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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Magic Do You Like Me Spell

Magic Do You Like Me Spell
Sometimes we really be inclined to someone but say zilch like we fear if we finished an advance we would be inflicted with rejection. Here's a spell to admit you the green light or the red light.

moon phase: full moon

day: a friday

planet: venus

supplies: a new red rubber rubber bullet (A Detailed ONE)

In sacred space shipshape concencrate and approve the red rubber rubber bullet. As you hop th rubber bullet give a figure of the past spell:

" From arena to air From air to arena I hop the magick Broad and resolute Do you be inclined to me? Do you love me? I constraint to know the promise. Dragons eyes, and angel wings. Now I import the fairy ring. Do you be inclined to me? Do you love me? I constraint to know the promise Opinion and air Discharge and water. My terse rubber bullet goes vanguard, and vanguard. Font is magick. Font is power. Its time to know the promise."

Repeat the hitch line as you hop rubber bullet. Apart from full of life the rubber bullet and say: "

Amid harm to none as I strength of mind it shall be done. May all astrological

corrospondences be alter for this working, and may this spell not reverse or place upon me any curse. SO MOTE IT BE!"

You essential state your promise shortly. If you do not manipulate your promise in thirty days give a figure of the spell.

I did this spell and the guy I liked told me to my heart he liked me! Also the next-door day he brought me a rose and asked me out!

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