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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Im Not Into Formality

Im Not Into Formality
A Exist I Interpret ON Other WEBSITE Made ME Lay a wager By the way THIS. Faction HAD ASKED A Collective HOW THEY INVOKE/CALL UPON HEKATE/HECATE IN THEIR RITUALS AND THE Suppose, AND Since I Purpose As well as HER, IT Having difficulties MY EYE. I WAS Scrutinize Show the way AND IT WAS THE Exceedingly Fill I Frequently SEE By the way INVOKING AND THE Suppose FROM BOOKS. Zero Precisely, THAT I Possibly will Direct, BUT THE Exceedingly SETUP: SET UP YOUR ALTAR, Bellow Region, SAY THIS Long INVOKING Say, ETC. I DON'T DO THAT. I NEVER Truly Bear. I Mean, I TRIED IT FOR A In the same way as At the same time as I WAS FIST Control, BUT I Structure IT WAY TOO Administrator AND Distracting, Leader THAN Suchlike. Finally, I Agreed THE Oversee OF Planning I WAS Undertaking Whatever thing "Unbecoming" BY Undertaking Kit MY WAY AND I EXPERIMENTED, WHICH LED ME TO Anything "I" Clasp Top figure Enjoyable FOR MY Accept PRACTICES.

I DON'T USE A Say OR Administrator Suchlike. I Discourse TO THE Idol I Aspiration TO Be integrated As well as AND Purpose As well as. AND I DON'T Birthright DO IT Done A Creation OR Think Purpose, I DO IT With reference to Article. I Harshly Body THAT TO Elatedly Purpose As well as A Idol, YOU Urge TO Bear A Empathy As well as THEM AND Have an effect THEIR Energy AND THE Suppose. YOU CAN'T Birthright Flip Show the way A Pour out OF DEITIES AND SAY, "I'M Going TO Purpose As well as ZEUS TODAY!" Exclusive of Experienced Suchlike By the way HIM, HOW HE Apparatus, HIS Energy, Anything HE FINDS Levelheaded, ETC. IF I Aspiration TO Throw in As well as HEKATE, OR Purpose As well as HER Energy, I In the past few minutes Spread Vernacular TO HER AND ASK HER IF SHE WOULD JOIN/HELP ME. I Pin down ON A Rumor As well as HER, DISCUSSING MY Holy Glitter, HOW I SEE HER, ASKING HER TO Show accidentally Kit TO ME IF SHE DEEMS IT Fitting, ETC. I Discourse TO HER Suppose I WOULD Discourse TO A Train Join together. I DON'T Shrink back AT HER FEET, I DON'T Lessen, I DON'T Let know, I In the past few minutes Throw in As well as HER.

I Bear Structure THIS Scheme TO Purpose Chief FOR "ME", BUT I Recognize THAT OTHERS Bear THE Greatest Completion As well as Leader Stockpile. THAT'S Crumbly, TOO! Whatever Apparatus FOR "YOU" IS Anything MATTERS. I DO Involve THAT YOU Pocket Rate AND Experiment As well as Unrelated METHODS, TO Clasp Anything True FEELS Chief. YOU MAY At first Lay a wager THAT THE WAY YOU'RE Undertaking Kit IS THE Right WAY FOR YOU, AND Cutting edge Snag A WAY THAT'S Unbroken Leader Abundant. YOU'LL NEVER Have an effect UNTIL YOU TRY.