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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Timing Is Everything

Timing Is Everything Image
The other day I was watching an Interview of CNN from this Chinese Lady who happened to have a 'rags-to-riches' story. What caught my attention was that phrase she said"Timing is Everything".

I started thinking, is it really everything? Long years of observation and studying life, I might not be old enough but I didn't stop learning. I must say, this is what I strongly agree

"One may not be older by age, but older in hours because one did not waste any time" -J. Bacon"

As I have observed and learned, TIME is not real. It only exist in the physical world, it is an illusion as well as the physical. Like how the dreams are real, yet people chose not to believe it because they are too absorbed of the physical world. Too absorbed that they are into chasing the material things in life. Forgetting the spiritual aspect of their life.

Life here in the physical world, I think is the learning phase for every soul, for every spirit. As I have once read, one's real learning must have to have an impact to the self. To the emotion.

We get hurt, excited, happy, sad, etc When things happen to others, we said, "We learn from their mistakes". Yes, we do. But we can forget, because we just saw it, but when it happened to yourself, it's hard. It's draining. often too emotional to handle, but that engraved the knowledge in your mind, that will become wisdom if you honed it well.

How do we know the real timing when we want to hone our spirit, our soul. At that point, time is not measured, nor recognize. People that doesn't believe it aren't ready to accept it, it's the often scenario. People condemning others trying to be righteous, when they have forgotten or most likely not learned enough by judging others for what they do, doesn't really counts.

What about fate? What about destiny? Why it's contradicting the science? Why it's conflicting with Free Will? As the the universal rule says, 'There are reasons for everything". And even though we try to understand, we may not yet understand everything in one Physical time (Life Time). It is a level that we gradually advance one to the other, by that it means Time doesn't exist in the real REAL world.

We believe what we are capable to believe at a time being. Yet, the last test we have to go through this physical life time is acceptance. It is when you did everything to make what you believe you thought is true, didn't turn out to be true. It is exhausting but a turning point of one's life. A force that the only thing to be done for whatever's happening around you, is to ACCEPT.

That's when you'll start recognising a lot of things becomes lighter, it changes from dark to light, that TIME really doesn't exist, and by doing that you will feel you are more in tuned with your spirit. That will make you say, it was the only way out that you never want to try before until you are forced by a situation.

So, is Timing really Everything? I should say, Everything works in its own Time.

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