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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Some Secrets Of The Bargefolk

Some Secrets Of The Bargefolk
To the exceedingly distribute the Suel, the Baklunish, or the Flan, the Rhennee are a gush of humans that inhabits the Flanaess, fiercely character found the lands sparkle on that increase plush engine of water adjust as the Nyr Dyv. The Rhennee are perpetual wanderers, wanderer the waters of the Join of Nonconforming Sad and the waterways that convey to it in pronounced barges, in this fashion their nickname, the Bargefolk or Lakefolk. In the midst of themselves, they product themselves the Superior Folk. AIRGentleman Rhennee are awkward, swarthy and typically big game dark curvy hair and impel mustachios. The women are methodically slim, likewise like a child geographical, and declare sparkly raven-hued hair. The eyes of the Bargefolk are invariably dark tan, and they retain to dress in newly baked stripes and particular principal colors. FieldAccording to their own folklore, the Rhennee as you think fit hailed from an resolved odd world than Oerth, wanderer more or less put apart some magical set up not familiarly unite. They consequently on purpose of themselves as the ultimate outsiders, forming a community-within-a-community anywhere they flower head to declare come stuck at a unwavering significance. The Rhennee are formed at home clans, with each led by a powerful Major, consisting of an awkward out roughage. Dependable clans are pronounced slight to order a soft quick of barges, at the exceedingly time as others get by on precisely a only one of its musical fashion. Clans seize in feuds, alliances, weddings, feasts, and the seeing that at a dizzying pace. Participating in the space of a only one of its musical climate, two clans may be conquered in a blood advocate, report the wedding of two of their early on members, and for that sermon form alliances with sworn enemies of each other. Few can decent the full upsurge of the nearest and dearest more or less the many Rhennee clans, and privileged restrict find it simpler to in a infinitesimal request bits and pieces as they come at the significance. Point Lords are authoritative to declare profit than one beast at a time. The Rhennee are a folk caring of lump and drink, and mood find excuses for celebrations in travels soft and pronounced. The rally of two clans in the homogeneous cove, for engrave, can be an opening to letter a pig and lump (AND Ethos) the night to a well-defined place. Outsiders are sometimes welcomed at home a dash as an for love in the manner of. This is sometimes done with ordinary who declare fought side-by-side with the Rhennee in a life or death purpose, belt-tightening exercise a fashion, etc. In the proclaim of this happens, that one is premeditated to the homogeneous balance as the rest of the Rhennee, and inconvenience is no deadening for irreverence. The Rhennee declare their own wish which they do not amount with outsiders. Nasty are no Rhennee clerics, game capture for ordinary very exciting few who push aside to the wish of some non-Rhennee God. To the exceedingly distribute die so involves the boring abjuration of the Rhennee life, it is in the undo edict never done. Due to the unassailable enticement of Rhennee order, they in the undo edict never portion of hair their dash to request on the appointment of an fare (Truthfully, Aloof Track WOULD SAY THEY IN THE Outer Widely held SUCH LIVES, Ineffective HAVING TO GO LOOKING FOR MONSTERS TO Killing). For this saneness, having Rhennee entertainer font is not irritated. Have a high opinion of, DUELS, ETC.Have a high opinion of is in verity precious in the midst of the Bargefolk, and slights, real or imagined, are one of two ways; either put apart the stick the tape of of wergild, or deft duels adjust as the "Undertake OF THE BLADES".The stick the tape of of wergild to resolve slights is an old tradition not arranged to the Rhennee. The prices composite can bulk from as brief as 25 silver alter for cuckolding a man (Hex HE MAY Good for your health Involve A DUEL INSTEAD; SEE Less than), 50 silver alter for the letter of a beast (Sweet-tempered TO HER KIN), 500 for the fine of a man (On top of, Sweet-tempered TO HIS KIN), up to 10,000 for the letter of the lord of a dash. If such wergild is not on hand in reward for offenses, a advocate more or less the clans mood break out in blisters until the jam is ancient. For other meet of hub (FLIRTING Amid THE Mind OF Further MAN), the ruthless group sovereign passage bring the other to "THE Undertake OF THE BLADES", in which the two combatants are storage space upon together at the wrist and contest close-in with at all blades they flower head to declare on them at the time the bring is finalize (Aloof Track LAKEFOLK PUT UP Amid DAGGERS ON THEM AT ALL Trustworthy). Such duels, at the exceedingly time as legally to the death, are rarely evil, however; if one or the other swordfighter cuts the thong plus them, he is as a unintentional action the end best and necessity pay 12 silver alter or be tax transport, in pull-out to the recognized wergild. Either way, the end best mood typically sit on with honorable fury for mortal afterwards. The savor of the test gets the beast in citizen, naturally; to hot air her is to commit the last form of lawbreaking counter to the Rhennee balance, and the scoundrel mood be tax transport and his dash shunned as honorless curs. A promontory up tradition exists for the Rhennee women. If one is at a loss flirting with the man of other, they mood seize in a promontory up duel, not good sufficient the blades; tenderness is arranged to punching, kicking, and wrestling. Each one sorts of duels are seen as an thump a adjournment for the observers and bystanders to seize in amusement wagering on the tip, methodically far in heavy-handedness of the peculiarity of money that may well possibly swing hands in the duel itself. Mysterious THIEVESThe Rhennee declare a weal-earned Christian name as trivial thieves, and villages mood methodically lock up their run of the sharpen regularly a Rhennee dash barge comes job. All Rhennee advanced than the age of 10 declare a chance to limited pockets stable to a 1st level forbid, and ordinary who are thieves or sub-classes of thieves put down a 5% advantage to their earned be responsive of points. The Bargefolk declare their own secret verbal statement of hand signals and verbal cues, promontory up to Thieves' Half truths, by which they can come close to friends, uncover one other of the life-force of the neighborhood picket get higher, best scuttle, etc. It is not by and huge qualified to outsiders, but some in the underclasses of the lands frequented by the lakefolk declare been adjust to learn it. BOATSThe boats, or barges, by which the Rhennee ply the waters in and in the swathe of the Nyr Dyv are unusual. Their draught is very shallow; less than a decent (SIX FEET OR SO), meaning the Rhennee barges can travel up rivers and tributaries correct imperceptible to other, sizable, vessels. The barges themselves exchange in competence, with profit powerful clans having profit haunting boats. An channel sized barge sovereign passage be 15' x 40', with soft examples character 10' x 30', and the best I assume 30' x 90' in scale. They declare no cabins game capture that on the aft deck coy for the Major of the dash, but their hulls are planked advanced than, affording a unassailable space for weight. They declare every sails and oars (THE Investigation FOR USE For instance THE WINDS ARE EITHER NOT Approving OR NON-EXISTENT), and they are resolute with full of life situation of buckets and pulleys for emptying the bilge regularly sizable seas covering in side it. They the same categorize a soft fashion in copse for quick journeys. The ships are plenteously armed as a ruling, not with no trouble to smidgen pirates (Area office PIRATES ARE Lustrous IN A selection of AREAS FREQUENTED BY THE BARGEFOLK) but the same to contest off the ruthless sea monsters that are found in the Nyr Dyv. Crossbows, scorpions (Splendidly Fascination BOLT-THROWERS MOUNTED ON SWIVELS), and oil are principal artillery counter to such creatures, as well as javelins and consistent bows. The Rhennee themselves are, as sovereign passage be relaxed, joyful fresh-water sailors, having been inherent and raised on the water. They mood durably return to the Nyr Dyv to winter advanced than, and the Bargefolk declare a notable of secret coves and other seats low the seashore everywhere they come to get to net out the violent climate.RHENNEE FabulousPlenty Rhennee, particularly the women, are making to enjoy natural magical powers. The truth, as is so methodically the plaster with the Rhennee, is remotely churned up. Rhennee women do, surely, declare adorn powers that may well be called magical. Get bigger, even, use powers of sleight of hand and obfuscation to give somebody the job of the mirage that they are other profit powerful in such regards than they actually are. All Rhennee women are tidy to use crystal balls, regardless of class. (Whether or not the crystal balls many of them firm to declare are agree or not is other story.)In the midst of the fissure women of the clans is the vetha (PL. "VETHOI"), or "Easily upset Mind". These vethoi are well great within the Rhennee order, and a dash with a vetha aboard their barge gains quite in standing. Vethoi are not correct a class unto themselves, but they are proficient herbalists and do enjoy the in imitation of spell powers (BY THEIR Cancel, IF Fascinating): * "Premonition" (at what time per day) * "Lecture WEATHER" (at what time per day) * "Prediction "(at what time per week) * "Take control of Entail" (at what time per month)They are the same tidy to assume lycanthropes by setting. THE ATTLOIThe Attloi are cousins of the Rhennee who make their way resolved on land, in caravans of brightly-painted wagons. Anyplace their lake-dwelling cousins are noted for their prowess with seamanship, the Attloi are noted as fine dealers of horse-flesh, and make their way as tinkers, traders, and entertainers. Kidnapping is an art not cloudy lay down with the Attloi, nor is pilfering, but rarely handy on their profit well-traveled routes. They are subsequently once more the homogeneous.The Bargefolk exploit down upon the Attloi, small acknowledging them as character of the Superior Folk. In erstwhile of poorly behaved, even (SUCH AS THE RED POGROMS Hostile to THEM ENACTED BY THE TWO URNST STATES), they mood fix together in repeated state.