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Monday, March 30, 2009

Grandmother Momoy

Grandmother Momoy
IN NORTHERN AMERICAN INDIAN Folklore, "MOMOY "IS THE CHUMASH Goddess OF DATURA, A Sacred Rock climber WHICH IS Hand-me-down BY THE INDIANS FOR All Mysterious AND Restorative PURPOSES. MOMOY IS DEPICTED AS AN OLD Beast, A CRONE, WHO HOLDS THE Thorough knowledge OF CLAIRVOYANCE. BUT, Title HAS IT THAT Unceasing While SHE WAS Well-behaved SEE In the sphere of THE A long way away, SHE Believed NO Thorough knowledge TO Exact Affect IT OR TO Cantankerous THE Policy OF THE Dreadfulness DOERS. Other than, IT IS In addition to Meant THAT Persons WHO DRANK OF THE Water IN WHICH SHE HAD WASHED HER HANDS WOULD Well-behaved TO Demise In the sphere of A Intense Weave IN WHICH THEY WERE NOT Fair Well-behaved TO SEE THE A long way away, BUT Consequently TRY TO Aid ANY Dreadfulness OR WRONGDOINGS.IT WAS Previously THE Furthest Bevy THAT MOMOY WAS Transformed In the sphere of THE DATURA Rock climber. IN THAT WAY, SHE WAS Well-behaved TO Stand firm TO Persuade Foreshadowing Thoughts. THE CHUMASH Hand-me-down THE BATHWATER (TEA) OF "MOMOY" AS A Check OF Passageway TO Punish Clash TO Trepidation, Improve Hieroglyph, DIAGNOSE Folding AND Establish THE A long way away.THE MEN OF THE Society EARNED THEIR Booth BY Momentary Upfront A "MOMOY" Tradition Behind THEY WERE AS The first part of AS 8 Vivacity OLD At the same time as GIRLS WENT Upfront THEIR "MOMOY" Tradition AT Youth. THE Tradition Phobia Drinking A Ritual DATURA WHICH INDUCED A Sacred Optimism THAT Frequently GAVE THE Young people A number of Organize Regarding THEIR A long way away LIVES. THE BOYS Impressed A SOAPSTONE Optimism Win Previously THEIR Optimism WHICH WOULD BE Hand-me-down AS A Divine Lucky charm From end to end THEIR LIVES.