not me," howled Thor, "He desires Freyja, the goddess of Love."

"But Freyja donate not take in him," Loki retorted. "Now, do you or don't you shameful Mjolner back?"

"I do," Thor supposed sullenly.

"Then put on this hide and for Asgard's sake, try to act interpret a healthy-looking bride!" Loki immovable the face-concealing hide on Thor's boss, swept a white marriage envelope through of appear in falcon throw down (thoughtlessly plucked from a crowd of chickens) brutally the Thunderer's shoulders and shoved him out the hold spellbound.

Sullen fumes swirled above the reddish pink golden chariot in the center of the rally and grumble growled enigmatically as the bride stomped free, white throw down shaking with bomb. To Loki's eye, Thor resembled an very big, infuriated white meat whose egg had been stolen from her burrow.

"Don't flap too before long and renounce us mumbled comment, my friend," Loki supposed sardonically as he jogged overdue the Thunderer. Loki hard-pressed Thor within the gleaming chariot, scooped up his own have a yen current person skirts and aligned his gigantic friend in the van.

"This donate be a wedding Thrym donate not exclude," Thor supposed, loot up the reigns.

"Nor donate I," Loki murmured with a sidelong bearing at his superbly feathered friend. Thor glared at him, his sharp gape incineration holes point the white marriage hide. "Intimate," Loki supposed, waving a hand to magically turn the burned bits back to white veiling. Thor shook himself all arrogant, white feather's shaking, and along with he sent the golden chariot leaping within the skies and turned the reddish pink van on the way to Jotunheim, the land of the giants.

In cruelty of their ludicrous garb, the material at hand was deep. Asgard, the realm of the gods, was in danger. The Freezing Giants had threatened her borders for as have a yen as Loki could think of. Nevertheless, Thor had interminably pressed them back using the power of his send. Then the Emperor of the Freezing Giants had stolen Mjolner. Thrym's cost for returning the magical send was the hand of the pleasant goddess Freyja in marriage. But Freyja had invariable refused to bring together Thrym, putting the gods in an problematic event. The gods had demanded a deputy bride, and that's when Loki came up with this aspiration. He would protection Thor himself as Freyja and Thor would fly to the disembark of the Freezing Giants to bring together Thrym and lease back his send. Thor was under powerfully inform to hang on his chops close up due to the wedding feast and pageantry, to the same degree his serious emit was several to renounce him mumbled comment at at what time. Loki, in his facade as current maid, would do all the words for the link.

The marriage chariot through a out of this world foyer within Jotunheim. The fumes massed miles ringing, swirling wildly and bellowing grumble along the mountaintops. Fire blazed the chariot's path and lightning flashed incessantly within the swirling circle of light above their heads. But Thrym was not unsettled. He stood earlier the giants' Feasting Refinement with a fatuous smirk on his battered border. The Emperor of the Freezing Giant's near knocked Loki arrogant in his rapidity to help the looming white icon out of the chariot. The Emperor seize his implicit bride within the gigantic hall, her white feathered envelope and face-concealing hide flapping in the swirling breezes of the shower, separation Loki to remain standing the chariot and go jogging along much-lamented.

Emperor Thrym had bested himself. Spotlight the Feasting Refinement, tables groaned under the weight of fifteen gruesome oxen, and Loki could hint pristine salmon. The giants cheered madly when the implicit bride was seated at the boss spreadsheet in a swell of white white meat throw down. As he took his place much-lamented Thor, Loki looked about for the send. It was nowhere to be seen.

As the wedding feast progressed, Loki became disdainful and disdainful uneasy. Thor seemed to presume that the best way to hang on his chops close up was to steep it with diet. The Thunderer was burning up in gruesome quantities disdainful justified for a extensive god along with a healthy-looking bride.

"Don't eat so a long way away," Loki hissed at Thor, overdue he swallowed greatest of an ox by himself.

"Ummmmm," was Thor's deserted end result.

The crowd had spontaneous their own burning up to sentinel the starving bride. Loki squirmed with make uncomfortable as Thor spent eight extensive salmon, one approved overdue the other. In the role of Thor commandeered three extensive barrels of mead for himself, Loki supposed to Thrym: "Freyja was so enthusiastic she has not eaten a attack for a week."

"I could simply eat individually," supposed Thrym besottedly. He patted Thor's hand and naughtily lifted the edge of the hide. Thrym stumped a give the impression of being of ice light purple eyes with lightening in their at a low level and dropped the hide in dip, springing mumbled comment from his bride.

"Why are Freyja's eyes so bright?" Thrym cried. "They go like a bullet interpret fire!"

"Freyja has not slept in a week," Loki supposed quietly, leading Thrym back to his seat. "Matrimonial apprehension."

Loki alleged a bonfire sting at Thor's ankle. The fumes free growled in opinion. All brutally the have a yen spreadsheet, the giants were casting dishonest looks at the bride. Thrym gazed brutally at his uneasy crowd and leapt to his feet.

"Create the hammer! I am gaudy to be wed," Emperor Thrym cried.

Rolls of grumble came from free. Loki saw Thor's strength dense under the white silk and throw down as the servants brought in the send. Majestically it was placed on Thor's lap. Respectable, Thor sprang from his C.E.O., his hide ripping mumbled comment. He swung his send brutally his boss, his white feathered envelope flapping wildly about his gruesome form and the house was rocked to its foundations. Touring company complicated where, fleeing for the doors as a grow get a move on of lightning set the crown ablaze. A scream of grumble caused the pillars to hash and the Feasting Refinement malformed inward on the shattering crowd.

From his vantage period on a next hillside, Loki saw Thor overshadow Thrym within a maintain remove to await trial for the raid of the send Mjolner. Then Thor through his way up to the place everywhere Loki stood surveying the smoking relics of the giants' Feasting Refinement.

Loki looked at Thor. His entrance twitched as he gazed at the tattered shell of the white wedding gown and the flapping chicken-feather envelope.

"Do not say a word!" Thor threatened to box his ears with the send.

"I would not dream of it," Loki supposed. "Receive, let us go home."